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4-11 6:25pm Deke: with Drew Brees on the late Will Smith

Apr 11, 2016|

Deke talks about the murder of former Saints lineman Will Smith with quarterback and former teammate Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remembering Will Smith. On today's program joining us now quarterback and teammate the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees drew thank you so much on us in. And through that. I guess I was really really know what to say truth is. There's some that I'm that. There. Are so that picture and sat are. And it's not going away answered. To lose a guy like Wilson there. Thought you meant so much here are great people that you remember the Saints were also the father. Someone. It's such a reporter or community. And his sample like on you know. You know he you Mercury in so career and yet. 34 year old. People forget that. We get our whole like anonymous you know went football and there. It's a struggle that transition or will or guys. Together. You do use. Gonna do great things he on the football field. And you know he's just got a match greens come back to start coaching. Chart mentoring young people. Two years ago like that immunity does makes me release that except for oh. That the we lost. Briere about the first inning of regret that. Drew Brees he would live through obviously UConn you will was already at a one of those big time team leaders. What you got here and they start the ball and place 006. But you know when you're when you're considered captain you consider that at the people trust you lead by example. You know work on the field goal to get sick out like Willis and bestsellers in the team camaraderie. He was one of those guys it everybody points to put among them and the lead on beating you with guys that interact with no extra holes level. Yeah you know what what brought a lot of great Albert Ortiz and to our leadership our current group. You know he was a cute guy that's from the previous coverage team actually cherry for coach Payton go out there. That bit at that lasted. You know on the yours or you got that perspective what order like. Parred 2006 or so that would amount on the armored unit reduce green side of that and he is a model just. Cutler and great leadership got never mr. practicing government to play. He is one of the best all round. He incidents in football and yet I think the respect he deserves. It what it just about the sacks for a year. And this for a lot of the current events. You know it was about in most complete player QB. You do don't run defender you passed under news good leader in the locker room on the field as he lowers. Norstrom a player so. All the reasons for why I think all of a look back at such fond memory you know as a teammate and little actors that you know he. I versed in the locker luster or name he brought his start in the locker. And you kind of walk around. Trader got a plate plate where and he got. Where new players rate interest in the scientists. Sharing that moment with him but there was one of those where you look across a lot from you will merit than. You're you're part time while the serie a world you know Venus the few guys that you got to look at today he's back. He's you know you're to be part of it again this. He did a better part orca. With Saints quarterback Drew Brees drew. Any any one moment anyone played I mean I go back to interception on the defense on the field and his people boat kind of sealed the deal but. In battle anything anything that sticks out. You know when you've you've spoke with weirdo though he spoke with you come off the field for big moment that maybe sticks out more and all with the Uga. Army that there's a lot of you can use. He was always there all go to support such report that. An and such a Wednesday such cornerstone. Our defense and our team for so many years there. Just so fortunate there that out retrieved your arm player. Drew. We've you know they have you when you called in you may have heard but I've got to tell people there's going to be at the legal aspect move well. Coach you sit him thing but. You sit there and I think we all agreed that if we go wall you know what what comes out is that he'll. This. And the way what move ball and help our community not be look at the way it's like Otis a long day at all alive. Well what can the comedies we assume we both its way. To help everyone you know Walton or there it's just eat it makes those seats right now can we get anything out of it. You have to you have to find a way. True. It. Or something ought to result out of it as a typical that's out right now because it's so track it will also for a about. You you've got you out Choo who took part way. Through to make this a catalyst for art that it changed. And I think that that's part of how we all remember world legacy is that he had a bigger impact. When you hear on the serve or she's gonna have. We're no longer here because it's a legacies left them there and what were able to do now based upon what happened there. You know. There were some emotions were first heard about what happened and I'll be out should be part of my emotions about angry or sad or I'll also angry at. Because I feel like this is the problem has been around a long targets not just more which it nationwide worldwide. It's a way that people treat people and so well all day we've all become a bit this trip out of the fact it. This happens every day and it's and it's OK are we can just kind of just move on from it as a you know it's gonna happen it is just part of the way things are we really do much and it's over all it's overwhelming like well. This epidemic. This problem. Knowing they were young men killing young there for no apparent reason. In many cases it's. It's drugs and gang violence and start ripping the vineyard and it's like this where. It's done it's it's two trafficker I don't know that the exactly children but. Two guys get out of record and the next thing you know pulled out 45. And now he's shooting the guy he's arguably. But he goes to shoot at everybody in the call including white and who knows it could have been the restaurant standing in all. What that tells me is that the person who pulled the trigger many cases so no regard. Hurt but like that you about try to take. Yeltsin or markers on. Because they are taught to what you were back in May have to recognize our options what that told me that. To me these people don't have any oh. And what's the source and well I think it's a lot of things I think. Jimmy these young man that's young men because that's that's the majority the vast majority younger. Probably feel like they don't have a purpose that they have been abandoned. Whether it be under currently the lack of a father but the lack of a male role model and likes. Dole bit the tactic they don't feel like they have an opportunity to better and so I am in lights out of work. Nobody cares about school or not gonna get a great education about temperature at go to college I'm not gonna break the cycle poverty. We can mark scrambling. The only thing I can resort to you're extremely that I have is is again you know opportunity I have to. Make money or be exceptional like that to deal drugs. And and all of those things I mean or something all of those things culminate into this that attitude that mindset that. This reaching out to reform and this is my reality. And that I'd feel like we can change that are. And it and it's not any due process not over. But that is something we can all band together and we can find ways to. Make sure that these young men know that there is O state you have opportunity there are people care about there. So they don't have to feel like this is their only option but you like him. In in a majority it is these accept. Violence and gun violence happened because these young men feel like they have no other option and they don't have any regard are alike they're about to take. Border on. What our reports that dot. And I think we'll take it really our annual doubts I think it having Christian imports in your life. Can also saw many problems. Because it's it you know that. God is in your power and you have purpose and got it that you want her talents and abilities. DuBois make this world a better place it trio back. And almost. I believe that changes the it's it's. It's it's a and so. All the things together I feel like. Shouldn't change but it's not just one person everybody believe. And it finally rates too. Drew. The last 36 hours what would. What does it been like communicating with members of the Saints spamming organization with some of the things you know these are the type of call it you take utility vehicle to take but I meant that I 36 hours have been a in emotional coast. It is a meter where are you are you just yet that's why what's what. What in the world happened there and I am and how could this have been prevented them. It it seem like such a random act of violence in the at bat that during the so. You don't talk about altering net there at it again. I know what I've heard him in a little bit of what I rather talk a lot of people and organization. Including coach Peyton mr. Blanchard and teammates. Are appear Thomas who's there at the thing. And it just felt like it was her. It was a traffic. Accurate there. Results that are got tore out four ops. Shoot well in the back and then try to shoot wide and try to should be on the backs we have been termed a debacle won't shoot you more arts. I mean and he drops it drops a weapon and and we should at least we get there which again that leads me to what I just said about. It no regard for election Butte taking orders or. And it didn't you markers. Central remorse or what about just dark or anything like that woods. You know what happened happened and that's just that's unacceptable. Departure would consider such a like that we've. Got to find a way. And. If I drip have you had a chance to speak with anybody in the we will have you know extended relate them. We've we talked for people who are which. You can only imagine what what a typical I'm sure sure cal. Well likes. No surgery and down. You shot like smaller and he. And do battle thorough recovery girl at school recovery but. Trigger a shot right lies that are having your child or children and I mean can you imagine what that's like to meet people out to nurture it's not. Is that. Think every sociable and actually people that will rally around her every kids and you know. Saying or shall throughout this entire process but it could be. We totally match and she's going to right now but certainly we want to know how much we care about burger or. On the order Peter over. Quarterback Drew Brees drew thank you so much typical. Everybody's Crayton also would have about it think so they shouldn't base that we will. Reputed.