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11 - 23 The Think Tank 1210pm, Boots on the Ground

Nov 23, 2015|

American ground troops back in the Middle East? Two polls suggest “boots on the ground” is winning approval …once again. What will define fighting or winning a war this time? This hours guest: Ron Faucheux - Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back usually moves we call run torturing of about will equal pol that some time. It different this time reading go border presumably hundreds or revenues comments that said quote unquote. Most Americans think US is losing the plate too I called them writes it. Which underscores much of the public discontent on the issue. Different breathing a merger and use to ground troops and in BC poll and else where that the US should sent. Additional ground troops of bite eyes. And finds that 65%. Support the idea of a different result from the low income that would bury in pursuing. Road tortured political analysts president and color shirt will welcome again to be sure. Are. Both for a good and a and a Norwegian trails canals the pilots and with the new governor. And today I would been answering the question look at them transition team and with the in the transition team. Number of Republicans including Beriault Powell for Republicans sure you'll Norman or perish. In the question is then do you think this is going to be governor that it tends to work to do the rather than partisan mode. And deliberate about sixty pod members and bar Pau. Says they engaged in front of that is is that what most governors stored Al to do you know queen by. One important together. But those. Partisan believes human being seek low believe liberal conservative. While that to continue. Very long. Well it really depends on weapon the dollars political order trolls like. In the air you know not at. In our case the governor's political 40000 patrol portrait. So law so it's important for him to reach ago. And Cuba and in and really approach missiles that moment on orders basis if cheers could be successful governor that's what you'll do. If it he crossed the plate too much sports politics. He's gonna have trouble from day one because you know as. He has some very pretty truthful and economic issues. That he gets the deal. And then that would be ashamed if you lose that opportunity he'll vote on the base and so slow or playing sports politics. All right back to what we call I call ahead sick. Was alive because this news mean debate over prices sometimes called the eyes so well. Sometimes. Again it's important we get the name Brian. So we deserve really in the NBC poll dead and asked. The people being polled. Should we send additional ground so polite I'd sick in six in palm prints and supported the ideas that wrecked. That's that's correct it and you know it depends how it's an out of there's. Variation. In it. And it thoughtful but about. It certainly it now but. But most polls showing that. That more Americans are now willing to use growth troops. To flight crisis in in its stock. Is bigger majority votes Leo couples lesbian people. But which usually it's over 50%. Well okay. Then that that brings me to a poll in June in Bork who we believe over the Electra and I'm sure you know this but the robo call that we'll use. We've still got him occasionally but legally they can do with the cell phones so their numbers are very good and jobs told. A lot of pollen actions during the political rave reviews horrible call. And ordered together in and scientific number. That that makes him look better with the and the media always love polls they give it up we come running we've reported. You were getting. A lib and role in BC poll reported that little snapshot. That 65 principles and yeah yeah ago recruit more proved in the Middle East mean you get somebody like Bloomberg conservative. Saying only 45%. Thing that. And and their fall holders simply very quick snapshot in time. The complicated way of asking do does all of this reeled these. Illuminate what really thinking it adults and so contradictory. Well I think it'll it it illuminates our thinking you know. If we precisely look at what. The poll what should soar and but like political campaign polls when you ask people beautiful rhetoric we're so great that they pick what. There's usually not much different spirit what should turn out well when you talk about site. In foreign policy war adding troops airstrikes. How you ask these questions typical big big impact the result. And I think most polling organizations trump asked the orchards are. You people since so little old where public opinion really is subject. In the newsletter like to. All oh. It ought thought that what she was sloppy year or bias one way of but though for the most sport that they are pretty August. And and I think they did give pretty pretty accurate reading of where public figure all this say you know. Things change a public opinion day. Might be very different the quarter was a couple of weeks ago quality issues related terrorists for well. Very little you'll screw you people question. Do you think the US troops and its allies are winning or losing the bite again I'm sick. In Syria and rock winning 24%. Losing 7%. Can can you tell me how that is worded right Colleen. Or whom could do boom worded better or. Or that things in there that that in the bird loosely and. Oh I think that particular portion was word well I think the response that it got loose. Was solid response in terms of you know honestly workers and public opinion. And I think that. That what should work for four. But boardwalk what do you whose funeral where you'd say yeah. That that and we can put some credence. Because I think it is in its straightforward doesn't have a unnecessary. Wordy yet it. Edit edit didn't say anything to to move people what we're. Okay now actually. Would you support or oppose. The united Tuesday sending additional ground troops to fight I'm sitting in a rock in history. She wrongly its board thirty twos somewhat thirty I'm 33 somewhat support 32 and so more proposed eighteen strongly oppose thirteen. And goblins worded correctly. Well look the reward the question is is. Throw from my perspective would be accurate. Because they are saying. Adding additional troops. And I think most people agree we are there any way he even though definitional what those troops disposed street doing well Larry and so of so the the problem on the exit may be rates. Adding more troops. When some people have the perception that we've made out AO. So the road near the sport. Another thing to keep in mind that in a survey orchard. Is that they get a floor. Answer possibilities as opposed to it to. Some odd that in effect. The wild numbers with you collapse of the positive answers. Purchase the negative actions. And it did at this point in time do you use do you see any indications. Nationwide that that America is changing their minds. Amanda. Amendment definitely wrong in the shoes report. Read very long almost pew yep pile on Wall Street Journal article called a crisis in the world order. And the number of trade tankers that they've held our government positions military types. Bettors saying you know we we need to go ahead and it and in spite of holding war in Iraq and Syria and in the other plays. Because of the threat of a Syrian particular. Is weakening Europe is is weakening the world and we're becoming weaker leader. Do you see any indication of movement in American opinion. On. Or getting back into the Middle East in big numbers. I think most Americans do not one ought to get double. Oh reachable. Religious. War in the middle. It and I think that continues. You know I think that portal what what people did. To put more troops. What you focus the issue very specifically. I think that they are all more Americans who won mystique yet in. Ends here take stronger military action network over the past sucked in more markets today. That one that that perhaps a few weeks ago. I think that the sense that Alex's is a threat. In an imminent threat to probably. Allied countries but also own country is the height. Also think there's been. A a change in how people view for a little Bobble. They. President Bob. Obama is operating slipped considerably. Over the last week or so in an insult to where we're is approach to. Two to fight the terrorists so that out like this war so. So of American opinion is very complex pattern war it's not always simple we think. And I think on the one hand Ebert and people perished in both. But getting in a big land war in the Middle East but on the other side of the Pollard the American people. One defeat like this and they're willing to send troops to. Ron vote share there always some pleasure stool more of your time have a great day you know will we calling them again. Thank you. Greg Greg what do you think choosing 0187. Inch above the bones on the ground and sharing you'd say. 75%. And you. Little. Weary. Governor of the. I think that it's kind of interest you do your bud holds a lot in the meat you we will reliable. And argue and reduce or you. Generally those in recent poll of your mind is surge troops and additional ground troops shall fight audiences. And finds that 65%. Support the ideal market is considerably Edwards and I'll probably go back and there. Well. Here one. Rumor. At whether the united stated should should not it's in the American troops. Only 45%. Saying we showed. That the reason a fund that has some leading UN and Q below Lumia Bono thing. The political expert Saturday rumored during the election it's going to leave robo called abuse aggravated assault so much. We can't get them anymore and if so potent it's illegal they can't do it. So they dates and allowed to tape recorders won a room maybe again. Somebody's phone network. And they use the percentage. Of good shows that they have they have from remembered one Whitbread. The day of the election room that are the so a number of them polled shown that voters were only one point. Wednesday. From a state margin. Of 3% needle one percentage point from drawing even would. Boortz. Courts have proved not to be true but the wounds of the robo call they still use in order to distort. So what I find interesting is. When he in the media and viewers still fascinated by poll even all of them says depends on how they're Warren. Depends on who that. It's just a snapshot. Of that little moment in time. Will we political others to war in him. You're you're probably fund that borrowing and net absentee and we're basing. Barbie blues Ebert told believed. And the number that Brooke like blob we've. But not the open. Governor Bobby yeah. Bunch of things and paying too and today we've Laura. Think about the election Joba Joba a list of words and will be much of rob told all our polls. The ones who brought him every day and did ago and courts for not sign it. You Lou sampling of the list. Would very happy 6570%. In believing that John build a bird which crying was going to fraud had to govern. And nonpartisan way. Also don't get about the reports that joked that golden age from and when worldwide shooting in New Orleans orca the blues. It was a bumpy part but it for an parks openly pedal with them my report. Second law and video production. Got the image move to the park released a large group people numbering 2300. Moved to the park fighting broke out. Would penciled six and people shot and wounded sixteen. At one gunman went place. And I've read that it's over you and Israeli newspapers. German brands England. You know and that sort of went around the world and one of things it's at about them earlier. I'd been hanging in and I don't have that record. Shouldn't. So it's pink color are heard the mayor incurred pollution. Say that didn't keep in mind our murder rate is down way down this year. And this kind of thing shouldn't happen and that new excuses but the memory is way down. And I inserted in the number of times on the show to the beliefs please union. It Manoush Fareed towards with the please politician. I've said. I have new allies India of the murder rate in intensity. As any significant one so upper. It's the violence free it's the shooting rate it's the carjacking. It's the purse snatching. It's the physical attack rate. That's what should be ready cross. Is of one year to be blockage. More and died. And YouTube with a murder rate is low next year can be Bogut shot five die on the go watch the murder rate is double. And the sad thing deal with the and on top of that when it comes of these consumers who we always have via swap. Chapel line a league abused sixteen people shot nine report rule and Morgan were mug and given 2448. Hours dives. And the back to the net roots people will say eight and from league of tourism. And I can't find anybody except post-Katrina. In the forty years that I have been here most beloved in the media. That could tell me. Where and tourism went down might have been static. It might have been the same number of for a while but it didn't go round down because of crime. I can think of no words crime area in my mind today than Chicago. And the New York crime. Bingo revenues Colin. Think twice about going the ball and I'm going to two hours ago I and my eight. Cupid dawned on me before I walked out ago. Ed brought that some might say they NA and real better is should not go into because a high crime rate but that it. Wouldn't that me going so I think the murder rate we keep hearing about and its effect on tourism. OK show me the evidence there raw. And the other thing we're talking bird Jerusalem's Roland poetry culture. Cornered other indices. Poll Bloomberg poll. Basically acting asking hey you all upset about iTunes in the refugees. Should we go back and history of rock and put more boots on the ground control said George and basically. Backed war again in the NBC poll liberal oppose 65 prison people said yeah Bloomberg poll. 45 princes below and then he talked about. Poll numbers period. They are nothing more than a little tiny snapshot. All of wind like spam its taken it's this. It it has no significant. Two weeks down the road. Things could change I mean look what happened in the governor's race I'd submit the bitter got at least a little bit Pulitzer. Because of the masters terrible like god. Poured in Syria and are in stable Wii's yeah. They go blow or Zyban destroy our family or get me wrong guttural minimized the concern. And I think it would bull little out of proportion personable. I don't really understand once or in the United States legally. How eight governor can stop important crossing our border. And as it turns out that common sense because. They can't. The U at the moment. If you'd taken hole right in as soon as terrorists blew. I think we're probably had a bunch of bald simply where our homework and Europe and kick their bark and do whatever we got to don't. In the in the 48 hours delayed going we did it. Did that in raw and we did then and that thing and did that in Korea and we did that Bosnia is in the places. That he would sit in my ward were still in a holding pattern they're causing us a lot of money allotted troops. We do we have time to rethink it. So. What do you bad throw leaders question here at that moment in time to sincere one that. Any circumstance. Yeah city. Putting troops in Syria. And Iraq. In numbers of a 1005010. Drought. And ordered to stop the appeared that most of its eagle. Over I'd say in what they're. Trying to do worldwide. Eumig called Tuesday 0187. They're good about a number of being resume the good thing Terri today sharing your New Orleans part program Doug ward lib six lean people wounded. Made not only natural news international news you and do you think that's affects it's. Eventually Putin has some fixes tourism ones. I. Does it have direct your thoughts. About going to a second law. About going to. That you love words carefully year a cultural role. Get out of the ring that indicative of New Orleans. But it's in. An area that it's indicative of high crime. It's amazing to me how many yeah. Issues we have working here. Redundant mini shows on gentrification. Areas. That'd been the way the orb for a very long and Adam from could train. Rightfully asking. Where is our help. We don't have. The same outcome and pleased for intentional. Four infrastructure. A lot of the places. Blunt. When goes. With the money or more money. Go into those areas because. Of the cold for ruled traction in the second lines Martin growing Indian Jackson's. Whatever it may be. That mixes in the unique. And you say you know I'm gonna Jordan and on the repaid mud to hammer by college right in the middle. I'm gonna contribute. But if you fix how. To march. You'd end up raising. Rents. The property taxes what how can work. A lot of those that set and where is the improved infrastructure. Literally have to move out of the infrastructure. And propose. Better fascinated by the cult. And one who lived in it want to experience that won't like it think it's unique. One of a kind in the world. Read succeeding shot. After his second line after a video. In a park in Maine neighborhood. Debate continued to want to go again. And if they do. How were they meant. To me see. That's a much more important portion. Much more complicated question and the question that could effect. The city is a hole. And then neighborhoods. Where do its incurs specific. Much more. Than its impact on tourism. Which which. I present. My I believe. There's an animal. End and if I'm wrong and somebody show with the year aside from post-Katrina. For a number of years because of Katrina. Show only one tourism. I'd their did not remain the same. Or group. I spent. 3040 years in and out of the media. And every person. I ever interview whether via government whether it be you mean chairman of the B please you at tourism market and they've said tourism is booming. What do you think come right back to basic general 187 he'd double B. Our outing. Number Bill Lynch code to campaign of talent Kevin thing group call. Thank you for having not so sure. I was listening to what you're saying about. Second line. Ends. Attraction. Of tourist took a cultural aspects. Of the community. And it was a little confused about what you were trying to say mainly because. Honestly what I think the bunny for an I think a mile final you'd. And the world plus nor program that I used to participate via. In the football games in the city championships and we need we all games. We've got limited time limit and perhaps I'm rated to confuse and to think. Number one. What does that do do the people that want to move in these areas and better then by living there and egg theory that called. What did you do to those that appropriate to going there and now end experience that culture. And then that added on top of that. They're concerned that it affects tourism and that poured I don't think it dawns. Well we don't pay a whole lot of attention to wanted goats to people moving him. Or people Joe's going to experience the co said make cents. Most certainly deal with respect to people moving it to neighborhoods. When you hear that about thirty keys to getting shot you don't get attracted to me is that. Look I appreciate it called sorry I didn't make that clear. And scooters acts do not go away. He's gut he did every interesting show the number of contact him the students in general won its government. Bill big gigs WAM 053. And.