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12 - 4 The Think Tank 1210pm, Gun Control

Dec 4, 2015|

Why do you think mass shootings are occuring? Lack of gun control? Mental illness? Terrorist sympathizers? In two areas with strict gun control laws on the books (California & Oregon) mass shootings happened. These laws failed to stop these attacks. What is your solution to prevent more mass shootings? This hours guest: Dr. John Lott - President of Crime Prevention Research Center. Economist & a world recognized expert on guns and crime

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And it's gone down to be with you good afternoon from the big 870 WW Ellison think tank Fridays now lead and you with a song gorgeous day a little chilly start this morning probably going to be able to at least on all points in the starting tomorrow morning. I'll structure Saturday mornings off with the outdoor show love Dylan has been known now amendment 26 years ago it was wood on to be radio network which we flagship here. From the big 870 WWL all across the gulf south some of the highlights tomorrow in addition to regular fishing reports that year and we have some guest interviews coming up but Michael Williams biologist with the department of wildlife and fisheries is going to be with his two. Talk about aid get out in fish a three bank fishing event that is coming to shell met. I have covered these in other areas and one in Hamlin and one in Lafayette. And I promise you this is going to be a big what they do is a boring either of rainbow Trout or catfish. In trucks and tanks. And day saints they stock them into. Waters that are very easily accessible way that currently can be caught. This one they're playing on doing rainbow Trout they were hoping that the water temp Jews in the arm there it's Sidney Torres are on. Judge for his province shipment will be cool enough for his rainbow Trout quark coal it's a coal water species wonderment native fish. But the a lot of fun to catch electing to use them as they hit the water in Lafayette they started biting people starting catch him and it was a big turnout for the catfish fishing human Ammann. And I'm sure this one is to have all the details coming up well a week from tomorrow. So mark it down when you count because that is the number one request acted. Listens to the show is where can I angle catch fish were inaudible well again Bennett to appoint a moral talk panic in the latest on. Whether it's going to be catfish or rainbow we also have well on the first Saturday of every month we recap the Louisiana department laws and fisheries. Commission meeting commission met in Lake Charles in fact in meeting as we speak while he suggested that men on Thursday. And now we have someone come on income recap what went on and the union and talk about all the items and effects sportsman's which woman across the state. And I am monetary got a very special guest evangelist who she counsels. A lot of you may be for me with his whole array of cookbooks and two of the most popular ones called after the on witches. While gain cooking cookbook it's also history of money. He did a parallel to them on finishing called on hooks lies and alibis. And he went to weigh in fact I helped him we we reached out to people whose camps in places on the buy used down home recipes. And each one of these books weighs about ten probably got another one now. Just in time for the Christmas season called dig. And it's all about vegetable cooking in John's going to be owns more so we started by an AM. Until seven here on Davida you owe them which which over the three WO thirteen fifteen and we do that it's called more outdoors probably can that's exactly what it is. We do that from seven to nine. Issue in tune in for that. Also owner minute tonight. Boy a lot of action going on fact as we speak right now the WW well AM FM WW dot com three WL we've all concentrating on high school football would headquarters. And today it's started this morning first game began at 10 AM. And then we've got 130 coming up Riverside academy Bruce's noted name. That's on the on third three WL but he's switch over at 4 o'clock to the big 870. You'll catch park view Baptist Bruce's saint Thomas More. And then tonight the final game of division one state championship. Archbishop Rommel taking on Catholic that groups if you go to WW dot com. Click on sports in prep football you can stream the games on desktop laptop Smartphone tablet. And then join the live game day twit objective. As hash tag. Doug WL prep champs and follow us at WWL AM after. Police if you love high school football and I really do don't miss Steele stay issuable prep classic championship coverage. All going on WW AM FM and WW dot com and three WL. The team 58 AM issued did not hear. The story covering he meet high school the colleges say hey it's suspended them. I'm competing in the state championship because. Fraction plays clearing the bench during the fight. They appealed it actually the appeal the only Tennessee's decision the judges ruled in favor of the only two as a and we got word early this morning at intangibles school board is not going to pursue appeals basically it is over. And they would not get enough to take on saint James four state championship. I coming up little bit we gonna have a special guest joining CN on fortune's delay in being witness's name is doctor John Lott. He's the president of crime prevention and research center. And we're gonna ask him what does his organization think some of the solutions to mass shootings Sobel fallen domestic terrorist level panel sol on. In Islamic terrorists level and now we're seeing more and more evidence coming out today that. There is definitely in crisis connection. Between the ban them then organizations shootings that took place in San Bernardino California. And maybe you've got some solutions everybody's scratching and ahead including a district attorney in New Orleans. Leon Canas Errol column reaching out to the NRA asking what some suggestions come to the table. Tell us how we can stop this so prolific firearms illegal firearms trade that's going on in the city of new laws. Some must suggestions would be. Maybe it and we need to be strict with the stiffer penalties for being caught with illegal file rooms I think the judges. Point giving out stiffen up sentences. Was seeing a lot of people who believe that more guns is the answer we set a record on Black Friday is fours. The Nick's background checks people 185000. Plus people buying homes. Most background check camera in the 24 hour period. Some people resorting to that we're also hearing cries for more gun laws restrictions is that the answer. Well you know you can put as many laws if you want in and people who. Criminals and I got to pay attention to an ego so they're really accomplish. Another interesting. Suggestion is we need to get the guns out of the hands of the mentally he'll no doubt about that anything it could happen maybe. Checks that would have to. Released some of the hip or regulations of privacy laws concerning mental health and that could be a stumbling block. May be relaxing some of that to win that information could be gathered but then you've got cases like this latest one in California where. There was no outward signs mean nobody recognizes. There was some people who had some suspicions. In fact we heard about some people of the year of being politically incorrect. Did not speak out about things they saw going on that. Could have been a tip offs that there was some bad things to come. I'm also hearing outcries for what before was good news and soft profiling maybe we need to start doing more and hearing things about people in the Muslim community that go to these marks. They need to be more vigilant and more outspoken. Obvious if they seized some one that is becoming radicalized or leaning towards. I'm John autism in terrorist activities or supervising with the ices it and maybe they need to report that more frequently. Lot of options a lot of things that can be done would get his take on the US to rival for. 260187. Text message borders open and 8787. You know tech pretty pretty simple. We talked about this last now off duty police office should they be allowed to carry weapons in NFL stadiums will be right back after this you're listening to leave Friday thank tag. WW. Welcome back into the think tank however little difficulty making a hook up with guests John Lott says if we can get him in the meantime let's get some phone calls let's talk to Don in Hammond on line one they'd done great main thing to echo. Technical part and apply our duty officer like I'm so popular right now there are back. All they can't control that situation that now about at a party. The general officer off duty on bigger that the actor power. They're appear. That begs the bigger. That it's been working. Bob because they wanna bet that they. And he let go because they consider it art like abrupt departure at all. Don't think it's a position that you. Get out now. They're position. Bert state lawmakers. An individual. That the market or the border but. At a college at the issues. Are more our commissioner. Doug it's been outed. What are we get him back out well. I I don't. Doubt which is saying is true where did you find that the name of the woods which is saying is that the of the police or someone in Texas law challenged. The NFL's rule that made them knock on allow off duty police off to bring them concealed weapons in two stadiums. And they've actually won that the that it is a state law that trumps of federal law or it prompts an NFL ruling on. What is what is your climates or. You. Well. The story pot and it became an issue PX to do it. Bobby it would did. As broad and the the police out here. It. State court in Topeka volley out pretty well. Art director at all Robert but it is because. You're current issue at stake you actually Ali throughout the day and got it written. Your. Action get out. So because of outlaws Britain. Then you obviously. But as ordered it you know corporate. Oh. And outfitting gorgeous in the delegate at. Except that they don't pay it forced that. Thus they bought this out. OK so it's a way that the Texas laws written it gives them that then opportunity well on the statesman and have that option. Guess I'll buy and I don't make sure the area occupied by Bob and had. You're in that. Do we ought to. Assert were trying. But that he liked the police are bad action. They want something dangerous. A pail of well. Well I did. It. Could buy something but they. They get to order that they are ready to edit it all out out of their jurisdiction are bigger debate. You know we need we need more out there. At this is the. Has a lot of people agreeing with you Don because I got blood is saying let's give them all off free tickets to the saints to it. If they bring their (%expletive) Earl Williams. Something other than it's great great. Thanks we're all appreciated. I have a have a good weekend. 260187. Neo you can text is an 87870. Let's go to jail on a cell phone he's listened Tuesday thankfully now. Hello gang. We're do you own. Silent look forward what are their home. One thing that just occurred to me. To date in their network apprehension that sort gases. Here are excellent word player movies and in Syria and try to get away with it and not you know become. A target by the leash. You know like you know absorber and approach you care permit and say look you know he shot everybody on him or video but it. There's that we should tell you their true but it didn't happen to gear while in Europe. Went by Obama might fall which object let's say that there was somebody that was either radicalize mr. psychotic person that wore kilts and people get away with it that your. I can go get a concealed carry permit. Going to replace shoot everybody in place kicker gonna outdoor or somebody else it tricky shot everybody else shot. OKC which is. Debentures and stuff like that should I needed. A contract Chillicothe getaway it would kill people like that. Well in spiritual. You know help Arnold did a pitcher is more good match which you know war. For. And immediately when it can spot starter worked trigger type thing and it was still a ways away from that that way patrol west. Chinese actually. Think that you know they should choke on that aspect because we've got too many are in the occupant doctor all right. Yeah well. That's a good thing that. Unfortunately I don't lawful have become economically feasible to do that even if it does you realize how many years. Maybe centuries it would take him guns. On them without. The thing to do it on is Uga Uga actually that it becomes economically. Feasible that Albany new should have that aspect or and then. It becomes more affordable to retrofit your orange. There and Purdue donors you know. Basically take that drug inhabit retrofitted so that there are only what can fire. Special permit. Look and that does not have or if you call with the government without that orbit but so I was in in. 500000. Now Turco and as as you tournament records and. Yeah but you still talk in the long time will probably be 24. Year but you gotta start somewhere. They say RJ appreciated. Let's go to Harold long line one Carol placed the call. That. As is Colin. About the police got off duty yeah borrow out of our district out of there yet. And he's got to be allowed to carry gun. Like much now attack but it's NB a lot during the police saw it just created or else went out you know she. The greatest that would probably do. You know the dome or adult years it up ever recorded by text spread out throughout adult adult the knee. I'll guarantee you're allowed to drink in aerial you have to out that the. Yeah well that's been most of the the attacks that have gotten it that was the biggest concern and it does they would be drinking in cash same dominant that's not a good mix. Alcohol and guns now and it's not a Ericsson now all right so today thanks now presented. Let's do get time for another color scope to Bob. In the long line to pay about. They had to go to I just wanted to say you know. I agree may be there or so laws that we could pad that might care which side. Shootings but I think if we ban guns you'll get the same result but she got which are. And they all had they would carried a black market mean in the look at the city the city rat which by prohibition era in. What we can return all the gun actor goes to the current legal. Well but there's one big difference between firearms and drugs drugs is bad I agree but firearms if you ban noses the legal people you'd take away their right to self defense. Exactly there are drugs don't know. Think we should. And I don't think drug should be banned either because that made it worse it's the same market. Like what this body part cheating. That wouldn't even. And if the prohibition of drugs in the game. Because of the prohibition. So if we did that would go we did that change results to cartels would be the biggest Steelers who have gone and the world just like they're the biggest dealers and drug war. As we made that eagle eagle. We just turned him over to the worst elements of this size. And that that's what making things illegal prostitution. Drugs alcohol. That you mainly this is what. An argument thanks for the call Bob we appreciate it. And now we're gonna get our latest CBS special report that oil local blues will be coming back more than think tank it's Friday I'm done Dubuque. Thanks for tuning in a phone number is 504260187. If you can edit text it's 878 ceremony marked in John you'll be up next. But first this CBS special report. Well welcome back to the think tank Friday Stalin done you can for golf in Robinette all be back with you on Monday we have made contact with a gas that is now adopted John Lott prism of the crime prevention and research says. Doc a lot thanks meaningless we appreciated. If you would that tell us about your organization crime prevention and research center. It's a crime prevention Richard Sutter but. I'll work. Academics had been an experiment most like that that store for our university struggled Wharton business school Yale Law School. There and a there's other academics and who are on our budget or strategy so. Well at those schools. One. And yeah. It could have been involved in crying. Research over decades ago where the numbers are and we're just trying to do to get all research. Right. Issues related to police and dark and other. It's. As the organization arrived in any conclusion. As far as the solution to preventing more of these mass shootings and it becomes a problem now. I like it. Couple things that are pretty obvious credit the most are that is just. These tactics keep on occurring time to time. We're done Japan. Where people are allowed to go out themselves. Since at least 1950. To two exceptions. Every single one of these men spoke should take records. Four people are allowed to defend themselves in the United States at all more or. Were they oh La. Also occur where people are going to the souls of the that child consistency how explicitly. He's killers talk about quietly at the plate that they do you take the Charleston. Killer earlier this year. And original target was going to be Earl L split. He. Realized sound to doing some research rooted beefed up or sparks for their. Was worried that you would be killed before you're able to go 20 readiness to insert the school. But. That was just released this summer from the and then we are shoot her aura. First target was going to be here at Denver International Airport but when he checked it relies. That there were a lot of security there would be stopped before a court. For the killer last year or. Last year. She brought an edge that occurred there. We're. Occur so it FaceBook page at any. Part of done for well so. Yeah one comics for example where Hubble should or should people there and what victim was trying to run. Tiller was Courtney. I was in terms saying. A legal or her battle. It would be illegal should. In their killer. Bogus there's more. Target the course yeah court each mall. Some like it. Oh well there may realize. Or somebody that. Right. But let's cartons and they're going to. So that's just one general. And credit. Pride in what if you look at the court that her. Core chips which involved. Democrats accept any part. Of which. Almost always simple and experts ignored it sir are there and done. No. In one that's not one single war. That she occur either in the United States or her. It. L or or. The expanded Gracia. Oh she lets it all and crutch or. Which hit the shooting Ford. And try out for. An arch. Tax terrorists or belt. All these types. Gracia. And yet. Yeah. See the current OK. Well. Golf course or law. Or able. It's. That they think it's. Not a question of law. Fail to stop you can't tell what it might. Stop. With talk inducted Dunlop the president of the crime prevention research sentinel doctor a lot of fun and gun free zones on not the answer and extended background checks. We come back after this break maybe you can tell us what your organization thinks might be more effective. Opportunities to curtail mass shootings both on a domestic level and also an international terrorist will be right back to listening to the think tank on W video. Our work cut wrapping up our 3 our discussion this morning in this afternoon about the the gun issues a mass shootings taken place Otto we solve those what is the solution to prevent them from happening. Joining us this now is doctor John Lott the president of crime prevention research center a ducked a lot if expanded background checks don't appear to be that the solution we've seen those fail in other areas. Gun free zones seemed to be used chalk targeted areas for these. Shooters to pick what would be a solution what what what does your organization they come up with any possible solutions. To prevent these shootings. Where. Four lines so it just saying that it expanded background checks out O. But they've caused problems because there. Basically impose a tax on people transferring down in New York State. He expanded background check it back outside of the caught or. Colorado and about sixty dollars and Washington easy. It's about 200 dollars that basically means that poor people agree those who all by sort of high crime area. Are prevented from being a little duck or so. Protection. Kroll. So far wanna buy a gun on the street did to commit a crime on the gonna moribund middle losses I gotta have a background checked the box. Still foot. All are paying each dollar bill. Oh I don't Wear a little odd at all but. Also our. Well I think it's well to corporal. Or caught an optional and hoped that. Well it's a real. Yet. Read a statement some statements from killer. And realized that they don't consciously. It got places where so many people spoke. Or stopped. So one urged doctors try to get it done so try to make it. Israel. And weren't. For. The country out there try it more military more. Street. 00. Where terrorists. Should teach you to. That terrorists attacked the prep for 1500. Soldiers are on the street in uniforms. The problem is it. For terrorists. Into soldiers and adult. And killed soldiers first or from a sold solely for their part. Fifty. Or hundred. Troops are street. I'm not gonna go all pop art here. Concealed carry. You when we. But most. Parents don't look at some fun. A 00. Well it's becoming more more apparent to me that you know it looks like this to stop the shootings is gonna fall more more to the hands of citizens from a couple of different aspects certainly concealed carry responsible firearms ownership training proficiency. But also an increased level of vigilance and alertness where. People are not afraid to report things that they see going on that are not quite right despite whether they going to be accused of being politically incorrect on profiling. It's a different world live in different society. Things need to change. Korea it is sad that that. These people that world were concerned about what was going and the crowds they are worried that it would be listed as gracious but. Reporting. The couple. Well that's the drawback of living in a free society. Docked a lot we're out of time thank you so much for being was appreciated. There. War. Or a quiet. Sure or cry. About it or. Crime research done road got to thank snack we appreciate. I will be back to wrap up this edition of the think tank right after the our tech and alas look at operating opinion poll question should off duty police officers be allowed to carry weapons and stadium side 83% of solace just think it's a good idea. Taxable wanna give among free tickets to games. Only 70% say no that is a bad guy available seat if that gets any legs and against the take take action I wanna remind you a double to be eligible for SEC championship left to this week we need some relief on some diversions. Football and patient knows it too. Tomorrow you can catch the Alabama Crimson Tide verses the Florida Gators too bad only issue is not there. But two good teams pre game to 30 kick off 3 o'clock right here on WW all the news talked in sports leader starts a Saturday morning off right with me 5 AM it's the outdoor show it live weather updates hunting and fishing reports. Lot of guest interviews to you about that big goggle Phishing event for families taken place in shell met next week. Recap the commission meeting from Louisiana department alive and fisheries and good friend of mine shift John Fultz gonna talk about his brand new cookbook. If you love to cook in you love to eat. Cajun type food. His newest book is called dig it all about vegetable code. I'll see you back here tomorrow morning 5 AM for the outdoor show and again for the Friday think tank on WW.