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Scoot Show 210pm, Cell Phone Gun

Mar 30, 2016|

Would you be more likely to carry a gun that didn’t look like a gun? A Minnesota company called Ideal Conceal has invented a gun that folds to look like a cellphone. It's expected to go on sale next year for $395. "Looks like a cellphone when folded up, but push the safety and you are ready to defend yourself" - that's how Ideal Conceal describes the gun concept, which is still pending a patent. According Guns.com, the gun is a .380 derringer that holds two bullets. The prototype is expected in May. Do inventions like this help the good guy more or the bad guy/ help protect or does it hale the public or people who want to hurt us more?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about a politics and the Republican town hall meeting last night on CNN hosted by Anderson Cooper and the big topic of discussion when Donald Trump. Why is about the simple battery charge against his his campaign manager. And people today are saying that Donald Trump should flyers manager but Donald Trump kind of doubled down and said he's as standing by the guy here's part of what he said last night during the town hall meeting. She's grabbing me he want to just stop that she walked through Secret Service she had a pen in your hand which could have been nice to could have been just depend which is very dangerous. She should not have been doing that. But he's talking about Michelle fields now I thought I heard earlier that Michelle feels. A reporter who was a supporter of Hillary Clinton are not not that that should matter. You can supports a body is still do your job receive as it as a journalist. Potomac trumpets got a joking about she grabbed me maybe he should file charges against her. And then I thought it was interesting when nine Anderson Cooper who got into the discussion about the wives. And the battle between his wife and I take cruises wife. And I don't trust him body starts and Anderson Cooper said that's the answer of a five girls. Which again was what was interesting. I'm I watched it last night there were a lot of interesting things that came up and there are a lot of people saying that Donald Trump should fire his campaign manager because of what happened. I saw the videotape and if you saw the tapes that I've seen a seen a couple of different angles. I can't really tell exactly what happens now this woman Michelle feels definitely changed her story. Because if for she said she was yanked down. They just have almost went down she kept her balance. But then after she this was what trump said last night after. The woman realized that there were so on video of the incident. She altered her story a little bit to make it seem like she didn't fall down but she was grabbed and had bruises now. You know it gets. It gets really. It gets really like a contact sport and they are when you're trying to get to get to a candidate why she too aggressive or was Donald Trump's campaign manager too aggressive don't know. You know we we have to wait to see how this how this all plays out. So we've been talking about about that did that defied in the Republican Party which was really obvious last night because the place that these candidates took six months ago. Is out the window. Not one of them last night case sick cruise or trump. Agreed to support the nominee. Some of them hedged around it more than others but. It was obvious that none of them really wanna support that they're not willing at this point to save able support the nominee regardless of who the nominee is. I think they might be more likely to support John K sick although. He so long shot at this point then cruise or truck which support each other but it was really fascinating also I thought it was really interesting last night. When Anderson Cooper of Cooper was talking to Ted Cruz and and cruise criticized the media. CNN fox and MSNBC. For giving trump so much free air time. And Anderson Cooper told Ted Cruz I invited you on my show what we've turned it down. And his answer was kind of vague after that but I thought that was an interesting moment. Anderson Cooper did a good job done that a good job of moderating that last night are coming up on a pop culture calendar into the first break up big eighties rock song out by a band. It was actually discovered by Jon Bon Jovi. Mean Jon Bon Jovi here if you play and suddenly he says eight you know you're good and you get a recording contract that's a pretty good deal. And also won the album that was number one on this day in 1996 from a female singer who was also an activist what do you think about this gone. This new gun vet. Looks. Looks like a cellphone. There's a gone on the news and it never see that you can you can Google it. There's a gun from a Minnesota company called ideal conceal. And they've invented a gun it falls back in it looks just like a cellphone. It's expected to go on sale next year for just under 400 dollars. Would you be more likely to carry a gun. If they didn't like it got. Would you be more likely to carry a gun. That looked like a cellphone. And when you have an adventure like this. Is is. Is this something that helps the good guy. Or does this more benefit. The bad guys. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601878. Very code 5042601. A seventy and a Texas 87070 here's our party general opinion poll this hour would you be more likely carry a gun. That didn't look like they're gone. To issue opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com. AI at this is coming it's kind of interesting because you know what else could they intent to to actually be Communists is kind of changed bond like. I mean if you haven't seen this thing take take a look at it really your clips on your eclipse on your belt. That's intellect a cell phone clipped. On your belt or cellphone type clip I don't know whether it's. It's. Set to go into the cellphone clips we have today but it's a cellphone like clip on your belts or your. You know you're walking down the street with what looks like a cellphone has really gone. And again she can walk down the street. And you could be on your gone you could be pretending to be talking to some in the foam you really are on your going to swapping orchid on the street. But then again we have open carry here Louisiana so somebody can do that anyway but do you think more people would be likely to carry guns. If it did look like you're gone. If it look like something as common as. As a cellphone. According to guns dot com it's our dear insure that holds two bullets and a prototype is expected out in May. I'm just this invention. More help you wouldn't need the good people. Or does it give an unfair advantage to. The bad people. Did you enjoy this for the comment on numbers 2601878. Gary code 5042601. A seventy. And a text is 87870. Here's our party jag opinion poll would you be more likely to carry a gun. It didn't look like a gun. 88%. I. 80% say yes and after 88% say no and 13% say yes. You can give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com here is a Texas says is the cellphone gun considered concealed. I don't know I'd somebody have to answer that question for somebody who's an expert on guns. I'm assuming that since it's. It's not hidden. I would think discovered the guess here I would think that technically it would not be a concealed. I'm gonna. Because it's it's that's out here you're you're not concealing it. It is disguised as a cellphone but isn't that different than the definition of a gun being. Concealed. You know I just I think about the that the possibilities and I think about people who might be more likely due to Carrie Garland if it looked like a cellphone. And is there something else that we could we can to have somebody tried to turn into a gun something else we can conceal. Yeah I mean you think about that this stuff that the funny stuff that was in I get Smart all the gadgets and and you think about some of the things that. We saw in the James Bond movies. The gadgets that were actually guns like you know and an Austin Powers that's another great example. On if you like lipstick could turn out to be like a little gun of some of some kind. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy in Waco 504. 2601878. Texas State 77 I love this audience here's a Texas as a cellphone Garnett can you hear me now. Yeah I think I can hear you just fine I Gerri you're under the WL. He had a temporary thing and he they're coil or cell phone. Style. Gone and I mean let's face it in the we head gunships and gun belt buckle. Ted gun controlling actually sudden. It's not really something you. And in the past. Boats really didn't have a great deal. One way there on and a people using. There are for something that looks as innocent as soon and benign as it has cellphone do you think this would encourage more people to carry a gun. Libya as you know and and everything that is what you just described it to cut the church. Most people carried gauntlet of at least six. And I'm not talking about most people who would carry gun I'm talking about people who don't have a gun and I don't carry guns because there. I guess they don't wanna walk around with a gun but they might be more likely he carried this and I'm talking about I guess first time gun owners. I really don't think it would have that much effect on them a partial and I just don't think. Jerry I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601 a seventy. Every cut 5042601. A seventy a text number is 87070. Here is on a Texas as astute Anderson Cooper went over the line when he editorialized. That's the answer a five year old we gift when crushing trop. Well we all know they do that don't thing and Fox News does it MSNBC does it and CNN doesn't and I don't know again I don't know what it's gonna take to get people to realize that you know the news is just not that objective anymore. More of your tech support your comments coming up would you be more likely carry a gun that didn't look like a gun I got a gun coming out that looks just like a cell phone. This is Cinderella Bon Jovi heard the Spanish that you guys are great they ended up having a record contract and this led to the beginning of Cinderella didn't last that long but they were they for a while. I just go to the afternoon and this is where politics and pop culture meets your opinions and will be back on WWL. And on a pop culture calendar for today marks the thirtieth he resigned his day in 1996 this swears that number one album in America this was a song from the number one album. It's Alanis Morissette to us Natalie a singer but became a quite an activist. I stood in the afternoon and ledger weather's here's an update on our party general opinion poll overwhelmingly. On on one side. Would you be more likely carry a gun that didn't look like a gun 93%. Say no 7% say yes I'm a little surprised I thought it was going to be different from that. I give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're talking about this interesting new gun from the company in Minnesota. I deal concealed listening to the company its expected to come out next year prototype on Sunday I have seen pictures of it. And it's brilliant for Steve because it looks just like an iPhone. It's gonna cost about 400 dollars it's a dare enter with with two shots it looks just like an iPhone would you be more likely to carry gun. If it look like and I thought. If it didn't look like. A gun. And would it be concealing again at a text here from somebody says it's under the shirt it's concealed. So if you had this cell phone out on your belts and it was just cooked to a it was just talked to. One of the things that you hookah. Cellphone too just it the writing on your belt. Then it would not be concealed. Now it's disguised. As cellphone fighters it would not be conceal I guess because it's out in the open. I Dennis here on Demi WL good afternoon. It doesn't matter what it looks like weapons concealed that not to seal its gonna. No matter where it looks like. The thing is a gimmick. Yet he would you give you real files are raiding you get a grip this thing by its stake out an amount. I mean you know that that could have I mean you know people people do sometimes grabbed the wrong thing. I mean somebody could somebody can grab that cellphone gun. Emmys on the cellphone too is just to guide the manic and they can get a call to confront their phone could ring they can gravity like shoot themselves in the year. And as somebody with sable. Huckabee got shot the other year while the old. I mean. I Dennis and Plaxico if you wanna join his figure comet this afternoon. Numbers 2601. A seventy. And any else we should I think about it turning into a gun to make it easier for us to walk around with guns you know we can have a little fun with this. Every code 504. 2601. Insanity text numbers 87070. Here's a Texas says says cellphone guns will be just like other garments thousands will be sold then they will be left in unlocked vehicles. Only to be stolen. On their thereby putting more guns on the street. For the bad people against unsuspecting people and that's true I've gotten a couple of text. You know one of the things that that people go for if tea. Assaults you Beers they go for your wallet to go for yourself only go for any like that that you have. So in his case. They think they're getting the cellphone but they're actually getting a gun so we don't that's not. A good thing. But I would think that no matter what this thing looks like. Anybody who purchased it that anybody who purchases. Would. Would be Smart enough. And I I say you hope that they would be Smart enough but not all will be you hope that they would be Smart enough to realize. It's still a damper on. Is not a cell phone. So this is going to be on the market. By next year. Their pictures of an out they show it folded up like a cellphone and then they show it. As a gun. And I mean it does not look like a cellphone you know the idea that the two barrels are on the gun under the side of what appears to be a cellphone. They don't need to look at suspicious because OK they're bigger than the phones for year. Headphones you're plugs or for whatever you use you putting your phone your your battery charger. Base not a usual wouldn't be holes in the side. On the phone. If you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica 0504260187. Attacks a 77. I jammed right here under B of a deal good afternoon Janet. Do. Eat the the that. Are more at. People out that he outlet in our European there are not an album that. You need are not to worry at well we're about whether it actually got a daughter now. It's it's an interesting point if there any out police officers or retired police officers what do you think the police will thick of this I don't I don't wanna speak for the least I would think that they. Which did share your concern Janet that it would not be a good thing. Yeah about that. Botnet. A lot on and on but I. There 80 yeah exactly what it looked like. It. Jennifer's difficult but yet think about it somebody could be walking down the streets of like an approach you and you think they have a cell phone in their hand but they actually have they gone. In their hand. And and does an adventure like this more benefit. The good people you would mean for our protection. Or does it board benefit. Those who want to do something evil with a gut. Our numbers 260187. Erick are 5042601878. 77. From Mississippi Renee welcome to our show. I assume you're leaving are you dude. What more we have been it's questionable whether North Korea in quarter our church well my residence you mark while market. It's the core they'll build two you know it's nice Obama. And now Mario quality in my pocket. And Marc Cherry Jules quarters and my and so army so cute and you sit with your slippers. So you're your your weapon is a sock with two rolls of quarters and. Absolutely. Because of the walls pleased and am open video poker and you're from allies. I want a video poker. That's really interesting and so you carry two wallets one is kind of a dummy well right. There. I Renee I'm I appreciate your call. And from home of Bobby your under the WL. You read a column by. Which featured at. Via total. Like they'll all you walk to Tibet. Which opened real weapon. That barrel Ole group conceal weapons. And how difficult would it went in and eat you go into a bar with. I don't buy that I hope that should be right electronic. Played guns and so now we're shall we got to sell or a soccer. Should not be a bit and. Should there be a law that would ban the manufacturing of a gun it looks like a cellphone or your thing and let go. Looks like a household items. Yes sir I'll look they treated the law should prayer. Whether these very. Bob I appreciate the call I love this text again I love this audience this'll bring new meaning to the the term should be taxed. If you're on both stay with this if you've got a comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601. A Saturday tech state 7878. I've stood in the afternoon we're talking about a manufacturer coming up with an idea it's a garden that looks just like a cellphone. And I mean just like an iPhone. Is that a good idea or bad idea. And would it make it more likely feed to carry a gun if it didn't look like a guns. We're coming right back with more your comments in more your text and here's our Deborah W elders update with Chris nor. Yeah I had never really thought about theirs but. Marco one of our our sales managers here and are con just entertainment the studio during a news break and he he he showed me how he carries. He carries around a dummy Wally in his back pocket and he's got his real stuff in his front pocket. Just like the other guy called a minute ago it's a good idea because if somebody approaches you you pull up that dummy wallet and give it to on its not like you and you have to wait for them to come get it 'cause they might get there while this in the front as well but you just say here here's my wallet. And may be they would be satisfied enough and and and take off I may be not it's not go stop you stop you from being approached but it might stop you from. Actually really being robbed. I got a text or get back your calls here in just a moment I got a text here that says scoot you were not an independent. All of your commentaries support the Republican candidates. When they do something real stupid you always say both parties are guilty of it. Today you're repeating a lie about what Susan Sarandon. Said regarding a voting for Hillary Clinton you are meaning get much more. Then what she said. You were deliberately saying it out of context she came on MSNBC Chris Hayes last night and explained it. The life you were putting out there. Are to make Hillary look bad. Well I imminent dependent on that's not my opinion that is fact I am registered independent. I think it's amazing you know some people will say I'm too liberal some people say I'm too conservative so I guess I'm I'm I'm doing my job. If it seems that Serena had to go back on and explain that it's no I didn't hear that I wasn't hiding it I just didn't hear. I'd die she should know set to issue centered in the first place because if I took it wrong obviously a lot of people took it wrong that Ningxia to go back on MSNBC last night. To explain it. Because there's no question I was and we played the entire cut and she the other night she said look. I'm voting for Sanders. I I don't think I can bring myself to vote for Hillary because people say she's a liar and she was essentially agreeing with that. White we're talking about this gun it looks just like an iPhone. It's on my phone it's a government. Is this a good idea which you buy one I John a year under the WL. My quick comment about the block yeah. Any. On. You sit there. I don't think it ultimately. It's. And there are. I ultimately. Mom well. I. Think about these. And bill. And you know acted they're bankers. And Johnny I think that's a good point because you know a lot of kids think nothing of picking up a real gun but they would really think nothing of taking up a cell phone that was actually had gone. How I would like that take that. Johnny I appreciate that call and from Metairie and new year on WW well. Here is that acts the real thing yeah. So that the purposes it looks but the gun. Why would view. It I mean microphone. To cheer at the point of this like that would make. Air travel like ridiculously insane they would not want an excel or complaint that. You know. That's really interesting because she I guess you could put this like it was your media looks just like a cellphone. Now if this does it hit the market as it's expected to next year then I guess TSA is gonna have to start looking for. Cell phones looking a little more closely at at as cellphones. My job I guess the purpose of this is I mean I guess it's kind of a gimmick get somebody invented this and they felt like. Well if we can if we can give people something that looks just like an iPhone but it's actually a gun then maybe this a whole bunch of these. Yeah it's seems really ridiculous and silly but it's. That's my opinion. Type any alleged cult and from New Orleans Gerri welcome to WWL. There's going. There's nothing against the dumbed. If it. Costs cell phone as well. Yes not a cellphone it just looks like a cell phone minutes ago. Probably it would. Lucas where you know I would on the most. The newest book what happened. Like what you are the caller is saying you know be great kids they're like it to articulate like that the couple moments like Google and you know. And what happened to get 10 Nokia QL. Just don't make that he would do anything to make a you know. Jerry I think it's a good point so the question is if you had a chance to make saved a million dollars. By inventing something like this that you knew was bad for society. Which you event. Which hold back on. And how do you stop somebody from attending something. How do you put a ban on something I mean how would the law read if you wanted to ban. A sill a goal and it looks just like a cellphone what would the law read. And we have to expand beyond something that looks like a cellphone IV couldn't have. You couldn't have a make appear. They could be gone. You couldn't have. On I panicked there was actually a gone. Mean how would how would the law even re so if you can't pass a law that would prevent somebody from inventing this. Then I guess the only other thing is to just. Promotes personal accountability. Are you human rejoice for the coming this afternoon our number is 260. 1870. Arie cut final four to 601 a seventy tech's number 87870. I'm skewed in the afternoon were just sitting around waiting on the world change as John Mayer put it very musically. Coming up a song from the soundtrack of really one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. You might agree with me that's coming up on this break we'll be right back on to be if you don't. All right remember the scene in silence of the lambs where the guys. Putting the girl in the van. Wasn't this the song that was playing. Every had that he safari was trying to get a furniture piece of furniture in his in his stance of no help nearly did. And he he gallery in the air. On this day march 30 1992 or silence of the lambs won five Academy Awards best picture. Jodie Foster Anthony Hopkins won boast of both best actor and best actress. One of the scariest movies I've seen I mean not not scary in terms of a month well you know the guy was a monster but I human kind of monster really novel always. I'm always so watch that movie whenever Sony and electors scares me a we're talking about this on this new product it's a gun that really looks just like a cellphone. And damage seen it globally to take a look at it if it might be on our web site and it might also be on Meyer of web page. Go to WWL dot com. And under shares schedules lookup disputes and it's it might it might be there but if not you can you can find it. It looks just like a cellphone but it's a gun on Brett you're under the W well. They were taught to you. Our pomp and the big guns the bad idea and I'm personally outraged on so long problem. Because I mean I got a lot on myself I like collecting guns. But usually buys buys would you lose you know it'd it'd as a practical use rhetoric talking mostly deal all. Eight can be collected it and some might I'm commuting back and humble pie shop on ala. Don't know that made it look like a cellphone just commercial brands now think they gonna sell uranium. As a gun enthusiasts embrace you you know you want something that looks like a gun something that is ago on an endlessly on you don't want a gimmick gone. Right right and really you know about it as why would several stopped on me that I mean the police are gonna have problems with this. Because. That might in my old looking at these search and audio you wanna lay in on. On a call. Our sheet that they pull him as somebody and let them anything common cold town has gotten out of you know. Brett I appreciate the call here's a Texas says are screwed terrible idea as a black man I concede dirty cops claiming they thought it was a gun. Especially. With the public tendency to record. Police. Altercations. Debts really. An interesting thought oh yeah I I thought it was a gun but no just herself and if the cellphone looks just like a gun if you saw somebody. It looked like they were threatening with a cellphone you might think it's a good and I'll from nor coach mark here on WWL. You know terrible your. Why. We are hoping Gary laws. So what we want it Easter you didn't break the law has gotten into where it. Well I I you know I'm my first impression was that this is going to make it more comfortable for some people who don't own a gun they don't have the gun they don't wanna carry a gun because it looks like a gun. This would make it easier for them to have a gun with them all the time if it looked just like an iPhone. She's so well. We talked about that. It's a terrible year. It took the or at all. I walked to the current you know. But yet he might be at 12 o'clock. We cell phone aren't. And more security. Airplay chart it or else. In the so. I. I know that you could mean in looks just like an iPhone and it clicks on our on our a clip right on your bill just like the just like to cellphone so I'm assuming that if it's not concealed it wouldn't be considered a concealed so weapon. If it's out there in the open and his open carry meet its disguised as a going. I mean just to start cellphone but as well. This kind of got it up. Yeah. Mark appreciate the call if you wanna join us for the year comment on numbers 2601878. Enrico 5042601. A Saturday. Tex or is a 7870 here's attacks that says tonight interesting yesterday lots of callers were worried about trans gender might walked into a bathroom with their kid. Parts don't seem worried about a guy walking into their kids' school with a gun it looks like a phone. I'm stewed in the afternoon and we'll be right back on WL. It talk about George showing us. Cloudy Wednesday afternoon I know everybody's hoping for the rain to hold out for a Wednesday the square as far as I know when they went to the square via concert free concert at. Lafayette square. Every Davis and every Wednesday this time of year says still happening here's a quick update on our party jaguar opinion poll would you be more likely to carry a gun at the didn't look like a gun. 82%. Say no 18% say yes. And you can give us your opinion Debbie if you don't dot com I'm getting text like this when. Cellphone gun at what next the issue phone. You know remember that from dying from get Smart the guy's phone was an issue. We can you imagine if it. This thing does look very realistic and be looked realistic like just like an iPhone. But it got. My driver on the current account to cellphone. L when your under the WL. Deliberately. Placed along the picture in Cleveland well is yeah. Well suppose someone come up to you. Entry this just let go. And nation itself or the like could go over. But what is. Wrong. And remotely close to cops aren't ready to do as with the arms race. But when you say we don't we don't need that. Somebody made public a lot of money selling this Ohio how do you stop that. We so it's up to it's up to people not it's up to the marketplace not to support. But that. It'll. Music and that means they're. So I mean you. Click on the point. Goes through. The cops. In league got a trying to protect crops so. You don't know who here. Well especially if I use you have to be suspicious of every cellphone thinking that it it might be on a gun. I like the idea of the marketplace decides because I don't know how you stop and attention from from the union senator and and being marketed. Here I'm getting a couple of sun attacks like this when there was an article about the cellphone gun. On the company said they sent X rays of the gun to TSA so they can tell the difference between a gun in the cellphone. All right but still they're going to be a lot of people walking around looks like they have a cellphone. But it could be gotten we'll be right back.