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3-17 7:10pm Deke: on SEC basketball

Mar 17, 2016|

Deke talks SEC basketball with Anthony Dasher of UGASports.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It will go to the final how all of sports talk on the ability at the Kasey Kahne is back with those tomorrow coming up. This Al with people and it it actually he's having to get the UT E. A. SPORTS dot com new football coach. And of course another basketball program that's kind of OK with being okay the Georgia Bulldogs would dog to be a school that wants to. Maybe a Pitt basketball program become a program that border just. Where we need good this year. That's it. Become you know those names of the carried the ball well look. But what was it that every year I mean. It's two. Bucks. Is it unfair expectation is that as some programs. What you did it narrative. Arc is 64 spot British sixty if you think about the plea. That the employee. Why can't we get there is it too well. You tell me through 60187. Are you excited about what the Saints are doing. James is there a thought our to our focus the little producer incident. Think you'll be excited about the news in regard to what's being Beckel. Dave their night atop. I'm back with indicate. The Saints had a to a three year you. Are you excited. Or not. It do you like the move to 60187. You could 6870. Eights and the bracket goal in the mix. For nick fairly. Expanding its first few years. Into Detroit. Organization with the alliance in Atlanta play with the Saint Louis ram. First round pick thirteenth overall by Detroit with the thought of a very very good it's here we don't look at zoo. Our commitment I saw it plate twice. Want to summit wants him calling it. Copa. Koenig community college in via win. All the way he had a true it this year initiative answer can't be cute year. It boo calling that tipping the thirteenth pick in the 2000. And eleven it is they're coming off the gates open final four to 6018 but he could detect this 887870. It's easy to pick the player of the year won the Lombardi. And of course his NFL career stats fourteen sacks for fourth for Boris fumbles forceful with you coach for. Scored touchdowns aren't point five tackles. Four sacks a point here do you think the Latin that's the thing. Foresee. That. Before you. Not to think he's he's a space. He's either doubled team command. And he would pee in a great. Prevent us cellular all the ethnic fair and came out all but that's a credit for two years ago. And the same or transit got a good deep it will make eight Saint Louis really you know take coating a lot. They wait for him to protect the sail pale and keep what he's. The different places in the wallet he would you know pray for or. He would be you know great duel that your take on that it to 601870. You can text that 870 eights and and look at at the landscape. Of competitive. Intimate sports baseball basketball spoke Bob broke it down. But the Powell file copy the SEC. The ACC. The big team in the pack well the big twelve. Okay 2050. Baseball took out the fifteenth football in 2016. Hoops. Missed thought it or. Let's go based ball berth. 2015 baseball terrorist ACC sits seventeenth. The Patriots at five team. The pac twelve sits sixth SEC record seventeenth in the big 123. Now 2015. Football. ACC. Teams Tebow ain't that we want to the national championship they were fourth sixth and able. The big hits it out by. The pac twelve to him it was successful. The SEC led all cup that they sent eleven of fourteen to fourteen team the FCC is that it. It's easy with a dominating 92. In their eleventh Bo ain't. And the big twelve it's that so all of those that compare between those of some good numbers. Now. If it was not that. Groups. ACC. 72. Double wants the the dates in 77. Team to an opportunity with the eyes the packed well it seventeenth in the car. Available at the Oregon. The big well it's seventeenth and there a couple of seat the one overalls the deal with that can't deal. The SEC scene three team. Classy team with a three C. That being take this team. So. To me it's just. I don't know. Don't use a good quote in one place is a good coach please it. I think we have to look at the talent it was given it put it that. If you put BO Jackson. In New York now coached the Knicks. With a sixteen. Outbreak in. Kevin Durant there and LeBron James there will Carmelo Anthony and the thing that that make it as thought he'd like he had at Chicago like he had nearly. It would be if it will be different but. To me Bill Belichick is a good coach where every. Tom Izzo to be is a new coach with every you so I would have to see one of those out here basketball coaches called two. Southeast conference to an etiquette cookie company an active group B who believe. I just think. If he's who can be. The university itself. It's not that important to get back data point for SEC it was two over Kentucky. To the Indy you'd see me through it the year it's I just don't believe that the at these meetings they had to bring me Laurence all of the port. You know. Commit to the company top eight feet. And get better let's get better you know it's. It's good to have you know seen teams two teams ranked in the first male poll. It's doubtful it could have eleven bowl team to go attitude. To have dominant baseball programs softball programs track appeal. This past ultimate statement was practically gave preteen today. And the ball we got fourteenth in the in the tournament did you go to graduate of note in that the with the SEC has two teams four teams in the two got bounced. So I just don't think it's that Al thing is that what the reports put all basketball and Southeastern Conference audit Kentucky because. The main. They'll put him what the report. Should they wanna see it if it do you when you come out they would celebrate they would support it they were a man out put him at 84. Lot of people pay out of LSU and Alabama. Ole miss in anything they play. That'll keep up over a basketball. Couple full. That's got to change because it mantle worn. In the supported there. And knuckles like money this. That's of value that that as it is that a lot in basketball and obviously it. Let's go to Alex don't I want Alex thank you called WW Rio. Absolutely Dillon. They didn't live analysis to that question that you had a light we're excited about getting that linebacker from what the name is. Oh and immediately. In a lot of them in. And it for years. But we haven't. And he was the defense has been more like it you'll be. The dome patrol we have the purple people eaters we had that nasty defense that it works a year ago. Recruiting players. Regardless of equipment. That really low ball in the will not. Do you out and attitudes out there you don't usually think about things their eyes on. And seen a great player you know but you know he's he's he's a pass play. Know on your plate know what day did you did you don't go out of if you don't think he's deeply. Well you know you don't want him to just say okay within Dave Tippett that that that that's fair expand remember coast and he thinks you just named. Inaudible I immediately put that in that. Effort you know a team effort makes the or at the that was after the doesn't mean it doesn't happen desert the kind of cool so if that's not the kind of like be fair about them. And now that's how the B I think they upgraded the body wanted to be as. It's that lap back at him picking me he's nasty tackle you really can't UK UK tired I think that so well always we always. It showed on the field it will make me. Well what's he like is that if they didn't bring him here that he would even have a chance to shoot the so would you rather have the the status or not do anything. None I hope it makes it difficult Internet player on the field but illegally. Or you know. Bradley brings some attitude to the defense you know breaking it be that big. We have all been pretty good defense you know not want to. Right well hopefully it's a step in the right direction back to you what. He's nasty and I don't think fairness to the so. If you have kept up with these two players then you would note that. Because they are if you haven't you could look at a week you go. Who will look at some YouTube VO Juan Lara items from college sit down and think about it for now and sure we walked those. But honestly. Even at the dome patrol. And the pro people 85 Bears 86 down the Steelers steel curtain. Do think he. You know it's safe route could build the pick beating the really couldn't. I don't know Otis Wilson. With only 85 and 3038. The right fourth Kubel. He's it. If I'll play at a date and then I would have to cook him a chip at it at the week because a flat he would get so. We probably. I don't know I guess Seattle now Carolina. Texas and it's gonna see it this new era there but we're not gonna see. That 85 Bears is it that dole patrol would not opposite of the pit bull because the way the game is called. We just can't we be better can we people physical able Beers after week. I think they did it would go like where I'm at ought to the wedding you went if you win as the it's more so for. That gets tasty it's an old time. They want they weren't the they will probably make a and they date they had the ability. To make the play it scored that touchdown that was you know what yeah 420 with at the fourth. They had their mentality that Michael do you want from. Wiggle Michael get an extra position while all. You've given us one if you got that possession dominant we take it one at eight he got seven you get sick we take you want from. That that would commit him it'd be. They were up big play. The estimate rated defense the great people too nasty but they won't be quite the that you thick as it is to give them the way to saint. Turco beat place though it is it affordable. But then that with their eyes it. Though we right. The sanctity creek apartment in the eyes is a good pick a partisan if you don't that you're coming to think that awaits him. Ecstasy 870. 87 will come back. Talk a little bit about our SEC basketball it more to take it a tournament update to a well. Got a couple of that to the books and a couple twelve game not October 12 knock off the pot that the ability and is that because yeah. And welcome back quoted does special games and that it estimates go downtown promote it on Iowa Moses thank you call it. Did you just Uga. I don't care appreciate it is you as the chairman now. I mean there's there's development I don't move well thank Red Bull nation should be excited about it and I agree that as best. Bet some very good player that we got to do I think it is going to be a pretty depleted to. Oh. In Norton Bob yeah I'm. Not out there. Yeah like you out like you both on short sided wave or they don't get into more of our you know what what we need you know. And herb obviously is not a regional yeah. And that's something that they're proud of Omaha. And a lot of what goes you know possibly make it look and tackle in a lethal blow. It looks like in the you know. Their deepest oh. It's been a part. About it is lacking talent are being bought into the open and you know I didn't want. You don't want are trying to deal and so demands that. We are really excited I ended up and popping out strong because like I have some little to look at it. Yeah in this are all off as those who love it and not let. It is this is going to be sort live there and it is today you know we don't have much and it lipped. All I would certainly look to see him invest more into their defense especially at this point you might expect you gonna need people who but the equaling. If I move we academics really. What I mean we we need to mortgage and actually gotten like he does things continue to. Or Panama and had that ball control because of Mexican greens aren't good. Now Moses look at the giving of the appointment always good to hear from him I agree I think that's the good movement. It pales in town that's what we only down about a deal but you get you know. That's years and is dale I think he threw a lot of games that thank god it's here at linebacker that's about it yet. You at the base department at that he gastric cope with all leagues Georgia University of Georgia football. Basketball everything UT don't now a UT sport stuck out at any topic if they were talking about. A look at the tournaments across the board the basketball tournament that baseball tournament course the throw to bolt in the SEC's main. Baseball football and have a basketball. Three teams. In outlook across the board into an uncle Bob I ate a tribute to a whale. He's just not eat cake compared to football case it was the sort out what is on the critical ball. What is like. Do you do the university go by the fan interest in this system the because you just look at the paint the conference. Other Kentucky the two Alabama scoot through some money at pearl Avery Johnson. We we don't really pay much for basketball here and now you know it's talent with people with people. Utley due to a large degree that the demeanor. You look at your example in our spot is just don't look at me now Hewitt Kirby Smart it's almost like street portion advocate well while they. But you in the culpable improper you he'll now probably oh is that you know like he could tell it like Florida you know what I picked them pretty well. It pretty much on being below your your your average. Big count him out that Oprah that I did probably. They direct probably need to be addressed in programs grew up I need to probably start you know. I give them that appropriately with a more level. At that he is is. Basketball important in dog who always or the France you know it's hates the sport at the football greater recharge my battery does you great but you know the next thing I worry about is it for. Well you know did you go eat out in the door to detonate there. Loyola and they expect there are now that you were huge for the we've got a little bat Bobble there were do it. You're not at Lamar pop I mean they've been able ordered to try to take in the this collectors. And the money you bring somebody Mexican that you're tonight level or a you were in order to win over Belmont one shall we strike out here. Going in the second and a government then who republic under then you're the bat well. And then there's a good group it you know to mark bought in tech and that they want to. But I'm at it decimating at a UGA sports talk about by the SEC stroke with the basketball with fox point thirteen. This year a cap a six at the conference went in that seat and you know the SEC is it's it's a mighty name but again when you look across the board. Seventeenth with a standard oval port Powell or not it is. All that had at least a two seed of three of had a number one seed I see is easy with the anemic three RE three seeds that I mean you know selection Sunday Anthony. Regardless is this loud that the cook them the and then direct with an accomplished and haven't Bassett also Lexus because the majority eighteenth is how about outlets. And apparently it. It's basically is try to predict you're good enough to get one about it wanna go to. Then couple portal Manning and take thing in the debris because technical or maybe. I swear they. Is an Internet you get that second thing is in the proper. Year you know again and do all the programs and keep it up. And make yourself. More traffic in two of the yet to socialist and being a dent would you like like Novoa. You know can't expect that like mentally corporately due to get the great and really. You know quote people out there and you know not can't get right war or comes countered that. It did to a little bit of color Austin Tebow got a spot by well. I've got to start you know. Hit a book that they made it didn't look that bad at. Carolina. I was on the landed make it even though you know not getting pretty much on the other Oklahoma State and they would have much of lead but. In competent product right now like you were out there that. You know program from a national standpoint but get the big weight. Right that an adult level playing in and it Heatley and all that bad personally. Again under on a lot of people out there. That he Ian that might have a strict and the bulk opera. A baseball competently but confidence. Is that it's equipment. And it Nancy do you sport dot com don't get it now you got to do a football coach over there tell us about the excitement level at pre football around a coral what does that expectation now operate with a model of consistency. Blair immediately and national championship that means it's tough this with the pin up appeal. I know that a matter of minutes he's that you don't know if you don't you can't relative big on the you'll support that meant to at all what goes pretty even though he had. Don't wanna hold my two ball game it happens it could live like they were that they are at each year that that's what people out Jordan. They've demonstrated that look at and you know he's brought a lot of what I know he murdered and the excitement years in Alabama. And I and immediately there are a lot of excitement for example Portland or he's been he'd get as well as. You want to lead at 3000 people have been eating David whispering in your article. I think mostly yours and pepper negated by the keep it to pop out there. Bigger tolerance of people not anyone that relief might only be uterine of people that our conversation usually about break that but aren't well well. But not shock me and say so that article that he. And again on anti how to talk to want to do loaded recruiting classes pay this year what would the with the lake coach companies there. Well according around and did you know did very Alley and a top Canada you know programs and and countries are recruited. You know get there yet or Mexico Dick could be. I get a two. Not a technical partner using one up to at least in the country about our he would. And they did that it will lidge are stratospheric but he didn't bury it completely. You know. Do you. Did he definitely out now outdoor panning out pattern account that the UK that are out but it very well. And it as I was at LSU fought ballgame as we Alabama now while on Alabama and it was dates he was. The eyes closed Alabama program which goes all Paul. And I and all the polls you know I'd like I'd like oh yeah we. It almost all ball program talked about so while most all of sports and then it. Felt I was at the base only with Ortiz and his. To me. Don't know where it comes from but I don't think as a whole like at Albany so we use it if Mora. Is confident the whole game and it's it as you know basketball Theres just I don't make it you know. Because we'll vote the key UP with the game of football. We know about the answer it. Thought well VO with sold out though that they meet about it while it was out of it so when they go to calm as you to meet meet you'd you'd think he has. They look at it basketball's here. I don't think we played them and the example that you again notice bet on them won it huge. And we seen in impacted Jordan had a good partner that article that little doubt they count it speaks a rat. To about recruit the Niemi can be there. I hit the big quit McLane in Georgia and where it went out or he stepped administration. Yeah already this year about the program maybe so but they think should be. A perfect ninth they are granted there are people in that they can do a little bit better idea of any more opposite that like he civic like any sport. And you put a winner on the other quarter where they eat and go out at Iowa. I thought spoke without our numbers will he get away and Angela like. And they were going to pass Dawkins may go to Boise they hope would go whip Clemson who. Who's who's their big do they have what it big not complicate the issue like LSU and Alabama played an oil if you've got Wisconsin here whose dog open up with you here. Well they get around and complain and kick off that can do or don't this year that albeit Kirby are or it. And Nolan 2008 George got another day or are they Q2 games there by our our net that acting. Well we got there in Oakland late we are I think. And there are 201920. Epic at albeit a comparable UCLA. I do now that category competent but it's a picnic over the Al what what occurred while they. Taken together it won't turn it over to donate vote for the new national congress goes not only do it at opting out Saturday. Anthony dance and it happened it by Tebow would everything without about the latest on Jordan. Will they can Leon check our website and oh yeah they were combo got a pretty little opt wriggle out of Duke particular. Bring that topic on Twitter at chippy denture want. You always been a different programs that tell you what I would allow. Yeah I aptly stated that you take it without. Dance at the end and with a Georgia Bulldog you sport. Got it to eight and a date at the moment but if that's the battery deal. Dale Reid that you called that you. Take it day I might call me isn't thank you I'll go back thirty years and Brittany. Got coach Gilbert. He debate on itself beat Utah it was enough. That's right that's right and over time. We noticed he date now. The color humor. Absolutely. Yeah being. Yeah that the EU EU EU EU. Expect collector. Of about you know we need. Need to apply Johnny Jones not being up like coach. He let it hit him on the ballclub this year. Point college excellent dribble the ball county jail people. That's ridiculous. Giants note that the LPG a guy. They're happily though and move to block in the game. And those guys. Can make some you know go to class do due diligence. And it should be able to albeit. 88 prediction we're gymnastics. Track. They all football. All ball on me this university is Corey nobody years Atlantic. I'm not be competitive in basketball as it. Sweaters. And David Justice Vietnamese is that is why is it is so frustrating because just like you see it in. What's UPD came meeting he brought the level competitions historically at him and you know we got it. We got that one dogged his contract we've got we've got Kentucky and you you with nickel people look out the pack will apparently haven't gotten used the only way you know they they they became a good college because UCLA. The big threat and this photo. Will we eat is so frustrating because soccer complex we got a team that could compete at the top it'll never be a Kentucky it the way as everybody else as. This date yet totally know what Noah guarding Ellis its why we don't well it wouldn't people say oh we only had basketball recruit them. So we got baseball recruit we got the got good athletes at every other sport but that's the pocket I'll believe it. Beat this and New Hampshire. Thinking we we were tied did rent let it you know average people in every table. I don't care if it. Boat racing elite yet. You know it's like I appreciate you not call one in my head then you rate I'd be. OK Gail thank you very much yeah yeah there break the group thought about with skipper McCain it's easy it's easy kind of you know looked at. And baseball. Got beat Duke basketball. But noble. Noble mentioned if he sees it. Seventeenth. That would ACC the deterrent. That was the best and you look at the program now look at the teams that are ranked Florida in him better via L if you. This go bona Nolan. But basketball's a different story of the comeback moment ought to that the fourth tournament update it gets above sits today. Well see they got some overly. At the ability at this at WW ripped. The ain't basketball doesn't matter. By the time it don't matter teams that made the NCAA tournament. It goes to make deterrent. While point 67 million dollars. With 64 teams that make. It goes up you what you Perth to gain. Bobby if it its sweet sixteen it is Foulke for eight point three. It does matter it doesn't matter and that's back county conference share revenue chance for the sport. For the attack at a program. So. It's apparently it's almost two weeks ago while point six that means now huge part of it be TV contract they sent a while back with CBS. He'd be at the break things up. What Barkley Kenny hits in that area all all via. All the it cities that thing in the college guys but it would and they put Chris Webber and Leo in NBA. A side of things it puts the topic is that a good job in the appealed to a lot just don't take great basketball fans the bat well this group semi BA fans. I'm not in the eighth and the team in basketball do not like the be all. So a good job offer there. Speaking of the NBA. Where it before it to be got to go to see a bit of it on the way they bet it's become bought off with an update on. It with respect to racquets Deke in the south bracket top seed Kansas moved on easily won a five to 79 over Austin. They're gonna take on the ninth seed UConn Huskies in the next round. Connecticut 7467. Winners over number eight. Colorado and one of the early upsets today. One game in progress in that bracket number three Miami taken on number fourteen Buffalo and the Hurricanes lead 7166. With three minutes to play the winner there will face the winner of tonight's matchup the between Arizona and Wichita State in the east bracket have been a lot of carnage there. To me the midwest bracket a lot of cars they're number one seed Virginia moving on 81 to 45 easily over Hampton. The ninth seed Butler pullen off the upset 7161. Over number eight Texas Tech Butler Virginia in the next round. The twelve seed Arkansas Little Rock sun belt champions. 8583. Winners in double overtime over number five Purdue the twelve seed rise and up and and taken down the five seed there. The trojans Arkansas Little Rock is their first NCAA tournament win since 1986. And they are moving on to the next round will take on. Iowa State the number four seed cyclones 9481. Today over number thirteen Iona in the west number four Duke moves on the defending national champs. Had a scare but they survived 9385. Over UNC Wilmington. And they'll take on the Yale bulldogs the Ivy League champs to their first ever tournament win 757975. The twelfth seed Yale. Again a twelve seed winning today they knock off number five. Baylor games in progress. Indiana and Chattanooga in the east the hoosiers lead 6753. The top seed in the east North Carolina like they were having a bit of a scare daily led 4140. At halftime over number sixteen Florida Gulf Coast for the Tar Heels. Have exploded in the second half North Carolina now up 59 to 45 and the Utah utes in action as well 22 to eleven leaders. Over Fresno state Utah the three seed. In the midwest bracket in games. On tap for later tonight as I mentioned Arizona Wichita state laws as the Kentucky take on Stony Brook USC battles Providence and in the late game tonight Seton Hall. Takes on Gonzaga. At full bracket recap. Back to TD. But what are excellent work as always on the bought program a 10 but you'll. The local let's gather all the playground. Play high school ball high school basketball. Could not get. The deal about the GM run around the track. But it was something that nobody is did they didn't elevate an excellent college with a pro plans to follow that a lot of politics more. Able to sit for the week it it's sports basketball and baseball seem to think I do or. James there and I have third lap back at that Blanco sent to a three year deal Christy gave it to about eight era Knicks would double covered sports bowl. Think that was the Christmas and all the news and ball went all Bobby Hebert back with a mark as well. Not the going to be held a home the Saints at LSU by this if WW radio 878 AM it kept him at 1053. Deke Bellavia giving Jack Danny looked.