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3-23 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Sweet 16

Mar 23, 2016|

Bobby & Deke get into Sweet 16 talk with Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome. Hour the final now here on WW are you coming up next is Christie Garrett NT about a bad double covered sports anymore. Awesome victory here just to mom ability to set operated jaguar paid implode LeSean paid new five year. 45 million dollar deal with the Saints mean Super Bowl all books and we got some tech to Tennessee this isn't a classic example about that. Until we give frustrating and we do realize people it's it's a movable parts meaning some people give out the car. In the here endings and we could kind of it's almost like voting like it they somebody who's been following elections you can almost goal. It breaks down the precinct when the voting uses. What neighborhood in voting precinct you can get almost to that he is a house who voted for who. The people who follow well capital while I guess it's a numbers thing you follow you could kind of know. Who says something they might not have been paying attention in chasm is a lot hurts him if or is just might. Don't know you you you're saying and so that is completely wrong so we know we try to be a Smart and I think sometimes I mean look I'm I'm humble with that. But here's one right here. Deke him by the I realized Tom homes WW yeah mean comments which he does not own WW O'Neal's foxy put York you are starting to sound like yeah I'll drag to collate. Grow a pay. But he must be turning all the mean buddy. Call it like idiot we've not had a winning season info OK Burrell I evolved as the guy that does not hold WW yields fox second of all. If you had listen all the time we exit at right now you can't call it been like in he has. Andy fourteen and eighteen the last two seasons the Saints pay for mediocrity right now maybe a little bit below mediocrity. How hale is that they typically. Please tell me. Now if houses idiots and I just got these idiotic testament texts and its ass and fitness nearly three never listens because we have a sit down that prison Mia who. I don't. Don't go out. But does this win at Drake needed cooling you call it like idiot this is as deep heat like bill. We haven't had the ability ghetto. He's getting paid like it would have been well likely yeah who had a success the bill about it publicly like and it takes that we won as these games and as the Yuma. Last 39 games that's well below 51728. To eighty in. The earlier this outcome with him at 627. Did it and he knew below yet when he goes on to say we had not had a winning season and forever now who won a playoff game in 2014. January 2 down and yes I am on the road against the Eagles now you say have not had a winning season forever. Dominique remember right. We. We have six skinned people you know we we went Canada Bobby was a tough neighborhood you know kind of had to take being picked now with the scheme people but. Even as we had to be gotten known to call out some we didn't at all buddy do you at all yet job by that guy is coral which surely will everybody's turning over in his grave Colombo but it would have your bag dude I'm sorry though he wouldn't argue that 2005 number you all in the brawl you call on the weakest. The weeks to 6083. We'll get the middle to give it about your phone number. And he went down looking at the all about it again RO and it might take their turn you. Well I mean. Strength humanly the bat good this. Wail away years. He's a good morning gig beard to quarter. We're jockeying got BR about. Did. You know I go back it. That's a lot of note also it was a little advance. As the first original season it will clout and Burt Reynolds on gunsmoke as good TV something real good team factory. There they're a quality guy here right. The debt Peyton say he did know the contract with in his prepaid. Now he did pretty referred to as he did know somebody asked about the new deal. Easy he could remember if he had significant room. Or he had in his briefcase and then get it signed it yet there's and his son he knew he had a contract. He referred to as once somebody asked him he had to kind of think he's mad put in my briefcase and I'm leaving no room where you know novelty around the floor winner bloody good idea though connected to use you know you know keeping track and you think you. Had at all. You know in line and you be Garnett. I remember and I. Signed at one point two million signing bonus back in 1985. Dollars and resolutely and it takes them they roll reject. Understandably felt the glitters is full that I put in my back pocket. What he means you. What is it may take me aside because so I if we go to yet yet you put ditto if they know not viewed as the analyst so I you go when you go to the bank digging Hugo bank booking in him mean I was in the count is they actually like Eagles ride the bonding and they get the closet. How much of that available for Hillary and you where. You feel like it would be a big thing a coach as big as jag all. They've enemy tase you walk away it would mean dollar to guess anything to a country that I can promise you know it is. It wasn't like you seemed on it late. And eight no clue elect. Mean like maybe. Drugs crime you don't view. That is era and you you you can't be before you Kasich who did you pop. I Coleman than us and his wife and euthanize I got you command of one point two heels no way I know way without me you wouldn't. As an August and now you're training camp and Louisiana thing for a huge bag and Allison at out of football for. The guy remember that by visa get motivated. I just literally as a fellow season with a loss in the championship game at ten days ago that the Golan. And you off and and in hand I mean I haven't in rust in my training camp. They do they Wilson Richard Todd. Although coach and quarterback yet yet but it too was another one. Know that those habits when I was as the ones in them you know me don't you seemed you were voted to beat just on the LA area of starting the last six games they would is gonna give me the job and that's what I'm saying you'll use and within like. We want to be honest auto auto it was all like you know these kind of you'd like Andrew logical because thought they want. Know about it time I came over rated played a pre season game. I got. While we're going to play the game because they going straight for growth industry forward and and bum but that is. As the play was laid out mechanical things that need to be is that I think Louisiana downs with the college street bordering era in. So even with the villages by the team game is the bit to give every player like hundred dollar. I put extra birdie them. He had to go to the track yet with the red track and you know when you're above that always sending the bus now before five hours to kill time exactly where we outlawed to play though Boston Boston who wrongfully. And their members and rock and around all the life went out the in the game that you. I know the few thousand. You wouldn't all right Elliot a couple of you try to be accepted. How begin to do native and yeah yeah as the Bible nogmanian Jamie did do that we get a clean with all that's you're gonna go away any added a limo. The eight every steak. It was that loss to please the bucket you know the aid every state every night at every bottle of champagne right. That big big party I'd say that two handful of offensive linemen with him that's only going. Ride on the 101000 or that'd be like point nine I don't know I did the it was a party. Mean and that's kind of one of things we got into all of the office of and they protected guided me I'm shorter. Goldman Christina final would Drew Brees. That he all the linemen agree present. Archery. You know. I'm going to be involved and get him to say that somewhere I can't see these hair like supplied to tenth or anything like that because it's them. Nabisco to Saints in there and he is respected and liked it he's all he only took us. To the bowl why don't they are Mike Ditka. All green had. My Dick Jamal on day year. It Drew Brees coach in Italy QB in Matt read and write about this can play. The is coming from Pavel or people want to read it. In this collusion Saints ever had Andy Reid disrespect him like that he only took this to the bullet up much on pay owners who Ruble. And he's been sarcasm about reality yeah united daycare shall pay wanna know you are you're right take us through our they have looked decisive put the ammonia. He's an ethical the last couple years. Yeah. And I think that's I would it was it was that it'll do is just beds cheap though won't you talk about you with the body was cheapened and eighty's right you know. He's that he's anything but cheap in the 21 century is not. Vinci you don't look at all 32 teams and as a football league you can say that about Thomas this thing. They're two more about the organization have this move wanna be news I don't like these move and human has validity somewhere. But you know you go back all the way to the tour in saint and effort to have to give me dollar to suck it Jones got mister Benson always put a month. Yeah though that that's the that's over that well over a dozen years is antsy now and to. Our I would take a timeout and come back each caught up on everything and the NCAA tournament is tomorrow night the sweet sixteen. It's beckoned to actually before we needed LSU based off it always does what's games accompanied him on it and. Guess that at twelve out of sixteen in the bracket no joke yet an era that's impressive twelve votes were all twelve out of sixteen in and I have. And a six out of the apostles and lead a week ago but. The one who Berman at the island and Michigan State burned a lot of people gate and in Xavier. They giver yeah I saw where appeal Murray and maybe analyze it I guess he would just concluded. And I told us that Bob billboard and actually as an assistant coach in my I think about Bill Murray cream Abdul Jabbar. Well and probably the fab five and North Carolina zone yet but don't also talking on my champion timeout graduate I tell you that yeah Bill Murray when it's that your. Whoever we don't give you do is get a Dooling if this. Yeah he's big sports media to come back. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk. He's engaging and embody a bear I'm Deke Bellavia. 60187. You could Texas at 870 eight's have him cubby here. And see with him tonight on double covered with Christie Garrett NT Bob Abram. What do you think of Saints coach Sean Payton knew I mean dollar and five. Year 45 million dollar contract extension. If you're the owner of the saint would you make. They had the also where do things the steely the most hill Jonas. Four pro football focus and we'll get authority and industry leaders in analytics and wouldn't name his numbers say about the things they're free agency boastful. And also by the coming of this talk about the terrorist attack with seat or you worried about ices. Beating targets here in the US and you know christianity about double covered eight to midnight tonight here on WW. In Talladega the landing. Solidly now you know. He's on the contrary next five years stability that brings. But realistically. As far as affecting the team and bring in players are. You know hander in the franchise and they don't count against the salary caps had a relative. Bright. You know you think now you know like it kicked I mean it's all the market keeps Galina. Towards the revenue come in and done all owners right now it'll light sees them you know behind the scenes though with the bat like you patient in all that money. It did the only etiquette again but it's the owners joke amongst owners welfare right now will be to give Belichick immediately you know. And and like Bob Kravitz with him I'll commit it. Wasn't like leaves on Monday you know put pressure on the Belichick rainy. Any type Cecil go to the office about it and look at Denver. Right you know Kubiak winning Tubal degas policy makes like five thievery. Soviet coup that writes while. Loses so what I'd even Dublin in my maybe were seventy million now and I. So adding to fix warned that an actual structure of the team because. It does not count. The cap when you coach. 260170. You can Texas and hates him heats are tomorrow night is thought of the sweet sixteen the NCAA tournament who went to ball games and punches their ticket to Houston Texas for the final four. Mom and our let us know who plays tomorrow night. Well Eddie there's four games on tap and for all of the underdogs and made a lot of noise in the first weekend actually three of these four games are just like you would have drawn it up if you had just played the seeds out and long with the chalk. Starting winds at 6:10 PM it will be a south region sweet sixteen matchup between number two Villanova and number three Miami while cats. And the Hurricanes Villanova kind of an under achiever in the last few years but they punch their ticket to the sweet sixteen for the first time. Since 2009. They'll take on Miami. At 6:37 PM. In the west region the only SEC school left in the tournament the three seed Texas a and M Aggies take on number two Oklahoma that should be a very good match up. We saw how close LSU got to beat Oklahoma with a a team that you would. Say is not nearly as good as what Texas and have fielded just in by the fact Dallas Houston at home. And the Aggies of course coming off that huge comeback against northern Iowa where they scored what fourteen points and in forty seconds. It was one on one of the craziest thing you ever see in basketball but the Aggies get the win and they punched their ticket and they take on the body healed in the Oklahoma Sooners tomorrow night. At 637. At 840. In the south region the top overall seed in the tournament Kansas Jayhawks. Taking on the only team plane tomorrow that's not a top four seed the number five seed Maryland Terrapins. That's going to be at 840 and then at 907. In the west region top seed Oregon Ducks take it on the defending national champion. Duke Blue Devils do coming into the tournament as he foresees so Duke and the ducks at 907 are gonna cap off. The night in the sweet sixteen of course will be former games on Friday so a basketball. All all all week and long just like last weekend start on Thursday going all the way through Sunday you get your college hoops fix. Before before the season comes to an end next weekend. And up market ego speaking up Friday with the intrigue and indefinitely bracket buster. You got this league and Zach and Syracuse and it is not too many people had them levering can stagger. An amateur and Syracuse they're playing on Friday yeah big business interests and only mark. Before time double digit seeds have met in the sweet sixteen. Since seeding began. In 1979 you look at. As of late 2014 Dayton played Stanford bank and then you add 2011 Virginia Connell will Florida State and then in 97 Providence and UT Chattanooga now if you look at it. Didn't you know you pick in your brackets and who's gonna move forward in zag and Syracuse matchup. Was predicted on one point 3% of the thirteen million. Brackets submitted to he has to the ESPN tournament challenge but you know Evelyn plays that he has intimate challenge very popular. Would you ahead thirteen million brackets that were submitted in only one point 3%. Had taken zag and Syracuse that the face one another in the sweet sixteen now you look against Agha. Big dom I'm paying him a good thing because I know you know NBA basketball. It is stunts the bonus all the LV justice and yes. Amongst a lot this and another big guy like big Minkow will jar. Do they give you look with the aid game is that no fluke. They both do wins by a combined 39 points over six seed is seeing Holland third seeded Utah also had a lot of but Wilbon. So blog and tiger is rolling into play great two threes on defense the Syracuse Orangemen that obvious in. The C would have is that now you look. With the AC CB we talk about covering stress. You look at the ACC a record six ACC teams are now and a sweet sixteen. You look at the Aggies Deke. More brought it up play in. Number three seed vs number two Oklahoma Sooners if they can beat Oklahoma on Thursday they'll be in their first regional final ever. So when you look at you know relieving gain them basketball moving forward but now be a big accomplishment. They Q when their first regional final. And school history. You look at Irish. The cut now they've been in the sweet sixteenth it is the second straight year. And now you're getting the program at Toyota not lasting connection. Their head coaches fellow demons and when you look at also. That would the badgers were at Wisconsin in. The commitment there. Bull riding just quit yeah yeah. In Dallas and I think one reason why he went final four and goes back in November they lost to western Illinois Tuesday finished last summit in the right. But you look at a Deke of me be frank the tank if you yeah. The badgers in the sweet sixteen. The the sweet sixteen for the fifth time in six years as impressive yet so you had stability and leading Indiana Kentucky Duke North Carolina Wisconsin. As a lady definitely. The award top programs in the been sweet sixteen or better final I think cheers. 'cause basketball right up for the sporting news' Mike accorsi who joins us now Meyer got to be exciting time a year getting down the stretch about a dozen games that's their MBA. Regular season and sweet sixteen very good actually your fault to the first two weeks of first to go round to retirement last weekend. What it was really entertaining no question about it. Two. Two terrific. Sessions. From the first round with around 32. Absolutely outstanding basketball and we were very fortunate to have had an opportunity too much. Now Mike when you look at coaching changes and obviously you look at the success that Stephen F Austin. And great opportunity now go to Oklahoma State when you look at TCU's situation. A break that down where all of a sudden. You know the Pittsburgh coach in our success he had there are now get in the go back home where he's a fellow Lum going to TCU. And obviously trying to get that program headed in the right direction. I think today in Pittsburgh it is again to be one of those situations where the people thought that their program was better than it was. And the fact that he made eleven NCAA tournament appearances and thirteen year big fat a that would see. Yeah not. Yet Jamie Dixon made a rapid what he'd done was easy. When in fact I think I mean I can look it up but I think they only made about you know twelve or thirteen in their entire history books or got a and he goes and makes eleven of thirteen years and he would not make bill welcome any longer. And anti at least you look if you agree out at all notre he's been. In basketball what littler at least partly responsible for that's where he played. And I believe in its final year they need to tournament then did well. But in general they were not they have not been a great team and since they got into. The big twelve I think they averaged two wins the year in league like they got big job ahead of them. But I'm much more fertile recruiting area in Dallas or or in Pittsburgh get. That are great for football means some of the great quarterbacks of all time about acting from western PA at. I grew up right across the river from Joseph Montana and Dan Marino went ice school where my nephews went color me that it was a phenomenal that furcal. It's just it's just parent and so doing it rattle you you're recruiting backyard. Now Mike when you look at this seeding in Holland folded. If you look to a number one seeds would no more Steelers it's a Kansas North Carolina argun. And Virginia number twos Oklahoma and Villanova. The look in I guess as far as the overall picture you look at the overall number one seeds I was reading whether only team in the field. With thirty Wednesday deemed the jayhawks and although 23 combined losses. For the four Nolan sees the most effort ever. Is is this cat is truly had a special season are. I mean is there remain any different animal wanted them at two seasons four hours whether at right now. I think the difference was in completely in the first round because Michigan State on playing a team that was very capable in middle and a tree and and law whereas. If you were on the sixteenth you played sixteen you were a lot better shape. But. I think you're right it there's really not a huge difference. Between the ones and twos and threes in the fourth and I think when Indians take the floor against North Carolina. On Friday night at eight Carolina has more depth and more physical power. But they don't shoot the basketball as well so it depends on how being called and how well India played. But in general I think that I think in the shot that. Now my game again as this is a wave in the future when you look at Stephen F Austin and and how well they've played in the great job Brad Underwood they would dive program and and dominating a solid common say well. Is a solid conference but boy do the fighting ours look at ours Geoff to say that if you're fortunate and that their move and on and we coached by great. Yeah on on Sunday and I thought even bought the kind of let their own opportunity get away. AA but he added that circumstance where they have the ball without without three point lead twice in the final ninety seconds. And allowed the shot clock run down and I'm a big believer that if you have only one possession lead. You have got enough that you accomplish nothing by a shot blocker and now. All you done it basically made it harder for you to get shot you need. To preserve your Lee and and speak about that it liked and what about the shot clock violation because they act and the second time wound up with a bad shot. And ultimately Notre Dame and attack and attack them because they chose that route. And that's why they law than a lot of people blame it on the rap group there was a it was a challenge or rebounded. And the refs called over the back but you put you put yourself in the position where. You make bad choices down the stretch. And they. Fire and you match you that wouldn't happen. Now I'm Micah I guess a lot of times as you truly follow basketball and you see was going on the West Coast. Not too many vast offensively would but argued Doug's. And I want to elaborate on them Bob I was interested. Looking at their schedule the third rated astray at this schedule. What number two ranked in the RPI. You look at the regular season and tournament. Titles in the pac 120 what is your take on Orton to the are they in that makes it's and he could be against recognizes that level once sleeper or like even though you are number one seed Iowa. Well I think there. I think there. I thought it a couple of ways and that's what potters you know might seem a lot in one way and that pretty much all we have. Parking lot and one label on me about a partner slot like. The first law is they're not big powerful now Elton cook about six victors go out and eat big strong all. But usually you're gonna win a championship you like have all out and they have back. Could say it a very nice shooter and good shot blocker but not a real powerful guy. Until they lack in power in the front court and then the back court their point guard is. They'll eat big picture how he single by any eat it and shoot the basketball much. Eat your ready he's not a could be different player he's a good one so I don't like the fact that there that there slot in the front and the back. You I want a team they'd be you know like can't that's center who's playing better not a great great player. And any rotate guys in for a you know. And so that a lot likely you can over com or Carolina doesn't shoot the basketball really well. But they're still scoring over eighty points a game over the last February games. What with a winning streak because they score in other way so I I. I prefer team that has won law Orton on the one that has two significant loss so I can that they organic not long term. Now Mike I don't know when I looked at it read a couple of things for he's got started in. And what is your take a look at experiences in measure of a sensational freshman about the junior senior classes and I got on that Jay Wright. Man why would Villanova looking at that team to seniors opposed to juniors is. It was at a good pick navy the picked Villanova to win ago. I don't know they're talented enough I mean I'm sitting here write its story about later in the calendar and any. Don't know that much less talent and they are agriculture there and real game breaking type of players and they'll talk about that today. That you always take talent over experience. Because when you get at this stage in the tournament. Everybody's going to play good defense. And you have to be somebody you have to have somebody on your seed they can just go make a play. Whether it Allen Iverson or Derrick Rose. Somebody that can jet that made something that a defense he would take away. And that's usually been different. In the in the pursuit of an NCAA it it's probably in the last fifteen years or so. One of the UT didn't have that I was probably you can 2010 didn't really. Have that kind of player and but still able to win they want and special year talent wise in college basketball and and and they played great feat that's quite for the most part you kind of need that player. Bet that difference maker and it whether he. You have back at Oklahoma. Yet as he does it actually. Mike when you look at body healed it sure looks like he's given epics they would pick expectation would you talk about like national player of the year. Yet we picked up our national player of the year sporting. And ended the week old deal very good about especially after what he'd get on Sunday. In their game against TCU win will be you've defended well. Basically a one on one and everybody else when I hadn't played mine Gammons. And every time BC made the smallest defensive mistake he punished it wild out. Scoring at that point point in the last eight minutes. Wanna put 35 point technique. You really are remarkable performance given the worry was playing. And that some people would Shelley New York called in the first half knowing what the COLT being human being on the entire. Right. Mike because he might who has gone to the final four. Gosh you know I was going to pick Michigan State I would take my advice like. You know like I am. Kinda thinking that will see Virginia. That this is why don't believe myself I mean I'm thinking Virginia Carolina. Kansas and Duke and all obviously all once he'd bring it needs to do. I don't think battle and being right but that's kind of what you. Might accorsi Mike Huckabee the cable which on social media. You can follow me on Twitter at TSN Mike Dee. Pat he would send Mike and then these Booker not repeat might be course he would collapse in OB EC oh you are you want to look at all year. Mike thank you so much we appreciate. It takes like all right we'll come back and correct things and he's at the Christian antibody on WWL. And welcome back. You can hear folk over to the sweet sixteen starting tomorrow in the final clock how losses to station thirteenth BD AM three. WTO courtesy of west wooed one can again. And big I don't know maybe it's just me. I would say. In my own teams are winning a probably a more passionate. A basketball fan. But. Beds being college are NBA. But then not need them. I guess looking at the local teams in that perspective how well she does have a success. The things that having success mean the talent that I'm a success I'll be there. Planet goes Saturday night kind of more intrigued to see the Raptors. You Toronto will come visit this is probably the best team gave me about beat. Since they went to the conference finals in the Tracy McGrady. Mean it's called me yet the only game behind it and and I have a feeling that you Feeley went on Austin lake goes Ellis and overall recognition today. Obviously behind. The Warriors in the behind the Spurs and Andy cast it I think the game added fun there so green. That's done anyway so Oklahoma City came out wins. In Toronto came out on Iowa core of going Saturday night. The Cedar Rapids in the pelicans and play and do it victory can be. He mean to you need to be to run but there is bringing it up as like. So this year is an off year for basketball watch. But target today I've been intrigued. Would the basketball game where. A cinema casually watch it but they've been selected gaining like Stephen F Austin aren't you. You look at fixing and you know dog and I'm Lee you see those beginnings were just what it is like a handful. Those look at middle to middle Tennessee. Call me in a Hewitt debilitated to Baghdad they had to beat Michigan State Mobutu had gotten his daughter goes well out of I see that there's a connection. Flaky. So I mean I would say right now. That I would read the watch March Madness. Instead of and you play well tonight and looking at Disney on the on another dog the finals right on us. To me and immediately I was gonna get worse the first round like on it's I got thirty gains of thirty nights are so many days thirty games like eighteen night. The first round Amy canals and the best of me. It's the bed. For I was extremely million last year obviously extremely detained we got this got the Spurs and that was enough first round I mean that was Dallas apocalypse conference finals match oh. In his birthday loss in Sam you wouldn't believe that does there was unbelievable Warriors in a pelican yes. I'm not so really slow down our competitive first round to have to the tournament yeah well an end and now on you know kind of intrigued. You know when you're getting. Because it's it's it's a lot so much parity you know you go sweet sixteen to alleviate who's going to be in that numbers alive. That was kinda you know just relishing disappointing and I'll in his regular twelve losing record. And look at the start of march or March Madness and has been bad in that game you know what I like big with bases so intriguing. I'm like the concept when they got a bunch of games aren't the same time it's doubles like the red zone channel where you to have one good game out of a four. You keep whatever you know the guys from here now the truth that are CBS athletes on this and date the MBA so close the NBA fan base up with. But at all inking any. All of that on that say to you at the end unbelievable and the college basketball set the date date did themselves a great service in BA. Leading NBA stands more than. Because the MB you might pick up more fans in vice Versa. And I think a lot of people who loved college basketball don't necessarily camp pretty MBA gripe is totally different but. Just watch it it's not even be would child among all work that's worth mr. Andy. Their involvement the college wrestler knock with a team that's put off by myself on the final one big game where is not a blow while. Are even you look at the last three or four minutes either on CBS. You don't TBS superstation TN TR truth to one and two channel they gonna have one good game it's him like his all every day when they've had it on it that's been the case yeah. Now big. For a golf. You know obviously looking at it. You argument reduce employees and Reid is Bobby I'll give your prediction put LSU football makes you always going to be in the game it's him gain. While big we gonna talk about it now are out assume you mean to play out TNT game an ACC team to gain. I think now. All I know is what dialogue that tomorrow and I'm mama give my decision tomorrow. I respect Phil still feel steal the you know we Dez. Is football's prospective. And he had says Ellis has the toughest schedule just looking at the SEC west. I mean it's unbelievable. When you look at five SEC schools made in the top ten. And all have an SEC west as far as toughest schedule to talk about it tomorrow yup so Deke I don't know blessed about negated ten wins I think it's unbelievable great. I would agree I think some with Chris Miller on the news and moment on Kristi gave antibody to a couple of makes a lot of great stuff including. Saints coach John Payne new five year extension worth 45 million dollars north tomorrow before we knew he would LSU baseball vs Texas a and M. On the ability as always talk about that and by the eBay but it really resolved goodnight people that.