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Mar 9, 2016|

Should the U.S. stop the flow of immigrants? The topic of illegal immigration has made headlines a lot over the past few years but did you know that of the 61 million immigrants (and their young children) in the U.S., three fourths of them are legal immigrants? Just how many of them are assimilated? The Center for Immigration Studies also asks, "What is the absorption capacity of our schools, health care system, infrastructure, and labor market? What is the effect on the environment and quality of life from significantly increasing the nation's population density?" With states and cities struggling with their economies, can they afford to add additional people to their doles? This hours guest: Dr. Steve Camarota - Center for Immigration Studies Malvern Burnett - Immigration Attorney

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're dual approach roads on the immigration. In the country. Drew who loves her slow breathing and one of the year in two trees have a product is called center. For immigration studies and I got news release from them cope with the government in those balls in K button when our bread and I kind of sit home. It says six to one million immigrants legal. And the young children now lived in and pundits say it's re imports. Legal immigrants and their children. 61 million immigrants in your own children. Now live in your answers in read sports legal immigrants in the children. It would erode the legal part of movement consults. The rule. And then again to detect celebrity in the cancer and accuse him breeze support and we have the infrastructure. And we use to avoid that. Utterance all of their struggle want to do and doctors he can be raucous and report and integrations star wore when she. So after about it's is the concern and beaten out some with the big you know in the legal illegal but the debate on three quarters of execute one billion. Our league goal in ten we have some bullet. And it's very fair question you might conclude the debt we certainly can't. But I think maybe in the key question here we had that many there are some 45 million. Legal immigrants and young children but as children the aged eighteen that it took its at least one immigrant parents. So for them. Should we continue to admit it a million in legal permanent immigrants every year. And several 100000. Guest workers and foreign students and so important to them. That's the question. Look pointed their releases. This huge debate about Asian credible and brawling and thanks to dial coming up more in the Republican Party. There may be really. The much bigger impact on our society. Comes from eagle immigration and should we continue. At this level may conclude it should be even more about it it. It's certainly worth wondering. Want to do absorption capacity of the nation's schools its health care system its infrastructure. And perhaps most importantly it's labor market. At a time of the long terms stagnant wages. And a near record number of people just entirely out of the labor market not working or looking for work in the sense of working age people. It'll does this makes sense what is the impact. One you know the environment political life in the United States but constantly increase in the nation's size and population density. Again and you come to different conclusions but the problem is it first and foremost it. We're not even discussing these questions yet really when you discuss immigration the big stories legal protection. Andy is a million U legal immigrants a year is that Craig number average number. Yet this is the so called green card that legal permanent residents like anything else immigration what you did it gets complicated that includes all the people. Because in the family members here that about. About three force of the total includes somewhere because importer has sponsored them orders some specialized skill there's far. It includes actually the visa lottery where people Melbourne Amy and effectively pulled and came back and if you can try it. A thousand visas that and that includes people we bring up a silent to that people here and then the people we go around the world looking for. Whether it be you know in or Somalia or so forth and that it's been called refugees are people we bring in. All of our and that total in most years is one or one point one million. More than it used to be as recently as 1980 happen but. That's what's caused the public so much secrecy Beatles. Before the things he pointed out in the study is that as recently as 1970. Only. Thirteen point five million immigrants and their young children in the United States now the total legal and illegal is 61. Back in 1970 immigrants and their children worldwide and every fifteen US residents but it's just about one out of every five. Why why do you have escalation. I'm one question along on the 1960s. And otherwise. Refugee flows that we route in. In the seventies another word which in total on 1998. But. All of that is part there are two other key factors are just mentioned briefly what is changes in technology right people became much more aware of the prospect. Coming the united and the cost became so much what the flight of the airline tickets in the last forty years relative. To what people earn has fallen dramatically so that makes it a lot easier. And the fact that immigration builds on itself people wake up 1 morning and it like that and America what. It is. They're brother in law office and if you can't I can get to job but the local warehouse. Or your sister says what you can stay with me. While you find a place on your round and that's what drives both legal and illegal immigration just social networks that human beings we. And so. That that the changes in technology the building that was an immigration builds on itself changes in the and the decision to tolerate widespread illegal immigration. It's what caused those numbers to explode. The ordered were thinking about bank that about a million people come to this country every year legally. Six to one million immigrants and their children in Noonan it's aged three quarters of them or legal immigrants. If that too many give Brees can't sustain them and completed as would come and help when it comes to jobs. Who makes that determination. How long does that take is that even possible to change it would. Young. A small period of come right back questions comments Gibbs called two's exit row 170. Legally. Immigrants million a year an idea ban arrived. We do mini mini mini shoves on the immigration in the building traffic but certain debt and spend seven illegal immigrants from talking about legal immigration. Report out of the Center for Immigration Studies says 61 million immigrants and the children now lived in the United States. And three quarters or league. Brought the children. The question becomes can we support him. Should we take the average durable million people every year board. Doctors do you. And camaraderie with the blue courts Center for Immigration Studies doctor you don't bring him one of Melissa's bill in the Euro are. Overall. I wanted to ask. Anybody that doctor I guess. Many people die here that are actually longer in the raised in the United States how many people are United States every year Serbs. Numbers only about four million tourists in the United States it would fluctuate about 2.5 million deaths every year so roughly speaking. Are those debt somewhat for to the foreign born probably around 89% of them to to the farm report. So we have to create people dying. Ornery people being born and meet people coming here. I'm not a I'm not a lot to. He sort Ed that now makes it real difficult for infrastructure that you've been holed up with people would just be all right. Blight that total population though it's. Newer rivals but I was leaving those being born and those dying is about two point seven million a year right now. So write your basic you were sort it out like let's like three million Detroit and so every decade the US population. Grows by about 25 to thirty million people and sell. That creates enormous count as part physical infrastructure that would not otherwise exist but for our. But relatively generates more permissive we look at legal immigration system. Should we. Q we. Use similar to a chart do we disorder they're like to get. What I Hitler and that's that's completely not stock where I mean big changes. Good. And that that the. But. It'll kind of ridiculous academic discussion the average American has only one point nine children anyway so. Overtime population would slowly stabilized. But for immigration and the children that they subsequently at. If you would look at the last four years and look at the number of new arrivals plots. Two immigrants generally that about 87%. The US population making calculated different ways. The analysis shows that immigration overwhelming share of America's population groups. Because American families are American couples have chosen that cute children on them but it they're really arrive to Chile says there is. They are right I Packers recovered so I have family. I haven't and atlases Slidell. And like right around the Colbert on the street have Hispanic family. And that he works well real well all of his good guy got like seven. To me he's up about threats that we can. And I think about so. You know all we get it figured it. There oh Pritchard called our doctored I'm not insurer connect subscribers rumored prize. Let's save the portion you brace is valid and something should be done. Should be of the day on Arizona. Zone I think Q would agree has implemented the through its legislative. Rules and laws concerning illegal. Immigration. In the country. Bugged it is such board that the shivering Q record you've been old rule one in particular that was drive been illegals out. The end. It's I think the number was 42%. Have lit up during that time. And they interviewed. Economists. That said. You know it's been a good deal it's time for the former. Of the workers they should. But now they're gonna go to robotic forming and come on throw them all there are economists that said no actually. There were fewer jobs but how are wages. And Edward all the and on and on all the way down to. Talking to some legal immigrants of stones that you that said yeah the are people they can get a job for a week but after that that you verify thing catches them. So illegals are leading. Money my whole question my whole point he has. Cares they section and were big problem of illegal and has been affected too big big degree. Would dare read results would every complicated. Very complicated and here I was quoted in the article to. It seems to happen and exactly which would protect. The overall size of Arizona's economy because it has fewer workers it's smaller but it otherwise would be. Of course aggregate GDP doesn't mean very much because Mexico. Has a larger aggregate GDP. But doesn't. As well and support Mexico's richer in the people are better because what matters is per capita and then it goes but in separate time. But in time among native born and legal immigrants for that matter in Arizona. Went on that seems to happen. That's some employers were worse after they had the board and struggled to find workers some American workers were bad they need more. And employers are investing in receiving devices in techniques but there's no evidence the natives are worse off the other thing that seems to happen. Is that a lot of money illegal immigrants do pay taxes in general because they have only a tenth grade education. They don't go anywhere near enough in taxes to cover their consumption of public services. And so the departure of illegal immigrants. Think the state taxpayers took the better off some workers were better some employers were worse off. But the idea that the economy would collapse to stay with dependent on the boat couldn't do without them as clearly shown to be kind of absurd on its state. Invent them that small boy. We've gotten a little section called and resultant. We're talking about that balloon wall mom being in a beautiful wall we're talking about doing that and do. Taken 1112 million people here can mobbed by bringing in plenty of water rhythmic today. Wouldn't hear those days that virtually the only answer. We can't get the government to do it for the others states. You can convince the government. Two were attacked the legal. Immigrant from. Look legal. Nations like anything else like the level of resources. To control illegal immigration but legal immigration that is it level entire set by congress. As a matter. Ball so the question is should we elect our person in the US citizen. To sponsor his brother and hit an and the brother's wife had any children in my or not that's the style that the them siblings category. If you it should we on the lottery which is. This thing where people with a 1012 million and they instantly pulled. And we give out 60000 visas that. None of those things are sentenced we don't have to do any of it. If we want to take in 101000 refugees is that a 100000 refugees we can do that Q and what I would say that that's the national debate we need. No and probably in the debate we need about illegal immigration. Important though the enforcement of our laws maybe. In an orphaned in the in the indication that we will be tech and you mentioned the through rubio getting debate in congress can always. Doubled that point I was doubled legal immigration. At this point. The willingness of politicians. To discuss that is near zero the ignorant of the media on these questions that. And the lobbyists in Washington or dominant there at the general position of the business community on the on the right. And the ethnic advocates see. Communities on the estimate pressure groups is keep the numbers as high as possible increase that if you can and never tell the public. What the actual numbers are and hopefully they won't notice. Everywhere at all in all exports and a bad one reason I brought up rules on the Doctorow it was a pleasure to have rigged. It covered in the actual talk to of the immigration. Always go to him now and Burnett. They too secure one celebrity. We're debating leave goal immigration average about a million users in those numbers right. Something from the Gergen do something about it long. And. Aron had done many many of the many shows on the immigration always. Illegal. Immigration. This is a brand New Orleans center for immigration studies and in fact and read the headline in the and enrolling some of the talk and that says 600 million immigrants. And their young children now live in your mind sir it's been three quarters of them or legal immigrants and their children. Among a broad that that you go home and abroad first paragraph it says it won't care if they're legal immigrants and the problem it is. Ever got down into the tax that basically what the report is asking the question of what about a million new legal. Resonance come into this country every year. And according to and that is in encouraged and soon fund number of numbers represented a complete break with the recent history of the United States as recently as 1970. The role at thirteen and have million immigrants and their children in the country. Accounting for 115. US residents. Now since 2000 number of immigrants in their children has increased by. Being warned the world. Million. Number of immigrants and the young children grew six seconds faster than the nation's total population. Pro and I interpreted 2015353%. Pursuit of these 9% so basically. They're saying she would take a deep breath or extra back in Saturday and we absorbed him and it's news old system infrastructure. Labor market owner and all and when I talk immigration all shrug comb over in Britain and immigration that currently. And often to tons of amazingly enough reporting Claude who learned useless and he called. How often. Do a good. To me about it is is this. A potential problem what your thoughts. Well it's a potential problem that the number get out of hand. What. Doctor Colorado is mentioned you anticipated may have been spared the paper I think. You know you're. Is one of the lowest rate since the nineteenth wanted. Recently is cute now in eleven. The overall portrait would. Approximately. Sixty repo 1000. While women of childbearing age. You compare that to rent it and that they years. In 1957. That birth rate would 122. So which earned a decline in the birth rate that would that mean Democrat went well. It being if we have new people who who were. Mentioning those who. Our own and it we have to keep up with demand and our economy economy can't grow we can't stay stagnant. If we if we do not grow as a nation. Our most natural product does not blow it and you know Pete you speak louder. And that's where immigration comes in the play. And I think it the other mention is that the cornerstone. US immigration policy is the only unification. That is. In it happened to our ancestors. And it's gonna continue to happen to reach number. The ability to bring in your other ministers the year the year you want your honor. Give your children. That that is why that number is set an apartment when they're in the year. And many would argue that that is and its connection in what analysts say well if you look at. Illegal immigration and I know what. Legal immigration but they don't think they killed each other. On able to do you meet the demand of an economy. Growing economy grew legal immigration. In cycles it is quite an illegal immigration people comment on the order people over standard or the and that's what we think oh well which is what you started to run well again after having drop as a result of the recession people are now. Overstating your pieces in in larger number than it is the the undocumented alien population is growing because it's a miracle worker he. Colbert in limited. And what went so well Terri with support illegal immigration. You know you've got a couple 100000 none of your piece is available for her four workers the company not state. And approximately 140. Immigrant is dead and many would argue that at bats fleet in two future number. Important page pieces to the fuel economy. Our lipstick breaks boom combat components cues so. How we find out in its problems in the body reached dips in the body cry active. Anybody have figures or are hard facts that they conclude captains say. Not a budget problems big problems or actually good for the country. I look Broward and more drew a one and your dual homework bulb go on doctored jurist told me you are with me doctor cammarata. Just solely that American cobbled. Or having one point nine and our children per couple. In I don't think governor received two point nine are available or they do smaller. What do they look like. A low Olmert women come and. The finger and about what. Report on bringing its Center for Immigration Studies that claim Putin's. The current quarter served 61 million immigrants in this country or legal. And their living here would have their children and via. Corporations and is raising. The question is can this system of care screw label more and infrastructure. Support a million who legal. Immigrants every year. All the chrome and I'll bring Burnett immigration attorney and when we do these shows. Auburn. Indy if you're in the way of knowing. Whether it's a problem. Well the problem of important based immigration. There. Is a cute that. Important Beijing Olympics weighty because he state I think I think illustrates the problem. First before any. Anyone can agree on employment based visa com cannot state employer has to go to a very. Went in concert with the Department of Labor to determine that there are no US workers got to a point beat displaced by the movement of that the work. Appeared at the premise of our immigration system yet shall milieu that's where it's going to be like now. The SP permit residents faced. Employment system. You'll find that there are many countries who have. Wait are. The party delays. That fifteen year because you're not state because they're they're they're so much demand and you look at those individuals into the United States. It would look at not an important pieces. But it won't debate because like that the and killed because that we talked before about the H two B visa. As well as the professional. Were PH. One BB. Number what whenever it released on an annual basis they are they at least now in and they get all subscribe they picnic cap typically pay twenty capita are sixty pop out and your needs to be capped at 66000 a year. Then no more third darkened bedroom taco restaurant in Maine did during the busy time leaders say. Brings in workers from. Nicaragua whatever and then they go home after this season is over. Exactly exactly that the seafood spot that is that this crop is field. Would it or and the proper context the IQ professional commitment for three years and then. And then going back home court to step up. And they're they're they're though is gone. That there are high demand for those individual. And and it just don't exist to do you really a while the numbers that you support from by bringing out straight. And then you have to pay appropriate in way too many people have argued without people displaced worker. Advocates at all and they'll be appropriate way to look at it two in many cases. They have to go to concerts and so sure that they knew you were available but now. And he out of the million people a year did they these make cup of sizable amount. That'd outside of the all of millions of people. A break you know I think green color oh okay what it would. Can order one mentioned to answer period the and in the permit that debate ought. Article the patent it who who who in making it to wait fifteen year low income. People in the one. But if you look at all out onto that the ones that typically about two or balcony. Okay he showed through again records from would be if we look at these numbers end and to our Olmert couldn't since 1970. 353%. Increase in the legal immigrants for their children coming due this country. Where are going to be able to sustain this let's take a look at it this what we're gonna do it isn't even possible to do. Absolutely in fact it was legislation proposed threatened to cut off. Or eliminate. Peace process where US citizen can operate that would integrate United States they're gonna drop that category altogether. In a while with the relatives. On his daughter bout between parent a US citizen and program registered. They've but they didn't endure. So. Reduced take an act of congress somebody. Grows the congress convinces them that some problem. And laws have to be changed. And departments need to be changed. Is that that Ike and. Congress congress has the authority over over you immigration on. So I don't want them what are you giving a boost is that something that would take years if it was determined to be a problem. Or could be turned round very quick. What and you discussed earlier the other day of proposal which would have almost doubled in the operation. And at consignment why congress that it is pastor and the and the president signed it it would. You know it would take effect immediately upon signature. So you know. What what happened when they know that there are no. Democrat president 22 count ballots so that the Republican congress. When you've got Republican a Republican in the White House. And you've got congress controlled by Republicans I think did pretty good chance to achieve some of immigration reform. What congress would vote. But they get it'll be it'll be much your pets at this rate for a Europe immigration bill if you've got. Executive and in congress. All the same page. In the past such that we black. Now Auburn always serve harder to have you on the show ginger figure at that point none and child yeah. No oh yeah. Territorial. Hillary you're. Wondering what looked like. Always good have agreed date thank you but the time. Melvin Burnett immigration attorney come in reg back. Our job and guard Sargent Bob Boone strayed legislature's. Deadline for via. Throwing the budget deficit will be six for him tonight. If you get around website WW LAM. And celebrity up immortal five point three. Go to shows and scared of him ironing board on the homeward you'll find links to your legislators. Legislature. As a whole to descended Holtz from representatives. And that the governments or you've got a message. We're gonna make you very easy for you to send. So they broke. Think about the legislature run out of dips.