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Dec 30, 2015|

On Today’s show: Prosecutors in a Philadelphia suburb charged Bill Cosby with sexual assault Wednesday. It marks the first time charges have been officially brought against the beleaguered comedian, who has been accused by upwards of 60 women. What needs to be said before 2015 ends? A final look back as we prepare to say “good-bye” to 2015… PLUS: A look at the top songs and entertainment events of 2015…if you were making a top 5 list of 2015…what movie or TV show would be at the top of the list? What song as well?

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The all. Along the way it. It's Wednesday December 30 2015. Connie Wentz. Chilling afternoon and historical heroes. I stood in the afternoon this is our last show for 2015 so among other things to a lot of talk about this at this past year. One thing that I thought we would do this afternoon is give us all a chance to. Say something that you think needs to be sent to every one before this year comes to an end. Yesterday in the show we were talking. Doubts. That things that happened this past year and how there are lessons to be learned and if we don't learn lessons from the passing year whether it's this past year any. Then how can we expect an even better new year. And for us to have a better 2016. We have to reflect back and think about the lessons that we all should of learnt for 2015. And there were some. Key lessons we talked about it a bit yesterday so willow will continue to talk about that by saying what needs to be said before this year comes to a man. There are thirteen million Americans now under flood warning and floodwaters are reaching historic levels near Missouri. I'm governor Bobby Jindal here in Louisiana has declared a state of emergency due to rising levels in the Mississippi and the red river's. And I think also that the pro can be affected by this as well. A lot of rain to the north of us in the midwest is Seth flowing into the Mississippi River from all the tributaries. And this is gonna create problems for us here in Louisiana are currently I believe our of our flights are flood stage in New Orleans is seventeen feet and I think Korea to. A twelve point two twelve point six feet right now I noticed the other day I I I conceived abandoned her in the river from my apartment. And I noticed the other day that ditch ships were just floating down the river. Faster than they are being propelled on the river and you know you can kind of he can kind of tell when the river's high with the river's moving really fast. And usually this is something you see in the spring time. By its happening right now. And so there is even talk of opening the body carries spillway before I'd January comes to an end so we'll keep you in touch with all of that we always had the latest information on our web site. At WWL dot com and if you haven't signed up for one of the WWL weather alerts itself it's a free service it's a free text service off from honest. Now your individual like Jenna planned texture rates may apply. But if you text the word whether. 287870. And you're gonna need to respond with I think by texting why back to to respond. That's signed you up for free whether text alerts and if anything happens as far as. The weather. The flooding and all that's concerned you'll get to these weather alerts are just text the word whether. Too late 7870. And also if you wanna sign effort news alerts text the word news doing 787 he would give either says those news updates as soon as says they become available you'll be among the first to know. And again it's a free from us but he and that could do have a charge because you're individual. Plant text and batteries you know yesterday afternoon as we began to show. It seem like the weather New Year's Eve was gonna be nice. All of a sudden that it's changed during the day yesterday due to the weather forecast deteriorated for New Year's Day in and New Year's Eve. Usher is having a free concert at the checks for parking lot so this afternoon at 615 as part of the Allstate Sugar Bowl festivities. And as far as I know that is going to happen rain or shine. Not a downpour right now but we've got some misty. Rain throughout much of this Syria if you're in some parts of Louisiana some parts of the gulf self he might be some heavier rain. And as of heavy rain is moving toward mobile and the panhandle of Florida and you just heard in our forecasters now that the forecast for New Year's Day. Is calling for a 70% chance of rain and a 52 degree high so you know one of the good things about that. Is New Year's Day is a time because people really celebrate New Year's Eve and some people celebrate a little more than they should. Because of that and knew your state might be the perfect day to just relax and watch football games. And if you're going to the Allstate Sugar Bowl in the Mercedes-Benz superdome just make sure that you've got something to keep Detroit getting in the dome would've been nice and dry and comfortable in the dome. Ole miss we welcome everybody who is in town supporting old miss and everybody who's in town supporting Oklahoma State. That should be a really good game all by the way Allah issue with the lender for net having a record night last night. LSU beat Texas Tech in the Texas Boeing Houston 56 to 27. Now as much credit as I wanna give no issue. And I give them a lot of credit this was an amazing victory. But let's remember that they were going against one of the worst. Running defense is in the country so again I'm excited about the win. But they didn't beat a power house in in Texas Tech although you know Texas Tech very talented teams have great victory for LSU and for less miles. Drew Brees and Sean Payton have both tried to reassure saints fans at the end of this year. Did they will be here next season. Sean Payton is said he has no plans to leave new ports. Does that reassure you. Also Drew Brees has said he said this yesterday. He does not seek himself in any other helmets other than a saints helmet. And does not see himself playing for any other coach other than Sean Payton. Does this reassure you dictated priests will be with the saints. Next season we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show but first up on our show today the man who became known as America's stand. Bill Cosby. Has been charged with sexual assault. Earlier today Kevin Steele the prosecutor in Montgomery County Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. Announced that Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual assault from the case in 2004 and here was that announcement. Which guys the is charged with aggravated indecent assault. This is a felony of first degree. Mr. Cosby's attorney has been notified of the charges and he is this expected to be arraigned. Thought later this afternoon as far as I know that has not yet happened but he is expected to happen this afternoon when it does we'll pass that information on foreign. Ontario about fifty women have claimed that Bill Cosby drug them and forced them to have sex or forced sex on him. And it it seems one of the interesting things about all these cases. Is the common denominator. And these women would have had to really get together and come up with one story if they or if they were all law. They're people who have defended Bill Cosby as in not wanting to believe that this could happen and he is innocent until proven guilty. But here's our party general opinion poll due to charges of sexual assaults. Against bill Crosby does this change your opinion. Of Bill Cosby. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com they're sent an interesting word it's I wanna. Say this probably said a word that we savory often the word is. So arm that some of the phobia. Some the feeling some a few of some the feeling I think that's it. Daddy is a condition that. Cautious some men it's. I guess it's a sexual dysfunction. Sonoma for Sonoma feeling is. The tendency to wanna have. Intimate physical relations. With somebody who was essentially. Unconscious. It's considered pseudo neck feeling. And this at this word has come out this was it a new word that I learned GS this year because of Darren Sharper and because of they'll costly. And there seems to be this tendency in some men to want to have a partner that he has essentially. Motionless. I know what and I know this a lot of jokes manic attacks from people who say yeah you know that run XP to remind me reminds me of with my right I don't get into that here but you know you filling your own joke here if you want to. And I can do it on the issue. But does this change your opinion of bill congress. And here's a guy who you know what when he was considered to be America's debt. This stuff was of allegedly going on. Now most of these things that have happened in the past or beyond the statute of limitations. By 2004 charge. Is not be on the statute of limitations. So he could be sexually he could be charged with the sexual assault now. And convicted this is a felony charge this is the first criminal. Sexual assault charge against O'Costa if you wanna join us with the comet this afternoon our number is 260. 1878. Every code 5042601. A seventy. Text numbers a 7870 throughout the show today our bumper music out with exception with the exception of a few times when we'll laugh we'll go back to our pop culture calendar. We're gonna feature some of the top songs a 2015. And there was a lot of fun music out this past year and this was one of the songs out John funk. Bruno Mars mark Bronson. I'm scared in the afternoon and we'll be back on BW well this is one of the really interesting songs that came out in 2015. For five seconds it's Rihanna. Kanye West. And Paul McCartney this was one of the big songs of 2015. I'm stood in the afternoon it's Wednesday December 30 2015. And our Barbara musica throughout the day will be submitted to pick songs of 2015. And yeah I know there are a lot of people who were part of my generation the baby boomer generation music you know this music outfitted it stinks it's terrible it's horrible. Personally you know I have always kept up with swift current music I mean I love the classic stuff from the past of the stuff from the eighties I love the crunched up from the nineties. But I love those things when they were popular still appreciate it now but there's a lot of good music out today. I find very similar to some of the stuff that my generation was into it in the past his too talented to a young performers that will go on to become. On superstars and there's a generation to date it will appreciate it many of the committee of the young stars today. Who will be performing in the future in the same way that that we hear about reunions are coming back today in our favorite bands are getting back together. Just yesterday we talked about on the possibility of seems to be on a rumor that's starting to spread. Then there will be a Guns 'N Roses reunion which will be here to stay in and if that happens I'm really interested to see. What kind of condition Axl Rose is here because he has gone up and down over the net. Over the years and earliest state of the public spotlight slash is still out there performing. But it will be itching to see them if that does happen and what when Axl Rose is like decapitated that guy had one incredible voice. So we'll continue featuring some of the big songs of 2015. If you wanna join us with a comet we're talking about Bill Cosby he's going to be arraigned this afternoon. Breaking earlier today and sexual assault charges filed against Bill Cosby the first criminal charges filed against him with all of the complaints from about fifty different women. Many of them telling the same story being drugged and sexually assaulted. By Bill Cosby in this case it goes back to 2014. And toward 2004. It seems as if this woman is is saying that she was set she was set at Temple University employee and and Bill Cosby went to Temple University. She was a friend and she considered him to be a mentor. And there was a time when he gave her drugs and wine and it didn't have the report that our red meat it's seem missive. She was. Somewhat conscious. Conscious enough to know what was happening. But not conscious enough to do anything about it. And that seems to be the common denominator with what all of these women have said about Bill Cosby. It's also the common denominator which won all the women to set about Darren Sharper and he's can't be the only two people out there who were doing its. By the guy I think this thing was Andrew Luster who was here to. I think it was the Max factor a fortune. This was a guy they used that date rape drug. Two drug women and videotaped himself on having at a physical relationship with those women who were essentially unconscious. I may have missed renounced the word they use that word is. Some the feeling. Your son the feeling. If you. Are the man who wants to have physical intimate relations. With the woman who was essentially. Unconscious. In a sleep like state. Hi as a man I can't on mansion that that would be something that's attractive to anybody. But obviously on you and I are different from. A lot of men. But it's interesting that there's there's a were joint there's a word fort and there's. There's a reason to have a word for it if it didn't exist it'd be no word sport. If I'm nick Feeley didn't exist that would that would be workforce of the fact that there's a worry I think just the fact that there's that word is is rather sharply. If you would like to join us this afternoon numbers 260170. Area code 5042601870. Or text is a 77. And just another reminder on this Wednesday afternoon as we approach New Year's Eve tomorrow in New Year's Day. Like this as the day went a lot of people are getting off work early on people taking time off people are. Driving around. In different patterns and once you get out of your routine to driving that. Morning drive time afternoon drive time traffic. What you get out of that routine. By your more susceptible to get into an accidents or just pay very close attention to what you're doing and you know assume that the person next to you on the road. I'm doesn't have any idea what they're doing. Or where they're going aunts aunt all of that it's many of the streets or are whipped and there's a rain. And clotting assembly throughout the serious it would be careful and if you if you do end up turning turning your windshield wipers on. Please turn your lights on we talk about this all the time. And it amazes me. That there are so many people that don't understand the relationship between windshield wipers and turning the lights off. Here's a Texas Cisco I had no idea that was Palma de Paul McCartney had anything to do with. For five seconds. Really liked that song happy new year happy new year you know this is a talk she'll. But if you've noticed we've put a lot of effort into the proper music that we play as long as we're playing music we wondered it to mean something. It's on a regular basis we put a lot into the songs that we choose. Offer proper music going in and out of via here on the brakes and so today with the exception of a few times when we'll talk about the pop culture calendar. We're gonna features some of the big songs from 2015. As we come to the end of this year. Here is on the Texas says less miles is an idiot and we can afford freeze. And he has to. He has to go and lecturer. What he means here. He has to go oh I guess this. I guess dispersant had to say we can't afford three easiest ago Mark Ingram should have been traded instead of renewing his contract. Now we've also been talking about something it will come up in the conversation more later in the show. About their Drew Brees saying that he does not see himself said this yesterday. Does not see himself in any other helmet other than a saints helmet. And does not see himself playing for any other coach other than Sean Payton. Does this reassure you that Payton Brees will be saints next season. And here's a party general opinion poll this hour it's about Bill Cosby does the charge of sexual assault change your opinion on bill custody. It was your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that as we attracted poll throughout our show. And I'll be an update right now here's another Texas says. It's and it's no white's fault for. Some on the phobia. It wasn't kospi. No accountability. Oscars. Snow yes Snow White was sleeping was and chief. You know that's kind of disturbing thought is that when we were kids we could even think about that always thought about was the possibility of a curious. Although I did have questions about those seven little men Snow White live with. And some of the earnings were kinda creepy. Here's an update on our party your opinion polls this sexual charge against Bill Cosby does it change your opinion 59% say yes and 41% say no. You could give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. From Algiers really year on the scoop show on WWL. Yeah. I have been an anonymity. And am. The equipment. And we. And Ugoh. Did a good. Program. That. It. You know. You think they took the typically lose volunteer who. Can. We. Do. Yeah so as soon as we take advantage of woman in that situation. It. So. There are barely. I've by Barbara appreciate the call job. I don't know how well you know bill Crosby. I've respect human Davey appreciate what you do for our country. A pre she would do cause we do for our country. By attack everybody in the navy unfortunately everybody comes out of the navy is not necessarily automatically an outstanding citizen for life. A Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault first time he sentenced officially charged. And he's arriving at the court right now in Elkins park Pennsylvania not far from Philadelphia. The cause we are rising a writing now to face arraignment and deface sexual assault charges for the first time. If you've got a comment on numbers 260 when he seventy. Every coach 5042601870. And a text is a 77. I stood in the afternoon and here's our WWL news update with stunning news. And 2015 was a big year for these guys fallout boy and a song centuries it was on the big SARS severe. I stood in the afternoon and we continued to use the top songs of 2015 as our bumper music today. Do you think the charges against Bill Cosby are valid here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll. Does that charge of sexual assault which happened today does this change your opinion of Bill Cosby. 62% say yes 30% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and Bill Cosby has just arrived at the courts in Elkins park Pennsylvania not far from Philadelphia. For arraignment he's been charged as of this morning. With sexual assault first time there's been a criminal charge of getting a lot of interest and tax about this you'll get to those text here just a moment. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon our number is 2601. A seventy. Very code 5042601870. And a text is a 77. Or better a stellar and Evian you about it after herself. Allow yourself. All right let's put a stellar on hold John you might want to check back with her in just a moment. When we do put on hold best thing to do is suggest turn your radio down and you'll hear the show everything you need to hear through the phone you'll also hear exactly when we come to you. Our numbers 26 cell when he seventy. Draco 5042601870. Text 87870. From the east lending your Honda VW well. Yes our I had it beat. Can't the ways that people. ELL. It. Meaning you need. A yeah. So yeah it. Can't. Get. It. I got it. Got Billy. VE GY. It. You know he. I. Know. Nobody. If that is if that's what you get that that would that would make it potential. Let your your right about two people seeing stars differently and there are people who would agree to physically intimately the with a star. That they really didn't know similarly yours sharper that they didn't go. I'd just because of there there's star status there are people who aren't that superficial. And then there's always the possibility that a woman to conduct and not like what she agreed to do an inkling that it was rape and they are women who. Did agreed consensual sex and they claim that they were raped and that's just out of all horrible thing for a man to have to deal. Got a text here that says this is sent out why now after all these years bill Cosby's being set up so you can have consensual sex with a woman. And chic and come back and claim rate that's right yeah that's going to said. And I can't. You. Tell. It. NE UE. One. That. Pat the can you. Walk out. To. Me. The and. Meantime I'm not. Appreciate the call a happy new year. And fortunately Jimmy Euro on skewed chilling WW well. Good Jimmie. And a group. Do you know human errors in the interest of the world. As. Well and that was. Unaware. He hasn't been found. Guilty yet there had been a lot of charges from a lot of women. It it seems to me that there is such a common denominator but what's so many of these women up to fifty women have sent. I can't help but think that something happened over the years in numerous times to women there seems to be a pattern here. And does seem to be the same pattern with that with Darren Sharper and there's there's a word for people who are interested in having that kind of physical relationship with somebody who was essentially unconscious. You don't get it in magma. And Britain Margaret. Jimmy I appreciate the call and when Bill Cosby was building that image on the Cosby Show as America's dead. A lot of these women are saying that this was part of the time that some of this was going on before that in and now after. This a case that he's been charged with now. A goes back to 2004 which is not beyond the statute of limitations and I got a text here that says the prosecution is just buying itself some time. Because the statute of limitations is up in January nothing will be done to deal. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. In every coach 5042601. A seventy. Text Amber's age 7870 I stood in the afternoon happy new year and we'll be right back on WL. On our pop culture calendar for today December 30 it was on this day spitz every five years ago that director James Burrows was born. Happy birthday today to director of cheers and director of taxi James girls so every five years old. And as a to a those classic classic Ferris. Taxi engineers. Love to watch those in in reply is still very very relatable. What other beloved celebrity other than Bill Cosby has fallen to grace in your rise in Bill Cosby has has not been convicted he's facing arraignment. In fact I I think he said in the court still in the courtroom right now. This morning it was announced the bill Cosby's officially charged with a felony charge of sexual assault and this is the first time he's been charged. Criminally. With all obligation all the allegations have come up over the years this is a significant moment in that development. Has this changed your opinion of Bill Cosby that's a party general opinion poll give us your opinion. By going to WWL dot com to toward your text here in just a moment from New Orleans Janice your under the W out. Yet again and again happy and you. Yeah let me tell you something. And they don't in my body. He may not be convicted of anything but every time I look at that and trust me he feel good. You can have that you would come capitalized when you. But then you've got him at least until one in the eyes I'd like that. These stupid over the top. And Abby and stand and I look at him now look at you guys didn't speak I speak to actually he can no good. Janice I appreciate the call I don't know how easy it is to judge people by the way they look you know. Guys like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer did look like bad people to the people who who knew them. And I think sometimes we we see in people whites we think of people and our perception of somebody. Somehow alters the way we actually see them. Here's a text that says I don't know about Bill Cosby but I grew up in the late seventies and eighties and quite lose. Were in my opinion the best sex drug ever we often took them recreational. Recreational league. They. Help you lose your sense of in addition. But you didn't have that truck nasty hangover feeling the next day. While this seems to be a question here did Bill Cosby. Give these women in some cases it was quite loose in other cases I think it's been rookies or some some drug to break down sexual in addition. A caller earlier suggested that these women where with this star they had an opportunity that maybe they took the equate lose on their own because they wanted to feel this way. And on and they allowed Bill Cosby to be within in that particular situation. So a lot of questions still to be answered does this change your opinion of Bill Cosby. And others and then Bill Cosby and I know he hasn't been convicted but a lot of people change their opinion of bill Crosby. Because of all these allegations. And again one of the most interesting aspects of the allegations to me there's this idea that. There's this common denominator with all of these women what they sent how they describe distort the same thing was going on with that with deep with Darren Sharper. Unless these women got together and made up the same story. It's possible that. They're telling the truth because of their common things about the stories that they're telling. As any other beloved celebrity fallen from grace in your eyes are numbers 260. When he seventy. Erica 5042601870. And or Texas a 77. Here's a text of Bill Cosby needs to hire Bill Clinton's war are off from Kenner a stellar year on the scoot show on WWL. How are you are still. I you on good. I thank you changed. They crack me baker EO at an apartment is. An issue analyze he and corporate and induce that Spain. He wouldn't do to limit on (%expletive) Not when it's Bryant there and you and I feel like in that had been a guy can't catch people you know. Not steal it quietly so it may get an age of one try to car there and land on him well in the enemy and on of people lack. Why make a change that we feel out each edit delete he never told me a year Archie be fitter and yeah at bikes. Allied occupied. By you and lack. They he brewery in. Well it. And ray and in real life bill. In real life Archie Bunker which very different from the character Carol Connor who played Archie Bunker. Saying some can say that Bill Cosby could've been a very different person on screen that he was off the screen but it's telling you bring up I think you bring up a legitimate point and that's a question that always comes up. When when a lot of time has passed. Why now why is it coming up now. I'd be like a lot of people. Light. Met in out Spain right you wanna try to come out now. At that he pitched as an app it'll age if anybody know him. You know the age and I. She's a woman of arrogance I felt like she did. It barker and if you're saying I understand that you know people on being people who really don't. And people and people can hide things people can buy things that go on and they're in their personalized. You know I've I've I've read and and heard women who have been the survivors of sexual assault and rape. Talk about how they were so humiliated and embarrassed especially when somebody like Bill Cosby who were so revered. That they didn't wanna say anything. Sometimes when one or two people come forward and others come forward and seem to win a couple of women came forward that seem to really open the floodgates for bill Cosby's. About fifty women have claimed is this the same thing this case that is now off before the courts. Guy he goes back to 2004 which is not be on the statue of limitations so you'll still have two left a legacy that I appreciate you calling you and happy new year. It. If you're on hold stay with us if you've got to comments are numbers 260 when he seventy. Every cut 504260187. Text numbers a 7870. Here's a Texas says I don't understand why people believe it's so far fetched that women wanted drugs and quite lose specifically. Back in the sixties. And seventies. Good point. Does this charge of sexual assault change your opinion of Bill Cosby. That's a party general people give is your opinion at WWL dot com I'm scoots in the afternoon. Happy new year and we'll be right back on WL. This was another wanna be a big songs of 2015. This just from that the band very talented young band five seconds of summer. Yeah I know it sounds like hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran doesn't it but the song is called hey everybody. We are featuring that top songs of 2015 going in and out of our breaks today. I'm skewed in the afternoon and here's a Texas says sent Christmas dinner I told a funny story involving U. When Mona growing years ago until walking down governments are Rod Stewart walking on the other side. On the street I ran up to him shook his hand and I said hi I'm Chris I'm Irish I'm a huge fan. A startled rod Stewart's. Said thank you and went on his way. It wasn't until a few years later that I figured out if which you. Had I known I would have been even more excited. Annapolis meeting Rod Stewart fans and spinone seven happy new you very happy new security units of a funny story. You know because of the way Myers been over the years I have been accused of that I don't get it I don't see it poet. You know usually I explain to people with no I'm not right. The most amazing story about me being accused of being Rod Stewart KO is it done Southwest Airlines ticket counter. And one of my bags weighs slightly overweight. So I was shifting. Some of the stuff to my carry on bag so my bag wouldn't be overweight. So I'm leaning down trying to make the spec lighter because I don't wanna pay for the extra fare at the Southwest Airlines counter and a mentality in the Childress is are you Rod Stewart. And I'm thinking you are brought Stewart would be worried about paying for the bank wants to be in the Southwest Airlines ticket line. Trying to make sure that his bag is an overweight so we didn't have to pay more. Off from Kenner Clark here on this cute show into the WL. Yeah I think everybody here. One expert. Oakland or the kid. You've brought. Yep we. That guy but he. Shot. At Austrian ski. What you'd go for you to go and that's strange city. Million people can hide what they what they do every dollar Clark when you when you say nobody's perfect it almost sounds like you are well you know silly reach somebody well you know you know perfect but that's a horrific crime. Cut the people you are. Grown man they should he should never eight idol spin war but you're saying that did Bill Cosby anybody who is guilty of that should be held account. All of the most open. And dusty. And Burton right now from. And they call. CE at all at all orders if you know Mike you or is that I can't leave the board brought that. Clark that's a great example of somebody who seem to be very stoic somebody who seemed to be our our really and good person and yet they were hiding something. On the side so this idea that just because fully share Rashad who worked with him on the Cosby Show did know this was going on and it didn't happen to her. That's no indication that it didn't happen. Exactly. It opened mom in these matters. Tim Clark I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your thoughts are numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 504260187. Or text is a 77. Getting a lot of text in I'll get to Wear those here in just a moment and Mike is joining us on WWL hey Mike. And oh yeah. And my turn your turn your radio down and just listen up through the phone or you're gonna get very confused. Got it going like. Hitler comment. The court ever. Order air air there. People that nick and restore order to all of caller. Burial the battered and battered. An epic brokered. So maybe this article in the card that he took that it would build is there on the news on the promote recruit. A lot. Of credit card. Or about. So are so what role what you're saying is and bill Cosby's. May have done this and those who were quick to defend him. An arm may be blind to reality. Oreo other blonde Rios. No doubt. Mike appreciate the call bill Cosby's not been convicted. But there was enough specific information in the case involving a woman back in in 2004 which is not beyond the statute of limitations. They're convinced prosecutors. In Montgomery County Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. That this temple here at former Temple University employee. Was drugged. And sexually assaulted. By Bill Cosby. Now are you suggesting that nobody would possibly do this while Darren Sharper in jail because he did this. Bill Cosby now faces criminal charges for the first time because he allegedly did this. If somebody could do it or you're saying that it's just impossible for somebody like Bill Cosby to have done this. I'm screwed in the afternoon hang on we're coming right back after the news on WL.