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11 - 18 The Scoot Show 210pm, Attacking ISIS

Nov 18, 2015|

French police arrested 7 and killed 2 in a raid on one apartment during a 7-hour standoff last night in Paris. One woman blew herself up. There were 118 searches and there have been 60 arrests in the last 3 nights. Russian President Putin is now aggressively attacking ISIS positions and is sending long-range bombers to Syria. Putin is responding the ISIS bombing a Russian airline with Russian citizens. It seems like suddenly a lot of progress has been made in the war against ISIS since the terrorist attacks last Friday night in Paris. Why has this aggressive action against ISIS taken so long? Would you support President Obama leading equally aggressive action against ISIS in the Middle East and here at home? Do you care how it looks to the rest of the world if we stop Syrian refugees from coming to America?

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It. It's a cloudy Wednesday afternoon and historic New Orleans and Niger are witness this is the Scotia where politics and pop culture meets your opinions. If it's talking about the governor's race also the debate last night between the lieutenant governor candidate pupils and Angelina and Yasser. I'm very civil as some might say it was actually boring because they didn't go after each other. And if anybody would think that it was boring might not want to admitted but does that say that. We actually do respond to the attacks and the negative advertising that may be we actually. Remembered the attack messages more. And we remember any positive messages. Also this hour we'll talk about Syria and everything that's going on in the world right now. Win if the attacks in Paris that last Friday and also. The subsequent. Raids that have gone on I woke up in the middle of the night last night as I do almost every night wake up in the middle of the night. And it's just my nature to put on one of the news networks. So I've put on one of the news channels. And last night this big rate is going on life last night. And there is another raid took place today three more arrested one with a bullet wound last night seven were arrested. There were a hundred and in an eighteen rates I believe last night at about sixty people have been arrested. In Paris over the last the three days. So it's interesting how aggressive everybody it's after the attack. These these people didn't just start. Their mission of terrorism. This has been going on for awhile. And it's hard to believe that suddenly the United States or. French officials suddenly knew where everybody was only after the attack Friday. Which leads me to believe that. We've known all along. We've known where these people work. And why is it that that suddenly France's attacking these these targets in in Syria peace crisis. Compounds these ice is positions in target targets and in Syria. They didn't just figure out they repair. Either we Newark they knew they were there for a long time. And they include training camps. So why did it take. The attack Friday night in Paris. To wake everybody up. And seems to me that President Obama should be a lot more aggressive on the part of the United States. Vladimir put the president of Russia. Is. Viciously. Attacking crisis in Syria. That are heard on the news last night that he sending long range bombers to Syria which would be the equivalent of a sending B fifty twos to Syria. Which of course we're not gonna do. But Vladimir Putin is reacting to crisis taking credit for blowing up a plane full of Russian civilians. Over the Sinai desert inn in Egypt. Shouldn't we be that aggressive now why why will we wait for something to happen. If you wanna join us from the comet are numbers 2601870. Area code 504260. When he seventy. And a text amber states and he said he will continue to talk about the governor's race I don't wanna add this to the conversation. And house speaker Paul Ryan today said that a Republican bill that the chamber will vote on this week. Will not limit Syrian and Iraqi refugees admitted to this country based on their religions. And that's not something that every Republican presidential candidate agrees with. Ryan said under the house bill Syrian and Iraqi refugees could only be added to the United States. If intelligence and law enforcement officials. Can certify that they will not be a security threat. And all of that sounds like it makes sense I would be surprised if that's not happening after now. Maybe it has been happening after and a but what has caused this problem this uproar over this whole issue is. The idea that it at least one of the attackers last Friday night in Paris. Was a Syrian. Which disguised as a Syrian refugee. Coming into coming into Paris. And he was a known iasis terrorist so of course yeah we have to make sure that that the terrorists don't come into this country. It's not gonna make this 104%. Safe because there are homegrown lone wolves there are people here. Who are American citizens. Who site with nicest. And hate the United States decide that that whole mission and it on the psychology of that is it's. Topic in itself one why do people do that. You know to rational logical thinking people like you and me. It doesn't make sense but obviously today and it makes cents. Up Paul Ryan says we do have to do more to make sure that we properly vet the refugees. It calls for a new standard verification for refugees from Syria and Iraq. It would mean a pause in the program. Until we can be certain beyond any doubt that those coming here are not a threat. And Ted Cruz says that the US is not a good place for the refugees. These Darian Muslim refugees they need to be taken care of and we should compassion and help free at all. In the Middle East in majority Muslim countries. And a lot of people agree with that I am not in favor of anything that would be. Blackstone or reflect our naive mentality that we Disco well let's welcome everybody in. Immediate it. It's something that we just can't do and I mentioned yesterday in the showed us this analogy. When I go to church sometimes I hear something in in the sermon and I live in go to church downtown. I hear something in the homily or something in the gospel readings. That remind me that we are supposed to care about everybody. And that you never know where you can find Jesus she could find Jesus in in any thought. Does that mean that when I walk home and pass a homeless person that I need to bring them home with me. No because. That could possibly be a threat. So. While things target our our our hearts. And a conscience. We can't take everybody in. And we have to be vigilant. And as long as we're doing that then. There's a process by which some people can come into this country. But there's no doubt that there's hysteria we got a call in the last hour John wicker studio producer took a call from somebody who did not wanna get on the air. But she said I just saw a hole out a bus full loaf of well it was either Hispanics or Syrians. In Metairie. And where where they go. Let's not get hysterical it is let's be Smart but let's not get hysterical and also I think one of the main conversations today is. Why is that President Obama being more aggressive. He seems to be way too passive. 260. When he seventy. Area code 5042601. A seventy or Texas a 78 Saturday from Baton Rouge swinging your on the scoot show good afternoon. Instead. Mark Alter. I would like to they go in those men unmitigated disaster. When you have Oprah and Obama went earlier about a point point there approval rating in Louisiana. And Bob did you know that goes you know you need to. And I am I'm park resort was crap announced Saturday that you and I and a democratic governor and and I. Well the most offer conservative states in the union it would be that is unbelievable. And I think at the Buick the Bobby Jindal. I'm a Democrat but I have a lot of I'm virtually alone in a Democrat aired in our friends. Report you know vast majority of them senators general. You on the Mori's Italy in a plane you know it's. Something is changed recently I mean yes Louisiana. Has really become designated as a red state but if you think about it. The views in this state have always been more conservative liberal southern Democrats have have been perceived as being more. Conservative or moderate then and even some Republicans say in in in the northeast in Europe. Your Republican governor in the northeast in the Euro moderate you could be a democratic governor in the south like Louisiana. And you could be considered more conservative and there's little doubt that John Dillon Edwards does have some aspects of his. His ideology that reflects a conservative ideology and that makes it comfortable people to to vote for him but I think this race will probably be closer than the polls have indicated up. Going to Korea aren't Kaufman is currently blah stop somebody claimed there was going to be sent. Turnout and you know the real close may also point happen polls show we're by getting double digit figures that that case. Yeah and Dario and I I can do I tend to trust the polls in in the polls really do generally accurately. Reflect how people feel before an election but I'd I do think that it from the debate and some of the things that have come up I think people who have been looking for a reason to vote for. David Souter have have found that recent and and there could be some people who go behind that curtain. And they just can't bring themselves to vote for a Democrat which is sad because it should be who has the best candidate. Not play Kennedy's greatest agree on now is going to be close and will. I put it. Are all right wait I'm glad you called art if you're on hold stay witness we're talking about the governor's race were also talking about. This this whole response to the attacks in in Paris last Friday. How Russia is responding how the United States is responding how Francis responding and we're talking about the Syrian refugees. Our crisis if you wanna join us for the comments on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A seventy text is a 7870. Our speculation over the years has been great release this song really about who did Carly Simon write this song abounds. When Sidney jancker. Was it James Taylor as speculation over the years now Carly Simon has revealed that she wrote. Part of the song the second verse. About Warren Beatty. But she says that other verses apply to other people but that's the first time I've ever heard her say that she voted about somebody. In particular. Welcome back to the Scotia where politics and pop culture meet your opinions in the afternoon. We're just getting a report that eight as soft drink hand was part of the bomb that destroyed at Russian plane and Egypt. How difficult would be to detect the bomb. In on. A softer and came up from Guerrero junior honest to Chile to BW or good afternoon. Geithner are needed a good. One. Actually involved in the collision on them and look forward to act that does that he gave before the pair back into more bombs. In an area. But there's no question that they escalated the attacks. After TV attack Friday and my question is why why weren't the attacks escalated by the US and France and everybody else before that. Have been questioned in and you'll get a winner Angela escorting deeply puppy up and put out on. I don't appreciate you know they didn't just suddenly locate these these crisis positions in in Syria after the attack Friday prayers they knew with the war. In the US and the US this week. For the first time attacked oil trucks vans are used to finance and literally fuel prices. Why it was the that the first time we did that again I get this question. There's going to be wilders on me. Oh the income for you know get her. But I Jim I appreciate your comments nationalistic from Algiers on Larry you're under the W a good afternoon. Good group regulatory in my culture. Call that thing I don't believe the president would be it. It is not a patent Eric playing it he about to do he's trying to do daddy's little. I think it would be a problem. Why don't we allow you to do you know at all open and here. A little I. I really. I agree that the president does president Ernie president cannot telescope what they're doing and they can't tell us all the details but. The public attitude of Vladimir Putin against crisis right now after the downing of that Russian airline seems to be a lot stronger. Then president Joseph Obama's public persona about tennis. That wreck and like I think you know an addict will do what happened. OK but why should their attitude be that way right now why would we wait for something happen. You know if we know where these targets are and apparently we do. We can't sit back and just do a little bit like. Why are we flying we're flying like under ten. Nation's law and on bombing missions a day win during the Afghanistan war it was ninety I was any forward. And you know because I've talked to experts. Oil is where the disappointment not a problem bit. Okay our it's so you you're you're convinced that everything is being done it needs to be done. Gold. Really. It is acting you that is what strength yeah how old will. What going all it would not. What makes. It implies. It's probably. Okay. Or he could now it would only it. Didn't go. And I'll end it. You know I love that philosophy. I can I can't live it but I love that philosophy I wish I could live that philosophy. All I'm not concerned about it area airport and elegant but why wouldn't. We can't call our. We create them. That's what now problem it right now we've we've really well you're in agreement that could be you know. Or pretty. Quality and there can be Asia. But they're all that we are. Well there are a lot of reasons for that. Larry I I appreciate the collar I love the idea that hey you know what I'm not gonna watch the news channels I don't care what's happening and that's a great attitude dance but not everybody can have an attitude and since we have a country with a representative government. Isn't it our responsibility. To care. Is it our responsibility to. Make sure that we elect who we think is the right person for the job because they are to represent us they are to make decisions. Allegedly. There to make decisions on our behalf they don't always do it but that's what they're supposed to do. So. Engagement of the public is really crucial to the form of government and the democracy we have in this country. If you're Arnold stay with us if you wanna join us with a comment here's our number it's 2601870. Erykah at 504260187. Or text is a 77. Here's a pretty general opinion poll would you support President Obama leading equally aggressive action. Like France and Russia against crisis in the Middle East and here to home. Give us your opinion by going to Debbie WL dot com giving update will be come back after this step BWL news update with Donnie news. French police arrested seven last night I think three more today in the raid last night took place in the middle of the night two people were killed including a woman who blew herself up this was all in one apartment. It was a seven hour standoff and it was a CNN reporter alive when the bombs were. We're going off fish in the in this area of Paris and also when the the shooting was taking place there have been a 118 searches. And I believe this was just last night there have been sixty arrests in the last three nights. Russian president Vladimir Putin is now aggressively attacking crisis positions even sending long range bombers to Syria. Food is responding to the crisis bombing of the Russian airline filled with Russian citizens. It seems that suddenly there's a lot of progress being made in the war torn nicest. Here's a pretty general opinion poll would you support President Obama leading equally aggressive action. Like France and Russia against crisis in the Middle East and here at home. 81%. Say yes 19% say no. Give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com and let me get back to your calls and I deacon Zeke you're on the scoot showed good afternoon. Taker pretty. How are you. Well it does the main reason I'll call it and it worked email. That alert US Department of Homeland Security. Same there's been a large purchase GPS unit or eat today. It just aren't like that because it's not receiving. Packages. DPS. You know all that proper identification. And took a look church yes label company vehicle. He kept that information and in no absolutely that's the kind of the united. If that's true that's the kind of tactic that people like terrorist use. I cannot. But the last caller clearly disagree appeal went up like this is going on it's it's not. Inform ourselves. Through it many different news up with that we can't. About what part of the country. Into it in you know the world health we should note on on every day. Now if we if we don't care how do we expect indicator. I ecological effects that information a from Vanderbilt tong here on WW good afternoon. A good. Yeah that that there are everywhere you let out there in the that the totally disagree with. Let let. That are over in Italy on a hat or they're responsible for combating active and our government unfortunately. Have no bet that interest you know what have we been a bomb and all but acknowledged the mission that we are in a bit. Any doubt we have the called back to DC ought Tampa we get approval for a technical target it just like in Vietnam we really. Kind of fight the one hand pat on the back of no interest to. To rate. Him. But we we can do militarily to defeat at all the way out. But Tommy could also do you could also get that impression of of a Francis you know suddenly France has this aggressive add to why didn't. If they knew where all these people work. If they knew where the crisis positions were in Syria and Iraq and if they they knew where these people were in Paris. Why can they do all this before why did it take the attack Friday night to. To get to this level. Well because the court with the rajat though. They would which we are part kind of create departments. And we did these stable area. In that area of the world needs strong leaders. And we went we kind of diplomatic we have removed. Everywhere from. You know open the ticket now you know we try to which really he needs if they. The air because of me he can control. Fro that country. Thomas one of the lessons we learned about my rackets that a person has Saddam Hussein wise at least he kept the region more stable than it is now when he left if we weren't gonna stay they are flea market and make sure that there was a stable government there. We were creating a vacuum. But he can't create a stable government they pick and that's what people need to understand here in America because everyone can't be America. And and it's funny how we built George Bush doing that but yet. You know current Babbitt and our political audit a look at the facts. But do the same expecting have done more you know looking across Egypt you know could bomb Libya Olga crop. Come the saint. Tom I appreciate your call and also appreciate what you do for our country. Specialist. I don't take crews on the campaign trail had this to say about the US and the them the ability to take care refugees. The administration lacks the ability to differentiate. Between those two are terrorists and those were not. And we need to be able to figure out to who is who I don't know how easy that is but we have a responsibility to make sure that we know who is who. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260187. In Perry code 5042601878. Text number is 87870. And this is the of the band Eagles of death metal that was performing at that concert hall in Paris. When the bombing that took place and the band is is safe and the band says that they are very grateful to the French police the FBI in the United States in the French State Department they're safe but they did lost they did lose a friend. And there was some other people close to them that they they they lost them connect. And that bombing but. You know concerts. Philly young people. A cafe. These 20 filled with young people on is exactly what crisis wants to do that one have an impact with their attacks. And attacking such innocent. People civilians. Is a great way to instill fear. I'm scoot it will be right back into the WL. On our pop culture calendar for today Wednesday November the eighteenth. It was on this day in 1970. Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin. Myra. Or divorced in Memphis but he narrator I think which she was fourteen years old I mean. What a Perth he married not only was she young but he he marriages causing. She described the recent years together as a nightmare. More sympathetic I could not being. If you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Texting is a 7870. An author here on the Scotia. These old you know pillow loss. A bit in the year we've been very good. It outlook and it. Congress will be debated you're right the court. About Iraq Obama. There's there's like directions. Opening it from there are Russians an appointment. That would be. Actually it would be it'll probably go. There's not a bit as possible agencies not only. Obama's the country there to Serbia whistle blows. But what it is they beat and battered Beirut. They need to stop this boom deployed. Remember worse. Trade to the search and destroy. Same thing you did in Vietnam beaded you that you a little bit. And author that is that's one of the big considerations that leads to a lot of fighter jets coming back with their bombs still intact is the consideration for collateral damage and innocent people being killed and while I I respect that. And at some point you have to Chilean. Yeah the one thing it's Tuesday the president and CP debate. Elbow is it didn't tell me what legally what Matt. You know what what is this patent at the right under the weight room and it does it will be a truck tour. I can argue that point author. But the frightening to be as his appreciate the call thank you for you do for our country the French seem to be going on right now. And and maybe we should go ladder before something happens. It may take an attack on America. Before American support. Everything. That could be considered being considered. Jim bush that sort of the ground troops. On the ground. Whether that's necessary or not I'm not a military strategist. I don't know their differing opinions on. But it may take an attack on America before we consider everything as the American people. But considering everything now. Might prevent an attack. Our Ricky Euro Debbie W a good afternoon. To comment. Earlier corollary. I think I think it was kind of critical point that may have been misconstrue. I don't think it and we shouldn't be concerned that we should cheer. Cheer. Yeah them and we are limited in. And we need to be most concerned about it being that we can't do something about it. So even though are your show and and like I like you presentation. Is having pulled out. As they're letting me be you know one jets and tomorrow. Will be a. Ricky the only the polish nothing more than a reaction of people who weren't listening and responding. Hi according to disagree with the poll results. Exactly but again next questioner like what do we think should be done. Efforts at the how will you learn. Anything about how it happened what. But Rick and my my my point is I understand my point news France suddenly. Is targeting a crisis and aggressively after the attack you can't tell me that they just figured out where these people are and what they were doing they had to know that before the attack. Agree coupon respect. I'm not argue that point my point is you and I can't do anything about it. Well you're willing to do what we can do is vote at the polls. He licked good leaders and it's are being we have the trust our leadership. If we pull out. But in our immediate credit as a the president the other day that. And I like what you want him to tell you. While the president and the and the military strategy to unveil what they do make do with how do. I think that's a little bit ridiculous and if you re strata issue will know you feel all of those. Ricky I think it is is totally ridiculous. I appreciate the call my point is when you look at the posture France right now. And the posture of Russia. And their attitude toward crisis now. Are we going to wait until we are attacked again. Before we develop that aggressive attitude. If you're on hold stay with us you've got to comet are numbers 2601878. Text a 77 got a text here from is seek and a couple of other peoples who called earlier about these. This alleged. Masks on stealing of UPS uniforms apparently this is something that is ten years old. And boy that is the that is the nature of social media. Everything UC. Is not brand new quite often as something that happened along time ago but yet fits the hysteria of the day so apparently that UPS uniform. A story is. A hoax. We'll be right back on WL. Speculation over less miles this job security is a story on our website at WWL dot com and you know why not the guy is clearly out coached I understand his record but in many. Key situations last miles is totally out coached in my opinion. Of course will be more talk about that are coming up next on sports talk at 4 o'clock. And here's an update on our party jag opinion poll which you support President Obama leading. Equally aggressive action like France and Russia against crisis in the Middle East and here to 85% say yes and 15%. Say no. Opera mobile Steve you're under the WL a good afternoon. But I and correct approach ritual for all security we were due via our instructor. Work. It op idea. Come. You know sir. Yeah we did it by radical it. And still. Look at that we are. And it. I know it Mary crap but it made it straight back. And I think that people trying to say. People blame and President Bush on President Bush street to. Obama and Republican and mock. Didn't you know political bashing and perhaps the technician and we are you willing to bites. Because it. Overnight. Physical and technical and reckless and there. And your network which it until we ordered queued to stand up and bite it. Tonight in Asia in general mark and now or are app that brought mobile. People are not this comic book perch on a crowd which is necessary. Steve are written I'm gonna have to turn out and after you're through news breaks thank you very much for your call and your insight if you Arnold stay with this we role this conversation over into the next hour. Also if you did not hear the debate between the lieutenant governor candidates last night I got their closing statements you'll hear that coming up in the next hour. On WW well.