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Garland 1-12-16 10am, Medicaid Expansion in Louisiana

Jan 12, 2016|

Governor Edwards has called for the immediate expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana--healthcare for those with low incomes. But where do we find the money while facing a $1.9 billion budget shortfall? David Hood, former Secretary of the L.A. DHH jumps into the Think Tank with Garland today at 10am!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back to date today. The father of daughter I've got little incurred sooner quote dutrow. In the equal play in this country. What amazes lead from a so called militant. A bit wet shall taking federal land. So humidity instant use the Tuesday. The law and then or just ignored him for those that break him. Don't so operate in the thing did you and I would itself proved we broke some more walks and one of them is it serves. It says women apt to get you open. For the same job regardless. Of experience. Regardless of their age. And everything are Reid who has visited is routinely do. So incredibly you know better handle on them. Or talk to the liberal side and beat conservatives. And talked a young. Governor Edwards who's gonna try to prove shall we Jim legislature. Or increase in minimum wages those that discoveries at the company's. That that have been groups wages and dog not hiring more people were living some people grow. Really big question how well the states and do what Wednesday to bring his minimum wage news. And if they had have days is staying sharp blow waltzes. And then get sought and that is often predicted. This hour. We're gonna talk about the expansion. Of the Medicaid and we've helped care problem with a low income. What I heard governor Edwards put that right at the top of his discussion yesterday. That's a lot of people I think Parole Board giving health care to people that don't. But the roads. In this country without help here's seemed impossible. More than most advanced countries went well the use countries can't provide health care and the question because armed with a one point 81 point nine billion dollar. Deficit that we plates and one watch dog group yesterday putter did too. 2.5. Billion. Regardless of figuring out how do we look forward to help care. Better and sailboats gratefully we have David or former secretary. Always the department now than hospitals under the publisher administration David I appreciated talk. This year Carla first thing. I don't understand the expansion and everything I've read says. Eventually region of pays 10%. Or whatever needs to be paid. Winning does that kick him blood Boortz the form. Well the formula actually has it's that's the pennies. State that participates in the Medicaid expansion. For the first three years little Craig not. That the federal government will pick up in art. And the which is considerable. When you look at it over there. Ten year period. Well we piano would probably. And there's many different adjustments that are. Two. Three billion dollars or Medicaid over over ten years. Banned the federal cost would be approximately eleven or twelve billion double edged. So that's a bar. That's that's about two. Fifteen to 20%. Over the ten years for the state. Now. On on on a day to day basis right now. Louisiana has pain in them and the Medicare program 35. Kirchner. So boot it would be about one paper what we normally carry over ten years. So in the three billion over ten years. Would be 13 of what we're paying now. Hahn you know less than 13. How it sort. There's there's it's a real bargain. So. Morton wanted the loans like jungle and point to. When they say and that and I think you've been John Kennedy. Has said the same thing it's all well and good will we don't have the money for that 10%. Sounds like we do have them when you were paying less than the third now. Well I think we'd we'd do the money and it's as if we're really look at it there I'm it and thank them a look. The economy. Of the Louisiana you know an animal right now. Of course it's not exactly good bye. I expected to the world I'll get better. It and other states. Aren't they going through the same problems well on the on the economy. But others 31 other states since he. Two to go. And do the Medicare expansion. Yeah and other. Pretty happy with that. You know end all and all. Or limit the magic break your QB and four and Albert and then. We're talking to David hood former secretary. Department help in the hospitals. Medicaid. Expansion. Or those homes low income people what do you think you'd you proved what you're hearing. I'm vertigo thing that surprised me. The bird that seem to be paying now fouled more. And the federal government. Required to lose the me. 10%. In three years weeds that well conducting. House. So what possible argument could there be tomb hot expanding Medicaid. Coming right back to secure one so you don't Colombia are welcome back room figure by governor Edwards. Going through Adams the legislature. To expand Medicaid the exact opposite board governor handled it. David hood with a former secretary of Louisiana open hospital under governor sponsor. A big but again I want my picture founder's day and the the government pays the and tired of being over. Ten year period. Right. And I tried it and you know towards you do the juniors. Louisiana picked up 10% of the call. That's that's parked approximately right at it never goes. About 10%. And you know you hear a lot of people citing well yeah that's just packet out that go home. Capture. Ten years. Yeah and our. You know what we have to pay will skyrocket. And that's bull. Want to give you another example when when I was. Secretary DH page. From ninety. Eight 1998 to 2000 Torre. We have another matter here expansion that we did it was called the les you know Children's Health Insurance Program. It's a great program. And in and in the first odd years. On the program between 98 and 2000 tree. We enrolled 340000. Choke. 32012. Children children we didn't have any insurance or any in any way to get medical care. So I think that goes you know probably go out win for for a Louisiana we were we were. One of the best states one of the top five states and enrolling children there. And and so that. That worked out fine and I don't know why. We can't do it again. And and then remember. Mike Foster was a Republican and he was just totally and labor list. So you know. And the Republicans. Need to ask governor Foster why we did. Go go and general 300000. Or children we produce time for adults and the it's like we'll be better off for. And but I cute couple of Republican governor. Mike pinch Indiana John K music Ohio. All did the expansions. And everything are greeted says they're doing pretty good at. I don't know I don't know they're they're doing just fine. And that are there are saving money on that's. And in the in the long war on. Because it. You know sooner or later it's it's you'd have very poor person doesn't church. He's gonna go to military hospital or what what are those and another story and it's gonna there's going to be a substantial cost there. Those will be. A better way to do to provide. Care for people who. Are for low income. Every time I get current Republican in Europe remark and right from. Delegates from Washington always asked him what pure view will be helped plan. And most of them have their own individual play and that the GOP. Doesn't have a plan. But it boots on the career and and talk to Republican in other states. And often times are broad porn giving tax credit support to buy mainstream. Individual old plants. Is something like that compared to. Expanding. Medicare. Well not not particularly well sometimes. I can't say that. Everybody used disadvantaged. In one of those type clients. But what happens. On you know then what we're learning about this right now. All over the country. The insurance companies. You know and if you get today. You know play and to plan. But not so. Low cost plot lines. Then. What happens sometimes. He has one night after go to the hospital. Or they have to see the doctor quite often or they need some high costs. Drugs. But he insurance companies as well look you know you're gonna have to put him. Put him on deductible here. And the deductibles. Could be and the thousands of dollars. Yeah yeah these people don't have thousands of dollars. To pay for the deductible for the insurance company. Says OK now will play for the that will actually. Doctorates that are so there they dealt until. The person. Puts up a deductible but he doesn't. You know I don't have thousands of dollars in around the back. So that that is not so good. I would go on Medicare expansion that much or what ago. Did these legislature. Of polite you wouldn't you want to expand. Medicaid for word you'd say 300000. Children. All right arm while what why did the board did they fight you on board. What basis over the argument is somebody saying no. Other morning and sure those kits. We you know there or view. People who were questioning what we're doing. And typically in front. Good health care. People are openly in the legislature. And you know I simply. Told them what I'm telling you right now this is a good deal and and believe me go watch a program. That the federal. Kent State percentages. We're not nearly as good as these Medicaid expansion that would look right right now. But. Yeah that there were. Some criticism. On some questioning. But it's nothing like what we get right now. You know because. I don't seem to. Light kit but I don't seem to have to wanted to do it. And I think that's two you know like after 31 states or do will be 32. It's it's we do this and it looks like we will. Have a clinic this afternoon. We'll have an executive order. Problem on governor that which and so on I can't wait for the I think that some of them are real step in the right direction. A ball up and read under on the road to reports. That. Lot of doctors know whose team Medicaid patients. Kate rates march to low. Government paperwork is huge too cumbersome. Do you hear that is that correct it in the so. Have been here of these 31 states. Found an answer. Well. Look it might go back into law. Mind. You know what I was the oh legislature. And am trying to sell. The student to the legislators. Hand. It wasn't very difficult. Process like it is right now. But why why it's immune response to a question about doctors are not getting enough. Payment. In order to seek these children you know they're they're gonna refused. And I that I OK let's look so experts and what we. It is. By were right. Two positions our primary care positions or not in the good pay what they do it and so we will you raised that today. For the primary care physicians. Who would be the ones you know most likely receive these children at the top. And again we raised to 100%. Of the match or. 100% of the national average. And I've worked with doctors on the oh yeah and do you know we got the legislators to do it. And bully that helped a lot because of 300 points out children then. There were that were much likely to be able city. Does mention. Yeah and and that was good let's do it again it's. They've moved thank you in some but for the time I have great. All right thank you Carl. Aren't taken breaking news item coming right back equaled one of the loses says what's his excuse for the massive Medicaid fraud problem. Didn't get a chance and but. Let's talk about when we come back. Tuesday and 012. Nobody Medicaid expansion and you fall or get. What do you think George you vote in favor of governor we're. Attempt to expand Medicaid. Two people low income people hear about. Are you hundred holds some people. Almost old working war room would be and rolled under the expansion. Adults making up what called a 130 you'd presume that the federal poverty lookup. That's about. 33000. Dollar plus for a randomly for. It's gonna today reportedly. About true there encrypting your Health Department workers and costs about two million bucks. Cause civil restraining. Equipment itself. And everything. I've been told in the Arab news. Sounded reasonable to me that yeah of the federal government comes in and says replied well we're gonna pay a 100%. Bought. Become today according to. Debuted her bedroom room we just. Interviewed former secretary yeah. Department of health and hospitals under the falls through adminstration. After about ten years shall we were in there. We you have to pay 10%. Which comes to about three billion by use of Smart. But it totally something I didn't. That's going to be less than 13. While we already pay a so at least according to milk from a foot if plunged sued regularly. Even after the federal government says okay. You get a Big Ten percent of Wii's it'll make money on the not only doesn't costs to those with sigma. An important 31 states does this all run. And to veto leading Republicans can music here and of parents. Indiana and Ohio governor. Put its employees. And benefit fraud. And of Michael Goodwin new breed in depth about each one. Neither one of them wanted to do it under obamacare. So what they did they petition. The federal government. To do work their way. And they've thing getter with finger at four. Ordered bureau gore re here to bug it's a big government rubbed the bottom Ohio. 80%. His Medicaid beneficiary. Are now in private managed care plan. To can be compared to 30%. Deborah and when he first started dips. He went to march and in gut forms a waiver news. And any perhaps all content regulation. Linking nearly ten brits in the nursing homes to. There reimbursement. Of the quality of the product. Read local behaved or help from Medicaid Matt requirement. And it goes on and over on the going to be forty different things. He put you on the same thing for Annan's. So Italy's. On the from won't be hearing today from neighborhood. What are rib and a deliberate search for and that it's July. It's a good idea and looked out John can be because. If I remember our conversations over the last couple years that thing that he thinks it's in the state. To pay that 10%. And we can report. Learn more about the publishers. Ams the question. How about the millions. Fraud and then it goes on the Medicare. I haven't read about or interviewed anybody even those that were against that talked about in the in its role. I've talked to represented two of the Congressional Budget Office with everything their breed of view we could you he would. I've been out legislate towards congress people all the record. Or they truly bipartisan. And they say yeah they're they're like a moment's. And the Democrats and Republicans in the morning ember proposal. In his eye opener. For their idea on the benefits and lack a bit. And everything I've heard from them everything I've read virtually every federal program week. At four and in the CBO view get on the web site. You're Nancy vivid and applied. Smart fraud is they can find good Medicaid and food stamps you name it. But what they have found it is for actual pearl. Fractional waits. There are caught. That we bear the burden of all or those programs. Them sell outs. I think it comes down tubular David to have mentioned he had to fight the legislature. To get them to give health care to 300000. Children in this say. But Q I thought America was pleased word. And at least when it comes healthcare you should have that opportunity. We come back a little let's talk about what they're doing inaugural. With health care and your paw. Appeared David hood do you have different impression. Of Medicaid expansion I do could be right. Even when we pay 10%. At the end detailing years or somewhere in between and use my news. When reports of paid the ten person that the federal government then decides not to be. We're still come and two thirds. Saving. The world we're playing well does that change your law. Susan zero when they celebrity over the well one of the I think doing the things I always say. Usually you'd be good short what they've got to know what so objectives and then we gold. While proving the brawl. Probably believer than whatever your believes or. You should listen the people that disagree with in particular. Those that may have more knowledge. Or have some been muted note. And I think I'd just experienced that at least for the time being analyst side here jumping hill. Over the last couple years I've been begin its Medicaid expansion. Not because. I don't think everybody in this country. Should have access to health care. But because the of the 10%. That we're gonna pay. Once the federal government stopped paying a 100%. Which everything are reviewed in the experts tell me is somewhere around ten years opening a 100% pretenders. And at some time. In that span. Will end up paying 10%. When a bra are losers of William and it doesn't cause well. Blows doesn't cost loses much of repeating now. According to the former head of the huge reach under Foster and government sponsor the reduced gotten. Embodied told me that changed mom was he said. Old bird. Those. Ten years we get everything pay federal government picks are beholding understand. We pay for that to both were already. Paying for that part. Oh him repay the 10% according to David hood and he says that will be less than a third. While we're paying now. So that's. Is that that Greg and two thirds applause. William dubbed not spend. So for me. That's enough remitted go along. With the governor rod words I think he won thirty. There's gonna hold a news conference and say that that is can push for that expansion. Community and I heard things you have treaty of and you had indeed cherry. Wants to cover of I think spot 300000. People all of these working adults. And they only make up. About a 130%. Of the federal poverty level that means. For a family of board girl or American about 33000. Votes. Ordered to do that. We're gonna have to hire. Couple of 10300. New Health Department workers. Elected. Expanding. Government but. If David hood is Riley. And the expansion regardless of the two million. It costs and for the additional state workers. And on for. Elegant when you look at the health care system in Europe and England Germany. All of that was instituted apple work to do when they had nothing. The doctors there don't make near as much as we do. Their restricted. Stock awards they can make. But the very best doctors from what they call. Concierge doctors. Where. They work. With the richest people they can pay the most. So it is that tiered system. Part of your low income. You don't get necessarily. The best healthcare. What you do yet read health care. There is no system that I can and in the world. That. Allowed everybody health care that is financially sustainable. Brands Germany England. Oral battling. Multi billion dollar. Increasing deficits. In there health care system. The question is who lives. Which child which adult use say sorry. You can't have health care. I don't think I would be able to do that have problems governor present Andrew Card real public view. There's a juror one lead seven Hedo. We're intelligent that. Number of these two. Governor Edwards is looking at covering the action wouldn't be talking about increasingly are not increasing minimum wage. We're gonna talk dude right through Louisiana budget project and their polymers. LU. Disabled. Governor upheld the gates that would create a mobile 53. At that.