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02-07 1135am Countdown to Super Bowl with Bobby, Deke & Mike Detillier

Feb 7, 2016|

Deke, Bobby & Mike Detillier talk Super Bowl 50.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NFL analyst Mike deteriorate at Mike it to you on Twitter WWW. Damn Mike here yeah eight. Dot com Mike this quarterback a battle between Cam Newton. And Peyton Manning it's got a lot of the hit land the Mike you got to the best defense as we've seen in. Found a final four we saw for the defense is in this who wrote that two very good defense teams and I cannot seem Mike Vick can go high escorting go low score on. You could sort of modern dance floor they can they could dance and it kind of tune out there. Right there and cannot duplicate. And you know there's so many ways to remind me. But the 2009 your wallet for Nevada. A little bit behind that we that we it. You know it was crazy you know we it will come out of pocket because at this point yeah it got there and I'm not on a prayer. Seeing the Carolina. Beat out a win today they had the same all that Bair he is one. Being just look at that and how they fail but you know you'd be. Quarterback. Someone not pick up there and it went about thirty year what is their front seven that it meant and what the uncles. You know. It is call up a Manning and early in his career. Goes with the Cote and and with the Broncos early on it was grouped around. Look at that circle beat them. I've got up with you in a half dozen years. The only thing that are all going to be. Denver Broncos this year with Seattle two years ago that it is built around defense and running game. And about it like that because. When you get out there Bronco. When they run the football thirty times a more this year there no. And you know. Dirty it it hit a because you know wouldn't. Winger who could swing that. Football ball back speak that we all agree that. Right oh. I'll throw the football. All over the field what the all of that this year has been played great. Both. And the fact when they're running game it crooked there again at bat in that there'd be comparable in 080. I know one thing that happens they gonna do they land that or. Real well early on you know. On the ball again. Go. Well I and he talked about going in the match Dustin. Bob Pittman is that because he has. Except on the highest level it is impossible. And I talked about them is on the nightly look at him as time. Now you didn't show again this team in the Patriots here at Auburn or forty yards receiving. You got into Atlanta at that point back to back gains. Lin island Thomas and he's played a poor so you'd think he'd be people break out game even bring this up. Is it into the action why. In the meadowlands. Would you don't dominant. Yeah it does that wreck thirteen receptions. And I say okay I eat you know they PGA. So that they gain any in there are definitely. Cheap jewelry. And our. Is it so much that they Peyton Manning look at Josh Norman that art. Powell. The Broncos are trying to keep that and beaten on balloting that it would run at it trying it. The market I'm a smaller and have a one party yard receiving game. What they wanted to things that they can't there's got to do what John Norman up on the Bears on. What that means it. That and it got to make plays for on the of the you've got again. I think Norman got a predominantly. Conn show up on the barriers promise in that football game out there now. And so that means that think they got side he would have been of the oh. On the on the side. That guy to watch what Carolina. And run the ball like new England. And try to run the ball right. You know gave that quickly built on the ball. Problem and you were in the ways we can't run in the global. As Greg gold. Because if you want to gain wood and an that we okay could you wore. That bit of trouble matching up against real quality guy and the Robert cup it was what seventy ought. Against them. Well. You go back typical game were Colby wing it now big game and 48. At that promoted as being. I did that uncles. Oh did that go to show you that you know that matchup well against pride and pop him up and pop the ball with Greg. Now how about your belt it was going to be. One back at the Bulls 10. Like that a couple hundred got burned. In. 00. It is. Because. Why is it oh and it actually occurred there. And urgently. He'd like to get the ball O and it's hard to read. You know he talked about the law and about double the in the NFL and college football. Can convert third round and key to why. That he thought he. Great point. That aren't on that play on third down. Blog alive and eat it eat it. Just hope that it puppet in completely. Watered war. Again. I look at both these secrets. And that would bowl these greens are. A little bit hard court all printed that thing but. A lot of ways had a bit account. The tour in the uncles is that. You Hewitt Hewitt top men because big and come out that the quarterback can. I'm interest is that Peyton. Well a little bit urgently in which he liked the short roll. It over the world or if I'd. Go up against the athletic one that. The ball in the right spot how Shaq down. Thomas Davis looked me. The best in the business today. It. Make. You pray for is about. Oh. Then knocking down a bit late that. It is a great matchup between the streaking. We. Each year because. Forcible I think it does when. You're in motion one player in the game that can't do. And it went to day. Quarterback at Gwinnett junior college national championship. The BCS national championship. NFL MVP in the bowl. All of what do you. Got to give him his reps on what he's been able to do. He's NFL analysts by the DEA in my quickly it was a big. What export twenty Carolina I think it could even keep this game close but not that the Panthers this is the team of destiny. I go Carolina 241.