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3-15 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU hoops

Mar 15, 2016|

Bobby & Deke take your calls on the underachievement of LSU's basketball team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And rubbed our number two or sports talk alum Bobby Hebert Randy Babbitt thanks so much to David. Choke in child's playing and on. On WWR rader at the end the last now the call about Phyllis. The only thing that we disagree with is that LSU. Made a tournament that was at Lazio and able to twelve point lead and anyone wants one field goal within the last four minutes. Yet North Carolina State in which they were really in a good situation there to match so well against Villanova and North Carolina State beat. To get to the sweet sixteen. But to say LSU was overrated Ohio they wore. Absolutely or. And it was just the media I think. I don't know necessarily will wait and see how these players go on and do it in the professional level. To see you know maybe they were as a lot of times their recruiting services and excellent Q did he supposed to be this good coming from high school and college. That they miss as a lot of time that they miss. Both LA issue to it did to this thing to the tune to where they were a tool hired to make the tournament that's that's not true. Well they get along those lines. I keep seeing top six the eighteenth time this and there that it takes Bobby to top sixty teams they'll make that many of the mid majors automatic bids. A much slower. You win like Stephen F Austin and dominant in this island commerce on him upsetting but I West Virginia but. Now now but this is maybe the top party. Look right so now I see these how about out I got we have a year because automatics and I'll let you lead they perceived as a top twenty team the top twenty LSU yeah up. Monitor the pre season I think he sees him as it was like eighteen to go teams so you still should be era and post season here I'll. Look you Adam load a little more we we I thought honest guy would be to win two tournament games and get to the sweet sixteen. But bad goal for this team and somebody. Again it goes. What's reality with us that it is clients whether it's Campbell Kentucky. John gallop there at the very least would have been expected to do when he Deedee she with a team mediate in these do foresee. Elise divorcee. And make a run. Where at LSU because they haven't had a lucrative players like this before with the exception of this shack v.s. Big baby a Tyrus Thomas those gas it looked they came to recently. From a standpoint of top Thomas was a goat god it wasn't recruited as I. A one nationally known but he blossomed into a huge player. You're playing ability go to the final for both LA shoot to at least say you know it may the NCAA tournament. That is without question fair remember we are talking about a guy who was rated. And they don't miss often maybe the media audience pre season. Pre season SEC player of the year pre season first team all American and pre season. Candidate to be one of the top three of Augusta in amazement trophy as the top player in college basketball. But it was just being examined Bobby this was a very good clients they sign other players besides being sent. Well. Bits and is not going to be Abbas in the NBA you know why he can look at Nicklaus the blow as he passes the ball too well you're in now on to being a superstar name around about to be an IMO NSI double digit crew were accused would you would you say with him what would have the will would be insanity doing the league to not be above us. Gate cut to go play in Europe. Our guys and not make so just flat out here you bust and I gave the makes it 1112 years and B I'll I I threw passes the ball too well and how is handled and he's so any rebounds right and he could develop a shot. Yet that it's like if he can develop a shot like Andy Davis has developed a shot you binal stall he he'll announcing he is legit. Now he can't carry a team yeah who knows one day he develops a shot that you wanted to put more his shoulders but the tablet is that. It Bobby not only at LSU men's team has banned. The woman's team is the worst team in the last 25 years. Yeah now wasn't that I don't know we're a team and Witten Nicky Vargas you know we've beat Caldwell announced he's been very yeah. So the bought the program. What was legit now it was about organically it gonna ask you odalis poke you hear yeah I mean in that big can dig of the men's coach who really wouldn't probably being his dated and a Syria but didn't have the expectation though he did a Demi highlight yet. The expectations they had LSU's. Good women's program once in my own son and B they reached those expectations. They reached those extra days they would have final bowl right they did in what it must moments sealed it was that they reached expectations. This team. Let's be fair the expectations this email wasn't getting to a final four it was an elite eight outings in a sweet sixteen. Just get to the tournament and have a respectable showing they need to negate that a tenement and eight Aaron Downey in ninety imitation. So thank you for calling WW Rio. Guys Uga oak. And I know war and I think Johnny you know the Buick go out in the bigger scheme well pack pack it should be here. I don't think he's done much. I had that many this year was one of the worst coaching jobs that make that machine you mean basically played. Oh year. They do and opted they did have a deet in it but we went up and get the ball and you know. And I mean it's important to go out there and I think that he was shooter. That I mean that. Beijing cancel because I mean there's several back in court and you know at a grand scheme of things could not sure that they'd like. And only a couple of three in in in the ocean. Program that means is didn't do it and he needs to do it. You know killer instinct and so that we can play well but tonight. He didn't know which way shape or form that he plays strong at all. Well. Junket and and Timmy was both disappointing is that this Yahoo! so are you effort. I'll look at which you do defensively. When you're giving up way high eighties low ninety's I mean. C'mon you expect to win Ellis should have an up off of the firepower to even have a chance. Waited until those tight games so that's that sodas appointing. Demeco lackluster effort a defense of. Such as it is. I mean that. In most. I'll kind of how that. Doubles to a three putters this or. You know I'm. Hours team and they ended in all of college bad luck we don't mean by years. I guess and it. I'm just let it what does that mean and would. Come out any. Yeah sure. We started this season you know and me in Asia it is looking plane and better shoot at them all together. They should add some sort of being. I mean in Mexico wanted to play one on one that Cuba beat this team. And it. Didn't it hit the nail on he would have no there was no progression they do it did just what any progression and you could listen to the the broadcast. Jim Hall all would be you know cubicle Guillen it's the second half it's the second half meltdown at the second half meltdown. That's coaches Guerrero for David thank you for calling WW male. That moved here without them. Just due to certain. If you're above it and sent call. What it will not or the basketball political what I mean it was just between them. Yeah. They're supposed to take control. There wouldn't play were and win. If you can play around on the game of Tibetan. Watching woods. There are these people can't do started on the paper you get a good man coaching improvement so. You wanna call it Pretoria. I mean you know you're down. Right to go to Davis out I realize that everybody wants everybody does. A guy might be he might be a little look now but we say Maine he allowed back you might be a big physical lab back but he might be good against the run. It is hard for me to think OK I realized being examined as he's more of an offensive player but. You've got to got to 611 the six of evident college basketball that that's that's a that's not if you don't have a Thomas it's eleven guys. How could you not have some sort of threat of being a shot block. But well look at an annuity that that I agree with that also look at net but it came. Didn't actually shut. The hell that you. It. About odd shot that went in that would get shots. They're the extra game whoever what you want and check it and I can pretty good shots football. Rotation you know and then it like ordered received and that's what mobile and got baker to interpret got you. And I did you know coach or did it go in and maybe you saw or did you vote. Is he saw his arm is free would you say it all valid points right there like David said. What was LSU's identity. Really what was there I didn't do season but wait a case who would you expect and b.'s. Looking at right now you know though coach mouse thing that's a lot more millions if you you know that go with guaranteed. But look at it again covering the weekend as the ace in the budget crisis the now in a coach goes wrong coach is not a new contract right. You know behind the scenes it will quit and all of us annually at the timing it's all about timing is it nice basketball coach. We see yellow we we are good actually make a difference right when he will be bitch and ultimately we have enough money to pay a coach to reform in. You might say. With the booster club was called at the end of what is Kolb the anti gunners found yet that that it can handle all right. You know sub but see right now. To me that's why I kind of jokingly said it was a wide and traveling and and a ninety. Is because. They are trying to save money I combat Michael Brantley and Al only result is a sports talk on WW. We're certainly filled. Of excitement. I hope hopes and aspirations. A lot of expectations. The end. Unfortunately. We fell short remark but returning. Getting back to the NCAA tournament. The end I certainly. So more responsibility. For our shortcomings here. Lets you coach Johnny Jones about two and a half hours ago. Speaking and is a final press college revving up the season in which I was it was a disappointing season as the Tigers and don't make the NCAA tournament. And lose an embarrassing fashion 218 point 6% they shot from the field against texting him the lowest. In SEC tournament history. In their loss to the alien panic whereas the program go from here now and of course coach Johnny don't from a talent standpoint and what he's bring him back. If gathered a projected to go in Diego MBA. He will put. Product wise on the court. The least amount of returning players and talented he's had he's years. And he's going to have to make the tournament maybe win a tournament game to keep his job so a year from now we're probably talking about it looks straight at things and haven't. But if doesn't get to the term about one return in the game in his can be looking for new coat. Well. You look at recruiting in hell. You wanna keep that going and obviously to land in Simmons. But you know if you stud players are becoming and you have choices. That law. Hide it workout with Princeton right sock and then not hurt recruiting. And that's about winning championships is. Playing in March Madness. So alive they I don't see a light and then in the tunnels so the same got to prepare for next year. Know that I'd be. Somewhat miraculous. Turnaround if all of a sudden. Considering what we need is look on paper. They Johnny Jones and L issue would be relevant. And in the SEC and and go to tournament but really okay big alerted tournament is Johnny Jones. QB job I don't know the way we could probably hope coach miles an affable pro. What were playing as easy championships and continue being in the playoffs right so almost look at it. Big and I think this does not actually too much to be a sweet sixteen. I mean I now they might say what I it's unrealistic mean not that I'm a basketball program but why not. Mean Lugo we expect LSU baseball only expect is that it's all right all law our bus kind of thing right arm. And you know look at doing good at there in Hoover right in Alabama in the tournament so. It's what you expect as a fan Andy. I Al ran him I will come in right to use Debbie did a newsstand is 531 time first news we'll go to Christmas. And welcome back. Along with Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia operated jaguar to you but which team disappoint you. More this past season. LSU football. The Saints Bobo thing pelicans basketball. Basketball and or LSU that's the case to vote on line. At WW nailed down account to the phone to go bad route to Al Al thank you call. Eddie. Do about it so. Ravens ultimately it is made out there and played an issue that one inch in the one mentioned cam do you go to W where I spoke to wage it's unbelievable. Did. Well I can promise you'll be taking your word own neck as you going I'll leave that to Tony's note you know with you to know. At that track and it is he can get candidate jam he was. Pilot on the four area a commercial airlines you're just Ian should should be receptive out that your leader on and it. We need any beautiful. I thought I got out now I'll get into you like I said shot to that it's at uses balky what is it name's Mark Buehrle wade already Duaner. It in your dad from do okay Augusta would you mind talking Willie. Parker. Unreal your book and out how you obviously know a lot about basketball are you have interest in basketball new Nike simply I mean. The B you said are disappointed. Now I know everyone loves football around here in and I thought this is in Houston now got to tags. It's like nobody the most embarrassing loss Ellison history. Was it 2011. National champs of game Ellis schubert's Alabama. The number two bats well it's easy to veterans sixteen that was. Think him they've both thug but it is still rate because against they expect me union national championship game. That is that and be huge gamble would be part of our witness in on national respect what are the most embarrass him almost at a university so. 2011 national championship football game against them or you lose 21 to zero but you gotta put in and basketball loss even though. Is the SEC tournament. You got to put it right of the America's. Mean everyone's watch in puzzle that's it considering. Expectation. I agree. But to you. Al thank you so much for Tammy and let us know about sport anyway because output of went straight to Louisiana sports hall of fame. Would do it would deepen him that yes he is he's only you no doubt about it in they had a vocal about it is gone back to late twenties. It was considered a dark thoughts. It's in the playoffs with did you debate to the finals and victory little ball in Alexandra. And walker in the count while for now. We're told they idea I hear an area is recognized. With the ponies a bit I guess that's all on hold him models. You in. Will Campo for Q I agree yeah. The line I guess almost Emery is the uncle sport. But he's in the hall of fame you know we grew. A brand in Metairie thank you calling WW. Today they can do. It and printer by this point now it's now. And I think Johnny down and leave that need to be on. You guys come in them now and he's only going to be one year. They need to take commitment to a players only they college years and I give him. 32 issues and everything out and get no no accountability for whatsoever Lou. There is depth off the noggin and Adam you're beating out the way you think you'd think John Calipari would take him. The momentum when you get a chance to get a guy like dang it you've got you've got to take advantage of Duke you've got to take advantage of it. I just think you're due on the rest of the kids. A good neighbor that wanna get four years then. But how many wanna get annoyed the want to give for you Zamboni you'd take it if they can get out early date lead to yet that they would leave early look at Uga is a very senior delayed in. March Madness. The one reason why I'd pick and it's now Villanova. Right in the championship. Outweigh its its not his grandkids four out of five as a man this is a rarity for him. Yeah I I just don't think it's ever going to have a three year commitment. It coming. And stately. Brett but I'm Brad Bryant a legal right. Now and I and La I. Brandon you you're exactly right you're exactly right but the coaches as well that's the rules of the game. So they knew that the vote of lives out best to say that they had a three year could mean that he's gat. What did you see easy to begin to bleed it can be better next year. Not an athletic director Jenny Jones he's not a coach he's not in that coach a lot. Our guys to buy into rallied to all reason why Deke I don't know enough but at the get a lawyer someone that knows the rules Bob is but. I know from a legal standpoint. You have that. That that's why they're one and done. Because you paint so to speak. Kind of elaborate on this UK hander. A person like the right to work know you came so I'll tell you that that's why they have run the one and done there was I got to have some kind of agreement on an old NFL. You know. And in college we got to be 333. Yeah oh yeah yeah three is that has brown writes oh. It's our from a legal standpoint a low wanna force the players. You won as a fan. The U player to be in university three years but. According to go lauded in the mean and in with the agreed upon as I can happen. Right is it is it takes correct me if I'm wrong but LSU has had two coaches at dale brown in there with a thirty years I mean Dennis you've only had three coaches. As a three coaches in the use. You know you'll clothes they had reader Nicholas Brady who came right behind dale. In your Trent Johnson came I have Brady and in now goes downhill it's so that's the best of three that are in place as of right now Trent Johnson was part. Over the weekend from TCU's. Michael in a West Bank thank you calling WW little. Good afternoon. You said. I got a question mark about Jolie. And a guy covered for Duke he can't pick better bet to Bob. Oh Mike McNamee takes it out to be bad to try to be fan ballot. Alma omelet paid decently in his oblique is the gospel. I believe Joseph Oliva. Was given a set amount. And I'm not that I know Juli knows basketball and know he knows basketball he's got the background and he knows basketball. But Dayton all league gives us but if they tailed Joseph legally they do Majoli that is what we want to pull out as we wanted to do. He's gonna do it he's gonna do it exactly they told him what they open a budget the basketball. You. Know it might exactly if he if they know that they totally OK Joseph. You can go to 2.3. Million dollar range that ranger look at a guy like Bob Huggins. Avery Johnson Bruce pearl's. Coaches liked it to one million dollar range. You look at it gas like to go to Tennessee. Coach in Arkansas the coaching LH US the range if you wanna shoot. Well I mean it's your time is though Tino people like dad. But maybe like. Going. It would kneecap equipment they have so this'll bent bent and that was the most like on coached team. Buick it was not spent much of a tournament. That you work. The can. Make or break. Came out mayor. It was. You mean it came. Up in May and it would completely. Blow. Him. You know you are you haven't gotten a good player who doesn't have an outside shot in we teach you know post game. Nazi he was still more comfortable twenty feet from the bad. What went well and they don't like my I don't I don't mean to bring a ban memories but the last time closed Jones. And how profile like it is it eat this when did in his ugly. But if you know I'm gone with less than Europe. Well Mike and then at about does a lot of bad bad publicity on both counts now. Ernie came over to him and let ago. It looked like. Well yeah and Mike just from a casual basketball observer. To me the instant is covered Ellis shoot a guarantee when he gained Ellis shoot. He always can handle the ball and pass. You look his ball handling skills and holly pass. If he ready had to develop and how that elegy develop his other aspects of the parts of his. Kane right is it takes everybody LA if you wanna Jones at the Chad Johnson there because they interviewed him. Which thank god it out in trick didn't work out no you don't imitate your exactly right. He was a complete it was polar opposites coach Johnson was a gadget had done some good things as Stanford. And a couple of good you know to tournaments. And it was you know come out what they considered you know. A good basketball mind what I don't Lopez brought right went exactly but as far as being what Johnny used more of a guy that you know. And go to program and Otis out. The woman of the people being comfortable for me at. Talking to people Johnson was not that. Coach Jones was you knew Coe Jones amid adversity we had Timonen at the it is pres comes how excited about it was that he could recruit. We all knew that he could recruit but this was a job he took. Could he get. Those top tier players at a school like an issue which is more to I didn't ought Texas it is turning into a good program and right now to think yeah five. The answer is no who is Johnny jolt as the one and at the stroke real issue. Dale trial right that's dale brown is guy he is dale brown and a yeah he was on their stance for many years. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk. Stephen a New Orleans thank you calling WW Rio. I do I keep straight which that you agreed that Pete. Oh sure program or old you taking that into consideration all about all over what we've that's arguably the most embarrassing program. Eat in your mind to question in the heat in the in the NCAA last statement. I'm beginning to beat you have to be Hillary Clinton supporter and I thought our intelligent and acute. Well not gonna get into politics about Hillary at trump but all that you know did do you snuck in a tournament radio via but. I would it would we will when he gets close the election talking a little bit but. To have. The noble blood prospect. In the country and RT. And secretly upon row I think red is may be a month ago something. The last time this occurred. Was the way and what is flyers Brothers daddies. Who played college basketball. Like Michael Johnson in the news and via where he is it Nolan prospect. With the Minnesota gophers. You know being in school. The trailblazers. The last the was it that Minnesota gophers. Group B with the Minnesota gophers. Not make him Martin men in. So is beanie as you've seen three and Iran are are not beyond on the radar. Because they expect each. Like it if you ever. A program well. You'd almost one apply and the radar so to speak it actually. Been able to ban. Not in the Al on the bandwagon. And they've voluntarily. Jumping off. Because you have to it is appointees it was disappointing. Is that you seem. Flashes. A prosperity. At the team that. Right noted it can't OK but a Kentucky is all day you beat Santo and the fans did at parties you get fans did appointees unit created a good environment. That's why when I talked to you'd. The when it did surprise me anything. At Tennessee knows anything. About Adrian game I'll. Somewhat optimistic because. You know you get hot over a week in. And in all of this and EU and nitpick at things. But to have that type laws now. It was mine by Harrison and edges so lack of overall average it's now injuries and make excuses. By the passion. The game and it went like you start out the game where you couldn't hit the broadside of a bar you couldn't make. Shoot the ball screen it ocean and sitting in a blow. Oh could be run. Which I think about it the art to do what you can leave school or you know get a field goal and we're in. An eight minutes on gaining Cora block using it double B. Just takes to meet pelicans were the biggest his opponent they had to most of side. You know after last year's season to LSU basketball the Saints Bobo LSU football and a pelicans that's legitimate. That's legitimate. That is I mean you really think about it. But the eight days there they're not even close and Lucas were talking about bill opal did it last year again. 048 part time maybe that's the way you combat christened Gerald Jonas this is the draw at this is sports talk on WW.