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Scoot Show 310pm, President Obama in Cuba

Mar 22, 2016|

On today’s show: It’s a developing story –terror attacks in Brussels...now claimed by ISIS...let’s look at what we know so far & talk about it. WHAT DO WE DO? Some 30 people killed; more than 200 injured – bomb exploded at the Brussels Airport & metro station. At 8am local time – 2 explosions ripped through departure hall at the Belgian airport – at least one bomb went off outside security check points for ticketed passengers. At 9am local time- a bomb was detonated at Maalbeek Subway station. One attack is said to be a suicide bombing; experts believe the other may have been in a suitcase. Flights have been suspended, the metro shut down. Now here in the U.S. there’s increased security now on the D.C. Metro system, New York subway system; airports in New York, etc... Amtrak is checking people – for fear of copy casts. French President declared “we are at war.” President Obama said, Brussels said... We’ll get the latest from CBS. Is an attack like this in Europe basically an attack on America? Do you take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t like it does there? Are they more prone there because Europe is too lax with their open borders? Should Europe adopt some of the stricter measures we have? What more should we do? Poll #3 - are you ready to give more freedoms for more protection? Have you been to Europe? Are you planning to go? And, would this change your plans? PLUS: Which candidate would you most trust to be President at the time of a terror attack? Which candidate do you trust to deal with ISIS? Poll #2 – Should President Obama keep his plans to attend a baseball game in Cuba after the bombings in Belgium? This hours guest: Matt Mayer - Homeland Security Studies, Counterterrorism , Domestic prepardness response and immigration expert with American Enterprise Institute Terror attacks in Brussels - Trump says close borders, Clinton says tighter security checks what should America do to make sure we stay safe and should we retaliate with our allies in Europe.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show going into our first break on our pop culture calendar there resume a single from a legendary rock band that became number one on to stay in 1980 and as far as I know. They sold millions and millions of albums but this was the only number one hit single they had. Probably know who it is also the number one song in the country and there's a new and at the top of the charge like that coming out of our news break ants at 330. And another legendary rock group or pop culture calendar for today marks the 22. Outperformed for the very first time in the United States a British group perform for the first time in the US on this date in 1967. A year later they performed at the Saint Bernard civic auditorium and shell met and I was in the audience. Here's our party jag opinion polls this hour. Actually I think we're gonna change our poll we're we're we're we're gonna get that updated here in just a moment. If you're Arnold stay witness who gets your calls here in just a moment I wanna remind you that today is a primary caucus state once again. Arizona has a primaries today Utah has the democratic and the Republican caucuses. And Idaho has the Democratic Caucus the Republican caucus has already been held in Idaho and Ted Cruz won that recently I think American Samoa also. Of votes today and then of course we'll talk about the results of what it all means tomorrow. I would be surprised if Ted Cruz did not take you talked I think Donald Trump's gonna have a tougher time winning in Utah but I would expect try to win. A pretty big and in Arizona. That was got the backing of former governor Jan Brewer. It also has the backing of it really tough Maricopa County sheriff Joseph Arpaio. I'm not just because of that and I think that's good judge of territory out west a new national poll shows Donald Trump at 47%. Ted Cruz at 31%. John K 617. And the national poll has Hillary Clinton at 51% and Bernie Sanders. At 44%. 7% different so her massive lead in the national poll. Has got a lot closer if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon we're continuing to talk about the developing story you and I woke up to deduce this morning that. There had been a terrorist attacks in Brussels a recently the person believed to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks recently. Was arrested. And it's believed that this is probably in retaliation for. That arrest time the bombs may have been made the plan to do this which probably. On me in the works but they may have sped out their plan to do it because they wanted to send a message to you and the and the rest of the world. One of the conversations that we've been having this afternoon is should President Obama have kept his plans to attend the baseball game in Cuba today in light of what happened in Brussels. If you and enjoys with a comment on numbers 2601870. And a text is 87870. I have a really proceed Texas for those few who listen to their shown on a regular basis I think to find this about as soon as abusing his idea. The attacks as I listen every day. And it's sad how much you'll hate this man. He has a president. With do you like it or not. I mean should I even take a moment to respondent. From Alabama death here and every WL. Hello Beth. All right I'm not sure what happened to death of let's go to Covington Matt welcome to the show. Thank you we do jerk. All right you know gosh what are we start. It like it is this year will be in this select you know we're all American 1938. With your World War II you know like. I meant there Churchill you know people who saw a lot of people tick the obvious solutions. And right now. You know AD copies it's an electrical. You know more happy that it is the war. And Interpol you know we really get into it. Until they are on our airlines will not only work work work force and I regret that. Many years ago that would force you go forward to the end and I. Well no matter what we we we tried to be isolationist before World War I hand and world war two and it it doesn't work this is a very different enemy but I don't you know I'd. I got a text earlier saying why were you even talking about this it happened in Brussels it's not like he was New York. When it happens in Brussels when it happens in Paris for happens in London. If that's almost like it's happening here. You know you know Hitler came into you know Holland he came into polling. The heat party and eating. You know your and we sat why and we just didn't do anything. And you know and it cannot do anything right now but it you know. You know when they start popping out here and it probably will take that on the is that you know electric Terkel it in American that saw all options. Until the obvious one is that is buried in eventually it will happen eventually. Go into the Middle East. And shut it down with it has. I don't enter I mean that's sounds you know that sounds. Easier to do than it is to actually do how to we shut down the Middle East. It's gonna take a commitment it's gonna take a lot of troops could pick a lot of money and that this is what we wanted to do more work to. And your poll that they do and they for obvious reasons we can we don't want a job at war right now. You know if it you know I'm not saying we do right now I'm going to be probably be apocalyptic underpinning. Several years from now. And here at the airport and and and in New York's subways start getting you know people strapping on bombs and blowing themselves up I don't know. What the civil liberties. And what not sense about you know you're free and all that it's gonna come down survival and eventually gonna have to come out and we're gonna go into the Middle East. And democratize that camp area at eight I don't like it. I it a lot of money but I think just like in World War II in the early days we kind of turned around and things saying intellect but it was going to you know. You know I just I don't know I. I don't see how can enforce democracy in parts of the world like the Middle East I don't think that's the practical solution. It's might be the ideal solution in the minds of many Americans tonight. I don't see how we can actually do then I mean that's that's really that's really nation building. And that would bet that the problem and it becomes damn bit Euro is weak. Europe has been isolating Muslims. And and and pretty much you know putting them into ghettos and you got a huge. You'd listen what your did you know a year ago in world war its act again I don't have a a solution to a but I know that we're going to be forced to be. The ball outs you know. And that's why when it happens in these places I think it's should be treated did is if it's happening to us and I appreciate the call and you know don't shoot the (%expletive) like this idea. After this attack. In Brussels. This morning. There was beefed up security. What is it that we don't know up to right now. That would make security beefed up all the time. Everywhere. Vita should find that a little strings securities beefed up where beefing up security in the United States. What kind of warning do we need. To beef up security. What kind of warning do we need other than the morning the warnings that we had up to this point. I'm very quickly let me explain some it is sent text or what's the difference for the caucus and primary. I'm gonna be really simplistic with this as we go into this break a caucus is spot for sought primary. Is what you just go to the polls and vote you your voting record of voting Booth door of voting machine or something like that. A caucus is when you have to go in and be part of a meeting and they're our leaders representing the different senate candidates. And they speak about the candidates and you hear the speeches and you are part of this this meeting. Before you cast your vote. So it takes more of a commitment to government caucus than it does to go vote in primary. On this day in 1980. This sought. Became number one in America and I believe this was the only number one hit by Pink Floyd. I'm skirted the afternoon we'll be right back on WWL. You know I had no idea awareness was a hit in 1980 and hours playing it as a DJ on the Aron and a morning and B 97 dead this would be so true today everybody wants to rule the world. I CBS news a special update coming up at 10331 this afternoon followed by Debian humility and respect to our right now. I've met mayor joins us under the W real his Homeland Security has studies and counterterrorism domestic preparedness response and immigration expert. For the American Enterprise Institute Matt welcome to our show. What is the big takeaways today he did this happen in Brussels. Personally I think if that happens there it's a very close to happening here so we need to work to pay attention to it like like we are. What is it that people should take away from this event to happen. I think they are to be equitable one that I think that clearly infiltrated Europe. And is going to be more of the same port and that problem. I barely making it the more important to me is there's a bomb maker in Europe as the facility where he's making. And likely that the bombs in Brussels were related to the pomp and error. And so what worries me. That we find out who that is and got him. All you need to do that by more a total of Wellington essentially strap on on and people have more depth and crossed your entry in the United States. Now if we find that guy is there any reason to believe that there are not interns working under him that would take his place. Well to replace the the children eat the records from comic character or you know working with PT ATP. Out of material and giving it away dirt ball Opel. The wiring in getting an extra bat that having it should hand it really complex things like not easy to train them on so. I think we find that bomb maker and maybe there's more than one but we find Al or the location where they're doing it. It'll help out greatly keep keep Europeans hate in the near future. And medicine expert on on immigration. Let's talk about Europe's open borders it's you don't like going from one state to another in in Europe and in in some ways. The fact that crisis is infiltrating Europe and it does seem to be obvious is as you say. Is there any reason to believe that it will be more prevalent in America or do we have a system in place that is more. And that is more our titan Europe. So there to refute one week you have the option which is still a beautiful earlier keep bad people are these poor and do your. That being said in a period that beat the waiver program that I think it could be able to port four where. If you're used he used it in the passport. It'd be away for program you can intensity by like you write news and on the plane and go to the screening process. And been United States in seven hours. There's mystery to it but it's not where I feel should be it doesn't do enough incorporation of fingerprinting which we fingerprints from all the terrorists and now in Brussels where we. Identified the bad guys and Humana with our fingerprint can run those an airplane. Can stop them get camera stated the airport departure in and keep it here. Some little emperor with with that in that horrible war but he might realize. How do we stop suicide bombers hi how do you stop somebody where you can't negotiate life on the negotiating table. You can't I'm not collide in the you know there's if there's somebody that died. And they can get hold of them kuril detonate themselves. And they're really no way to stop them that that's somebody who who's got it and that they want it they have a reason for believing that and that not a database. Communication. I know what I've read I think a lot of Americans I wanna try to understand crisis from from our perspective and and you and you can't they're they're mission there. Mentality is so strong and so powerful and and so committed that. You know and if death is again treated differently and that's. In that frame of mind then dent in arts. Well it's more important than that rate they have declared account that in in were in what they're saying is that you are believer of a bit on. We are declaring kelp bed and you have a duty now. It is defended quite that tell it into what you have a people that are simply true believer that they are. Willing to die I'm happened that belief system. And in that create a very excellent potential problem that we are gonna have to deal with Richard. It is not just a bunch of guys that we called that called held up Qaeda and yet at the money into technology and they're Smart and you know got lucky one time on 9/11. It had a either folks who believe fervently in in what they're doing. To a point that they will be intact are by themselves wave after wave after wave in order to to defend and expand it out that. All right then mayor appreciate your expertise thanks for being assigned to every bureau. It. If you're hosting witness if you wanna join us for the comet this afternoon we will continue to react to this developing story the attacks in Brussels are numbers 2601870. Every coach final four to 60187. Text numbers they 7870. And of course this happening during a presidential election cycle means that a lot of the candidates are talking about though what has happened and not in Brussels. And we'll continue this conversation Debian humility is coming up but right now here's a special update from CBS news. I knew song has taken over number one on the country music charts is this song by a coal swing don't you should be here. In investigating. The debris at two the explosive. Explosions scenes in Brussels. A they have found a nail bomb that did not explode chemicals and nicest flag. Two with a bombers and ugly public advocate for three people at least three. To the bombers are believed to be it suicide bombers they're dead but they're looking for at least one other. Suspect. Donald Trump tweet it out today. Do you'll remember how beautiful and safe place a place Brussels once. Not anymore. It is from a different world. US must be vigilant and Smart. This morning on CNN Donald Trump said it's going to get worse and worse in my opinion this is just the beginning. It will get worse and worse because we are lax and we are foolish we can't allow these people. At this point we cannot allow these people to come into our country I'm sorry this is a story. They just seems to be more and more happening and it's really not. On pretty to watch President Obama in Cuba had this to say he's confident we can do something. We can't and we welcome feed those who threaten the safety and security there. The people all around the world. And also today on NBC's today show Donald Trump had this to say. I would say to the American people that we are good to be very strong we have got to be very vigilant we're going to be very tops and would not should allow this to happen to our country devastated it does happen. We've been assigned to people that did it. And they get a suffered greatly. Now that's easier. Said than done I'd I'd like to think that all we have to do is is be tougher and I'd like to think that there which has something to do with it. I'm and they guitarist we don't have to wait receiver just remember on the campaign trail it doesn't matter which candidate idiots. It's easy for parents to say I will stop this. But when you think about the complexity of crisis and this war against I assisted radical Islam when you think about complexity of that. It's not going to be that easy for anybody. To just wiped itself because this is beyond the foot soldiers in the bomb makers this is. An ideology. Hillary Clinton says that there are a lot of factors in this fight against terrorism. Mean. If they acceptability. To. Our public float there. Banned the mobility of terrorists in today's world but we've got to be absolutely. Saw it's. Gotten and how we respond. And tomorrow afternoon we'll talk about the primary and caucus results taking place today will have at our show tomorrow afternoon here's a quick update on our party jaguar opinion poll. Should President Obama have kept plans to attend a baseball game and Cuba this afternoon after the bombings in Brussels. 45% say yes 55% say no and you can give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And for Algiers James welcome to the show thanks for I don't. The solvency. Is there any one. In Q that is. The yes so. And that those people in Belgium today. That and dimension of national attention was given that everybody sympathy empathy for the but those guys Q. Silently and no one speak with him. So the United States for the goes through it and there are some kind of political stand to get hold for those who the candidate not see. Jan do you think there's a difference between. Obama going to Cuba and attending to baseball games I think those are two separate things I'm very much in favor of the president being in Cuba. I was just you know it it's it's a marketing thing and and this president has the perception whether this is right or wrong the perception is he's a week. In his fight against crisis and so that's the perception from a marketing standpoint I would've not been at the baseball game but I would have been in Cuba. Cuba the explain if you watch gaining on you indicate some British. Oh he explain what his intentions gloat about it in Cuba. And do exactly to speak for bills. Who when he protests against all cola of Archie. Lows on night eating this simply don't get paid users. And there is no way that we as Americans. We cannot be everywhere in the world the same time. To. Every time I principles of one big cute. That spotlight that here exit poll as the deal. I have to admit I understand that I do understand that part of the deal I've had this discussion with a call earlier you know this is the president's way of saying the crisis is not going to. Two win and we're gonna show that we move on with our lives no matter what they do. I'm just giving my opinion about this particular situation on this day. If I were the president I would not have gone to the baseball game but I would've continued by a nation in Cuba. Like geez I appreciate your call yet again sometimes you and I are gonna disagree. But as you can tell even when we disagree. Opposing opinions are always allowed on the show and I guess that's one of the reasons I refer to myself as the I've got my opinions in my conviction but I don't see everything through the same myopic. A person that has some people do. And I think it's fair to be critical of a president or politician. And not be critical of everything that they stand for this idea of you have to either totally love or totally hate a politician this is one of the things that's wrong with America. I'm scooter the afternoon and we'll be right back on Demi WL. Wow and on a day like today you certainly can see for miles and miles this is the really early hits on the Hulu on this day march 22 in 1967. The Who performed their first concerts. On US soil at the Paramount in New York. One year later they were at the Saint Bernard civic auditorium and shell met. And was there so proud of that moment and Washington destroy their equipment after thinking man this is awesome. Arnold went on it was awesome. It was awesome. I hear is attacks that says a Brussels government said today. This attack was coming why didn't they raid the houses before the attack. Yeah you know you you hear that quite often we knew this was coming and maybe they can no specific knew it was coming but again the thing that stands out in my mind is. Now there and heightened alert. Not only in Europe and also in this country. What kind of warning do we need forest not to be at a heightened alert for us to be heightened alert all the time. If you got a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy taxi 7870 and from Metairie can we welcome you to the show. OK I was just wondering from Leo when applied to kind of hypocritical but did cruise to beat and the president brought it back to Washington when. He's out on the campaign trail. And if the president did in fact come back to Washington. And keeping our joint session of congress I guarantee you mr. cruise which stay out on the campaign trail. Well I think that's you know it is just an observation because he is an acting senator right. It's cracked yeah. And most of these other world leaders what they're doing the want to go to do in the Indian media with their parliament parliament is off for spring break Cory Carroll. Yeah. And I appreciate the appreciate the comment. Complimentary one year under the WL. I. Pressed into it here. Everywhere acorn. Out there and people of opinion Barry in the NL opinion. By. Say what you could spell of the people who need to look. At the table we do but he's. There. I mean you just look at history you follow the money. You know we music it's an area proper opinion as someone late in America that say hey we need to para. It's you wanna take our country that we adequately. It is terrorist organ. Beer at the saudis need not appeared in Israel we need or supply and. Turkey these are terrorist country. And their opponent so and if you look at all of the stuff going on in the middle it's a lot of. Smoke in there are split eagle at how are you yeah I. I mean elderly people have a rule that tree. From. From other can't be content that the main. And and and we go in and Cotchery like that. We topple a government like Olympia. Amateur consequences governor. Court that it is not only you know there are you how much people there. Eric and in the court or animosity is gonna grow and gonna continue. One I showed up you know I I I appreciate the the comment I mean it that's it this is this is fast and I don't think it's fair articles Saudi Arabia terrorist nation although. Nations like Saudi Arabia do apparently harbored terrorist activities or allow things to happen or maybe they just look the other way. They are definitely or terrorist activities and terrorist camps in places like assembly reviewers schools that he encouraged this kind of mentality. Here's attacks why don't terrorist attack Asian countries. I'm not sure I have the answer it I'm. I think now. Will talk about that we come back after this break. I'm suits in the afternoon Niger witness it is Tuesday it will be right back on WL. Yeah on this day. In 1970 fives this was this song that absolutely a waiter at the wrong song here are gonna get it up you're just a moment. Coming up is this song that was number one it ruled the charts in the UK. On Tuesday at 97 times. You know always on my service. Actually I love this song and that part in the movie love actually this is in a great part of its that moving. All right here's an update are pretty general opinion poll. Should President Obama have kept his plans to attend a baseball game this afternoon and Cuba after the bombings in Delis and 40% say yes 60% saying no. So I attacks right before the break guy asks why don't the terrorist attack nation nation's. And I have a text here that says they are more caring about humans they have a good partner poor countries but they immigrant or Wilson or are very very rich. And I'm getting some text about terrorist attacks in Indonesia and India so yes they have happened. But in general. The the battle with radical Islam is against the west. It's against the lifestyle that we have in America. In in Western Europe in in free countries it's the it's everything that you and I line. They hate us for wanting the things that we love. Many of the things that. They hate many people in this country don't like the opulent lifestyles that we have just stayed the focus on. On drinking and sex and as so many other things but they are. One of their general goals is just Haiti the western nation countries don't fit into that category. I had a great time he this afternoon we'll talk about the results of the Caucasus in the primaries tonight on our show tomorrow afternoon. I want to thank Dianne Newman our executive producer top Manassas our associate producer and John we're cartel to studio producer today sports talk with Bobby gave their. I'm scoot to the afternoon back tomorrow have a great afternoon bloody New Orleans.