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The Think Tank 1210pm, Shawn Payton

Jan 6, 2016|

Will Saints head coach Sean Payton stay or geaux? Deke Bellavia & T-Bob Hebert join Garland before we go live to Kristian Garic at Saints camp. This hours guest: Deke Bellavia - Big Chief, co-host, SportsTalk T-Bob Hebert - Co-host of Double Coverage with Kristian Garic Kristian Garic - Saints Sideline reporter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right. And it to go off to happens. When I start talking about those things that people seem to disappear. Deke Bellavia it was supposed to be here Baldwin contact him via. Christian character is going to be the reporter. At the courts from sideline reporter with the reporter at the Sean Payton news conference coming up and run. 1245. And the only survivor of that Ringo supports T Bob banner yet. You thinking deal between Brandon. And duke doesn't sing. Like I mean carlin's one it is Xavier cross your steered you brought him in bella sympathy face to face now since the rather. Excitement stirring in my points and nine I can blow someone's good news could do it. This could be like. In world and he's war. And legacy right here yeah. If I make it to your office that means I've probably done some. Very. Did you get room I am from zeal to warrant here. Cool though there's been used a new day. This can really say I'd say partly usually. A so you. You guys in whom. And I was. When it comes sport you know loops and news shows. I go to your office. To move water thing I again you come on give people infamy for the elected through. The drama yet well look it's it's one of those things where you've been at this her long time. And with that kind of veteran leadership you learn a lot and you can overflows your. Overflow of troubles were we had was some runoff and all known to millions of you gonna want them Beagle code. I went and Sydney now 133. Years' experience you have gentlemen aggressive. Over I'm going to explain to. Before we get any word at all. Peyton is grow Coca Coca and reasoned walk on you know cause the most of the sport. Votes come down says that. You know he stay in or he's going he would only two teams he could say he'd be going to at this point out that would be the Miami or Philadelphia because on the NFL rules. Sean the Eagles and the dog to my knowledge only two teams that have applied the root and grew. You have to interview a minority candidate in so far I've known that New York to do that yet I've known that tennis he's done that yet and I have known that. San Francisco and now Miami and Philadelphia both pay. So they could name his coach until they have. Put in the review so as far as that's concerned that will be his fourth. What he wore to say he was going to wait two days you had to be the Philadelphia or Miami because you have to. Use that Rooney rule if not do you view going to be penalized an awful lot. I think that. But when you follow the ball so to speak. I don't necessarily see the relationship between jumping meeting with these different now is it better is it worse I don't know it's different now. And when you bring a guy like Jeff Ireland who is who has a football background became a football wise x.s and so far as player player personnel and so forth. I think that if coach Payton Stacy today. On the T Bob it'll be an expansion. And it'll be a situation where I think Jeff Ireland is elevated to those well you're more involved in football process as far as. Players trades. That type of situation does become the GM I don't know. A team you Lomas could still be executive vice president and on the whole show so to speak and he could say what Jeff Brown's not a G yeah. I mean he's he's still got that title means open tear. So I think if coach Payton studies you wanna see some like that on this and say. Movement around the maybe. Now I can't switching positions so to speak normally might get demoted you think some might might give promoted or it might be in the tournament so to speak but they that's what you look. Was so would you consider it if Loomis did I just moved up and maybe drop the GM and fallacy you're not consider that a promotion for Loomis others our OMB was (%expletive) Yeah I wouldn't consider a promotion or Oregon motion that could be a situation where he may be promoted in the situation battle. If you were to say out. You know a moral focus more on overall scene and everything whether it be saint and pelicans optimum estimates awards mean to do because we know he's. He's really tight amid demands that we do know this guy in his missed allows. But I think that's what you gonna see if coach Payton is here. From you know pass his current two years left on his contract if there's an expansion I think you'll see an elevator ruled Egypt are. All right got to take a break and and I know might lose ownership. You warned that cut the mikes all on T bond. While you won't adjust your meat. Talk about saint. I give credit to them by golly somebody educated me on goes on to team there moderate growth or whatever like I ask us all slid and I am so magnanimous. The booming come back. And below you know two's rigs are one league 72. Taunted few Bob and stay what is come all back for blatant. On the big announcements vote lead 1245. Christian Garrett standing by a deacon team Bob in the studio. Gibbs called through its eggs are one felt. Are welcome back would continue becomes fiction but few Bob Barrett. Olivia will be Jules and like Christian Derek and of course. Where it's sitting room wouldn't with the big news conference. Christians and Jordan is at 1240 blog hopefully shortly there after. We blew by and out so Joseph move the bank that. The coach's daughter grooves schooled in Maine and those who in the print in news DD them in California. You know I think that the big draw. So peppered retirement could fades daughter's going to do that over to yes yes and which is right you know all the PCH. Over there in California. Now we Deke would bring in a figure out. About ready I think we got what five days to figure out what teams are going to be moving out to allay that could potentially. You know order rose's sister is San Diego staying in them is that official or not I don't averaging the fish because it takes a look I think if Peyton is to leave and why guess a lot of it depends. What offers come through the door I do think that that New York job actually remains the most attractive. That is a job that a lot of guys would do is a lot of people do is viewed that as a with the top tier job. In the NFL regardless of what other ones are available. I think that having Eli Manning and guys deal Beckham young kind of offense their non answer to many adding that though appeals to coach Payton. What may be winning is the fact that it's a medium market that you can't really control. In these smaller markets you can see guys. Really almost in a way maybe manipulate is too strong global work but they're much. They're able to control the flow of information much easier in one of these smaller market like New Orleans. Did they are in in New York which is a lot more cut routes or maybe went like that but. I think there's been artists throughout the ages who have talked about. You can make in New York you may get anywhere right now I think that holds a lot of appeal to people. Who once you kind of bomb. You went up their reputation and you wanted really was it was just tell them obviously great to SE any was assistant there in the past so I think that's made the job that oddly the only thing is I don't. Believe that the giants are comfortable with offer arena. Nearly enough for what would be required for the saints pulled the trigger I mean. Only their tournament a second round pick is even too much for the giants so I don't see a deal. Getting done there necessarily. Dave when the moment and talk about second round not virtuous cycle room pics. Good those that include. Peyton salary and veggies so bored to get two more years of this country. What that would be. Out of discuss the situation as far as if if he was traded I mean and I'm gonna pay for somebody trade on the analysts that was ironed out he's got about seventeen million left on his two remaining years in New Orleans so I imagine that would be negotiated. You know with with the trade but. Yeah not about an hour talking about that yesterday I don't know who floated out there and sometimes things thrown out they look. All records the last few years you can just kind of follow the ball so to speak and see how teams are really. Really really. I guess it's a close to the best and how they relinquish and what they were languish in a formal picks is real hard mean he speaks to become more more viable when you conceit. By the lack of the picks the saints have had a record that time with a bounty and of course on Mecca of the human deal and it's pretty heard it's become more more viable so. I don't know we couldn't renegades that you know well look at what the raiders got for gruden local book you know digits in this. And did the patriots want to gulf of Belichick. I don't know what what would actually be fair bit of both the next coached it is traded in the NFL where it'd be coach Payton somebody else. I think that's going to be the new kind of like benchmark of today you know maybe put an X years so glad we haven't seen it. In allow home from laws Belichick was in the course group goes back to what that thirteen fourteen years ago now. And he demeanor raiders got an awful lot for him but just a number two pick. But Sean Dayton as the and that makes those. It didn't it didn't seem like it's not an end as far as the the draft rates increasing in value I think a lot of that can be traced back to the new collective bargaining agreement. Whereas before this new CBA. Before they put in measures like nope you've played eight years in your minimum salary is this much money are they raise and an effort to get veterans paid. He kind of had a counter intuitive effect. Where now instead of having these eighth in nine year journeyman betterment veterans aid kind of been pushed out because of their price point. In favor of younger guys who were on those rookie contracts which aren't that expensive. And last about four years of because of the kind of shift to more youthful roster for the majority of your roster. Is going to be made up of younger players that's why I think we've seen. These draft picks take on such greater importance and why. People are much more hesitant to part even with a second round pick like a good deal that Deke reference for gruden. The they they gave up 21 round picks and to set ground picks. That word ever did that would never happen again today. You give him a little history. When coaches squared when during the go to one of them did they call it news conferences say the quit. Or do they go in the old news conferences say they're wrong. Well I mean maybe. Better than I could but finally I mean this would be Sean Payton Payton quitting though right he could quit out of his contract in the eager to another team will be. But let me Abbott I think it would be him being traded stories. It's count all. Is it depends on how it's handled. You know is it's almost like this whole situation. Mom and the environment I was talking as the in the studio we were saying you know. What is equally as important what happens is how it handled. For instance I'll go back and diva and our economy lose because of covering college football but. Look at the whale issue handled their coaching situation notably Georgia but there. Very similar to where I'd want one coach one of leaving it was assumed they want Kota only because silence the woman sitting thing. And erratic and speculating and speculating and Arabs could at least came out. And even if it was a false statement a fabricated they could at least gave no vote of confidence. And it just it wannabe and you know what type of stalled for LSU and heap a bunch of their criticism and it was embarrassing and Angel or leave it there was embarrassed. And you look at the wage ought to handle things. Jordan handled things the way it was the same saying it was the same kind of spawned so to speak we won't break out people some people strong form against him. But he handed a professional way he would and a director and the president also at a press conference to talk about they will on a different direction. And even if it wasn't like that that's what it wars yesterday New York he counts on the same thing. With the mayor found in mr. Reese and coach Coughlin now coach Koppen left to state. He say nobody's hand because he was obviously upset but is the way you handle things. So today would be a situation if coach Peyton world going to say I'm really even do not think it would be it would be showing subtle both sides cow like the old Jerry Jones. Jimmie Johnson well we kind of agreed to disagree so to speak. And his hand and a better way that I had a situation before coaches. Bottom betray you know he level at night and it makes Aden Nick Saban was I mean he's a great go to college football right now but he does. Basically cowardly. Left the BO did and got his coaches in a room and told film on a plane he was flat at Tuscaloosa said I'm now. So it's kind of one of those things you know. It's a bad situation or it could be a bad situation how you handle how do you handle a difficult situation. My question to you geek about eateries. Maybe maybe you met him in debit quality like does he go to new all that old that I thought question for deeper we get that absolutely. Hold that thought would come right back to Bob banner. The build via. We're thing good about it is the code say in Spain or Gordon. Come and aren't welcome back we aren't thinking about well we've Dave call whether they're welcome. He had to like here talk to you like. Go on we have just learned that the news conference with saints coach Sean Payton or saint officials we're not sure at this point has been moved till 2 PM it will not happen in about thirty minutes at 1 PM. Just got word it's been moved to 2 PM at this point we don't know why but we do you know it has been delayed at least an hour we will not hear from saint officials until 2 o'clock. Selig guys debuted any breaking news they heard what he says and they serve well and Robin. Think something totally different than gore and had a car with them we get reconfigure here and there aren't quick question while we're waiting. Salary caps. That regardless of how good they could loom as it is crucial on Payton Drew Brees. Due Monday and anything under this would only problem. That may be the re. And why I remain pessimistic about next years is in my opinion objectively speaking. There's actually a lot of really like about this team right now as far as the team on. Tired kind of trending upwards but in a league as competitive as the NFL. Where geyser sleeping in hyperbaric chambers saying you know adjusting their diet down to every county every single calorie intake. It's a league were even a single percentage point. Can make all the difference in the world right to everybody's looking for those advantages. How then do you operate with aid this year a full fifth of your cap being paid to players who will mark on the team right. 20%. Of the saints cap going in this season. Is dead money and I don't know the fact they are seven and nine is actually pretty incredible and really a testament to some manager Brees had a drag that team up by its pre judged too because to go 79 win. That much cap restricting restriction is pretty shocking in my mind especially. When you consider they missed again on both their free agent signings then next year that number still hot seat still lead the lead. In dead money so I think next year they will continue to struggle they can't. Fill the holes they currently have. But in two years I think it's gonna clear up and hopefully you kind of learn from this lesson and you avoid ever putting yourself in this situation again. Well don't let the lesson mobile arm all the current structure won't change a list. The organization changed because we have I think we have to go by the way Miki has operated that we make is operated. It's one thing we know what had been Charley casserly Bill Polian who have when he's got at the end of the men in position before. Every year old saying to strip the saint to strip both named one year the saints and he gave me one game. They've all they've gotten out and they pay them they paid top dollar they do that because they keep posts and McCain now. No that's what that's what he's been asked and got on hasn't gotten worse wars stories afterwards is it worth worth but I mean how were we supposed to think that the issue because the last four years it's happened that all of a sudden the hugest eons. IE actually I I would be of the opinion yes I think since I was a I would think yes if if GM changes name. I think you're gonna continue to see business. In continue to operate as Mickey continues to operate and if they see somebody out there had to be of the gate of NAFTA hasn't changed and whoever is almost like to Isiah Thomas. There brown New York Knick situation. Mike Woodson coaches and an out organization they are still trying to do business differently from the way they did because they get a lot like to think the big money pushes them down taken chances on players. A lot of players that some people thought what a sane being decent innings and a outstanding players. That situation so to me. Until league is if freezes up and he can't give them on the from Curtis Lofton took to Darren Sharper the Jarrett berg brandy brown all these different players. They've been able to get them so I'm I'm Monica do you VO decided they will be able to give him now as someone who averaged just changes can be opened at. Yeah if you electorate to guard. You would lose. Sorry about where they get about salary cap you have to give credence to Haiti's. I had in Loomis made a legitimate thing is for his nude talent. With a kind of heavy caps Luka and what. While Mina I certainly would Whitman would be if you and I just feel like oh Saturday what date that but it got to be another solid draft class I mean it. Happy it. Out of tropics here a coming in May and in April when when the draft does it goes off and bring it. Did not reveal the clay all that much reaching out what they they've enabled by a cap. And manipulate money in and they'll appeal get a player too but they're not going to be. It should not be able to be speaks spenders. In in creative future so that pump the trap and also the development Philly player. That are currently on Iraq to the younger player like step on it but he only. Editors Pete dollars that they feel. Oh like Kelly the foundation up for the three built. Jimmy Graham didn't we give up or give him quite a bit when he wouldn't boy you've you've you've got quietly Gillick and that's why I'm getting any younger but as they monger Max armor diverted senator Lieberman or yes yes I think a lot of people objected to the east saint. One this trade. Ominous words Jimmy Graham to achieve that I go back to again trade is kind of indication of why I do being the way they manage rosters of personnel is changing. Two seasons ago it goes seven and nine right on the year that was supposed to be their Super Bowl run a lot of disappointment. Sean Payton engines going into like it could tune you in and in itself review and they come out of the other side makes some pretty shocking news looking for down. They moved grant because he hits you later any reserves and cash at the trifecta. Mr. Kenny stills a young successful player has heaped into gets you are paid a player to cash it's a trifecta. Once again and so when you look at the results of this last season where you have two more free agent mrs. And you get a really good draft class that contribute immediately in major better immediately. I don't know how they can come to the conclusion that they need to stick with what they didn't like if anything this last season has made it abundantly clear. That the way to build and he is through the draft with these young pieces at key positions. That's exactly what they did last year give him a left tackle a middle linebacker. And an even a quarterback. Who do you know a lot of people want either right of one right of gear and it is it's way too early. Really say what kind of player grades one and being away. Our Olympic break word common right back Q did you destroy notes waiting on the oppressed conference. Took part and a brother Sean Payton state is really goats. We're Christian Garrett where the big bell will be in Q Bobby you've Barrett's they would. Are welcome back we you or will it. Do you build beard Q Bobby you've bear. Waiting a news conference for a noted. Sean Payton whose staying we're going. Was supposed to bees around 1245 been pushed back a half hour or so. You go to the line let's bring in some of the you know looters who directory on your own wood Q Bob Bennett and Deke. Aren't your caller here you. Know Judy was them. So. A couple of beer they're they're ordered forward world war. And a lot of weight. That your record caller. We're doing a very awkward. Right now the boy you. All. Yeah. Hurricane need any one of the real he could not for the category income. One yet. Maybe in my aren't. My operator. Chart trainer or their peers greeted draw the Argo are tired bitter. You're both from Robert Green there at all Trimble. Only the morally aren't spared more when you're terrible. Our our whole don't well. What Ali finish tragedy types of feelings from. We don't really. Monger under Marat and an error by got to bring it like oh my and you know. Go to yeah and on. Leaderboard. There. While there aren't wherever you are these are rumored product and you want a global. He's got a good quote. And you. Are you're hungry you're. Ripping you don't go. I live in Kenya. I figured out. Chiba. Solemn look OK so this kind of good act where you were talking about as well Garland is that I know you're watching on the board yesterday and seems like all the national guys. Big campaigns Levy and it it should be said that we we ought to recognize. How fluid the situation dart nobody really knows. Win the last miles drowned was going down I talked to multiple people. Who like trusted and I knew I knew what was going on and they were 100%. Sure. That coach miles has gone well he's Anchorage Belcher and it's still. Less miles and nobody really knows what's going to happen if your saints and why you should be happy. And why you should maybe feel OK with a no matter what the end of the day is that you still have. The power you still hold all the cards and because of this like in theory the saints no matter whether he stays or goes the saints should come out on top now Deke. As far as the cowboys go on the Jerry Jones timing is very interesting. Com. But it may bit of leeway if I was to make the argument that it's the into the season he likes New Orleans he wanted them party for the weaker for a couple days in our homes. I mean that that's unbelievable no doubt about it I mean that's really with just. It's kind of it's a close very similar or interesting coincidence well let alone at one time sort of speak you know and Jerry Jones is one of those guys that would be as a shrewd businessman. And would would I think he would this several teams out there that they're probably okay we'll get coaches but they would probably. Look we gotta get better and with a guy like Sean Payton on the market or change the game they would they would give written again and Dallas could be one I'm so. You know in it we do know one thing regardless and just have a quick story galling here. In mommy things that I do also key to of the it campus passed to him at saint Thomas my clients that they listen and did it to your showed today because this Simon used to recap. And take notes on the film pretty impressed analysts through charter yes isn't the answer is that the Sara Vista really everybody there well. To real life happening. Did you know we're sitting in a classes from 1240. To about 131 at a press college has been moved back so you know it's it's it's in time and it dictate notes on all this some follow on WW elf. You keep an over your program and it at some of things we do with eight just goes to show you that regardless of what's going on I think. That some would say you might be blown about proportion but there is a reason. That they moved his press conference now what the reason is somebody might be running late. Assumption but there's a reason you moved it. One thing to say will be fifteen minutes or something but often 12:45 at 2 o'clock that's like almost ninety minutes. But I know that they were lose is that an event like that is that like a draft day with the clock tick in look we we've got to make this evening quit look some of these things dog and it seemed like fifth Arnold recourse at time and thought out. These things a last minute deal they really awesome really think that'd. They'd ignore it yes they last minute so Bono was they would do it we're gonna find out. Are welcome backward giving oats we were suppose to now. Mean finding out from news conference or group Peyton who can dues to grow but. Quote or quarter while. We've Persian Garrett was. British money here and what you're thinking. In these things. Concerned about the center of Jews who Jews. Yeah. Yeah I'm sorry. A lot going on out here that's connected to Lula will hectic but you know we're in the press room now where the center expect all this but Roberts at 2 o'clock. In news you can imagine. A lot of lot of folks deteriorate this year in sag announced that it had a great example to be out no right exactly the it's been moved inside typically are where we speak to Sean Payton outside at the audio he'll practice banner that's going to be the inside the room which he is worth when he out. They rarely use this world yup. No Christian I'm immigrants out quick. Hello yes what do you hear on your yeah I hope Monty must condemn I'm obligated now I'm Bob Kraft. About my vote on that. We don't want a diet and light enough to know uploaded everything we ambient and say you. That that that the big new book emotional pain don't like to tell him that yeah you don't like talking tonight in enable you why they were reduced it to be outside so Matty and that day. Yeah and a lot of had to do with live feeds etc. and typically you know they're not set up outside in now they are now on the indoor. You know really these are frightening amusement it is anybody's seen each company name now. Now see that's the thing I mean on that plane to Georgia after I just got out on the Internet but not answer your question peak that we have not. We have not and and look there could be some question as to whether it is gonna be in the chomping at 2 o'clock 0108. Exactly. Well it's good Michael is it's a good note right now about a dozen of the drama that unfolded so he's not there. I would suggest. It gives you stay tuned ports goodies gonna have all the sports guys Wear them. The misery will be solved we just don't know win but we think it's gonna be whose own stable. The end.