WWL>Topics>>2-25 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on realistic goals for Saints improvement

2-25 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on realistic goals for Saints improvement

Feb 25, 2016|

Bobby & Deke take calls on whether the Saints could improve in 2016 but still finish 7-9.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk here at the gate he can embody bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming aboard today's program Eilat to get to. Including the NFL scouting combine taking place in Indianapolis Indiana where the Yahoo! who. Of NFL prospects on there over 309. Too. Up their status in 2016. In their children who go out and I've also coverage and will get updates. From Mike Triplett espn.com. And ESPN will also gain coverage from almost Saints linebacker and analyst for fox sports talk Cox sports. That being got a chance to 601870. You can Texas and 870. Eights at operative jaguar opinion poll with that I website at WWL. Dot com and we are asking you about the NFL scouting combine and the improvement from the Saints in 2015. From fifteen to sixteen. Can the Saints to be a better team. In 2016. And end up with the same wreck. Meaning it they are better at numbers which show that they're not 31 32 in defense there. Us several places better defense is to have a top ten all paints but because embodies talked about this meantime report. This severity or should I say difficulty. Long into the seizure amendment that is all predicated on the 2000 the team records right book on you to 2015. And sixteen the NFC west and AFC west and most of divisions. The AFC south. In the NFC and the inning of the audience he division the Saints basically you will choose the east so. The Saints realistically could be better they could be I don't know he's allowed them but you have to look at the numbers into the year could be better you can go to Los out of turnover ratio we can be better defensively. Be that sack total but because you might. You know they divisional games if you wanna Golan. Born boy you'd be good but let's just say you went 3 o'clock. Against those eight teams and name you want to win in a board games and seven and nine. You could be better but have the same record so Castro vote online at WW and a cup. Without question it's possible lobby of the way you get into and you're not spoke about this earlier date tested by Abdul were about seven and that that's about what could they be better in B six and two in. And that's a general policy yet. I'd tell me the UK ESPN. Six in hand as a fireman of the team. Seven and 989. At seven even though. He'd do you mad eight in eighth 500. But an artist not much difference because it repaired in NFL six and ten and Tennessee would just Holland looks. No. If you win in the Saints to win six games next year. Everybody should be on the hot seat I'm dumb but everybody. Now to me. If it's status quo and they stayed the same. Even though they financially being rewarded to be better. I do look at who they got to play. And a debt it is gonna depend how the season and polls when you play a team. Because. You know and does matter homers away Ian. And now that they have all hands on deck and all that but to me then. If you are five Argentine status close seven in nine. Dan. 2007. Assists seventeen what not a question is playoffs or bust. I mean you got a whole Sean patent Mayhew Lomas Drew Brees everyone's feet and apart and you say well how about next year. Yes I think in. That they could be better. They play in the AFC west and NFC US and not. The NFC east and AFC cell. And you just look who was in the playoffs. And just look aware opportunistic where do you rank it how there's drug you know we never match up well against the Ravens. Woody I just look at on paper things like ball we shall we struggled in the Chiefs. I just look out the Chase's struggled. I anywhere Barack. You look at the Broncos. How well their ranked you look at the Seahawks you look at the Cardinals. Now we are hanging in there but that would be an upset if we could be the Cardinals the first game of the year now we never play well against the Rams so. A whole lot tougher to me. When you look at play in the NFC west and AFC west vs they AFC south and NFC east so. That's why I say that they might even be better. The divas could even be middle of the pack. In I don't know Bob it's gonna stay a top five. Five out of first nine years they've been noble one and anything like you almost shocked that nine the top five but you'd have to say. Be in the top ten they can be a top ten office. And middle of the pack beavis and still be like a 500 team in the I've that's right. 260187. Joseph Marino current NFL scouting come on the EDT scouting and draft breakdown dot com will be what is it about a clock alum might trip to cover the Saints for ESPN EE SPN dot com as was also shown a medical would don't stop by LSU basketball. And LSU sports football spring training coming up but that tiger basketball team continues to slide did third straight loss and embarrassing fashion losing but when he about Walton arena last night. In Arkansas former saint I'm back and analysts were Cox sports Scott Shanle will be with a Bobby LSU best. About half an I had right now they mean. Let's. Ellis is like a pro team if it's a pro sports organization. You look at the resource that you could say across the board maybe to SEC now the need of their game in the basketball. And I'd say you gotta be a likes of Kentucky. But yet to definitely be more competitive you look went Herat in the rankings in football. You look at baseball. And I'm not saying Todd can't programs. C'mon you should have a handful of SEC teams that are in the top 25. So what I ask you. Listening audience then you know LSU fans. Are Saints fan of the Saints and LSU when I look at LSU run Herat the resources. As far as the basketball program. Well Ellis should ever be a top 25 basketball. Program. Dig out of my yearning Euro right. I'm not I'm not talking about all the what Wheeler. You know a top twenty team two years ago I'm talking about your Iraq I don't think that's too broad of expectations. To say that Allen shoot you in Iraq should be a top 25 bats well program or even you should have a handful of out of fourteen teams handful of SEC teams that are always in the top 25. I mean I don't know the price RD but I just again. You look at pre season rankings. Look at baseball. Ellis who was ranked beat a fifth or seventh right and they're like noble sport SEC. Maine so you look at a an ambulance then I knew they were in first place two weeks ago by me and it lost three straight Villa and in to meet. And it's a shame because when you make it. Aren't you presenting its stature it should stay. Alert all time greats in basketball not only Ellis agreed it professional great Bob Pettit and and but he should be played a whole lot more right now of Florida coming account of that and I'll. The only program Bob it is at three. Of the top fifty MBA players all tan is all all of college basketball program and and not even. A top. Even a top forty team year in year out. Let's just say hey realistically. You know. You could be top 64 but now may determine because eight teams that that's a choice you know I guess on that we've seen eight maybe ninety I would make it but. You could be top sixty point I'm making but let's just say the number you know you're one of 65. Is that hard. I mean can you be one of sixty that teams angles that you want to play in death of fans goal theme be of what about the. I just get into the turned that at bat that's a joke every night in the terrorists embarrasses. I mean it's so. Mind boggling in a sense that. You almost don't want to talk about it because it is so embarrassing. Bigot I'm not saying. You look at the resources. I'm not even saying that could be because Kentucky is basketball basketball is Kentucky. You know as a football teenagers will be go to ball and excited for football right not basketball not basket you look at Indiana you look at North Carolina. Tobacco Road. Man it ignited a thirty mile Eddie Jordan conversation. The second weekend of the tournament this week sixteen I can we win these two games and get to the powerful. And we win these two games of the sweet sixty. Kentucky UCLA. Duke knocked him those are the progress and I'm not immediate but that's the type of that's the type of pressure is on those programs in basketball right made it don't matter what John Calipari has got only a year we don't have like an anti Davis. All our anti towns all all Michael call away even had a sudden death. He's a good release expected to go to the sweet sixteen every year. Big not a doubt that's why and I look at because I would say this is football country. In the Florida Gators the national attention back to back national champion to be Ohio State bogeyed OK now. And as far Phantoms saying but you ain't no Billy doubted to a degree program now is that the oddities come and ironically that I QB and now with the young there is the pelicans but. All I'm saying is like a look at Florida and Howell the state of Florida. Wherever it is. They even when they were winning national championships. Yet to encourage people to go to basketball game. You know update cards and to Miller to swap a football game so the price I'll useful by as a tool though that Allen shoot it and should could. Be in a situation where. Stable of them have been not a top twenty by winning here in era. It deep off me to believe that. Same thing you know like coach for doors in North Carolina. He didn't used basketball to help recruit football and Ang you know Avery John to come. And Everett discuss Jesus in my liberal he's got to be used in the Alabama football program and the hill. Is saying they were basketball IL SU. They should be used the success of the baseball program and a football program to recruit you bring you are what you wanted to come when all it was abilities toward the school use on the facilities you want him in that atmosphere. Nobody went in pistol Pete dollar deal a top basket a top baseball game or a football game that you want him and that type atmosphere usually tradition. Usually history to get people and they. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome back he is the case again im Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Thank you so much for the sixth Texas a Sammy Sammy and you never know about mean I'm gonna pick the phone call that's right we do call. And thank the people who are in active on social media is really a that make the call who have you know when they sound like the bids him its needs one more year well look. I agree but you'd do Ugoh Gaby and cements the one year. Cal Perry knew he was gonna get any day was a one year that's game. You know I have two years with these guys you got one year are Cokie Reed and it takes. He needs to work on his outside shooting yet feels like he is scared to death. To shoot a 1418 puts out when he is wide open he yes he compared to Magic Johnson or LeBron staying yet yeah I think you're spot on what you tech I think is politics. But look you have got to see this evening when you get a guy like Dan. Sometimes it's it without question it's good for the program it's a blessing but right now. All of a man all the hype about him being the pre season player of the year and accomplish him beavers team all American pre season. Other than that try to talk before the season started what is being heaped on LSU program besides they have publicity. In the fall mode that the most interesting bubble team the most interesting team that's gone that made it Jeremy may be of that group publicity. Asthma. Well I and big also we talk about the Saints in even if they improve could Dave basically via a better team. But have the same record this fans says the Saints have a better record in 2016. And fifteen. If they get the defense takes you so what does that mean defense stakes obviously what. Middle of the pack. Man are you realize they can be simply Savannah. And they would want to be in 44. To me that's a significant improvement as a significant improve that's a S two divisions is what eighteenth in today's. That's two divisions you have basically pants just from a numbers standpoint you've gotten better defense Bissau let's say between seven and TN. Promised from me up and a ranking deepened the rankings standpoint is fair is fair. To say that that would be singing well and improvement. And you know we not make it a big and have issued a row and it I don't know because they can't look at their crystal ball and who's healthy not healthy you know we talked him arguments of tact with the minutes and then and ops that word about the cornerback. And the reason why I'm not gonna ring of safety. Because I know we really in trouble. It if all of us thank you David Carroll and ger is hurdles that need to be their leaders on the back in its safety but I look at cornerback. I mean you look at Dalembert and how he performed. Above and beyond expectations. This past season. But you have to say because injuries and who was plane it was downright ugly on the other side. Brandon Browner what the lowest grade of any NFL corner. Keenan Lewis is hurt. Willie ever come back and know begins the hard to come back yeah and he wants to come back visit Miami his body right. To me in the saint right now confine I don't know standout. Would that number twelve overall pick. And you might say well no we need pass rushers but I'm tell you the cornerback position. Laden. And we've struggled to pass coverage or to best pass coverage the pass rush. But the guy look at OK who can you say besides November we got Delmon broke. Keenan Lewis I don't know question mark. Is it to be held the Damian Swann. I don't know Willie knocked himself about it and it will be available. And made a couple of games are aware Zia considering how to deal with concussions. PJO Williams. The and those either via another Corey white. Right and I don't think Pat Robertson. Mean Knicks make the ages I mean I I heard it time on every game and then he struggles he's not Iraq it's kinda in being given too many retreated Knicks had two rounds and now who had these pains year all I can run with a bit also would be Chargers know your stuff proves big time bat so I question so the I I don't know. You know it's crazy to show where we had the cornerback position a rejected the Jets Kyle Wilson via a UK tell me. We have five cornerback better than him and he might right now I think bigbie now a top four going in in 2000. He's seen in desert and hang title lead all of you we don't want a bang up against the clock he wants to bring up a good point about LSU coach and Debbie video news time is 431 as time offers news will go to Chris Miller. He is the Kasey Kahne embodied there I have the ability to 2601878. Can I say to be a better team in 2016. Video is still in double the same 7 and am walk like they did in fifty its operating jaguar opinion poll online at WW real. Dot com. Just hand put keen on line one gene good even thank you for calling WW. K. It is. You know that they are talking about that play and cartridge he can't do it died down our it. We know they aren't true and Duke and out. Can't do anything. Well you know OG so what if he Blake it would if he doesn't come back to meet. It Ellis is to be terrible next year. Were. There and I got. You know and when you. Know I didn't go. In Utah in Iran and get. It and you. Above all it you know a team. I I. Are in it right. At the a while ago. You know it in a minute. I mean. It is right now I'll begin on. You. Well gene okay you're a college basketball and you acknowledged that and you watch college back basketball. So when you look at resources. Not though they put more davis' solid basketball when you look at Xavier. Figured I'd say bring New Orleans. As Xavier oblique arrives in Ohio and do you Villanova. Then all of a sudden who's won it two nights in a while ago they had a ball that the programs to know it does make it it was that you put emphasis are not on it. But you don't get like eager to get repeat we say about how can you build a team. When you came keep the players come off it's a constant cycle the look look at Izzo. Tom Izzo Michigan State don't they always say why they always a contention. Yeah did you use that as an excuse. Why are you recruit early cute Carolina. Great who had been in. If they pick and you can't recruit top. I think when when. They. Are there. You know I mean well and but. In reality they. But Johnny don't mean to be pads and it tells has recruited when he's got a good. View he's gotten better imperiled and and Johnson is just. What they've done with the recruits and you can argue there as a crude oil well you don't know. Yet. And that is a fact and a great battle it probably. A better. Oh yeah yeah I mean he may be but from bringing in talent he had bone in the part. Jaded old Bulls like looks like. That would Jonny Gomes should be a top assistant in the recruiting coordinator. Maybe their coach Eagles got. Yeah I think and got a little bit. And you. Knew that. And and yet. Yeah that Brad yeah our our. I. Am I I guarantee. I would be shocked if Larry Brown keep shoot anywhere in the top 25 years. I'm not taking away anything but as far as being held in. The Browns being relevant where every. Everywhere and I mean you know he'd signal that then yeah I think you know out. I know it's always more track that as that than a. As Cologne and destiny yes. Yet and you know like at that route probably about and we didn't go at him. And I didn't I like. Jean and technology. Utah college basketball and you love college basketball. And you look up elegy structured. A new record of four ball on the baseball program is why do you think the basketball program why is it maybe. Hold on because. They kind of know that the fans they have been on the bandwagon at Buehrle and if not the Soviet arm what is the approach why. There as a bit more Amos is that you look at past history. Ellis shoot as greeted top. At the players in the history of basketball. Where you look at it as Shaquille O'Neal. You look at pistol Pete by and it. I mean. I mean social what do you think because is guy have a of the basketball does well the team does well then I'll go tomorrow what does that but what is what his approach you think. I chilly you know you know on the you know better than I don't know it. It was like you know our attic is one. Big. League. I think it would happen Donnie Jones because that Theo bro and nausea and the 'cause he can recruit will mean he had aid did it the right. It made sense. It made it seem comfortable yet and looking where they were. There with a guy who was supposed to be the guy that had exit knows. You know he came from stamper had good success there but EE I was the stamp is success to build up to sample with. And he will do Lopez boys as a beacon about Trent Johnson but what is he good he was he wasn't a guy that was endeared you know and not be a program don't always got to the coast now. But he he needed more mild winds giant don't mind that BXs and noses Trent was. But he's a bit of people of pars on the he can recruit will he do he can do that there's no doubt about auditing is figure we don't have that much I mean saying final four. It's a right sweet sixteen right and tutor coach an SEC our local boy is no doubt about it wide if Ferrara. And of course it and go to get a candy from all okra no no doubt about it in those guys earned their spots there's no doubt about the idea. But you know to say coach Jones is all bay if that's not fair he's recruited well he's gotten Timonen Matt. The top tier talent but with you when you get talent at that comes pressure. Do it to produce a look when you get in the top level talent UK comments they all we do you know the year that's not the wood as basketball not football and baseball. Basketball is basketball you know what you get into when you get into basketball and you get debt level play. Can you give those players to level out and stay a lot longer like. It's just he can't. And is okay some of them you can't but he got like being examined him greatly in net no you can't go this season is lottery in when you can lottery dead bone at the world we gotta be in the future. We have to be where the likes of a Greg Monroe right there for the way his mentality Cox yeah then also whoever's analogy that I do but it is like ultra short term goal analogy yeah. As you get that kind of local talent. This is sports talk on WW. Air welcome back to sports are 260187. You can Texas 870 eights and the players and recruiting was not without winning. Oh. Yeah sometimes they will battle with Iran coming in you know some some people at some coaches they do is recruit will there crew will all the time. And the you know on the you can and that's an insane or football level Bob's experience but. You know a lot of times. The programs at or in that. Not out here but let's say you're close to double B he wins. Those are the one taken and the better recruit at a slightly though we hate you here we eat we you know you can come in here. Now we're used to be promising. The younger players what you gonna get a chance the play. No it's become big business now it's like okay where can I get on the field fastest. Where it can go and it's good to be a program it's you know on TV all the the top Ian Wright we all liked Edward. It's about getting out there because they will find. They will find is no doubt about it. Who is Jones recruit he somehow has this reputation battlefield where you go back he was apart. Win the Shaquille O'Neal Wayne Sam's. Burnout thing or two man. Chris Jackson. Lester are all. This go round. Vinson in Blakely Victor so I know he's he's got the scandal all recruiting LA issue so there is no doubt about it across the bowl. And ease them where recruiting LSU. And you think about a program that was not mentioned the national conference's top five team. To get ought to be the best center recruits that the Kentucky. And he he's done a good job recruits about me that's one thing that the plus about to well I knew a guy dealt with tire that was going to be the district the pin is recruit in. Well I who was the guy begun thinking EU. Basketball as a Collins temple was right yet so. This that you gotta have those connections. It's all. A lot of players kind of pulled shall pull this whole sport. You know it is eight EU but. You have to have those regional connections. International connections. Everything's global mean look where. It's him comes for a I mean to be aware whether it's a European way in the deep south but if you have a stud player. And I brought it Greg Monroe because. Mark help me out here who is that guy. Who went to grace came from Indiana Pacers. And went. The garden you Indiana's main event of the no no that he. Did he go to New Mexico New Mexico State musical right. Yeah hole from grace canine any was hopeful big contract that pays his right knee got hurt yeah I can't think I mean at Gracie gets better mentoring. So what. I'm looking at now how. How could nagged her about Danny Granger Danny Granger and ego I'm just saying he's saying that you see these players and again as it's. That exact science like anything when evaluating talent. But those kind of guys you'd wanna see in Ellis uniform. 'cause you see if football. You see him a top prospect in baseball Louisiana or wanna come here. It's LSU or you know wanna go to Louisiana Lafayette now. Hopefully things can get turned around and be old school with Tulane in you know. Where you have four strong programs. Is that a a couple. But. You know that there's no reason. To be and is that asking too much European LSU fan. You can't be a top 25 from that that you know I don't know what we gonna do what we going. You know it's at a time. And a and and they got I don't think it's. You know you're in your office that asking for the moon we remain so widow with an Italian player. Sweet sixteen when he was saying oh yeah I'll final four for sure and you know so I mean. Ages I don't know it is it is mind boggling if you would have told me before his season. Ellis who would not make the terror events it has come on that's Ian eagle anything with it and they'll make it to go to March Madness right. And we have the same thing I know you can. All right thank you so much of the take yes it would Danny Granger and David a Diaw thought it did 3 gone 8 o'clock tonight I. NFL scouting combat mashup next hour and a day from the combine in Indianapolis can say to be a better team next season. But still and over the same 79 record vote on line Debbie did you Leo Dhaka. Kansas State did a better team in 2016. Was still in over the same 79 record is negated 2000 new team. Vote online at WW dot com it's a pretty jaguar opinion poll. It will visit if they'll come by and feed the needs all the New Orleans saint classic notable defensive linemen linebackers and called. Does it with a save me some deep beneath the players beat a good thing to two picks. Away from being. That much better. A lot of dread and come back I'll coming up next hour my Tribune ESPN. And Scott Shanle Cox sports analysts and almost Saints land back all they get to come on 8 o'clock at night on WW.