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Think Tank 1210pm, Robert Travis Scott, State Budget

Mar 14, 2016|

We’ll breakdown the Special Session and preview the regular legislative session with PAR (Public Affairs Research Council). Who were the winners and losers – who gained, who lost...who served themselves and who served Louisiana citizens best? Then we'll flash the regular session – how much will Louisiana’s “state of emergency” set the state budget back? Which bill look helpful and which are scary as hell? And, which state leaders & legislators are consensus builders, who are dividers? *After the Special Session, are you keeping a closer eye on what state lawmakers are doing? This hours guest: Robert Travis Scott - President of PAR (Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh home or go over the week Campbell pull intention of doing their throw home. Or impose special session of the legislature mean and a pro bread everything active pond on the I've Douglass on how to blow open the show and I happen to Picard damn good article. Rigging by these Kohler claim to do boats. And ended he quoted. A great journalist but in the end John mcginnis. Who cover the legislature for decades. In and he often observer. And I thought this was perpich for the session. On wall immigrants could download apps but he ran out of time. A dog that just about Serbs everything I've read it that I'm a whole lot got accomplished far. Eventually of them was struggling my personal thoughts of red most of the reports on what happened in the legends pledge from but it there's in the organs and in my opinion. Then that goes this science in in the non important and look at the legislature. And income drones and gives us say known by its look I think it's the public compared Richard channel two museum. What you love to have the president whether Robert Trent has Smith Robert is always good to have you on the show. Hey it's great to be honest especially at he historic moment. From. Going from one sessions and other. And to drew. And soared give your lives in England graphically. Roberts pressed on or about. Or I got some that I have warned and to give jaw and and I'm really did hello mr. Gibson to that you'd like and a I apologized. You know. Today you know we we hear about these 12100. Bills have been pre filed out for the possession and people wholesale got soundly an ample. Why are actions fly. I hope they don't. Limit limit and go to live I made it lips K bowed to a governor Jon bill networked. Everything I've heard and have forty years flaws in Louisiana who. Than usual cyst. We have a governor. That certainly in the legislature. Has some things that they do but primarily. It's a dictatorship which the governor dictates and get what he wants Britain this stuff camera and we seem to have some independents in the legislature. No one is that true was that true and number two ball was the results of the independent. Well there's a relative amount of independence you know I'm from term to term legislature to legislature. You can add. Jim Tucker it was house speaker under Bobby Jindal I think the house had. Paramount and independent from the governor Jerry is that. You know there are a lot of things of his agenda overlap which also assumed it was some match appear now we have. A democratic. Governor and a majority Republican. House and senate I say the senate is. Much more in sync where it's the governor has goals and an agenda. The house's about it. On it yeah they're the next few and so they're. Because you know negotiating body representative. And you know it's almost kind of supposed to be that way. You know there's not supposed delicate corporation. Garland where it's supposed that legislature's supposed apps. A planned strategy and go in and executed according to you know a particular schedule. Represented government can get Massey. And it like say it it's a negotiation. And he's supposed to have. The first set of people that the person of these. That's what it's all about and when it's Matt scene doesn't work and it can be embarrassing. When I don't work some of the big crowd. Well aids if I miss stood over the years and there have been sessions. When they're doing so were a lot of independent from the governor. How to do. Governor Edwards how did all of the legislatures. Including the appropriation. Committee Ways and Means Committee saying. She is. I had no wind the budget was in this kind of trouble. Ethel that's what especially from the legislators. And and the special session and that. I try to be claim innocent. And and what what. You're in what they had done in the previous term. But most of them were very well where what he did. That he intentionally under on that. Number programs to help try to balanced budget on paper but it was not really balanced and our reality and end I think most of them knew that what they don't know or not. You know as their choice which you know some some really. Very significant thing came out of this special I. Hold that thought a big column and barely concentrate actually would. Think it bounty of post special session legislation. Action in June on actions. And we've got the extra we have covered Travis it's some Colin Smith but I actually using it's gone. President of public prayers in church also got questioned Jacob comments it was called to lose 60187. Welcome back finger bounty of just ended special session of the legislature. Over the breads are doomed to par public verve Richard council Weezer and Robert proud Scot lumbered to. I Anglican who DR commentary. In the headlines Soes out of chaos calm change. And says those special social hard choices but. Made significant changes in several blue museums opportunity to move forward with a broad form. I've got to tell me one of those mentioned in the commentary. That basically solved is there's Brenda reached the coach Rome at the end of the legislature. I'm one of those that that did our thing console on them looking at the big things that have to be done. I've talked earlier about the significant changes made. That makes it allowed Jews to move forward with Paul. Yeah well first of all we now have the nation's highest sales tax were number one at about pretend cents on the combined local and state. But they also winning them and they've reduced. All whole bunch of sales tax exemption. And these are the special breaks from the sales tax. Four whole variety of reasons from Marty properties to sales tax holidays. And they basically reduced. A lot of those and I think we've we've finally seen legislators start to examine whether some of these should be thrown I think that can be seen. As a good thing or two about it too few many in the should but it was still basically commitment. They also. Put on the ballot or voters to decide in November. Whether or not they want to put into motion a package of bills that would create a flat tax. Four corporate income. And that we can talk more about that later but you know that's pretty signature move that they may. But what of the big things that happen Garland is all of these new revenue measures and new Scania and the exceptions they got rid. And already tax credits and exemptions that they. A cut back on last year all those packages of new revenue which is more than one point five billion dollars. It's all gonna come to a hand. In July 48 team that's two years away. So what that does is it some time to precinct where we are there also put some pressure on state leaders say hey. We need to sit down and try to find a comprehensive reform vote for spending and for taxes and try get this state on a more stable fiscal. But what song called that one point 41 point five again kicking it down broad. And when we get to it again in two years simply kick in the on the road again. Yeah Dutch and in and that's why you know it's. It was not a good situation and even the governor Mike the situation and that were again even though he. You know advocated. These stacks entry should but I think everyone in the capital and I talked to and I know the governor has shed their. A lot of capital are saying okay this time we really are gonna have to sit out and try to restructure and re think what we're doing now. Will succeed. You know sorry you know like that but at this point I think the nature. All of this new revenue in the fact that we were gonna drop all club. Between eighteen sort of courses. The conversation. But what we controlled the clip was now. Oh yeah we. And now a National League team and that's sort of reportedly found at a typical of down the road. That's strike and they have a lot at one time on that. And they kind of revenues they're raised. In this three week session which was really more of a panic attack Chinese. Stop the oh deficit that we after the current year mean most of what they did. You know western tries to balance the budget for you know the current year and the Indians that are on Jean curry. Because it was such a tremendous hole a whole lot of decision or driven by this sort of short term. Thinking partly out of necessity. Now they're gonna look at the when he seventeen budget that starts in July and again I think a lot of the same problem expect the use a lot of one on money again and we may come back. And another special election. Annika in the governor might ask to raise more actions. I'll bet so natural possible. Some where and when. You know we're a little but it sure could be to a boom and I. John bill Edwards on both pulled deceptions are. As a governor general mine let me bring little news article about what troops 27 a of the audience. Read that he had said dialysis machine people could be disconnected didn't say he would. Could be brought about hoped he wouldn't I wouldn't threaten L issue in football on them has said. And troops are my homework confused as governor Edwin Edwards 1971. I came back a little bit to really review and over again. And bring the same thing and that's it you know it was in my mind that 1978. That its bloody brawl more. Mineral right in the third time and it's like right that you know the hell should we believe view and telling us Ellis shoot footballs and I can't tell me Jesus. Is going to be destroyed and that would leave that have been alleged to football. And is he responds that you probably have a point. Obama born here used says you're from and for. There they've they've made some progress. He said it would thing. A move forward with the reform. But the reforms that sounds like we kick and it fell on the road an oatmeal and compute. I think we absolutely if kick the can down the road. And that we have. A fiscal clips that we're gonna fall. In twenty change and all once thing. Let's use it on anticipation. What's gonna happen. I had an opportunity. To really charity you know get together form you know better and better reach rupturing and the and witnessed better system in the one we have now. And a model and that means they're tactic they're all leaders legislatures and and he. President of the senate this sang it the year rather fiscal prayers at committee chairman that this thing that the governor strain. That you can committee 100 sang in the Tax Foundation package go more. People are saying here's the opportunity. But still now we have an opportunity in the next year to try to do this one not in crisis mother and what we just went through. Was it was a serious crisis mode when I hope we gave its plan ahead. You know not in crisis mode and not enough action in which all were trying to do you. It's changed the tax structure change systemic structures just to address the immediate crisis that's right oh oh the step to try to make changes. Per the law. In the future that's what people I know are talking about it hoping we can do pitcher that's right on year to year basis. That's what we to do it and I'll have a tremendous amount say. Pat will be able to pull saw. But you know we got to try. Boom pool we'd take a break pretty new to a moment ago couple aquittal and that are. Perplexing to me bro would complete mile and a bunch Lola I don't quite get it. A landslide and we re huge estate tax at the GeMS on 1940s. Milk in the 1980s. Clothing and that newly established we want our sales. But now we have an excite. Basically we charge up purple. You know per gallon. And that sales taxes that remained. Since 1980. And you know the federal gas tax also remained the same courtroom that long time what. I'm you know the cost of construction and completing projects and maintenance in actually is gonna go up. Overtime and insulation and the revenue stream that regaining. Tax is simply not keeping up I would be a problem that the whole lot more driving people using fuel he's have. You know more tax revenue from may and the gas tax. The problem has been. That we've fuel efficiency even better term compression engines are in. In various economic growth. Trees at a time ET amount of relief and the amount you use it really hasn't had gone out the streaming well. Harder. Turn. Here or Canada and wonders seek come back contention on this little old so. Politico black lips talk about hospital holding spirit and they might Payer in the regular ocean. When it comes to. University's college student opt you name it. And more. Looking up that way above Robert private Scott with this president barb public. Heard her church council Louisiana we're talking about the legislative session that just ended legislative session. Questions comments we've got the expert Gibbs called troops into 187 and you wonder what's gonna happen to the tops that you know a new trial news to go to college fuel. Is or begin the you know there's special session because they can't. Raised taxes in this 2016. Session. How's Billy goat to all the people that all the contracts would bring drove it contracts might be cut is that how much Bogut would close. We've got the expert they can approach those issues of skull to Sid 0187. About the need just completed special session. Of the legislature. And one of the guru and she to and watches the legislature. And to give the most professional. Some options what they told what occurred. Israel public affairs research council with Jim what can their president. Robert traveled scud with a show of probation Tara our. A Robert de I want to go back very quickly to via gas pump and keep it short and two world could number above topics talk about. They're the reason I said the the pact that we haven't. Brady's. Gas taxes stabilize. In in decades. And I've found that brand of confusing. Is that something I think people could report. At that point in time we have twelve billion we're back along in the highways and roads and we complain about it. Isn't that. Well that's a very collection and that I had to go back questioned by shell. Started. With the gas prices so low. Oh what. Considered as one of the inflation Urlacher you know one of the main reasons. Four. Is that they need money a lot of money right away. And yet again thanks well produce in a fair amount of revenue. Didn't it didn't quite. Produce enough quickly you know and the next three month stay. Amount of the situation. Not compared to the actual overall sales tax the other issue that they're just concerned about tinkering with the gas tax to pay. For regular operational costs state government. When they're a lot people think you're gonna race against acts and that the school to tax. Put that torture wrote and infrastructure. Not supposed to be the way it happened now. The money from these taxes goes into transportation trust on other sources. It's supposed to be used for wrote that we learn from which area spent the year legislature. And under Jindal it would site at all a little bit of that. Transportation trust fund money to help pay the State's other bill. Our lowland go to your birds and colleges. A nor in the upcoming session Monday. Big kid doing anything would taxes do you think. The board board number one what happened with the university's. College student in this special session. And number two. But do you see another special session coming after the regular session. Yeah. I mean colleges and universities legacy you know there's still calculating the real. In practice is going to be there's still time to make some adjustments and in this current session. Even though they can't raise taxes in the regular starting day. They can't do budget adjustments they try to free dedication and other revenue streams. Adamant in different directions arsenal of tools that they have. Try to adjust there are your budget situation and that's the real cried for truck tire that. You know if you make cuts and higher perspective believe for next year and the year anchored. Yeah you could they be painful but but manageable trying to make cuts and higher education. Know this late in the fiscal year that played in the academic year that is just very typical today. And I think we've really got into a pattern over the years where. You know we're preparing our education. Too much instability year year cry every year and in terms of their funding. I'm not saying we should get higher education every thing they ask for anything come to the table on a little bit more streamlining the system somewhere and but the condition that we place them and I think it's I jeopardizing our universities and jeopardizing our. Or lunatic break you're welcome to bribed like talk and bumpy. End of these special session of the legislature. What did and did not happen we have Robert travels Scott president all par public perjury church council the Louisiana. Or we've got some listener said one thing can talk about these judgments painful session. Of the legislature and we're going to be your expert Robert Trent Scott president public prayers from church council. And Robert it fuel mileage code to Eddie and member of the Euro and with. Oh. I got so many questions but let let's get to want to remain launched its first of all the bloat you tax is supposed to be dedicated. I'm dedicated put new general on race. Attacks by two or three cents and get the Sochi. OK I think you'll create millions of dollars. And that's noble. I got ideas on help hospitals. And as for its patients. At Canaccord mattered and we're sending them to retail pharmacy. With each pot that having a pharmacy. Why can't we still perch correction in the pharmacy and saved that retail cost. Let's hold that thought Brent there Robert. At least question for small impugn them. And a number two. How did hospitals. Come out of the special social we have. Talk work our big university medical center billion dollars plus some notable that oppose being ruined. Children's Hospital boards suitably get a cup and dragged him you can't fulfill that were brutally blunt what happened. Well yeah I've been in the hospital university medical senator and has a really extraordinary. Down. So the special session the deal which human health care issues there there wasn't built. That's supposed to put an extra premium tax. On the HMOs that operate the state should group helped Medicaid plan. But that. What that would do this sort of raise taxes on them and then they levers that Michael Moore Medicaid respect. Federal regulators. Asphalt on map and I'm not sure. Lose they would also that was really pretty much what apple health care in the special session the bigger larger issue. It is governor jungle Edwards. And desire to do that Medicaid expansion and to expand Medicaid coverage to low income. Adults who are not currently are eligible for any ideas. It's supposed to provide health coverage so that when they go in the hospital. They're not using they're getting more managed here not. Just going to the emergency room for minor year and that the hospitals well rely on. Being compensated. Through the federal Medicaid state Medicaid dollars. For all of these. Patients they receive your uninsured instead they would have a church mechanism for getting paid all hospitals in the Stater favor. But Medicaid expansion for that reason. So awaiting to see what happens Medicaid expansion. And what impact it could have. On the whole. Market for health care as well this very important new university medical. Well and the yeah concern and the Medicaid exchange where over a certain number of years we we get I think a 100%. A government coverage federal government coverage and that of that but we pay 510 and 15%. It goes to 10%. State responsible in preparing that. You know sort of ratchets up overtime. Sewers and so. It's so you know what's really going to be in and see Garland. Is the impact of that's going to have on all these. You know privatizations. Of the cherry hospitals in the in the war we know the picture. You know that that it was closed and now they're build new ones. In a downtown. And instead of the state operating at a private operator. That I guess operating that hospital system group Toro and Children's Hospital. And this is a new way managing. The cherry hospital. Service. And there's and arrangement and every major community. And Louisiana where there was that your cost all a little bit different. But this one and more allowances probably one of the bigger more challenging. And what we're waiting to see is how are they gonna be funded is the state going to. It you know provide enough funding to keep them in business the way they they see Stamkos that's. Are you know ride right along with disabled kids dying and old people. Being disconnected from dial actions was old mug good news we're gonna end up closing UNC. We're gonna do something Children's Hospital threatening to move out. And now the sessions over. And and I don't hear you clear routes allusion the weekend talk taxes. In right its regular legislative session it's akin did okay you keep kicking it into broad. What are yeah you know if the health care funding. Is left short. And it may have been. And they don't find some other solutions to. Then I I think it is entirely possible. Partners make sure. We don't. We don't know that now I know there's a lot of conversations going on. Among all number of the partners around the state shovel lecture very happy with the situation and others or. Our share. I'm and so I did saint we're going to be conflict my daughter. So what's gonna happen and what their financial situation is what their decisions about the. Is you wouldn't see one of them bench very concerned. You know about where this is gaga because. There's not. A really firm confident track record. On exactly what to states and pictures country we're also looking rather like like all obstacles are concerned about. We're. Federal payments or Medicaid compensation. And called uncompensated. Care. Where all that money. Because of her bunkers boast be ratcheting it down hospitals. Robert unfortunately your phone start to break a bonus but look if you can hear remain. Hordes say thank you because it is a compensation. Could not have had without due thank you so much action for what you do and. Forward Trevor. And Robert we'll do we'll do I apologize for the but it will look for the old Brady. Robert frogs got President Obama public bird Richard consultants will come right back. It's got to be real interesting topic. Should your state require repair or by law to get involved in their children's education. Mr. Driehaus as bill known as the parent involvement in the accountability. Act which impact. Well requires teachers to grade parents on their involvement in their child's education. Two courts is that a good idea a good it's. Conservative state it's more big government to watch you watching your child. While I. Good backs don't go away double dubbed Leo begin at 7 AM 053 year at.