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Scoot Show 310pm, Hanging Out On Canal Street

Mar 9, 2016|

Listen to Scoot as he describes his convo with people hanging out on Bourbon Street

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And today we remember George market. It's known as the fifth beatle he was the producer pieces of brilliant producer to beat those known as the fifth beatle because. He's played such an integral part of putting those brilliant McCarthy Atlantis songs together. I George Martin. Passed away at the age of ninety Ringo Starr's in out a tweet to sit god bless George Martin's. Peace and love to Judy the Stanley. Offering go and Barbara George show will be missed and indeed he will be missed a coming up this hour in our. A buffer music without pop culture calendar. And eighties stereotypical. Bandits was it a stereotypical pop Tammy from the from the hair to the music very very typical of the eighties and I quite liberally joint event late singer's 58 years old today we've got that going into our first break. Also one a sixties pop star is and celebrating his birthday today. He had a pony tail and if I'm not mistaken then. At some point he cut off his pony tail and auctioned it off for for some kind of a charity. The band that he was in war revolutionary. Era outfits. And then there was it a seventies band that first hit the charts on this date in 1972 balls that. With our bumper music at this hour it is very very windy affect walking to the station earlier today. I feel like I was doing cardiovascular stuff from getting resistance from the wind walking into the wind it is very very windy so. Hang on to your steering wheel and as you know the rain is coming at this point it seems like Friday night will be the worst night and Sunday's the Dixie Patrick's day parade I think the weather's going to be OK four of the saint patty's day parade on Sunday in battery. But between now and then there will be some rough weather factor in the northwest corner of the state are already dealing with very. Very rough weather the torrential torrential rains. You've heard in our news that there's a tax increase and alcohol and cigarettes to goes into effect April the first I doubt that it's gonna change anybody's mind about drinking or smoking but maybe it will. Also there's a report out this Jeb Bush is planning to meet with Ted Cruz Marco Rubio John Kasay. Either today or tomorrow before the debate and again I remind you. Tonight the Democrats debate and look this. Competition between Hillary and and Ernie. Make it say their friends and you know they can be friends but it's getting very very heated and Hillary must be very very upset that she lost Michigan I mean this is kind of unheard of that Clinton would lose Michigan to Bernie Sanders. You know indicating that she's not invincible. So they're debating tonight shall take notes we'll have highlights on our show tomorrow afternoon we'll talk about it then and also tomorrow night the Republicans debate. That should be really interesting but Donald Trump says. That he's gonna tone things down sensible via a softer debate I don't know if that's gonna happen but it's going to be interesting to see. If he does start to change his strategy a little bit. I I've I I saw it last night in his speech a press conference after the results of their primaries or caucuses were. Announced yesterday. I noticed that he did have a I'm a softer. More. More calm demeanor I guess a calmer demeanor last time so we'll see if that carries over into the base tomorrow night we'll be talking about that Dan. Friday afternoon on the show it's just fascinating to just watch all this unfold. Yesterday on the show we got into a discussion about why people stand up against the walls why they post up to a wall and crowded areas. They appear to be hanging out hanging out is protected by the constitution to some degree. But at some point hanging out comes later but the bigger question is what are they doing and should we be suspicious of them. We talked yesterday about another mid day shooting this week at a crowded canal street bus stop it happened on Monday. And I talked about how witnesses said the problem is there are people just posting up on the wall they're just they're just standing there they're hanging out apparently waiting for opportunities. And that covers a lot of different possibilities. I talked about the mid day shooting at the bus stop talked about a late afternoon robbery at a popular coffee shop on canal street also Monday. And they were three shootings yesterday. Canal street and her mystery to French Quarter I regularly see people paying out posting up. I see some of the same people doing it every day. Several colors I said that. They were posting up because they're looking for targets for committing crimes. Some said it was all about drug and gun deals. And I sent I understand the constitution gives us a right to hang out but. Should we start being suspicious of those people who continually hang out in the same places that was our party general opinion point yesterday afternoon. 100%. Of those responding to the poll said. They agreed that we should be suspicious of those people. A caller to the show yesterday criticized me for suggesting. That those who have a regular schedule of posting a two walls. Might have malicious intent. And he said that may be don't have a place to go. Maybe they got kicked out of school. Maybe they can't find a job. He went on to list other reasons why people are posting up every day. Maybe they came from a broken home. So. I challenged his view is being somewhat naive that he challenged me actually dared me to take my crew and go talk to some of the people who were posting up. So after the show yesterday. Idea. Tolerance is French Quarter suburban street and it was a spot that I'm I'm familiar with Tennessee a lot of people posting up and just. Hanging out in quite often instead it's the same people. So I did this yesterday afternoon. Now. I have video of it and I have audio of it. But I can't share with you because apparently I didn't go through the right protocol. To. Oh lord damn terrorist videotaping and recording him. And so in the interest not only fairness I'd in the interest of making sure that we're you know always legal on on the show and his radio station. It's best if we don't play those things. Or put it on our our FaceBook page but I'm gonna share with you to share with you what. I watched a group with three young men late teens early twenties. Hanging out yesterday in the 300 block of urban street and it's it's typical of when I say there's a coffee shop in Africa to on purpose street and sometimes work on the show just relax and sit there and just watch things but you know you observe things and you. Sees things in and I I I noticed that that people. Sometimes. Seemed to be hanging out in the same places and I just wonder. What their doing not that it in some ways it's none of my business. Now I accepted this callers challenge. Because not that I feel like I need to accept challenges to prove anything. But this is something that I have already thought about doing. Authorities thought about asking them what's going on. One of the guys was posting up against the wall and other way is sitting and another was occasionally approaching people apparently asking him that annoying question. I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes again these were late teens or nearly twice. Sometimes they would switch Diop and one of the other guys would do I get up and approached people walking down the street. So the three were consistently. Greeted by numerous people walking down the street who appeared to be friends just bombs. High fives. So they were obviously a very familiar territory. Before going further for those of you who don't know me or listen to the show regularly. I'm a talk show host that condemns. Judging people by the way they look. But the way to close to where. I have had countless discussions on the air. How why it's wrong to judge some money because they're wearing a equity. Or sagging pants since both of those things have become part of a fashion trend which you may not agree with but that's not an indicator of evil. I'm part of the baby boomer generation. And I remember how easy it was for the establishment then to judge young people by their hair and their clothes which. Was no judgment of their character. So I don't judge hair fashion skin color religion. But I do judge. Behavior. I had my Debbie WL. Badge ID badge. And then. We'll continue this conversation got to get to this break we'll continue this conversation after the break I'll tell you what happened when I approach these guys. And if you do want to join us for the haqqani at this hour are numbers 2601878. Erica at 5042601878. Text numbers they 7870. And they're coming out of this break a very appropriate song for our discussion here are happy birthday today to Mardi. The only singer of ABC's fifty years old today and I'm stewed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture reach your opinions ever coming right back on WWL. Today I went out and I talked to some strangers here's our attorney general opinion polls as our do you ever talk to strangers. 72%. Say yes in 28% say no give a sure opinion by going to our web site W if you don't count. I wanna sincerely thank those if you who called the station. On who sent text and an emails all of you who were concerned about me. After I said to when I was gonna do in the air and I was gonna go talk to some people who were and get out to posting up. I wanna thank you for your concern on I felt like I was says it was careful and my instincts. I'm kicked in and I I made a decision -- let me continue with what with the story here now. When I get through this and tell you how I failed after this happened. Some of the may actually lose respect for. You may think that I I'm I shouldn't have the attitude that I have. So after I figured out these three young guys were paying and now stopping terrorist I decided to approach him Pakistan had my WL. Station ninety with me went after them and said hey I'm mr. BWL radio we're doing a story on people who are hanging out what's going on. One of the guys said are you police. Presence know with having have you already. And showed my bench again. And so we're just talking to people overhang and then. Another guy said you Wear a wire. One guy who I guess assume there are. Roll the spokesperson for the three. Why is you know asking me these questions he glanced down at myself when I sit or you record NS. Paris it linger in a public place I'd let him know that I wish recording this. And he again told me that. And he. Thinks that I should have told him before I even started recording that I was recorded and and maybe I should have done in any event as soon as he knew it was report. He walked away. People's away for. And I thought it was interesting. That. I walk up to somebody and the first thing he wants to know is MI the police. The second thing they wanna know is MI wearing a wire. So obviously they're familiar. With this. Kind of undercover operation. Which means this is not the first time they've been in this situation. I can't be sure. And I'm not stupid very observer. But I have a feeling that they were doing more than just asking tourist I bet I know where you got your shoes. But I learned something else. Here I was a guide it looked totally different from them. I had a media bench I want to talk to. And I wondered why their first thoughts might be if I'm a police officer reform wearing a wire. But I also realize that. They had no reason to trust me. I didn't feel safe continuing to talk to them. And I didn't feel like I can ask them you know are you in school. You have a job could you get a job did you did you come from a broken family I mean my instincts kicked in didn't. I didn't feel safe continuing to talk that. And why would they tell me. You know the truth is that people are skeptical strangers. And that's understandable. I really wanted to go back and talk to them about their lives but my instincts told me don't do that. I briefly cruise to a canal street toward the river and back toward their rampart street. And I I didn't see the usual groups of people posting up. Maybe it was just a day. And you know I notice you can't go on and do something one day and expect to figure out exactly you know what's going on that was not a fear samples are are realizing. But it also realized. That not only was it done safe. But it was also unfair. It was unsafe because approaching strangers with questions can easily projects contempt. Or judgment. Who they are and what they're doing. The world's a different place. He would be impossible for those guys to assume that I was the enemy and they could've followed me and waited for an opportunity to. Assault. As I turned away and left. And they eventually left and and went off I couldn't help but think about. Their young lives. And I couldn't help but think of course they were suspicious of me. We're gonna have to get to a news break it right in I don't need to try to sell on how I want to bring you through their feelings set by hand and again I only talked this one group of people because at that point I didn't feel safe doing it anymore. And honestly their body language. And their attitude. It's not that it was bad but it didn't make me feel safe continuing the conversation. But I came to a very interesting realization. Doing this yesterday. And there's a possibility that you'll lose respect for me because I had this opinion. But I do to share with you. It if you do and join us for the comet are numbers 260170. Text is a 77. I've screwed in the afternoon and we'll be right back after just a VW wilders update with on aims. I welcome back I'm bring you up to date on something that develop yesterday a late our show and somebody challenged me to go talk to those people are hanging out posting up and I I did yesterday about and we talked to a group of three. And I didn't feel safe continuing to do that and I I I understand whether it trust me. Why would they trust me. You know when I walked away I couldn't help but think about their young lives and what they were like in and without being overly sympathetic to anyone with malicious intent. Thought about how different my young years work. And how fortunate I was to have the parents I bet the home that I hadn't my life was far from perfect but. I had guides. I had a chance. And I thought about who's to blame for this there are jobs. But there are no jobs for people who don't know that it's important to have a job. There's school but there's no school for people who don't think it's important to learn. Trust me this episode didn't turn mean to some extreme liberal who makes excuses but it did make me think about how we got to this point. There shouldn't be people like down the street. People along with political and community leaders are to blame. Parents. Had children. This society told and they didn't have to race. Society told them you don't even have to have the money to provide for the children you have will take Arafat. And leaders are responsible for always looking for something other than human behavior. To blame for the failings of society. I haven't changed my opinion about those who post op and obviously wait for opportunities to commit crimes. But I have to learn that you can't just go to a stranger on the street and asked them about their lives. And judge Stan if they don't wanna talk to. And I learned that that someone other than the kids to become teenagers with criminal intent. Is to blame for the number of people who feel that they are entitled to something even if they didn't work for it. It isn't fair to blame society with the government. For not providing opportunities went too many grow up without the ability to recognize. An opportunity. If you would like to join us with comet are numbers 2601. And seventy. Eric coach 5042601. A seventy Tex ever say 7870 and John your under the W real good afternoon John. Thanks Canada. Actually see your point completely. Where. Very well the problem. And I noticed the same thing you do Nam and people posted up. And is quite obvious what they're doing. And and it really about it. This should the industry mobile light and I know what the consequences could possibly. Be if you were to approach that person or worry you're straight something. Book in the news today shooting down in. General street. People post well in that neighborhood every day and you know what they're doing. And it just bothers me that you can't really say anything because you know. Something that some good Bangkok court. And actually let the. John I appreciate the call and again that's that's part of the problem on. Who's running the world who's running the community who's running the neighborhood. Those. Who. Instill fear. In all of us and again what you know what I learned is like. These three these three young people were were probably up to no good. But I didn't see evidence event. But it's there there are a regular basis. What do they do. And you know first of all I've got a problem with anybody asking tourists that stupid question I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes. Fortunately not one of the Tories gave them any money. Because when I see that happen I break it up. If I'm walking on the street and I see some tourists who are. Who are. The subject of somebody with that I bet I know we've got your shoes Scania. It's so ignorant. And yet there have been stories where people have been intimidated into giving them money. When they say you've got issues on your feet on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I've pricey that start to happen I've gone up instead and it's been crowd saw feel safe at the time. I'm guns and hate don't buy into this now the person who's trying to get the money from not real happy with the but I should know don't buy into it to stay. I've got to take a break if you're on hold stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon numbers 2601870. And our text is 87070. Here's a text parents are to blame the bottom line stop blaming society. Here's attacks just tuned in west posting up pushing up is just like hanging hanging out and I'm leaning up against a wall posting up against the wall and a lot of young people do this on a regular basis in the same places. When he loitering. And waiting for opportunities. I astute will be right tackle WL. Donna pop culture calendar today marks the ninth we wish happy birthday today to only singer of this man. I'll refrigerators. You know Paul Revere was a guy play the the keyboards. Please singer was Mark Lindsay and I remembers acute here this long pony tail and I think through one of a teen magazines they. Auction it off for charity he he cut it off market lazy so every four years old today. Somebody else so I saw very very early in my life and it's the oil field house. Let me get back to your calls we're we're talking about two people who post up and I wrote a blog about this it's it's on our website you wanna region and share it. I'm talking about the experience that I had yesterday I was sure to play the the tape for you and the video and you have a choice you can either believe me or or nights like tonight I don't like you and I'm just very honest about what happens pitches for legal purposes. On where we're not gonna take a chance on on playing it since I didn't use the right protocol and my approach that so you know that's on me. Here's a text that says those guys are trying to make money in a safe legal way by shining shoes instead of trying to rob someone you were wrong on that point. No I'm not talking about the guys who were shining shoes. I'm talking about. The scam artist who aren't shining choose who are simply saying I've been I can tell you where you got the shoots. I don't tell me they don't exist because I was there yesterday and I saw yesterday and I see it every day in the French Quarter. There are not people there are people who were not shining shoes. I'd Julian on every WL. Trying to. And I. Am. Winning. And it. Okay and and we. Might in. Any. And and crop that. GE in. The it. I. Yeah they're cowards. Most and definitely effect they're there they're there so. It. That dynamic power. While. You know it's a it's a shame that somebody went after turn to drive around but the guy on their lap just to to frighten people away. Like that need. To. Get it out and make it guy with an element. That means they need to put one. And Julie probably would have done the same thing. All mean I don't think. And make it. While this is what's really sad is this this mentality here. That I could Bode Miller could be met. Julie I appreciate you sharing that story witnessing and and be safe. Charlie Sanders you can't stop at a at a red light I mean I suddenly I'm now very very aware of stopping a time and at stoplights. And in making sure that I've got room to even pull out if if I can't not getting blocked it means there have been people who have been blocked and intersections. Elect. This is not everybody. But there are far too many of the people out here. We're joined us from New Orleans Bob your WLE Bob. If it. Want to go on sale pretty much similar situation as you know I you I had a job where you so worked down there. And the quote unquote and now. I basically. I think most of it's the result of the drug. Well. I'm I know that drugs contribute to this bird you know we do we get so part in in blaming the drugs that we don't blame. We are doing the article a lack of everything else at least to people getting so hooked on drugs that they they can't function. I'm not blaming the drugs I'm blaming. The violence on the prohibition of the drugs. So if we if we took if if drugs were legal they would be out of the hands of criminals. Well yet and wired kids work in the corner they're selling drugs are there will be corner. On their people on when they don't have. It's a territory dame. That same you know why does it set immediately went taken a violent. There's no mark sitting on the black market there's only violence on the would realize. There is what it's real or that things weren't legally an early America and they weren't really illegal. If we don't look. Far and see where from. An injury in Poland yeah. Bob I appreciate the cult. I here's our party jwoww opinion poll do you ever talk to strangers. 69%. Say yes 31% say no. I talk to strangers yesterday. They didn't trust me but again I look different from the way they looked I had a media bad John I was recording our conversation. I don't blame them for not trusting me of course they wouldn't trust me. And I guess when I stepped away I just looked at the bigger picture on how do we get to this point where these guys are just like posting up on a corner. Hanging out probably every day I see similar faces downtown. They're all doing the same thing. But I was really not comfortable continuing to try to talk to them about did they come from a broken home where they and school last hours. I felt unsafe but also I felt like it was an unfair test. Because. They didn't wanna talk to me. I guess I can't blame them. I'm scoots we'll be right back under review well. It. And from their album to loose streets have this song was it to the music but it Doobie Brothers first debuted on the shores of this day in 1972. Sports talked with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up next free agency officially begins right now. And don't forget to join my friends say Kristian garic antibody beer tonight for double coverage eight to midnight. Sports. And more. The guys are a lot of fun so if your cruise around make sure Europe turning them on double coverage for its horse hockey is coming up next. You know so why did the Asian guys not wanna talk to me. Was it because. They were being recorded it. Was it because I had a media badge. For those of you who joined as a way to explain at all and blogger wrote for our website titled what I learn from the guys just hanging out. On Bourbon Street and it's attentively have you on the account. Sort of like Diane Newman our executive producer and job and this is our associate producer also John wick our studio producer today who always does a great job. On the democrats' debate tonight to be talking about that and more tomorrow afternoon I'm stewed in the afternoon thanks for being with us have a great afternoon loaded New Orleans.