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Think Tank 1010am, Forfeiting Money & Possesions to Law Enforcement

Apr 5, 2016|

Should you have to forfeit your money & possessions to law enforcement if you haven’t done anything wrong?   Florida is one of few states that says NO.  They’re passing bills to stop “civil forfeiture.” Should Louisiana do the same?  This hours guest: Marjorie Esman - Executive Director of the Louisiana ACLU Raeford Davis - Retired Police Officer & member of LEAP

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back to do then tanker road short twelve good beginning felt like groundhog today. With the new record for victories spewed and of trump pulled in North Carolina booby under crumpled bell mobile million duke from businesses could be and a prompt. Well I love the Senate's renewed we're all Wisconsin pro rumors that he corps brig trump. A bold talk to world problem political analyst at Gibbs server idea. Above boards and have been in the end at 11 o'clock and Groundhog Day again. Will the Mexico Dubai or most of easy Ana. There's new news site and to do it said he couldn't say when we've been seen or looks years. It's as this might be true. But there's. Always a little to do in the mid being that says may be EU or could be in the end that says it's. And about the year. But regardless in keeping with the area public circumcision. We will read the year title include excellent to have the search. A couple of experts Rondo wetlands. And it's kind of thing and did talk about it. This hour. Fast and it's a meeting occurrences are. I don't a number of show moves and something called civil and set or future. And I'm sent do you do that beliefs because of this civil absent or picture. Can seizure car seizure home all all your money all your body and without ever having entered short drew with the prime. And there are many many stories of Britons and people being stripped of the money and property. Bylaw and ports and pulling for having pulled. Isolated have been so oh over the years and have been telling you about it. And reverberating about it layups might not realize that between blood. Being NS. Are ready for the as. Does not mean that the state house to return your property how to we know the Supreme Court. A viewer minded states. Has held that the units are all depends is not constitutionally. Require. And he called. For it what do witnesses totally in her. You'd talk to a quarter. Of timber industry. And I guarantee you they would give give me answer. Room in the league system is still in the war. Nothing about outlets picked. Not about that change. It's just always. We and we're probably illusions about it's about some world already ports or our Florida. Passing sweet and syllable Abbott said or did cure reform. Unanimously. Supported. And the house in and that's and that's by dimmed by the brow. So rewarded by civil liberties and porcelain organizations. And 84%. Of registered war. Portly and Syria and once I actually bigger problem now. She's changed her number. And a few years of uncle and put total. I know Brooke I checked slide changer thing. But I'll is under Margaret. Beckett rhetoric. And he. I'm bad I'm sorry woman yeah and needs. You gotta give up into the. I know you don't go around from Baylor gonna you know but I have yet. I had to do about Florida moved its. Oh good in my dream I'm. He. Should make them wrong with them and finally somebody is doing something about it so. You know thank you for the you'd think. This is the word of began as pinpoint as a civil forfeiture is not a criminal proceeding and that's why the Supreme Court said that they can't about. You know that the rules and did yeah. And pardon me glued to lifted pulling some Republicans I didn't quite get it and yeah we say civil. They do our own charges against her car. Against your home and each group a picnic and. Your property. As it's like McConnell when you get. That's where like. In that time. It does reason that there is set to be able line and a criminal line is because the standards of proof for different. Mean tackle little cash that they play to make sure that they can continue to take stuff. That keeping you in that would otherwise like to practice proper electrical with the culture. Stay at college at Oakland did not the right to differ from that Connally speak. At the end of the day fine states like figured out that this. Did Pakistan agencies in people's assets and then making them prove. Net they have the right to it and say you know it's like will change everything upside pan yet that your attention said Italy around. And state has figured now. That this is. Unconscionable. Way for war. Local workforce agencies to enrich themselves at the expense of people who have done nothing. Ends in dispute currently. Hold. But bull for a Florida in in in for the rest of the State's win today charged. Your property. With a crime I'd use your property. In civilly. They seized it didn't go dual core word you could not have lord. You couldn't even have the right to it. Eight it did and he paid for. DP you know the public defender course capital of the story that we had that conversation black. The idea that it was particularly. If you couldn't pull one act because they call it civil and not criminally indifferent about this trip that they play. Let them take Greg when they're cutting Banca. Programs cute couple and Florida. Sooner bill requires police make your rest now in order procedure probably. And they've been creeds feel good and teachers every standard of who. Or clearer and convincing proof to beyond reasonable doubt. And the agencies accountable for damages. To your property. And outlined reporting requirements for the agency to attract more pictures. Welcome back Colonna skewed the changes are being making it will they make that change the mixers there are. Think about civil forfeiture of sooners it's that duke student that sounds boring it's not about taking your stuff. All most illegal. Download of. Welcome back we're or think about Sobel and served or future. Which means of bullies can seizure card you hope you morally bound to boost anything without ever have indeed charged with a crime. And got a ton stores you dude who's who ruled that the problems not to there's hundreds and hundreds. Don't even really shows on this and truth I've been pretty cynical about it because initially. When I first found out about it blog my brain said not in her again do you miss understanding it. I have the wall on the moon have been warriors on little bit yeah it's cruel and here's why it's and no no word about changing it strictly they would simply. That the bowl in its bets as some in the world. Little hold somebody got to Florida. Who's a governor signed two syllable and said forfeiture reform bill and to ignore. Unanimously. Supported by the conservatives liberals house and senate. Civil liberties groups long horseman organizations. In 84 per cent. A registered floor voters said go for. Whenever I talk about this in many of the going to call Margarito in and record we unit eggs you know do. On an absolute you've got your insulin of these news stories but. There's always kind of new requirements. For the leads and end and who pulled the war. A deal would win your CD's do you think it's gonna change road of these big things noble changed the year inequities. You know. He's good at implementation not to. You know one thing different and in this Florida law isn't caught my attention is that right. It is. And the day for destroying property and unless the parties the green right. Other. Obviously if the people that you property you could be out. Now if that can. Mean it become fortified you and not to any country in Vegas sign if you step back and you signing away your right is the increase from now on. Don't know that now you can get damages for the destruction to property I don't know. And let's hope not because obviously these things are only good as currently implemented but the fact that there is at least if they recognize the appeal it. It goes along the last line on force and Jack see you property even if you are charged with a crime and then making fines pay you're married yet. And companies recognize that that bit different just sort of turning everything upside down and we need to step. Or the people literally the key thing and and probably think whom one would commutes to slip where you'd talk and. You know I. Knew that I talked about this before because it just highlights you know like the worst possible way it is completely out. With a couple who are driving from the leaking and it Texas to buy a used car and cash to pay for the and and and make us stop her I don't know what some kind of and they had to hit in the and the kids in the car to go in you know combined. And make up. Man and for whatever the infraction line. They did police officers it did not because they. Look like act. Actual amount of money that made the police think that they were involved in drug dealings something the analog ash. As for the content not seen that car but threatened to take their children away for an. If they didn't plead guilty. Q having too much compassion air force unit suspicion of you know whatever drug company. State and not only you know their car and in my back to. In that. Environment. And that sort of woods all of it naturally in the news in for a long and the league's few moments ago of the money back. But I did the one outlook the very birds won in. All. Have ruined the lives in Oakland and I've read their newspaper. Every one. And there was couple he had been the list. And save their money forever didn't it and stock to routes giving it to by the so when they decided it's on the bottom of three or four story building around them. And tell Morton at. The warm as soon equal Merrill law. So the open up from pods to report that. Group one word beat. Bought a whole building rented that out branded on the roots of building. And that was the retirement. Of the scheme and said no businesses that law. So you're violating it they seized the buildings seized their home and seized records seized their property. And that's the worst about it and that humans via an I actually did. Bids go on while I knew and then begin to get added in its report. And the reason is that the don't want an agency did you see your property. But it it you know and use the money. You know. This that they can buy new equipment with the money entered they have an infected and some law enforcement. Agencies offer. Bonuses in world war. Offices to seize a lot of money so those communities in peace and help achieve. Or you can bronze. Law in my book came out it's Cheney. Yes and actually very surprised and money chose is that this starting to recognize that day you know it they can do it and if you create the wrong incentive you can end up with that policy and that's what this is it the intention. Is to. Take assets and being used in the commission of crimes at a circulation. That's a reasonable well but the wrongly dealing punishing innocent people. And making them prove their innocence which is put totally contrary to elect as an outdoor tent. So you don't want attention packet that they that they should do this and. Margaret. And I always enjoy it dropping your day ninety. And mental waves of people and. You can thank Allah Allah. Talk to applaud. There is little doubt among them leaves riding. In there or moved in this. Warriors. Ride in losing. Listen. Incident. Or simply applying it there is reason with a suitable for poetry laws and we don't apply it like entered talked about. In the news entity you give. Or brawl leads or you reads and reading taken out of context from what over. Well when I've received Rome where again sports. That. Being in the city does not mean. That is state has to route and your property. And the Supreme Court of the United States is L. That the illness and owner and is not constitutionally. Required. And another words in here that legally. Explain why just bring quart on this but here's my point. Wind loads of you including me or confused over Donald Trump. And we say in getting me. How can and this would be easy. Look to do is sort of thing. And it's instantaneous. Communications. And it's our I won't answer Twitter tweets are texting while there it is. But this kind of thing is being referred more in more and more. It would balloon guy on the streets. Is stopped and thoughts stopped taken advantage of about how war. Start relying on the law in this law is broken. Exit. Maybe you start seeing things and not the rural markets open in that. Pocketed. That confusion. Wouldn't talk about it some more confident now even thing we did when you did this to you dismiss. Tennessee and 018. So. If you ever lose he drew you little creek and show of god you know I choose something and an acquittal really do try. To unstable so I'd and then we don't go liberal we don't group conserve and tried to present you with the information. To make up your mind. I dude tell you when I boldly but then we go too little to do it's proved that he. And no contraceptives. If if I did is approved I get a little bit more intelligent. On this subject on the con two birds who brought Herbert may be. Years ago I wrote about California couple. Ball Google rolled the details Brooke they had all their properties seized. By the law and ports. And they had done something wrong. They didn't do it in Britain law. But it was called civil ascent or picture. And looked at ahead of law and he totally nuts still sent to be a nicely case. So did the Google thing on the Koppel when north Carroll did to Google and pound cut couple and Louisiana and only be Ayers would on this show may be. Dipping into. And abroad in law enforcement that says look here's the ladies. Can change course as usual and sees all your money save all your volume. Without having shored with a crime. Under this civil absent for future. And my notes that two of them with its unlike America yeah I even brought that it's mr. New voter remnants bring court. Being innocent does not mean that state has returned your property. Supreme Court that you United States who's hailed loopy and assume the owner Vince is not constitutionally. Brooke. You wanna say it'll lawyer programs are lawyers we have on the show or the believes she for the sure opponents in them. Group in America when it's a client's ever mid distance. Light that democracy almost are about well you know Garland. Every political solution hold some problems in ghosts. Of student whom wore. To me yet likes to tell me out a little bit cancer in the image award. So. How about we fix the interim we never do. It. Finally I am having to eat my were. Florida. Apparently says and notice. The civil add support measures and soup or we do and so sit ago. That requires police to Macon routes. And make or shorter sleep properly. All of these other changes. They have on news and and change the law. And it was backed by liberals and conservatives. House senate civil liberties. Even though law enforcement organizations. In 84%. Of the registered voters went along with the now. Brett talk about this thing I've called. He would be one man's bitten. What are the mood for remarkable. Organizations. Abroad about talk to them. Gothenburg. It's worldwide. And it's called leap. And it's a law in Portsmouth. Against the prohibition drops. And again it's this kind of thing and it's from the Dubuque you can you can look at opened with compute that judges. It's former prosecutor has its share of exit police shoot it cubs spectrum mobile law enforcement. And his followers. Brutally. Oops Obama had a former police officer and member of reprieve for Davis Roberta knew you were called in in short order. So thank you for the top. I appreciate you having me on an end what great word about leap I think it. This same thing about him as well and that's why I'm a member inactive which speak out. But before we did in that couldn't were getting close to break told toward gore his three years in law enforcement. And why and what it did come to you Jordan and lead. While I was a for a police officer in the city of North Charleston, South Carolina. And is it as a patrol officer and you know made hundreds of arrests many of them drug related. And I'll solve it that our actions. Actually made things worse and I want to help my community. Even if that means. Advocating against. The current line. Law enforcement even when we went party issues like drugs and introduced. Our dual goal where we've got you broke Brazil and believe we're of those. Think about video and audio programs in order changing. Something that police had been doing pro long time seizing her style. Without any charges. Come right back. A bit of your comments questions to six year old one. Hardly good his crew police usual ball and Ford's more under civil asset forfeiture of can take stuff all year stopped. Without charging you do for a crime and minutes and nightmare amp but that legally do get at all backed it you have Purdue. Well Florida I think it's personally and the looked at this and said this is Craig in the scope of change. And he beat by a partisan bow by both houses. They unanimously. Decided tune to drop a flawed in really endure. And was backed by civil liberties groups and law enforcement organizations in 84%. Above Florida boulder. Parents then that would go to former police officer and member of worldwide meant no member of worldwide organization called leap. Law enforcement against prohibition brave day it was. Raeburn is is this the beginning of change is that it changed its gonna work what you think about what Lawrence doing. Well you know I like that it was a path about large majority needed. It that the population. Of the of the state. Doesn't like an idiot at that the Supreme Court says this is OK just take your money. You know the number and and and they. Eager listeners an idea of the level of money nationwide. In 2014. Total. For stricter about federal law enforcement agencies. They took more money. In which were ordered in all. Burglaries across United States that means the government is seen in more money and then has burglar from the population that. Korean Craig maybe I'm wrong when they do that. Don't they usually split up with the state toward the county were that Hillary should entity. Say it's Harry pure and easier and Scherer notes different. Don't they split that usually big key toward the 30%. In that local please keep 87%. Up. Right that's you know equitable sharing and you know now into the pro active over to law they're very broad. And instead into Florida. On state laws. Kind of mimic. The the really unjust federal law and so they they've tightened them up and said hey you know you need an actual. Our raster conviction. Before you can Nazi's that's that's for someone that counts. Incredibly reasonable doesn't it. And they also changed the a standard of proof ought to prove beyond a reasonable now which is what we should have any time the government takes an action against someone. And take their property or belongings from. Our bear with me in me who would execute like conductors are understandable. We've done any numbers throws over the pants on your age has Busey bank. Citigroup. Name box at the Justice Department is washing billions. Of dollars for two main. Mexican drug cartels and terrorists. Worldwide. What's it like two or three times when every colder once the achieved jobs. You know Demitra. They were on an area and then they went in and they said okay we're gonna find you in the behind him like one quarter better. Yours profit. You wouldn't meet you finally got hold of and they said the holder. Will. Nobody is charged nobody's made nobody goes to jail nobody gets embarrass them but he gets cut in pay. He said well these entities. Are so important to the world economy. We can't do that that could bring it down so. You've probably hold near to boost money flowing from terrorists. Drug cartels to the bank's weekly group going. Then what god please sharing. 80% 70%. On these kinds civil and I said for pictures it's. Then we've got the pride the stock market residents. For profit. Then have. Agreements. That say. One year contract. You must step seventy or 80% occupancy. Or you have to pay a small war. When you look at that money circle. Or you're surprised that Florida did did this isn't this fall. A big part of funding while we think of of law and ports so make innings and. Well it does that is that kind of circles which you have that the banks and that you have eighty. Prison industrial complex. Bitter they're making a lot of money. And and you know you're wrong on HBO that at one point nine billion dollars which is really about three days. In income for them. And though. It's so that's what they do with a bank and involved in in drug activity you know since its inception in a U Morse in the eighteen hundreds. And now a local person that that's just merely that day that law enforcement under the previous law did say. We just think you're doing drugs and there were taking your cash. That that the art the inner group went and and and and it's on it's going to be news. To go to court and spans 20000 dollars an eternity to try to get 101000 dollars cash act makes it out of your count. Rape and Davis. I know we've got cute very laid during Q shall blood tube earlier in Europe core heart. And I'm going to lead hoping to do worldwide service have a good day. And if you were listening to that. Does that surprise you ought. To you workers are doing the issue of seniors were years ago. I thought America was different places so I am wrong still the greatest country in the board oral Baldwin here these count things. Does it is there were any surprises what's happening in the presidential politics today. Or they're that it's Nabil hole and frost. I don't know. Maybe it shows me in the whole. Thing to come in right back. All ready. To go wearing pink drink coming up. The side and to have been report this and the signed to big publication nature. Says the Gulf of Mexico will go about our most of us hopefully via. New read and go holy Toledo mom at the bag. It's been about eight years. But. I'll make it scurrying up the good ratings have to come back and listen. And a DO.