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Think Tank 1110am, Donald Trump

Mar 7, 2016|

Is Donald Trump a product of the very powerful who now fear him?  Does he reflect a war between the haves and have nots.  Is it a problem Trump solves or makes worse? This hours guest: Dr. Robert Hogan - LSU Professor of Political Science Dr. Celeste Lay - Associate Professor of Political Science with expertise in champaigns and elections, voting behavior and public opinion, public policy, education & social policy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There was an article big call by a billboard caught my attention is how many people. Award from the reviews solutions says didn't you read Peggy Noonan Georgia Colin. Economy has not come so journalists. The Wall Street Journal not exactly liberal organization. And the title was strong. And the rise to be unprotected. One of the sentences shoe broad. And you should and in her. Wrote of the five stages of trot. Grief denial I think gore bargaining depression and acceptance most of the professional writers. But she knows George dog somewhere between foreign plot. But then she says my thoughts keep revolving brown B I deal of protection. There or the protected and the unprotected. The protected make public policy would be unprotected lived and it Byung protected groups starting to push back pop oral plea. The protected. Or be accomplished is secured the successful. Those who have power or access Stewart they're protected from much of the brought from those of the world more into the port. There are protected from the world today have created. And again and they've made public policy and they have formed some Todd. Oh concept or protective unprotected. Wonder wrote abuzz over the pupil and go to for political and Alex's that are understand it called kids to our bigs like you know once again and get doctor Robert Logan. Unusual prep that Serb political choice doctors forwards thank you for the dollar. Kunduz is so you ought to use this to use it to wage and is this his. Three EU. Repeating itself and form some form or fashion. And and do we have. I'm kind of a split here between the protected the in the country India and protect. Well I mean I think that a lot of these commentators and a lot of observers and scholars and citizens are trying to get their mind around. What is motivating. These. Trump's supporters. Why do we have front runner won a major parties is quite different. And the front runner you that you normally. See. Yen in the Republican Party and bid they're kind they're trying to make sense an and I think will and I and I think there's no doubt that there are a lot of people. Who had been subjected to the you know that it's difficult economic times the country has been through since 22008. They're trying to make sense that it and did Newton's play is so of course that you know there are a lot of these people who are unprotected you're right. That is subjected to these economic. Ups and downs. And who. Have been promised that things would change and and things haven't changed the way it's good for them. I think that's part of it I think that they I mean I think there is a great deal of I'd Terkel evidence is sort of support some of that. In in the following way and that is that you have. Trump drawing heavily upon. People in the lower echelons. In terms of income in terms of education. And and those the people right now especially those or Republicans. Who were quite frustrated. That you also have to potentially in two I think what we have in in in thinking about this that. You know. Politics is also about compromise if it's not it's about giving not everything that you want. And I think a lot of the rhetoric in the Republican Party in recent years has been. We're gonna go to Washington and that there were really got to fix things were going eliminate the IRS. We're going to. You know do all these sorts of things. And they. These Republicans and does the party we're talking about here go to Washington and they don't deliver in a tourist way. That a lot of the Tea Party types and others. Hope that they would it and so they're disappointed in in and so in some measure about the outcome of the political process so I don't think it's it's merely. I don't penalties that is is simple as as she makes it out to be in the article. With the I think the numbers Greg 535. People in congress. Isn't possible. To do the things that water bowl party is in power promises us if we put them in power. Well I think you'll be able to understand that that politics is. You know that's the art of compromise. And it you don't always get everything that you walk and. And I think a lot of the activists in energy. That you see in the Republican Party. I mean you look at that and then he sort of things that was good the people our earth are taking part in the political process here they're sitting up and paying attention. But the same time I think your expectations get get ready to warm actually. And and they expect that. You know you'd listen to some of these candidates and and and they make itself there's a simple solution. And it is safe secure solution. And it's. And they're disappointed in the end when they don't achieve these things. Andy is news. Just historically. Abe repeat. Airs every time. Economic problems come around the globe once heard most of wall. Are those at the lower part of the economic scale. And if things improve it kind of goes way. Or is this something the bigger groups social media and instantaneous communications. We're gonna stay this way and so does this that give Boris or how important. I think you're right I think I think you're actually right in the past we've had this sort of economic downturn. I mean you get these sort impulses within the electorate. And they struggle. But you're right we. Instantaneous you push a button and you can have you opinion registered. And you know your congressperson to office to your state legislative a person's office. You know government is much more open really to. Two will of the people that will the people if they're able to organize and makes demands in the way. That they were able to before you had the era of you know social media. And so this is what you have you have. You know both sides all sides. On May making these constant demands on government and you have a political parties. Or are sort of there to aggregate these demands any reasonable package. But I think what you are seeing with them in within the Republican Party is these impulses are are sort of. Having a much bigger say now than they've ever had and there isn't much insulation I mean I mean one of the problems. Our own bias here I think that they want the problem American democracy is in in this made. A lot of people like this but I think that democracy is a little too open to to what the people they're constantly. These these legislators at all levels are. Or fearful. That's. One of their votes will get a lot of attention and it will be subjected to dismissal. Behold I thought when we come back and talk about. Because on the show them all instead. Of a blow back. The problems reload the politicians are the businessmen the corporations. It's hearts. Regis a lot of them and we've war. But if they do what we born with the results and we get rid of them and they know that. So consequently it allotted time gridlock. Or not. Providing while we say we bullet. Is worth it for them Tuesday at all. Where in think two's eggs are one celebrity double. Think about road conservative vote journal's Peggy Noonan rider with the Wall Street Journal wrote an article from. In the bra it's of the unprotected. And I think give likened Borland on the mile word to blueboard she's saying it is them. Against most of ballots those where VO lowers that education opposed income. Against what she called them protected the privilege. Air and water role as soon as she says this is a terrible feature or all of our were indeed some would govern by protected people. And shouldn't care that much about their unprotected. Doubled Simpson's. Now we're seeing her attitude at the top pap news or on your own job with the program and good laws. We have doctor Robert Hogan with the actual and Coleman comes from Paul alluded to understand and in particular route to Jules and important issues like prison in twelve races don't through professor of political excellent. Doctor you're you were saying that one of the issues maybe is that in the democracy. People maybe have a little bit too much power and water my thought was. When we say we want him to do the right thing when we get to Washington do we really mean. Yeah yeah that's. I think that a lot of people have very high expectations. And about what. One party. That if elected often times. Two took you know that the she's winning the presidency doesn't mean he controlled the rest of the government and oftentimes we have periods in fact most without we have periods of divided. Government control. And we have a system that is unlike Great Britain where you have a parliamentary system if you have a majority. You know can. Control the executive and legislative functions of government. Here in the United States we have a very fractured system right where we have two houses. That have authorities at the national level the president. And if your party wins you know just the presidency have to contend with is that decides he can't you're not a do expectations need to be low but politicians org went election will often. Build up expectations about what they can't elect mean I want to accent of course prosperity people will come to all. Com so I mean part of it has to do with Pollack with with the public needs to understand. That sometimes. They're not going to get everything that they want and com. And I I think that this is this is that a problem I mean oftentimes what the public wants. Are very inconsistent things they want lower taxes and more spending on things that they care. They don't understand that there are lots of other sort of policies of other people care. And from what happens sometimes ultimately have to have to pay for these things. So. Politicians. Probably need to do a better job of being more realistic about what they can't cannot do. And and telling it straight to the American public about. What it is they're going to get now and but we have a history of those kind of politicians in recent years. Not doing very well. Oh at the national level the state level. Telling it like it is sometimes. To get some trouble. So it is the trump phenomenal and is it hasn't been repeatedly in the three. Is that all by itself and in input is it and strong becomes president. But he. Failed in doing what he promises to do. What happens there and did we just evolved to the the next candidate and they export of them that Ron. Is it does something usual wounds hit 3000. Happened before. No I think that happens they're very periodically in American history you have an issue. Or set of issues combined with a personality. That gets an enormous amount of media attention these cities saw this in the early nineties with the loss for bringing bringing attention to the issues of the trade deficit and most importantly for him was the budget deficit. It's. You saw you know years before that you had won a few and in 1960s. Late sixties you had toward wallets running. And a lot of people make comparisons between comparable. And he felt that neither of the parties was addressing the central issues that he that he is talking about and he was talking. Oftentimes to lower low income low. Education. People. About a things that to the national government wasn't wasn't doing for them you go back again and he conceded the the same sort of thing in 1940s you have from Dortmund on. A governor of South Carolina breaking with the Democratic Party at the time over issues of of civil rights. On going effort party candidate for president. Both the we and we see these things are a lot of counseling treatment they can be third party candidacies these insurgents. Or from outside. The part that the two major parties was different about trop if he is that in one major party. And he is is breaking from major divisions and. And another of the example you gave became president. If he becomes president and funds out though he can't build a wall or no. He tips them immigration by TK and eleven million. And no he can't bring jobs back to America for what happens and is is there. A judge total blow to go justice and he. Well would it could be. I don't know I think we're work if it's proper to become president we are in major and charge secure the best just. I don't I don't know what what happened at that point an and you're right I I think his ability to deliver. Within our constitutional framework would be difficult on a lot of these thing. And you know I don't know an and I think that's what worries a lot of people. Does he understand the limits for the presidency means. That the president is a very limited office. You know for all the talk about how presidents or are you know. A ruling Obama right now we're ruling by fiat tend and that is ignoring the constitutional concerns. He is very limited sort of think he's able to do. Under the current constraints and you just wonder what someone like trot put in that same sort of position how he would react. Contract on zero Hogan always pleasure to have be on the shall have a great day and thanked Britain's top. Come in right back we'll talk to an over lectured. Her thoughts when you look at Donald chrome to do you believe. That he can live. What he says it's and if you vote for him and if he can't. Be and if if somebody. Bid to NT usual wall guarantee issue jobs coming back. Guarantees should do deportation. Of eleven million plus people. The Gibson 530. Viable Auburn. Congress people applauds the bureaucrats and their corporate 203040. Years. Conspired is stopping one then you seek to rule one heats up. I loved it kind of three rigs and they have a think tank code subpar but it's because absolutely people out there have left me moved and a in Milton particular person terrorists and personally from the reviews pollution. An article written and Walter journal Boller conservative journalist Peggy Noonan well written well on. To order cola called trumpeting the wives of the unprotected. Blood political professionals are struggling. To mix until the world they created and basically him and I'm my own definition of what she's saying is. The protected. And be unprotected the protector drew the 1% owners power pool in the broach. And our world. Analysis. Of video from Phnom line. Is that suddenly be unprotected those with the lower education and lower incomes. Of less power. I have noticed that Barkley had said the board they have wondered what they've been promised. Has been around for a film they've fuel lied to they've appealed abandoned. And trump presents to him Sean the thing that they can get back board he protected. The quote the powerful in the road trip taken and goes unprotected. And when when you see this kind of article number no wonder it is probably oversimplify. It. Always go to the Hartford stood to better understand. What what this means. Eating in a more complicated point four mullah most. And I go to doctor wrote celestial it would Tulane University probe professor of political excellence doctor welcome to showed thank with the time. Oh. The basic tenant of the I guess since. I haven't have not put her in drill bit different labeled protected and unprotected. Is that ball we're seeing. And Andy is this is historically different from anything before. Well. I think like you'd a little bit more complicated then why you'd suggest. I don't think it. Another way it's pretty and besides they're 1% vs the 99%. Or a person easily. And in this news. Never really. A country where that kind. Back and it narrative has worked very well. And liked it a little bit more complicated than what she's talking about. Political scientist and have been. Looking hat too who are the people who are termed these orders can you what kind of characteristic if they haven't com. Because in some ways trumps support. It doesn't really clean along. Some boundaries that some class. Like education in terms that he loved the poorly educated. But. He's had support from the men and women he had support from an old. He had support across the country not like our regional candidate in doubt that the Easter like that. And it. It means to be. A couple of things that are all coming together in terms of what explains the rise of China I think. Well one thing is to remember that Americans are not particularly ideological. And what that means is. Like quintet incorporated. You know he's true conservatives are heed that real conservative. Berm out. Americans back there really need is very much. And though. They vote particularly primary. They vote really based on the candidate and make and evaluations of the candidate not on in a blue line. Wit the candidates on issues. That people really kind of go there in terms that. Evaluating Internet. And that extra expense for charm because he's been all over the place. The policy perspective. And the people are really important and barely because. They ain't he agrees with them ideologically. They're all at the records that let that. What are authoritarian personality characteristics. And the end. Support for an authoritarian. You know that businesses. Either. Characteristic. That. That indicate. Kind of an authoritarian personality. One of them. Cumulative net. And though. Do you think that. It's more important for parents children still. Discipline and obedience. There and sort of freedom of expression and curiosity. In their children. And so. Oh and how important it punishments. In terms when one breaks a law that kind of thing. And humans keep all year. Trump saying he went again in the country. That the court all the undocumented immigrant. That appealed to that that are more punitive. In in there personality. Or look at me take a break here of judge you wouldn't think about the phenomenon of Donald Trump and why. Human skull column that questions usage or 187. Always go with the experts and think tank could motives weren't thinking about something I think it's a complicated and we have doctors politically of two and Arab cultural political so it's rumored talk about the phenomenon. Doesn't chrome. Professor might not be any entered to this wouldn't cure Rios. It would seem that. A large segment. The population. Gave vote on whose organizations. That. Sprung there there were heavily heavily conservative. And these candidates that they put in all those that says number and stop illegal immigration. Amen bring jobs back you name and and they didn't come law. And then Donald from come up and says well on the guide to do at all. If implied chance she would be elected as president. And gets up there and 535. Other. Congress people there is a bureaucracy. Of people that board there and movie intricacies. Of stopping the president. That I have been schooled them what to do over 203040. Years and leaves on able to deliver. Two would do we have anything in historical conduct. And that some believed from third sporty or somebody like pro. Ran against. What we've all weeds because of his conservative or liberal. And did not deliver what happens then does electoral give blah. They get more angry is currently. Kind of his oral coal acts to put this. He had to think about credit loud. You know you're absolutely right there the frustration and a lot of people feel whip all kinds of the title Asian. You attract the government is at. Pretty much historic lows. But track and everything in the truck art and I Beijing track in public school strapped in the media. All of those things there are are pretty loudly show. It's I think to ever get elected whether extra hour or Hilary excellent then order or anybody else. Each. They're they're starting out when it. An American public that doesn't have a lot age. That they're really going to be able to get it done now turn made a lot of problems and they teach there would be greater backlash. Against him. Back. I think a lot of presidential candidate with a lot of usually and they'll do it. When they get and doctor because we have a government that that can make that our president now. And he on this show. It to you on the front. The bird questioned Judas mentioned who'd you cross regardless of what it's a big war. And always get the the end for back not the war and heard talk and not. Thinking about. Yeah is you think to a product of instantaneous. Communication social media and its open. Do you base of civilizations. All and no draws. In the organizations. That make up so it was a. Really great questions. I do you think that it has bet the declining track has something to do we. That the media and sort of the 24 hour media last. On the social media rights that much information at Ali and her anger and literally parks. And laptops and everything else. And people only have so much sort of cognitive capacity to process. And termination and so worked are constantly looking for ways to make it easier ours. Conservatives tend to lock stock news because they they trust a little more. And it's. They know what they're gonna again you know and liberal to a lot in the NBC for the increase and you know liberal gets in there that o'clock and conservative whether they're a lot. And everybody's just been talking that the clot you know preaching acquire it in. And times. Doctoral I love to have you back in Canada a different island. Thank you so much for the the incumbents are Asian and the expertise. And good day. Oh. I don't boy we're gonna come back and talk about dude you're trumps the legislature. And Rick a lot of decisions right now about from pocket book about pure future who long do you trust. A little via. All are you getting rid of it more taxes we're gonna drug fund job we're gonna have some experts on what's being done and not being done. At the state legislatures. They tried to. Solve on 943. Million dollar. Budget doubles of problem. Said look it's. Your comments questions Gibbs called to its eggs you bro 1870. Madonna and ago.