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12-14 3:10pm Scoot: on the GOP race for President

Dec 14, 2015|

Scoot takes calls on the latest news on the Republican field for President ahead of tomorrow night's debate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A this show in the afternoon often takes I takes on a life of its own we're not gonna get to the topic about the City Council considering an ordinance requiring a charge for plastic or paper shopping bags. In an effort to reduce later. Eyes seems to me that that doesn't do much to change the mentality of people who are likely to leader but interesting topic I think they're gonna. Vote on that sometime soon we'll talk about that in the future but we will this hour get to the of this story about shots being fired at eighteen fight in me and the field. And if it's if it's fair to say that this trend of using guns in urban areas is in part to blame on the parents and is it fair to blame suburban parents if their kids it'll have gone so we'll get into that here in just few minutes. We've been talking about a new national poll that is out for the 2016 presidential race the day before the final Republican. Debate of the year. It's tomorrow night from Las Vegas lunacy and and Donald Trump in one national poll has hit 41%. And Carson close sorry Ted Cruz now the closest opponent at 14%. That gives trop a 27 pro sort percent lead and of course this is after he made the comments about. And it all non American Muslims are coming to America to the government guess things have figured out. Our rubio is in third place at 10% Carson 9% bush down to 3% in a new Fox News poll released yesterday. Cruz's 20% in trop is at. On 26% believe that's that's an Iowa and the to mourn register in the Bloomberg politics poll. Has accrues moving ahead of Donald Trump a cruise is on is now slightly ahead. And in another NBC Washington on Wall Street Journal poll. Cruz is a 27%. Up ten points since October trump still leads in that poll a 27% so truck is overall the leader. But Ted Cruz is winning in Iowa truck has now said if he wins Iowa the truck wins like he says we're gonna win at all. And this really does set the stage for what should be a very exciting debate tomorrow before I get back to your calls right here is a part of watched Ben Carson said. About about his his drop in the polls that he is he's dropping. Poll numbers go up and down. I was I was an excited when there I'm not excited when they're down. Yeah I've I agree with that. And when you think about where Ted Cruz was not long ago NC where he is now it's possible than anybody who is up is going to be down like Carson. And anybody who's down it could be up again. So it's still too early to say you know who's gonna win but there are some. Some pundits who are now saying it looks as CF ten cruises in the best position to win the nomination. But tech crows will have fun have all a lot of baggage from here's a far right conservative side when it comes to arrive at the general election. Marco Rubio who is staying really steady its second or third place in east peace up to a really a strong position following the last debate it will be interesting to see what he does tomorrow night. But don't Marco Rubio says that trop release and prepared to run this country. Foreign policy prevents us presents is often the hard choices not. Black white choices oftentimes your choices are down to two less than. I deal outcomes but you got to choose which one of the best one for the country I personally believe he continues to struggle to articulate that. And former CNN host and reporter Campbell Brown is asking all the TV networks to band Donald Trump from the airwaves for a week. She says stroke is not a politician he's not a leader he's a supreme narcissistic. And you can deprive him of the one thing that keeps him going air time. Which brings us to on a resurrection of the poll we had in the first hour to show. Is the vast amount of media coverage of Donald Trump justified. Is the media coverage of Donald Trump making him popular or. Is a popularity of Donald Trump. Causing the media to pay so much attention to him. Can assure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you wanna join us with a a comet this afternoon here's our number it's 2601870. Every code 5042601878. And a text is 87870. From van rouge doc you're our own description of good afternoon. Gotten screwed intra and we'll try to call sure. Only problem the formal brown bill. What they wish fiasco. All she did she have won before this and oh worship. Should or shouldn't. Or number what what led to her. Dismay there's several published. Doctor remember all. But it might be about her. Broad political views on burn. Remember her well just don't remember the controversy that went to lead Croatia different like jail. Were under. Or should. Or shouldn't care. I was a liberal Democrat on another problem I am sure we'll ensure full. All plants and aluminum on it. There arson. May be greatly. Route you know. Off. Don't look at their original. 'cause both both political sides have had their moments of trying to shut down the media because they think the media is either too liberal or too conservative and and you know one thing that we should all celebrate in this country is the freedom. I that we have to express our opinions in the media. Exactly as I'm just. Albright that how about Gilbert did it and I have no problem there. I don't remember. Conservatives. In the leadership around all related content account should. No she instantly online order if there's a real. I mean we should have we should have you know I've defended those who and have been on the campaign trail to those in the Oval Office reflation on some degree of respect for dollars. In in the office and also this morning for office some problem colored view columnist Clinton or Barack. But. There you know you don't sure they'll people you disagree. Well I am in Dublin born until it. Believe it or not they are people who think I'm extremely liberal and I don't know why I don't know that they've really actually listened to the show but I get Tex wants are only got a couple earlier today. That I should not be on the air because on because of my views. Taking on I think those people would probably argue that delay and laws and anxieties and all of those people deserve to be on the year because of their views and I just like it's very ironic and hypocritical how people pick in shoes. On how they wanna apply certain certain ideas of of who should have an opinion and who shouldn't and it really does reflect horrible horrible ignorance of America. Those old should call your situation. Ought not to use these people hope you should probably tourniquet and war. And no sleep a lot. Of water. Out all the media person or a pop tradition. Come out. And at school and work the prize. Well it's scary but let's not let's not give Campbell Brown too much credit I mean I talk about what she's saying and in this is an example of something that your sensitive to as well that is people if they don't like something they wanna. They want it shut it off the media which is so absurd and very un American in in my opinion. But a Campbell Brown doesn't have any power and this is not gonna happen. Of course not that it just wouldn't be surprised so many. Ultimately. You were little you know or it would actually in the world. Our window but it. I don't know how many people think that I don't remember her bridal I don't think Jennifer but if you think about the Republican debate tomorrow. Donald Trump is in the position he's in the center position this whole thing is set up to to make trump and the candidates. Looked as as as good as possible especially trial because he's the leader this is all about ratings of CNN is doing the best they can't. I mean they don't time. They don't make the Republican debates technically. Inferior to the democratic debate. It's it's all this it's it's they're doing they're doing all they can't do attract as much attention to these Republican candidates in particular Donald Trump because of what it means to them. You know. About the way. It's true or not marked as you stand for a formal news network. No YouTube includes Chris Cuomo. But I think oh yeah dot governor on the right. Of course while he was the son of Mario Cuomo and his brother is governor of New York I you know I watch new day quite often on CNN and I think it's a very good showing I think Chris Tomasson very good post that I flip around. Watch fox and MSNBC as well doc I've got to move on I appreciate you calling if you're hold you hang with us he would join us with your comments here's our number. 260. 187. Draco final four to six when he seventy. Texas 87870 yours or forget about people is the vast amount of media coverage of Donald Trump justified. Give your opinion if you go to account I'm skewed in the afternoon. And we'll be right now. I'm coming up sometime this hour you can had a chance to win an incredible gift. It's from the pampered collection page to close opponents on every road. Sometime between now and 4 o'clock you listen for your cubicle giving up a contest line numbers you're the right call you can win us bomb manicure and needed nail polish and spa pedicure. Valued at 121 books and we can give something. Right away and Swedish massages senate spot manicure pedicure blow dries so all kinds of stuff. Valued between 120 to 270 dollars that'll happen every day on the show this week. And that's from the pampering collection experience. From H to a spot and song on Metairie road. I'm afford it backs your calls on most trends. Start in the street and it spread to mainstream America. Hip hop rap music again as a urban Shara and soon spread to suburban America and mainstream America. Fashion trends of bodies insanity pants were urban trend that spread to mainstream America. And even ultimately influenced by fashion some points if music and fashion trends can spread to mainstream America. Then isn't it logical that behavioral trends or patterns can can spread as well. Every week there are shootings in suburban areas or community says good bye you cities and south Louisiana. Parishes that you never think this would happen. And the Rafa included in the news along with shootings in urban areas. So the trend of using a gun to commit a robbery. Settle an argument or XQ revenge. Has become part of a life not only in urban America but also in mainstream America. And over the weekend two groups of high school students were apparently involved enough fight in a parking lot. North Shore medical police saint Tammany sheriff's deputies are investigating shots being fired during a youth altercation. Fortunately nobody was injured but the ending could have been tragic. The fact that there's an investigation into gunshots being fired during this fight between two groups of teenagers. In the suburban area that has generally attracted people attempting to flee the city because of crime. Should be a chilling reminder. That everyone. Has an unhealthy relationship with a gun is. Is is somebody who could be anywhere in America. No my understanding of the Second Amendment has always been that it guarantees the right to own a gun for protection of life liberty and property. The Second Amendment I don't think was never intended to be used to protect. An individual's right to commit a robbery or hurt somebody. Or several an argument or express rage. And yet many of the stories in the news that we hear about involving gun news. Involves those who are miss using guns and missed interpreting. The Second Amendment. Now the proportion of gun related violence at urban communities is dominant they're still seems to be this tendency to. To blame the parents. In the city for not doing a better job with their kids. But what about the parents in the suburbs. If this behavior has become part of suburban America. And suburban Louisiana Tech and any hatched. And you can really no longer point your finger just at parents in the city. And and use them on troubled that's that's their problem that's in their neighborhood. I mean there's obviously no single reason that gun related violence since spread to the suburbs but every young generation has its rebels. There's a desire to be tough anti establishment this is nothing new that this is part of the evolution of society. But we should be alarmed the guns have become a symbol of the youth rebellion. And guys have become a symbol of respect and blaming violence in entertainment is convenience convenient scapegoat. But images portrayed in the actual news coverage of of a freedom like defense. Seem to be influencing people as well and and nobody's talking about banning the news. This may be an uncomfortable reality. But it should not going noticed. Is there a difference between parents in urban neighborhoods. Who were criticized. For not keeping their kids on a nonviolent path and suburban parents. That now faced a similar challenge. This. Tennessee to become part of a youth movement that equates guns with respect and status in society has now become part of suburban American teenagers getting in a fight on the no short Bo must pull out a gun. So before fingers are pointed. Before calls coming to a radio talk show blaming urban parents. Specifically. For not properly raising their kids. Suburban parents might need to take a look at their mirror as well. And if your kids. Have a tendency to think that guns are the answer. Or if you don't think that this is what they think. Maybe it's time you opened your eyes and realize that this is something that's happening in the suburbs as well as in the city maybe not to the same degree. But it's still happening if you're on hold stay with us if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. And a text is 87870. I'm screwed in the afternoon and here's our WW elders updates with Chris Miller. Donald Trump is up in the polls so is Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz is beating trump in Iowa in at least a couple of polls. And Carson taking a nosedive so why is he lost so much popularity. And all of this senator popularity of Donald Trump comes after he said what he said about banning non American Muslims coming to America at least temporarily until America can figure things out. How will continue that conversation. If you wanna join us with the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. At a Texas a 7870. I'm also coming up sometime this hour I can tell you when it's gonna happen but I wouldn't go very far. He got a chance to win something from the pampering collection experience at H two O salon a spot. On every wrote that as a a fabulous place were you will be pampered at this this could be for you you can give it to yourself as a gift of relaxation or give it to somebody else. He got a chance to win respond manicure and they feel polish and spot picture value 221 bucks it's coming appearing just a few minutes. Here's an update on this hour's party general opinion poll. Is the vast amount of media coverage of Donald Trump justify. 29%. Say yes. And 71% say now. So. If it's not justified. Dan would you agree with the former CNN reporter and host Campbell Brown. Who says it's. That the media should band Donald Trump for a week. Who striving neutral popularity. Is at the media or is it the support of Donald Trump. When a candidate gets a lot of attention they get more attention from the media. Touching to me that that's the that's the equation. Ted Cruz is getting more attention because his popularity is rising. Donald Trump is getting a lot of attention because his popularity is high from Slidell John you're on the Scotia good afternoon. Thanks to him. I wanted to our panel perspective to. Terrorist talks one. We as Americans need to remember that tarnished just the book. And people are going to kick what they want out of and just let it cycle read. Obviously doesn't make the one that leaves door every hooks in their immediate medical records as there some criminals. You know. People that they. Terrorists who live in Pakistan. Libya Afghanistan you know the country that trouble is they're using. The ideology in the book. Two cor rob people. Yep and now we're learning that people in America are doing the same thing. Right and you know it console. That despaired that is round in the country from starvation through economic depression. Through political. Called. Torment you know it's the problem we need to do not to arm them but the western sticker on the way. To. Battle the ideology. You know because I don't equivalent to a way out of that. Well I would agree with you because first it was the telephone right in that it was al-Qaeda. And now it's crisis so it seems as if there's going to be some collection of individuals under some name. That are gonna carry on this on the same anti west hate. Right and when you have a society full of millions of people. That are living in poverty no education. You know no. Happy Nancy no you know to mark me a brighter day you can use stinks like religion. To make him do slim that I'd been making enough. It seems like the researchers say is showing that crisis is a primarily attracting I'm young males. Who have no job they have no meaning a society they have no like they've never been with a woman. And they promise and on sex through marriage they promise him all these things and and it's it's an alternative and I don't know how we. In this country can battle we can battle that in this country more than we can now that you know the country. Right I agree and I also wanted to get what you want Tron thing I think the media. Keep the train wreck with the Republican Party now I don't mean it negatively actually that you you have. The US. And the Republican side you have like Jeb Bush. 86 of route you know and he keep won't want to write you have you know clues. And control. And it's just an old recipe for the media to. Look at that side could you hear too much about Bernie Sanders and look. You don't know Chris right now that's essentially settled and end it. And there it is if they were attacking each other the way the the Republicans are attacking each other and again this is part of the the political process the media would would cover them more. And Africa for next year will we get past. Armed the end of February and march and into what to North Carolina. On election that's going to settle more and we can hopefully get less about trumpet more about users can. John I appreciate the call professionalism if you got a comment this afternoon here's our number it's 2601878. A Texas 87870. Getting some checks saying I'm like like this when a statistically what is the ratio between suburban and urban usage of guns by use. Well that's a simplistic way to continue to say well it's still their problem it's not our problem in the suburbs. But explain to me the difference. Between teens in the city using guns and teens in the suburbs using guns. When there's an argument that breaks out. Now I realize that the proportions are different. Ball what's the difference. And if if there is no difference. And why not start to recognize that this behavior trend of of using the gun to. To gain status and respect using the gun to settle an argument or solve a problem. This is not what the Second Amendment intended to offer us to use guns for. But if this is a problem that is growing in the suburbs. And if you if you within the supper if you live in in the by U communities. Got their guns there. And young people are using guns in those situations. All the people as well but this is also a problem with with a young America everywhere. If you have teenagers. I would I would be concerned about this about trying to make a big thing out of nothing but it doesn't seem to me that there's much difference between the two. And if parents in the suburbs wanna blame the parents in the city then you also deploying the parents in the suburbs in my opinion. Our numbers 260187. He text is 87870. If you would like a pampering collection experience from H two post salon and spa on Metairie road. Called 260 wins are contests line is 26 so 9467. Call right now call or eight. It's a winner from WWL. On our pop culture calendar for today Monday December 14 on this day in 1984. Remember where Boris. Madonna had her first number one he would it was this song like a virgin at the top of the billboard singles charts. Here's an update on our pretty jacked by opinion poll this hour is the vast amount of media coverage of Donald Trump justified. 36%. Say yes and 64% say no. It was your opinion by going to WWL dot com and if you think it's not justified then why do you think the media is covering Donald Trump the way they are. And Donald Trump is gonna be at center stage and I I I'm I'm sure that they're using is a status as a way of putting him at its center stage but. In all fairness maybe there should be. A random selection of who winds up we're on the podium. Because the person with the lead is in the most prominent position and and I understand it but let's remember it's all about it's all about getting attention. I want to congratulate you meal fry he has just won the pampering collection experience a spot manicure and and and native nail polish and spot pedicure. From each to a low salon and spa in Metairie road valued at 121 dollars. I can use that yourself or he can give it to somebody as a pre Christmas gift really give you another chance to win something from this pinprick collection from H two votes alone a spot. Coming up tomorrow it's a gift of relaxation from VW well from New Orleans Carl here on the scoot showed good afternoon. Yep but no thank you Michael scooped her. Lips and why it went on that sort of thing. Debt BP that the people feel it. Each. It is going to be the Chicopee as brought bush on every. Thing to do waited. People. In Americans look outlaw. Regions of Latin sales call again. About who in law and would. Mean people. At Oakmont country India but to see. In eastern Libya pre sale hobbled look so small. Number of people. That is against the. Well and also do we kick everybody out of the military because of the Fort Hood shooting. In a picture with them. And it. It. Happened at the BK. All. Happy and you go out each flight school who went out you people. Because that would be all. But Carl the only explanation I have for blanket stereotyping in judgment is. It's convenient. It's instead of trying to figure out who's good who's bad it's it's convenient it's it's easy to say it's the entire group of people. And I don't think that we should be so quick to do that. And you know is that what she. Made that they are the plot out. They did it took BP broke so. Means what state do it but you know real button making weapons or walk billable gunship. But he comes down to not what's available it comes down to responsibility. And I I'm very carefully named via the blog that are from the website. Trend of misusing guns has spread to America's suburbs. And it's true. As soon as I heard about this shooting between two teen groups in Maine Davila thought think about all the teenagers on the North Shore anybody's teenager. Might have been there. And and gone seemed like they are now that the solution. Carl appreciate the call and here's a text still what do you think is the root cause of teen gun violence well yeah I wish I knew for sure. But in a very brief answer I think it would be fair to say that. We have become a society. We're instant gratification. Drives us. And you can instantly gratify a situation like shooting somebody and I think that's the meant that's the mentality. People don't know how to be tough and respectful. Some people don't know how to be tough and respectful but haven't gone and that's not the reason you should have a gun. You should have respect before you haven't gotten. I'm stewed in the afternoon and will be back on the BWL. Half of the fun of football is second guessing and the second guess show with a cajun cannon Bobby beer and like telling a lie for the silver slippers casino on the beaches of Hancock county Mississippi is coming up next at 4 o'clock. Are we talking about the saints win over the bucks yesterday. And also always the saints coach you show was Sean Payton and saints assistant coach at 630. And following that Monday Night Football between the giants and dolphins all of that on your home for the saints of the NFL. WWL when it's like our executive producer Diane Newman our associate producer Tom Manassas and our studio producers today John wick and mark Bernard thanks for being with us tomorrow afternoon. We'll talk about the Republican debate scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm skirted the afternoon bloody New Orleans.