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The Think Tank 1010am, Selective Service

Jan 21, 2016|

If we really thank and appreciate our militaries “service,” should we reinstate the draft so all our sons and daughters have a chance to be “appreciated?’  You know, “boots on the ground”... as in your child’s feet in those boots? This hours guest: Lawrence Romo - Director of Selective Service System

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And I think it's important in fuel thing trying to they were good number to go I've because they don't talk about board governor upwards. Wants to do with the state budget and your question will be what we caught. Or. Or do you wanna tax. During the year ago quarter. A lot. In the category to actually talk to injured ardent commissioners. A good administration. And will vote talked to an element that I have walk out of respect for. Take a look at what I think is that two porn porn 2.5. Billion dollar deficit of replacing. Once again to resume 11 o'clock something good did it interest singled to. Our public defender's office every word you look. Departments state so these parishes need more money. So if you look at he public defender's office. I think they're million short shall be AC OU. He is selling the office in order. To forces said the reports the state. Tough on the off because it's not funded properly cons consequently. In. For the spurs on the public defenders or refused and some felony cases. Should be introducing we'll talk to be ahead of the public defenders of its oil to the director of the ECU. This cell are aware of war and Romo sitting with a rector of Selective Service System. Ordered welcomed the show appreciates coming and thank you provide me today. We'll talk to the board what. A red line is I don't need to. Give you muddy ignorant threw it in the beginning of the almost all of milieu of citizens in the yield improvement for 1825. Or required to register would select. To serve yes it's federal law when it about two emissions virtually all males aged 25. Must register with a select the service as mission number one. Mission number two is to make sure we have an alternative service program for people that are being conscientious objectors. Well what can Alter the service in that. Okay the mission is. Let's say that we do have a draft and Brazilian grand look at Austin. Different boards we have in our country. Security organs we have some boards a community leaders five people and they would. Meet the young man and check this case out. And he could show them the board that he's towards alive from the losses. And so going into the military that would give him two years of public service and public service nonprofits aren't just. Well what is selected services that. Under the military under the Pentagon what what is it we are in an independent agency we don't belong to department of finance or any other agency. We knew we do that congress today purposely because that won him picture we have some bullet control. Because we are photograph women at a rent dresses Vietnam would make sure that we're fair and impartial that equitable. So we want to make sure that the department of finance doesn't have any picnic in the deal. It would would what would happen if there was right. Sure there was a graph via the national emergency. President congress would say we need to have a draft and they would Saturday the military slick sort respect is is in force. So we would go ahead and grow a little bit our organization. That we're gonna peacetime mode right now and we basically with start graft. We would set up offices around. The state to regional offices. To make sure that we had service to young men that would be drafted. And also we would have a lottery system dislike the powerball lottery. One of the balls Robison at the the month. And today the other one would be the secrets number so let's say April 10 would come out sequence number one. So we started twentieth birthday it's her body born on April 10. That they subsequent several one they would the ones to go first. They sought a qualified medically physically academically disliked you do with a Walther force right now they go to the military interest process and senator. Two see if they qualify it's this article I dislike the low point today. Quote keep continue getting young men until we have the U quotas that the service. The army or the Marines or wherever that they would need. Which started it's twenty go to 21222324. Replied. The 1918 and that we the sequence of events we have a 192 days to bring the first people for process. If you while we were required. To register. What happens if you don't good question. There are benefits ties in to registry you have to literature to 1825. Increased 26 is too late to their registry again. He conducted a program to delegate total jobs he can I give total job training. If you have a green card trying to citizenship to get penalized states 31 for citizenship. Also certain states so much about Louisiana but. In many states are state employment Connecticut state employment or municipal deployment. It does have consequences also. We sent the list of Department of Justice. In that they reserve the right to prosecute you he could be yeah. Killed up to five years at two under for 2000 dollar fine. But elder peacetime Department of Justice doesn't do that because. More important fish to fry. All right we're talking to Laura to rule out directorate Selective Service System. Or are you surprised that you are required to register you got questions comments are you getting ready to. Volunteers getting ready to make Leo and career of the military. We've got demand Gibbs called truce eggs you roll one in celebrity double dog. Are over thinking about does selection service liberal mind you or. Pulled it up Portland says and almost sold me oh you're a citizen legal immigrant sure 18100 through 25 and or are required to register with the collective service. We have these directors selected Serbs were this war Romo. Lords when I read it's is. Mom and them. All moves at all. What are the exception. They're very minor exceptions. If you have so money we have these special visas for businesspeople poem. Other poor countries that are here temporarily working on that. Your son reform diplomat but we were she old mills that includes a undocumented green cards and citizens all hands on. So we just need the name address date of birth council's security number or evil red shirt that there was strong line on a website. As assessment of for the Europe post office and register. But. We don't check anybody status we were make sure that we have register all males so we can have a fair and equitable pull mills to the wrong. Introducing questioned about here when that. You roots do this is set up to be equitable. During my time Vietnam. You got married didn't have to go out rich people's kids didn't have ago at certain education moves that would engines in ago. About today you. In other title blow things slow lessons learned. For example low. Young men a lot of Luis like stroke though in the guard reserves and well we're gonna guard reserves on it little Vietnam. Now you read about multiple appointments of the guard or reserve or use almost like active duty. So that's not a safe zone. Also. He used to be that the job boards would actually pick the people that would have quotas legacy here in New Orleans that would have a quota for let's say. 300 so the boards would actually pick the people what now it's like the powerball lottery it's all strictly random brutally pick. And also for educational. He heard stories of people getting 45 deferments change in the major now if you're like area. Here's senior will let you graduate from college but if you are and a sophomore freshman or junior. We'll let you finish semester but you're gone afterwards if you qualify. How about women. Female they register great right now women do not register but. There was. Decision by secretary defense as Carter December December. That all combat positions are open to women. So now because of that. It's gonna come to head just to court cases out there that are that are talking about. Equal protection. Quote women and men and women should register. And also congress is wholly hearings probably next month. If women should registers some would say there's probably at least a 5050 chance. The women have to register we are prepared to congress the presidential sort register and for women. Not a Rick one other point to when you think about it in Vietnam. Only 1% of the force women. Now it's it's nearing 20% of the of of the military are women. And generally if we do have them on women read in in the forces with poppy. Would have the draft because. The women have helped us maintain the volunteer force. Only one in four people qualify for the military today. Only 1% serve today in the Walter Forbes. Would what are you doomed to register. Very very easy takes less than two minutes. They go on a website www. SS that's let go of it can register to go to the post office we have cards. It's self addressed and you can meld poke the card and also to go to university junior college you're gonna program. That registrar will pick you up there because don't refute that program you have to register also Louisiana. If you receive a driver's license. It's that says statement of our slices Louisiana saying your commission is being sent to selective service. Louisiana's its leading one of the one of the major graders rates states. In our in our compliance rate. At age eighteen it's approximately 92% and by the age 25 it's close to her percent. So very proud of Louisiana it leads the country. They compliance rate along with a few other states that compares to Mississippi. Where Mississippi is very low it's in the bottom ten or states and territories to comply it's. We're we're not even close to 9% of the time to turn its 25 in Mississippi do you curing card to prove registration. Yes we. Once again amendment assures we will send them make hard also. Most young people now have. Will computers he and they can actually go on line and they can get through registration numbers that instantaneously once it is put her name. The date of birth and their parcels will. Is he volunteer each cited finished two working. The vaulter forces is working. Which you can never say never because. As I said. Only one. In four. People qualify for the military because of many reasons. Also get a pass that asked wrap our forces will cancel up to better access. Way. Fiscal fitness. Moral turpitude and many many reasons why they're not. As a child so their there's been some times worse person the army hasn't been able to make commission certain years. And it's important that we yeah. Make sure that we have to select the service of tobacco because it is expensive to keep the Walter force working. But it's good that the open to combat positions to women because that'll allow more women to be recruited. And they can augment. The force of. And we haven't in the problems with the recruitment. The reason. I literally he pulled file. And do it right before the show up old Lu. Five reports. And it's making that Iraq mistreated neglected hidden in America. His real veterans of Jews to scored. Mistreatment of female vote. US military veteran space inadequate care once league com poll we've all heard disease. Heard him often heard a lot of them. Is that's affecting recruitment at all and if so what bloodiest single recruit that says. A love my country homeowner depended on word for it may even maker career but boy I'm I'm hearing some odd thing. Each other it's important to to cancel Wallace of of of veterans. When you're in the military you have many benefits. Whether it be held to cure your family to incurable. Of the military member. I think you really do in the military. We do have some work to do taking care of veterans. I. Was chairman of mine veterans committees weren't trauma center in Texas. And we do need to work or working with them with with with our veterans and with the VA. Just a matter of Kadima your hands around it and a fixing things when David guy. Right before Christmas. Rio. Whom I guess who's probably by over six live show. Remote. And this signal is the largest said Mubarak for end in golf saw. We apps over and over money to help veterans paper record. Pay outs to people who. Pay a medical bills. And and these world war pot of them hundreds. We didn't get burned and phone calls and we didn't give her much in the we have money. Is is the via eighteen months. To take care of those basic needs. When they come home and either. If there handicap from the the middle side of the physical or both. I think it's there's some question of accountability. In order to do not to slowly holed the putt below legislators split we work with the state accounting in the in the city. Like for example New Orleans. The Steelers have paid a veterans' affairs committee for the city New Orleans does accounting here in the parish here have Leo veterans affairs committee. When or where province into Texas I was the chairman of our proper counting putters committee because we be very proactive and work will fall. The state throw resource we have for records to make sure that we were optimize annals resources for the veterans slipping some of the so with the benefits of some of the operations up there what is need to. Make the potential where of them but also work with Americans to work with those operations. To make sure that they are being used for the full six. But also they're doomed to supposedly do. If Romo anything I'm not asking you wanted says. How I would say that. Please. Get the word out to. To make sure that you register because we get we get thousands of letters from people when they turn age 26 males. And they say you know sorry I don't know sponsor restaurant apologize but consultant can do for them. And they're denied these benefits. And it just takes two minutes of penalized for not too in the military. Migrants who was selective service. That's what a man has to do and possibly would a woman's gonna have to do. And we we. We have free society with a public. Freedom of speech and that's why we're here today united and support that we protect are freedom. And if we had announced mercy I thicker but it would say yes we need all hands on deck you know web site. Yes www. As SS. Dot gov GOV. Thanks so much recombinant thank you so much for what you do again in the godless museum. Common right banks and what this double BO. Horry will spend a couple more minutes thinking about selective service. Do I had a discussion. Would very good and mine I have a lot of respect for your station. And heats it's a sixteen year old son and he said. He's gonna urged him draw in the military agencies ringing and so affect marine. And an up fully understand the urge. To depend country to. Have a record duke hadn't been in the military. Even Wednesday of those one or dual rear in the military. What I don't understand and then hopefully you can help me. Is. Gold did do some iron to volunteer. I'm thinking we or ones so. A really do. My fellow Vietnam veterans acting get angry at me when I say. But module break shouldn't be in particular did not volunteer. You know you had to get her it or you do. Some coverage of Furman not to go at it it was a breath in your number can you go. Should did you know god I couldn't plug and play god couldn't clean. Error was numbered tough guy or worry you or whatever and then that but he Detroit's. In a better being given a choice I get a detailed wouldn't go. I didn't have any desire to go to war. I truly did not understand the domino theory of the Vietnam Bill Campbell view though on the island though when lynch and it took over. And that we'd be threatened to. I mean there have been education expertise. And odd thing to do is they it's still don't understand what we did that. Boom with a all of that said than done. In a volunteer. System. Where. I'm sitting here drinking a cup coffee. I've. Got to visit with the mile wide talk to daughter. Breakfasts. I got to live life. Because these young people men women or in the raw. Inept Gammons. In Indy in the middle and end all over the world. Making sure the work secure. When they come back. Or wean not. Absolutely. 100%. Plus it's obligated that. To take care of that. And again I'm not talking about Vietnam better. Words not talking about government itself I'm talking about the volunteers. But I get to him in the whole work that I do every week I constantly brought across evidence. That we don't. Take care. I mentioned lived in that interview. But to this thing. And if there was six or seven lives shows I mean poppy into Bayern. Means scoot. A lot of the owner people. Broadcasts. To Cuba would probably millions of people. And we've we've been hand. Christmas tree ornaments. That that if you came in gave the money we give you. And each ornament. Brett presume it what are wounded veterans. Mentally or physically or both need it what they need their bloods. There we're gonna have their car take and couldn't pay them no. They needed money for food and they needed money for utilities. They need to money for half notes. They need money for medical bill meant was sixth off. And I'm broadcasts. Why he's sports six hours. League's directory may be had six phone call. Two people. Came by a bull live location. And gave money you're orb canned good. And look at the headlines and remaining in the world then mistreated. And how. Military tradition. History of veterans abused and discard. Yours and public. They've fought appropriate. American veterans abuse. The midst treatment to be mailed better. Dressed in military veterans face and that it could character returning from war and again. I'm told there's a double file would probably. Mean. At least a hundred reports. So why is it in particular in conservative areas. Where have we are so quick to approved boots on the ground. Let's go get him let's do whatever it takes. And as my good friend today it was saying it's got to sixteen year old son. And he able to encourage him to tune jewel in the service. Why don't we do and Carrollton when we come back or do you think we do. Let's go to James and slider. Eight. The yeah. In very odd that in there and go oh. All these global. But I'm not seeing it in my. Neck and the market did it here. I. Think you know it back in certain that it. Is it that. Now. It. Currently. There. I'm not in. Will be treated that he. No. Which but it would they're. Addicted. He put it on the ground it in. There and I mean but it. Eating and layout a political way out is. And regarding that would able. There and appreciated Colbert. Viewed it was in person. I guess it's Cold War about that very thing beat all odds. I've got a good person that went through survival school for a one overseas it was up and would be our own Washington. In the winter a lot of slow in the and they were tortured. In basic. Basically. To explain to them don't think. It's very difficult not to break. Under torture. And one of things they did that approval torture session. Was segment dual quonset hut and play of movies. Of Newbury. Children the DuPont children of port children of Rockefeller. Not going too far. And insinuating that goes he year. Going through the survival school or not of that ilk and that's why you were going. When I asked him about that he said that's no longer have gates have put state guards in. You can't not get drafted of rehab program by getting married. There are no more academic deferments. No political deferments or at least. In his claim. That it's something big took look at and realized. That a Pedroia was three instituted. It would be bear read a poem called. To implement that in that kind appealing or your kind of feeling is prevalent. And is a problem. Let's go to secure 170. Particular betterment so. Have been seeing troops come home. Wouldn't people say thank you bring your service. Is that what you are saying. Is the evidence of that. And if you're of child daughter. Son. Would you who urged them ago we have they wanted to go would you recommend that ego. Or not to exit 0187. Read to. So responses. Concerning. When the veterans come home to wean the dead or we obligated to take care of their basic needs. When says Garland who loved the beat the we can't reported drawn on the wide bringing troops home from issues. Your position today regarding post employment sport. Of former military. Is inconsistent. You know I I do beat that drum. On a lot of vision and our prudent dude today on the state budget. But I appeal personally it's different would veteran Nixon obligation. Wiig. We he used them for our own protection. To maintain Arlen style and I think we I think that should be able to Brea felt an older car notre who bill utilities. Garland can't drink at eighteen can't buy cigarettes but it's OK he. Good killed fuel in the name of freedom at eighteen I think that in the future I really do think that. Either if we can sue them off to war between the vote the ought to be great am will be on the important. Iraqi veteran you received a welcome home from Albert during two weeks after Katrina a bit that you did. More and no one help me get allied together so when people think we formalize its servers sides say don't think we've thanked the government. I mean unfortunately the military as a necessary. Evil but. Anybody George willingly. Is beyond me who want to be breaking ball and ordered peaking killing machine. About I don't think they're being bring water in two. I think people would volunteer ball and cheer from all rule is that. Position of wanting to. Protect their company won't country protect. Their military Ian and protect it's. And that again. I. If if if you really ain't that I'm beating the draw on. Something. That we shouldn't pay Paul we're going in the in Hamburg me to the VA's sooner. With the amputees are over the mentally impaired. And Intel. Based of the eighties that we don't know you. You win. You were paid. You get some military benefits and that. I think it's more than that but. Maybe a little minority come and right. Our eggs come out on the actual talk about the UH OU by rolling in more suit against the public defenders. Office. The group that helps to have been to our lower income people toward the crime. And it's a little bit different aborted sounds. They're they're not released. Showing the warriors themselves are suing the department. Biggest should of this city basically the state. Stages included B Collins. They're not funding the office properly. And the public rendered just don't have the money to do what they're charged with the so long. They have stopped. Taking some felony cases. Little complicated but important coming up next.