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1-25 4:10pm Bobby & Mike: on the AFC & NFC championships

Jan 25, 2016|

Bobby & Mike review the AFC and NFC title games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to blow another edition of the second guess Joseph. Like it Big Papi is bad this hopeless look a casino. Beats in Hancock county Mississippi couple Bob that's that's not you know be on until 7 o'clock tonight. And it will throw it at that Johnny Jones Juli LSU basketball coach in I've got a lot to talk about that night only children night we'll have it keep it. A lot of people remember you played is so high school football at holy cross. That reported to Northwestern State that it is simply you know a little bit about and basically broke every receiver record there. And also a terrific little want to return specialist not the biggest guy in the world W reminds me a lot of Danny Amendola who plays with the New England Patriots. Smallish guy it will be a great special teams player. Nice little slot receiver in the National Football League. At the training you know with why parents sonic boom. In Wallace's so we'll talk to him also lives won it tonight will have book Cristian at the the end see it all the Mobile, Alabama. Lot of talent there certainly. All sides could loom. On what happens to a couple players in one in particular who could we arrange that early Porter around one. That would mean the sights and that would be Karsten went. Lose so loose what about from North Dakota State. In which could be a guy that if he has a big week of practice. Rip because it. I think it'd be in it not been picked him for the Saints but war offensively as all the boards the battle. You show that it's a guy yet at 640 tonight former Saints assistant coach and now. Our radio sportscaster Rick Venturi has been all with the the last couple weeks talk about the playoffs. Up bottom line in game one we saw yesterday. Great you principal moments I think we get all. That a lot of low because of them Mac show. Was what a great coaching job Wade Phillips the and neutralize. That Patriots offense and I never see anybody. Take that type of approach night he got some talent at all at his MVPs of that game easy. On Miller they'll baucus where would the backfield ordered that with the Patriots running back. Like. The more swear. Wolf did look pretty full. It's always a bit it but you look at the it's night and you know what though what you said is good point Elway did it different. A lot of teams will Nationale Ottawa to spend a lot of money we agency. Goes out spend a lot of money to bring in Peyton Manning. A lot of money with a markets where a lot of money but you ward. A keep to leave it had been out of a problem job without the teams comes at. And what the problem the field but no no if you all of the excitement really a problem. You think about it it done it differently and a lot of teams happens it'd have money. And it it up to the Super Bowl but I got the great job all week Phillips. And also man on Miller to Marcus where co MVPs of what they did. When he gets up Tom Brady. The bolts hit that's ever happened and it AFC championship any championship game they'll mold that Phil yesterday was fourteen. And Brady got hit willingly. On he was getting hit like old school if you know an era in after the quarterback that you bring up John Elway. And now first off the American way Billiton. A guy that I'm familiar way you that Jerry Glanville on the Falcons that means that detected the Kubiak connection. And and you look at it either at the line coach bill Cologne. Yeah jolly exciting wasn't it the other and I went on board now I know he knows how to push the right but this guy. Played you so much tennis they say yeah what they're Bobcats. He played seven years in the NFL with the angles that have evaded you see that you think we'd like I've been beaten at the line. Everybody and remembered him if you see him to silence a lot of times you know it all knowledge Alan Ball old school he's he's almost like if you double speak now with a pulse he'll always like push. Push a lucky if you look at IRO on that the only. Nancy easily excitable Kobe like very similar optical 20 yeah exactly you know there. I'll forgive you wit and who might look at that. You know subpoena but if you look at John Elway. It would be done now this is proving the putting I get different form was I gonna win. The fifth John Allen became general manager and took over 2011. The Broncos that the second most wins in the regular season. I hit it you hate. Then you look at how the roster of the rough destruction like you said. Their roster has property five players. Who appear in a combined 206. Playoff game. I'm a little bit of that experience tonight people won't want all of a did you look at Pittman being that close. The Brock both are Leavitt did three in games decided. By seven or fewer points this season. Think by that very close games with it winning but evident between now and at that point two last up. You go back to. Just golf the missed extra point in what he did the comic shuffle everything around you saw and it even Bill Belichick that they in his press conference kind of eluded to it. Act now I went part of why don't building gone pick in the 2.0 oh and either Villanova did what they are within instantly get to the plate by cooler that the Patriots the only ones who. Have a lot of momentum like the Broncos we try to get a spurts not a in the heat of. Morita a lot of yards passing put Peyton Manning in the second half. But when you principle an awful one another now Payton and happy hits but you saw time at that time New England. You know defensively that put given the ball right back did all this. Right and yeah I like to say that sits in Mississippi. But Dallas that game plan read the boy you know being a college game he Collison was that the myth. They went after it twice would Owen Daniels at that and I've got to give Kubiak credit. Because now what's the game plan. The cat and mouse game that you play okay. You call this late in discovered is probably that's pretty no article the ball exactly pick going to decline after that Jamie Collins and why didn't. And yet there are yet. And missed that there done that you've really got him on that play also because if you don't do. The move new want to not everybody's perfect and what they Jamie Collins is a terrific guy. The disabled over had a wood as they keep fighting yup ethnic with a player. We'll look pretty good no question about that but it goes to show you that day in us this last week but in the back. That's why he's got to come back to Ellis you've got to learn how to cover the NFL level. You see is good it's Jamie Collins is in the Pro Bowl caliber linebacker. Exploited him we saw what was upon Anthony this year they win at the Jamie they knew that they can get the ball when Daniels in the middle part of the field and they went after him. Well and and that's why hoppy Unita appreciate. Great linebacker Luke equally. When you alive NASCAR and he's getting pick sixes. You know what you see that happen a couple of times like always in it truly everyone's watching tonight gains I mean that that that. Speaks for itself it just shows you NFL game that you want that upper. Who could knock the snot bubble but I mean you've got in reverse of what Bob yet because you have to go to play every down if you could get a lot of money yet a highly invested in that player. And I you wanna take out what you can do Pasco. But I think miserable find a bit more about it he says he's gonna play with Thomas Davis breaks is on the net game has the surgery. He says he's gonna play in the Super Bowl you. Or to have those all the cast off I think it would make you played and also it Jared Allen. At that and he said he was blame you know what it does it you know whether and how. An impact you have what he had broke put them now with a hairline fracture or how serious it is what it does it makes no opponent. That that at that tackle could that tackles were getting killed. Mean golf with the tackle that's like Everett in the back you know by them they go out. Toronto are homestead because that is Golston so you. The tackle position though it Jared Allen he's gonna rush the passer you know his replacement are by experts whoever's in the rotation right. So big that tackle think about or what we have to study and work on whether you are now would be available or not. And I think it was Derek Wolfe common up the middle. A B listen that guy you was flown through too easy like wolf would rate you today is that with. I have a lot more yeah on this second special to just break your own negates them. Welcome back it's like it Daschle Mike it to your body van the so we'll slip a casino beach side and had cut on Mississippi body. As much as the defense has dominated this game you know for years. You heard people say well Amanda Peyton Manning with Wayne on a team with a defense this thing and except more about it it's just plain on the team now within that the parents of special I'll look back over the last in eleven years. Seattle's defense a couple of years back I think the match you know what you've seen him but I you know much that's negative on that side. But breaks basically get prepared to water here. You know. Be better scenario situation we've talked a lot of that that camera that if it's only its second global India and a better team. Is it him or wrong. About that beat it and how dominant. Now almost like the fields that at the three remaining. But hey man at all it drives broncos' version of the bill patrol partner. To win now you might think well. Tom Brady acknowledged that opera and again it's to. All of Peyton Manning but it did it when the games occur. And what I mean by that. Peyton Manning by either winning that game he improved to 611. Into theories ticket Brady but you know what when we look at. What he's doing that most people see what he do it you know to win the Bulls and well. If you look at it. Right now. Tom Brady. And if you look at Peyton Manning Peyton Manning is out three and one. With the AFC title on the line. Going against Tom Brady. Peyton Manning is out Marine One with AFC title on the line now. If you look at it and I think L we appreciate their news and productivity that pavement is too much I have forty years that me. It's probable 58 dollars story that is. With a chance to become the first starting quarterback to win Lombardi draw over the two different franchises. And go to simple Bulls multiple times with different teams so would you look at. That to win that and now. He just surpassed John Elliott all the quarterback we think this team with mobile when you look at history between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. And you look at those wins. That Peyton Manning has had its Tom Brady post excellent. Capitals went that common in the championship game won't look at Indianapolis the year he won its only snow bull ring them to beat the Bears. And now he's beaten Brady twice in Denver with Lamar electoral. If you go to through Bulls though when you look I'll Tom Brady had. Peyton Manning number in the regular it's the death though when he Cubs that a post season. Now I might write a vehicle line. Green wind in the AFC title game. Peyton Manning against the great Tom Brady who it Tom Brady all of the sun goes with Kubel went to the game back the back in mobile. Did that to mean it would have been in a conversation. To overtake unlike so clutch moment analyst. Now he's still in that conversation with Tom Brady at thing is that good. But by him losing all of a sudden. That that'll but it in his armor so to speak. Because it's that whole mile ban it yet and make it different when you look at in the post season. Payton it is a team game pace and it is that Tom Brady's number. Yeah but you know you look at those times that when he was that you wiggled. And Peyton was in Indianapolis. The Patriots at the better the yeah yeah better overall the overall your team and you look at it and now the pendulum now is long. Where they'll romp goals. Defensively. I mean there are Eric Duncan not quite the opposite over the last few years the only got to play that you can't take anything away from Peyton. It would pit but that game yesterday. Man all the props got a gold. What valedictory Dilfer not an exact I kind of a commodity that's it. When you look at their brand and a track record. The Brock goals they were no more over all of the bits that like pat beat me at that on me by accident. I mean. You know when you look at the big picture and you break down game after he now. When I was still with the prize. Was that because Tom Brady it's significant gains how they can attack you eat it and exploited. With the Broncos await you got something felt Wade Phillips you gotta get that hold the that is that unbelievable credit good coach Kubiak is the head coach. But I yankees that's what it deep you know he he not give him credit. Because he looked at the mismatches and Owen Daniels against Doug Collins. To get those rental touchdown. But it it and that's got to give credit for that. Lot people's well in the same thing in with cute little the problem is how many teams gotten on Miller and the markets where in wolf. Well rut a lot of teams that can sport that they're boys get they get at. Tight pressure on Brady from game to game that's the difference they. Player wise personnel wise had the difference I think the same thing and it C championship game and you look at. Now I still try to block now so loud that it until late at the bit that game plan now canyon that that different animal. It's gonna take a relatively well well what you say so hard you don't get beat the crap we might get the money is that game. Make plays that you beat you or whatever you have to do. Look at all that and national media. All of a thigh and air it's like why I feel like not a joke. When they pick it up and run but he got a lot of Havoc yard that it Tom Brady well I can't use all of. And thirty yards out there are actually. And be back with Morton's I guess you'll write up that is you break let us Villa. Back here on this I guess you Mike to you Bobby gave them alive from the so we'll slip a casino. You decide in Hancock county Mississippi. Gonna go to telephone lines we've got a big John admits that he picked on in auto with Bob and Mike. Good depth and power. And as I think John Henry. The and make it quick it today guys don't wanna talk about her game. And it will lead to global movement sweet. You know you wanna give. Credit to John Elway for all the moves that he made him and that's very true but I think about the court believe me so those are built so Tibet support for the treatment and I'll let you know yet well I mean Gary Kubiak battle yet give him credit for Britney yeah yet. Yet the. Every week to go before you don't think Ellison he. John Fox was so cold. That that John Fox is that you know what's ironic about that beat John W point. Because callers who oval. John bock that they go to Carolina. And Denver any that the that the coach and I think you'll be successful in Chicago I think you have that is like you know you reach a certain level. And then all of a sudden what do you need to tweak it to get better to be a champion. But yeah that Kubiak. That oh wait Philip thing that they use that thing. Yeah all and I got them. And this and that but it you know you have you all aren't there a runner green you got to yeah a lot of it be paid. But I didn't realize it until early today when he was out of football in outlook for the he didn't have a job and why Dallas. Clark. Somebody else to talk about. What. It. You know he's sitting at the at the end that the other day that weight well. Haven't watched that football game turn around you know this guy. He's won the all America remembers Draper at the position what the old old man. Here back 1980 off of it yet and we had this many. A lot of great coordinators don't make curry had vote. And I think when he did that number. But you've got to of this I'll call me not on point are probably thought it would only Super Bowl and the R&B yeah that would would. Back in 1989. Went and got. You know other thing we've done it he is you know man cover god. Most of his career and you watch the Broncos this year they match up a lot of man coverage. If you watch yesterday's that they mix and match that up I think you saw on build up falling back into coverage what you saw some sold. He he. It's like that broke the rules are in college yet publicly via and so you don't you are ready but he did that they've had one wrapped. Accurate count yet not. Yet know after. He. It's that cat and mouse game out he caught it nice now that point play. Rate the word of mouth he beat me in there you think of Albert. He would field covered in that would have been the lightly on the back at Atlanta. Out as a one back you know so well on the line of work with the field that week now. You don't wait. Great blitz only 16% outlook this Morry what only 16% in the cart. Rockwell did it big at big John but not only did there. Carolina's. Joseph when Clark diploma that the devil in a blitz and that yeah but a lot of that rushed for. That I would keep it is at 10 global equipment and caddie. When you. At the quarterback all of like I like you start freaking out commitment at the Lipton not a blitz and they get that he will report meant rights. And indicate drops Abbott all of a sudden they get their blitz and not. That's the key that that would ever give me Carolina has done an X out of the highest level. When outlets in. Nicky yet Apatow poll a couple of the quarterback. And he's like all want the pressure. But in a look at where I'm at the world would and the copper that you are now. Wait wait was like so what looked like it job where our who's not and that was pretty. And he has about four. He's gonna have a totally different look at the package in two weeks with him news which I. Going to be at Alabama. Well aren't being quiet guy on I think it aren't yet. My big topic but it's only different is that the apron with it at an earlier. They can't run snapped a purpose. It throw it yet but yet can't do little more at the perfect keep it that somehow get out the pocket very pretty it. In that department the pit UK at that. All of a thank Cam Newton that don't get unbelievable. Winners are because you don't wait. From perpich even or rise in 88 a critical role with the bottom line is that is that a cover guy. Covers. Kenyan pulled it and it. Lately the lead you guys know can't get a kick off argue that it's the eighty. Quick note you yeah I find it. And all of that I can't you just van Patten on instrument it's too late he did pick up to it by thirty yard. Now to think we used guys this thing about this and and we heard it all you alone. And we talked about it early in the season but that you saw it change but talk about the Carolina wide receivers and not great is we can. The ball that I would a couple of yards of distance and all is probably it's also guys or a little low. They'll open a lot of space and Arabs now. Not be a different team without Hartman you only totally different. In Dallas one reason why I had to go Carolina here. I think it was good in the secondary but my goodness. I mean you can't say it kills me at the receivers are pretty good receivers all I know is when they run it helped me. They open. Well the bottom line is how can unite the fans. Take king junior. And what I mean by that you know because I've been there before one team gets pretty union both the world champ utmost extent he is that the Cardinals. And instead although we don't like it talent UK political get the step and look what K game junior did he get his old team. You know that's a more it's as human nature's like you've gone up battle whatever you wanna call it. Protected you look colleague burned at the Cardinals and in this the game people are capable. Big John hold on to where we have we got to go to break and come right back with you a lot or you on the second guess show. Right up there as break here on the big 87. But Michigan up your our number one of the second guess show Mike get to your body grab. Lap for this that was the casino. Beat side in Hancock county Mississippi wanna tell everyone enough 5 o'clock our 540. Former holy cross high school star. On great football player at Northwestern State knack accused Ed eakins going to be on with this holes all the records as a wide receiver also look rip picked Luke punt kick return got. Gil we all witness and 5 o'clock gar.