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The Think Tank 1210pm, Illegal Aliens

Feb 11, 2016|

Arizona has virtually eliminated illegal aliens from their state.  Are results good or bad?  Can Louisiana do the same? This hours guest: Malvern Burnett - Immigration Attorney Steve Camarota - Director of Research at Center for Immigration Studies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And how I miss this book to. If you're looking for a way to men alive or duel with undocumented. Illegal alien workers. I think get a resume of Broadway you. There from loss of about. Undocumented immigrants in a rose about 85%. Came from electrical or board Lucy in government and including. Birds and hospital care they can receive punitive damages and civil suits. Tagged a drive Christians. Not eligible for in state tuition rates. I'm out through those who plays but they did well we're pleased could you try approached. To check immigration status in the one that I've found interest. I've said for a long time in these liberals. And the conservatives in this country. Or really serious about line users opting undocumented. Workers. Or illegals. There's some of the gold. 97%. Europe pliable and work. In reducing the interviews with people in this report and talk about. Where they are as about. We can work for a week that takes a long for the report cap that would go on to a lot of people were robbing end. Again this articles grow by 40%. Under illegal workers or call him. At all of this two and Steve cammarata drug Richardson. For immigration studies Steve thank you all union. I. Things I'm really surprised that it seemed like at least that resulted in them and key for act. Observe there illegal workers or what Colin Holland beat cause. Their record in this report that say. When it was only ran well more orders illegal workers and in the state bar. The economy took. And then there are other column saying no when the economy actually go out that affordable. It would go against it looked. When it was about immigrants generally or our illegal immigrants in particular they're much pork that is the native born population. Child by. They're written in place makes me content here immigrants will make the US economy at least one point seven trillion dollars bigger. It. There are 400 billion dollars to the economy. All the search that consensus is. 90%. Of that increased economic activity. Goes the immigrants legal all you want 90% goes immigrants from felt. In the form of wages and benefits which which one do in the war. So armed. It's like being unit out of hundred people I think people moving and solid car count economy it's 50% bigger. But and tell you the fundamental question is do you regional population of the count there. Egypt mean the economy. Same weight bank debts of bigger content nor. But that means that Bangladesh's Richard and Larry because what matters is are happening in our. Person. Income. Because the answer or when you count them and look at perk up. The whole that per capita income definitely lower. And definitely when the native born there what article suggests that your partner on the Wall Street Journal about the research you get it immigration that you might get. Create winners and losers and they do talk surprisingly most newspaper article now about the losers and so when illegal in large numbers and there were. Forced Americans who say let job. Attention to be nannies maids box late and things like back editors and so what. And they were better off the other winner from the departure of the illegal immigrants were taxpayers. In general illegal immigrants are who are so even when they're paid on the books they don't make that much. But they're much more often their children. Qualified for a lot of public services. And because they're poor and education costs were weighted to that shortly in that business is however that pay more for their workers in some case it. So the intentions were worse off soak the poor and down somewhat better taxpayers were better off. But businesses were slightly worse stop. And the overall autonomy was smaller but not necessarily. Poor some workers were actually better off. So that's the way to think about immigration including illegal immigration creek winners and losers losers they're straight. All right let's lead and they could lead to over simple blunt forests date. Is it. A better idea. To get rid of these illegal workers or breed illegal immigrants period. All are are there more pluses. To having them have workers. Missourian would say that. It depends on who you are Hewitt tax Payer it's probably a good idea. To get rid of your low wage worker it's probably a good idea for a minute ago. If you're owner of the I want to employ them. And what it takes that. I'm overall. I think the real question is how much do you care about your low income workers get very concerned about being in here in. If you very concerned that we're in saint. Work doesn't are you you you couldn't work but. You know it. Those that really concern that one way is why you want it's too rock bottom. So the departure of the illegal immigrant is good for you other group but we haven't talked about is the immigrants right. If you make illegal immigrants leave their normal certainly are worse off epic back to their own country retreat but that's another group to think about so I get. And the answer your question at the patent. If you want employers to maximize profits and you want to benefit the immigrants let them. If you want the war in your state to do better what saint taxpayers' money they can go magnet that footage. These anti immigrant 20 organizations. And I've talked to move years when I've said. There or whether it be for emerged. Whether it be and whatever. Do construction industry that uses low wage workers. When when ever there's talk of running the illegals out. They say that they're going to be heard in the anti immigration organization that says that at RT. American jump in and take those jobs like crazy berth this article did you aboard red. Starts off with a pretty large former moved well former larger acreage. He he says. And he's been two million bucks and up with the new machine to replace some so. Like that's the other possibility yeah substitute heavily substituting. Technology and capital for labor you know this machine does the war but the part of the workers. Used to deal. The good that Mac a productivity gains which we generally say it. Because I'd remembered being at nine workers who he was paid ten or twelve hour. Worker can make ten or twelve bucks an hour packed it in school when they're poor does its clout by a lot services. And so. The barber court I see any of caught out sort of war that problem. Why happening in this dispute the machine that takes extra school. Pressure off the local health care system and the few workers. Have generally make a lot more money can think she. So you share in what could be a very good deal though it might be a good deal in the short Barbara that morning even at taxpayers are better. You may feel like the idea of Reading a lot of low worker and shifting that caught the taxpayer. I'm not doing what you hit what job. And seen the impact on school or on the stamp rolls and things like that and an important question your. Very interesting segue to minimum student of ten minutes or your jumbled talking about Lincoln about. Our resolve payouts of Belgian law of god wrote of over 40%. Of their undocumented. Workers. Some good came out of good some bad we'll talk about it more. Questions comments Gibbs called twos and 20187. About woke journal article that says the or economics of the illegal immigration. Arizona music column it took a hit when merely illegal immigrants. That benefit all of whom material. That are run Tuesday in this club turned to proceed column Robert Rector. And for him operations of these. So bummed. I'd and I normally but before I got this shall shall always thought removes food and so does not politically based. I had no I did the world liberal columnist and church group elements but. This article urged world you know quotes a number of economists I've been like do you with the liberal or conservative. Well and ask you what this one means she's. And then with everything errors and news on. They're paying an economic life or death decision. In slower growth and left export. What would that mean. Expect it. Supply issue I don't have that 100000 U worker but it otherwise would it. So the old law eyes in the economy. Is smaller than it otherwise would have been. So it doesn't he's not I didn't grow much it. The economy probably smaller out the other word applies it of course the person that statistic means absolutely not. And they said before it's signed an economy means nothing to the individual thing. If there are. They're per capita or per person. That they carry. Magnet for the bigger even Norway but no. The Bangladeshi richer than like what matters is what the citizens enjoy eating. So when we meet when you talk about the. Indicating. The economy just in Arizona it is that there aren't many shopping center. There might not be even as many. You know restaurants is there otherwise would have been at war in case you exports may be it would have been. But some textile facility at. But they operate now because they know it report sport. There might be other things that that that statement it is food processing center but isn't there and other like we're in being and have a few 100000. More workers. Were seen in define it any evidence. But the per capita income of Arizona's. And they were workers should be better what an interesting story that comes out is we all recognize it back to growth but not quite. You look at working age people sixteen to sixty by. 71 mile and now who are either and oh wait what out of the labor force and our entirely. Wore on there say they want full time work but can't find this a record number right we know wages are flat so. The question here is. How do we get those people back into labor market will think it's articles that it employers should just use immigrant network hired illegal immigrant. They recruit friends and family and that Al east steel workers or Asia where employment. Now he can't do that. Actually go to church and. Newspaper a post on bulletin board atop the rain and the other is that it and so on and so he acts through me but what employers to do. For the record net port. That's probably a good paying it over their own people who. Probably can be drawn back in the labor force. Programme work in a few years might work intermittently but with an act. And it simply don't have impatient it'll be an app for. It is a much better. We are young people who work and we know that a record number of young people level high school education are now not working it's unbelievable. It would be but I while but the point here is the organic many people back but more patience on the part of your. And without the record at Churchill I think we are looking back without articles suggest. And I probably socially good thing for the fiscal impact just the fact that people at the minute mother's face. I think they've becoming more self reliant they're getting up and going to work each day and I it was an app that we're impatient to draw those books. But that's been happening. This is a little bit all a big two of bits article. And they do in order beam and we've funeral and respond polian then. Trump says it's gonna build a wall can he surely. Like that that is great as a way over. Sit on border security right possible bubble and came on temporary be it now well. The other guest workers Barnes and stores that sort. Walt anything about. True that wall it'll help interdict drug to another and sneak across the border so it's helpful. But remember just give you one quick example app. The ministry it they chose to interpret the law a certain way so odd about the people shot on the border. From Central America. The so called the other patently in the unaccompanied minors. Or parole in the United States and turncoat in their family also. Over the border in climate and made it that it now lose the board figured into the water patrol. And so it's kind of policy. That it but it was the quarter per the terms and then I thought that would ration. But for the Republicans that believe the century is the wall in your bureau or you're an expert on this. Is it a good idea of sugar Gooden camera do. There are clearly parts of the border that are still largely independent and need more Asian and more dancing. So I may need and may be able. But if you want comprehensive enforcement strategy you've got here by which allows employers to bear aren't. The legal status of the workers make mandatory cool at the iron two Eagles. Source state don't give Amber's Ike is in state tuition at public debt that they welfare to illegal and hold your instinct. Much more important probably. At this point in the border having that they're all are to think he should be doing at the border that we're not doing as well. So you've always a pleasure thank you for the time I have agreed to. Cover red bag news. But you're good humor following that person out power I. And this coach I didn't have a clue on important national. Extremely and crews are if you're Pro Bowl. Illegal immigration what books runs those and they wrote the undocumented. Workers. Which is really illegal workers or if you're against it. I think there's a couple of things to look at the in the Arizona. Spare him. That you cannot argue with. At least only a privilege from we have to park now what they did it. They barred and a illegal immigrants. From receiving any government benefits. Including. Non emergency. Room care. They can't receive punitive damages and civil suits they can't get a drive lights and it's. Or eligible for in state tuition rates. And does more publicized. Please could use traffic stops to check immigration set up. In that. Looks like it but true in 20072012. Brand new way. 40%. Of the undocumented. Workers. Now. Where those that say. You Rica or go to our everybody's got jobs. All of read you real Lamar immigrants. That water board but couldn't because illegal shook our worry over worked at lower wages. 2008. Out of the jobs that became available. Less than 10%. Of the job numbers. Tune presumed the jobs were picked up. Employment decline for low skill white native workers in Arizona. 20082000. And hide the Villa out migration. Median income will blow scope whites who did manage your job rules only 6%. So granted that since 2000 and we're a little financial problem anyway. What they're seeing is not only did not a lot of bear. Died in the world Americans take their billable trumps. You go to this guy big former. Peppers. In a resort. We're in all of those workers. Went back to Mexico because of that talk laws Arizona. He lost 9% whose labor so what are. Turned around and invested two million dollars developing machine. To replace them machine detects the Pampers them. And welcoming. King won the peace with the news. Know the guy. Couldn't get his crop out of The Beatles could you know blew up port. Street plowed the plants under. And he is devising. A laser guided device. To do what he needs. On the product whose field so. On one side it looks like Japan please stop laws which is guaranteed to get rid of the lord segment. Of unskilled. Illegal. Imports. So adapts apply outside and aimed at. You say to looted from. School costs medical costs and even prison call ups. On the other side and the jobs don't go like to get picked up a bunch by an American workers. And the ridge. Former world slashed land owner. Is moving to technology. Drupal use whoever. Would come through draw. We've got plots and mine is Bada and it is important to use them. That I upon past and we're gonna take a break when we come back. When you say the illegals. Don't contribute. In the thing to of the economy go to their legal. Don't pay taxes. They're just not contributing much of the economy. There is something coal and a suspend. Social Security. Earning suspense. File. I think he will be a mis. As to why that is. And how much money we have image problem. Illegal immigrant. He recalled Kissinger won it celebrity double B. Got perfect good article for its told the Wall Street Journal the U headline is that boring economics of illegal and corporation. Talk about what Arizona has done what they did the institutes and every tall wall arms. And 40%. Of their illegal workers left. Sid you've you've Bure or. Do warning going that direction you'll find planning in this article that supports. What you wanted to do was a good idea. If you don't even call them illegal immigrant juicy undocumented. And you too bad for them and you wanna help you will find. In disorder called things that support you or opinion. Both ways. The two things don't think you can argue route is yes a lot of them have the lead more than it needlessly by far. And tomb there's something called you Barrow five it's a federal program and electronic. That keeps them from being hired. And they say years of quote. Brohm goes them leapt. He verified as of problem porous weakened weren't for a week. It takes so long for the papal words the number I'll always captures so there is all the way to stop them from being ironed. But bode too conservative businessmen in the liberal businessmen. Or not doing now would re bullet thing. Joseph Lieberman thing I don't think most people understand. Move would set in I'm not I'm four against I'm really complete to build. Boom we say don't pay anything goofy column get this. Starting at England's only nineteen the social security and Panama and verifies. Received a flood of Dublin to learn. With the incorrect. And names fictitious numbers. And the Irish just put him away. And they label did beat owning suspense plot are. And what are both parts. Illegal immigrants say he and not think the number and Ellie. 150 books dog Bob they get so skirted a member of the green car of big tribes like its roots. When we applaud the work they did that. Two of the of the company owner who was running the place. And that gives that company owner Carl horror. Just saying how could we have known. So William. Arrived. So scared look sudden says. Petitions and petitions and mineral what do women will put it in May suspense by now. Since this. Early community. Hundred and ED nine billion dollars worth an aged a waged in this club in the suspend while. And then in the 1990s. To would have done more war. In the current decade. They'll file is growing on average. Fifty billion dollars a year. It billion a year. Ed 67 billion dollars in security do showed securities tied to revenue. And about one and have two billion in Medicare taxes. That money. Is keep doing what we pay. Or Social Security. At a lower level. I mean it can you imagine. Fifty billion dollars a year is what they're putting him to suspend while so. On one side. You can legitimately. Say. What they are paying. Into the system. Is subsidizing. Our Social Security. By. This this wives in war come to own all of the wind you look at that kind of money. And we got president would go to congress since enough. We can't take 111213. Billion room knew immediately being part of my friend from back let's just led who herbs here. Become citizens who give them that proved so. Learning the language getting a job whatever and five years you've become America. Part of me says that what we ought to do because I don't think I don't too prone pride amounting to put Ramon points and for an engine. Whatever and run him out prompting physically financially we can do it. But if we don't. And we go the other way the Obama way. Everything we understand. Dray he. Did. That Monday. Over 200. Billion dollar and word of money. That's sitting there and being added to. By about fifty billion a year. Showed the whole thing is so complicated when win. Each Republican president who are. Liberal congress should funeral were were blown garnered we've got control of the border. We verify that seemed like that would do it overnight. We pass a law lives at Arizona. Has passed. It's a guarantee Rogen Hugh would lose a huge job. Of among glad supplied illegal workers. But if you pulled them sorted through usually that has pluses. And minuses. Won't do a lot of things we think it will will do what do we do you think ago. So it just kids a little a couple of good ones starting at about the ball there one time to eat in consequential. Cab. They've got about 2000 mile wall lit up a lot of could have run through. Texas. Ranch Owens. I don't believe you know we can help people. At Texas ranchers. When you go in said he at the current people. The federal government has to cure property to build level. The things are gonna be. A little play on that one. What do you think in the tank government. Are managed companies. Apps movie. You'll kill me. It's about where where Chris is god or rain moves out. Rock and that is I'll feel republic 200 shrinking its cool. Ruby talk about that ought to talk about Will Smith. It's residency and urges kids in a lot of freedom of expression used as you'd feed did the same. Yeah I did and then execute is that being a good parent. But I'll be some scoop is next.