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Jan 22, 2016|

. On today’s show: Is Hollywood racist? The controversy over this year’s Oscar nominations continues – Will Smith confirms he will not attend the Academy Awards and says the nominations show that Hollywood is going in the wrong direction. Do you agree with him? If so, what does that mean? Is Hollywood moving to the “right” instead of leaning “left?” PLUS: Some Tea Party members are angry with SC Gov. Nikki Haley for calling out Republicans in her response to the State of the Union address. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat – is it okay to disagree with your party on an issue? What candidate from YOUR party do you criticize

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As they bundle up his cold it is windy at eight it's not that the temperatures really fat. That low which just had been combined with the wind it feels very cold and it is part of the country compared to other parts of the country like out west where there's very little humidity. If it's ten degrees in in a place like Denver. Hi it's it's it's colder here when it's forty degrees because of of the humidity you know that just a penetrate your body Solis of stay warm. The championship game to this weekend NFC championship game between Carolina Panthers in Carolina against the Seattle Seahawks. And the AFC championship game in Denver doing the patriots against the Denver Broncos who do you think will win those games. At a lot of talk on that coming up after the issue at 4 o'clock the early edition of double coverage with Kristian garic. And T body there. So there's a conversation about the Oscars and this is so once again come out because now Will Smith that the actors the husband of Jada Pinkett Smith. Says he will not tampered talk about that here in just a moment but. I'm I'm a marsh or text with you from the last hour or talking about it. Whether the battle for the direction of the Republican Party is currently being won by conservatives or moderates and that was our project opinion poll 52% said it's being won by conservatives. And 40% say it's been won by moderates as a somebody said I think you need to give some examples because some people may not know the difference between conservative and moderate. And I said it I thought Ted Cruz Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee work conservatives. And Marco Rubio Jeb Bush and John Kerry sic were more moderate. Only got a text here so what are you classify a truck this other than insane. C truck usually intercede because I wouldn't classify him as a total moderate but I wouldn't classify him managed. As a conservative you. And maybe the fact that you can't really defying Donald Trump is one of the reasons why he's getting so much attention. Here's a text you just name three moderate losers cruise is more of a constitutional office. Well that's year opinion I don't think somebody's gonna win the presidency because their constitutional stick to. It's not something that's not something that is so on and he could say this is unfortunate but that's not. The first thing that comes to mind when people decide who they're gonna vote for for president of the United States. I if you majorities for the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Every coach 504260. When he simply text is a 77 he also coming up this half hour mute talk to a friend of mine. Who lives here in New Orleans and he's done in the film industry for a long time he is also on one of the voting members. A for the Oscars for the academy's I wanna ask him as somebody who votes on who wins the nominations. Is. It is Hollywood racist. Well here's part of what Will Smith said today when he was talking to the host on ABC's Good Morning America. But for my part. I think that I have to protect. And fight for. The ideals. That make our country and make a Hollywood community great. And so when I look at this series. Nominations. For the academy. It's it's not reflecting. That beauty. OK fine it's not reflecting that that beauty. The Oscars are not and Spearman and social engineering. You know this belief that Hollywood consistently produces entertainment for the purpose of advancing a liberal agenda is really in total contrast with the perception that Hollywood might be racist. You know as widespread condemnation of liberal Hollywood but you know how does that work if Hollywood is actually racist. So for the second consecutive year the academy has failed to nominate a black American actor or actress for an Oscar. And that is lead actress Jada Pinkett Smith will Smith's wife. And filmmaker Spike Lee to initially announced that they would boycott the Oscars next month. Well in the history of the Oscars I think it's 44 black Americans have been nominated. The first Oscar was won by black co performer won by black former ways it was Haiti McDaniel who played so our role in gone with the wind and that was 1939. And people like Lou Gossett junior won best supporting actor for an officer and gentleman Denzel Washington won best supporting actor for his role glory. The best actor for his role in training day will be gold or best supporting actress for rolling coast. Halle Berry best actress for monster ball Jamie Foxx best actor for rate. But this controversy over the lack of nominations for black actors and actresses just mirrors the controversies that we have in America today. Is the academy racist or. Where there honestly no performances by blacks that warranted a nomination this year or last year. And if there were no performances worthy of an Oscar nomination. Should the should there be a certain number of of blacks nominated anyway to reflect the diversity of America. If nominations were were granted. To secure. Diversity then it seems to me that that would. That would jeopardize the integrity of the Oscars. If Hollywood is ignoring black performers who deserve an Oscar. Because they're black that Hollywood is racist. The other argument that comes into play is the possibility that there's a lack of quality roles for blacks. And if Hollywood is consciously ignoring prominent roles for blacks than Hollywood may be racist. But what's remembered the number one agenda of Hollywood. And that used to be number one of the box office. The number one agenda is to generate revenue. Decisions about movies are made. And and generally based on projected revenues. So for removing to succeed at the box office what must happen. It must appeal to the largest percentage of the population. It must relate to the largest percentage of the population. And that's the driving force behind movie making decisions. In Hollywood and and so in that way Hollywood is not racist. Movies that feature black performers are movies based on stories that it Centre on black history or black culture succeed. Because of the level of interest in the content. The broad level of interest. Twelve years of slate. The movie cell that was about the civil rights battle. For equality for black Americans. But the content of the movie was equally appearing too appealing to white Americans as well. We're never gonna get past this racial tension if there's an assumption. That lack of inclusion in a group like the Oscar nominations. Is racially motivated rather than motivated by merit of performance. The only way to change the overall complexion of this group known as the Oscar nominees. Is for better roles to be offered to black actors and actresses in movies with broad appeal. And the only way that's gonna happen is if Hollywood thinks those roles in those movies will generate revenue at the box office. So to me it's the greed of Hollywood. That is the reason for fever black Oscar nominees. Not racism. If you'd like to join us for the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601. A seventy text overstate 7870 and here's a pretty gentle opinion poll this hour. Do you think Hollywood is racist because no black actors or actresses were nominated this year for an Oscar. Give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. Here's a Texas says it's not just blacks and Hispanics also I would agree with that here's another tax went about Latino astute. I I agree with you but again it goes back to this. He goes back to this this broad appeal. I'm not saying this is fair. But this seems to be the the motivating factor behind Hollywood it's about making money. It's it's it's not about it's not about diversity however if there is a movie. With diversity in it it will be a broad move out of a movie with broad appeal that holly was gonna make it. And twelve years a slate cellmark are two examples in their their many other examples. So is and in Hollywood greed. Not racism. That dictates who gets in movies. And who gets nominated. If you would like to join us with a comment our numbers 2670. Very coach final four. 2601. A seventy. At a text is 877. On our pop culture calendar for today Friday January 22 we wish happy birthday today to this guy Steve Perry of journey. 67 years old man this guy had such an incredible voice. I'm student body back on debit have you well. Now this is one of the songs we like to play on a Friday as we head into the weekend together don't forget to cure in New Orleans you and a Lakefront arena on May the tenth and may the eleventh. Definitely wanna be there. I stood in the afternoon here's our party general opinion poll do you think Hollywood is racist because there are no black actors or actresses nominated for. An Oscar this year to the Japan in my going to our website WWL dot com and here too quick update. A 5% say yes 95%. Say no when you can give your opinion like going to WWL Telecom. A George Steiner is with film works New Orleans say here in New Orleans been in the film industry here and in the state for many many years he is among those who vote for the Oscar nominations here George welcome to the show. Well thank you do. How many Irish directors were nominated. Yeah from June. Are determined. You know I have been from American idiot. Sons and nobody. Out so the good the question is is Hollywood racist. I don't think well I'm glad he did and what the future audience that the people. And put it but it's just plain ridiculous. People make bogeys doubled and you don't go com directorate to block Mobi and like the movie you say electable. That. But when it comes to the selection of who directs the selection from inside Hollywood who stars in movies isn't isn't this based on more Hollywood greed that Hollywood racism. You know what out. Well what it's based on finding the talent it's gonna generate revenue at the box office. Again the panel. Fine patella to put together the package. You get like they actually double B relief that the public and that is people like that. But basically the goal is to make a movie that makes much. Took. So from your standpoint you don't sense because again I find it's so interesting that that Hollywood is criticized for being so liberally and you know you hear so many people say all that liberal Hollywood there. They're trying to promote they're trying to promote a liberal agenda with their with their movies. If Hollywood is that liberal how could it be racist. Absolutely correct. Because some that some people like we know audible dot situation like to try to stir trouble. And so it are simple and of course likely slowed. And the bottom attitudes and noticed all the sudden. That nobody that I noticed how many American Indian directors. Or not nominated this year and it's as simple as that is equality which he did exactly that way. If they can try to make trouble with that these guys meet him in trouble over an anti but it should simply not true it's mechanically not. Him why didn't think so and I appreciate your time George I got a text here that says you can vote on the movies and you don't even have to have watched. That it grow their butts and I admit that. But so so everybody to ball and they don't even have it actually seemed like. Record guilt. The of our awards but because it. A numb and so some people could just sit there and just decide who they wanna they want to nominate and not have have watched and movies. Well actually. I thought about it like all of that my friend Joseph I am not that. Clinton out of it and oh. It really cool like politics. It's a lot like I'll be polite like humans getting a law and not getting well it's so simple it's certainly not great. Georgia appreciate the time thanks for being with us. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A semi tech state 7870. And from Annandale Jeffrey we welcome you to Debian do you really different. Are you witnessed Jeffrey yeah can you just like him but you've got different so that's. You cannot indebtedness well. I think both we our world. On this service V with. How the word you're saying it's about money. Doubt it and it's about talent. Where it is about and this should be just like any other thing with this right like you have sports. When you let everyone. You see. Dead people or not it balances that you may have thought they were. And if it was about money my juices. Back to back them is that would be about the multiple. The move and it makes the most money. Better movie. Would be. On the news that the Oscars is its advance about it it's about the art it's about faith that the talent of not making films and an acting in films it's not a popularity contest. This acquisition deal. That's what is your view. And there with him when you have you have movies. What university meeting went up and universal. You don't necessarily. Have. Eighty. Obvious you don't have. The capital and certainly only. Why would why would Hollywood perceived as being some liberals typically would be racist. I. Here's a humorous when one point oh no not personally Jeffrey you know this is this is. Where did win we'll have that an attack. Would be afraid. They're. All the so called conservatives over. Eric. I I would agree with you and there's some conservatives who weren't racist. And is in. Full. I must say I'm a black therefore all of people aren't. As friendly we. Liberals. In this country. If we see no problem or conservative game be brought. So it does this notion that level on how that would. So it should be any racism in the debt debt debt and that's. But could it could ABC this is your observation in the same way that it's my observation and their George signers observation this is just your observation you have facts to back this up this is what you perceived. Why would AD. That Hollywood would ignore based on some of the movies that have have been produced in the past why would Hollywood ignore. Talented black actor or actress. I think you kind of stated in the jokingly. And their support of their support of how it was that bit where Hollywood is a business. And just about networking that is about brands with which you stated in a joking way he did win a lot of them don't even watch that more. How could you poll that you don't want some. Pictures right there. That you. But this is the same group and half. Jeffrey this. But. Some people a year off. And people in them without even ought to do what would happen at the talent to carry don't know. All the someone know him for the it was someone all the beer have deep personal relationship with where it is. So is that much so is that what Alan is that what led to Denzel Washington winning best actor for turning day. It mean the sitting this one with a commitment has not gotten no answer my question. But not yet know. Amp. It made me. To sing the same group. The same group figure Goosen and. What did you. And I can kill you dead. When he went to try to be out or Russell Crowe. Did much better it hit movie a beautiful. Apple do mine on dvd. Political should look crooked. A benefit abetted. Of this process is subjective. Well okay where. I could kick you out so well and unlike. I think Jeffrey that's your opinion and I'm sure there where Jeffrey there'll a lot of people in the academy who agree with you that is your opinion. If not in my opinion interoperable. It's your opinion that you thought Jeff Kent Russell Crowe did a better job chickens or Washington. You just. And have them. These two but people who don't own them. That's not what I said Jeffrey. If you listened carefully when seamless is it true that you don't have to watch you act. And he said yes you don't you don't have to watch the movie to vote. Jeffrey and I. Got it and got it but I've got to get to a news break hi I do appreciate the exchange critical if you like hosting went this will be right back. After the stabbing of humility is a date with on aims. Adele. Has sets a new Guinness book of world records with this song hello. A Dell's hit song hello. Reached. One. Billion views. For the video on YouTube. In 88 days. The previous winner when aside from South Korea gangland style. And that reach one billion after 159 days so Adele setting a record one billion views of the video hello. In only 88 days I'm scoot in the afternoon here's an update on our party general opinion poll do you think Hollywood is racist because no black actors or actresses were nominated this year. For an Oscar 70% say yes 83% say no issue opinion by going to WWL dot com. Also we're continuing our conversation about it the Oscars which it has has been reignited because we'll Smith now says that he will not attend and has been a lot of pressure on. Chris Rock who is the the host. A two not hosted but yet. People like Jada Pinkett Smith are saying look you know they respect Chris Rock to do what he he needs to do Stacey dash is a commentator on Fox News Channel. And this week on FOX & Friends she was talking about how she doesn't think Hollywood news is is racist and if you if you demand that there be a certain number of black actors and actresses among the the Oscar nominees then you'd have to consider some of the things as well. I think it's ludicrous point because. We have to make up our minds either we want and how segregation or integration and if we don't want segregation and we need to get. Didn't channels like means teased. And the BET awards any image awards where you're only awarded this year black. If only the other way around it we would be open archives is a double standard. Our if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260 when it's happening very Kurt final four to 601 senator text and seventy cent. I mention a little while ago the NFC championship game between the Panthers and the Seahawks and that was last week it was in the championship game the championship games between the Panthers. And the Arizona Cardinals obviously wanted to correct yet. Also this is free for all Friday when we talk about anything you wanna talk about. If you're posting was this for come into all of your calls here in just a moment let's go motivator Tim your on the Scotia. Thanks dude. Toward good veteran ruler yeah. Story about my daughter and grandson with the guard Allen who's trapped. My dollar which is doing. She's one of many artists in the new voluntary or retaining and gaining some of these. Fairly large utility boxes. With war and fault. To beautify things and so that and it and the graffiti artists do not bother because that respect. It'll on all the power it is now law that would doing this Wednesday. This so we're going apparently drove club and the gentleman came over approached them. And he told both of them. Pretty related mob the world and my grandson helping. Children. He and virtually reduced some. Fox is behind his own. He had lost his home his original home during Katrina. And it moved down toward the end Robert lately and actually we're home together. And one was his studio. One was against Goldman and what was as the actual home. And upon them weren't sure some of these boxes you know so that when out there several days later. And he was so kind and gracious as usual bubbly he was sporting a powder Blue Jackets born alive. The ever present samples will be operational. In. But it is now my grandson and ask him what and he says well that's method. Goal record. Well enough for certain what's excellent for a million singles all 4600000. Albums. And it says about what happens to be a song I wrote for the front line. And then me and one man on those sales don't touch system and and the mansion don't let him touch anything that's what you fall. And so part of don't forget about kind and courteous and what a musical messenger and ambassador. Teresa was lit places he went from Kato to Campbell to Obama in his running. Yeah and he was actually Tim that's a good point it's a great story thanks for sharing there was this elegy sample is an ambassador for humanity. He was just that kind of person there aren't many of those around. The blog that I wrote for our web site is titled Polly was diversity problem is about greed and not racist and it doesn't mean you'll agree but you can read that chairman others. It's on our website at WWL dot com and you can always send me an email it's scoots ads. Debbie WL dot com. And I got I text earlier for someone who wants it ought to send me a tweet it's. That's scoots WL all right we're heading into Friday night's. I'm scooter in the afternoon we'll be right back on WL. Four years ago there was a fairly very controversial showing TV. And pop culture calendar for today January 22 it was on this day in 1968. We're always more into Lafayette posted by Dan Rowan and Dick Gordon premiered. On NBC. It was a satirical polite be killed filled with sexual innuendoes and political humor really took television for the limited 1968. And it was a segue between comedy bits with a young Goldie Hawn who appeared to have things written. Apparently was hit with stay with donor adds she was wearing skimpy bikinis saying things like psychic to me. Judy card party Johnson probably common routes through with quality on their own different stories on. Roland Martin planted a from Slidell mark you're under the W a good afternoon. I should try to do. There were parched IR KO no idea but not be one. My bank bet you'll. Being at war it by court we. Are. It out to eat it. You know a lot. The week. Or. It. Are. There. If it. Were. A chain. Cheerio. Are. You want to get it. Out. And and I think we always need to remember that this is is is subjective and is it's hard for me to believe that this is the group that makes up such a a large group of me when there's 6000 people who vote. It's hard for me to believe that we so much respect in the in the past four on black actors and actresses in and black directors and and like movies it. It seems to me that this is just a subjective thing and if there are no. Nominees representing one grouped in in any year's group of nominees it's it's not necessarily. On a discriminatory thing it just maybe that's the impression that people had that particular year. And night at Politico the show. Here's a text that says Som I agree 100% with Stacey dash can't have it both ways and I'm a person of color. Here's another text says scoot Stacey dash it's neck and neck with Sarah Palin in the smarts department. From Gretna James you're now going to be WL. Yeah. And so Holmes talking can and yes. It webpart added that you're making about the black as a that movement that there. Monuments and now and Martin MoneyGram International at least there are. On the Internet online and other woody shows as such if you are that's true and I haven't heard. I was all the time in. A matter chip but she is an arms sale just yesterday. Or two days ago actually. Are the timing as as the put he intends. I had a good time propaganda. And OPEC to for the propaganda you didn't answer questions to news. I would live 100%. That you agree you don't. Well if you had to look at Hollywood collectively yes I would I would say that Hollywood is collectively liberal and certainly not conservative although there are some conservative members if he I would say Hollywood collectively is more liberal and conservative. OK so take analogy and accurate and those electors do. Yeah you how can that possibly. Like your typical B Christian. Pushing that agenda as liberal agenda. That's it's impossible because they were you injured demonization of christianity. Easy you wouldn't that was odd Neil is almost there central marxism and and again I mean you noticed a marked out on the bench it's communism. Because from. You know one entity in the congress back and probably in the outback either so that we. The black and senate and as you can do it yourself that to us from the U disease and stroke and he said the Jewish people and live in an inept. And it's just act in that you might. Have an agenda. That tactic and it's a Jewish. And it's. Android device you may say that's a fact James but that doesn't necessarily mean that the and they go out of their way to discriminate against others. I'm just because somebody's Jewish or black or white doesn't mean that they discriminate. If you're on hold saying witness I'm scoot in the afternoon it's chilly windy Friday and will be right back on WL. I don't I'm sending this song out to all of you who may be at a wedding or some event this weekend where you might be doing. A line dance. People here line dance. To anything and everything. It's free for all fighting this afternoon in the next hour we're gonna once again bring up the the new poll that is out there showing trumpets up. Sanders is way up in Iowa and Clinton is down what does all this mean for Metairie man I've got time for quick comment. About it. Ellen Matt. Yeah I I'm there's something going on there McNabb Leo lost comment contact with the men if you article was beckoning next are you certainly can't. But yet there's a lot of interesting stuff going on with with the polls trump this up. And so we centers in Iowa. So it is possible that Hillary Clinton is gonna lose Iowa and New Hampshire and so now she's focusing on South Carolina. And there was a comment made on the deuce by somebody this morning. From her campaign that well they're focusing on South Carolina because of the black vote in South Carolina. She's not gonna do well in a predominantly white state like Iowa or New Hampshire. Well. Okay may be theirs something to that but the real point is she was way ahead in Iowa. And she's now losing in Iowa to Bernie Sanders were with got the numbers for yet. And also who is most trusted when it comes to things like the economy that level of that for you in the next hour. And will continue the conversation about sent about the fairness of Hollywood. And think of all the times that movies have been criticized because. Hollywood is trying to push an agenda. And all of these controversial movies none of them seem to have really changed anybody. I mean can you think of a movie that actually changed you. In a way that you really knew you did money change you change only because of the moving. How will continue this conversation I'm scoots in the afternoon it's Friday and we're heading into the weekend's Honda VW well.