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12/2 4pm Bobby and Deke, Saints

Dec 2, 2015|

What's wrong with the Saints offense? The Black & Gold average just 16 points in the last 3 games. Is it the 36 year old quarterback OR does Drew need more playmakers? Bobby and Deke take your calls and talk to Saints Sideline Reporter, Kristian Garic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a lot of work to do and a shot amount of time at 630 tonight it's LSU fighting tiger basketball the struggling Tigers take on all slaughter when had a point coming up tonight. And Chris Canty about after the game. Today on sports talk Drew Brees jaundice its export a weekly QB QB segment tomorrow night it's the saints' players show and on special guest will be Saints safety can you look now. But tonight operative jaguar paid him the way asking you the Saints offense has struggled in the last regained its they've release. Five games left with saint offense get better or worse in the remaining five can't devote. Online at WWL. Dot com and a developing story continuing story taking place that started last Friday night in the Louisiana has good that it association state play offs. In the quarterfinal round in the non selects out of the play this week in the select sides playing in the state championship. And the not select is in semi fun. Well there was a matchup between aiming high school intends beware of Ted's bubble players and Bubba loose upon washed impairs. These two teams met earlier in the season with bogey Luke who won that game 32 point. Amy one the other night 56. To two point however there was a bench clearing brawl at the end of the game which prompted the Louisiana has got that association. Is this the end he meets entire team mean they have to give up. Friday night's semi final matchup against the saint saint wildcats. Saint James advances to the state championship. They don't I have to play a meat season comes to in Enid. The executive director of the ways and Heisman medical association eighty Bonnie would Jonas in the 5 o'clock now. And the superintendent of education intentional pairs small coal we will be with. At five or ten openers school system. As I've gotten there are legal team and they are trying to stop this and reversed the decision a hearing will be no. On Friday morning in front of a judge to see if they can at. While some type of look motion to stop this and allowing meet the plate by right. Against the saint James while kept Amy did make an appeal this morning to the decision that was printed yesterday. They appeal was denied and our first decision was a pale mean any meat to steal out of the playoffs which ought to make you more clip for you later in the program and to my knowledge about it is the first time in state history a team has been kicked. Out of the semis but well. I don't know the rules the rules are I cowards and if you think this day and age I mean that somebody filmed in on their phone or something when actually went down according to I'd take Greg anybody he did not need video it. He did not need video and it's really trust the witnesses I trust that would. Now. It all goes back to you know come and elicited the scoop. You know when you look you kind of state rights vs government rice is kind of like yeah local and meet our tangible polarized the vs. The Louisiana. High school association ranked into as the power and who's gonna make decisions that you think I would did decide. They'll get mad at me oh it did decide not Woody media follows playing the percentages as ours wouldn't that decision right local Nevada I like I don't but it. At five figures or not I think I think you'll have to forfeit. Up and they're facing an uphill climb yet and I had to go to had to go we don't have to win and Owen to right now. But the situation is is that you know where where's the line drawn like what what is fair and way right way as both him that a bit. Association director and the money what he thinks is Fay is this fair. And also what does being the high school intends to open a school system. Think it's fair at this situation will explain it was set it up and we'll have it for you on the program about the Saints offense. Has struggled and we all know with the Saints defense the way they saw at the offense doesn't do well extremely well. We are in serious trouble. And we are at four and seven facing a team that is eleven and oh. What what that while big you know it's crazy. It was say because it has happened what every department lately guy he's equaled almost every day. But you look at the same age as goes he goes to show you should say how efficient. How prolific be war. For instance against who so far ahead right now going to Carolina's game. That a number third best offense. The third most passing yards third down efficiency numbers that one verses 13 down right drop from the bulletin number three. So you feel like but the perception is it law as the play well we don't have as the bulletins and how to win it or not that's only a track meet tied game. But almost that. All I know is right now. Essential opinion Drew Brees has been here going to decade. We've been atop threw scoring offense. With the Packers and with the Patriots. But if you look right now. Kind of flip flopped. That you knows third in the league in scoring right now who is fighting a winning Carolina's average in thirty points a game. We average of basically 244 which is a middle of the pack. Now what that being said. It seemed like it was downhill. The last three quarters. It went downhill that second half in that Titans game. If you look at it they've only scored that being the Saints 27 points in the past Pinkwater. Dating back to week nine legacy and against the Tennessee titan a loss that game now. If you look at the states produce seven point in the second half in the loss for the Titans. Fourteen point and it Washington against the Redskins. In only six points against the Houston picked now. Aren't necessarily things gonna get better you know why because as dominating as the Texas defense was. Carolina's Steve that does even better. So I think we might continue to struggle and then still maybe bounce back because five games he'd be issued an end a month plus that that's a lot of gains. To still evaluate where we're at right now. But to say. Were not in a slump. Then you India realistic. You look at the things right now the goal is scored forty points in the past three games. And then you consider in week eight scored 52 points as the Giants but big guess what it would get a. Allen will we're we're training in the a positive direction. We are not last now we won before last. Because guesses lasts. The Giants whom we scored 52 point think. Pigs goats bags. So we're one of our high as the Giants are dale and that's why I don't trust the Giants the you know New York with a jump on the bandwagon. In NC talk now like the Redskins. How they're trending it was gonna happen. In the NFC lease but they got it came right now you know if anyone know like Carolina successful. But I look at this right here. Okay scoring defense. And what he scored offensively. And they do this that there's no way in the world. Carolina would have a chance obviously you look at scoring and a match that is a big maybe couldn't go undefeated. Considering their opponent nearly come playoff time and in there's not a series you win one game their average of thirty points a game. In only given up eighteen and a half. As third beds but the thing is that is significant. In business them I. Been beaten. Like a dead cars throughout when I've been doing this is 1998. The Panthers lead the league in takeaways. They're 28 takeaways includes a league high eighteen interceptions. And a league best turnover margin the you know darn eternal margin. Plus sixteen. We will images we hope but it's safe to get that the plus side like one. That have been minus two minus three minus four they are plus sixteen. And then you look at it beat the evening get better public training other hot Carolina the last three games have ten takeaways. With no turnovers. So big on to say I don't know what's gonna have dogged CY biggest has. Carolina what a seven point favorite because of what they've done and so. I think I don't know what I thought this thing is to be the fouls that Thursday night and day that would be a monumental. Upset and it could have been so they have decoded to build go to Randy should a ball late afternoon that would be announced that that would get everyone's attention could this hard. We get a week out. To constantly when in the pressure that comes at that but you could see why. Carolina committed to superdome. The assembly favorite and I don't know open that demy Nabih inaudible what both the score. When their last came here. 41 didn't pin you only one team and that's the last that's all right narrowing the Hendry if they want to fourteenth street naked and I don't joke it's a debate they came to the dome they would three. Eight in one date that now they've had a fifteen game regular season win streak you had lost six in a row and now they want fifteen year old stability and it is over foursome got a strictly that where we sit here and excited this time we're looking back what they want fifty and over Rivers started as we know it's Carolina will be excited Zale right. Right now I can see matter if a Ronald Ronald thank you for calling WW. You don't. I feel. Quietly. Had a children for a couple weeks ago Nadal can't remember that I Dillon. The way oak outline it's a Dayton game after the rugged beauty of the game and that's what the state looks to. Look good coaching stay. The code is camp demanding discipline Shula probably an official. They're being bad years. Typically it out there to start a law right on it now. Right you're not in you noted you'd probably write a lot of well. And so you told control things like that demonstrate. No options. And then also to run but you know did the officials lose control of the game there was seven of them on my stand there with seven personal foul penalties called but don't know ejection in the game. Well you can't object ball personal hell yeah but you can reject all you can techno band play and pushing down and in all I can't work. And basically the only issue can't if you go to somebody and slam on down that you can eject him from that you can. Say. It. Can't shall. What bothers us so Ronald what have been in big games now I'm dog the UND. Now they do what happened. That you should not be surprises haven't ended today in any game because that are process it was going out throughout the game right then that is up I was almost ready to break out the Robby when he. He wished he was that the word you've now in this day and time to call chippy but it's it was chippy at the best but he is that thing and Iowa last exit Dedrick Bonnie. Does the relatives say noted these two do they mean bug losing have a history. Mean three years ago. This this this January B three years. There was a brawl between the two on a basketball court and with the entire gymnasium had to be cleared out and no one was allowed but the players. The administrators from the school. In the coaches to remain in the gymnasium in the police department was there. Cook so this this goes back for awhile so the point is once you just discussed prior to the game on Friday night what if what if you always have to think about the next move what via. And you know without about a situation where it's at it's it's a black guy regardless right now anyway you look at the black on Boca Lusa with the black outing meet its back on now DK I spoke pairs Washington Bears. Art dog problem there it doesn't look good part of the problem do the same classification. And in the same district as what I would say yeah I'd say. You know like from now on. Eli playing each other right in when it debuted this same district as cajun and hide how do you avoid eye. And I think this time a year emotions rise even more hot because there's that finality. Kids that works so hard in a young people you know took regardless of what you think oh who is it wrong here whatever. Kids need discipline not solitary confinement I get text all the talk about. Folks you know that no you don't GOP you don't call people and okay you you try to be a part of the solution. You don't add to the problem you look at each had addressed it any discipline people these are young people they shouldn't be crucified nation be. Beaten down and what's up Nady you've got to got to learn from your mistakes you good homey thing. Timmy got Damon Odom he coaches I don't know where he came from I don't have any background would you know you go to tells me man now when you're in the offseason and you training. Are you into two A days as these to be nipped in the bud. George and you not trying to stop and aggression on the football field no but you got to be control at Aviv later and this is an amount not just the third time that I am though since he's been intentional pairs. He's had a team this fall I'll what did that at this and in the story you notice I'm not only am I asking twice than if he might get I I mean noted you might get picked often meet derided as a track Greg right now. I absolutely as the track record and that's all at the common account you talk about it and there was a situation when some of late but Roger and it was a situation that so this happened the other night. But what talk about all that later coming up we'll find out you know what is fair punishment is Amy being bought in the playoffs pale punishment to the young people. Is that not what about may be giving them fair punishment at the same time because Boca looser than I have a game this week. Maybe have punishment above loosening me the same time the start of the 2016. Season would that be pay. Well ask the executive and they director. All the latest say anybody that also superintendent of education. Mark call away intent to prayers and anyway echo prayers is trying to our file an injunction and stop this and allowing me to play hearing will be held on Friday evening as we go to at a news do you think the Saints office will continue to struggle beyond Pinkwater and very important Mason is CBS a date on the tragic shooting in San Benito California. It sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia on WW well. Call 5042601870. Tech's 87870. Or tweet had deeds speak she. It's. Call the late great. Heavy in the ovals. And now what is titled. That was when I. That was where where that you know what we all got health conscious Mobley health conscious and the country now. But that was overweight low was in the and oh school within a commitment coming out and no one wrote it and skate on showtime at the Apollo. And withstand that week it was he was on my mind he and he can do I do. Welcome back the sport thought Drew Brees jaunt just. At 629 LSU basketball vs north Florida at 630 during has a new athletic director of the university of northern Iowa's AD. Or Troy gaining comes over now to take over Tulane athletics who will see court one of the big things ESP route event is hire a new. Football coach. 2601870. You can Texas at 87870. LSU fighting Tigers in action tonight Saints out reporter Kristian garic is with this now. The talk about the Saints as they take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and they get back to work today and preparations for the NFL's. Only undefeated teams Christian. The SE Bobby had to to the music certainly I was a good when they hear one of Saints are one of seven excuse me released need one of seven players. Not practicing today for the New Orleans Saints offensive tackle throughout Armstead sitting out with a knee injury. That's been our outcome of the norm for the last 45 weeks where it takes a Wednesday off by receiver Marcus Cole thing getting the veterans' day off linebacker and I'll I'll be still not back on the practice field. Guard Jahri Evans back on the injury report did not practice what an ankle injury. And a new name on the injury report that the tackle John Jenkins suffered a concussion policy Egypt a DiMarco Stanford dealing with a hip injury. Limited in today's practice David Hawthorne at linebacker and cornerback Damian Swann still working his way back. From a concussion now Sean Payton and the Saints pretty much have to be perfect to beat the perfect Panthers this Sunday. You know when you're playing someone like Carolina the way they're playing right now. That margin for slam and so that is that. For us to be tilt throughout the week and and then how. How how do we go about doing this and I'm trying to communicate that and then how we wanna play this game but. Yeah I mean you get you get excited to play team that's seven this type of success and and there's a competitive nature in you that clearly in our case you know. We have one here we've lost 33 weeks and Rona. And Peyton goes on to say this game will come down to red zone efficiency from. Either team. In the last five times these two teams have played. Four times. Four times the winning team in the red zone forty yards in four of those five times the winner. As one the red zone battle you know and not had to settle for a field goal but but it will scored touchdowns and I think that. They're doing over real real fine job in the red area offensively that's one of the things that that we have to look closely at. Several reasons the Panthers are. Still perfect this late in the season. One of the top ten teams and attempts of 41 or more yards. There are fifth in the NFL with completions of balls a point one or more yards is efficiency numbers. I think yelling award eleven rating when they're thrown it down the field so there give production. They're getting big plays whether told him whether it's Guillen. And I think I think he's he's very poised and confident you see him get through the progression you see him making the checks at the line of scrimmage. And so goes into that zone read stopping that zone. Read offensive tackle that they. You do have to have some variation we we've had some real good plans and in I had good execution some on some games in the and we've had mothers were just. It didn't materialize. You know we split with them I don't know how many times now. Safety Kenny the car catch up with him in the locker room pretty itching here. His take on overall what's been the issue with the Saints defense this year. I think it's the culture need to be different. I think it's a want to and that's an individual effort that's exactly Austin out of risking nothing do with the coaching and scheme that's player players playing on. Sort of the Carl me about cultural difference great defense is and the standard that's been set. And down that standard. Can't be altered and I think everybody's held that standard and buys account for home and only get them back. It Saints quarterback Drew Brees visiting with the media today and echoing the sentiments of his head coach of the black and gold have been pretty much flaw. Us I know this you know every game we play feels like it's you know. It's one of those and small small margin for error. And we got a glove we have to play really well we execute really well to give ourselves a chance and unfortunately we just haven't done that enough. But we have the guys that can turn here's more from Brees on the overall execution that puts our execution of Auburn you know and coming off last game I mean there's no. Bigger emphasis this week and that. You know no matter what the play call is run or pass. Knowing what to do it going next to us and we can get. You know be on on a play here and there yet because. Earlier but we'll take it on the deck of players and so. But you don't even have really you give yourself a chance if you if you're not put yourself in the right position. You know locker right got Micah Wright Garrett north losers your right pressure you know go through a progression with the right timing just you know all those things that I would. Equate to good execution. For more on this matchup between the Saints and Panthers 3.5 kick off on Sunday right here on saint radio log onto our website it Debbie to do well dot com and Kristian garic. How to saint camp back to more sports talk what Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Now you know Christian and you look at. Dolphin to area because as well drew brief is clinking and all of it is clicking and we have a chance the way I don't know could be a 52 at the our view of McCoy and the wind and not produce in. Then. No we're not gonna win or you might get embarrassed so our. The games on a going to be close maybe in the fourth quarter. Would you look how far ahead we Werner told the this is that. What we fill the third best offense third down passing yards and you get table garbage yards at times it. We do know 13 down office now we number three ages shows how far. We were but. When you go by what have you done apartment lately the scoring only 27 points in the past think waters. Know that that's very discouraging considering. You know we see in the first have against the pines how we came out of the gate smoke and and obviously that could be two points in week gig at week eight against the Giants put. When I look at it. No it doesn't matter who you play it. So why you think those numbers are gonna get better could sitting when you're going to get that Carolina deep into who's plus sixteen. In a turnover margin you look at their last three games at cant take aways. Cam and the wise and over the protective foam balls zero turnovers. So I mean it would be a monumental upset to me considering how the teams are playing where they're at it with the offense all of a sign. What clicked against Carolina because you look a look around and how we had a chance to win. And the bottom line is a Josh Norman. Though was just battered and now Brandon cooked on that play in the corner I don't necessarily blame McConnell we had a chance to win. But it seems like how they've gotten better. Side progressed we've regressed where. That side the same Carolina team we've faced in the superdome and like I told me when you say about this Christian. Willis the last time initial opinion Drew Brees that they've been. A seven point underdog in the Super Bowl you might say to a three point percent of boys that's a lot of an NFL game especially the Saints hosting an home. Yeah and look and go back to your point which is. You know net earlier match up when Drew Brees missed the ball game. We count played marvelously. And it came up short on that Josh Norman interception but. I think that's a vastly different Carolina Panthers team and and it is now right dislike for the Saints. So vastly different team albeit with Drew Brees at a lineup. Early in the year in. And I think Carolina. You know it's has gotten better and better every week yet as you mentioned. A Saints have bit of a regression here over the last month in. You know we haven't scored touchdowns six quarters. For the Saints team going back to that Washington. Second quarter and that's a little alarming and especially. Like last week was a bad match up for the Saints offense I think the same holds true yep for the Carolina Panthers defense against the Saints office. Christian game Christian was coming up tonight at the beginning ops would try to. You to set for the college football playoffs and who could sneak in who's at five and six tickets sneak in after championship weekend and also. The give the Saints any chance whatsoever. To pull off that upset against you want to see. This young thing going anywhere and I tonight and not come out college football college of but why does the dogs while gore. Are your body wanted to like and I'd be on that bandwagon this. Why watch it is you know. Art he is Saints on Arab for a quick thinking Christian thank you so heartfelt thanks Drew Brees coming up tonight at. Six points beacon it's sealed the saint all of that has been on TO has only cage he can't well the Q. Now the Pinkwater TO and we haven't seen it and first time and a hundred feet about gained ten seasons that the Saints in the eleventh he did not score a touchdown yes week. He has enhances that is ask is that there's a reason to be concerned because all the tonight Clinton. Well I mean they've Evansville and have a snowball does of how to win now would be we've related but not now now. And as that we are trending in the right direction are we heading in the right direction in which handles out. We woman formalize that a dead last. Idiot who moved up the know that that isn't there right now who we are we are ranked look at all these divas at them as whoever won with four last. In the UW and of five yards Iran. In the net now eating John and his there's not gonna run against us to have success. Mean I'm not be how bad it was apparent at the Saints announce what 35 points on the won the game well when we were shocked the world jog the world but how it would be shocked I'm telling I would be sure given. But 285 passing one move for last in every category and points. They've given of 31 points. You can have Tom Brady and the Patriots. They did what as it hit my candidate anyway it ought to fight they wanted to fight and he wanted to gain yeah now and I'll go you know might say about the same floor with our last Tuesday of last. The New York football giant you know way in resounding as well Lloyd the New York with 31 and we were 32. So he's to be committed to hang around the bottom put two to play a full five year coach bags yet those base the last the end and he he was in denial bags those coach that not Taliban is codes bags are right it's WW yeah.