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Scoot Show 210pm, President Obama in Cuba

Mar 22, 2016|

On today’s show: It’s a developing story –terror attacks in Brussels...now claimed by ISIS...let’s look at what we know so far & talk about it. WHAT DO WE DO? Some 30 people killed; more than 200 injured – bomb exploded at the Brussels Airport & metro station. At 8am local time – 2 explosions ripped through departure hall at the Belgian airport – at least one bomb went off outside security check points for ticketed passengers. At 9am local time- a bomb was detonated at Maalbeek Subway station. One attack is said to be a suicide bombing; experts believe the other may have been in a suitcase. Flights have been suspended, the metro shut down. Now here in the U.S. there’s increased security now on the D.C. Metro system, New York subway system; airports in New York, etc... Amtrak is checking people – for fear of copy casts. French President declared “we are at war.” President Obama said, Brussels said... We’ll get the latest from CBS. Is an attack like this in Europe basically an attack on America? Do you take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t like it does there? Are they more prone there because Europe is too lax with their open borders? Should Europe adopt some of the stricter measures we have? What more should we do? Poll #3 - are you ready to give more freedoms for more protection? Have you been to Europe? Are you planning to go? And, would this change your plans? PLUS: Which candidate would you most trust to be President at the time of a terror attack? Which candidate do you trust to deal with ISIS? Poll #2 – Should President Obama keep his plans to attend a baseball game in Cuba after the bombings in Belgium?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Donald Trump said on CNN this morning it's only gonna get worse and worse in my opinion this is just the beginning he was referring to the attacks at the airport and also the subway stations train station. In Brussels Belgium. I'm screwed in the afternoon or continue to follow lists there's a story this afternoon and also we've we've got our pop culture calendar a little less emphasis on that today but coming up after the after the 230 news says the Allman Brothers were arrested on this day in 1971 at a truck stop in Alabama now what could those guys possibly have been doing. That led to their arrest. Will tell you about that coming up. Also on there are some of voters going to the polls today the error is the Arizona. Primary today. There's the Utah law our caucus for Democrats and Republicans and there's the Idaho Democratic Caucus I also think that American Samoa. Is is voting today as well. According to a new CNN ORC polled Donald Trump is in the lead among the three remaining candidates 47%. Ted Cruz. 31%. John Casey 70%. But remember Ted Cruz is the only one who can has and will. Be Donald Trump. This is far from over but Donald Trump Steele has would I would say at this point is a commanding lead. I would not expect trump to do that well and you talked I would think that that would go to cruise. But I would expect trump to what to win pretty big in Arizona now on the democratic side there's new poll shows Hillary Clinton. At 51%. Bernie Sanders at 44%. This is nationwide. That's a seven point lead. What happened to our big. Double digit lead to agree it has gotten a lot closers sold. Even though most people seem to think that it's pretty much over as far as the Democrats are concerned Bernie Sanders is still hanging in their terms of of the polling. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon about anything we talked about our numbers 2601 a seventy. Every coach 5042601. A seventy in our text is 87870. Our earlier today from Cuba here's what President Obama had to say about the terrorist attacks in Brussels. So this is yet another reminder that the world must do I. We must be together regardless of nationality. Or race or face. In fighting against the scourge of terrorism. And Donald Trump today on NBC's today show he was all over the place this morning on The Today Show on NBC Donald Trump that. I don't trust their continue to talk about excluding people from coming into this country. If people covering it from Syria that don't have documentation is coming in from the migration line. That existed we have cellphones in many cases British added they get the cell phones and where did they get their bills played I would certainly exclude those people. And you know a lot of people agreement Donald Trump. Ted Cruz on the campaign trail says that this attack proves that we need to have a better scrutiny with those coming into the US. There's no doubt we need serious scrutiny to do visa waiver program. The attack in Brussels. Is in many ways. The fruit. I'm a failed immigration policy in Europe and one. The the big questions with your appears the the open borders it's really easy to go from one country to another hit it. I guess we should take some comfort in the idea that it's. More likely to happen there than here at least up to this point dot that we haven't had our brushes with the terrorist attacks it's something like this is more likely to happen. In the European nations that it is done in the United States. On Hillary click on the campaign trail says that says the European allies are still reluctant to impose the tighter standards that we have here in the US. Lot Ben didn't I am opposed to find out about it. We're looking forward not back after Perez head chased and we need to do I do much more you tighten things up. And adversary Hillary on The Today Show on NBC here's a Texan has a lot of emotion with it and this is just think about being in a situation. We see if I can. Confine this because it today it just came in a moment ago I says. We year old the I ten. Looking at smoke coming up from behind the airport there was a fire the reporter Ken earlier today near the airport. When you wrongly I tend looking at smoke coming up from behind the airport and listening to the bombings in Brussels on WWL. Scary morning. Yeah I mean that is a reminder of of how safe we are big yet. How anything is possible anytime anywhere. Here's are pretty general opinion poll this hour something that time before it went on the year it was still sets the President Obama was to attend. The baseball game in Cuba this afternoon. Should President Obama keep his plans to attend the baseball game in Cuba after the bombings in Dallas. A reset the ball he's at argues that the ball game now should he have kept these plans or should he have. I know the argument can be what can the president do. I understand. But in. It England. If France. The leaders of those two countries called for emergency sessions. Emergency meetings. Not that the president can't have a wanna be fair about Dennis the president can have an emergency meeting where ever he years. I just don't think this looks good. I don't think it looks good for. And maybe this is just my opinion. I don't think it looks good for the president to be at a baseball game between the Cuban nationals. And Tampa Bay Rays. Wins the threat of terrorism. Looming. Even greater to us on a day like today. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com tractor pull through on a show if you wanna join us with your comment here's the number is 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601. A semi tech's number is 87870. And again I'm gonna say that I've realized that the president can conduct business wherever he has. But so much of of confidence that you have you know leader. Is based on perception. And I don't think it looks good for the president of the United States to go through with plans to be at a baseball game. In Cuba. Windows has just happened to close allies. In Europe. And when it happens to allies it vicariously. Happens to the United States like you got a comment 260187. Perry took 5042601. A seventy. Ex amber is a 77 yard stewed in the afternoon. And here's a source for the eighty spy one of the vans that we think about what we think about the eighties it was a song about just a couple that. Comes back together and asks for forgiveness. Because they've both cheated on each other. It deals with human weakness the blame for indiscretions. Will be right back on WW well. This is the American pop reggae bands big mountain they did this senate cover of Peter Frampton song which is on the soundtrack for the movie reality bites in 1994. I stood in the afternoon we are continuing to follow this developing story of the attacks in Brussels. On house speaker Paul Ryan said that the US and Europe need to unite and work together to fight terrorism. We must confront this threat together. We must defend democracy in defeat terror. Our prayers are with Brussels as is our solidarity. And that's true. I don't know argue but when something like this happens is as close as as the European does this civilized world that is really closely related to our civilized world. On I I paid extra attention to the got to Texas says come on he was Brussels it was in New York. So we shouldn't worry about it if it's in Brussels. And you don't let that person who sent that text is probably the same person who would say. What can happen in Brussels or why did you wait to talk about it why did you wait for to happen in New York. You know sorts this kind of a double edged sword here if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260187. The area code 5042601870. Texas State 7070. On the campaign trail today at Ted Cruz says says that the president. Should come back from Cuba. President Obama should be back in America keeping this country safer President Obama. Should be planning to travel to Brussels. You know I don't know how the president would keep America safer if he traveled back. But I do think that there's something visually wrong with the image. The president at a baseball game in Cuba between the Cuban nationals and the Tampa Bay Rays. Even notices are a great gesture of goodwill between the determinations. I still think it looks wrong for the president to be sitting there on in the in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. If you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601878. Area code 5042601. A semi tech's 87870. Here's a text that says so most definitely the president should continue with plans to show crisis that we will not turn our lives interfere. I'm sure he has been in constant touch. With. Homeland Security here's another text can't get the image of baby strollers in the smoke and debris. Out of my mind. For managerial Andre you are on there be WL. That bought into solar day critics don't. Serbia. Like ten years active duty not a real big Obama fan on the good little bit in the last about. Don't let that affect. Can't count toward that way. You know in the game was on it he addressed at a moment's and unity. When he was going to be the yen. Seagate is you know deep regret single. If that weren't in control going on but we let them back lives there. And I haven't. I I can't totally disagree with you I'm just I'm speaking from my my gut reaction as high as do and and I just I I think it looks bad for the president to be in the situation in the same way to do what's bad for the president to be playing golf. When there's something is going on and and and presidents have have have done that. You know I guess I'm not thinking on. In terms of a realistic ball I am thinking in terms realistically they can do whatever they they want from wherever they are but I just think the impression. Looks bad when. When. British prime minister Cameron and alliance. President of France when they get together and have emergency sessions I know it's closer to them than it is to us but if it touches our allies it it touches us and you know I I love the fact that you and I tend to disagree and there will be people that certainly share your view. And and you know the caught up then so what we warn about. Yeah that's the kind of apartment ignorant that we we don't meet. These are people attacking everyone and we should care because there and it could happen one day and got committed Ramadan but it could. If we don't take a church and not to because it happen. Across the. Andre I appreciate the call and I'll sufficiently different countries nationalistic for the West Bank Terrell here on every WLA good afternoon. I'd like. To admit that current president chick couple what what reason put out there and do. But a purpose. When not Terrell that's the way it is with a lot of people but that's not the way it is with me. I don't could look for ways to criticize President Obama. You have. It that you Wear this or the end but that. We're gonna wait what Terrell I don't I don't agree listen I don't I don't agree with everything any president does so I have been critical of every president throughout my career I supported every president in some ways in my career. So you know I mean if you if you wanna think that I just bashing Obama the year title to do that but that's not what I'm doing here. And on the locked out of luck you go to our digital what well. These okay sorry equity. Partner what it would do. President who what what what all delivered mantle got criticized black bear. Harold Hackett and the conversation because I've pike can't relate to that I can't relate to whopping Meehan with people who constantly bash President Obama. But you know that this is one thing it's one with the right and the left. If you if you don't have a hard core view one way or the other if your fear. If you if you talk about behavior rather than the actions of one president Democrat or a Republican. And that somehow. Your your either defending or your bashing that person and and you know we should not be like dead as a country. I we're just a few minutes away from another CBS news updates on the terrorist attacks in Brussels Ellison is coming up at ten to 31 this afternoon followed by WWL news update. I'm from Paula Joseph welcome to the show. It. Although it aired. On. YouTube. Could be. You. I. It. But. In. The we. Thank you. Our Joseph operation difficult or similar circle we had just a moment ago. This is my opinion is just trying my view of this I I personally think it looks bad. I said earlier the president. Might not be able to do anymore if you came to the United States but I just think that that the leader of this country the leader of the free world. It's not. I don't know that then you know it was an argument from a marine I was in the ring for ten years who said look you know I think the president has to do this because it to it shows that. We are not afraid of license that we're not allowing them to terrorize us. If you are joyous with a comment or numbers 260187. The area code 504260. When he said he text 87870. You know I don't have a lot of time before the CBS news updates so I'm gonna ask you to hold on through the news or go to CBS news updates followed by WW elders knock it right back to your calls. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Should President Obama have kept planned she's apparently at the baseball game now should he have kept plans to attend the baseball game in Cuba after the bombings in Ellison. 47%. Say yes and 53% say no. I try to be logical about this is saying that look I don't know what difference it would make if he came here or he wasn't they gave. But I think in terms of off public perception it's not good when the president plays golf or plays or appears to play. In the wake of something very serious and and there are people who simple it's it's Brussels it's not the United States you know what if it attacks our allies in Texas. We'll continue this conversation if you're on hold stay within sight stewed in the afternoon and we'll be right back after this stepping WL CBS news update. We woke up to the news this morning that there had been another big terrorist attack carried his time in now Belgium. Right next to a to France are right there that is basically the center of European in many ways. Now when it happens there I think in some ways it happens to watch the in the bombs went off at the airport also at a subway station. President Obama is in Cuba he said a baseball game right now. Personally I don't think he should of attended the game but I clearly understand the argument that there's nothing that he can do by coming back. Are a lot of things to me is is is public perception whether I'm right or wrong that's my opinion and you're certainly entitled to yours. I'm here's the president talking about how America does stand with our European allies. The thoughts and prayers are the American people are with the people of Belgium. We stand in solidarity would have been condemning them these outrageous attacks against innocent people. If you would like to join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 260187. The area code 504260187. He text a 7870. From New Orleans Davis welcome to WWL. Don't quite good. Scoop. Since you listen to what butch. Ochoa got our own Larry you've probably bettors. There are you buried there. He predicted in your comments and I remembered it what do. You you out there with your oh Concord Democrat. Well I certainly have my opinions but I'm I'm willing to listen to other opinions and and not everybody has today. It doesn't work I don't I don't think that the president in the meet in the staple. There have been imprisoned in a Cuban doubles on U I. Say he should leave Cuba I don't think he should leave Cuba I'm just not sure that he should be at a baseball game. When this is the topic of conversation around the world that's just my opinion. Well that you would get into it could not figure out oh political point in it of course they're getting their top two epic (%expletive) in the image to be arrogant look any too. What you do in the beginning he came he came to give QB what's in the I promise you get that normally promised it to the public but I think these Europeans are more important. So Michael McDermott equity. On a year. And that didn't want to do it and number two Jim you know we relationship you could say about the luck. I'm I'm throwing that David I'm I'm I'm. I'm all for that it's just eat when it comes to the United States when it comes to the people of the United States perception can be reality. And the president of the United States who effort he has regardless of the party he's from the president. Represents. The people and the president has the ability to instill confidence in people. And I think when President Obama has been so criticized for not being strong enough against crisis this feeds that national narrative and it would have been good for his image. To not go to the baseball game. Not as a silly to leave Cuba because you're right there's nothing he can do coming back here. But I would just if I were president of the United States and Tyler guess I would have altered my plans that you know that's that's my opinion. Miata it's assembly of saint. Florida Cuba and ultimately shabbat on a year picket aid. That only because they gladly debate dobbs and mentally. Which is President Bush was president. A black and was there are wrote about it today. And to waste this drag this might mean in the disputed Texas into his body caught although you limited. I believe we it was at the James berg case yeah James Byrd. Jay bird did. That it will probably it was a complete race. Into what he wrote a good idea of it what they apparently. George Bush beat you to go to a the cryptic in Pittsburgh opera and Oprah and they're going to call. It out. What to me to do I I I think that's I think that's what I understand Davis and I think that's I think that's an intimate I understand I think it's a little different because this one family asking to us and I I appreciate your comments and appreciate your call. If you're on hold penguins this we are gonna come right back let me give us a break on the way if you wanna join us for your thoughts are numbers 2601870. You could 504260. When it's happening. Tex embers a 778. On a pop culture calendar was on Tuesday march 22 1971. The Allman Brothers were arrested at a truck stop in Alabama. What could those guys have been doing. To get arrested. We'll tell you about that we come back on WTO. Oh my gosh what could the Allman Brothers have been up to it that truck stop in in Alabama. On this day in 1971. The Allman Brothers were arrested it truck stop denied Jackson Alabama charged with possession of marijuana and heroin. You know honestly I. I didn't know Harold when received and that popular among rock groups in the early seventies I mean I guess I read I guess that when they're very naive life. Arizona has its primaries today. And we'll have the results tomorrow we'll talk about that Alicia tomorrow afternoon Utah has the caucuses for the Democrats and Republicans and Idaho has the Democratic Caucus today. Ted Cruz won the Republican caucus a couple of weeks ago. We're talking about since the time terrorist attacks in Brussels on something that does a touch assault here. The president went to a schedule to gain between the Cuban nationals and the Tampa Bay Rays have a major baseball league in the United States. Which a bad game in Cuba this afternoon the question is. Should he have gone at a Texas says bush didn't react quickly enough to Katrina and in this case not only were the Belgians. The targets. We were and like you said perception is everything. Because another president. Does the same thing as. What we're talking about the time doesn't mean I can't be critical of of both of those presence again I just I find it amazing and I'm not gonna ever be afraid. To either criticize. Or praise the actions of any president. Because I'm afraid of what people think that I'm an Obama hater or an unknown of on the lot for me. The idea that you have to be totally critical were totally supportive of every president is one of the political problems we have in this country. From parent children your. WL. Yeah. This is the congress spirit you know obviously people are. Are settled for this Google doesn't would scorn on his. Because. We call it uses comeback it he looks like he's do we. What all the Americans think he should be doing. An all American does look on accent spot spot in the league he looked like one thing and he does something. It's not that he's going to be able to do anything but because it looks at week and I think he's cute Beagle. I Islam glib about president is everything he would have done and not think it is about. Decent about your opinion. Ought think that match you opinion is that everything. Bill. Commander in America don't care who he's like black Chinese political. Some things on CDs something's. Got to keep the blood. But most include amnesty should be warned it will mean speak cougar. It was still the Indy an awful lot. So that the smoke good about the bloggers who would line into the stores to give people. And to give people who work should be. He went one hell everything is about it and then. We're about that we abundant light down now. He's seen everything people and and and wrong. He seems everything people list and in. When he gives him. If something goes wrong with relations. And how to handle. Oh Indian 91 knee. And on Q don't follow a low kick and scream like you. Grocery store and imam just told you kinky can't. We cannot. Restore relations we. John I look I understand I don't think he should have left Cuba but it it what if I would have been the president and and maybe people would have advised me not to but it would've been my an instinct. Today on this very day. I would've canceled going to the baseball game but it I I agree with everything else you sent. I'm the stand school that's what does well lager can register ailment you. Q do 100 what we cities and is to be honest about the what you feel about it and I don't take. Give others an opportunity to say what they wanna say John I appreciate God's gonna get to break your member thanks for listening and a Glaser called. So if you're on hold hang on we'll continue this conversation if you have just joined us this afternoon we've been talking about the terrorist attacks in. A Brussels of Dallas from one at the airport a couple of the airport and and also. At the subway station on this is sports. A lot of my US airports have subway stations especially in the northeast on high alert. I in some ways if it happens in Europe it happens to us. What should we do is this just something that we have to accept. What more can we do to stop these terrorist threats and should the president. Have canceled his plans to go to the baseball game in Cuba today. If you're old hang on and I'm astute in the afternoon and we'll be right back on Debbie WL. On a pop culture calendar for today marks the Tony second it was on this day in 1997. Marilyn Manson fell on stage during a performance in Honolulu. Cut an artery in his hand blood was all over the place. He was forced to stop the show. There you go to a mailing Nancy showing you start to see blood you might think this is part of the act. I guess some people are upset that he actually recovered and is doing fine. Hi Jess fast times and stages are announced and we've got all the information on our website at WWL Todd count. From a town Hudson welcome to our show. I seem. Long term percent caller she was. Yet there and I are actually I just took them so compelled. Actually by the entire discussion we're on the topic in. Certainly was compelled to Colin and actually. I'd much sense does that I just couldn't. I couldn't help myself but did you say that I think that there's just the amount of communication but maybe a lot of people in this important and they think about. I hear what you're saying in regard to a bit of a party line. Topic that Tuesday. Color line up. In the I. Would agree refuted it's also a topic not just about this specific kind of situation but it's about president at a time like this when. They have plans to play golf four or do something should they continually those plans or should they cancel plans. I think it degree example I think you're saying the right entry regardless. Political. Party any president has and perception is the here. The leader of the street world leader country. You know and then significance specially you know it's. It didn't matter what party what color it you're playing golf or I'd let recreational sport frankly what happened the perception it. You're either a parent a soccer. In has been a mother. In that your your individual. Markets have been the leader. As local as a leader United States regardless of party your caller should not be at a social event. You hear the boats that. You know your error commenting that he shouldn't Cuba while I can drew back to Italy and in his present there is. Extremely important however. The need leadership that we user. And world books that saw them in the same way as the president that would. Don't choose to gain him that we have and needing you know closed doors in regard to making sure he 0% per hour. Is appropriate and totally fair and that oh. Out of respect for the and analyze the law. A massacre. I would I would hate to see it could be very disappointed to see my president where art the leader. I've I appreciate your call about against the news break I'm going to call thanks for listening and if you are on hold hang on I'm stewed in the afternoon we'll be right back on WWL.