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Think Tank 1210pm, Threats to America

Mar 31, 2016|

The U.S. military is totally convinced global warming is one of the biggest threats to America and the world’s security.  Does that convince you to think the same? This hours guest: Dakota Wood - Senior Research Fellow for Defense Program at the Heritage Foundation Max Hoffman - Associate Director for National Security & International Policy @ Center for American Progress (Expertise: Turkey, climate migration security, food security, defense policy)

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Yeah the other two global warming. And for those reviews saying. No one and keep doing the show actually went to England and probably over a year. Our corroding jaguar opinion poll that we do we're day that you judge probably shouldn't do it at her. Where have skew. If you move Terry and so combined global warming one of the biggest threats to American and world security. Would that. Persuade you of the global warming of problem. 80% of you saying no it's itself no surprise that she usually. What you out of control and scientific inside and pulled show. Reason I'm doing you know Mosul in the appeal in line to being being polluted. In a pretty big crowd don't highly educated university students. Listening to and Berrian usual man medal Obama wonder beard now. Good money on to be an extremely successful. Financial slash bank coral on Wall Street. Teaches has taught at war college. West Point. And advisor to presidents general shall want to remember. In in my personal conversation before you begin talked with students. And in the column surgeons said on the bottom right to write a bright politically drew can be. Charms surprised. During the a conversation when him with questions and answers. One of the as students. A question that Berlin climate change. And he said while a member of the military and military who's totally content. That is Tuesday clear and present danger. And when he says that as a general I think I think I remember hearing that. So went back and you're late at this thing a compliant with Scientific American. A median rose to national security posed by global warming a new pentagon report. Employers climate change to William read multiplier. The throws October. Poorly or India and go and so basically it is an immediate risk. Give they'll decided this would go to decode woods who stood the prone to than program at The Heritage Foundation go to. Thank grids time. Revenue so when it's corporate supporter what do you think the military used water and this looks like. I would say you know. Depends on how you define military. And that's just not work employees when you have these are reducing global policy documents. Who's actually generating so we uses the relative political appointee. Who was reflecting the administration's. Perspective been saying de facto. This is serious threat. Or is it so Mort beat the component commanders. Circus leaders. The regional combatant commanders is that they're assessed opinions. And what does Qatar by businesses with that so would these documents aren't seeing coming out. Urgent would be pushed but very very senior. Politically appointed officials like secretary minibus in the navy secretary horror. You're running do you the and interest policy long so the work it is so you really kept it who's generating that statement and what they really mean part. One amongst burned persons that you know move on whether it would be when he says and those. I say DL but is this political initiatives say liberal president. Orb you though during all of it turns ago conservative. Game. Asking these questions and one thing the military do what they won it said no he says. I've looked at the information on these sort of siege and war Colin Jews have got rising sea levels. Thank him that good blood cold store military bases the United States round war. And the all Leah this national intelligence council. Defense Intelligence Agency in some sort of start as well they do these long range future security environment projections. Spoke talk about it. Talk about weather extremes. Do certification in the early curable and availability horrible quarter. How these might be generators conflict between buries people's inaugural hands over your who has access to water. If you receive this organization. Of the worlds or it'll be agencies mega cities like bars and places. Twenty million people thirty million people. Rising Q levels how might that affect these are insiders is that clause. You know economical or oral and whether it it flight into other carriers and you've got two contacts with migrants refugees so personally look at. Indicators long term indicators of potential conflict. There and the argument is if you at this global warming. Trend line. Do you have increased potentiality. For conflict and Egypt's oh. What are the implications for the US military response. You were Chico who might need to. Unified against or what region to restore order again. So usually the time rise this decades down the road and Pittsburgh kind of four neutral looking. I come back to the reality show so what does it mean for military forces used for Procter today. They already treating humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to already geared up for fighting an opposing force so I don't know that the future projections. Bob really matter. To what the united states military greens war. And prepares itself for anyway what should talk about a past expanded scope. Which means we need to ward double triple quadruple the size the military nobody's. Our them you'd take a break we're coming right back. Debating once again and global warming and this mid at least the Pentagon report to a number of reports coming out of the military. Singh is its national security Britt worldwide bruised cut threat multiplier. What do you think any thoughts comments to proceed 0187. This. Patrol about my meaning. A very. Impressive. Individual Copeland XBO. Medal on the border bring Vietnam. And central successful street in in the constitution leaves and a bug global warming. Teachers at the war college teachers that went forward. And he said yeah yeah buddies that I believe in and in the military. And in Cleveland and preface it. But saying you pretty much are right Winger. Towards progress but went back to group located the year 2014. Our pentagon report that colored climate change to be re imposing. An area. A global threat. Where Dakota would Wear this sort of moved with The Heritage Foundation decode. Hello and pulled him and if fund sued simplistic grew more troops and your jumps don't think that's right this is more. Political. Then a military bully. What I think Kyoto. One group says that it settled science of global warming news Riordan does she use our news batteries and equally vocal group mixes and so you corrections a decline in temperatures are stabilization. Increasing our scout so that the scientific debate I think could still during martial artists. They're very much in dispute so were the military comes down on that is. These are the monetary policy guidance and direction from the White House and that's department of the executive branch. And they tried to can't account for. Various organs have been articulated either demographically economically environmentally except for a and so what are the implications the United States and national security. Members and so if you bar AD global warming argument. You would didn't look at incidences in increasing. Well over where to win and how conflict might occur so what's it occurs in the region. Were effective United States and that tax markets access to resources. The safety and security of US personal citizenship so opera than the military is gonna try to count for that but I think it's it's over reach. To say that the military record. Bodies into the totality of the global warming argument and I also think that caution needs to be up. Accounted for in in saying that that the military needs two more dramatically change and so wait to count for that. The you'd think there that the owners. Conclusive. Evidence you the way yet that we do have. Global warming good of the proceeds it's a big problem or we don't happen. Are acting this historical record is very clear that the planet does is goes through periods of warming and cool ice ages they received. UC optics in the in trumbull cover. Attraction of boat by his players so I think that's very very clear well substantiated. The argument news. These man made global warming European mission of horror and the missions accelerating. And what is the rate of change so the next ten or twenty years. Would we see dramatic change for social phenomenon. That we've been experienced across and. Event part do you think we have a conclusion yet. Oh. I don't think so I think it's still very much over for the papers and manipulation of D'Amato and some sides. In terms of your hockey stick graph that people talk about it where you're taking our discourse temples etc. so. Well mark I I think it's still during much of the new year. Were the military should be concerned about it is. What's the relevance to the military. And as to change equip being harsh to marine readiness the types of operations. That should should expect to undertakes Arctic that's what the military needs to focus. And and bear whip me and I agree with you didn't spill in the air armed website. Preparing turn of the shore brought about fuel and blushed you know of them seek social. He's building his gigantic battery planned out of new. He's Allred produced these big batteries for lying. But he's promising lives in seven years. Don't produce affordable battery wouldn't only records bought homes in these cut billions. Of investors at this point. Berber and that you so much. More than a country like come with the it was such an amazing record of innovation and inching read through but he did include the driveway and call card and truly. Conservatives. And liberals. Concentrated. On capitalism provinces would increase our well and this singing I'm. He of global warming is strong. Virtually eliminate. I agree with you completely basic more options are better because it makes last at the wrist or west ball horrible. Do you videos source of energy powers compromised in some ways so we were totally new to order nuclear. Single point two total weeks possible fuel total wiesel were. You know the you don't wanna be in that situations more options you have the better it is. And I think that's where integrations of the marketplace. Competition for ideas. They're capitalists harper really should be harnessed urged an exported when it comes to national security. You really need to differentiate. Is that a permanent fixed installation and so from mobile force. What is the that this sources apart in the portability of outsourced supplies. That's that might affect the at this sustainment of military operations is that the single big views. Horry talked about for use in vehicles and aircraft so you've got all these various abilities. Throughout equation and you need to swept energy resources that are best suited to their application. And I think this is something that the market can deliver and in portals and mr. reduce current global code and go down that road. It could be that you wrote mission. Energy but resources are perfect for some applications. Where his and other applications to just don't make sense and we need appropriate period balanced rational we do that analysis. There's you'd think tank a lot of boom we get talked to experts so decayed wood thank you put the time in the energy in the phone caller have immigrant. You. And probably. The birds warned that scribe would million I don't know pupil in my line of thinking put. I always hear these debates and global. And I don't understand. It that it is addictive. Brief but again that this tequila in Moscow bureau no we actually your health. Via social corks. But he's building this Charlie getting I mean it's a rule all rule like 408. Corners of culture. Would these these high is tight group creativity and technology. That can possibly imagine tens of billions of dollars. And he's gonna build battery use that he says. Well deliberate 3035000. Dollar car pure battery. And Linda batter breeze on the home. Utility companies scared deadlocked over. Your view of the code is sort of the hockey Stig concept and right. In technology has been just shrugging the wall he. 400 and how old age of years. And all the sudden that reaching the end of the hockey stick it's the kings parade up. And win text the eventual group hits. It's going to be there Ribery. Where. Would it and why we. Did debate over global roaming. And and take a country. That we would egg golf core. On renewal of rocket. Fluid to the moon. And a couple of astronaut. Drove around the moon card. And you're telling the week can't. Develop a battery. The wrong how the water business. I don't believe that. And of must have. Entered the government of the world would get behind this kind of thing. Ended led to that economy in the nation global war and manner of its rules are now at. He eating there against greatly reduced or. It's it's like. Conservatives. And liberals. Dole won solutions to what they debate. They're just children's owned or its humble. Will Mars song and it is in their conclusions were bigger than yours well northern not my song and it is bigger. It I'm Candice writes. All we have to do is grow through capitalism. To get a product. The increases are what old and it has saying I'm stocks or reducing global warming of its car. And accord would I've talked to pour Harrods foundation. Could not get more conservative the first words out of his mouth totally agree so old that the eight. Anyway we're here to be a liberal side when we come back soon it will us. Our image throwing what we're doing is sure it's usually hit the self and go global warming real and there's a reason. We've we've done the support of leaders. Polio wearing the red section of the United States is that it's a no brainer that very few people Lehman and the beer and a little crow at some mixed re really Smart balloon eagle from. With a bar. Universities with and remembering good results two. Education the kids receive when openers. And observe local home and they'll word their hero or rather impressive figure I can talk to move forward and talk to the student. And in our conversation you described himself about it right over right over right. Could be but it can politics. Metal volatile Werner Vietnam. Very successful. Emperors military career. Financial career on Wall Street talk in the war in college Welch points. Personal friend graduated with a number of generals and advisors to president and obviously. Highly accomplished man. And would end the question and answer period of one of the young people said to him about. Or asking question something about global warming and he should well. The military board chose him appease their raw we. Court with the league and of their bench about it. There would doubted and they think it's a real moon posing threat. That surprised me but it it jogged debris blurry. Memory of the couple years ago weren't they can't remember that. So when background Scientific American de Havilland want the Oden the reporter immediate wrists and national security. Posed by global warming a new pentagon report. Declare climate change Soviet threat multiplier. None of this June to October 2004 to embolden you read through the Pentagon report in detail which I did. They called it immediate security groups they'd talk about it. Arctic sea delay in starting to know and the awards it couldn't curl route or reused sources. Underneath what used should realize that the talk about military base is being loaded goal of the world. And talk about terrorism. Coming from countries. They get inundated by the coach to rides waters. Who lack of food like water etc. And we're just got through. Talking to rev presumed to veteran of foundation. No surprise there than a disagreed. And there Joseph moon was winters said this type of report. In particular where it came problem. How high up in the chain. That generated these reports it's political. It is ups so liberal lieutenant to say. Please. Issues. Or true when that old lieutenant are. She was always would dread look at be on the side of the court and we have backed Altman. Director of foreign national security in Nashville policies center for American broad progress. Also expertise climate migration security. Food security depends policy so maxed thank you appreciate the call. Output to be here opinion are. So. Well I think that. The military's probably one the best institutions to be looking at this problem. And that's because they they really have time her ideology or politics I don't buy the argument this is politically driven. What they have to do in the military and an intelligence community is now ten to one years in advance to trying to anticipate changes and prepare for them. So really their summit that's put people to be to be looking now. Strategically in trying to figure out how how climate change is gonna affect our world and actors security. And assign you know at the scientific community tell them that they do almost unanimously that. Our climate is changing and that's gonna have wide ranging pictures of the next. They. They you know they say OK well there organist that it is problem in the ground figure out how we're gonna have to respond so what they've gone out last ten years ago. Is begin to investigate. Slow and the sudden onset. Six of climate change and what they've. Uncovered is basically this that climate changes changing basic environmental conditions like rainfall patterns in temperatures. That it contributing to more frequent and powerful storms. And you know it's indeed need doctor explained. To anyone down there how how the big storms work in outrage in they can be the bigger the senators. But in many ways this slow on setbacks are are going to be even more destructive over the long term. It up the change in rainfall and temperatures that undermine role livelihoods are mean and heard in addition. Those disruptions can contribute to decisions to migrate which can further complicate the picture. And it. You know the second order effects of those things have undermined farmers and herders and fisherman around the world can contribute to greater competition for resources. Our migration and instability and conflict. And the fact is that government. You know here but more particularly weak governments around the world are ready to respond and you know that that to worry into action the military has to add to grapple. That's not even the mention it over the very long term one of the most serious stretch which is a sea level rise and again you know down and we can't you understand it's very well. There's new research that says these polarized caps may may melt faster than we realize and we could secrecy to be a crisis country. So it's it's a serious threat and I think that China. Trying to politicize it is not accurate. Macs don't go very quick break come right back. Rook is would you agree or disagree you wait we have have Barton have Bart's second. Recollect for its people bad. I would submit have a whole a better understanding than 99%. Above questions comments we have Max hopman. 200187. The show because. Men tea highly decorated in the move on military men and he who reminded me that the military. You believed in global warming and is preparing or. We heard the conservative side from the herd did foundation that basically said they thought that was politically motivated. We're talking the next hop and a director and that from obscurity and policy. Center for American Progress. And changed her become strange little bit different wrecked. On unbelievable bill it. The the people knew more people who so hopefully we see yeah. We're told probably. From 1970 million document re formed scientists. Engineers and medio over and over and over again. The flooding of New Orleans hooker of the dissolution. Of the southern half of the day it was recurring. And they paid little or no attention and most people give you broad subject go up one. It won't talk about it or two if they did blatantly. Now with the all that says. Watching wouldn't pose today scientists nearly double. Sea level rise projections. War. 2100. By the end of the century. And other senate oceans could do. Ride. My clues to more than six beat by the end of this century. And experts largely praised the new marvel. As thorough and impressive but noted. There's a lot of remaining uncertainties. It couldn't convince people. To get concerned about something. That's the end of the century. Might happen. And its conclusion. Is Unser. Think that's. Speak you know not in the and that's the Chilean. Government he. It's. I think it's psychology around climate change and global warming and and and all the problems that are likely to come what is an art in them where are starting to see. The psychology really difficult because. Human beings naturally where. We're very bad. Necessity in this sort of long term risks and we're very bad at. At. Kind of eighteen up to things we don't we don't wanna believe happening. Climate change in many ways is that problem from viewed you know from from Al opera governments because. It requires. Cost up front to address the problem weld on the line. And it's hard to get people dude to agreed to take steps or pay for those sorts of things. You know setting aside even the argument over whether. Climate changes is you know caused by by humans I think the scientific community unanimous on Apatow and decide. We're already seen the changes for the five warmest years on record. Came in the last five years. And you know we're all parties seem very bizarre weather patterns were seen the melting of the the polar ice caps. And so. You know all of our best scientists are telling us this is something we've got to worry about and I understand the local level the community level. It's hard to change. Routine department. You know I think about the unthinkable. And it's hard to think doubt that years down the line. But we've got a start reacting now we've got to start. Addressing the root causes now or worked we've marketed and a pretty pretty tough situation. Natural and we cold call in this thing to think because. Lieberman and well would try to get both sides we can skew the time people like Q we can do it so thank you borrowed time thanks for the call. Mean it. Double oh big big celebrity AM in climbed three and a program. Don't gold Wednesday. On board and scoot on to. Day. Merger and then outskirts. Abroad and down and Trombley is controversy. As is the best weapon applied ice axes and terrorism lobe for peaceful founder Mark Zuckerberg and so. And to whom. It's. Applicable. Would overlook. Screwed is next on goal way Delbert I am now.