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1-14 3:10pm Scoot: on disruptive moviegoers

Jan 14, 2016|

Scoot talks about the Oscar nominations and asks what you do about disruptive moviegoers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oscar nominations were announced today we've got the list Ross are gonna talk about movie theater etiquette. No I don't think I'm that. I don't think I'm I'm. That touchy when it comes to a lot of things I would think that I'm rather tolerant when it comes to some things. When it comes to some people in movie theaters. Are really don't get very tolerant. Because it seems to me that what they often do. Is so simple to not do if you at least just respect those around you will be talking about it I'm sure there's things that bother you as well. The Republican debate is tonight on the Fox Business a network it's going to be 5 o'clock for the first debate in at 8 o'clock our time for the big debate. And truck and cruise it's going to be interest to watch these guys that mean this could be a free for. Where I think eighteen days away from the Iowa caucus. And then coming up as a New Hampshire primary not long after that the South Carolina primary and this is this debate is taking place in South Carolina. Donald Trump says that the Republican Party may have a problem if pit crews is the nominee. Supposing he runs. And everybody is banking on him and then the courts ruled that he can't run. That's not so good to what you do concede the Election Day Hillary Clinton but it crazy heard. I just find that interest to Donald Trump is is is raising this birther issue with mr. cruise. You know the birth there issue was such a big deal with President Obama even though all the evidence. Indicated that he was born in Hawaii the United States. But even he had been born in Kenya to a woman who is a US citizen and he put had been a natural born citizen in the same way that take cruise is a natural born citizen. Or is there really question about that's it he can always find lawyers who. While fine. Another side of an issues so there may be a legitimate question here. Maybe not but cushion trump who really had this romance going on for a long time are starting to target each other. Here's what Chris said about trump. This issue did not seem to concerned Donald it until little over a week ago. When suddenly he was he was trailing in the polls in Iowa. And so I guess that's a good points and that crouse has slipped in Iowa Cruz has slipped a little bit in the polls so. You know I really think this is a very exciting election cycle and will be here to talk about it. I take your notes tonight's who will watch the debate tonight we'll talk about it future reaction and have highlights. Tomorrow afternoon on description. Earlier in the show we were talking about the female teachers are involved with the the group's accident a threesome involving here. Sixteen year old student from desperate and hide that's back in the news because of the teacher wears well it was in court but she. She actually did through her attorney plead not guilty and the question was should a female teacher guilty of sex with an underage male student receives the same treatment as a male teacher with underage sex with. A female or male student and it's interesting that we do have this double standard also we've been talking about whether or not you are celebrating or cursing the lower gas prices. Prices are dramatically down it's being called. In Louisiana another oil crisis the first oil crisis was about skyrocketing prices of oil. Now it's about the plummeting price of oil. And if you wanna continue that conversation you can certainly caller showing your uncle stay with us but I also wanna talk about movies the Oscar nominations are up for best picture and the nominees are. The big short which I really exit and seeing and much of that was done here in New Orleans. Bridget spice. Brooklyn. Mad Max fury road the martian. The evidence room and spotlight. It's rare that I have not seen one of the nominees. And is there a movie that you saw last year that you think really should have gotten a nomination for best picture but did not we'll talk about that but also I have a wanna talk about. Movie etiquette which we occasionally bring up on the show have you ever spoken up when somebody was disruptive in a movie theater. And in what happened. So paper route. Some people are inconsiderate I don't really expect that much out of that everybody in where we're humans and where were flawed but some of the stuff that get people to. In a movie like this dissent that's a public place. For all and they are. In join a movie or all of their for the same reason and yet it seems like some people were never taught how to act. In a movie figure. And so often it it's involving adults. With cellphones. And my god and it was a case of fun. That's retired. Police officer. In Tampa Florida. Guy next to him where his was texting. The guy shot and killed. So some people go a little bit too far but if you ever said something to anybody. In a movie theater because of their behavior. And what is it. About. Violating movie etiquette. That bugs you the most. Our numbers 2601870. Area code 504260187. In a Texas a 77 he hears are pretty jag opinion poll this hour have you ever spoken up when somebody was disruptive in a movie theater. If your pick your net to be WL dot com. From New Orleans Bob you're on WW LA good afternoon. As well come around again good game and now some different. You know every everything. In the and yes it on the way out the door on our state a move toward future. You know what let them on the cheaper price. And that's. Let's start seeing him again. It's gonna the United States with export that we export gasoline. You know you're gonna cheat. But don't. Prices yet benefit of new companies and saw. About terrorism around the world. We've put it you know a couple who would. Incredible. Isn't it. And you know. You know I know down here very conservative by. When you need the book award that you cure what when oil you know. Bobby bring up a good point and and I am sure there companies that are reaping the benefits the stock noises as far as their profits are concerned. Who are looking to the future and and looking beyond. Oil. And in the back in the seventies win it was the the it was called the Arab oil crisis and there was such fears that they would not be enough oil. It in the world and now we've gone too much supplies down and there's a plentiful supply of oil even though it's. I guess you could see at some point might be a finite I'd it's not necessarily. Infinite it's not like wind or ranger or something like that it is finite amount of oil presumably. On in the earth. But we have done such a good job of drilling in become more self sufficient here in the United States you know it it's not it's not the fear we knew we don't fear now that we once had back in the seventies. When it was so bad that I think it was a president Jimmy Carter or maybe Cheryl Ford. If it was a it was a lowering of the on lowering the speed limit on on interstates in and and federal at least a 55. Because it would save gas and back them and how much true even back that it would say guest but I appreciate you coming gradualist. All right I want to say about the gators know you got it. It's not the people all why did they serve great goalie back. I think people try and Brian barker and mark of the. Let's have really good point that is accurate especially if you're in a movie where you know it's there there are real quiet moments and then you're left. All it drives me crazy but it's not our fault that the you know. Maybe we need to organize in the fact that ball great. Bob I'm glad you comment thanks for listening and here's attacks that says it's. Don't wanna listen to your eating your popcorn. Yet you know I guess you actually the depending on the movie. I mean if there are quiet moments in the believe you're gonna hear people eating their popcorn armed clenching down on something. If you wanna join us for your comment if you ever said something to somebody in a movie theater because of there have been man's disruptive behavior because of what they were doing. And also if there's a movie that you would go highly recommend mobile talk about that because the Oscar nominations senate came out earlier today. I numbers 2601873. Coach final four to 60 when he Sony tech Summers a 7878. I'm stewed in the afternoon if ever coming right back on WL. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has bagged a major endorsements. Doc dynasty star Phil Robertson. Went hunting with him this picture of a cruise wearing a camouflage overalls. With a shotgun. Blowing a duck whistle with Phil Robertson. Phil Robertson says of the endorsement. He says he wants to endorse Iran was endorsed him cruise because. Who would kill a duck. Whoever would kill a dog and put it in a pot. And make him a good duck gumbo fits the bill. I guess Phil Roberts since criteria for voting for president is slightly different from mine and maybe years but here's what cruise says about us here in the deep south. You look at those states across Super Tuesday across the first part of march where southern states. Where conservative states where veterans were gun owners we love god we're sick and tired but what Obama's doing in this country. All right. Well it doesn't describe everybody and and you know like that he's right about the self he's right about the deep south of being very red bite the deep self doesn't necessarily guarantee that somebody's gonna win and I again I think there's so many interesting factors going on with the selection. Will be here to talk about it every afternoon this will be your home for politics during the 2016 presidential campaign and double talk about the Republican debate tomorrow afternoon on the shield. If you wanna join us with that comment we're talking about job and now I'm movies and people takes people do in movies were also talking about whether or not you are celebrating or cursing the low price of gas. Our numbers 2601878. Texas a 7870. Is a Texas says I hate people. Slurping drinks. Yet that is. Kind of aggravating up from Gretna change your own Debbie WLA good afternoon. I mean beating street bridge and his team exit from that and Uga for the program you know. As for Matt Barnes and as he did he originally from the medium in the state which is an appearance and believes it could be that connect. Well it wouldn't be that easy to change immediately it would take. It would take decades. It's change to change that so we have to make the best of so what we're doing now. And easy to congress and because of that government work in the back it as a dishwasher. Coup on unity that depend on people. On the partnership EU whatever downtown at night and because of counsel to trickle down here. James. And Louisiana now. Not at all but I mean it is the way it is not right it's not like they were so beaten the world petroleum appealed to look at and institutional right now I mean look at you announce that. And now and then there are there are a lot of other people that it but think about everybody else in the Louisiana businesses that are reaping the benefits of it's a lower price of gas. Well isn't yet some of them that's. And probably agree with them on the open borders closed in the borders and not because well competitors society is that it's a room in this country. I'm no lip and naturalization. And don't let that situation would be the place and relocation Marlins what America like you and in Europe about six months. It's not going to be good for the country. And I think it's the trees trees and community and he treated. He he's he's he's played in the right Terry crews from Canada. And Christian. There's. There're there're going to be corrected about. Trumpet like that he realizes. And in any of that nature of those I'm and watchers. What it says the troops in interior. And we're gonna die as much you care to go right to protect. What you protector and that is due to an ego and that you can read. Refugees. Was here and give credit peace. Treaties and United States. Create. The most and that he. And I agree with them they created the problem and create the solution which is basically. Well here in. And the relocation. And re. Enemies. Now. But the anti the anti American feeling that is part of the groups like crisis and al-Qaeda in the telethon that. That goes deeper than something that the US just creates and he may be weak created because we are the way we are. And yet you visit it yet and so in the directly from. Them the only thing in combat under culture. As a threat of passing interest in light of the hours. The debt natured it you know the economy of the public at the society and it into a and that it. Yeah it is and as. You entourage and such on the object in Panama and the boat having them yet and typically to. Our partnership. And people just chomping at bit of this situation. Where they're taking these money. And do these student. At mission. Jerusalem. Two that he's pushing the agenda these kind of lawyers and torso as an English courts. All right James are glad you were going to cut that off your chest. Com and there was a case in federal court today and based on our articles on our website WWO dot com. The a preservationists. And have an uphill battle for the it to save the confederate era monument so it has and decided. I Todd Manassas was filling in for Carlin talked about it earlier today and every W Albert died when the decision was made not to not to have a decision from the judge. When he said he would take a while for him to make a decision on this we decided not to talk about that there will be plenty of time to it to get into that. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments on numbers 2601870. Erica final four to 60187. Or Texas say 7870. Here's a Texas says in Covington the young lady was texting in the seat in front of me I answered a stoppage she told me to call a cop. I showed her my bandage. And I told that the police are already here. She promptly turned it off. That's. I'm scooby afternoon we'll be right back after this to be to be real news update with Jim and so. This regular talking about Sean Penn interviewing Al chop poll for Rolling Stone magazine and on the campaign trail Marco Rubio had this comment about. Sean Penn interviewing a chapel. If one of these American actors who have benefited from the greatness in this country. Who have made money from our free enterprise system wanna go Sean all over our criminal and a drug trafficker in their interviews. They have a constitutional right to do what I find it grotesque. I can't wait for the debate tonight's Republican debate tonight's will be talking about it tomorrow afternoon on the show. I'm getting a lot of text from people who are talking about it behavior and movie theater seat the Oscars were announced today we put through the list of the best pictures I'd not seen one of them yet they've they've looked good to me. I'm not a science fiction kind of guys Souza mad Max movie doesn't really appeal to me but some of these other movies of martian and the big short which I really wanna see. A look very good but this has also led us to talking about those people in movie theaters to are are very inconsiderate. Here is text that says my daughter and wife my daughter myself. Rent a movie they had a teenager sitting right behind me. On the phone talking very loudly. And kept pushing my chair. I told him to get off the blank phone. Before I shut it down your throat. And if you kick much. I won't break your foot. Well I'm not recommending violence here. But if somebody is that irritating. I'll say something. And what's really aggravating as they make like you're the bad person. Somebody's kicking your seat. Somebody's on a cell phone. Me if the phone goes off. Taken outside. Here's a pretty general opinion poll have you ever spoken to somebody because of their disruptive behavior in a movie theater. 26% say no 74%. Say yes. VW Ellen good afternoon. Good. Outlook. Jet to open. Up. Dated. 00. Not at all. Well on. What do. I. Know they want. And be president. Pat Day period as. Yeah there are differing opinions on this Ronald because it was some people read it did if you are born to aid. An American mother unfortunately during natural born citizen but there are some people who question. Just a little. No confidence. Netstat. We should keep on. The eight you could not go out and oh. You. You know. Chain to write. A statement to date she. Actually. Well become the all all you Lee. National. Jewish support Austrian. Right. About it is we shall want all. That they. That run on budget called I I don't think I don't think people should blindly support a candidate whether your politicians are words to please citizens and in voters just because of the party. But I think that's one of the flawless in our our whole system which creates the divide and makes it even deeper. A from New Orleans Arthur you're on to VW on good afternoon. Hello Arthur. All right just like we lost contact with author if you are joining us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 260170. Erick are 5042601870. And a text is 87 EA Stephanie from Algiers Connie welcome to discussion. I get ugly and cannot help look at you know did you get that. Talk about Jay Newton is that it's much I mean. So I go and come into America. Have a child here and then is that okay for that child to be president when they weren't even mount and nobody was there was at a. You know a lot of people see that that flowing in the system they don't think it's it's fair if you just born here too to be. They're natural natural born citizen. And in any illegal I mean cry to mom would only go to the attitude of the country we don't know that our good. You know and us. Analysts I've missed something Connie it's not a fact that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen. It was my understanding that if you are born to an American mother on foreign soil you are a natural born citizen there are those who talk about John McCain. A prominent senator who ran for president before he was born in in Panama but he was born in an American hospital and so I think that's considered American soil. Because he was born on the base my first wife my mom my son's mom. I was from Panama and her mother was Panamanian her father was in the military and she always had natural born citizen because. Yeah I was born on the base. What was splitting hairs on it I think because when you get image you know. You have to look at that point it would allow people to the American citizenship at pebble where near even though mom just stepped over the line at the child you have a more Americans. I mean we do have some problems that we eligible problems in this country that basket. Can't tell you what were you a birth or with the President Obama. Umpires again it people who were in insisting he's not a citizen. I was not permanently into that all I felt about that like it's mob and him in Hawaii at duke. And even if his mother had him in Kenya which she didn't but if she did she's a US citizen so he would be an American citizen posing as. Interesting how quiet many of the birthers are when it comes to a Terry Cruz county going to color show collate your listening if you wanna join us this afternoon here's our number it's 2601878. Echoed final four to 601 A Saturday Texas a 7070. I'm screwed in the afternoon were coming right back on W well. Oh. I'm gonna pop culture calendar for today's January the fourteenth it was on this date in 1990 has since it's made its Premiere Magazine weekly show on fox. And we know that sports tips and and the whole show has released ruined America. Knows where the predictions knife America is ruined and really don't think it's because of the Simpsons. I will be talking about the Oscar nomination says they're out of one of the movies that has been nominated is there were evident with Leo DiCaprio. And here's a Texas has had just finished watching the revenue it it was not good it was slow long and drawn out. Leo is acting was great though guys somebody else told me the other day to have you we've said it was really slow here's a text and this is about behavior in movie theaters. Yes they Celtic to a teenager but to threaten a teenager over the top in my opinion. Maybe ask nicely edited as a work in a worker to handle it. Here is a text. That's their problem the constitution states that if you're born on US soil or if you have one parent that is a US citizen. You are too high if you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Detects a 77 Daniel welcome to Russia this afternoon. I think I was commenting. On it and situations and turn into natural born and which means. You have to look and a city on October. Detention convert can be a differently. Dan if you or an argument. If the stand to people and she and I US. Citizen parent somewhere out. Yeah can you have to people in the crate to carry what not geared. Diplomatic corps people who were ready and see him. Period and carry out there when you. Don't care. If an account that can keep private yeah. And. I protection says says children born to US military members in military hospitals overseas holds a dual citizenship switches its interest it. And you bring up you bring up the good and children and care. To parents who work for the US embassy court and have dual engine Atlanta. I did begin natural born citizen has nothing to do with natural childbirth. What else I think I think now I'd like no return is yeah born and add your your naturally and upon our. They. Noticed too ain't you at all to US is the parent somewhere out. And if you want to change. It being polite and you have to change the patient advocate and say. Daniel I appreciate the information going to come out here's a text out here here comes the defense of of of attacking Obama and not cruised. The difference between Obama and cruise is that crews did not hide his birth certificate Obama did it. Well did he hide it's it. It came out. On May be I don't know maybe it was the reason he didn't release it right away because I don't know I I remember the controversy. But I and I remember people thinking that he was hiding it. But I don't think he really hit it and I think it was somewhat unprecedented to release them but yeah again here comes the hypocrisy. It's OK to attack Obama but not crouse. I if crews did not hide his birth certificate. But the deal is if you're born on foreign soil. Like some claim Obama wise that you're not a natural born citizen and that transfers over to Ted Cruz which is not the case. Free it's your under VW well. Yeah its scope. What or wouldn't tell tell users that are. I'm tired German girl I was in the military and I had a sure in Germany. And he had all right job make your Ortiz out shorten a you know I can't remember what that they were not order war. But he had a right to shoot eight Warren. You know. What he wanted to be German or American. Know we moved back here without relation chartreuse. And we live in it and release. Eyre and so you know what he turned twenty war you know. He didn't immediately after you make a choice Kyra because. He was. He could have made a joint and said he wanted to be government but. So I don't know that any different. About military. Pursche until billion. Of our our parents you know from. Oh well I think it also might depend on where your where you're born if you're born on the military base is a Texas says McCann was born in Panama his father was stationed there. In military capacity. A there are millions of Americans born and other places but they are Americans by virtue of this. First of alleged co show thanks for sharing your story I'm stewed in the afternoon and we'll be right back. Here's are pretty gentle opinion poll have you ever spoken up when someone was disruptive in a movie theater I get to share opinion at WWL dot com. We'll give you final update on that when we come back. Sports topic Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia is next QB to QB with Drew Brees at 640 they'll also be talking about the NFL divisional playoff games this weekend sports talks next starts at 4 o'clock. Here on WWL. Here's a final update on our party jag opinion poll. Have you ever spoken up when someone was disruptive in a movie theater 34% say no 66%. Say yes. And has been an interesting poll here's a Texas as we had a problem Christmas Day. We were to see Star Wars. A group of fifteen or sixteen teenagers were disruptive during half the movie the manager said we shouldn't. Com during the day. And holiday. And that we ought to get a refund and come back another time guys seem to be that maybe the teenager should have behaved in the first place. Major with a sort of thing Diane Newman our executive producer thomas'. House source studio producers. Margaret process. It mark Bernard an earlier one in New Orleans.