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11-16, 1pm Scoot, Frances strikes ISIS

Nov 16, 2015|

Scoot talks to Peter Brooks with the Heritage Foundation ab

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Good afternoon we have a very very busy showed today. Saturday night Kelly she was embarrassed by the Arkansas Razorbacks in Death Valley. L issue drop from number two a couple of weeks ago to number seventeen I think in the college football playoff rankings. The saints were blown out in bearish yesterday by the Washington Redskins. As saints coach Sean Payton held a press conference just a little while ago which we carried here on WWL saying it's offensive coordinator rob Brian. Has not been fired contrary to reports from fox sports. And other national outlets. But maybe this is Sean Payton style wise I'd be surprised if something doesn't happen at some point soon. A patent also put new restrictions in place on the media at the saints' training camp on airline drive. It sounds like he's frustrated with the media play and maybe that's not the focus of his frustration. Also on they'll be a lot of talk about that coming up but the second guess share with Bobby beer and my two Chilean life and a silver slipper casino on the beach. In Hancock county Mississippi but our focus on the show today. It's gonna be the response to the terror attacks 49 in Paris. And also there's a new video threats coming out allegedly from crisis threatening Washington DC. President Obama has talked about the attacks in Paris and the war against crisis the presidential candidates are talking about it. We're also going to get some comments from a couple of experts on terrorism. And open alliance talk to you about it a wanna via hot topics concerning this whole. This whole attack on Paris is the idea of net at least one of the attackers. On snuck in with refugees. This coming at a time win there are refugees coming into our area there are some people in this area who are absolutely panicked. And those reports of 101000. Refugees coming into New Orleans those reports are bogus. And once again it's a reminder of how deceptive. The Internet can date. And I know people who wore thinking about buying a gun because of this. And night Kennedy in it kind of sarcastically. Tweeted out over the weekend that it would nicest come to New Orleans are with the be afraid of the criminals that we have on the street I don't know but the governor Jindal has signed an executive order. And keeping Syrian refugees out of the state and I understand I understand that point the president is defiant that we're not gonna let. Deep we're not gonna let religion testing somebody's religion on become a factor. When it comes to allowing people in this country and I don't know if this is the right course of action for the president although in theory. I agreed that we don't judge religion this is not a war against Islam this is not a war against Muslims. This is a war against radical Muslims radical. Islamist. And I'm not afraid to say that although you know there are some people in the administration. Who don't want to say that President Obama said today at a press conference. That it's real it's real easy for critics to say how big situation should be handled. And President Bush said we need more boots on the ground to destroy crisis and the president said this assert Jeb Bush as. Printed Jeb Bush said that we need more boots on the ground to destroy crisis. And he said just this morning on CBS this morning. Saturday night I was watching part of the democratic debates and democratic presidential candidate former mayor of Baltimore governor of Maryland. I'm Martin O'Malley says that he talked to a woman he brought opera really interesting point he said this woman said you know my sense in the military. And my son is more than boots on the ground. And he said that may be boots on the ground is in east is too. Impersonal. Because we are putting people on the ground not just boots on the ground but there was an interesting point. A Ben Carson has since talked about how he would not allow Syrian refugees to come into this country and he said this on FOX News Sunday. I think it's a huge mistake. Because why wouldn't they infiltrate them with people who are ideologically opposed to us. And democratic presidential candidate former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said the terrorist attacks show that the next president. Needs to know about foreign affairs. This election is not only about electing a president it's also about choosing our next. Commander in chief and that is from a CBS news. This was something that did come up in the democratic debates which a lot of people I know did not watch what she would say getting beaten up by Arkansas on the other channel when I was flipping back and forth between the two. Only eight point five million watched and that is so far below. Want to the other debates have have attracted even the democratic debate is the first democratic debate which are secrets on. CNN in any event this is that the topic of discussion and and I think this changes the focus of the presidential campaign. And that's our party general opinion poll this hour as the terrorist attack in Paris changed the focus of the presidential campaign for you. It is your opinion like on tour website WWL dot com if you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon here's our number it's 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601. A seventy and a text is a 7870. And for those who say Muslims don't do enough to stand up against crisis. There is done a campaign that he's been resurrected. And it's a campaign titled hash tag not in my game. It started last year but it's now been resurrected after the attacks in Paris Friday night. And basically it's one in based journalist. Was courting the Koran. Which she tweeted out. Whoever kills an innocent person. It is as though he has killed all of mankind. And it to hash tags with a message hash tag terrorism has no religion. And hash tag not in my name there are Muslims around the world. Who are standing up and saying this does not represented us. In the same way that you are not quite often if your Christian. We quite often stand up and say the west Borough Baptist church and groups like that do not Wear percent on us. As Christians it's really easy to lump everybody into the same category it's a convenient thing that we quite often do it America. But the question is is it fair. This is the scoot show where politics and pop culture reach your opinion is in the afternoon. And two will be right back we've got to. I guess on terrorism coming up next we'll also be getting to your comments about the attacks in Paris and the response. This afternoon on W well. I hope we had a great weekend the weather we're certainly cooperative we're gonna get some rough weather during the week tomorrow when and Wednesday but it looks like we're headed for another spectacular fall weekend in the deep south. Ledger witness for the scripture this afternoon here's our party jaguar opinion poll this hour does the terrorist attack in Paris Friday night's. Change your focus on the presidential campaign. 59% say no and 41%. Say yes to be sure opinion by going to our web site WW dot com we have an update on that in just a few minutes. A right now Peter Brookes is a senior fellow with the national security affairs at The Heritage Foundation and Peter joins us this afternoon on W bureau Peter good afternoon. Peter we're just learning from CNN that French warplanes hit targets in the Syrian capital. One of the questions that that I had yesterday and it certainly has and again today. If Francis aggressively and presumably the US knows about these targets as well if they're suddenly attacking all of these these targets. They knew they were there why it'd take this. Attack for them to. Escalate the attacks. That's a great question and I had the exact same response well I heard about it assuming that the press reports we are getting your correct OK assuming that. That did the we're an arms depot and the training camp. And I had the same question I turned my wife and I said. How is it that there's still aren't deep bow training camps available at Rocca. And might that happen there was only intense strikes and dropping twenty ball. So he had no that's a very good question here's my thing. Does that rocket has been effective. We have not been bombing the rocket itself. And it the united they provided those targets to rock to the French shame on us because you should've gotten before. Yet because ours is the French or reacting right away we'll we're now we're gonna go out again like I like to do exactly where everything wants Walt Weiss has rock of been a safe hey why is have been any safe haven. Well I can't I can't speak on behalf of the administration. But if I was trying to channel them and I'm sure they would be very happy with that I would say that perhaps they're worried about this civilian casualties. You know they didn't have enough targets that would there's always been an issue here meet. John McCain that are dumped in a while back panel that's still true but he complained publicly that 75% of our missions. You know blog explainable by brave young American women I'm not blaming them. Came back with the bombs they had under the wings when they took off because there were no targets on the ground for them to hit. So that's a problem and it was always the concern about you know being able to find targets drop those bombs on. And we are a lot of missions and the president talked about it you know that maybe 8000 missions you front amateur hasn't actually dropped weapons. And you do need to original particulate since like we don't wanna be like them certainly. But I think there's you know this is the question that's reasonable. Four you know congress and their hearing to ask the administration. Well if you think about this being a safe haven for training for stockpiling weapons for doing crisis activities which may have led directly to the attacks in in Paris and then they've been training people they are who ended up in Paris. Friday night then you know that's another way of at least vicariously. I targeting innocents. Yeah I mean you have to be very careful I mean war is it worse to terrible thing right. And you have to be you have to be very carefully targeting and you can be very precise. But she can't be sure of what the collateral damage would be even you know even the best military in the world occasionally have visa have these sort of problems so there's there's real challenges in conducting war. And unfortunately there aren't as that there are the collateral there is collateral damage and no matter how careful any military tries to. We're talking to Peter Brooks who's a senior fellow national on national security with the fifth national security affairs with The Heritage Foundation. Our discussion this afternoon I'm looking at an article right now Honda that says that the United States warplanes. For the first time. Attacked hundreds of trucks on Monday today that the extremist group has been using to smuggle crude oil. Odd into Syria sewn obesity the trucks that are fueling literally fueling. Crisis and and terrorism why did US attack planes attacked for the first time. I can't I can't argue a garment totally agree with you and the other thing is that not then it's fuel crisis it's paid for right that's true it's the money. Is that the money and we have been going after something along along the way. But yeah you're absolutely right I mean I I'd I'm the first one to admit you have been a critic of the president's conduct of this war. And you know that the president was rather dismissive of his critics today but you know you know if he keep doing what you though we started to continue getting which you vote gotten. And that right now it is stalemate with the Islamic states for over year we started the bombing over a year ago in September. And we're and we're still seeing this and my concern is is that what has happened we've seen in recent days in the last week or so is that Islamic state it was comfortable now. When it's fighting in Iraq and Syria and I have had since setbacks you know just recently. That they can take the war beyond their borders what they call their borders that includes taking down a Russian airliner. Includes the bombings in Beirut and of course the terrible attack in in Paris this week are Friday. Peter there's been a lot of concern about a Syrian refugees coming here but that's just been. Exacerbated sincerity it has been known now that apparently somebody. Who was involved in the terrorist attacks Friday night snuck in as a Syrian refugee. On there's the fear is that there's been hysteria here in the New Orleans area that 101000 Syrian refugees were. I delivered into the into the city and nets not the case it was only a fourteen and on and so far this year on the how concerned are used that to we're not doing as good a job as we can of vetting these people out. Well you know I I'm not a mind and a migration person's immigration personal and national security person. But from a national security standpoint you of course have to be careful about it but he elected to your country right especially in these dangerous time. And and I think you know it we've heard if you don't you sometimes even if you're dealing with -- to people like the Islamic state you have to listen to what they today. NH that you know they have that that you know they plan to attack the United States the Clinton attack Washington and topic I think it means United States in general. I'm so I think we. Have to be very careful about the vetting people that come to the United States especially in that part of the world if the reports. About that the parents are true it means we're still need to restore breaking news situations and people seem comfortable with that. But we I were I really wanna make sure that that that is the case but I wouldn't put it past them I mean this is something. You know this organization were dealing with is very deadly it's very dangerous is very capable the Islamic state. And I would see them using that as an opportunity to move somebody had bought. He did that was one of what eight people are talking about so far you know how big the conspiracy is we're talking about attackers that was one of eight. That was an age of eight and so but yet I mean that's that's certainly a possibility of course I think Europe has the bigger problem. The numbers are all over the place but they let him values exit number five to 6000 have gone to. Have gone to from Europe but to the Islamic state of some of those have returned. Yeah I guess I can we need to remember in this country that you know we travel from Louisiana to Mississippi like people travel from the Belgium to France. Let this thing today actually with this thing today is a lot of people are important figure to Belgium a lot these guys that we're even according differences and there are Belgium. So I mean this is a huge problem we can't be complacent about any aspect. Of the war on terror mean as much as we'd like to want to go back toward lies and and you know in jointly to the Parisian wanted to do little ball game meg going to go to restaurant go to a concert on Friday night. We're living in very dangerous times. And now we can't we cannot let complacency. You know seep into war. Into our thinking thankfully we have a lot of brave Americans. Men and women in the intelligence forces of law enforcement in the military who were you know going in harm's way for us and trying to protect our security but. You know a lot of a lot of a lot of cases have been foiled in the United States because of citizens who have told the folks about their concerns you see something say something but. Living in extraordinary times are very difficult dangerous. Peter how concerned are used it to that lone wolves in this country who are not I'd associated with crisis but sympathize with crisis. Might try to manifest some kind of terror here. Both parties. I mean we've we've had isn't it look at look at he'll look at Fort Hood. Look at Fort Hood I mean look we definitely update this year people forgot it does do is look at the I eight we had a level. Plots the raging with ice is radicalization here in the United States. We had eleven plot and to chat knew that they don't decide whether that person had was you know motivated by and that's where we saw a lot of people die. On that twelve and then we went to like mid summer we had this state and there were more plot this year than any year since nine elevenths. And then it kind of died off the number a little worried about that lol I'm happy for them worry about hurting me you know the silent to be deafening. I'd very disturbing. And so and then especially with the it would happen there are so we have to be yeah we have to be very vigilant unfortunate. I'm Peter Brookes are gonna keep your phone number thanks for spending time and she got Peter Brookes a senior fellow national security affairs with The Heritage Foundation if you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon here's our number. It's 260. One a seventy. Every coach 5042601878. Text numbers 87070. We're talking about to all of the response that is taking place to be attacks in Paris Friday and what this means to the United States also a new video out today that. Is apparently from crisis in Iraq saying that they are preparing to attack when they're ready to attack their plans to attack Washington DC. This is this who show hand will be right back after Vista VW elders update with Jim and so. Does the terrorist attack in Paris changed the focus of the presidential campaign for you. That's a pretty general opinion poll 63%. Say no and 37% say yes give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. Earlier today President Obama speaking from this big. Summit meeting in Turkey. I was talking about to what has happened the president was very defensive on his strategy up to this point. He also was defensive of his. His policy to allow Syrian refugees into American here's part of what President Obama to say. Many of these refugees are the victims of terrorism themselves that's what their fleet. Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. And this morning on CBS this morning. Candidate Jeb Bush and this to say about the refugees. We should focus on creating safe havens for refugees. In Syria rather than the bringing them all the way across the United States but I do think. There is a special. It's important need to make sure that Christians from Syria are being protected because they're being slaughtered. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon there is a lot to talk about here's our number it's 2601. A seventy. Erica final four to 601 A semi tech's number is 87070 and from Slidell Terry you're on the scoop she'll want to VW well good afternoon. First of all they've ordered him gain real art. I. And let Obama take care yet not. And another thing about that article to catch. We are. Cat. Or 020. Or. We can't. I thought Tokyo. You know and also. In. Double kill the other. Terry I I I think that our our attitude is as a nation has changed since then because of those atrocities. I don't I'm not saying that we look I don't think I think we can be too careful about. About collateral damage and civilian deaths but because they don't care does it mean they should define outs and we should hire. But it you know again I'm I'm amazed. And I was amazed over the weekend in our expert on national foreign affairs from The Heritage Foundation confirmed as to why all of a sudden art from. The United States and in France attacking these crisis hotspots like with the he would attack before the attack and in France. You know who more hell and sometimes people kill and it you know. It is with the court. And at a drop. Do you think they care about. That particular. You know. No they were they wouldn't care obviously don't care. I appreciate call if you wanna join us on numbers 260 when he seventy and a Texas State 7870. A from the North Shore Don you're on WWL. I. There. OJ. Well. Oh. Well do we know for sure that I saw what do we know for sure Don that crisis created this Syrian refugee problem or was this just a manifestation of what they do and now they're taking advantage of it. So I. Shore. It. I I understand it may not have been created for the purpose of getting these refugees into America but you know look this is a significant problem done and I appreciate the call. We we can't be too generous with who we play in our country. Especially knowing what we know today. And the president was very defensive of what's been done up to now but remember this was a president. Who referred to prices as the JV team. This is a president who before the attack on Friday if I think he made this comment Thursday night or Friday night before the attack in Paris. He said that crisis worse was contained ice is I don't remember his exact words but gave the impression that crisis was. Under control. And it reminds me of when looking back when President Bush stood on the deck of the aircraft carriers at mission accomplished. And then there was a lot to be accomplished. After the president said the mission was accomplished. So clearly the president is being defensive of his strategy and if he's doing more behind the scenes. And he's letting us know about he doesn't have to give us the details. But I think he owes the American people and the world an explanation. On about what is being done. And what has been done up to this point. Doesn't seem to be good enough. If you've got a comment on numbers 260187. And Terry code 5042601878. Tech's number is 87878. I'm scared we're coming right back with your comments. On WWL. On our pop culture calendar for today. November 16. This is the day in 1968 we were introduced to Joe Cocker when he first released. This song is first date it. Cover The Beatles song with a little help from my friends and minibus have vivid memories of Joe Cocker at the warehouse since its. Some of those appearances were rather. Whether colorful. We're talking about the attacks in Paris Friday night's the Syrian refugee. A controversy and it is a legitimate controversy. Earlier today the president really defended his position on nicest and the strategy of his administration which many people believe has not really been working. The president also defended the policy of allowing Syrian refugees into America. That's shameful. That's not American. Sade who we are. We don't have religious test to our compassion. And the president was talking about whether or not there should be a test. For those who comment based on on your religion. The president did seem to indicate though that those who are Christians and should maybe have some special treatment here's our party general opinion poll. Does the terrorist attack in Paris changed the focus of the presidential campaign for do you. 62%. Say no. 30% say yes. And by the way this does not mean that 62% don't think that terrorism is an issue some of those people may have always felt like this was the main issue. And what happened in Paris doesn't change their opinion. I'm screwed our numbers 26018. Saturday at a Texas State 7870. Here's a Texas says so all Muslims have to leave the US and other text says today's immigration is tomorrow's terrorism. And here's another Texas says all this that's going on the other side of the world that leads up to now. Was mayor before Obama took office why is he the blame for everything. Offered Denham springs Howard you're on the scoot show good afternoon. I do you do good. So it actually. And getting that Obama been hearing. Conservative leaders. Our look at the government so conservative as well. Not one to either help out the refugees. And it also like a common here the rental that somebody it's about almost certainly the country. Don't point. 01 thing the terrorist want to do it and steal spirit. And whether or use have Peter. Being the deciding factor between that somebody. Cheney who we are the beacon of hope and the entire world. They're winning their use whatever about it but it's respect about you know say you know lately it. Its name is terrorist leader and go look we're pinning him there. Winning. And. And Howard issued no if you if their actions lead to a drop in the stock market that's it that's a victory for them. So. I don't agree with Obama all Obama with much but I do agree with them that we should lead in the wreckage she's because Kabul. Because doing the refuting that atmosphere oh what could drop it down. The that's a victory for them to him that. But that's the law for us. Howard I appreciate the call I don't think we should allow the terrorist to redefine who we are. But I don't support the United States being 98. And we should really do all we can to make sure that we know who's coming into this country and that is no guarantee. It doesn't mean that somebody's not gonna come into this country and then change. And it doesn't mean that it's gonna do something about all the people in this country already. Who hate the United States they might not have direct ties with Syria. Or I Brack crisis. But they sympathize to the point where they might carry out acts here. In sympathy with nicest so. Vetting this Syrian refugees is not a guarantee by. Just to show you how quickly the listeria grows there were blogs that breast were resurrected these boys were written a while back but his blog that says. 101000. Syrian refugees. Have been shipped into New Orleans. That's not true. Fourteen. And we should be careful about who those fourteen or if you've got a comment on numbers 2601878. Article 5042601. A seventy. Tech's number say 770. You know the song locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars we really great if we could. Drag somebody back from the dead and one of these suicide bombers. And have them tell the story about what really happens. When you die. As a suicide bomber or as. An Islamic terrorist. We'll be right back on WWL. Bob Francis has said the Friday night attacks in Paris. Are the mark of the third world war. As CNN is reporting that French warplanes have hit targets in the Syrian capital. Which I'm assuming would be to monstrous. Also laden and the French. Striking back so immediately makes you wonder why they didn't hit the says these targets before from Gulfport sunny here into the W on good afternoon. Hello sunny. A noisy like we lost sunny and Robert your under the W delicate time for quick comment. I live concert great catch on outside. Urged all eight years now expect those that history. Like him plant. That could be at our Giants Stadium Yankee Stadium next weekend. At saint. This just eighteen years. And I thank you couldn't cash in their home country. You know co op in concert and have a same or. Don't come here and there that state is. Robert I think it's a good point I appreciate the call and that's one of the interesting things about president Obama's policy and and and strategy. It doesn't seem to be an effort to make a safe haven in Syria for the refugees that it's more on. It's more focused on bringing them here. And you know we should have an open heart but we can't let everybody in our country here's a text that says a mansion refused to. Did that to us after Katrina. Would let us. Come over. We can be compassionate without being. Naive. If you've got a comment on numbers 2601878. And our text number is 8787 we'll get back to more of your calls and more of your text coming up. On the saints had lost an embarrassing. Game to the Washington Redskins yesterday ordinarily we'd be talking about that we're focusing. More on what happened in Paris and the the growing threat of terrorism it's always been there but it seems like there's new heightened alerts about terrorism today it. In a new video ices and is apparently claiming that they are going to launch. A Paris style attack in Washington DC I guess could be anywhere in America. Sean Pate held a press conference earlier to say that terror Rob Ryan the defensive coordinator despite reports in the national media. Is steel. The defensive coordinator of the states. A Dick wrote a good blogging or web site on the saints the worst team in the NFL right now you can read that it WW dot com. This is the Scotia where politics and pop culture Beecher opinions in the afternoon and we'll be right back after the news.