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11-19 5:10pm Deke: on Les Miles's future + QB To QB

Nov 19, 2015|

Deke takes calls on the future of Les Miles at LSU, and Bobby talks QB To QB with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number two but abbreviated edition of sports talk tonight our special guest players of the saint place you can former saint greats Deuce McAllister. And Devery Henderson at the bottoming out news at five Florio QB QB counties with Drew Brees Tommy to be easy Hank I kind of coming right to you I appreciate. Tommy weight he's got the flu always alone when notable and he he is what Stan as he need to know about our topic of conversation it has been a hot topic. For quite some time since Monday when their coach miles this press conference at the kind of guy who makes. At he stated that that you know it's somewhat the the crisis. And probably about the football program and where it is and a lot of people wind tunnels they went and ran Whitney. But it's almost like it dwarfed. The the same story. And then you know talking about a coach amounts of time is the exact. Quote here and here it is from moment day. LSU football program he's in a crisis. That's what coach policy on Monday and some players were asked about game meals and but it goes. Quoting him from the paper oracle I would say crisis. But we know what we have to be done this week nobody's paying. Nobody's receipt now. While pulling their hair now we know. We just know what we've got to keep you know this week. So you're Tate. And is that it's a big kind of hooked it Monday with that beat date with day with Rob Ryan beat that go to Europe which paints a year. On that if we give you a saint trio critical issue. All that was that on alone of course coach Alan taken that would get us down for. Rob Bryan quickly just to a pretty jaguar opinion poll all these days too. Is that about coaching his final two games. You think yes. You think coach miles so be it takes the and a call and say he's got to win one. Amused saying no. He's not happy that he's not going anywhere we know what thirteen 1415 million dollar buyout penalty again. It's abuse saying it coach has to win both games. If this weekend it's hope it's the which have a few other dog in next week at home senior night winning team Texas a and vote online at WW dot com Betemit due to Tommy it would be easy on line six Tommy and I appreciate your patience you've got the full program. AP it started out all right now we think he's got no run no you got them that they. I. Can come and do it if you will out of Duke all differently. That fixed beat a veto a week. I'll put that. And yet now you do you look better now yeah a guy let me tell you this but what the boost to meeting. What what what but what are prepared because we. If you look. Moon. All all. What happens you know hit the wrong but I'll all. Tommy if you would please call back I wanna speak to what you had to say he sits about a booster called we will keep you right up on the board topic please. Call back I want to hear what they're calling legislative. 2601870. You can take this city 7870. That squeezed in now Michael downtown on line to Michael thank you called. Thank you are enormous all right. Well. It bullet let my other concern. You know. Brains theory that the law for Alabama. Not only are the same league but it also affected the players. And that they it is because we lost to Alabama do think it probably affected the players in I think the it affected the players it that would be an effect that we bought our spirit you all seen that in the next week and what we. Use the word it will use the theory that that would be VO well let me say inferior because he beat being so deeply it but when. They basically Munich games that we should have won. I don't believe ought Bo be in the top five but he. Let them. Right so it is basically you know. After Hitler but I'm. I think the way we thought that we all the what I mean is. Don't know. That I could the earn made in game by a mile. In the thing that was really much written to the door net gain was the bag that. It would beings that were in game that we didn't go back to number one B. Win Brendan Harris would think the point in the morning and they'll have to play the net but equal what that has been work. Alabama's B it. He never tried that once that happened on the net and we couldn't go to private practice but it would seem that. We do that you didn't do in game I think it affected the players because it. He basically would command and continue running and upward while slight things being bad it won't work against Alabama. And though that the question surgical everybody. Do I think you need to win the next two games are really thinking when that contain Jets can. Regained Kotnik that a player I don't know if that Mason but I do realize. That probably what would have been bought off on the net we get I am. I've got two Tommy man look thank you so much for calling and I preceded your frustration on the talk about offenses. No doubt about it we've got time and attack the bank tap out pilots out that a man go right here pickle where you that know about you sit there with some kind of the. Okay what he'd keep it at it and it'll hurt. Is you gotta if you would if you would time to take us through the meeting it was in its own the team will be gone Hollywood. At this Arafat OK it is and B this is supposed to be like beets I go back. You got out and correct OK you got I got there. But they're good they're big and mop the U. And and everybody seem them out mop rookie and is I don't. If you're a coat it and you win now is the and whatnot and Utley. I mean you know why you buy a body but it was real quick look at it why do you. Did you delay game penalty on it all. Okay why do you have a unit that. You. At the end Cameron gamble. The last. African American it does the other one would like for an awkward my roommate at LSU. It didn't hit the ball out and build and you have him in in the corner and know why you. And like. You know who you Randolph. You actually tell him go on the job. And and eat eat it either another adult lives. I mean you view I know they didn't all our government deal they want it Kirby Smart. And they didn't give him so I don't know how that worked out what. And obviously that will well I guess we'll take Kevin Steele or moderate Marcum funny but I'm saying he would not. That is just doesn't make sense. And you of course he can't beat Nick Saban Nick Saban and out coached him. You know maybe a punter Tom. Com and look how won the Alabama or not when Olympic values that it is Eric that I and it tumbled down through the it and ended not even Vietnam you know you're in. I only see out out out out unlike you I went out and O'Hara does that do it it it looked at. This being told what to me. If if everything you what you say it is battling it out that he would have over the course and look a lot of times. It's almost like the same thing you hear people say now what they're bred to without about Sean Payton another coach who tipped it. Sometimes you know when you team uses them at a place saint things in dog you know coach Rick if the twelve years it it you know Thomas saint but it would be good runs so well but. You know maybe it's apple Brett depressed there but my thinking is that even if all of that what you're stating you what everybody else seems to be in agreement with you or. If that's the premise if yep that's the point. How could somebody justified immediate two games if he wins this point. It it definitely makes everything you know it's his goal is to the pits but he he's going Cheney to go do everything that we wanted to do now. Because he beat 00 means you aren't they need to beat if that's what they call do you can't half step. We keep you ain't got to go. He got a good Boudreau wouldn't. And that they all you know what I'm in it might even be himself because if he doesn't win this. It though this is what I'm here if he does with it let's say let's play good but humbly admit he'd beat baited. Andy Kent and and you know we get to miserable which is probably light and you win that. And you predict that commitment I couldn't do which you know we'll kidney. You know I mean. Not be proud but you probably ate it the worse that's the probably eight man. Wrapped around you but I'm in the late yeah if you lose and this inning because I was Italian. Jim Cameron going out there this year they're not good or knew it you are not. But you know I don't know about. You should be gone in all likelihood but I don't know albeit but not gentlemen golf. And it can go on. I promise you good at what they believe they're right and looking at those schools even look at that you know water for you all got to lie. It's pretty you know well this year. You'd have an alien planet right now yeah I agree that I agree the most of them are in that. If you're at and what on earth is. If you vote if we don't come here. In my you know you knew it was you oh yeah oh I'll be going on there who know me Tommy. Did everything he summed it it's almost you know opportunity it happening there's no doubt about it sometimes when things don't look right. If you want to be at a perfect time to time I got to run the break they is that what the call. But you're exactly right in and you know what you follow thinks of Florida State I don't say fourth a Petit but. You know their fan base that you know lay here at that there was some disgruntled. This in you call when in the you'd lose the game a few and they won a lot of other games basically that's who Boris they want it all one game right here within as a cinema fun. And it this year you know they've lost a couple of games but this Phillips a very good program they've recruited well at that a lot of though. And I think it's got to be a player. And I think they have a plan. What is what is that the what is the ultimate scrawl what we've discussed I think that the caveat what is that the final piece it says okay. Execute. Go to play is it used to Ole miss. Is it it's not at the moment to kill me it's and all like Arkansas or maybe we'll see how would make it obvious is it hard fall Lou Holtz. So to speak. Doesn't need it even matter. I think a lot and hit it a situation to. Do we pose you gonna vote if direction that would oppose it got a 62 years though immediate but that would be years coach. Is that where we all. Saw we will give you an opportunity to the time. All the results of the you don't know having a lot of faith comfortably top and tiger thank you so much. With a called dye and Daniel I could break but Hank thank you you to say they would face for you is Debbie did you. I write comments not him and have a dang near lake you have got ball to rearrange a few things. I got to know time we're gonna play QB to QB coming up at five formidable if you guys berth if you wanna time and known as pass that topic. Talk about the future of LSU football. Most complete the direct. I guess you take future of LSU coach Les Miles before as well also do W deputies thought it's 531 thought first news. Who go to Chris Miller. Welcome back for the QB to QB's we didn't have a couple of call with the end. Is these final two games of the LSU Tigers 2000 if the team until this Saturday and it's eight and the two weeks. Putting the last final games over the last game that's also coached. You're bad routes he can vote online at WW dot com they view but Daniel on line six Daniel thank you calling. They think I have the first twelve of those shows the other day thank you Aram Percival. All comedies but smile I you know. I've been following them through evidence he got there he's done a great job guys great recruiter but if you look at the last. Five years the collective body of work he's put together. Along with a great round national championship game filed by form it. What kind of grade would you you can say the last five. You pay him top notch money. You top notch performance year in and year out I don't really know. If you are Micah being yummy the pointer at the higher comfort seeing hot support. Daniel what what are UC. It ends as as that you Q is it all fans is it Lou what that he would lead you to do you have that that this is the. I think kids. Offenses definitely been frustrating a lot over the last four years I mean I felt like it would and you met birth of my. Well we haven't quite long enough. Boy quarterback play has just been so hawking brand played very well this year it overall. I'm not sure. What we can played that was bettered it cute to make that big difference it would I think that. We'll probably be out coached again next year a couple games hot in the things that we'll probably be out coached again. Daniel I think you make some good good points amenity what it's going to be an interesting point at this Saturday evening at the whole incident a few of us we think that it's. On line to get through thank you calling. Our activities and human. The you know. It is much as it changes the you know approach new coach might say fifty bills understood up he would be unilateral move a bit outlook they rate which it. You both this year. I'll go we're either I think it. More than a lateral move just his are less than a lateral move is how we we had a we have to pay him more than miles per view element that you be here recently and and in India the coaching us to see maybe Jerry Patterson that. AJ it Gary Patterson to vote this year both from the people believe we're all day. That'll have on it. If expectation is model built monotonous BC and so on. On a route that is that this day and you know I have a lot different than Georgia experience do it. I'll what Mark Richt in. Who richt and mile Olympic their problem and figure out disciplinarian and there really aren't you coaches out there if we if we were a few miles played. We've we've found himself in the same situation as Tennessee at USC is just in the read that the ordinary 23 years about to get to equate it to like Oklahoma you. Actually think could be a lateral move back to it it's not in a race then we'll get it done cannot thank you so much difficulty you won't be QB QB. You know gets the right answer. Yes John. An idol I don't understand where we go home it is pock let pol. I mean you got to look at miles is that our body of work to meet people wanna get rid of him. Just you know. They've. Yeah. But that is even now. That we all have that belief that. And and and let it. That's that's that's that's race locally who we get we have absolutely. And he went on various legal we let it be that line. Right when. They are when you give you what you would you can you can compare politic the question lies is that where the coach to come in from one note he would commit to the program. In Baton Rouge. Person and Alabama but it bear bear compare a book multiple. Even Atlanta now as of late you know they've Alabama at them they've been a whale of a job I'll call on on in a tree. But I think it's it's a coach at that point it no doubt about it camp Robinson was one of the best color hat to west Monroe based on an Alabama. You know I read you know write about the same rate it might help countless. Analysts here so it's compare across the board you wanted to appropriate the it just like you're hitting him with talent wise coaching last. That's what it means get frustrated. All right time now QB QB. QB to QB are we conversation with saint quarterback Drew Brees about tobacco auto low cost auto insurance. Drew thank you so much for the comment that at the talking last week got the goal was to get into the bio week though with a victory. As not the case but Dunn now some time on the kind of wrist and on the coach page you guys have been pretty salty. Coming in after the bye week how the players in the rest of the time for you to work on Houston. Roy ever be the biggest part of that bye week we execute well they really are a lot of aspect. These last couple games. And you know to be expected at this point during the season but you know typically. You know most teams have had their bye week already. You know this is kind of the last week that you could have a bye weeks are just happened fault. You know at the very end this time but I'm. It came at a much needed time and a lot of guys will be healthy the league ordered next week. So you know it it it obviously to buy we start the season up as well you know so hey we just it is first at the sheet of not that not quite the record that no real holes or water but. We're left foot six games now really make a run out and convince Parcells sort of in a playoff position but one game at a time of will be full strength so. What would be to be our best. Now drew. You might have a Nancy might not. I look it. At thirty chart situation. Why we haven't been successful the last two games and know starting this thing and having as the Titans. Three straight running plays Webb well received 31. We couldn't get it didn't look good in that third quarter against the Redskins we have a third 10. Yards for the 10 yards and and things like we Ford at Tynes game where batting. A thousand and his 31 situations. There's because the defense is what they were don't know why weren't successful. In. Like you said prior to the last two injured ten for ten or someone that really we were we are really good and then just to erode its luster row we haven't been ever get so. Up and help them steal and get to third Waterford interest. You like to think that they were just. You know it becomes dull world out there you know disputed it's on the so much got squeamish or didn't you get the first down and then you know move the chains so we. We need to make sure we get poster over a sustained drive especially when you're you know knocking on the door and in the other team's territory here can't hurt to get ports. Now. Drew when you look all the pro ball you've played whether with the charges that now obviously career with the Saints. Is there any rhyme or reason why you maybe have more success against one particular team vs another team you send NFL records. Against the Giants but looking against the Redskins and and build the Baltimore Ravens has kind of been our Achilles heel. As far as the win total and try to winning game but looking at the Redskins eight touchdowns eight interceptions now. And you can't control it if you had a receiver enhancement. Wise the Redskins may be given Drew Brees or trouble to his career. With the Saints. I don't know amid I feel like it's been a couple different coaches. Different teams different players. Two Serbs. For whatever reason I guess is how they went to get those guys that other changed. Now I drew look at net the scenario not unfold on notified that you aren't competitive that you or hey you know we got a chance to come back in and when the game in. But it was a fourth quarter situation and you know went fart on Ford arrows of 34 situation incomplete fourth and four incomplete. And you backed up bonus around the twenty yard line looks like. Maybe that you could strain had a few choice words or less on all three of four seconds. Global what was that all about was that like any I just thought. That that we could make it and and his coach pay look at the field position why he wanted to punt but. Whose decision is that whether you going fart or not in that scenario is it is that up to you are isn't sounding. That you wave could Peyton in the punting unit off and simply said hey I'll order try to make this. Born in an actor guy who we've departed the nursery to go were you aware are thirty or each and now. You know. And just. Got kind of reacted that way and felt like this if we are and we're not have a chance to win this game have a chance to mount a comeback it's trite now which are already out there and you know it most of all the decisions are current state decision they should because they couldn't I just you know I I reacted the way. You know call it right color wrong. We were down thirty points I was. Out of sectors we had gotten stopped that drive before in fact that's when we had particular century America touchdown. And saw 00 and happy with the way offense is playing I want to keep out there and have it that first down and keep got. Now our Judas and not a category. Obviously. One thing I'd say about the defense were outstanding. Third down defense fourth in the league in that we read the first or second. Third down offense and board semi that was obviously flip flop in the Redskins game were we rolling 36%. Conversion rate and and the Redskins away with a converted to par Iverson at a time knowledge of the challenges going forward and I don't know have you seen him yet on film with the Houston Texans. That a noble on third down defense only given up 27. Percent conversion rate is that just one of those games where use league clips on third down. But it has been on the Redskins that are residents game. Yeah I mean that's the sort we've been very good that we we always. I think game plan very well our coaches are great judgment travel third out there and I just romo's most days were we didn't we we weren't as effective as we could have been but. You look at look at the once took 36% slower for eleventh and yet formula. But. You know we we we didn't convert a third more. We had a a dropped ball on on turban and in whichever eleven. I missed I missed a throw. Altered eleven to just take those three. And now for eleven becomes seven a lot of now all of a sudden near 67%. Let so. That's that that's where this you know I mean it's. You if you're only getting. Between eleven and you know 14153. Down to game you gotta you gotta make the most at converting notes. Is so precious few opportunities. Now drew where yell at as far as your preparation. And he brought up the bye week Britt. I get ready when you come back for the Texans and have you all really even started the film study of the process with their defense that the lending their call my. The because I'll watch it you probably watch some of that being those caimans. And Alec is scoring Davis how important that is and you look at his day and age. I don't know if you realize this but detectives have given up zero touchdowns the last nine quarters. To me I don't care you did this day and age now how could you know I'd be impressive but that. Even though we're minority fight for their AFC south lives. But you know as Cortez downing is in the last night quarters that as pretty stout. Yeah you know I've I think. It just like you could say our team trying to find our Demi a little bit between Machida and I think Richard Seymour to Texans weren't open that. That place is well you know they had some they had some blowout losses early on. And then you know I think. Started it ever get some things together and things start to click in. And I thought that he could split exceptionally well right now you know himself to their quarterback is our warrior to keep playing really well. And you know basically play with a lot of confidence right now. So you know unfortunately had to trucks and or catcher Ramon. You know the up sort of work you know they're playing really well and I'm obviously you know this is a critical time for us as well so. We don't go on the road we got to find a way to to get the big winner gets really dusty turns. And inner third cup say its opponent. Now drew obviously I'll get away for a few days. And then you come back get ready to go into the Texans. How much see all put into the game plan before they actually play. The Jets on Sunday. As a sun ain't bad it's kind of a 5050 deal or you kind of laid a foundation in any kind of tweak it after the Jets game would you do offensively. Now not think everything everything all the game planning her actually got actual release some of that stuff and done you know just. What coach in the system but. Most of what we're gonna do as a team together purchased players will be you know actually Monday. Monday Tuesday Wednesday before you'd have to practices and then and then obviously because you're what baker surprise Senator McCain. Drew and I get some extra time with the kids he you'd be guy's gonna waste ankles Oklahoma an audience the moment school down. The idea now we just we knew we always wanted to do resist we escape you know disrepute there's just that kind of gets what they recover lay low. Recharge the battery a little bit put travel around shin-soo failing them. And not be a quarterback great role of shields Sunday but isn't too by league sport you know. A feel like. Are you receiving to go along and all the sudden here you were here we are in the week week eleventh and also can go less fast of are you don't go all the time to fail so but reduce a great time to steal hole. He had big I mean Eddie Joseph what does that she does this fans have asked me this and I said. You know like all well you know you know we need to practice more our summit you know like go bartered players taken a vacation ours that well you need a break and I said this maybe not necessarily how it used to be depending on the team and a coaching stab it. Isn't that collective bargaining agreement also dictate. The days off for RO always Cubs a bobbled the bye week as far as number of practices. Yet it does have it basically says what the minimum amount of days off can be. So and so can you can't practiced more than the amount of time because except that at least this many days dot com bio. You know when when I first got the league in 2000 law I think the bye week was you know we were practiced Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday by. Try Saturday night they offer support no. That's the way it was with coach came up until about. Six years ago or so because we were really bad after the bus. For about three or four and that it the first three or four years. 67 way. Coach Green and then I know nine Rivers went changed up. Because of never talk to some other coaches are heavily it will perceive you and he looked at. All the teams they had the best record to come off the pot I think he would talk to Andy immediately isn't accurate doctored doctor injury any Reid was like oh evident though a soft spot. And he said what's the secret. They're like are given a given all we talked. So those guys need time to get away do you their families know recharge your batteries. And I really put it on the that the next week you know about any kind of yet earned that earned that right earned that privilege you don't and so they've. They respond so. I think our record after bye and pretty darned good troops current state started doing that so I think we value you know we values I'm also. I if you put decent virtually your back. QB to QB has brought you by goal auto low cost auto insurance group thank you so much for the time good luck next week at Houston. Our record if they do.