WWL>Topics>>3-17 5:10pm Deke: on SEC basketball and talking with new Saints LB Nate Stupar

3-17 5:10pm Deke: on SEC basketball and talking with new Saints LB Nate Stupar

Mar 17, 2016|

Deke sits down with new Saints linebacker Nate Stupar, then talks SEC basketball with Michael Casagrande, who covers Alabama for AL.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it bigger whether to our number 20 sports all the Saints picked up my back up games there aren't as good move on I hated the SEC OK with being okay. In college basketball. Is that he would have with the college basketball. It day. Really it may become the most traditional program ought to promote it the program they usually get through college basketball Kentucky. And it's it let's go to averted a long time to party technical calling Debbie do you ago. I children. Okay. Attendance at least the culture I think that here we have always. Tried to maximize talent based on resource available. Obviously football program and has received about so much money to be. Institutions. And the network that goes into that how you networks. And and when your for the youngster looking it would a lot to the compound in. Lot of coaches do a lot of people they steer them towards football because of these. Could Eagles worship that. Similar to that that that pen to produce that competitive that there are. I'm a basketball history is that she won it and keep in such great players. But get have Monroe goes Obama. Was able. Terrible like from the secure in the stands rob and mom who go low for a Christian action. And the great content and routing map and went to the final four mean we we we placed on the national stage. We just as an institution and and culture mentioned. They do than work in the seventies. It would invest in Indy program. Shula actually. To make a good work let me know when we have an elbow. Bernie. It definitely agree that mutates and colonel I'll put kill all hope that my guess this thing but. Public to produce a viewpoint that's an excellent point about not capitalize on 8186 model fourth would they Oprah I'll get back the verdict it would took just the ball. Don't wanna do that with of the New Orleans Saints plan back a picking up but the black go earlier this week with Speights duplicate thank you so much hit a welcome to Wallace now are you. Gerut baker. What they output it up here first thing I want to get what was it like it can't stay and now although a team radio Michael Hart you Gaza reunited now. Yeah man get to have them bloom went on the team on its always good to see some Penn State people in the league and especially guys that I played list. So I'm really exciting. Hang out Marty worked out of it becomes secularism again. And they definitely beat the money question the familiarity obviously you know Michael could you play were you before how I've hornet. Is that familiarity with your teammates. We talk about. And I think I don't think you look at the take lightly but. A lot. The important things develop from OT eighties it develop from me he can't just beat all of the nordic asked him if he what he does that he may be a little weakness at the will be able to throw left right you only pick up those type of things that go. Those tendencies. Bob the middle of Theo and I haven't it was real sick accident defeats they can't simulate that. How reporting is that familiarity had to be called what those guys to play. Are there or I mean you get like him connection I mean knowing you're out there are you know which way he's gonna go you know I can play the play. And when you have like that you can really. Unite connected defense. And you know what he's got bill play you know Wednesday. Hammers. Sit where he's gonna say you know and eat you know what he does before you can does it and you can react to that and it just makes each other's play. Even more great up to another level you Allen. I'm really excited to play play with them next to all men. It does create get the game gone. They stupor I've back for the ball at saint agreed to carry the black go early this week three year veteran. President of leak at the seventh round of the 2012. Draft with the Oakland Raiders appear deported three contests with the Raiders. Falcons Jaguars and 49ers. Eight I think somebody was so breaking you down or let's say it is eight stupid making himself out what would you say is it district that your game. I think the mental aspect I mean. I can play multiple positions and I do very well special. And I I just really really get too. The deet tails as to defense and to really understand where it needs. The Warriors another person going to be like we are you talk about early in the connection with other players. If you know where that would be outplayed play mean. That puzzled. You might not be that guy you can play real fast. So all I think the mental aspect and the defense in the knowledge that game five my strongest. Hate to put block back of the ball at Saints a three year contract he agreed to the club all with eight. They don't take us through this process here what you learned about they'll beat the opportunity comes into wallets in take us through that process that you agree that three year deal. Ball. I'm on a blustery now is it is an easy time be Petri C the talk and obviously did tender be so I was able to test the waters in. I had. A lot of teams there were registered me and I came down to two final teams and I end up in the war on Saints over the other team. I love the city of being here in their couple times. Oh ones for the symbol and just really enjoyed the culture. Really deep south you know calm the excited played for the black and gold and the passionate fans of the city. And can we begin the building get a game bill. They've what are where you do it now at all are you already in new all of you to. I take a three all season you'll you'll part of what you do it all these before you give to the saints' offseason program. On I usually spend time in the city death match which team matter and as we usually rent a place there's right now please. In the land that inspired branch out forty somethings north of the city and I mean I'm just. Here zone and working out here. Right now I'm based maker can go and the falcons' facility more. So it can't figure out what the Liz and movie movie as quick as possible on tour are working out the Saints facility in. Our role. They won't you say one or two biggest things you need to work on definitely use it in our the Utica to what you wanna get in the column the best way you can be. I think strength I mean it's really hard to maintain. The strength especially how much running we do at that week. On and off the field whether it be practice. Doing work out and gains and so like that so. Really maintaining that strength or C because your body can really get to period from playing so much. And I think a lot to stroll that ghost of dedication. And the time and just. Really working out in the change that cherry. They do that back into all of Saints they take you so much for the top congratulate the game went to war. Paper. Like eight as we expect him burn it on an island to burn it was like a point about LSU yet herta. I agree with the L Hugo that was the golden opportunity in the eighties to capitalize on the final Foyt the spectrum. If Philadelphia in the capital as a model when it all the rubio and it now nervous Ellison. But the you know it was like if they had it on the following year they lost to Indiana in the NBA they would have played the superdome in Indian government that's for him to the beat Syracuse. It's like. The of Hornets. It's icky Diego house priority if not going your house active -- look at some media out you might have like a that is that it's split screen team field wall. He noticed that call don't you I have most all weather radio it's like you gravel behavior at that lesson well Vernon party got opponents so watch him. Clear cut definition TV but as far as radio he quote them to believe radio caller. A look at the SEC they spent atop the colonial football football coaches all basketball Eagles been Butler to the Phillies average and a bit but my real coach. So you can detail what they have yet there their minds it is important and they just. Other Pataki they felt at that particular date whoever Wales is it's okay. And and we haven't got talent here and we've traditionally. People like John Thompson and Georgetown. Were vetted comments. Would come down here he'll people doing barring wearing Spencer. Why don't under the middle of the essence of push you even an easy coaches. And you you have gained from the at least come in seeing talent and years. And we can't even keep them here because then eventually came there Johnson. Obstacle boundary. Numbered. At that point we have it was critical juncture in college basketball. And we could capital because. We couldn't really step up and get that talent that in state. That we repeatedly had in statement we've got Carter gave it over and we couldn't cheap in the we couldn't keep them. Roger and think that I mean we've got. I mean around the country that. Every year. How Charlie gone other schools we you're not investing and letting them OK state hole. And put the resources according to go to these individually we had that mental coach he would demand. Air ball air clog area ironic and a bus to go play with no verdict go compliment thank you so much. Given uptown took it home hang tight you've got to be away for awhile you'll get all this they would come back. And the ability of the sports vocal WW. And welcome back to sports talk to the phone to go Kevin uptown on lap three it patiently awaiting Kevin thank you for calling that you don't view it. Day of the season. Would start the prominent Arab that we and it's sort of ask about it. All about them but I. You know they eat eat. He got them that in and for some reason I think I think maybe years in the league and a mentality. Who wouldn't shut them because they. He's been that competitive basketball scene it's they'll put the wheezing and on the spotlight on you around at that point. It is kind of like days it took awhile and they recruit within that this story and and ball for so long with the Warrick Dunn. It is. In mentality with that but. Would think I think basic. Programs like the football program won it in by the coaches to La. To the school to so some programs that are considered I go to and get an idea. A what it takes to compete with that HEC and things like that would be looking forward to feed into the school. And then and then you just. And that's. The school itself to generate revenue all the way around polls glow on the Eagles should be. Mediocre extra. In Anaheim. Yet you can't I really hate tasted beat the a's to be a book that well you know I am and had there and experience and them among from the water so I've I've read it and now and a lot of good guys my high school where a lot to enhance some good guys you know the actual what what's on road to. Used to have the ticket right. But it got to go out and get somebody who can come and NC I know what I can do that to compete where I'll work before. And got paid back. That way and about the bottom. I what you stated you hate to be able to hit you know if you want to be relevant. It what do you do if you wanna go call. You know get it I want a book called but I mean it's like OK you make it the best call would have put. But if you go to a Theo you go to just call a guy he can got to act as the unique automobile world you say hobble them this. Most safeties. Vehicle all the row. We'll put out there. Well so what are you look at price not opt. Okay well. It will hook Europe U basketball program we walked a quote physical comedy here and we wanna be. It at second week in a deterrent and it means sweet sixteen to see who with a stake to gained the go to found awful. Pain in the that the for me hollering at you look at it. Three to four million dollar estimate it to get a break the spirit and an eagle the Butler and out ball and probably. If he keeps a lot of pace he'd go he will be one I'm tickled to you know be joking at home a cornerback you will take a look at some of the highest paid coaches in bad about return. It's studied video news time. Is 530 want to adversity with a Christmas. Welcome back the sport so you're on WW is the Southeastern Conference okay. With the okay. In basketball. At that it's done now apparent. Auburn credit all they tried something new they gave Greensboro close to three million dollar but if it always is coming year. Exit the him. He can't blame all of that negative attitude it made it going at them they demand that it. Alabama showed out what two point eight Avery. They got out. From the and I teach it but he did have a pretty good year if you put attack without the music and they agree it. So. I think we have better account of what was shall here in that we have to we have so much talent that is prepared Bobo people you know. With good in baseball. Golf and attractive the female sports will pass across the bull it was supposed to believe it. We okay basketball. Bye. Bye. Little by and meet your appearance here it's gotta wonder who is going to be the school. Outs out of Kentucky the target always at him. Tickets are always by lap that he you'd be the guy a couple of forehand in. The tickled Empresa yeah. They've always been it's not the but what's Google beat X. What school will be that it all patriotic now have a good but he heard. He's a pretty sweet sixteen several I V eights to death but can't make it back to back. He earned it but what school what school it will be that next Ku or is it obvious who SEC if you joy is. Tennessee is LSU. It's it you know what. We we we go to states. Regardless the end zone. Okay. I just yet it's not that. I'm a bogey at Tom Izzo Taka. Out article by a guy like Brad Stevens that well look. Three me very happy. Off the bat we want a team it's in the tournament every year they went to regain vehicle to the sweet sixteen we will op program to be an asset. Not a liability. Out of Seoul. Difficult to hold off the choke on my flat took that you for calling Debbie good yeah. They are maybe. Yes so. I wanted to call and express my disappointment. When it pretty organization. Impeccable. I don't get out to talk about it's easy basketball and no I'm not a basketball and be on our guys right here at the right right UC ACC basketball would do with which he'll hold took welcome back you just doubled to go to trip. All I want to thank you called WW. I guys. Drew. Like called. Immediately. Got a great thing is are bought. About the pelicans and use. You're 20. Well. By. Should note that you. Check where John. That the casinos to see what and elbows or goes. Again. I don't know feature on that I'd like you hear about that some one. They will wait wait we've Bob a couple of bad chip on its okay. Aren't as it would bop with Bobby gets back or as but I can't OK okay but. It actually is and I got a good idea that. My youngest. Podesta on the Pacific coast. And this is one out is. Kind of went down to as well as probable. My irons away. The Hawks. That way no Lakers. They're all these other teams that at pelican. The pelican. Jim. They let me ask you fought fought it I guess the answer. Do you think the SEC will be good at basketball. Oh yeah no question about it but. I've got to trip take you so much to comment I've preaching to 601 rates him beat Duke it takes me an 878 it would come back. Alabama. The state the two big school Alabama have sought money into basketball. Auburn but. Auburn about that beat fed up with Bruce broad haven't had losing season is for two years Auburn both losing C a two point Heatley. Now Avery Johnson. Started off slow but got a run in SEC play mate to peanuts he got out last night. I crest and joint just talk about Alabama basketball they really serious about it from now or is it with the experience he recounts. And look at all the calls SEC and basketball audio okay with just being okay. And to meet beat if you wanna be good a testimony totally invested it. It's not investing in basketball with the exception of Kentucky. It's a sports talk a bit because you're. The University of Alabama took a serious depth. As far as showing their fan base. That they are serious about basketball through the bottom of the sport they showed out of the three million dollars for eight recounts it. Michael Casagrande delegates now Alabama beat out of that area dot com Michael thank you so much all the time it. We were talking in college sports are in its like all of colleges. Did not distance is always you know competitiveness. His sport that sport comfort level national level. But the SEC basketball it's like well with or don't you mean you've got. Pataki is respectable. Not respect but traditional power. Brought awards respectable point. But it now today it's like Maine what we're colonial. Michael has Alabama. Or if it's a long term commitment now totally written out on this kind of experience you will go to see it work. Well I mean it is a game than mine. Mine abilities and make some changes beyond pirate. Coach I'm so we. Think the rebel. Director at that level. In years. There's a long term. AT and would be in big you know a big contribution. Well here so. They've they've taken that. They're going to beat her better. This year. Michael Casagrande joining us now Alabama be right for me out dot com. Michael now when you look at Alabama are you you'll talk to what Avery did it was he able is he able to do I would think that a school like Alabama. You've got to tech it's a boy it just who your core basketball people all as if they would do some of that to keep people excited it's all the best involved with the program. Yet that admitted that that probably the biggest shortcoming the Brent Ingram credit where it wasn't much of it now and you know click happening were about. Get the basketball so well that type so papered Avery got every meeting by them. That was the problem. Did everything he could it could get people excited about it and attendance numbers show that they had he had about attendance. Average. In program history here. More than thirteen thousand a game are so. It's the league that would he would approach the game just. People talk about that bored me. Preaching here so I think in order. In ten dependable. In what went so far in your one. Michael you know to me when I look at a school like Alabama LSU and Auburn. What they do successfully football so Alabama don't know level what they've they're thought of highly football but to be fair expectations. Four schools like reactors beats in basketball with the be competitive a conference and out of your return team every year but beat Pitt Meeks. It pick ups and generally don't go four or five years without a shot that kind of go oh are like all but thirteen years without or deterrent. That gets seen as mayor Michael is that apparent goal for University of Alabama. To be right there all of those. Beats him to be a possible target team every you'll make it make it's everybody it's like that's a fair goal. You know it certainly put them money and resources. Equal bill Cole thinking network and the TV contract that I've learned voted the Japanese school they have the money to go about and facilities and improving things stand in coaching staff so. That are out there you to use their are many schools but to not be in the summer race tomorrow on your end. Yes it would ornament haven't been to doubt well. Where they were one now so. I mean it is they're they're running out of the reason why it can't be in that mix and the conversations on the right. Michael do you take the SEC conference as a whole you take it take basketball serious mean basketball serious note it's it's it's it's the quarter at the football. I mean it would that we wouldn't it wouldn't compete with football and in terms of Internet. In the important rankings from the gate and Heyward probably opt. I didn't Britain is it. It got me here and people there it's like important like your round for a record book on it in that order but it natural. Way. And it worked to compete with. What this attention that everything that goes in the August NC. So. It's just it's hoping and how well they do you know why they remember Q out. How much better and yet the questioned. Not a broken bat Buchberger local Kentucky and Duke. Basketball let the thing was it was Burke or football or. You do you do Acropolis in. The big. Yeah the Michael anybody know what to work out how they can not legal to. Where readers and today that a couple kind of hurt you the difference is lately and an IL dot com. You can also Fogg John. Not where I'd have to and they beat life the day you are. Any Andy. You know under the debt. And Michael it's hard recording what type of impact as Avery baiting idiot if that you have it easy get a lot of attention. You know and got. Back from Oak Hill where are right and he's aren't signed. I think Edberg and there are apart our. But our guys committed to that and that shine and he committed so I'm. Just happy note guys in the next. Was better than. Yours so. Bill Clinton or as sure. Michael Casagrande covering Alabama basketball SEC you know dot com Michael thank you so much that we appreciate. It all right tickets now I would come back into an update lord and wall on a topsy go down the day and often on the agent update on. Tonight's. Who's gone down who almost went down and also what's coming up. This is sports talk illogical pulmonary don't this next Allen here at UW. And welcome back to sports talk about the vote all the pocket that day the SEC in its eighth at the beauty of the yes sir in the bulldogs on the early dogs bark in the underdogs are starting to bark a little bit here too. Yale doesn't knock off Baylor by a score of and I was looking now lost it to me 975. But god in the closing minutes of this game that we are watching right here it's the Little Rock trojans champions of the Sun Belt Conference. You're down by thirteen points deep they went on an eighteen to five run in the last three minutes hit three pointers on each of their last few possessions. They forced overtime against number five Purdue. At that tiger seventy they go to overtime right now in the extra period 343 to play in Little Rock. Leads Purdue 7370. Q the trojans a twelve seed that 512 match up. Always. As coming up big. For the underdogs in the NCAA tournament no different this year Yale already moving on and little are trying to do the same. All right get all the time a date night game at night as well as LSU baseball coach holt and Mary. Don't this conference play opening up this week for the Tigers game one on my lap that for you ought to be dubious X thirty without LSU coach Paul and Mary. And new state that back I came there on ideas capital from the Rams the liked the move. Black ankle may it's not ready to act or info online at WWL dot com.