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Garland 1/14/16, 10am, Monuments

Jan 14, 2016|

The battle over the removal of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans moves to Federal court today. Are you hoping for the Feds to protect the monuments or allow their removal?

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Think today. Not go. I'm an assistant for Garland today Garland as the day off. He'll be back would you guys Tom Molineaux tomorrow we don't you go back via. I believe on Tuesday coming up so lots of things to talk about the today in the think tank. Poland the I I forgot when the show's start here so this is this is some of the behind the scenes as Tommy says the making sausage thing. This is called. Type forgot his headphones that week ago now I can hear what I'm talking about OPEC. So very welcome in 2601870. Or detect city 787 a couple of things we're going to be talking about today. In the old think tank the battle over the removal of the confederate monuments in the world and says that a move to federal court today. And our question for you are pretty jet or opinion poll and the question for you in general you call and text. Are you hoping for the feds to protect the monuments. Or to allow their removal you can logon to WW all dot com and cast your votes. Also are coming up the next hour. South Carolina governor Nikki haley's been taken a lot of heat from GOP conservatives. About a response of the State of the Union Address and she admits that some her comments were directed. At the F front runner right now Donald Trump to of your GOP supporter. Here's our question today do you agree. With a party trying to quote do you rail the Donald. From getting the nomination. Or. Should the GOP. Democrats any party just. Let the voters decide who they want to be the representative let the chips fall where they may. And if you war. Had the power you know we're all wishing about the powerball and what we would do and with the money and so forth than. I guess today is national I didn't win the powerball day if you're at work. If you could pick the two candidates. The nominees for each party. Who would they be and why won't talk about that coming up in the next hour. And also the White House set out some two Hollywood stars some tweeting talk points. In support of president Obama's gun reforms that he announced last week. Have you ever change your mind or opinion. On any topic based on something as celebrity. Said tweeted or cause that they championed. The Hollywood have that much influence. Over UN what you think. On some of the things will be talking about but first let's talk about the confederate monuments. And as the battle moves to the federal court. And the removal. Do you hope the feds are going to protect. Those monuments that are not allowed them to be removed like the city wants to have them removed. And their a lot of arguments saying that they should be allowed. That is of course what they're hearing about today. Preservationists are seeking to block yet because they say the removal of the monuments. Is they can't do it. Because it includes federal transportation officials. Are all locked into this mix to that all of drag them into at the US Department of Transportation. Regional transit authority. City in the world and that's who they're all. All dragged into this because they're saying since monuments. Some of the monuments not all of them. Our near the city streetcar network which is in part federally funded. They're protected under laws that restrict the use of federal money when doing so would disrupt historic landmarks that's what there arguing. Now. Most people can pretty much see if you remove. The money didn't but many of talking about is the statute generally in the circle. I don't see where you're gonna tear up the street car. Line to remove the statues. I don't see how that ties in I think that's a long shot. By them. You know when he can when it comes right down to it and visit the what do I want you guys to call it 2601870. Ari can text me at 87870. I'll be the judge okay let's pretend I am the federal judge. Elegy to make your argument. Why they should stay or whitish ago. Oca and just women I wanted to because to be honest. I am impartial in this. Before this started I couldn't tell you where the liberty monument was in this city. You'd asked me where Angela I don't know. I didn't know. Does that ever pay any mind to. How many times have you driven by statues in the city of the world and and have you ever really. Paid any attention. Two of those statues are. The artist. When they were put out why they were put up. He stopped to read all the plaques. At a list of all the statues are not all of that a good majority of the statues and monuments that are in this city. And out. Bet to say that most people didn't know half of more here. And what their four. Generally obviously in those we circled. Now. They Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson square yeah. My nose that one. But it did you ever stop and read to know about the Bernardo Galvin statue. Oh. The end though monument. The Margaret. Harry statute. I mean all over the place. In cities move monuments around all of the time. Affect delivery monuments and moved a couple of times. So if we take them down and put him in a museum. Or. Find someplace to put them. That's not in a prominent public area. Is it any different. They're not taken him down and act and melt them down and destroy him from what I've been told from what the mayor said. So doesn't matter where they are. 260187. In. Pretty detects heat 7870. If you are making the argument right now in front of the federal judge. Either way. In favor of the city. To try to keep them. Well would your argument be. Mean. And that will make our decision there will. Analysts have fun with the but I wanna hear why you think they should stay or why they should go. To 60187. Are you detect city 78 semi right now on our parade jaguar opinion poll. Most of you voting online at WW all dot com. 81% are saying you hope the Fed's protect the monuments. And 19%. So you hope the feds allow the city. To remove. And this is in for a Garland Robinette and we'll take a break. And be right back got a line open for years. To 601870. Hit your column know what you think of the mindless they're ago. What do you hope the feds say. Today in court. We'll be right back under them well. And welcome back to WWL dominance is in for Garland Robinette some attacks coming in at 87870. You'll hit some of those first. Let's see is here's one is anybody lying on their death spread word about which monuments are going to be taken down which will be left where they stand. No is much ado about nothing. By the way Andrew Jackson systematically killed native Americans to expect cropland during the trail of tears that was despicable yes he did. He did. Let's see here. Was another one. It that's for the other where the bottom line is of black post to defended everything and anything must come down just saying. No other attacks I think they should be moved to museum because they're offensive to black people that are losing side in a war and they are an embarrassment to the city. No attacks they definitely need to be saved they're part of history as a reminder. That if we don't learn from the past we're bound to possibly repeat them. Another tax. You don't sound impartial your preamble was a case that there is no harm and moving them now what I said was I don't. Doesn't matter to me if they stay up or they go down. My life won't change. So I really. I'm impartial and that I don't care yet taken down put him somewhere that's fine and leave them up that's fine I don't it doesn't mind. What I said was I want you. To tell me why you think they should come down or why they should stay out. That's what nice scores for me. It really doesn't matter to me to be on. The monuments are being put in a park to still be viewed I'm OK with their gonna be locked in building forever no. I don't want that to happen. The most texted. Another text. I think we just need to remove the names from the monument to monument to beautiful thing about the intra city park. If that came down. I'll kind. Those are some of the techs that are coming candidates have meets every now let's get to some of the calls to amber in New Orleans amber thanks for Colin to beat audio. Try it today. I'm I am and then he can monuments out I think game is signified very important turning point in history and I mean that he really I think in a lot of these people have done things in time. We're considered OK but now are not honorable. But you know generally. They lean mean in the south locked with grades and the north did not come down burn rate in tillage every. And made it our history was able to go on. I'm a lot of people don't know that. You know they really. How you mean these are basic. And get into you know that more complex. You know situations and people. You know you know how crazy was the beginning of civil war amber one earlier battles of the development Mathis Thursday. It has nothing to do with mining. They were firing home there were there was confusion. As to who was fighting on what side he had. South Carolina troops firing on the Louisiana troops she had northern troops firing on all entries because at the time the confederate. The official confederate flag look a lot like the American flag. And of the time and there was no. Wind so both flights were hanging street council they saw was a blue field with red and White Stripes. And at the time the south was still. Wearing their dress blue uniforms. And so somewhere gray summit but the generals on addressed blue so they were all wearing their blue so. Nobody knew who was who are beginning. But but again. You know to talk about that I mean New Orleans felt pretty quickly. In the civil war was one of the first default. Because of north knew they needed this this pork in this area that. So I mean I don't know how much. Generally did protective than oh you know almost German march to Atlanta and burned Atlanta. I think new world and basically got spared in protected simply because the north capture the parkway. Yeah we captured its weekly they captured so we supports. But the fact that when it comes down you know history and it KeySpan out of you know it. At the public should use not a politician. And you know the politicians to not be able that they were at it keep it out it should be by public it is and the and you're saying only nineteen and the people are saying thank the monument out about it. The majority. Vote. I think it should have gone to. They general ballot everyone enough the City Council. I think it definitely should have been more and more people that I think the City Council and you know at a I don't think that they should be but I don't think it's fair to them they didn't like her. Our children are children children you know and it it. And that history these aren't our air a theory and you know. Good thing that happened in that happened in a reminder. You know not do. You certain things in order to repeat their thing. I mean. You gotta be yeah and they aren't the monuments and ET. And you know and not necessarily all that people are completely right I history in perhaps people in DC Angel and around the. Is there is there a monument are generally in DC I don't know I've never been. They're not but I mean a lot of pregnant then press on is you know their monument. And Davis and DC. I just ask I'm playing devil's advocate a disaster I don't know. I can't tell you where your coming around but I just feel like. You know if you want to anchor our people in there people on any. Particular time period. And what we considered as it now obviously. Where different. And that you know simply implement now in two completely different animal and you know acting that the people. When it out of there with spot and died and you know I didn't something that. We're human rights and they are trying to Howell and you know Wyatt it. Why should be targeting their memory. On it because maybe what was that are acceptable in different now. Would it be would it be easier. To accept. If the statues were placed at a battle site. That had historic X oracle significantly if you go to Gettysburg. You're gonna see the confederate battle flag flying and you're gonna see the union flag flies the American flag point of the time because it's a historical. Area it's it's preserved as a national historical monument. And I would expect the seat that there I would expect to see statues of lesions and so forth and and Ingram and everybody there. And I you know to me personally to me if the statue stay up. I'm fine if they move I'm fine it's not gonna affect my life personally and I don't think it's really changing history if you move on some more. Up until I get infecting anybody else that light either it just me something out of him. Am in an and I think Andrew tempering that you know it to bring that out and you know it is just. It odd that the content via the range should art the art is already cord you know her like we can be spending money. Well the city's not gonna sit he's not gonna spend money on it and that's going to be another having donated and donate money to do stuff. Either way I mean it there in our neatly complement our somewhere while they're constantly there now wired going to be at Atlanta park I there's. It seemed like the opening in area illogical and ultimately lead to primark. Lambert thinks we're Colin. All right but by the 601870. Some logistic that Robert. You moved partly to cemetery. And I and that's why I asked you know these things are it will take a break descending order news we're it's not done its. Dave Cohen standing by their newscasts. And welcome back to sick so why seventy or you get Texas and a 7870. Let's see here. Let's go to him to do do do Ryan analogy yours they Ryan thinks colander BW up. It. They're here I'll want to government are and that would note as a result from the war is all about is what the comments. Well first first as well there's no city money is being switched notes and what is in Somalia or home gate and so is we use an increase in its community. People strain this real pressing. In. Court. A couple portal in that respect it's oh yeah currently on the previous counts. All. As an hour in American Bernard do you ghost actions probably yet. It's. In the back Obama you can't help but think it's. Some of these gentlemen are all you're fighting for principle. Bit literally. Oh. Students will mine great grandparents and all of us live. You know these gentlemen actually it was. It would be totally different sort back to my mind to it here so it's a book mama exporters it is of the America we do. I'll. You don't losers. On the night and as people Berkeley law is being lost why. Saying to each month in the well we put my right mr. losers you noticing what was important is of course using eco statutes it seems that you including the now. If you do their own people who. We're very engines which are in the paint in Indian in this war. And somebody's got started at what point. In other things of that nature just don't know what some of these people ought to understand technology being used his new agencies. Some of these people they do that in lieu and so why. It shouldn't. Mr. Lee has to be lost. Why don't we have a statue glory days the polls to most of you know that the war. That would of the stool. Would you would you be opposed run at the statue both of them both men. No matter it's doing staring each other down for a holy to the executive. Suggested that movement is about. You know that. That's more exercisable. For actually the war you know what I mean I don't I don't know what we talk and who movements are about. Arnold Arnold give it if you keep won't cost the banks in the spring is being the general rule. Follow old war. She wasn't loser is more or be celebrate. Why all the celebrating his bachelor. Understand Ryan and I got a lot of text saying that there are no statues of Hitler in Germany and that is true too but they did what they keep on or is it. They keep on certain German nun on August I'm just saying that's what they're saying yeah in the and I'll be the former places that were the former Soviet Union they have changed all of their statues. Of Landon and and Paula and Stalin and all that effectively wanna from the Lenin Stalin statue they change into a statue of Darth Vader. It was so and it wasn't as well it is not should be funded by the beard final entry down its. Quarter it was a quarter should be treated. And illegal we tried the keys need the money. But he's much of the world she that we currently. We have done. Problems. Game you know it would he's got in you know calls. Ryan at least at all to these statues and I'm asking is because people are texting that these statues always offend you. You'll holing out from beyond which is sometimes so that it is not well some other notable book. All. I'm not used to pursue I have a degree in history book. Well I'll always be accurate to history. Oh prime choked in oh blur in the northern part of American history part of it you should be used to as well. Shall I do understand from the complexities vote this war. Want to give it. I understand. What fees. Guys will fall. Okay and when tactic about it because even though I was born they shelved in the actual from apple and probably young key it. Range from all the parents. Were at the same day of the potential mine grant although it was this year crop. My great grand total was born actually. Almost all soul. Have a connection where visit to excellence. And and it gives gentlemen. Did not regretful that. Pretty. They're now some pounded like in the and the deficit in you know well but I don't own. Catalytic directory it means you can't do that did you know all. About him on sometime this year people. Until Mikey in the tree would you got Morgan. What happened to keep this is what looks. He was actually asked generally was actually asked to leave the union army first and then he says. Oh well. Oh yeah. And it is still an idea still studies his military maneuvers at West Point everything he steadily in general out there and now military still does honor all confederate soldiers bear southern regret. Them. If it has anything to do with it much to DeWitt went painted. And the actual picture department Abdel fall ultimately I'm with elegant understated. I don't know their own. Lead. On the mean it would have been in the correct. Well they offered in the job he said he was from the south and as always with the south so he went to south now. But have put it this way Lincoln thought Lee was a better general then grants. Correct. Correct so you know it'd be looking at and dot with the New York totally different during will be different are Ryan. I gotta gotta gotta run again get to a break the bank recalled item in the spectre comments are 2601870. 86 exit eight nines there it's in some mrs. yeah Arlington Arlington cemetery was Robert. And the federal government com. The skater this punishment. And turned it into the cemetery after his death his heirs sued the government and it was returned to the family about that time thousands had been buried this year. As we get. And there are right 2601870. We can Texan a 7870. Coming right back with more recalls and comments here at WW and a welcome back to 60187. Theory contacted 8787 Eveready jaguar opinion poll are you hoping for the feds to protect the monuments or allow their removal there a meeting and federal court today there have been hearing. About this. And what do you want 79% revote on lines that you want the feds protect the monument the league where they are 21%. To allow the city. The year removal to remove them. Got a lot of text coming in now fast and furious studied you know all army bases are named after confederate generals that three name them or remove them to. Yup Fort Hood a lot of a lot of the bases are named after generals of the confederacy for who it's one of them. The federal government has already stated they are not renaming. Any. Of the military bases. There are also not. Going to remove the of the strike that is on the uniform I think for southern regiments that were actually part of the confederacy that then got absorbed into the union army once. The war was over. And they were that is. In honor of their heritage of those of the valiant the soldiers that fought. In those regiments. In honor of the ones that died and they said they're not gonna take that off the uniform either. So this isn't really about wiping out history this is about a city. Basically saying we don't want these monuments anymore. Can we take them down. That really is what it comes down to. Do you wanna take a down 31 on the leave them up. Let's see let's go to. Johnny in gentility Johnny thanks for holding your Honda VW up. Yeah ego and personable. Those mountainous little humor that won't produce as history. In America which school to tell the truth about it our innermost. But it can only educate. Should counsel people. Think it is also a lot. That has to do that. Where they are. Taught to deter and Giles yes. And who does and it obviously. Just typical statute would have been grieving at the bit. So that. They were so. That it slipped it ought to postpone the continuation of rich and people can't. Picnic. And about a struggle to betray. And the but other things like the black crow and the feel of the doubt on haven't. And by. And well hope people on the debris that can. Do it in the he's out of this would know what's out. There and people this. Johnny you know they they did change the wording on the liberty monument several times. Let us that the people fall street that sort. The way to a truck and Annapolis that people. Catcher Johnny thanks for color. I'd I'm pilots move on now let's seat to Glen and the night for England banks were going to beat appeal. The forum come from. Kind of the United Nations so make sure French German Spanish and African. And I think that this is the case. Let Glenn normally we call that a New Orleans go to. And you get a everybody. Is of mixed. OK you ain't gonna find no perfect people Jesus mark kick the dog wants in his life you know. I mean really. And when people say that well I don't know about that when the go ahead and open. Nobody's perfect let's face it. You wanna talk about they actually were. To outlook will Corey look at what they were Rory presumably try ago. Was one of the biggest swing triggers. And Greg obviously using. In the history of Africa. Okay I can't say people that take the monuments now. Take monuments stand up and everybody. Across the board. We just won't have any monument so if they're going to be offensive. I'm offended. As saying mixed race person of marketing at the Michael bore down and what's not no one wants. But Martin went to Michael Brown did this as work. I used to march. Or what but the black community has gone from freedom fighters to petulant black brats. Okay. This is a case where they're not study in their history. Robert Healy did some things that there will probably not good intentions and so war. I personally think Lincoln. By authorizing a tax on some billions cities. He would be considered a war criminal today. Andrew Jack stand it was a mixed bag. New Orleans didn't do much what cherokees. Now you know nobody's perfect. And most of the people who fought in the civil war on the south side. Were not slave owners. Study your history. Everybody. Is some mixed. Really. But the most offensive thing to me right now. And does not Wallace might be one is probably pretty -- fine Michael people like you know who actually since should be portrayed. We still should go in the stand instead of a diploma. You know he attacked the police office. So that was an investigation. No there's nothing monuments if you gonna take monument down several historic spots in New Orleans and other places around country. I say look across the board. It's as you'll it's gonna happen I'm sorry the movement to change their name. When I say all all statutes should be abstract you know we just off that figure out what the heck the artist meant. They ago. All right. I'm glad thanks for Colin we'll take a break be right back to this conversation. And throw more into the pot governor in the next hour ominous than for Garland Robinette on the think tank your of them even well. I just don't last attacks coming in fast and furious here rate 77 Ian calls as well we'll continue talking about this as well and in the next hour we'll throw in. About South Carolina governor Nikki Haley of your GOP supporter do you agree with the party trying to do Rio. Donald Trump. So the party just let voters decide let the chips fall where they may. If you could magically create the ballot for president. Who would you put against who and why from the Republicans from the Democrats as well all right. Think about that throw that in the mix as well and everyone knows on the hold hold all we'll get to your calls as well we'll talk about. The monuments. And what is going on in federal court today. Maybe we'll check if if we can get an update from our news folks anything that's come about. In that discussion. Yet. All right did you tell what I seventy. You text 8787. Main evidence is in for Garland Robinette it will take a sure break for news and be right back for more here on WWL.