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Scoot Show 110pm, 2016 Campaign Trail

Feb 25, 2016|

On today’s show: Tonight is another Republican debate and following Trumps 3rd straight victory in Nevada over the weekend and with Cruz and Rubio both saying that they are the true conservative that can win in the general election – Super Tuesday is 5 days away – tensions are high – a lot is at stake and tonight’s debate could be explosive. Will you watch? Do you expect a verbal blood bath? Who will win? AND: Does it matter what Donald Trump said in the past about women while appearing on the Howard Stern Show? A website has listened to hours of audio from Trump’s appearances on Stern’s show and Trump said things that many would say are degrading to women. But does it matter what he said in the past? Not out of defense of Trump – but could Trump have changed? Even with all the crude comments he has made – is he actually acting more respectable today? PLUS: The mayor of Ithaca, NY would to establish the nation’s first supervised injection center, where heroin users can shoot up under the supervision of a nurse without getting arrested by police. This idea is inspired by the accelerating number of heroin overdoses in NY. It’s happening about the country and here in New Orleans. Heroin users are not the stereotypical street trash most associate with heroin use. Many heroin users are professionals and many are from the suburbs and did not fit the stereotypical heroin user in America. So, if someone is going to shoot heroin – is it better to have them do it under supervision so the chances of ODing are greatly reduced? Does a government supported facility to supervise the use of heroin vicariously encourage heroin use? This is similar to the argument years ago over whether the government should pass out free syringes to those who shoot drugs on the street? That was an effort to cut down on users using dirty needles.

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What a beautiful Thursday afternoon hey it's Thursday weekend is almost here and we are slipping into what is going to be another incredible weekend it's gonna feel a little bit less like spring then maybe last weekend. But it's going to be really really nice and comfortable and if there's anything that you need to do outside for fun or around the house or fur. For for work at this would be a great weekend to do it. I thank you for being part of our audience this is an outstanding radio audience I love your information I love your sense of humor and while the sarcasm at times and calls in the architects that we get so thanks for being part of the show. Also on me it's. I guess it's it's best to describe me as a radical moderate on extreme. Centrist. And there are people who are just quick to label everybody but in in in. Those descriptions I think it's it's fair to say that it's not so easy to label everybody and that might be you. Now on this show you'd never know what opinion Germany here. Because unlike many other shows were not to have my optically targeting one specific ideology one specific audience. And I have my opinions you have your opinions opinions are expressed. We may disagree at times but that's something that we celebrate on the show we don't condemned. On the Republican debate is tonight also there's a lot of talk about Howard trump having been on the I'm Donald Trump having get on the Howard Stern Show. Does any of that manner now that's our party jag opinion poll this hour. Should Donald Trump's past crude comments about women and sex. Affect his presidential campaign. It is your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we've got a great cover music playing for you this afternoon and estate in 1981. A male artist dominated the grammys winning album of the year. Song of the year. And best new artist and this is the time of year that the grammys take place respond to look at the countered and go back and so that's on our pop culture countered going into our first break. The record of the year 1981. Now this was before the music it would define the eighties became prominent in 83. To 84. This is such a serene song that you'll yearly to think of it is being part of the eighties music but it wasn't as going into our first for. Also today we remember the birthday of one of the members of arguably the biggest and most influential band of all time. And they were part of the original British invasion. He was of one of the band members the band got unbelievable attention but he was one of the members who really didn't seem to strive for all the attention. And also at the end of this hour a song that has. The name and the name of the band are both acronyms. And it was released on this day in 1974 became the theme of a popular dance show so all of that coming up with our opera music this hour. Honda VW helped the mayor of Ithaca, New York. Says that he would like to establish the nation's first supervised injection center. Where heroin users. Can shoot up under supervision of a nurse. Without getting arrested. If people are gonna do heroin. Is it respectful and is it respecting life for the government to provide a safe place to shoot up. I will talk about that. In the next hour so tonight is the Republican side presidential debates and it's following trumps third victory in Nevada. Crews and rubio are both saying that they are the true conservatives. And they can win the general election. Super Tuesday is now five days away it's Tuesday. Tensions are high a lot is at stake in tonight's debate this could be very explosive. Or you can watch. I'm gonna watch we'll talk about who said watch in my highlights tomorrow afternoon. On our show here on WWL. Donald Trump on the campaign trail in Texas. Why is having a conversation with Pat Robertson and over the Pope saying that truck is non Christian. You saw the Pope. Came out against your little bit but that was before he knew he was very nice visit next day he. Issued a statement he realized he had a grieving moron Americans that we save. Nice to know the both of those guys ever have a sense of humor I Ted Cruz says the stakes. Are too high. To gamble with the coming weeks and they fold. But PT Barnum. And for the clowns and acrobats and that dancing bears has passed while. Yes that's as crews are stance at this point. Marco Rubio in Texas I've seen too. Try to shy away from a question it was yelled to him in Spanish in Houston I think. Let me finish my speech sir please. All right and then he he joked about the man yelled at somebody Spanish. It is gay rights. Yes sir. You're from Texas you know what he said. Anything that has been up before it is a good it's good. All right and in Gulfport yesterday John K sick care were talking about how he he's just gonna dismiss Republican leaders and Republicans who say he should get out of the race. Some of those very Republicans are people now who sake basic needs to stop I've got news for them. Forget about it forget about. And Ben Carson says he's gonna stay in even though people are asking him to step out of the race. Does it matter if Donald Trump in the past said things about women and appearing on the power structure. A web site has listened to hours and hours of audio trust appearances on start in the past. And truck says some things that many would think are very degrading to women. But does it matter what he said in the past. Now I'm not saying this out of defensive Donald Trump you know so often on the show when I I I tried to stand up for what's fair. Or recognize. Common sense. There are people who jumped at the conclusion that you're defending somebody. Weather's President Obama or Donald Trump is not that I'm afraid to defend people. But it the question is does it matter what Donald Trump said in the past. And I phrased it that way because the whole concept. Of if I'm not mistaken. The whole concept of being born again. Is that you have changed from your past. So do you disregard. Somebody saying that they're born and I'm not saying that Donald Trump says he's born again. But if you hold what we have all done in our past and set in our past. Then why would anybody be accepted is truly being born again. They're born again from something they were doing something in the past deal like that ago. Now we've got I don't have audio of it but I've got some of the eyes of the things that Donald Trump talked to Howard Stern about. And again this is not or defense of a Donald Trump. I could trump have changed. Even with those crude comments that he's made in the past. Is he actually at this point maybe acting more respectable even though he's made a lot of crude comments. Here's our party jag opinion poll should Donald Trump. On his past crude comments about women and sex affect his presidential campaign. It is your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com and we'll let you know update on that in just a few minutes if you wanna join us with your comment here's our number. It's 26 held when he seventy Arie coach Bible four to six so when he Stephanie. Texas a 7870. And I got a few text already saying yet it's Christopher Cross our pop culture calendar on this day in 1981. Christopher Cross dominated. Grammy Awards winning album of the year song of the year. Record of the year and best new artist and record of the year it was a song. Stealing. So Serena you know the early eighties were not light. The mid eighties the early eighties did not give us the music that we think about defining the eighties. We don't become acrid more if you wanna join us with a comment or numbers 2601. It's happening very code final four to 601 a seventy. Text. Page 77. Are gonna have to place an up tempo music after this episode and a beautiful day like today it is it's just put me to sleep. I've skew the afternoon will be right back on WL. Melissa Etheridge Roy is excellent last night at the ante or fear on an effective if she she did long extended versions of her songs and at one point. And the audience were singing this song and and she wasn't even on their on on the Mike it resistor a great great concert he was Melissa Etheridge alone at worst kind of like. An intimate evening with Melissa Etheridge. Penalties guitars lined up behind earner in grand piano. And she used technology today before every song she would start. Beating on this despondent type truck and she would hit on this. This not tempering. And put those into the the computer. And and that she would like their status on percussion box that you may see a lot in acoustic sets it is being is being used. But she was which set all this up. And and so did the rhythm track gays is going and then she would pick up one of the guitars. And see it start performing at I just thought she did an excellent excellent job like I've got some video for the concert last night and a lot I'll tweet that out later and also put it on my FaceBook page which is scoot. On the air and if you wanna join me on Twitter is act scoots WWL. So one of the things are talking about today the Republicans will debate tonight and it could be a a slugfest. On predicting that but it certainly could be because tensions are very very high. Ted Cruz and and Marco Rubio are kind of acting a little desperate right now after truck has won three. In a row and the political establishments are among Republicans it is is totally shaken up. Not by Donald Trump's a success at this point this is not to say that there won't be something that will. Deflate Donald Trump's campaign but at this point he's got to be recognized as a true leader. Bush feed news. Is a website to listen to hours and hours of I'd Donald Trump appearing on the Howard Stern Show late ninety's through the 2000 it's. And there are a lot of comments about women and sex and I I guess. This is being brought up now because there are people who want to hold this against Donald Trump and is that really fair. I say that now under defensive Donald Trump. You know I've done radio shows that in the past I was proud of today I was proud of them at the time I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. But on that power everything I've done in the past. I'd like to be respected and end appreciated for who and what I am today now obviously I can't tell you all the specifics avoid Donald Trott said. When he was on with Howard Stern. But he talked a lot of doubts. About sex he talked a lot about the women that he would like to be with one of them being princess di. On he described Angelina Jolie and is somebody who was good looking but she doesn't have good stand. Any he talks a lot about boobs and things like that. After applying in this USC beauty pageant in 97 truck said that he would make sure that the bathing suit Scott smaller. And the heels. Got higher. Now consider that. I guess out over 60%. Of the them. The voting public is is women's. I don't 60% of the women just over 50% is the the number of women in this country who were considered to be. The voters both. A 51% of the population believe this is female but I like those thoughts so 68% of women voters have an unfavorable view. I'm Donald Trump tennis was a according to a quinnipiac poll in December. And he says some things that are going to be used against him as being part of the Republican party's war on women. And I don't know if that's really a war but that's the way it's perceived by many and of course Donald Trump says some things about. A Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly calling her in bowl candle light weights and then he made some comment about. About a woman sent cycled this way as soon during their the first GOP debate and he says and steel being criticized for that but the question is. Does it really matter does it. Does it matter if don't focus said some things that some would perceive to be degrading to women in the past our numbers 26 cell. One a seventy. Very code 5042601870. And a text is a 77 that's also our party general opinion poll to be sure opinion and we'll give you an update. It just few minutes sector Adobe WL to cut off from Baton Rouge William welcome to our show. It is yet is concrete. So politically correct. They're mater anymore not even Bernie Sanders Egypt's. The only thing and support moderate well. When it. On dot Bob. But we all agree that go. Based on the Koran is it looked very. But what do I do I do agree with you I think part of the attraction of Donald Trump is this undercurrent which is in a backlash against political correctness in this country. I. Just as well or. Now. The big. Stick as a tease. Yeah he. But Donald Trump seems to be attracting a lot of people who. Don't consider themselves far right or far left so that defy. That. It's concrete but Cory. Byrd and it. Are all Hillary Clinton. She would be better male species knows it well. Stan. At. His client game. William I appreciate the call on the thoughts I totally disagree I think we're we're seeing a surge of moderate mentality in this country. Which is I changed because the Limbaugh's of the world try to make you believe it if you were moderate. You were spineless and you didn't have an opinion. And the show was a perfect example that. People will call the show and they might have one opinion it's perceived as being conservative on one issue. In another issue comes up it might be an opinion perceived as being. A liberal. They are or conservatives. Who are supportive of same sex marriage well aren't they conservative or moderate there are. Conservatives. Who were in favor of legalizing pot which many perceive as a I'm a liberal issue. So I totally disagree I think it was liberals that really started the whole political correctness of movement and an enhanced but. There's a backlash against that and Donald Trump seems to represent that. Donald Trump for percents as we've said many many times. Such a strong anti political establishment sentiment that he is transcending even in some ways political boundaries I don't know if he's gonna be the next president. And against something could happen that deflate his campaign. Right now. It's not the far right. And yet even if even with the far right even with evangelicals. Donald Trump is getting their votes. So there are people that I believe or not far right or far left. And are supporting don't try to cause he's different it's almost as if the Ayers there's such an appetite for change. In this country. That that's more important than experience. The idea of change seems to be more important than what plans. Somebody has to specifically. Move this country forward. If you're both stay with this if you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon on numbers 260 when he seventy. Every coach final four to 60 when he Cynthia Texas a 7070. I'm skewed in the afternoon and here's our WW elders updates with names. This is that new song from Foo Fighters that I really like something from nothing and this brings us back I think to that sounded the the early nineties where in the grunge alternative music richest. Just taking on taking over mainstream music. I'm screwed in the afternoon it's a beautiful Thursday I'm not going to witness a weekend is a very close. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll this hour. Should Donald Trump's past crude comments about women as sex affect his presidential campaign. 69%. Say yes. 31% say no. Got to Texas as you guys are a bunch of hypocrites if anyone else. If it was anyone else she wouldn't be asking a question but because it's a year ago I trump you ask this question. I thought I was very clear and and if you listen to this show a lot of the times that I defend fairness. Is perceived as supporting somebody whether it's trump board the president of the United States. I don't think it's fair to hold somebody to pass comments if they have changed. I mean think about the politicians. Who have said racist things in the past Maynard at the time but it was a long time ago and they default. They changed. Think about all the Republicans. And and mainstream Americans. Who change their opinion of of same sex marriage. I don't think it's fair to if you if it's fair to hold some body. To what they've said in the past. Then how could anybody ever. Respect somebody except somebody who's born again. You say you're born again but. Think about what you did and said in the past is is that something that we should use to judge you today. If you wanna give us your opinion now on our. Web sites for our own poll question it's WWL dot com. In 2002 there were discussions with the Howard Stern and Donald Trump about Pamela Anderson publicly announcing that she had a hepatitis C. And trump said that he would rather have an intimate relationship with Whoopi Goldberg or Rosie O'Donnell which as you know for Donald Trump that would be a big deal. Look I can't get any more graphic then that went on a lot of things that came a point drop was on Howard stern show and that's the nature of stern show. But should those things be held against Donald Trump today. If you would join us with a comment on numbers 260170. Record 5042601878. And a text is a 78 cent and the Republicans debate tonight on CNN it's hosted by will fumble a little fun. I'm I'm joined an absolute black Wolf Blitzer you just summed it some time stuff happens like and I just draw an absolute flight time. A we're talking about the Republicans it should be an interesting debate tonight we're talking about the campaign. There's a lot of focus on Texas with Super Tuesday coming out. And about 595. Delegates are at stake crews in rubio continued to insist they are the only ones who could be trump. But maybe they can but they didn't do it in the last. Two bigger cut well the last three contests for the last two big was that they were supposed to do better South Carolina and Nevada. Also the Democrats are continuing to focus on down there South Carolina primary which is this coming Saturday in South Carolina Hillary Clinton said. That she's doing all she can to attract the black voter in America. We need to address the full range of issues. Reforming our criminal justice system. Breaking the school to prison pipeline and working to substitute date cradle to college pipeline. It is said to me did any politician would have to go out of their way in 2016. To say and do things to attract. The black vote. Because whites and blacks Hispanics patients we're. We're all human beings. Oral people we all want basically the same things in life. We wanna be happy we want good jobs we want to be healthy to want things to be good for our families that's that's the common denominator. So I realize it's a political reality British and it's sad that there has to be a target for certain. I types of of voters that there's a there's a group we have to go after this group if you wanna win the nomination. It really just should be about Americans. Targeting black Americans are white America's or anybody specifically. A Bernie Sanders may be writing off South Carolina he's in Oklahoma and he says he expects to win. Oh hello hello are you ready. If you got a comment or numbers 260187. And very code 504260187. In our Texas a 77 into two or your text year just a moment. From wagon and Susan you're on WWL. Hello Susan. Current. Can make it into action for the by. What should talk about primarily that I know in the area. People go. Well. I. And then try actually went in the in our and then like I term of the activity. Why can't we put shall join her in the country. So much of and now now. Income school and could be depended on tour. Why can't we put a chill on people who come contention. People comfort able. And people who care. What do we already do that in in the form of soda taxes. I mean like. Almost like cover charge in other words it's. Treat do Marlins are black two door is like it's an amusement park and you have to paid admission to get in. Try to. Why can't we get that it would not right. Well it was certainly raise money on the I don't know how terrorists in general would feel about that I'm sure that there are many that would still come anyway because they love they love the city I don't I don't know if that's even practical point. Tourists pay their fair share I would say in their in the form of attacks that dictate. And your check. On the one to pay more. I think they are. In and that Carol. Conviction like it into something drastically needs to be gone and I don't think Connie education and health care in the way to go. Susan I appreciate your call and there will be a lot of discussion about this says the special legislative session continues to. Figure out what to do I still go back to something that we started talking about at the very beginning of this debate that he has that. The dent in the states. The government the people in power need to show the people of Louisiana that they are willing to start cutting the perks of being in power. To win credibility with raising taxes or cutting things. I'm still in the afternoon just had a request for this song certainly goes with today beautiful Thursday. We'll be right back WL. And on a pop culture calendar today we remembered the birth of George Harrison born on this date February the 25. In 1943. He was known as the quiet long among The Beatles. This was one of his senator great solo itself. And George Harrison passed away November 29 2001 of lung cancer. It is apparently you know Lewis. And if I'm not mistaken. They spread his ashes on the air can't you refer. In in India he was serving very very much in the union that was George Schumer said the first of The Beatles to really get into the hole. Transcendental meditation stuff. I'm stood in the afternoon here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll should Donald Trump's past crude comments about women. And sex affect his presidential campaign. 67% say yes they should 33% say now. If your opinion by going to our web site Deborah WL dot com here's a text that says so people claiming to be born again aren't running for president. What he said then. May be his true feelings but he's saying different things now because he's running that's why the past comments are important. There have been many many education swing but politicians have have. Said that they changed. And I know it's hard to bully for politicians say. But that goes for people in theory and I notice a difference between saying you've changed in being born again I I clearly understand. But. In theory it's the same thing. If you accept somebody's work. That they have changed. Shouldn't that be enough if you trust that person. I think whether or not you believe it's somebody's changed is what you think of them in the first place so you've already decided whether or not. You gonna believe it or whether or not they're they're credible. We change I've changed. Are you gonna tell me that you really haven't changed. Your opinions on things on big. Major social and political issues have you never changed fewer views. A lot of people change in fact it's more likely that people change then that they stayed the same. Got a text here about two George Bush senior was so pro abortion then changed to pro life after Reagan asked him to be vice president. I don't have the information economy that that is said that is a fact but there are politicians who have changed from pro life for pro choice to pro life. Because they're trying to get votes. And that's something else which really isn't. Disheartening up about politics in general. Did the fact that people will say something to get elected. And in a way Donald Trump is doing exactly that he's saying things because he wants to get elected. However he appears to be saying things that nobody else well he is actually saying things that nobody else shall site. And I got a text a few moments ago from somebody who said that supporting trop. And since struck as a bully. If you support trump Bjork couldn't owning bully. Is that is that true. There's a backlash in this country against political correctness. Donald Trump is represented that I don't know if he's going to be the nominee but right now he reprises that sports. He also represents. What people think. Typical. Politicians. You know I guess in a way Donald Trump is kind of like a shock jock. On radio I can understand why he and Howard Stern got along with they were. Talking on the air to get it at an end Donald Trump was a businessman and he was on that show that's what you do you talk about women you talk about sex you talk about things that you wouldn't talk about with. Your grandmother. What's your grandmother's listening and she might actually be wishing to Howard Stern who who knows but I guess the point is gone. Donald Trump said those things in the past. He said things recently on the campaign trail did indicate that he might be. He might be a certain type of I'll demand. But then again he said some things that make it seem as if he really does care about women I mean just you do you think he really does not care about women to see really not. Does he really. Really wanna put women in like this subservient position I don't believe it. A calling yesterday on the show talked about how. How very strong many of foe of Trump's women's women seem to be that his wife she's had very strong. Why it's. So I don't think there's so. I don't think there's any real evidence in terms of his actions that done I can see. That he's as degrading to women as some things that he said if you wanna join us with a comment and really have you ever changed. Or do you have the exact same opinion that you've always had. Maybe you do numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica 050426. So when he said he taxi 7870. I'm studio we'll be right back on every WL. And on our pop culture calendar on this date February 25 this song was first released didn't take long for this to get on the radio. Capital of the state in 1974. The band and the name of the song are both acronyms. This way is TS OP by MS FT. And I believe it stands for the sounds of Philadelphia and it's the band is on mother's sister father brother that's my understanding of course. It was on first came out MS FT it looked there were a lot of the words were being used to describe it other than that I remember doing radio at the time that we could talk about it on the air. Here's a Texas Cisco I apologized. Earlier like I said the your own earlier I text you earlier you're not a moderate you're a liberal example pro same sex marriage. Pro gay pro transgender all that spells liberal. And ash from Emma. Thank you cannot. I'm not pro anything. Well I bro. Equal rights. I'm pro not putting people down because they're different from view I'm pro event. Nothing else to life doing advocates. And there are a lot of people who are registered Republicans. Who are pro same sex marriage pro gay pro transgender in terms of rights. And acceptance. I stood in the afternoon here at home we carry this conversation over into the next hour. On Debian or you'll.