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3-18 4:10pm Deke: on the Sun Belt and high school legends

Mar 18, 2016|

Deke talks with Sun Belt Commissioner Karl Benson about Little Rock's stunning first round upset win in the NCAA tournament and takes calls on high school legends who never made it big.

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And good evening and Amanda's continues March Madness as we follow the NCAA tournament your mom and odd given you a nice recap in the sport players you'll jump initial. Before long before we take out at 630 deviate full of data what's happening tonight. I'm Deke Bellavia the case again and Bobby a bare wood Jonas in the 5 o'clock out well if you put a hundred dollars down you have to 52 to 52 odds. We're on number two seed. Lose to a number of fifteen seat and that happened at the Michigan State's bought that many people had him winning it now. And in winning Nadal can see the I'm not caught him by name in the mark. How they the president. And I can't remember Boca President Obama bracket but I could remember he'd pick Michigan State last year it is but I was on the I don't know if he picked the Big Ten team and not but. Michigan State and that's very well like Tom Izzo one of the top. In one of the best coaches of all time in college basketball his number two seed spartans are out. That will keep being in tune in College Baseball tonight. Weather permitting. LSU taking on Alabama SEC play well had it for you at 630 now and I'll go to eight and Christian Tebow be with 8 o'clock. And hot topic of conversation through 60 point seven. He picked Kansas to win okay balls accurate with the president in not pick missed the state and he became. And you can text me at 870 eights in a lot to get to on today's program. A couple of things. Here is. Something that we talked about an awful long time in it is what. It negate my foot in the door here high school football. There is a I guess it's an offer sheet or there it's a a arrival now all assumed to be. In the competition. Is good. And you know it's good for everybody at competition. Too bad post offices don't have competition in the post with a new town there's only one day it looked across the Motown. Or small this over here I'm here. There's a new high school sports organization. It's being re reaching out in a proposing. Four members Booth of the Louisiana high school athletic association. This comes on the heels a mini. Roll real private and Christians do. Not go to schools. That were frustrated and upset with the split. The spirit. Beat parochial. Proud at what they were called selective not select schools in football. Instead of having the five state champions. We had what nine. Five in this not so excited for and the selects. So. Former chief of Dan. O governor Bobby agendas there all Rainwater. Was asked was asked to come up with some type of format some type of outline. Ethnic cooperative. Outline. And he send it out. Or some who have got to hold too. Now Rainwater is framework put these new highs go to pathology association. Calls for sixties proved to be members. They would pay a one time membership beat a 151000 dollars. And and you were almost from what I understand it must beat the mister rain war related program will be something like revenue share. Among the members who. Now a lot of schools or disappointed. In the new format. The select an ounce of that and do you think this would be good. To 601870. You can takes me an 87870. And I'm very interested to hear mr. Rainwater has to say I think this is going to be very interesting. Move forward. Ray wanna sit he's negotiating. With Louisiana State University. Put championship sites in football basketball volleyball baseball I saw ball starting as soon as 2016. And seventy. So we would beat him and see how legitimate this is an instance goose or interested. 260187. Ain't. What about the local hero. Guys in your hometown. Down to buy you in Matthews in coral. Matthews tomahawks. Or bust some guys that play what time how to donate team that we never heard from. But they would loan then no he met the news. Same thing and caught well I knew about it talk all the time about some different guys that will go play. Frankly it is one. And guys that would just good players good athletes basketball football baseball track and field. But for some reason or another date they were in a family business and defend him believe in on a college. On. You have to ramp. Leading go to cloud because this happen. These stories and want to embody not that is a several weeks back we're talking about track and field. But those local led to those ones emitted. The ones that would just great play. But for some reason those didn't get to the next level. Haskell might have been it that was it when he lifted the U and November December. That was the last time. They'll play football and they were great but they were knew that was it. Jimmy who they all from all over. Weezer and they did in your home now I got so many secretary. I mean so dominated. Some someone on a college and you know you kind of wondered man as they Colombia to make it because Haskell strokes with just fall. You know is the premiere is confident that I'm around my people. I'm here at 3 o'clock now I'll go home with my family is different even if you go close to home if you go to like a junior college to through Oklahoma college. It's not the same team is different people and you know it doesn't take all but it gets its main news channel like is. Randy and I he would you know. Do book and I. And his outlook music and things like that. But one thing that don't know and as so many great ones. The jacket to you about but I when he from U2 601870. And you can take me to him it's in the third and eight are all hope you guys on was always down Dubuque. Talk about his. Status how he's going to battle with cancer and I talked to a dime new mama DS you know I think it's only fitting because by the not get a lot of sixty emails. Guys house hokey doing how smoke ignore and we know it in drive time after time. That. There's a lot of guys and many women that don't get a chance to maybe your dear to date. Waited for you things about ten minutes Moscow that I will waited for. In the program. So we have all that on a program for today and whether the mean we'll have LSU baseball. Operate at whopping you blow would it be positive a positive or negative if schools. That are unhappy. With the public worth a private split with the LA Tuesday a they part ways with the Louisiana has got that association. And become members who of this new old athletic association. Do think 01870. You can text me at 87870. The gap played football Honda hostile a lot of stand out players who would just not cut authority and could not keep their grades up to stay out of trouble. A you're exactly right exactly right and do look you don't have to get him to beat you he would say the guy couldn't. Rookie couldn't put a pencil or he just couldn't stand trouble. To say hey look it just for some reason don't you don't have to get into like. Colin Bagram and I hear him bashing your body or poppy anybody down. But those stories those great players and I've seen so many a mall Friday night's. Summing it and we were as people that are there certain players. You know what holes Koonunga. Nobody. Purely coincidence. But what's the complaint and o's could Nicky and nobody to show. And I actually I had a lot older course a time. You as a Yankee I would think what was there was an Olympic did that. Mean he's available football player is anybody. He's going to serve. He's had his man made up he's been signed up for long time. Is not a lot of people who to a great at sports. It done dictate their life it's like a lot got to have football every game we all I'm I'm I'm great has come amateurs like some people have different. If Japan as the differently. Sony here when you come metal gets is CJ address you Colin must gonna get to open runner. Your local legends who all they Demi historians. And would it be positive or negative. If schools that are unhappy with the public vs I've it's Britt caught ways with the LA to stay in form their own. And it coop pulled out just on the blink open light up a bit gonna have some fun. A big ability here on WW. And welcome back I'm beat Bolivia. Talking about high school athletics. Would pay another. Association be good in Louisiana. That would give high school team high school skis having an opportunity to choose. Among athletic association. Would that be good to commissioner of the summer oak I would call been to a below us. He's got to be all smiles as somebody's doing extremely well and retirement including Balkman saw Little Rock that big upset win they had yesterday and hall Rainwater. Who was a former chief of staff. Is he consulted a cornerstone he is a gentleman that came up with the athletic association. That would be available to schools in Louisiana should they decide to leave the you know eight is 88 well that's always a in tune in today the group boot. Let's go to CJ on want CJ thank you for calling WW rayo. It'd be charged call. That would have been legends one is CB Jack members if you remember. It opens do. Capital ask them bed each night he's certainly try all state quarter. He wanted our masses they laid up played a sudden burst. But test one as the best quarterback ever come out Tuesday news and I just wondered yet it is if you remember. I don't remember him Alice bullets in his mind. I don't an hour and I don't I don't I don't don't know the name but I'm glad you called in because I didn't I did not even I haven't heard at four. Were you guys are guys who manages side trot wrong. She's. A moment as this brand Williams knows. Don't don't don't do as VO CJ RR I would somehow wanted it didn't get ready give only seen him make name brands you know and Saints Sunday didn't go for instance. Intentional pairs. The told me and everybody knows in tasteful pairs. He's LaBrandon Toefield boosting what has. Several records and LSU rushing touchdowns oval Elton SEC. But the told VO I knew first before LaBrandon with his brother Michael to be with unbelievable on the Lieberman back in high school. And Michael was good in college with a remote community college in another gentleman named Cedric Anderson. But those guys that they had their potential to be really good college players really good. You know maybe. Pro players with some reason other didn't work out of Jeremy and Gretna thank you calling WW ago. They'd be carried right. Pick and I know you'll four years old graduated from walker walk in Yankee ship are all right there when we were juniors. It was a kid being the heel shall you drew also the runner. Probably our ship probably weighed all sixty parents. That Jimmy what was what was Balkman and when they cities go are they in LA tennis a day when there are certain class what what were they in San in the seventy. We were. In the seventies we played in the league copper colored. OK okay I've got I've got to soda may Utah must big time competition in. True years and I did. At no stage did the offensive line where stripped. Outweighed the Saints offense. Should be should Austria but you know we're about five hours opera. Like there and did you immediately take away people I think it's been oh yeah and regret an air ball. Which and Janet pretty big clutch occasions that the all I manatees on your game and absolutely absolutely had eased towards the end. Well it worked at northwestern Oca. And played Jim Crow hum that is historic. Got to orchard. But they knowing but I don't know his name and he's Paulus and again our. Get out here now. Aren't dead on our identity that's a question after you is obviously. There are running. Where and who were JB it probably it true there. Were after. Gary. And so we Toma mid mid late eighty's yeah. Yeah did this separate bill which you know were yeah I. I got they do his name but I I know exactly Tom uncle that was after the that was after you know the West Bank legends at that time shelves on a couple of game but those names on it that like you mentioned James and of course. The Valentine and all the different gas from the the nets at a room but I'm I'm pummeled get somebody that takes me some articles find out in just a minute round and a good day for the main good stuff so welcome back out and and Kevin Debbie did a news times for 31 who just high school legends and didn't quite make it all the way. It'd be produced ample thirty want to adversity to go to Christmas. A lot of the people that I'm gaining you know my extreme. You give give great great Haskell play but they went on to be good players in college. Now low ceiling great cup tie askew. A first time same draw. You know at all times and had Amy's district wins tree inning meet one night went off like Antonio. He had a great college Korea. Reggie originally had a great college career that Joe's. You know Mickey Mantle school well they were great college players and talk about the ones that Eaton. Quite. Though is gonna. In Montgomery. Is the running back tomorrow to talk about from with Kia big guy at the plate he could attack on Rose with the alliance that dealers that he's in with. But it sixth. Gone back Kevin. He has to be all smiles as the coach of the Arkansas Little Rock gave commission of the Sun Belt Conference called it a lot to be happy about good showing. In the NCAA tournament commit demented thank you so much for joining us big big win now treating yesterday teams to just participate in the tournament. At one point 67 million dollars in those who win when they go out the latter and that's got to be big put us under. I don't that but come on net a little early but number. Yesterday when I was quiet day you know not just very Denver that dropped you and return written all non native. And a lot of upsets of the madness of march certainly audit that. Yesterday. Come from behind written by or the Arkansas Little Rock out so Berkeley as Little Rock they are not. Little Rock road industry shock Purdue and that pedigree great outing or the sun belt here row guys that beat. Champion at that one out late rendering that last Sunday a year ago Georgia State. A big shot at the buzzer awareness yet they're a Little Rock. A Carey and bell. How big is it NCAA tourney full force smaller commerce like to some belt the financially physically and also from the notoriety. Well here and there are natural you know. Matters but it it is a windfall but you know and you wouldn't about it are you are well well wait. Erected. That would make it quite as significant when you're at one point five million dollars to go to. Zero that's what you look up there they're all very copper. It into the paper bigger conferences those are all fired. All of them and you know here the old one sheer and then you continuing in the tournament. You know those. Continue to multiply it you win or start your road record that we haven't seen. You know get ticket attacker on. They're really where where the prestige come in order. Yet another unit and we column is to get to the sweet sixteen and there. They'll be rocks gold are bursting at sun belt to get the Rick Eckstein. And struck out and we're in the western Kentucky. The rays of the sun belt I was called bench and call. Always good division with two what's next for the sun belt college you know got to spring sports going on and how is the overall health of the sun belt right now. To hear it in the we got twelve getting it there with the addition coastal Carolina. And extra light while gutting it out really solidified the sun belt and I came on court or a year ago that I'd relative in. We're in the process losing. Members and we've replaced that should extend and we think that that it's on. Is that stronger and healthier and more stable and recover. Or go after the spring sports is. We always talk about it all up all or look of our traditional. National. We're we've beat the racing agent and all on the stock while it all sights so low slot during that talk about it and write about it. Kolb it in the commission of the Sun Belt Conference what he Arkansas Little Rock trojans to have a good showing for the conference call thank you so much and good luck to the trojans were pulling for you guys. All right 26018 sandy Texas and 87870. And they're talking about some high school legend that you are paying for instance his summit this as a kid by the name we'll put. Meant a signed a defense bulletin in the seventies. Knock it to you in an elected time I was in school Ers and will be in GA you either cousins are all abroad. They were in in this in the eighties unbelievable. In one Obama ballclub with tuning all that he was small casino that was there. On his on this this and a Ronald when you Ron was one of those government and our Ottawa Tony and I a lot of notoriety. And when on the college golf is a game and now but he was recruited him about Tulane in oh minutes and all like Fausto. Don't bog has not quite not quite. Like for instance. Saint Jean how many great players come from saint. In 1987 NC Dean Cain immediately in the second round that's what buys its reunion. Came Amy Amy was winning 21 most in the twenties seventh not will put them. And it was a left hand quarterback but name up there and soon. And we knew there 'cause we went to camp and blossoming meat we owe it to him Mack Brown if Aniston and O'Hair organs have been it was a good how scoop it. During the day and be in the delegates pedestrian. And a Michael Shoemaker. Make sure make big lap back big nasty white ball land back from district. In late eighties early nineties asked pat has the knee in about eight of them looked awful. The guys that you use to get the pop called for an all out and you heard it was not on WW radio channel ESP it but the he announced his district and as cool Friday night. And you knew you see their date problem the with a purse back in forty years the rushed over to Lawrence video it's. On a beauty Amy high school at 260 probably worth at night. But those type of guy Dwyane what you do when he went to the Greek he went on and a good good pretty decent shown in college. Talk about him out there Ron Smith. I'm him him and eight two. Amy Amy destiny but again to run that all type of big time recruits in tooling. As if we get some and that's notable ones out of it can't what I people calling WW Rio. Yeah and it for a couple of our. Yeah Albert. Want to do it Beckett and Robert thank you didn't oracle they'd be able lap back UG. You'd. But yet limit days and you deem Tebow Tebow was the man with him to mid it's though they wrote a story. Robert caught up caught in Travis Wesly. And yet but I have gone out. LaBelle and have put barely five feet tall Al good to hear from barely five feet tall. In Doug was seated they can all run for about a decade it would seem tees up. That mid nineties he would team one day I put him against anybody and I say they beat about it but I tell you what before he ran again as they would bring in the fall. They instantly people out there to locate ambulance or stamp on it would be both lined up. In the punt returner as they used to only people they were more worried about return of football although Dmitri is look frequently from mixing and LSU. Would like jewel they would like people off the back to two made it. And they were put him down deep in its attack nobody can block. Nobody could block Jed slide dale. WW. I would be a good. Ball down. That prepares for only via Oakland and in the seventies it was like. Unbelievable that we can borrow it would relish grow watched a little bit ago. No lob in light elegy. Greg about who'd they do when routes and yeah yeah my job and and Marshall or are you already got about bringing guys who weren't which years did you. What about the buyout from the Bourque has Robert Michael Johnson. Oh yeah that one here orchard. But he was about the well. He was a bad dad let allowed all of David Duke did make it. Yeah and the data happens it happens. But it yards you're like whenever I have a great treatment over there that much doubt about it but. Small little town and great happily. Data some good stuff mum and I appreciated Tammany it. All right thank you hit one deep how about Robert Henderson the month's dog the monster Henderson yes. Big nasty. On believable if punts too classy that are on of athletes in part to a it is it in the ninety's. That if Hank would have been in the end they would've won at least at least one championship. I think in two years there was thirteen. Of fifteen division one society. Unbelievable running a big chance I mean they they were. They were they had a physical. Offensive and defense Atlanta and that's a lot of times what you see that the biggest boosters and Kenny Egan in northern Louisiana. They deal on some of its boot at at a five A but they don't have those beat beat physical line. And they were just unbelievable. Deion Dre bu there's another one from my from jewel somehow through. Is one assistant to look through Jamie Lawson Deke he was a great they would have had him. No doubt about it combat those alleges though the Haskell alleged just football. Rossum basketball. As well but with some reason on the other. Didn't really pan out of college I went foursome as the left. They came back home but they'll always be the alleged. And it Haskell on their campus on Friday nights. It might be stand Colonna. The bomb from point when he went in and I great to upgrade and delighted to. I'm Deke Bellavia it is WW. Good stuff going on now. And the game winning did you Jackson Moss I have school. The nineteenth century in nineteen cities and the ball a track retired army vet past collective remedies and I was in. And no as I ask who. In early eighties and mid eighties when loss I've played Dexter he and in the B with a profound of my house in eighty Russo. Was a good back and Noah sat. And he went on and played at US Seau under the and coach Nelson Stokley it was a year's Seau. With a tie Scott who played for the Vikings in the in the great Brian Mitchell the legendary Brian Mitchell the year the Bears go. Pete what about Michael Burke and there hawk can't Rommel Noland days them. Those two clamp layers of pocket. Rocket is the best pass to a back that it was seen. Now gain an evil companies don't wanna college got a cog to what I'm talking straight up pass moved from ninth of a senior. He was one of the best from the back of it missing hole. James if Rangel to thank you called WW yeah. K I act. I'll talk about. A bat out. Or. Burba. Not that would get. Back. Up court and Robert. Yeah you rear end to unknown the error do you any wounds you know. Or. Opt out here. Or. Not the player. Here. It all are sure. You are out. There can be. Back. Yeah yeah reg yeah. Where. Well back. Well. Short. RRT at bat. I thought it was a pain but he just. And go back out on the way. I. Beck and Richard. It's you Bruno's a date making us out you you've got you've got to see some good some good legendary rubble guys man note and it's good stone Dane that's kind of go with the go for like it. A outlook for me would those names but you could go to passionate people voice it just like high school football brings us all together. High school sports this is some basketball guys will bounce on the attractive VO I'm I'll give you one had the fastest time in the country in the country. In the 100 meter in the 200 meter and when to remake came around when he got the but time it was all week. James Andrews and Q were a little easier on believable. Haskell check of the coastal Coco at what Michael area big Bolivia visit WW yeah.