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Think Tank 1110am, Regreting Suppot for Bobby Jindal

Feb 25, 2016|

Did you support Bobby Jindal and have regrets now? Newell Normand regrets endorsing Bobby Jindal and calls him an 'idiot.' Looking at the state's budget crisis and the posstible effects on law enforcement, he said, " The state budget, what a mess. Bobby Jindal was a better cult leader than Jim Jones. We drank the elixir for eight years. We remained in a conscious state. We walked to the edge of the cliff and we jumped off and he watched us." This hours guest: Newell Normand - Sheriff of Jefferson Parish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah it's for the sap our will go think of Bob a lot of people who Lincoln about that your of new moon. Gave a speech is being widely reputed to and talked about because he's quoted. Them yet. The claims that he's served a Bobby Jindal. Is an idiot and compared lingo called leader. But. Personally. I've done what I was more plants in the body is. I read this story is correctly and that they were reported correctly. Sure of Norman is also saying. We dual evolved. The blaming to look in the mirror. That is all of our Paul Democrat Republican you me Boulder's Leeds is slowly towards. And I think he's saying in a note of all and why don't get together. And and solved some problems. I did little thing not to get too melodramatic Cold War. I can specifically. The big which click to go into. What weapons he used what formulations used where the wrong quiet wrong would motors wanna bring me a lot Earl arguments and debates. Mobley came to. A life and death decision. Together and we would would we tortured him the best one it was. Maybe distant life and a side. When you started. To read and to take. Shut down universities. May not be life and a but I think it certainly shapes the quo legally and Bravo that says my opinion my opinion on the let's go to prove them in itself certainly your room were located Sharapova new norm insurance and car share of partnership echo. More. Good morning and the good thing about radio you can't be added to in the camp right blog or billiard take what they king said you get to say it's pure would you would given that speech. And that Intel has tortures. Well you know I've grown release we area political rhetoric. This blame game pack for it now as a relate to all of these issues that we're facing today. And the attempt so former governor Jindal rewrite history and street lately revealed itself. Understanding that every day there's another legislature. Or. Is kind of shake out policy. In order to cover up deficiencies so that we can have doubts by your that we in the dark. HER wrote or we're glad you're. Not removing tax exemption no new taxes. You know refinancing debt pulling cash out paying higher Richard great. In expanding our debt obligations now what Chordiant thirty years these certainly are shaking their school practices. And the call that I was trying to make the analogy at that we're talking about Oprah's school for their school for a school formed. It got everybody believing their we're walking off the latch because none of that happening are all shell game and so only either of them leaving he's giving people pay raises hiring additional people and native people. Q boards and commission there and pain. Political ideology that he has now. That there ideology as has left here and let by the way. And I'm. You know incredible and completely disingenuous. And a policy you know on the things I can't I can't do that can't. Not being critical of our own party and that's the problem with the Republican Party. No one's willing to look at themselves critically. And try to figure. You know using libraries and an empirical data is what worked pontificating. War. Hours or not. We get it here in the bowl they'll stop buckled bet. For the sake of the pill topical bad. Without evaluating whether or not what we're talk actually. Helping people hurting people we just by these stories and what will it can't just stay the walkway. Bear with me here. But the thing alike about which says do you blame Republicans or Republican would but it's set in the that's something about it. In Bora in the doubling goes everywhere let me use me beyond. I don't pointing caught. More than pay more taxes. It's like nobody. Could get the cuts on bingo content and share of Norman. On one cut caught me and acts is okay. Now we're go to legislature. You're that. Italy says the ball. Can do and if applied the right thing to people that who's screaming at me do the right thing. Org and came out of office because I did the right thing that hurt him. Yet. Why is that. The problem is is that the party is what's driving the rapper that's wise that we are not gonna solve this by the end. Involved in partisan party politics our own party. And the Democrats have done the same thing it should not Republicans. So the fact of the matter is is that they don't oh in the candidate thinking people to do the right day. Because it doesn't want with the party rhetoric. That respect that establish a one purpose so. Control and money. And that's what these parties are well. And I said the sole law that two party system at the best and worst thing about this structure. It's a bad thing because we're not Burton would plurality as many 79 parties some countries in trying to reach consensus. And so we're able to reach compromise. As you get so stated when we reached a point of complete quite. Right. And unfortunately that's the only time nowadays. Koppel is really. Nasty and dirty word in power since at all now admit out. The worst thing about the two party system Mittal about control. That's what it so. And you know we have we have become prisoners to the party. As opposed to independent thinking applied reasoning and it Terkel data evaluation. In order to determine. What we're standing up for actually war. And we can't get to it completely honest. Discussion about this until we strip and eight. And we remove all of this. Environments. That completely be able talk about the issue straight. And how we go about. And you know you've talked about this a lot Carla gave me an example. And I know you notice that 200. Top corporations in this state pay no corporate income tax. None. Zero. In Texas when they give an exemption. One thing exemption does departure. Is education. Who complains about education more so big as. One of the being. Impediments. To bit the common but when nick com they'd pay nothing to support education. The irony is. I'm assuming your W two employee. You parish stated contacts. I pay state income tax the guy that's making 101000 dollars or 151000 dollar a year he or she failed state income tax. But the six billion dollar corporations in this state right now. And you know this has been this overarching Republican philosophy. That put forth by lobby and others and were given out some way actually were paying these corporations more money than their at all. That absolutely. Quaint. Probably get a thousand to this position. That the glut folks myself included. That are W two employees or pay and more tax than multibillion dollar corporations in the state. It doesn't make any sense in the and it and and it'd be fair to paint them as we have to look at all of that taxes holistic and what that widow sure whether or. Leash corporate income tax state in the country. Yeah. We are one of them we are more one of the most poverty ridden states in the country. Doesn't make much sense to me. At the end of the day. You know when. The tractor the other day talking about that report that we have a spending problem not a revenue problem. Any updated would be sent earlier with China and they're being Euro studies. He said that now the study which really topic you talked about it earlier show about a billion wanna. Which was the exemption on our drilling. And the inability of state government actually to conduct the audit necessary because all these taxes are. You know to conducting audits necessary in order to do it. You talk about revenue waters that while ago this money you know what if Jindal administration's response to that long. They removed the auditing process from the department of revenue for the department of natural resource. That's controllable. Great solution. Total war they ought. Cheryl. I know we're losing your you have your run out time. I think you've got expertise of just by hearing. Can we get you back at a later date so we can get better educated to number one. The problem to a more importantly. Absent of natural managing the budget one of the featured UC. I would love to believe that's correct one thing about this analogy you know it it was much. Right and I think you got it in view all over and and I appreciate saying I never intended to imply. That that that the former governor Jindal you know commit suicide. The point that we're trying to make is that we're talking about this fiscal reform. There and all of his way. He doesn't drink the election. He does things contrary. To what are Cold War should have been all. An independent in his second term in particular with the refinancing the that in law creating debt and higher interest rates. And everything else for the sole purpose. And being able to say that it would adopters patriarch orange grove and or. And the Google periods of radio people actually get to hear exactly. Or choose. Europe preacher board should do preacher called love. Do it's still more you'd timely raw. Come right. To have Souter good interview would go Noual Norman over radios preaching your your victory were basically says and the governor letters over a cliff. And went on along with the in particular. Here's part and him. Republican. He helped. Doing Google liked and and its Arab Democrats were responsible. Carlin response were all responsible. Of context. Null or lose an angry men know this and kind of two more on all you'll lose an angry man. What he did juncture was all I didn't know that the crime group from Moses say from new old as you Hughes he bought. They've of their poor crime issues. Bird disappointed that they would let that happen Newell is not Republican and the good of keyboards he wouldn't insult me as he did it. Public thing. Prime missions. What he was singing here. Be called what Jindal did he and other insurance and the crew Judson says the man in the prison system. Is in trouble in this state bad news any crime issue. And when he says who poor elude you. Result usual Republican shouldn't do that what he's saying is. It's time to put the parties as. If brilliance is there were being coal. We need to forget partisanship. In India and together and soup and where's the paying them. Like going to the doctor. Would shot Dolan you know one shot. Which operation to a new one operation. But there via I don't. I'm gonna get sicker. And instead. He's running and doctors as to why they just because I'm a Republican. Ambulances nor does real wood it would read anything in. We've got to get well here can take some time. Dale got from and respect. And owned even consumed me. Sentiment that text app where you go who here can. I serve and noble norm. No new and I would bet money did you and I debated say the drug war would probably describe him almost every. He Republican I'm not I'm liberal and conservative. And drizzle something. That he believes that I would agree in by experts. Who wouldn't like. To maybe. He's one of the view powerful political figures. That I've heard. That says yeah. Good grief. Kim can we get Republican and we didn't Democrat sitting in this studio. And not its whirlwind year ago was dialogue with the word Euro bull we've heard. Tell the truth. A probable problem don't tell you in the you'll Alicia put ball. You do you got a better chance to kill rights. That you do well if you football. Don't get pulled kids of violence and genes again dines streak I don't believe governor Edward Said that seven. But it Roberts added in the eighties I don't believe it. Put your beginning and convince me that you woke and and you. To whittled Allen and education and hell. In this state through such a point where parents and business have got to be smoke and go. To send their child to the university year. Other than prime or any corporation the command. You win Mitt. Don't cut higher education and health. Virtually more than any of the state in the union you or running away he the best Ph.D.s. The best administrators. That haven't chants. That parade people would educations. Better better than the taxing the radio station to walk home like good news crews solos and meet instead of going off okay. He says he married and so he says part of ignorance. You should win remained mostly but most importantly. He simply said. All that again and do something about it. We're back. Tuesday generally it's a new more of these. Aren't blur out thinking about the alleged state budget nightmare and that sale LED's big cuddled. Since 97 same thing over and over again that's I'm. Seems to be a little bit and frenetic. So we've there's something is doable have been talking about and well served talked about pure Norman would go for. A group of business people gave its age are blamed itself. He blamed his party. Good round of blaming all of this but he showed. That it Bobby jungle was the idiot that he's seems would be if he didn't take it over a cliff is the bullet. His party is the blank. And I had submitted bore all the blame and a red one Texan don't usually breed these stacked at all. Some of the statements on that dumbest things I've ever seen. And were breached the scrap on the year to build time and get too mad about what they're saying nor an abuse say elect me. Going to be here at these people get of the second grade but here's some of the others. The balance the negative one or brought about the end of you sure are known Garland. Sheriff was spot on. I'm forgery continued to own and your longer curious. About altitude toward food top corporate business. Move to a front jurors rug. Of the top two corporate businesses are the pay no state income taxes would try to get it. Regarding. Norman scum and humid in journalism behavior finally bore. But sure enormous bottle. If John Edwards Seagal movies and core a corporation. You'd be called into the mat but shareholders. Were never. They're good as one elected officials. Like Norman like tending not a parade to tell people like it is and so forth and so on. So. The other question I apps would which I think is valid. And it's gone down because of this sport I've listened. Because I was here in the seventies when Edwards told you we're gonna on hold people from dialed some Sheen. Roll words said we're gonna be cut Alicia football group. Courses wanna work. Well what's dawned on this first time I've heard. Both Republicans ended them. Saying that while they. Where in the legislature on all Edwards or Tim and Henry. Or they had to be. House Ways and Means Committee head of the peninsula outside of that on jeweler who've been there soon typing too early 1970s. They didn't you know. What June the rules don't they didn't go it was a span. As I did to bring up the election like Norman it's. Forget the affiliate. Forget the argument drew global likely. Think of this. If they're telling the truth why are they saying to watts. They don't have the staff. With the capability. When they think. Something is wrong because of certain live reports John Kennedy over and over again on the show. Poor on par only BI you name. Talk about common build multi billion dollar debt interest in their colds. She paid to do general we came nobody on the show woodlands whites. Assuring its hold the report wrong given notes. The burg called DK to bring complicated reasons is why. So if all of these Democrats. And Republicans in the legislature red star and including the current governor. Didn't have to say didn't have the capability. And broke par and opted nick goats. Jindal might be lying. And who's going to really her doubts. The martyred than sending. They or saying in somebody sure our I've been approved for two hours. Somebody should we were wrong they are saying forget their party affiliation point gap if you liked or disliked them. They're saying. This system is so broke. The governors showed power. It can make up. Do anything. Will lead the slave over a clip and day had no way of knowing. That's not a condemnation have been able. That's dim. Explaining this system. In a bird the only thing. To you and me. That wins us some good king. So. If that's the system. Why do we believe you. When you believe what the governor is saying now. And do you understand where that has the capability. Of going. It has the capability. Of going to Donald Trott. Where you could go and believe god damn thing. Where the big comedian. Whether B industry. Where there be legislature. Where the B politician brother the priest. So what do you really good idea. Right now. Ala abuse get together. Because we're going to send you down the drain. Because your convincing putts. To be Donald Trump and to totally. Jettison. All of your guide is your platform she believes. And start over. Because you are telling arts the system is broken. And there's nothing you can do about it you don't mean. To tell who's fat. But what are the conclusion can a thinking person brawl. From being told by our leaders. Whom. Looks like Google have caught a few children threaten. You or your money is threat. Your businesses threaten your life is threatened. Beaten. Win. We do know would come in the capability of doing it was still don't. Use eggs are one thing. Thinking about the debated. At the legislator after the finger at about Shura Norman whom in mind you. Wimbledon and yet. Told the salt does suck it up. Quick elegant for blame. Blame ourselves. And then get something done code of paying debt problem. John and Gonzales your own double them. I think all of only god won't make a comment about which you talk about it and I'll Bogut. Opt in and tell you regretted every day because this particular. Industry that we but state. And yet we. Think about liberal as well can be. It doesn't make any you get the all of it all Uga Uga kept a sound real. Sure you're all coming industry. That everything. And I think debt and ought to be accountable for the you know. And destroyed and didn't know what should be because it at. That could be considered well. Let me give you which Marines European. Parent. I don't want to Boeing jobs could be your hunting Bobby Jones was but. At Wembley. Remove brewing Republicans. Won't blended them. And get back could be so wrong here but I think this is what's happening because bottom talk to legislators about. All the year old. They go to about not pulled on drop there Don bacon Tom prudently while there. The lead with Clinton and sounds mighty but let's say that the case. And big go to do the right thing that's why they brought in for off. And they got there. And they say. Yeah. Higher educations in trouble. We had them for all the school. Twelve schools. Lawrence got worn team. Florida's high times bigger than we. Should it come back and say. Oh I think I got a I'm shocked at a school in college and I think I got to shut down you would know and gold were America. An important recovered don't. Even moderate power search. And the damn budget. All well okay. Well Latin. Twelve million billion dollar behind in the hibor budget. I'm gonna make patrol road. Road. Interim control road. I think the problem it's just like Katrina. Was odds. We were told glory ever this guy is going to all and you'll always said over and over again. Or go to operate. Well good jazz for a while ago if you gain. Of that crap. That is never gonna break we are gonna play and stay in there and it's a mid week dubbed jumper owned old Norman for telling us the true. Legislative for saying. It couldn't get it done or the day and broad. Governor via. I'm sorry but I who. I get an lab of them told the big because and I are leaving flawed. If my daddy was. Dubbed god man of few words could come about today. And how things Golan. Does have 123 cards. To read flat screen TV we cared computer that would put man on the moon in our back pocket. Gibbs obscurity we get Medicaid sub BJ Social Security Medicare what does that. Well it helped give senate and grabbed. And and attempting to back pocket and G tube and programs that many would say. When I made the world that your benefitted from because nobody helped guts. America is this stuff. Capitalism. Is horrid. But do. I would some of the borne out democratic socialist.