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1-11 5:10pm Bobby & Mike: on the NFL postseason and Bear Bryant vs. Nick Saban

Jan 11, 2016|

Bobby & Mike talk about the NFL playoffs with former Saints defensive coordinator and current radio host Rick Venturi, and take calls on whether you'd roll with Bear Bryant or Nick Saban.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back in the same guys you like it to you Bobby Hebert alive at the snow was slip a casino beats not in Hancock county Mississippi. On and I'll be on till 7 o'clock tonight and we'll throw it that it Jonny Gomes you that you had basket focal to be on until late o'clock and Ellis added a whole lot of good. There is not a black today gave it paid you know you go to a role I mean I can hear right now SEC basketball a lot. I don't know I thought Kentucky everybody else it's like get a change. Beat you week to week. I get hot late yet who gets hot late. In the SEC that that'll be certainly keep it at 8 o'clock tonight. Robin Cook you know along with double coverage this a few things certainly happen in a sport where a lot of things not a owning helmet Jack Kelly. Our quarterback at Ole miss has announced he will return to Ole miss with 26 the Dillon's bit. Tremendous football player at Notre Dame. Who is label inside and outside linebacker would have been my number four rated player but it's when it's the NFL crap that as a but the in the bowl game. He is and now he is not an out one week after reconstructive knee surgery. God bless him boom scarlet. Eighty years old passed the way to the former elegy practical automatic air that. And got some great boots Golan story but the boot past the way. At 82 today in. Also Saddam productive mimic and on is that Graham this morning Keenan lawless Saints cornerback announced that he moves in for his third surgery. On the groin injury. So he's recovering from his third surgery. What I did I thought that he might have repeated say I mean drawing Hitler when it caught me you got to go out there and run. But like you look at it. If you're right and do it sportsmen. Talk about who Garland. You know I hung outweighed. Two years ago. David Bowen. Well David Voigt does passed away that's the way this morning I'll on an island with the nice anyway houses they not mosquito mystique if it degraded the and its other Caribbean. And how that had a fundraiser. Mick Jagger yet out there David will only. Tommy Hilfiger. But nick Jacqueline and David Lee was there and in line is beautiful like oh my Jets at and I thought I was yet to know me it's like Lula. Well I would expect a thousand Al Al Al Al would add that no I don't I was 35. Old hanging out at the big dol. And probably David bullet on that play rate there and I'm taiba. Land you know on this island and promptly. Hooked up with the in the US the IQ you eat out delegate. I was Eric David bully and I thought all of the big dog eat away at the time Easter Island gang on. Well Saturday that none of them but it like it is like and all of a sudden we've gone in and night. Here I am today picked audit if you look at it that that the football player. They've looked at me like hit bottom with the soccer and I think that all American football in your football at Ottawa like distance socket are running around with them. But at least the game today with a lot of talent you look it up with the claim that mainly with the mentally you know nautical act when he hears about Corey. You think about weak defense and in essence there's no way you can compare him to let stand. But. He was the one on the blind guy at that moment it on. I'll you know it is talent he was the one about the time guy at that talent and all the hits that he was able to produce and yet. It's the eagles' date when he yeah that you could steal the stage because of his presence and and we are you on. Taylor. This group idols and got to be at the Butler fan I mean like pop pop culture earning an all I mean he is not a different level. I mean what you thought of lineup. In any individual that you think extreme. Barely these three up yet it yeah it was it was. It with extreme in. But I felt like all of the bottom line because I had I can't Brittany. But they can't stay with debate is theater in and I. You know got to do what I wanna do that night so it was it was okay. Alright how they've been at bat all right we'll leave that might get might in this city Mike you know how to with Bob and Mike. Mike before you actually question you make economic give us your opinion Paul that Brian Knicks they've been looking UT. Are they are they're forgotten all glass are. The Erika as a program we picked commented about the situation though that would that you know you were Alabama's loss on the bench for two years. You know we look at who do you know you know you're not pretty you know they are often not that much but just old school. All in Ottawa with all the. You gotta give him great credit he changed them yet to hit stately fuel Damon in any order run into wishful. You left any I mean how many head coach puzzles that you know what. If I had known name and I didn't stable and before in the woods well who knows what it is offense and he changed little wishful map that it was really dominant. In the seventh I had out Utley and ignited a bowl winner Rick yet quarterback who could let it drop back passer. You know Jeff Bruntlett luckily there. Oh I mean it's like very long it was before it's like 11 any. When you think fans that Alabama will albeit at the meeting that statement though we beat me yet and it just. Look what he's done with it spread attack on high hiring late yet. Oh. They'll say coach they got it off. He's been. You rally killing me. Now he might they've moved the ball and got a run run more with you look at Michigan State in when he had seventy yards. Look out they have football in backing me. That lie outside and they know running a lot more than night but but but but but think about it would've thought the true freshman. Calvin brilliantly he caught 83 golf that I'll look 31 yards and a touchdown. Look at the Adriatic hit it's if they record 38 yard touchdown. I'm telling you know that there weren't that also put up having heart and it. I think you want Iran hit me opening it up but it depends how many in the box and I you play you see it as part the Mac. Think Michigan State was killed me in the threw the ball Michigan State that difficulties coverage people mammoth trade wings came out of Europe going yeah a top cover guy and so they had some matchup situations they took full advantage of it. Quit Mike. Then thought well I think the you know on dog bit just to be all Alabama won't do. You noted it would do more you put an accomplishment it was. You know on the -- problem America men and Nadal will become minority while called it and move in more. Salt would go. Won't call them on don't lose him below. With Jill ladder. Old men of all bowl win over. There will be open didn't work out meanwhile. After the game on little simple games are enough on that board. And it. DR and all of the album shot. Or you could not just Deanna that would do it in the. You certainly on wheels better than that. You are going to somebody's head. It and one. The whole thing is the have they realize it beyond the best cover guy and Mike Bryan. Lately the on a way to get the countless they're hitting nobody liked he liked it on you might thickening opens up a lot of around you that our guys. There are at Butler that they've got. Hey he did he did he could hold up. He could hold up. But calling it and that today that shoulder helmet to helmet call it an outlet it not angle I had ever. Edict to cut some will be that you need to pick us like we might want to pick him. Are you will either kick in the week and why and it ballots not any that. Replay of being there ahead of all on Mike they've got it they did miss Ryan changed your. Yes he went he went ahead of the fifty it would help it easily caught the ball well get Jeremy dale right. Well you got to keep wallet but they didn't miss a lot of them but. The bottom line there it went receivers across the middle. You might but there's the lead or get the kidney shot. Oh what are now working we got to hit that guy. It's gonna get a point where all. They make a player's morality you know well there's the UK hit him and handed the flag football but you've got to act that might write out that you're like oh god kinda. They hit apple dwindle. From like the hip. Like each path and that's what you got to targeted you don't that you might get a penalty could this be that make me. But I think he would perfect got to know his pleas mean you're going to be. Bullseye on you that all schools are the only watching you they think they've actually and hit it to if they attack and was number is up Boynton gone. Headquartered. In new caught it and it went awry there in the image of the awkwardly on the on the tour in total disaster. All the on the order on for him not to be able to feed a demanded him to call was. Outlaw and all the way over is a mile over and all. They had it back then. Now that I called. Not all that much but it call we appreciate it we got to go to break. Thank you so much but all will be back with Morse guess it is your own season. Lot of acted just like to get show Mike at the about the bad lie this real close look at casino. Beats it had gotten down in Mississippi couple Macias will be here until 7 o'clock and I hit a house. Yeah which breaks here on out. Yeah yet picnic grant Abby now it's here that we have. I'm looking around. That it will pick all the things in the playoffs that it's almost like a big wings ground the Goodell looks like Shaka would happen. That we have a couple law. It we got to go to bed in Mississippi Danny and huddle with Bob and Mike and before you ask you question. Last few ones if he had a college team to pick. Coach while Matt Bryant. Nick Saban go to. Well mind that. 61 years of also in the Republicans. And they put it comes to different an agent. Who. Had no answer that though it. Well you don't like that if they're good living advances to answer that's the politically apply apply didn't get it objectively if you analogy and on Bill Belichick Bear Bryant over Charlie Mack and even over let's miles. Oh that that was the question but at that moment when we did line I mean outline I mean you look at that we interested in. And the bottom line if I won it one day when you look at Bear Bryant statement. That's why Alabama's been at night at the now they had a ball. We look at it now that night that you are the right coach the coach does make a new. Bulls France alone. Mike Shula. Yeah and I. You went through AIG stallings. He won a national championship you he wanted to ask you championship teams don't like that's a great point he wanted to coach. People. We Clemson. He will now hold Sweeney was on people I doubt he was on that on that run Alabama the walk. My opinion you a question that's. OK okay that happening in the intensive. And we appreciated. My question and I can question and then and that you out of an up and stood back and enjoy. Question you've visited the Chip Kelly an update on the back. He's the talk show and it went to take it or do you play. Well and wanted to use equivalent you know. And questionable to do. My opinion it is not that you have robber when they Q has your twelfth best player available that night and it went with the number. Or do you not. Have a guy. And La or not and I would sit back and enjoy Uga I would about it. One I don't think she passes Richards season that'll mills. I think he's gonna play him you want some experience which day. You label. What that you can get some opportunities which you'd lately gains but. Know what you just one play away from Alvin placate. Right guys and he's a true freshman but on me that's enough I've been at camp which today. Mean he is one animals accurate quarterbacks I have seen in quite some time you know it. You don't have to pick money's not a big help you hit it is actress he's you know he's Smart. He knows the game so well I think he is not gonna get a rector season at Ole miss game due to you know what. If you keep keep himself out of trouble. Out of trouble between now and April. As they picked him but I think he'll have some teams with a bit rec flag on him UT. If you is not there are used to you know what I don't want him in the locker Rome. That guy I don't watch that night he's not an edge rusher is a Sean Robinson nick knows more from Alabama. But now I think we're gonna find out a lot about him beat you over the next few months that's or with fantasy. Appear all of not a book or story when penalties haven't them not only space of one. Superman. A good football audible with Storey building does get that is all stars. What I don't know how many stories it was but I don't want that you fall Ottawa Fort Stewart heel that it does get a couple cuts. When you faced and well. Molecular that it it's April 15. Well said that he would the other part of this Olerud. But you know she is a hot spot talent. And it's gonna be interesting to see. Who is the. Well right and it led that banning marijuana at them I mean that was again the bats with identical line. Certainly rule would go out debate it make a chance on him. And the Eagles it immediately as I could afford to do yeah because he is he. Hell does that count Ricky crazy you jump on any wind. I don't care. It that the might try to shoot you'd. And that's the only guys look at it Leonardo. And he jumped up in the treatment of Robert arts Eli didn't apply three. Andy balls down in the guts of hard to keep warm like go to the movies and the enemy and apparently alive. How to not win it. Greatly as Michael let him do you know what you itself which. The which helped elect me you know they don't jump out window put yourself in the position where your team is spleen because gain weight around my house levity. And did you you know one thing of the past few. They've got to pet them down the road on that that was. It's back to what you average ought to win it at it and it would I believe with a realized. Oh yeah well but not enough so that. That's that it's coming up that ground that he on the window Robert can you or with the second national right out that is used richt let Chris bella. Welcome back in the second guess you don't like that that you Bobby alive at this they'll slip a casino. It's not panic not counting Mississippi on the Lyle whose novel now Rick Venturi. Thirty years coaching in the NFL. Hey my body to. Is that this is it strange for me much you may read that this over Weber I mean you don't. Without giving that broke a. And that's. On the shortness that ethical laws and then if things aren't back. We knew the ability in Saint Louis. Why guy. Mate Lewis raiders' OK. Here. I mean now that guy and he's looking. At you cross the river I mean that that's not a bad option. Well Bob. No he's. Not ultimately you're right I think that this thing about it is is that. Quality. And I would do radio and I was four years ago and I can't go by and then. You know I've been with Indianapolis Colts of news I had been with the job. With the Cleveland Browns and then. And you know I can remember four years ago Cromartie was making demands about that stadium. And they had that clause in there they had to be in that Albert here. Are up by 2015. They had that out clause that was amazingly they won the Rams so badly polluted in the air. And he was you know he was making demands he was watching other people. And then you just when he went on the witness protection program the last two years nominated pop and nobody's there. And there's no doubt in my mind that he had no absolute zero intent I mean. But the other day and they want a deal for and they wanna build basically. You know billion dollars stadium today and Bobby the first offer by by Saint Louis and tied it one save and now another talk about the Riverfront Stadium. But the first off they may 224. Million. That there quite a billion OK I mean I typically when they built one here. And in university at that time they paid eight hundreds of million for this policy in Indianapolis and Jim Irsay paid one habits so. You know that hundred point four million didn't look too good now that the deal now that the the courses out of the barn. Of course they look this guy and all together and you know there you know did they clearly wanted to build a stadium you know make it tenable. And so anything can happen Cromartie himself. Has no intention he'll double his values admitted he goes away. You know he's he's right he's a businessman. Or the rest the bills Ali you know resident. That's all these people he made it on injured in the Wal-Mart so. I. When did you guys and as well you know so that the bill being real heated stands in the way he you know when you're kind of into it is this treaty gets into. You know the Oakland does San Diego thing kinda complicates it. I hear different reports it does sound more like. You know there's Diego city was now and then Oakland gets compensated or do whatever they want. And you know if Saint Louis does that stadium Bobby's been calm no leverage points would be you know the the other owner from here on out them and believe it or not one to. Yeah I think Jacksonville. I wouldn't be shocked written that you can smile yeah it is to get on pick off the it'll average this decline in the acts that go in and done right he's real Indians for a mean a really Aikman is in it not. Right got that and the arm but that you know the Jack the vote ties is that aren't fully what he's a year and it. Actually you know that that's that's that doesn't come out and really pretty quickly remember guys they saw. I mean at one point. Com will line in the Rams from the road right army that was. A done deal and then promptly surprised everybody as the minority owner and buy in the oval thing because he had the first option. But at one point we all that calm was gone about it Rams you know Wednesday when they changed ownership so. I mean I think you guys on the right track itself I think these orders now is the wants that it won't that we don't know late. They really lose their number one bargaining chip for stadiums and that's why I think one of the big reasons Goodell has always kept London in the in the picture because he wants. You don't gotta have it be chip out there. Guy you saw what happened Saturday night and in really terrible the way it ended and a if you guys completely out of control you know on the and I'll tell you know that ray me and well you don't put out is. I mean you know here's here's the thing when you. You know when you look at Cincinnati Bobby when you look at Cincinnati and I don't blame Marvin police it is it's easy to blame mark and the Cincinnati. On it. In my opinion would be years. You know they've cut corners audience and they actually appeal to pretty good team I mean 52 wins in five years would all like that. And basically you know they've taken chances on guys they drafted guys. He's second chance guys in you know basically got for kind of bargain basement and basically a lot more of them have actually turned out. And played pretty well and you know you can use it perfect and not. And that Pacman Jones can really play now as we begin our objective rather than morality play here. And the irony of it is illegal well after days and seven are now. Perfect today was probably. Oh the player of the week in and fell through the sack and an interception. But at the end of the day Bobby would you constructed team. With those kinds of guys and I'd say not necessarily to have guys because you know there's tops and there's a cheap shot that was the cheap shot I don't think. That the tackle. On you know I I think that that you don't look at the other place they talk about this year easier tackle. I think by the letter of the law that's a penalty you don't put in mind in a pretty good hit a questionable this guy has taken a cat trying to Boller out. You know perfect it was not a control and you know I go back to that you constructed team with those guys. And I don't do that and trust me I'm not a moral. Mercenary and I got to have good football players I learned along time ago. But you have to be you have to have football theater. The end that your your signal a time bomb when you're playing with those guys and time ran out with them it's at its worst net and 36 separate topic out there. Obama. Publicly about it now it will cool yet again a time bomb went off we'll be a little 80. And yet at the same time Michael you know itself you know it's a different world we live in a world body played in. You know when I coached potatoes and those guys were look at people who are over the middle in. You'll although although you can you can you can you know Denard is to keep it or tell me Bob brought. I think most would play it would have been called 25 years ago because I was over you know. Yeah at that goes all the way over his head went over his head up and it was that bad night's match. Indeed he went behind the call that but it's way over no that's a personal file. Exactly you know one in our date you don't if you work if you're coming over that mental and you're gonna catch that bogged you were spread out the ball was right there are few and you blew the guy out that was a penalty that was people. Ball I was yet I was not see that that would be diesel. That's like that was you know that you know you watch all the way back now on I mean I've done that whole team guys. You know now that you know that game has changed. But you know you know the thing uses when the players clearly over you take it shouted guys that that's just that simple all of which you know. Again you constructed team like that you know the better team lost that game that's the amazing thing I mean that that team and I've we play it's ignorance. Over the last two years in the sport about a thousand points against the Colts in two games. And they held them to two touchdown passes in three ball games I mean they coach their book talked. And then have to get away like that news release that. I thought there was some great coach and I and we Eagles still to this day you know when I do doctored Indianapolis are still look at depth perspective you view that perspective. He got worse it will bombing was art art thought this December and norm and then did a great job I thought. You don't them to coach stepping down to a twenty yard field goal against Seattle elements. They kept their quarterback he can approach what are out of out of harm's way I mean they play good defense. I mean I just thought that was one of the best cup coaching jobs to loses I do that would gut wrenching to me. Well outlook gut wrenching it Al though why I'm optimistic like our if any care but now. Yeah like Andy read it that the B well I think if they want to let it straight. You know I'll know it by art now the heat in me you know this Rick when you break it down. Stick on the ball. Now plus warning in turnover ratio. At their current run I don't know what could happen on the road. When they played a Patriot at all until they kick it. Marty want deport him last season. The second word that either Belichick. Yeah annually the Patriots and eat it at the reporter. That was a pretty dominant performance. Like that that that he felt if they. Yes here's how I look at that out that you made it real good point on. I have there's analytic and there's been Terry analytics that there's two things that I've looked for my entire career not to do night. Start to breakdown a team and our points given up. And turnover differential. Points given up this year. Of the twelve playoff teams born in the last Saturday. Our eleven of them were in the top twelve the only wire was Washington at a deep level and teams out of twelve. And as you said Bobby kids and he was number three number three if you was points given up and number two. On on turnover differential so. There's no question about it here's what I would be concerned about. As I look at this matchup Sunday. I think that the problem like with Kansas City they are so well coached. They probably have the two best in terms of Andy Reid on one side of the ball. In Bobby's side and the great year wonder who nobody's ever heard of on the other side worked with him back in 77. At the university go on the would be easy to define its coaches. I think they've maximized this team but this team is only opinion even though they beat us are past Houston team thirties enough things. They are we opinions physically the losses Maclin is few months excuse they can't stretch it. Telecheck it will take away held Belichick if you have one guy. That guy's going on the witness protection program also seeing them do their offensive line by the into the game what were you go hand. Your seat in Eaton here's the other thing I don't think Houston and Ali. You know I don't think they're healthy they're playing hall. But you know Houston had to goes on the old guys are healthy there and nightmare on the edge but I don't think they ought I think they put their backs and now. And here's the problem nor and in doing the body we re really help you go there OK he gets here as we get back this week now he gets bad omen. And we've faced and so many times here at all mean in gronkowski when those two guys is there. You've got you got problems Rivers says OK you got trouble it and on these these kids involved were back at left tackle. He's get in Chandler to hold back to pass rusher. And he didn't hightower back inside so he killed and four key guys going forward who are critical. Well Kansas City build doing a great job kind of their opinion and that's why I still like New England I took the job cute and he's doing. I just look at that aero up to narrow down oh wise you know how important it is obvious that. Rick thanks so much would join in this we appreciated hey will have you back next week but are more quail Holler in merely what you can't get book got a better be a first guided I'll will make sure you. You get and I'll make sure you get it the ball they give up that day you aren't Venturi. Been thirty years coaching also local Knicks they've been with the Cleveland Browns. Communities he's been around quite so yeah a lot of stories yeah way more to meet its end and and they'll let the Bulls some of like you can't tell on the air like you know what I believe that you'll have a difficult. Over the psychic gifts to rent this break in the negate them.