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3/28 4pm, Bobby and Deke, Saints new hires

Mar 28, 2016|

In the last 10 days, the Saints have added James Laurinaitis and Nick Fairley to the defense. What can Nick Fairley bring to the Saints defense? Bobby and Deke speak to Howard Balzer who covers the St. Louis Rams for The Sports Xchange and TalkSTL.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk all indicate he can about be a bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up today on the program we will be with the 7 o'clock tonight that we have things fell to the LSU sports network. What this week's edition of the hall McNair HO. And today. We talk about the teams that punched their ticket to the powerful the madness continues its weekend in the nation's fourth overall accuracy in the eighth. Houston will be the site of the 2000 at sixteen. Battle for fourteen a they'll look at history but certainly not historic name assuming service night strange named him making history. As Syracuse point about four double digit seed what's the ticket. To reach the national semi final so in Saturday's national semi battled we have Thibodeau vs Oklahoma to to see. One number one seed. And the North Carolina audio and the Syracuse all want to put their ticket. As a number eighteen C operate I warping your pole with a pay attribute it Ugoh dot com. We're asking about the final poll and men's basketball but in Louisiana into. Oh Louisiana College basketball team has never won the means in CAA. Basketball. Turn it meaning winning the national championship the powerful. Will. A Louisiana team now. Cast your vote on line QB WTO dot com anything can certainly Syracuse and make history but what you think about these ballclub Bobby three. Three super traditional name in Villanova Syracuse and North Carolina. In Oklahoma has had a solid program. Paul while open down not as known as certainly knock him out of Syracuse and Villanova but assuming that ballclub that we saw earlier this season. Come the bad route and came from behind to beat that group beat LSU in bad route. Pretty good field Bobby in this heat of the NC cute pretty much laid out. Well dig look at how it broke down you know I kind of took the approach that I'm gonna go with. You know senior league ball clubs and now and considering. There wasn't anything. That would all of us and changed my mind when you look at a number one seeds in. And it wasn't drastic differences between whoever was available or not if you look at its sixteenth held the top spot in the Associated Press poll. And I was one short of the record. So I mean one into a windy now okay is that thing was on the forefront followed by North Carolina one had a prominent ending in a one seed it. The I would it would all the little. Two season I got two out of four so. I picked Oklahoma to play Villanova now Villanova has to win and all. Right for the media be right about that now in Michigan football in over your Rezko we rationale talking about because I think a lot of people out of they've paid to do it like this that I only yeah you're Q you you win with such threatening you meet them that you had this state because they haven't seen the article and I had him losing in the finals Diana had rank ability Nolan and all that I picked the right national champion whether you like I I did you like those teams because they have that well but he. This is why I like Villanova could you look at Jay Wright's team. The key it was led by two seniors in two juniors. And considering. That part of the reason for the senior dominant this season is like ABBA impact freshman. So you look convinced him as whatever so I kind of just again will with the percentages if you would have been but if you look. To me rule look Tom Golan would I think Elaine is the team's overall. This year particular that was a strategy that can to me how reap rewards as far as. You know I'd dwellers sixteen I had a six Saturday now I got to learn for like a said. An Indiana of setting are beating North Carolina and Michigan statement. Was right Ohman Villanova and Oklahoma now with the distinguished LSU fans who won. And I'm sure. LSU athletic department and there their whole theory in that you're going to be well rounded. Well look Oklahoma football and basketball. Oklahoma is the first school. To put a team in the final four in the college football playoff in the same season. Not thinking about that in the same season. That day when the tournament. In the final four final four. By of setting bargain and it was enough said that aren't those the first number one seed two moves in the tournament but. So props go out to Oklahoma Sooners. And and that achievement and then beat the other thing I did. Besides seniors to become in the play. And I guess wildly in Michigan State that. Because national player of the year. Look look at buddy Gil would he's done and Oklahoma. And it was it was two seniors that were competing because as Michigan State added though Valentine along we've but he healed. That too pro bowlers as far as who was going to be. You know national player of the year so there was some logic you went disliked in oh I'm an office pool and is there and a pig whatever. And so there was some logic and it kind of worked out. ID when you look at that experience and what are all balls down too. Now on the little disappointing. Because. You know personal ties there to Malcolm Brockton. And he I was kind of a style watch and gain a starter march and again. When you look at Virginia how they lost to Serra keys. I mean and blowing that lead you know all of Sunday winning by sixteen and started second half. And in did they going to be serie accused of the B they've beaten him before. You know when all the sun back a. January 24 debuted a 67 he threw 65. That game therapy shot only. I'm 36%. That. Malcolm Brock and I know him personally and he was the ACC player of the year he's been great Atlantic Christian who played in my younger son a ball when they won the state championship. In Georgia and but he's only to a four shooting in their final game of his cavalier careers that. If you look at Syracuse DiPietro could be Puerto 39. And ripped off 25 the next 29 points including fifteen in a row so. When you look at that tenth seed and you got to be impressive president got to give Jim. On him. A ball and paper. And ballroom. And campaign they would like anything in battle yet could we have if when I look 'cause I look back his days in Carmelo Anthony. And when they we're able. Two win that national championship in 2003. That on a defense a lot times you hang in there. You look in the season. Even go there and have an impressive record only allow. Opponents. To score fifty and a half points a game. In only 31% shooting so when I look at that. That's a winning formula but. If you look at a Deke. A number ten seed to make the final four. Just afford double digit seed to accomplish that feat. Is the lowest seeded team to reason national semifinal since Virginia Connell well that day back in 2011. So. I think our Carolina's gonna take it to them. Philly because even though would you playing themselves our man they kind of go inside out. And if they deadly hitting their outside shot narco dynamite blow them out. But has been their Achilles heel. Pardon upon them for the Tar Heels their outside shooting. The shooting only 31% from behind our that was the worst in the AT Siebert the bottom line is. That did they like to push you get Evan on the floor. And as trends translate into a lot of points. When you break it down but. And you know you look at Brett that's another. Reasoned look at North Carolina senior forward of Bryson Johnson the senior average in a double double order best putters in the country. But did their Achilles heel has been their outside shooting. But. The guy on and are kind of like Villanova gloom a bad experience but. It really Finnessey. But boy to about a great to see. Some of the greatest guards he's seen in a wow. When you get a watch Villanova and Oklahoma play. Now we all know of but he healed. When you look at that there in the conversation the best back court in the country. You know obviously we talked by parity your buddy he'll begin the guys there cousin. Jordan Woodward. Deacon it would it would always in its doubly tournament. You have deep runs in the tournament when you tend to have great guard play. That that does not surprise me. When Oklahoma and in you look at. Junior guard charged hard. Has turned toward best putters in the color drew Villanova so that'll be interest in the seat and oh NBA scouts will be looking at that that match up guard on guard Villanova Wildcats in the sooners a local. Well certainly it's a cute cute time politte is Syracuse University because there women's basketball team won a national. A tournament last night they're a region and they put the ticket to the powerful for the first time at school if it says here cute as a team in its final four. And the women's final coming up later in the program was because some folks that gonna help us on today's topic and course the black and gold count to shore up their defense. And they come up with a couple players one badly and James they're nice he would Jonas all the football program. And nick fairly looked on how balls are coming up after the bombing out new musical with the Saint Louis frantic it was a take on how poke. Laryngitis and make fairly the eight. And that was a nice year with the St. Louis Rams defense in the morneau and physical deep into the National Football League from a division. That is known for defense that being the UFC west the Blanco signed. The nick fairly 281 year deal about because is that the pick up an experiment with talk about the knee put in here you're. Defensive linemen and the nickel what you do you do fairly fairly it was known. If you go back to the 2010 season that offered hand he was just as impressed old all the people at the side as Cam Newton was on the offensive side. Late last season with the St. Louis Rams Risley before that the thirteenth overall pick of the 2011 NFL draft Bobby. At a awful and it you know in the SEC defensive player of the year in his five seasons he has a 161 tackles that he solo. Fourteen sacks by every four passes defended or forced fumbles and four. Paul world congress and they about a Mobile, Alabama Bobby as up good to pretty good name for himself but he is one of the better interior defense of Miami in the league. And I Yemen though that you live up to expectations I think he's been a bus as far as where he was picked yulia the first round. The let's. Now much is given much is required now that and you look at nick fairly what is it thirteen overall pick. I mean I don't know he's hitting good you can say is great doing anything held the same thing we need is. Is a run stopper. ID give help all of a sudden an ideal has given up five yards a carry or four point nine right advance sobbing he can help in that regard. But I look acuity truly do. When he played alongside the best of the best. I mean he educate gas playing all along side Saddam consumed. You didn't young guy Aaron Donald would pit Woody do the Rams last year Kamal the Rams RB visit team and they got rid of them. So on nine listen we trying to get better understand all that I think he's a role player more piece of the puzzle. But to say he's gonna come in here and kickass I don't know. I'm gonna wait and see. Nobody did it even at that you think well I think did say is that a right playing by doing a one year deal policies like right around three million. And the reason why I say that's a good deal because did you prove yourself. Did that then you gotta decide who you gonna pay because guess who else's contract so Venezia. Jenkins. Yes so hot on running get paid Jenkins and they pay fairly. But it's no so who's gonna produce. So I think that that that's a good opening night committing long term and there's nothing to. You know that to be shy about the our car pooled blood on three million dollar contract. But if you let's long term security you got to go out there and do it and he now like I'm saying. Oh well when you look at where he was drafted. And how would you answer at fourteen sacks. A fourteenth party IOC yeah I'm one I mean. It is not like. He's saying in five CDs had thirty sacks will that be six sacks this season so no ease the run stuffer. And and I do is go along the lines and he's playing by Donna consume and down all I did Beattie truly Sana no he's an NFL player. I think he's a solid player right now I deal more in the rotation not necessarily view and what he did an Auburn. Will Woody can do in a Saints uniform is hard to find those guys and you look divas at tackle of the units have been. Again. Franchise quarterback supply demand so. I think is a great have a duty than him become the New Orleans improve himself. But again before he gonna commit to a long term contract he has to put more kids in the wall there when you do with the lines in the Rams. 2601870. Let's go to Derek and Gonzalez on I want their good evening thank you for calling at UW will. Paid deacon Bobby there's want to elaborate. On the up pick up makes Bally's and mr. Jerry Lara as I do think there with the addition of the other guy from Cleveland. I think that we go to probably have a good. You know policy great club back it cool in order you don't make it out there a little bit to fool but I mean it yard Jenkins he graduated. I don't go well no I'm not saying judging is vanity and counting though big deadline upgrade when you invest in and you wanna study tackle. That batting has become additional both of them. You know go go see who's been a challenge one another and put those kids in the wall and have an outstanding 2016 season. Yeah it'll probably would eat that about. You know addition of the gap between it and gay marriage. I is a Florida guy the Cleveland smaller. I think he's going to be instead of special teams guy. He keeps fighter play and like Ramon Humber and don't use them if they need him to be bids but but but but I think more. At a high level. On on special teams and all of a sudden. Do you see him have big gains on special teams now Lemerre lightest. I think is that the second coming or trying to be. The second coming of Jonathan Vilma. And they're deadly Timmy he's gonna take over as the leader. It that matters to -- January was drafted he still wet behind the years I mean how much they get their trust him. So analogous to finance that he can learn. Pro laryngitis. McEvoy you played seven years and you know missing gain that about as hard to do. Older when I don't know what they're not is gonna do. But I know from a leadership standpoint. He's always had a hundred plus tackles. I he'd be great in the meeting room his instincts. Now ought to be AP their turns out that Johnathan Vilma as unnecessary and a hall of Famer. But but shoot how can that couldn't help the safety appears to be a maybe trending towards the middle of the pack is that a last a warm before last. Old mansion Robert demonic reviewed all the diamond LE Hewitt to lead 630 right here on Kawika via radio comic baseball problem comes please welcome later in the program. Al balls that don't now for the sport exchange to talk about the St. Louis Rams and the Rams now have two a couple of them. And comports itself and it being the New Orleans Saints JRIs. And declared how thank you so much for joining us. A first of all your thought what I'd put defenders all the Saints eat. Well. But her first Wednesday. I know they'll produce a lot of people's sport facing those rounds but. You out 10 thought about it I'll answer and I'm wearing for the first official during the game this year's great burst down low certain penalties that look whatever it might be but. And in terms of those players. That would Laurinaitis. You're the Saints are getting. Pay a middle linebacker. That it'll leader. It is a guy that thought I would get despite down there already were now at the facility. He hates when they are today without work. And then he will know that defense in no time. And we'll do a great job with with teammates and getting guys lined and all those. He's not. K rate little looser you know a big hit middle linebackers that make everybody stand up and take notice. But he's consistent from down to down and has all the electorate and all the intangibles. And and make and makes plays he's he's obviously a little bitty years but. Like it at least he's still a guy that. It is very consistent and should help the team I'm very yours promising to good use them special especially with. You know having an active interest in that round yeah that so that surprised me somewhat. But I guess we'll wait and see on that but you know they've they've got a guys of the great citizen I'm sure we'll get involved in the community there. Pan. Thought in the practice although last year in the Islam because of the the elbow injuries and never let on I'll bet it was. And still. Didn't miss game. And that that's the type of guy I that the Saints are getting it and you know fairly fairly. Is one of the classic and a Albert you know under achievers. And like that that he came into the league he has the physical skills like you white. You never really stepped up in Detroit unless you're the Rams brought him in on a one year deal and he was solid I mean you either use a good guy in the rotation. Certainly what we can get a lot of snaps with Michael blockers and -- Donald in front of them and he made some plays here and there but nothing really stood out. Now I don't know maybe it maybe is different with the Saints would need. When he in the certainly need bodies on the inside that the Frontline if you get an opportunity. Perhaps he can step up and beat the guys that. Everyone thought he could be when he was drafted but it never lived up to those expectations. Yeah power along those lines and you look at the Saints defense in ironically. When you look at the game vs the Giants whoever had the ball last two reasons throwing seven touchdowns and the Giants are last in the business thing to Wilma for last and you know the kennel Iguodala would given a 45 touchdowns in one season as far as passes and that's NFL record. But I tell fans first thing's first you gotta go to stop the run through a look at the Saints average per carry. Bases say five yards four point nine yards a carry and you know go in handle it when anything thing guy you have Drew Brees and it. I think if laryngitis. And then you look at rarely do you come in here and just help them get to the middle of the pack. I mean and I'll look at one thing I think with fairly that he's not gonna sack the quarterback that. Could be could be just a run started criminal first down and now it's second and nine at seven mate is that it may be. Second in Sixers second in five that that he be doing his role. And and the one thing about wanna comment on what you said about laryngitis. And Donald is playing here in erotic game inning game out. Are you accountable. Can you answer the bell we brought in to now Ellerbe who is very athletic and unbelievable that you lucky B please have this season. And some guys they can play heard of this came available one thing an Aaron I didn't think you have a guy. And in and it wouldn't have happened to seven straight seasons you got a hundred plus tackles my and I'd be the most flashy. But he QB I held accountable we can we count as you know he's going to be there after his team. In the note no question you know so many guys and a decent beer and Donald included. I would talk about how important our night as was make sure everybody lined up correctly and and doing the right things so that that is a big part. What he goes well and you're back here point about stopping the run yet you do then yeah well it is funny Powell. We we talk all the time about a two quarterback league passing lead the league and Matt and the pin and it down in the nitty gritty. We all series we have to deal stop the run and on the ball. I got I think I'm old school I mean I'm glad that I was I was cut I was covering the NFL and Bobby is required that you went. Well. But but you know normal school when it comes to that I think the running game will never go away and quite frankly I think that's one of the Saints. What do you think this is when when they've had there are really good years. That's when they've been able on the ball. When they don't run it than the other thrown an allotment defense is out there a lot and breezy at times and forcing the ball because the pass to. And you know I thought the Cowboys. A perfect example of that what looked look with the Cowboys to two years ago. What would DeMarco Murray and great defense and everybody was old group would be. Well we don't want you look at the numbers they gave them the same exact yards per pass. For yards per play. That they've given up the the year before the difference was they were on the field as much and they didn't they were on the field for as many clay. Because because the balance in the offense and to Israel the way they were able to run the ball of course down to Tony Romo does Brian all the so. I think that. Needs to be. Want wannabe you know that being. Think that the Saints have to do have to emphasize is running the ball on offense as good as Drew Brees has because you can do that that takes pressure off. Your defense and they're not on the field. However when you look at now. The fan base at Saint Louis. In the inning you have some diehards that are still follow the Ramsey into the in Los Angeles are are. They kind of sublime and go back to the Cardinals wide open or are there are dealt with the in effect. You know it's it's a real good question and obviously there's no one answer. Hazardous and use him a couple of million people whatever it is there's going to be. There's going to be summoned all of those groups on there there's probably going to be some people that grew up with the Rams here in Saint Louis that are out of the millennial younger he. You know younger people. Schools thought well that's been their only team and for others who have been here longer in the live through the Cardinals reading it now wouldn't program leading. In a lot of ways that fielder on the football especially. The way. Saint Louis was here. On the way out either ran and felt that they were done wrong by not only ran the piano go off. And and where where there was unbelievable effort within a year together stadium plan on the table. And the NFL lead singled to believe. That that could be enough. Keep the Rams when in reality I think everyone into the conclusion that no matter what they did short of paying for an entire stage in the oh that. They work they work in that they they were all out program. Believe so a lot of people with a real bitter feeling a bitter taste. In there now after the way the whole thing came down a lie is in the interest or so and so at that. I don't I don't know that there will be done. With the NFL it is too late and to meet people playing football now they want thank goodness Super Bowl remember the Super Bowl game. Whatever it was green and a weak. After the vote it was actually a better. Rating share percentage of TV all there was a better rating in Saint Louis for the Super Bowl and the welcome Los Angeles solo. Yeah and it felt fans are going to be there what seemed victory I think that's probably going to be all over the board. Now Howard supply and demand on what your opinion on this. When you look at these contracts and unproven quarterbacks are a what a few gains experience. I mean Drew Brees and right in the go initiating you might say okay look Collie finish this season where he was that. That the starting point look with Flacco got a pocket and I'd be a 22 million plus silly because in a market. Now you're you're exactly right and that's you know if he's he's been would only get rock while they were gonna have to quote. Over there and of course we here at a lot of the a lot of position when free agency opened. And and certain teams are gonna go out there and spend crazy money. And they need explainer whether it's a cornerback whether he president pass pressure you know whatever it. You could you can only sign big guys that are available and so. From the group that's available for guys that are being in the past are gonna get the big money. And it goes up every year of the cap goes up. And and teams at the span. A certain amount of money I think it's obvious that history has told us that it's not the way to build a roster and when you Branyan. Whom much is too many of those guys that the odds are that a and so market work out I think. Football is unique game. In that respect. Because it's all about it it's all about Howell and guys hit on a certain team in the ultimate team sport eleven guys on the field. At the same time if not it's not baseball where the center fielder in one city center fielder and Albert city. And there there's not a whole lot different and but in football there pan and a lot of times some guys just don't bit. In certain places in the guys around them aren't quite as good and to your not gonna war. As well I think that's why we see a lot of a lot of free agents just don't make it and we see it seemed like Miami. Which in the last two or three years have spent your money on free agent and a lot of those guys. Didn't even last two years yeah I mean it's it's it's an unbelievable. And so you know yet to be I think he actually easier but he really really fearful. When you do that but you know he's kind of been good. The pressure's on to make the big splash and all that even that economic probably wondered Purdue on the right. How volatile in the sports exchange it talk Saint Louis dot com over the Rams talked about it fairly. And Cain allowed nights at eight ball the 721 on to a power always a pleasure thank you so much from time. It makes our all right I'll go with 631 thing though that he really huge sports network as the Tigers take on. The Tulane green where and that's all College Baseball Bobby speaking. Of Tulane green Corey talk about us play. The best basketball coach at the Louisiana. Just got car. Mike Dunleavy become the basketball coach Oakland Tulane university of the Vietnam has. Earlier this week but he takes over Tulane. It to the college ranks WT CU coach. Many franchises National Basketball Association the book that. New York native beat LA Clippers the lately and a walk both Portland trailblazers in the vehicle the year 888. And by ability would. This is the visiting cute car where to line I think I mean not well. I don't know how they got an award I wanted tejada if I I hear why I debated is well you know I mean I made it out there balances. Right but let me put him to pursue it it is Diaw gone that's impressive. Yeah I think is why I've wanted to come back home in and that makes sense that I think the you know we always talk about. Don't leave your family talking about obviously coach Dunleavy and and his son. Yeah you know playing at Duke in his NBA career it. His other stuff don't wanna say it's on the Villanova staff. And so when you look at a basketball. You know common agent they have for Thanksgiving Day in and out you know that'll be interesting just. You know kind of be a part of that but yeah well and when I seen well. Is life as a home girl from New Orleans ago she when you get old. You know let you mail if you don't you kind of want to go back home and feel the country's old. Andy being about what is he really have to do for two. Any game. Yep but what I'm saying as far as accomplishment you can he. But I like. He can be development conference anybody read and exactly. It'd be a team that's you know get a piece of currency in the conference tournament and have a chance to go to particular there aren't exactly yeah that have to play in the post season so it's like. And obviously demand. Winning chances where you know that's our household name yeah. Yet if you know basketball like it household name Bob not about us that it would rain like that publicly like is how focused he the other day eight. Whereas if wears his best knowledge yet whereas that may come from the NBA right right OK he's that a city would it be great the stroke. As all of thing. All you have Beers in his C. If that's even come decision but you never know what's gonna happen behind right scenes but. In an eight I it would be accounted but those basketball basketball mind who know basketball if he didn't register in your mind when you first or my ability take over Tulane. Yeah I don't know what kind of basketball ticket colonial here because I. Well well to try and look after a Tulane is the path and and most LSU fans to say hello to lane you know. Right but. When I'll look at c'mon that NBA experience if you local. Player arm as say you have that ability to maybe play professionally one day. I mean he knows all the ropes is a pocket did not help would recruiting when you talk with the Mamas and and and seeing the guy in the belly be kid and give the best opportunity to play professionally. And anger and Miami Herald and get a classes yep and get a great education at Tulane also. No doubt about it so he would obviously be introduced at the Tulane Duke made the basketball coach Mike Dunleavy see you tomorrow afternoon. At different feel house of course that the big there courts also over the weekend coming up but the top of the Knicks now eats at you week. But we Q do you boutique ought as causal had a. Hello David I don't know maybe is silly you this if I'm wrong but that they have there raise the knees then a means to someone please text. Because I kind of looked information in an odd and I mean you'd think they have a race even though. It is these seven dollars trying to find that that embrace it go yesterday added their resources so laden. And only giving a NASCAR they what I can give you an update and was going to be in Houston because us owner breakdown of the rule changes and again we give you that went about John paint kinda count. Count on they kick off return to be an advantage. For the save an amateur you lie I think as can be one and done. As far as the NFL because of strategy side become I'm that's going to be part. Of mine NASCAR of data be the new rule changes. About what you can get out into Ballard 25 wise I think he can help the things that what would be the strategy fumbles kickoff coverage teams going to follow. And also through Bob to talk about total weekend it was a LSU all the road a top six matchup in baseball a top five match up that softball of course the Florida Gators and national champion the last couple seasons in SEC play. Takes three. But dealers use all ball semen that with a lot of food errors in that cycle talk over the weekend so it's interesting hardball or softball the ladies and baseball talk about baseball grounds are. And the pulpit there issue coming up later he's Bobby pin at the Philippine sports talk at that you don't that you go bureau.