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11-23 5:10pm Bobby & Mike: on LSU's coaching future

Nov 23, 2015|

Bobby & Mike talk about the prospects that could replace Les Miles at LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to. Just like guys feel like if they have obviously I haven't so let's look Placido. We decided hey Scott counting Mississippi will be on until 630 night it was gratuitously radio network. To be a special edition of these things go to show it tonight to be Bobby Izzo coached a moral be on talking about there. The B game between the Slaton Houston that the the next game and man you you Doug but the Pistons have been a run now three wins in a row of the Texans then. And that that's scary I'll be there is gonna have to come to play. You know it's very Dustin Hopkins and receive in bella went about it now. I mean Mike if you look at it like third down Coopers and a total yardage. Pop it doubled the fans that are fans now that it's hard to me. So all I know as hopefully I'll get him help what you do on JQ what do these hills but you know at that acolytes that would in the royalties. Also like double planes cover date. Not only the Houston Texans but they use that violence meant that in his business a long time also be on the Saints coaches who got a lot of people hang in on. So we're gonna go to Roland that you wallets rolling in a huddle wit about him night. McGraw Byron Meyer. Our little little Albrecht got a quick question man now. Oh I thought about via our Miami Heat and cold and are done in Miami you look at all the talent in Miami got. Regarding upon the stadium being twenty minutes 1520 minutes from the from the campers. You've got all that talent on lower on that or is that a new coach. Miami. Probably need to warp would be award here you know you Derrek don't call on on. Well Auburn and what does it. I don't know a lot of the herky backers. Want them to bring Butch Davis backed the boat there Hurricanes now. Again it'll be interesting to see how the administration views about butch. Because of what happened at North Carolina. I mean you had a month investigation. And the outcomes a lot of things going on behind the scenes is what Davis a really good college coach no question about it. And yet great success at Miami of Florida. It just depends on the administration. At Miami of Florida and how big deal about how. Butch whose tenure ended at North Carolina that's what's it. Vote didn't recruit you know that part of it but things were also so over the back at you brings. Well considering the view and if Christie's. You. And their accomplishments. They are else chuckle it facility. On knocked out in a market the stadium. Overall facilities. Don't they are affected era it took third tier I think my cake inactive third out there on yeah thirteen year. That's it didn't I kept up with it jolted. The art not the level that are happening infrastructure. Look at Florida and Florida State and LSU and Alabama and gain weight behind the Cardinals though dollar corporate moniker. Yeah yeah it at that biggest to me. Which players go at it. You can beat them the eight county they'll Maine South Florida eight guard Florida and you look at used mystique that path. Get Michael Irvin whoever's like I tell you like comic you have written by him. Go to the theater facilities. There with the no no. It's not the belly comparison. To other major apparent that debate university in me if they get that right. In the LP bobbled the joneses now the proximity. To. The eighth as far as having to. This anything I've got to get an a plus security team is something that had us like it goes. Yeah legitimate questions which you know about it in there because we're human organs. You look at the Alabama grant an okay you know Oregon and give their their own 9 morning did Carpenter universe or. But even back when Miami in the air but it it was going to be a significant changes and not to mention more than. What the biggest in Miami is having the coaches and understand the mentality. A terrible please that you bring it. So Miami and so. And I mean granted the facility warfare you know you know stroll but certainly put a unit that. Little to do that knows what crops with caught up Utley. But did you know that the sanctions tuna and a lot of predict what a bit of sanctions we're prepared Shapiro or. You know Miami down lot a whole lot Indian in you when you look at Miami an old one will reach an honest there Kaymer with the sanctions. And they and they got an agent. You've entered the game close well we have a couple of field. Now without golden. I appreciate that you need to get my in the world that put us forward. Heaven at age unit and you. I know where the OK. Okay. I'll respect you know a player that he money you in my hand. The modern day player. This if you look at re. Sort came up you know modern day and read. Sean Taylor and I only route to Miami a particular oracle in the money that they gain. What about the crab well if so why I don't political theater. Or does Clark state University of Florida any SEC program we've got 580000. Fans in the city and the couple line. And I and our bodies don't they don't airports propaganda being down by Andy behind the eight count it Uga friends that. They have the players c'mon it's all part of UT and he admitted that it I mean. Just had a ball accounting yet doesn't Broward County now out there that wrote that they saw what equality all of we appreciate it will be back with more second guessed right up it is Ricky on the BC. Go back and it's what you get she'll bite it did you Bobby gave me a lot from this ovals slip a casino. Beat side in Hank not counting Mississippi medical back to the helpful lines. And we gonna go to Bryant in Baton Rouge ranked in the huddle wit about him right. Paid the in. A day you know. LC. Look. The same might be. All handsome and strong. They're all LSU tiger you're most pitchers. Yeah that's. Yet that's kind of been the rumor. Because he has LSU ties that terrible pitch he's. But he's close tie with some of the people money people at LSU and also he's got some good friends in the bedroom Jarrett that he still has but. Close contact with throughout the years prior makes so much but all we appreciate it we could go to west in the parish west in the huddle wit Bobbitt might. All graph the man this is a great date from me god I'm talent. Did redolent smiles he's been on my agenda since super. That the loss in the Super Bowl. That's when our courts and in my world pop culture bought out the coach idea gimbal vision aligns. We know I think he should be bloated moms like it got we got street. Money is no lock. There I don't know an enjoyable to be 18. Culture male looks pretty good community and a couple on the coach job like. Expand. What are good with art riles is he had opportunities to leave already mile. Also I just feel comfortable if people look around like Jon Gruden to why would John Bruton you know boom. Yeah it go to college team that's not gonna. How do you use John Madden. The media and he can make so much money about the pressures of recruiting and coaching and all that. Every day every day now let's think normal coach again. But I'll guarantee you coach him you know people national team you won't be a college team I just think right now. Play all the product from up the water that's more on in that room. Perhaps somebody. In play yet so I will win you make that decision. And I think that that's it it's already been a little quirk about the financial bought up you've got that guy in your pocket this stuff may have this. Got a lot of work in years ago the there. You gotta make that decision and haven't done. Wickedly. Quick well you look at it. What you are not as you look at that that is one job I like you are you know. It it. Broke it up and gain. Not that he died ample pitcher. Is able. Oh that is an upgrade. That while the film now because. Well like that pockets beat. You know I mean. You know like one and done be able pitcher's obvious. My a couple of the guys you'd think the tight nipple at Baylor coach. Who well. Herman are used. And I. Think that guy apparently is gonna be a big time Colts no where. Europe. And you ought to him as much now I think a lot of what's it about Chip Kelly and that's chipped it to west schools yet. You know if he's gonna get run all LE at yeah he's funny he's gonna head back out west all are itself happens. Our room we're all wrong possibly using Texas the Miami. Went right picture so to speak but you got more room with Texas wood or Wes Goldstein what it's chip it in that. At five bloody and not and I went to Texas and I have more money in note do it. I'm bringing in a statement off. That in ago now it up soccer and. No that's not a lot of people in the SEC would sign off the that I'm not sure. Pickett nick wanted that job I think that. On all of them but don't fitness like if you all of thank yet that a point where the buyout that would make of them I'll. The birds in any solid gold. I'll tell you dictate what the next is wreath or holiday Hal could Naylor. RT do you ever be in better university if Texas at bobbled that a lot of Bob Moffett right there in all it. You've got to repeat. That might ever be effected in general the Baylor off RT to use our via that you're Brittany is state of Texas but Obama but it. Units they've been in you that you hit down on that alone was the one thing that you feel that. The NFL in the NFL and NFL but you go from Alabama and it acted no nobody gets my pay. Won't be maybe get that shot at the end of well. And that the NFL players I'm telling you if they bit like golf Cutler that talent you know you got to regain the high. They're in advocates that if an animal in the NFL that's knowledgeable than me. That's the you're not it's like bury our Buffalo, New York. Gone off the Texans got the start that we aren't there. A coach and off the nexus colon and did it make that million dollars. That there is no reason why pick this should always be relevant I'm not singling and that took a championship which should be at the top four. It just now and you could boggle the resort the Aggies don't like you hear that Ellison plays in. Hate them. At home that they don't want to hear that. Good to have resources to. College Station but Texas build a top doll is that I don't and a belly button in it but until the wreath or. So now I'll go ahead of what it. I'll go out mall or a period and a victory don't you know he's he's not coming back. You wouldn't a Hugo knowing now this that if he goes that route IR. In my opinion as a Red Sox and University of Alabama. I think the one thing that might get on the in the is. Double B it'd unifil and I'll give it a shot. Bubba don't think you don't retarded to retire for a while Colombia South Carolina us these are you ever meet in the NFL. NFL total that that's why give Jimmie Johnson credit. What an actual chance to uterus the Miami and water through bullet now you know who did it too big for me you. If it is I think UCLA. In the whole thing it's just think about that no. That is so hard that they might want to do that equalized. Cars got to hang aren't gods that are now like golf. I think or you will coach against them Whipple would I would think so but I appreciate that Kolb will happen born here on deciding game show. Right that that is news break wept as Miller. Welcome back to deciding issue like that that you obviate ever live it is so close that the casino. It's not a Hank got out of Mississippi got a football thing and all the ops but a first time yesterday. We heard from rob Bryant. Make comments about you know you being blamed for everything that. Well quickness. And our intensity and you know that's it. I think the odd that a lot of comments like that it's more than that I'd like I've comments that. Whoever that I think Rob Ryan. Why do you mean brink of Katrina. A line. You you'd think you can't blame a lot of things. Picturing it should not eat in the end of the compensation in the congress they don't. It's day don't they got tarnish voted. If they get it lately everything. At least you don't blink Nepa Katrina. But nobody brought that up then you might be blamed for that couple. That with it and Oklahoma and where you are. And it's not only on an audience Q blowing again. One that's the only thing that got the mean of all bad but. Read the lie to get to the team. I mean you look at NFL history. You might be positive. You might be negative. On those offensively. It's like they Drew Brees has been at the Helm it's been a lot of positive. Where we've been blown but the best that advance the ball the eleventh the about it because it's horrible year. Well we had the Bulls beat pitch at all in. Iran. Look at this thing. In a Bronco. Okay it I'll look at negative wise. If you look at that the it. It coats back. With a Drew Brees is in believe will gain coach Spagnuolo the bit at the time. Over the course Spagnuolo was here. Over the end now think about this. Well we've seen it's yours not the words that are worth. Will we've seen the words keep it there are here Q was that about the twelve. Minute that our backs are with that and you all think the it. Call expect they'll look over all the words the band in NFL history in 2012. In terms of yards allowed. Gave seven gave up 7040. Yards right now. The golf at 515. Think the fit is on pace to give up. 6000. Basically 800 yards. The right under coach back at it like it's like a lot out of the money would be yes they both they both know that's why. Yet they make it changed now. We picked up a lot about challenge you wouldn't know about the thing that. Tell you right now I don't know what's gonna happen it used in. But they've got to tackle. And we've somehow pick at that Houston. In. This is All Saints fans though are you out a year down and you hole rather wrote that owns the edge and all of this died. Come cook come Thanksgiving Day. Carolina's late in the cowgirl. And on the whole thing Carolina win the big because Carolina nothing New Orleans. And their undefeated and we get beat him. Like on Thursday night football. When the Falcons are all Ohio involved. And I think you know I'll look at the moment I don't watch it again yeah it my best friend died. And now they got like I'm on the outfield now. And feeling dejected. It was the State's one that gave them that in my spirit and a family. Because. Think in this thing that has been making a thought now what happens I'm value. No what if Carolina beat the cowgirls. There's no way if you look at it may talent not going to be undefeated. Come with the good thing but I'm telling you right now I don't know what laws they isn't gonna think well we're we're gonna beat him opt out and regular rise up. Some gonna happen from Brees and all that backcourt but whatever you wanna call it could have beat Carolina I'm going to do her last six games. Yeah I think you can really beat Carolina didn't the Jackson outbound I. What shocked me a little bit about that I I. That's that's the way it's I absolutely you'd think you'd think ultimately like to you know we're gonna go to them give up. That would it might. Are you doing it Tuesday I don't know. You've got a couple of point well one point amount problem at my house or blow out thank you comical. In camp camp that will allow women. It is it to me and I when we go up against the Colts then no panic the nose he uses it and movement and so. You know no we don't. It seemed like an Alabama game we didn't have a game plan that kept trauma room all to me when I'm out there about the that the room with the packet. Ole miss separated I. Alabama I'll. Days straight is that part seventh so we're trying to tag went out we all that the limelight there are now understand that we mine out and protect but it looked like we do have a game plan. And that's more often than not will miss. Also problem is the same game plan exactly and if you run. It reminded that. The other teams that you'll bet. That you can now follow him out physical them. And the windows game. The problem is that an ounce of thought I. Well let all of its advance and at the big about being in the bottom. In the bottom line is thing. LSU. You look at their schedule you heard it in a row you can talk about the schedule 20/20 five seniors that now twenty or 35. That LSU how they structured. Then I'll this team into left smiles you have the talent to beat 70% of that team annually on its schedule question. Matta well. We are 800 dollar Levitt now got Alabama when it. Me and how to talent we have we have to have it every year period to win at the end he beat you and human the national championship bull we oh we saw civil. I want to bring that one up as well it was on the plane hit it from down back role. And how I was on the plane would have beat Robert from Oklahoma City need to know to compliment to him. Eight they needed understand why it's. So met ma because he's not in the Colts. He had an omelet. Is now the court you up as I'm pretty potent Q who complement our. But they don't seem to be cold spell. Nobody is the old in my own game the impact after proper medical needs to do things you probably in the globe. Also want to point out one more thing. What ma on the Daryn Alabama game we did I do on the court while. Years ago we don't make it medication are. It might be gallantly I like all the issues you don't know will Woody's the only way that the only thing is that. Allen's new. And you can't think Lance Ball is not a good coach. Yeah it's a good shot but not a great people and then that's too painful at home where they are on a good that'd be great. It though like you like to do pointed out earlier. On in the article. Yeah he went. It is a pivotal. And definitely ignorant you are marketplace it. And not listen in today's an actor or an Asian world. When you don't get paid that kind of money and you have to satisfy you'll alumni. This definitely athletic director you'll end of the business of winning but also to you kind of business the past in the money collected. And we you've got major alumni that saying hey wait a minute I don't know but given that money up this year and keep. Things status quo. You forced to make the moment you forced to make a moment. Now the only thing and it's in the day by 20 lead is that I've met the man at second hand. Out Jolie. You've got a football guy but you got the via phone book I the he had athletic director got to be a money manager yes now I don't want. Pockets and you dormant blog out there this late in the background regular moms I know it has the right place yeah but that was his way up but yeah this thing to look no not that well. I say we build it they'll leave yet that wrecked background. Basketball's that he punitive and an eagle Harley basketball. Dabbled balances tigers' football. Now listen you pickle lie. With happen. And these aren't your trip LSU I go by what happened in the 21 victory. I go why it was happening fifteen years physical they're not backed up and about DiNardo. And all that Al went on Ron Ellis about him regularly on Erica so I'm Ireland I'm bothered about fifteen years. That's so what does that here. At what Ellis and then they bad faith in the game right. That's reality today you know what when you have a state that pop out of the last seven years or capitalized wood out more NFL players and any of the state. In the union. Yes well it got. And you can not really. Come in in on the count you'd like in a while arguable that there are. You know possibility. Because the globe yet applaud. That quiet you there's absolutely. And Alabama is all aren't that a man handled through. And so that's the thing you pick up with passion everybody Celek temple would leave Florida State for that this in the got a lot of Serbs and order beyond those. The effort made him asking. Them fail to doubt the Ravens and black Jack and I probably did beat right on the plane and count them out pop all we wouldn't go to Oklahoma State. I don't know he was a good coach at Oklahoma State he was I mean this would pick up that away from less he's been a good coach Belichick. And he's won a lot of games but you pay any there'll. Be a public Echelon. It. Will be great at. But man this. Are. I heard of them are reportedly enough that the key diplomat put it on the. Is that a little bit out goalie hardly I know you you'll in this thing as bad as you had to go play. That they have had their thumbs up there you know what they. I'm camera and I like that and use in the Ravens blow up but he. Been around a while you doubt that media mode. Who as part of the go to return at the Yemen and that's a pastoral agent that's relationships that's how a lot of coaches get. Thanks a bunch but I called we appreciated program and thank you. But I think so but. We appreciate it will be back with what's that again. Who's finishing it up you're out on number two of those that you guys show like that they get obviate Barrett. Bob advance of the people what names out if thrown out there and mullet. From Mississippi State as a possible got I still think what they want he wants you right now is doable Fisher at Florida State. Right a ball finisher or because that it scandal alone national championship. Then Allen might be achieved a brilliant MacDougal for yep wanted to. You won't want it Florida. Yeah yellow and blue you didn't know the more I think against jokers.