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Scoot Show 310pm, Amanda Shaw Live In Studio

Apr 1, 2016|

Amanda Shaw – a talented young star from Mandeville who brings a new flare to the Cajun fiddle. Amanda is an amazing person who sets a great example by the life she leads. She’s bringing her fiddle so we’ll have some LIVE music on the radio!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I she's a good southern girl but you know there's also this little love rebels' side. We've been talking about doing this for a very very long time I welcome Amanda Shaw to our show this afternoon. And we've been talking about this for awhile and I became fascinated with you knowing what you do on stage for when you and I had a chance to to sit and talk gap in between. This moment so we were doing things I thought I really became the. Just easier comedians. Today. I remember that that is that was quite an hour. They became impressed with you as and as a person and he's you torture fatal. So we're gonna have you play a little bit of that we've got some of your your music going in and out of of our breaks here. But I really I guess I wanna start with talking about to view. There's the site of youth it's it's kind of honky ish I kind of got up and away and then there's this there's this cajun fiddle. Yeah yeah I you know I just. I really like half I mean now I always like act I think in music and like is. Big variety of music and and I take take a little bit from all the different beings and I think there is sighed as. And some being rebel asked about I think probably all that different you know as especially light you know like Dolly Parton is one of my feet Britain and not just because she's a great songwriter bank. I mean I mean Salinas I'm not kidding my favorite. Record you know in my fever act Kerrey's I think it's so well written it simple in the maladies of beauty of fun it's one of my favorite taxi. For my birthday guy and original press and back in on the Angeline activated it's like my favorite and and but it's it's not even just that it's that she was also. The first woman to really do it way as she did at that time mean now in every ticket to another level you now and town. And I really admire that he now in San you know Dolly Parton Hannity. Early you know punch card sending type when he is an attic heated it's you know it's that they Nike enacted to be like I'm gonna DNC. And firm and like to think that I track. I like that I like that come. A nation they think they cajun fiddling and what you do and then there's this other site if you Dolly Parton a sort of your early influence is who else influence you musically. I really called a frank kinda sound varieties you know idea at lake Bonnie raised scam ever please the end Asta LA now. I'm Christie Heinz he's more attack that that Iraq hairy now 1% in more modern and I think one of my favorites here is Amy Winehouse at being. I she's in really good writer TS I just like listening to head tests on listened. And stories and you know I like every time I listened Healy those kinds of bracket I feel like I get to know not just the artist that the person who wrote the song a little bit Maureen now every time analysts and you. I say hey your in your mid twenties. And a lot of people would wonder where where do you get the experience. To to right Padilla a relative to your life I'm sure you've been through heartbreak I'm sure you've been through. All the things that we all go through week I'm maybe I've been to a few more than you've been through it but you've still been been through that. You've right on your personal experiences. Yeah you know it's so crazy I I am at a time that you know I have been ice price and in that has been more on my mind you know I. I recently in that I touring sits Ellington becoming again in your unique had been a couple of years since I. Hi Danny and some of the questions he asked me like I said he was a teenager at the last and I had. Then on toys and to some of the questions he is asking me. Definitely like made me think Elena bank and have. Eight eighths. It is differing you know growing out and playing on stage it's different but it's the same mean now in and there are challenges that may in my life has that. I am and it's it's I don't feel you know. Like in some ways I maples you'd think about it in Munich you know I hope when I am writing this song and I can drop from may be some experiences. Bank. And I hope that it relates to other people are at they're able to take it from there experiences I think that's a good sign steer as you know it. Might be a story that you write that you don't necessarily have to spell it out because that's for the listening to deal with the sun out for themselves. I that's I guess that I try to think of it. Me for if you budget towards this afternoon I'm screwed in the afternoon and it's a Friday were heading into the weekend we're talking to Amanda show off. It cajun fiddler but she's got this and she'd decide tour that I've always admired and thought was interesting also a singer. When you travel through Europe when you're in Switzerland to you know we we think about. The cajun music indication fiddle and and the music they did you play here. How was it received in a place like Switzerland. You know it he's so crazy now I think one of the things I really have to paint is. Being from Louisiana teen alien and it's and in an have always been proud at the time that I have always carried with me angrily and impacted the from from this area and there's a lot of really great being with act you know culture eyes you know people hearing everything. And when you travel to another place it's incredible that number wind that there is always a group of people because. They have an AD NA dream of what he lunar New Orleans as lights you know whether it believes whether it's died it had there's some sort of by the act. You hope I can get this show just he has New Orleans and New Orleans essentially in the evening. Rain and then term. He now back alleys went to China where car to take care of that brand has it has I and buried get there. For me and they need now and in their people that show up because they've been seen me play and you know that had to be in this last time it was buying I get there isn't my fourth tour that the parents it's Alan. Their fancy brat Munich flowers as they haven't everytime I Cummins and play they Ali hasn't at least Michael Weiner teach they took from the multiple shows. There are you know for the team. So you're you're kind of like the Dave Matthews Band the fish stand DO widespread panic band of Switzerland. Have a well you know acts it's a really and eight that I haven't actually this guy. Town and his name is Tony past goalie and he's the one who brought me that there has been bringing me so that there and that Tony Ryan. Really long time ago I played. Ein a cruise ship with Albert the Clinton which acting and another story. Out we were and that album Clinton blues trees. And this guy Tony that's glee from Switzerland. And he is enjoying a vacation with his wife and based on me. And me term. AB ass if I would play you know he's a musician and he hasn't come from Switzerland he was like it's been in thirteen. Is old or fourteen something like that it was crazy and then he think I'm an immigrant my album in Austin and in fact if he can I eat there which he put the final part and he now it's that the gay did Aggie guide the way. And that he and we daily renegade time amnesty and we wrapped an island and one bang Ian and we had arm and it is gang. And an X six months go by in any company says the government it is. Release France's CE did the hearts and mind if that's in the 1990 leaked. We keep Herman me an enemy and special gaffes and I. Still Larry in and the team unit that they. I'm. I am like fifteen years meaning sixteen. And it and among makers to learn. A year at. Any night he now. Quickly realizing unique it's an overnight flight and you know that the league match on the screen team he is near where in serie. My mom and I we can't practice plans. And some might come back and when it comes to the pain. Act differently chronic and he was severely yeah mainly and other things happen and that relate this and it would be the only cleaner Ryan really. I nominate candidates explain your religion it is sleaze. And then on I. We're talking to leverage target to Amanda Shaw she's like in the studio with us on this afternoon as we head into the weekend together she's gonna big game coming up on Wednesday at the square. We'll be talking about that also we come out of this break. Amanda show all doing the clash. Which is one of my favorite meant to SARS I'm stewed in the afternoon and a shot we'll be right back on WL. This guy. It. Yeah accident is still doing that plants in highly I love this aspect of and to show she placed the teaching fatal hit a lot of musically in that direction but some of it is just politics he's got his. And Tea Party. Goth site her she's like the studio is what we're gonna do this so once in awhile with a people and and made united talking about this for awhile soon Tony get her on the show before we get back to a man that would remind all tied. Fans that game one of the LSU all for the series has been canceled for today because of the weather. Not a surprise to like to everyone so there will be a double header tomorrow on our sister station three WL. Thirteen fifty. And it's on three WL thirteen fifty the cause of the NCAA final four games that are going to be tomorrow so catch LSU Auburn game one at 1230. First pitch 1 o'clock. Followed by thirty minutes later. Game two and all this is on three WL thirteen fifty. Then on Sunday. Here game 3-D O issue all the series very important series real issue you'll hear that right here on WWL pregame starts at 1230 the first pitches or 1 o'clock. On the home of the saints. L issue an NCAA basketball. WW well. You'll be Wednesday at the square which is a bit of fund account and I'm when Daly just walking through there and so you walk on your way to attack coming as it was last year Wednesday discretion for the concert series every Wednesday afternoon. And it's free and you'll be performing with that you don't know than I have a lot of respect for locally the vets. Yeah I have my eighth ranked the bats are gonna be there and I starts I. And dad and I play after weary and I I'm super excited because it's gonna be girls' night you know my friend Rachel and IBM there. Slain at the flyers have really excited for it about the other is bad weather is getting out its system right now. And it it should be I know its effect I looked at that long range forecast your good looks like it's gonna be nice for most of next week as well as this weekend. So. What would you and I were talking you know while we were judging something we weren't paying attention of contestants who are taught you know we were actually. Just a like they were telling up the other the scores. On. You you told me that date to stay grounded you actually do more than just perform on stage and that really impressed. Right you. Outside. Prefer and kind of incur. You have a little bit of shopping problem and it east. There is that Egypt. Clothing store and I act. He surely beats you in in the mornings eight currently the story. Of me. And you know me and we packed the eggs and eat a decline in animal and weaken it. If this counts the that it's that. But you also told me that you did that because it it to kind of keeps you. Grounded it did it kind of keeps you in touch with reality. Yeah I you know I be. My my brother had started working parent. I don't now right and just as I. You know it was just a new challenge her as like I think I can do that I wanted you back now I would that. I'm gonna try that out the I wind and I applied for the job and I had an interview and then I had to deal that. Employee Elie canned in unity thing training in on the safety training in every day in. It missed it it was something I just I would BFI new challenge you know how easy it could be tech. To say like I'm so lucky that I've been working for essential I attack and and in some ways you know that there is an aspect rates make. I didn't have to think about going to college and what I mean each year would be the lack you know where I was gonna go up I me very Johnson just. Spy you know would be fine too just to use something like that you know keep it would be a big challenge for my out that. You know to have to go to trailing the ballot that in you know Peking Alex who Wear for the interview they might have that I answered the questions are I. We did you also told me that there there were people working with you did didn't know you for Amanda Shaw at first and I mean you're working basically in the of the warehouse before a bit into the store opens a stocking up placing you doing this to support your habit. But that date so then they realized who you work. Yeah hey dad because when I go in since it's like 5 in the morning amusing experience Janet Hanson lake. Hair still kind of half teens but not both BP is. And that may be one cat eye is on the other cat eyes and tell us your notes it. Pretty much of that Fiat pretty much a match winning when I'm there I am. Give us a little sample and not a lot like music on the radio on you've got your fiddle yeah how. Got news break coming up register you know just for moment John I don't know a playable suffered for so he's a you know this just a wave radio used to be a long time ago I mean when they were disc jockeys ever disc jockeys because they weren't spinning disk. They were introducing live music so here's Amanda Shaw and live music on WW well. And Alyssa Thomas how old you are what you first fell in love with the fiddle because he you know for somebody Yuri you could have been a guitar. Other you know I list alert I was watching TV and I asked. I am's side sham in May have like an orchestra and they said that by Iranian. That is that. I was just love at first I really lives and they attend my mom and instead that's what I wanna damn. And it's interesting how those things consulates and you know you do I hope everybody finds that moment in their life where they'd they feel like they're doing what they report on this earth to do. And and I can relate to that I did music radio four for many years and when I did my first radio talk show interview a few well in the other early nineties. I just remember thinking god because I thought both this is what he put me here to do as much as I love the other this is what he put me here to do so. It's it's great when you discover that it at four national. The main thing and now I just I really you last thing he now I have that I did have a guitar and I have. I've either instruments an idea like that play a little bay you know just at my house seen him on that. I know a little bit you know at each instrument but nothing like it compares to playing the violin in really does feel like that. A piece of my personality. Ian now and when I played really it's just a part of who I am. Torre Mormon man who shot coming up on stewed in the afternoon we're gonna come out of the news break here with Amanda Shaw doing. When she did a little adjustment on a song by the Ramones. And a lot of guys want her to be singing the song. To them. Will be deck after this WB a news update with Chris Miller. I had some of the show. Kind of doing a little adjustments. To be Ramones song I wanna be your boyfriend it was a wannabe girlfriend and you know a lot of guys would like he could be singing this to them. And text earlier from my testimony you made some reference I don't wanna make the exact reference but something it has to do with his fiddle and you and anyway. I'm I'm sure there are a lot of guys ever have a crush of. I. If they you reduce do you see that he Lucas you know there are male stars and and you know and sometimes it's a lot of females having a crush on them do it guys are crush on you. I think the three key guy is there ready to kick. But he Max I don't think they had then anybody anti Clinton fairy and a video the cute guys you band a protective review. He had barely make the barely their very. Eyes are the that you know. Because of what some people think of me which of course it's just stupid and aborted deal with the earlier but because of what some people think of me. Five or higher are remembered talking about. You your band the cute guys and I want to say that's the name of the band I don't think they're cute it. Every night somebody else pointing their Cuban subsidiary of antlers. Your band is cute. On the let's talk about two. Let's talk about the reaction did you get from fans some crowds are are different from other crowds. On some crowds are going to be more enthusiastic. Than other crowds some crowds are easier to two win over. How do you how do you deal with that moment on stage when. The crowd's not really paying attention do you like you want him to hot car do you party win him over. You know that's really pan am to really get plates to bring up that's another reason slack I don't really meet Aaron I don't makes that less when I play. The tenth and when I plant like to try independent. You know I like to play TU out to the crowd Venus at times the crowd is like really. You know really Deanna and ten times they really wanna say the racing today. To the stories at the suns. You know you singing in an analyst sentiment that the words and everything. On his cell act you know it's fun or meet their way because I feel like am I in beast. Ease down really really asked him and they really passionate about music. And lessening I'm passionate about so. I speak. Understanding that different people in Chile in different ways is it totally OK with me because you know I think I was just telling you off the air about you know and you know how I am me Ukrainian since smaller towns and beans and how it's associate because people aren't. Watching them on time and they're like he still excited and they're not maybe necessarily they're not in your face preparing joining justice matches. Every person French Carter fast he's app against the stage you know screening and everything you know and they appreciated test is nineteen and it. And they'll bring me a little Nasional and now even take pictures at meaning that pictures of every year I've played the festival ally in that and and it's it's a really and they needed to meet. To me at the end intent to CE how they appreciate an easy because it is an act I think about the music camp. Yeah and are you going to be actor punch train vineyards in bush and that's gonna be Dumars should be a wonderful. Time for that I really. I hate about back his it is when it says it's that it's relaxed everything gets to bring their picnics and I'm a girl who loves a little. Low lying in a little pick me pick this that it's at like that any we have we see that the square afterwards and we trapped. Mac French court of Aston nine we have a lot of relief and being seeking Ali can attack ace but can he can ask. Follow me on my PG compile audience clean air and in sticker I am and I can find out all the shadows that Lang. And that you know keep up with everything re dealing. Yeah you're you're coming coming up this this time of year you do a lot of hustle and if you've never seen Amanda Shaw do you see her on that the list of bands that are performing Amanda showing the two guys. That's the name of her band now my opinions and and take advantage over to go up meet a lot of energy and you hear yourself yourself positive that you're not everybody has a you know I mean I like Rachel and those events and I think they are phenomenal. The vets are so interesting to me because dear. And they do original music but it looks and they. Sound and look like the eighties to me and their stuff is great but she has it definitely different persona onstage thing you do. Yeah I dad and in our fra and then now I seize up and person to bounce ideas op can she is is that steeper create FT house out. I if you do want to join us with a comment or numbers 2601878. And Yuriko 5042601. A semi tech's number is 87870. Here's are pretty general opinion poll this hour. In the course of the last few weeks the media. It has many people saying they created Donald Trump does media darlings but giving too much attention they're now saying. That the media is wrong and condemning the media for taking truck down. So which isn't isn't the media creating trump. The media darling or is the media try to take trump down. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com got a couple of text for Amanda we'll get to that will be to back I'd screwed in the afternoon with the event to show live in our studio. And every if you help. Maybe. This is this a man. She is okay June fiddler singer. She's also got this little she signed earnest on. And covers of some rock fans I love for energy onstage she slide in the studio where as a graduate this. I here's a quick update on a pretty general opinion poll so the course of the last couple of weeks the media they're admitting it said created Donald Trump by giving him too much media coverage is now being criticized by many. For trying to take down trump so which is it. 71%. Say the media created Donald Trump 29% say they try to take Donald Trump down. What's your pick of your if filling this is who've got you live here in the studio watching the title song played well something else force. And I got a text here that wants to know if you have heard the eighty stand Lone Justice because your voice sounds just like the lead singer. Well. They you know and here is another text to have you heard of him. I have not bank act you know I haven't either here's Texas says is there difference between the fiddle in the violin. How well Dennis Miki who is an old time heat in Atlantic that he that he did in the past now. I'm wrote most this means that a player in the cajun music players and he liked says that the difference between a violent NFL and that of the island is carried any case and it it'll scary and rights act. I love that here's attacks that wants to know if you wish you would have been cast as Hannah Montana. Now I'm having so much. Rain it's so in other words if you were if you were were Miley Cyrus is Miley Cyrus would be sitting here and I would be sitting here review. Yes so I think that turned out good for both I mean I'm unhappy that you're unhappy Richard you're a man like shopping for clothes and wearing well initially on the aisle as opposed not ironclad right. Yeah and you know that we sound. Apps and we talked about it earlier year you're having if you just joined us Amanda Shaw admitted that she's she's just not happening you know that a lot of musicians and celebrities has not any Manhattan it's it occurs ish I. I haven't heard of anybody dying from an overdose of shopping. At any age not to drop a bit this very quickly I promised to do this hour earlier he was on this day in 1970. Then oh either play just Moffett. On this day in 1970 Richard Nixon president of the United States on signed into law. A ban on all advertising for cigarette commercials on radio and television. It's amazing. To think about how cigarettes used to be promoted on radio television and here's a commercial that goes back to. The Flintstones. A cartoon. These guys were promoting cigarettes. Few we wanna do so before it okay mom I'm about regular. At all but I get a better idea about why would they. I'm glad it went defense though one focus cigarette that delivered flavor and funny kind of track. And they've got that goes up right there you have read. The women coping pretty different and only with the heads of both front when it comes. We're ahead of the pure white folk group. One of them facts right. They'll back those specially selected the men especially process but could play for him for the smoke you have my name never. Like the bigger match. And an earlier bill and then what do you buy it when. American telling me things don't turn it around you really week week. Create a commercial and all of the all of the doctors. Debt vet recommended that the commercial said. Most doctors recommend camels it's that it's that cigarette choice of doctors already dismissed just this was so amazing quite able some reports. It is just keep playing point of view as we go to break and skewed in the afternoon and it on. You know I wouldn't be effective. And well. If somebody says that this man from the eighties won't justice. They used to be victory. The senior citizens and community. The similarities here. Yourself there's nobody else. Yeah. My own so. Coming up you could be Wednesday the square with that that's just a free concert in Lafayette square right after work at 5 o'clock can the forecast and I'm looking at two it looks like Wednesday's going to be spectacular as his entire weekend. To be attempt posturing vineyard in bush Louisiana tomorrow. And there will shift coming. Of course we have the French choir festival turning at. We had jazz in the car and and to have we outs of course happened B jazz festival in everything coming out actually have a month sentence jam packed with kind of show as in not only happen. Is some really big announcement that I think we're gonna be can now with next week. Say. Except I missed any being nice aegis when EC about me can always follow me on face but until mid air on in staggering and timely after eight back. Quite a day it's out and. And by the way like somebody in their mid twenties stern breaks our commanders on her cellphone that she's taken self easier ST a hero and then sweetie amount or whatever. And I'm going to be doing the show lives of the Friday on the French Quarter fast so all right if you works out I'll be in touch of your works are you come join me for a little while for that Friday. For French Quarter faster that we can have different court it's like so what's so what's another song and it it's just something that does it I would know something of the eighties and nineties or. More or today and I am I not as much as I respect zydeco and cajun music I don't know a lot of it and it's not a part of my life so what can you play forming. That I would know. While. Let me. It's working. Ranked at one okay this weather can totally go for some length before you sure. And we Debbie your favorite over white. Any rainy day definitely. He and Andy. And in the red ones do you do you like the ideal Kiichi like the sweeter deal occurred to O'Keefe has the smoky flavor. And I. Say you know I don't drink a whole lot. Saying I dislikes and their next. Full life and I'm gonna. Oh yeah I I love I love fine line and comedy show a really nice bottle of reference point OK so let's do reverend going UB40. The Samantha Shaw. Very cool very very. Yeah I've got gotten some guys are getting some requests for things like I've come on Eileen and another source. I and he's eight we. Bring out that any country. At its network evenly that would be a Nicole. I am I told to remind everybody through Texan also from our news department. Please. Please. Turn your lights on if you're driving it amazes me that people can drive in the rain and they're not aware of the package is supposed to turn your lights aren't meant to show lobby thank you for coming on. Thanks so much for me. When thank our executive producer Diane Newman and our associate producer Tom and assists and our studio producer today. Is John wick I guess toes Christie Garrett telling everybody Adrian next on sports talk here on WWL. And don't always like going on so wise stay with a set of course you've got all the latest news sent weather updates on our website at WW real dot com. I'm screwed in the afternoon will be back on Monday it's going to be a long weekend because I always can't wait to get back here with you. Have a great weekend like you New Orleans.