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1-28 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Cam Newton and Super Bowl 50

Jan 28, 2016|

Bobby & Deke ask if Cam Newton would be criticized the same if he were white and talk with former Saints defensive end Will Smith about what teams can expect at the Super Bowl.

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And good afternoon and welcome to sports star he is the case he came by BA there I am beat him about it as a new Michael's home. You have doing do. Not 000 man mine is Shannon. That is insanity here and you like a big smile they took the dropped trek the one I have as little Villa from your home now impeding that. Call anyway I digress and knew my good addition to welcome a sports talk on this Thursday to meet the January. 2016. Coming up on today's program former saint. World champion looking to get another ring roam the joint at 730 talk about. Its opportunity to play the second syllable of his career in the National Football League next Sunday when the count Pakistan on the demographic and great great role and an oil. All America that new role and on the way out here nemesis no he may see the Bob is the the I'm tied appears can we do it Thursday and I threw it Tuesday Romo probably is but what I read your insane fans already know. They already know date it he is a guy when you think somebody can go to another team is like oh it's it put him right wicket. He is the perfect model Niki keep your Rio in keeping true to Carolina included New Orleans. And through Alabama and he's a guy wanna shelves and on always be remembered in Tuscaloosa is always be remembered in New Orleans. It's going to be remembered it shall in no doubt about just a class. Yeah well big and we kind of look at Sean human beings tenure. Since he's been in New Orleans in a Roman being a part of that on all the players and you know on the roster changes all the time you know is not even close were Romans been. The most loyalty in Iraq with the New Orleans a sportsman. No doubt about it no doubt about it when a when a question and Romo Jonas at 730 also foremost thing great another law gentlemen this or champion. If it's of him Will Smith joins us in the 4 o'clock now and we'll get our regular. Daly Senior Bowl update for a while double coverage group Kristian garic NT Bob Hebert in the 6 o'clock now. 20601870. You can text a sedate 7870. And I got hot topic today nearby has been talking about it and we will as well cause. It's been something that's been going on since on the last couple days and atomic talked about it Bob Mitchell but let's jump right in India some sound here is Carolina quarterback. Cam Newton. Don't let this change do the only thing that's changed that we're winning and assists as they want you know I'm African American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they. They haven't seen nothing. That they can compare me to. You know all the towns in the and then and it's funny I didn't start you know boom. Make me go out there I give a hard because I remember when I was. You know working out for a the draft and now we'll see to see your ball playing in our key guys out there doesn't it just trying to give. Drafted. Try to have a job to provocative bamboo sort themselves. And it's by. Now here I am I'm doing exactly what I wanna do. How wanna do it and when I look at Amir it's me. So no nobody changed me nobody you know may be at this certain type way. And come true to my roots and and it's Duke great we get people won't say whatever you wanna say and it Communist world living for that person. All of his personal seat is this result today that I can't look at myself and stay on Cam Newton on camera new includes the most people to them not because I'm living pretty. Cam Newton speaking of course or Lotta Lotta guys in the in his position I'm gonna be criticized regardless but Cam Newton. Is a guy that is you know let's say he's a little flamboyant he celebrates but he's the kind of one of those kind of guys that people who. Already have a disdainful would hate even more because. He backs it up with victories in he's going to be the MVP of most powerful league in all sports so we're asking you are pretty jaguar Pena Pau. Would the criticism be the same for Cam Newton. If Campbell why. Cast your vote online at WW a deck concrete again in. My gopher luck England's only given direction to go whatever way you wanna go well first off. I kind of agree with Ron Rivera his head coach. He said you know Cammie this thing and I'm an African American quarterback then made scare a lot of fuel because they haven't seen nothing that they can't compare me to. Well that is so true and you read Doug Williams Devern African American quarterbacks even Russell Wilson now Russell wasn't that scramble. The Russell Wilson's little. Bit of the can you win at the time does really well live with their big man but he couldn't run no can you can run like a track guy. Six foot 52 or sixty pounds. So when you look at that you can compare it anymore. And nine and was tall bowl wasn't the no one of the big 8 PM like Ron Rivera says. People should be scared of a quarterback would his skill set. More than anything else. I don't think he wants to be North Africa americorps I think he wants to be known as quarterback and a great one at that and I think that is so true. The thing is with scary. As far as his skill set I did that NFC south or even. Being only 26 years of age is it is because of age and aside. I think Ron Rivera you look at Ron Rivera what he's accomplished. The second person of a Hispanic descent to be a head coach in a suitable. You know using him as an example. Member Tom lorries as the Raiders. You know the goers to battle tonight and our Ron Rivera threes that Ron Rivera goes on with the people wanna tag me as a Hispanic coach. And I said that's great. But I wanna be tagged as a head coach. It really should be about your merry merit Edward Mary there's strike more than anything else what you've accomplished and what you've done now. Good and opt out I'm looking at Al everything he said it worries that. So can you and says like if they wanting to have a major problem wit and I think just because of a lack of maturity in a meanest in the see what happens. Can you and says he doesn't plan to change who he is a what he says. And not on the promise that it planned to change because be who you are. I mean I might be viewed as old white guys are kinda I'm not in and the millennial period so to speak. And and how you celebrate in what you do I might be too old school but can you wouldn't is who he is. So I do not have a problem on that now one bit. Now what I do sometimes have a problem with is this. You know he's being called immaturity moody. During his first couple of NFL seasons I think you know he's not gonna win every time like you did in junior college or probably throughout his life like he did an Auburn. Hasn't said back in NFL considering the competition. So Benny was caught immature immunity during his first couple NFL seasons. Because. And the camera's always on you he's sun times saddle on his style I would at power over his head. When the team was losing console them will be yes now the question I have. You know all of a sudden they jumped all over to Seahawks and Cardinals. I don't biggest would have been good I think Carolina has been in his that you never know. Yeah all of a Sunday being his Seahawks 31 net that aren't gonna character Russell Wilson how they came back and throwing the Cardinals. They winning 24 to seven. Let's say in it hypothetical. The situation if there ever would jump out on Carolina light like that. Miss Elvis and is the first have been lose and when you were seven of 31 and be interested in Vienna's in this heat. How can you handle that. How how what what will leave that adversity then at Indianapolis and and that is usually he has been usually. Get lost one game right. I mean look at will become comparing complete it is not a comparison but is talk about when he tightened up a little bit I will say it is. I thought at times during the game against Seattle would Seattle is just being close to being close to being close at. And it was saw him rap. He no no he never did read about that and get up don't we still playing with a lead in that situation but it wasn't. There was an average team not enough well nervous fidgety did see him his teammates even the bad think there was kind yeah exactly not that that's his words right. Right because it is a lot of pressure but dig if you look at as a blade a winner. They're seventeen and wanna put into play Els they want to wanted to of their past 24 games yes that does not that that's what the card that does happen and so when I look at. Where he's at and what he's accomplished. The only thing like he said that is changing hands in the perception of him. It is now their winning and he's doing the same thing but to meet its Kolb. You handle adversity and that things are gonna work out throughout your career. But again you know what he's doing now twenty pictures of ageless he'd have a by five or six seasons like this. The he can maybe go down as the greatest quarterback Peyton history. Wait if you all my tennis John Abraham wanna be doing Enron's right oh yeah no doubt about because you look Heisman winner. And BP by national champ whatever he's played state of the whole thing. All right coming back on to give you my take on Cam Newton will get Joe's two as well Jay Bruce and all have lined up. Operated jaguar paid you told that a goal of the day kind of controversial vary a passionate and it's a hot button topic Cam Newton be in BP gonna be the MVP of the NFL. Where the criticism. Beat the same if Cam Newton wore white. Cast your vote online at WWL dot com. And you could Texas and 8787. It is in his well 260187. Is the economy game all emails a big TP WW dot com don't forget at the top of the 5 o'clock I'll give you co word no 1000 dollar. How hall cast contests where you can pick up a thousand dollars and get Dickau where it takes it to seven to 881. Pretty dead why opinion poll at the site WWO dot com with a criticism be the same if Cam Newton will white. Cast your vote online at WW dot com yes. Well big and you might say well. For short you know they've had black quarterbacks before. Haven't had anyone like and you know I'm telling Doug Williams whoever you look at. Who do you think perception that it can run and make plays their feet Randall Cunningham they'd have no idea college football like Cam Newton before he came the college well Bubba when not a doubt in you know home yet in the league if you look if you if you look Newton will be the sixth black quarterback to start its two mobile right does the port street suitable to have a black starting quarterback. But now like Kenyan known as it is coach said it is it's right on Ron Rivera. How many six foot five quarterbacks do you feel like him. 260 pounds. Running like he doesn't throw like he does. He's different I put out of it is Randle couldn't wherever you look at it there's nobody like okay all look at Ben Roethlisberger. Robert Byrd can you can run backwards underwriters a big big like and you would. The speed is not even DO. You took all 32 quarterbacks in the National Football League and you put them in a room. And Kovalev did face in just from the neck down on the net now infamous from a let's say from the phonetic the sternum to waste area. And they have only shirt. All 32. If you if Cam Newton wore white there's no way you're viewed as you could you who's at best that's not a quarterback you would know B cam amongst the 32 players and as a football league because. He is like what you think he'd be a pass rush that David did NBC I way to make it dead you don't belong and his lineup that's got to be a lap back has got to be a deep into the it. He's like nobody ill people you'll see less of my you come at all he's a freak of nature at the position that and that thing with scary like on big yet Michael Vick was. This guys is an idol leagues that he was at all smile that easy. It is nobody has been as the league is not RG to whoever you can give all examples college and about there's nobody now he isn't as has been I guess we can't compare him to Michael Vick know you can handle no advance practicing through your ability of this size. A Michael Vick was never try to run over nobody never. I in my ju Q are get around you because of his speed. But he never could run over it anyone now did he go with that being said and you know what's scary like Ron Rivera said. Is now the way he's throwing the football. You know that Thursday night game when the Saints pitches Pete I'll wanna save the Packers on Sunday night as the two dollar fourteenth season and went over start went on and the wind take it right he was in Akron it was almost kind of embarrassing east lake and hit a broadside of a barn he was Ahmadabad Nancy's and his ankle. You know how high you high you handle you ballots which injuries and his ankle was jacked up but I'm tired towards the latter part of the season. And that's one reason. Why would you look at their record they want to when it to the past when it fourteenth is he's healthy and when he's healthy. Andy and an outlook that it's doable. The difference between I'll look I'll the Broncos tattooed Tom Brady. Come on number Brady's mega lies about 110 yard run eBay they made a big deal out of it. What can you could be saving himself but I assume what you're talking about run the ball right that's saving that neither do whatever it takes to beat the Bronco. Is it takes Bobby. Say that's as they did to us this way if let's say somebody it's meant no question about it. But but this enacted a break I'll tell you I think about how Cam Newton is Joseph it's Morse oh I think about people who follow the NF bail. Vs people who may be flippant it's now. And in just looking at on the outside looking if someone does not keep the with the NF fail on a regular basis so we'll come back and asthma can't listen anymore to the cam knew if Angel well we just talk about. Obviously as the guy Santiago commodities debuting in the league you Columbia hater you turn off would be in the month article up on Blanton and a wicket to you and catering to mine so we will see you tomorrow they have in the desert canyon was your quarterback and all of a sudden let's say the Saints in the future we went 22 of their past 24 games with seventeen a one. All oh no Kenyans took a lot of unity against cam Brian Lawton. Are coming guys celebrate like is NFC south WW news time is 430 time the first news and we will go to Christmas. My impression is not affected by his race he's an impressive and Lee still dislike him for the way he salt. On the sideline high relive that and show boat in the show boating you excellent excellent text right what are the person obviously has sent. Raided separated. The and Lee park the success part and how you like Marv Levy wants it and of the game when we interview Mobley who want to amateur to global. We're asking about this when celebrations don't have become more it was in between it Tagliabue and in the deals which oh. Safety was an issue coming up to new commissioner. Dias disciplinary actions how would they be evolved more toward. Geared to keep in the game clean in infamy younger audience making sure it's dead they penalize him punished. And one of the things coach Levy told us he's is in Thurman Thomas his first career is first touchdown. He came in he kind of showboat. At he scored in Marv Levy did get on them gently he came over recent Thurman succumbing and he talked to him it's a great money says. You know it eases. You've been there before he sees you gonna be an immediate ten before after this is it just act like you've been. Well the whole adding I don't that I did generational thing yet he's remained a millennial know that they want you to exploit the show me regardless regardless that we we look at it now we are in it ain't like Bobby says the millennial. The money goes or in time where we we passing me I'm 45 by the speed of these. We would like who like I mean look at the gentleman ball to paint used to hand the ball to the official banners and Egypt and the ball the happiest. Now it's different it's even different college in putting better he's worse obvious thing you did this or what have you actually daddy mom article like that it. Right. Well this is. But damn if I do applicable. Talking about you look at that it ended and then an L. You've seen them or of expression that we look at and to be okay and at the scoring for whatever. And it ticket totals with teammates and it blah win. But you know he shared it with his teammate now now like that's why I think it's more a generational thing. And I'll be in great. Right and you know it's almost like opening to outside of the community. It doesn't matter. Win how many people who who hate on Cam Newton and in here's my take on his old situation broke him. I think people who follow football who who you may follow sports you know like you. You don't like and Roger showboat you know like when JJ Colorado goes you don't like Wayne Angell hall and show bloated bit of capacity with the Washington Redskins. You just don't like that nobody Barry Gardner is Seubert and right on right that we don't like it it's not a showboat and I respect that. Because you don't you don't like it just sports year is both physical act like you've been there. Be gracious in victory MB grace in defeat now the people who casually follow and so boy when they look at certain players. You look at somebody would take him Newt like Richard Sturm Richard Sherman comes off the field. In the National Football League there is a what they call a cooling off period. You can not speak to athletes after the game on top fifteen minutes fifteen minutes after the game goes final in which at that point and the coaches addressed the team. Man he's met with the media that's the reason why electric emotions settle down so they get rich instrument coming off the view at the makers of big play. In game what does he do he shows and a lot of emotion just like Bill Romanowski did when he won on the vols are today is I get a group like yeah what a bit though it did it I thought called him Bogut but not by now wait a minute of a people histories and the university and they've been through and commissions process. And let's vote go to school day. It is just ignorant. Well like it is and that Betemit is an educated stereotype productivity out of graduate writes that because it's the same thing what camp and all the plays and the National Football League. Because when they do some bodies authorities that the outlook Dez between being a if somebody be in a showboat in knocking it would have you wanna say. Now as much as everything talk about him dude I asked the people who hate on him. And as between hate it has between saint I don't like him because. He's talks it's hopeful. I'm with you Biondi is back in this USC Iowa I don't like him knew because of that I think he's a great player. That's the purpose analysts by I agree with your analogies whatsoever. How many people would be it the same thing it would immediate. What about when you see all these key predominant white tee it. Run up to the back of the end zone is soon as Carolina gets inside the twenty yard line to get a ball Cam Newton how many times do we hear about that. We heard about it in the AFC divisional game he heard about it in the NFC championship game. But people who wanna beat fair and Matt tipped the scales. You've got to wonder body being fair about that when he giving credit were credit to do and that's how we see is people at all no matter what. Nobody talked and he got a lot of good in every taste of the if he keep on what he's doing. People wanna helium even mole they do Tom Brady because hey you really need to go through it later beat he's good looking. And Claude knows when he does decide to settle down I guarantee his significant other is going to be some beautiful person. I can promise you that. Well that and ended thing is. The bits and eyes fixed. Compared because you look at OK we we we've kind of saying okay naming give an example. As someone. Close that can't you when you sixth at 5260 okay. Daunte Culpepper he could sort of ball he was being. But he Steele could not run down but I like can you probably speaks and yet you and Eric yes you can actually good now and I dare you look all the examples the total package. And how he's getting better at throwing a football right I mean that was scary. Is how well he's throwing the football now because all the other things you can do that adds that in February NFL defense especially Andy he's on a great team. With their defense though it. Karen Carroll has been a big challenge for years to come I don't like showboating but I behead him Sherman and or new owners think drop the thank you for the next. WW yeah. Bay Area. Right. Before Bobby's tortured Doug Williams that was the first quarterback they came to my American U the first that a black quarterback or aired Hedo. There was a wall ball. You know period where they they debated you know whether bulk of black quarterback. And fellow warbler played in Canada but really many years. And it finally when they started you know and the black quarterbacks feel he would have all the records accurate CL. When I did down jacket you Warren Moon you know I've quarterback he's their eggs quarterbacks talking to about spinning the rock. I did tell you in the history of the world in America football. Know one. Could spin the rock the football bettered in Warren Moon night I'm talking about when he was 4142 years abate the divide early throwing the ball. And no one was Bennett Warren Moon I get ill and it tests that. Which they want to think about comparing Cutler as a girl talk about them maintain an epic there. People now against Cuba and it should character like first ball. Back to succeed and certainly the game like for you and she quarterbacks. That war. Should be duplicated lore as much more rare more portable pitched out situation. Wonder gosh which is probably a quarterback to never work Super Bowl strikes you're able appropriate market at the other guy that you. Yeah mental frame and Robert still he was very you could look over you know he could know him well and a got an older. The other actors and the way to start or LaRoche quarterback. You can not to tear any structure. You ought to Vietnam for at least two for a year or kidding Jordan and well. Straw back a mean right at home. If baker were you born pitcher. Yep. 260187. And what I'll do love almost think gray Will Smith is a debut February. Almost saying great world champion with the 2009 New Orleans saints' Will Smith John just now will always a pleasure to have you on a program and we'll. What was it like the Willow Smith prior to 2009. The week voters who will bolt salty knew he would in what is it like now know on that you've been a and you got that ring in the longer that would take away from. Overall what looked great to have these guys and just before we haven't gotten older and you really don't know what to expect. You know be your life partner who. Players where are you known. There have been in the Volvo and you know it rather artists you describe your Brothers. And our programs are you actually go through barter economy stupid talk prior well and who global. Packers bracket pick your support and thank you here. But you know he targets are apparently in everything that you care and it's our focus on the actual game the same time. Where the other week is you know more about the Butler taking care let church. In the Super Bowl a lot of stuff is going all on everybody wants ago on the driver accommodate everybody. That there admitted that he got. But the majority of focus on keeping you occupied. Now will. That you have two weeks and that was doable and when you look at cam you know being in the news in. I kind of attributed almost though wood comes up that is being a slow week. That the national media has come up with something a thug Chicago about an ailment camp says. I'm an average game American quarterback enemies care a lot of puke because they haven't seen nothing at Dickey compare me to. A gag Tennessee where he's coming from but I think a lot of times with fans that come up to me is not so much race but arrogance that they tell me that they don't like diamonds hell. That the that it it just think Johnny Damon's Ellis haven't had success. A candy now the difference is the size as it is John Amos Els a little guy. And you know a canyon is a giant. Physically. But I is it more you think they want more humble football players like a Russell Wilson. And in more arrogant part are do you think ray says and to do it. I mean they you know I think. And he makes a valid point in these are certain late order I mean. You know. A lot of people that live football. Our. My age your age and even older and there's a lot of kids there are younger than most delightful ball also. And easier for younger model. Of the way Europeans are today me you know you don't look social media. Home. Auburn is the amount that you. Alabama. I mean they're going. We didn't do what we're we're who look out. It'd in order frowned upon us to do that when listeners this January. I think people on the old fashioned. They want Joseph Montana at quarterback will you know do agrees Pavel cornerback. Very humble but that aren't and that's not the way. Where the move is gone in the movement going to be. More last year bowl community should be you know saw quarterback who commercially in the past. Only one there than there are really. Was pick and home. You know it now means every quarterback. Is going about commercials. According even accomplish anything look RG three word about his brain is them first in your brain has to promote itself. There. As and then the candle and respect it and do it. And now he's you know you've grown and gotten better every single year cool to play against the first couple years. I mean he looked really I mean he was an average score and if you show his work in their vacation. To gear it. Two would be and he wants to do what I. Want to overdo it where they are 10. You know my thing here whatever color of Turkey bill. You gotta Wear it well I think I agree we use wholeheartedly when you say you know it being a generational thing. Woody who would that being said even those a generational thing you gotta be who you are listen Russell Wilson might be a throwback but that's who he has. You don't eat that Hollis and gagged it really well canyons been doing this all alone. And anything I'd blame junior college. You know at Auburn and them is so just be who you are that's about again. Yes and I agree I agree. You know and if it works you know Owen Nolan you know there arises. Is cocky is the quarterback and anybody is and then column. In the or have a complaint I don't mean. You know. I think because there are the karma wanna who blows our. Camp is karma up and coming in hasn't really done. And still come Schobel openers. People pick your parents who have but I mean if he has he warned if you were actually. And I think he brokered behind them and have a choice but there's so. Will Smith will always a pleasure I you have to famine deal. There. Are good deal we will always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. I'll Wear it he has won the problem is cam comes off as having no humility is email him. Also the damp comes from the from Atlanta how you know you're going to peak. Peak in Atlanta dance moves at the quarterback of the Carolina apparently okay well let me give you let me give you an example of that talk about bands at what's he think daddy is you hit solid background. You don't take you through this from Atlanta. Thank you. 601 exist for College Park here and it's and stand up it crop will be a great he's. Saints victories all in history to France as until they win another one in as a difference now. But they were about like Stanton being crop hanging plants straight Al downtown ET you know this is sports talk Nicole were to come at a next on WW.