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Think Tank 1010am, Jim Henderson

Apr 12, 2016|

Former Saints player and WWL's Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan has passed away after a battle with cancer. This hours guest: Jim Henderson - WWL's Saints Play-by-Play announcer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A welcome back grounded subjected to clouds of gas a beard does songs but there. So it's controllable Hokies to a lot of them were murdered hoping. As. And the one thing I can guarantee that helped god would not blown or said memories. So who's been the day applicant for a little bit boards and show and a coach Brad a little low keyed. Here to help me do it probably one of the cool and our news director Dave is quote he would say. So Intel and his business stinks but it's Danica. There's so many Nokia's of them. So sad that we won't being able to. Terror on our radios anymore and here hokey put things in a way that only hokey could. But in a way that makes so much sense and paint such a clear picture. Amazing how he had. I think a mastery of the language to a point where he could make anyone understand exactly what he meant. And about any situation and usually bring a smile on your face and human. I think so baldor will and more toward being depend. Motherboard will Rodgers. Is an activist caught between the two. Yet he had his own way of using the language but he used it very effectively is make sure you do what he meant yeah. In my lifetime. I've been there who like Leo and Matt famous people only then. Around the world. Got to know quite a few of them. And accidentally truly more truly needs money payments it it kinda loses its its luster. With Cokie every time we walked in the door I was a little kid tabbed him to keep you liked it there chips something. Really used that. Any time. I could get just a moment to chat with Cokie it didn't matter what else was happening I took that moment because. He he really was and am not just saying this because oh now he's dead so let's say nice things about him. But I said this throughout his life that. He was one of those genuine individuals that if you could just get a moment of his time he just felt better you just enjoyed that moment so immensely. And he just spending time with them was a treat and I really feel honored that I got to do that my favorite memories of my and tire life. Is riding in that post Super Bowl parade through new world because I got to sit on that. Budweiser wagon drawn by the Clyde details next to hokey guy shot for four or five hours he and I. Wrote in that parade together and it witness such a wonderful occasion made so much better by having him in my side and being able to share with him. I have been outspoken would hope is that Hamlin. But I'll bet that you hear of artists. Give me the top five things in his life. That he says thank goodness I got to do that. A better we'll be broadcasting would Jim Hendrick and we are neutral into box Jim Anders. Welcome to morning. Good morning Garland and I do a Google just you. I'm getting there getting. The general wouldn't wind when you've got his first started. I didn't know K you'd I knew you pretty well. And I thought to myself is it's really gonna Bork appeared to us did you kind of feel like apples and oranges. Another big code word talking to you a hundred days of world will carried the same thing. When we talk puritans stationed with nationally known. Broadcasters. Executives. Owner people. We always say the best in the country you know. Wolves satellite. It was a wonderful ride in terms. I've had Matt Vogt is a potential. Saint analyst. But I knew him as a player and as a person those were the days we truly get to know. Players on and off the field that's no longer the case for the most part. I just respect it so much about him in so many ways. That I knew he would probably do a great job at it. And I enjoyed his company so much I think that's where it all starts and mean. You're spending a lot of time of that person in the course of the season traveling the broadcast. The practices. And I just slugged his company's so much that Saudi such unique individual and brought such unique skills. Took the job I mean you look at what Cokie had a proper read. He spent his whole career in Louisiana he played a bakery plated LSU. Played for the saint scouted for the saints so. And that was the skill set that I don't think anybody else could've brought to the job. And he was so unique and the way he put things was so funny I want to make him lap but he always made me. While bodes well I heard this more than sound bite. A thing. And he and Stan Brock warning due to go wanted you to completion would him. They want you to be the anchor. If that's fraud what they meant they wanted to just I'm the anchor the coverage that's not them yet broadcasting. And we wouldn't Hokies took things like Villa rented that morning I'd never heard this and I've never seen anything that big about Joseph Saunders stamp on it did you write those down. Now I think it came from his country back crowded baker came from his huge family mean if you hang around the guys can Hamlet. All the men pretty much look the same and have the same outlook on life pokey was from a huge family. Stop it was a marine died at 55 years of age he was a man's man in a family that at that time was dominated by men and and now you look at oh yeah he's got or daughters. And so it it just gave them a great perspective on life I think Cokie used to regale me with. The way he had grown up in need he do well it had to be prompted I had to get him to tell me these stories about traveling west in a and Nash rambler was six kids and that this father. Having used a coat hanger and reach out the window to move the vote to move the wiper blades when it rains. I would have to get in that tells me that story. And so he he always made mile and much like organ of the Yugo and I still look to try to make you laugh about what to make coach he and somebody asked in another forum today. The U. Do you take credit for bringing Nokia shares of broadcaster. And if you were sitting here right now. I would say I've met couldn't take the blame for the what is. United soccer is darker than. And keep that up until yesterday to the final moments he was holding court for everyone in. How hospital revenues Macon everyone's smile and laugh even on his death bed. Hokey was still if you put it he was still hokey and he he told them months ago no matter what happens I'm not losing my sense of humor. And I am not going to be any different and up to the final moments. That's the way he was in debt to he would you know better than anybody how'd she and you win none of that was put on none of what we heard when you when he worked. Bickering in the Booth. Or calling plays or talking with ever contrived. Or. Show business just Hokies. I don't think I ever met a person they've it was more true to themselves. And bulky guy Asia was he was going to be O'Keefe guy Asia and the kid out of paper from the big Catholic family. In whatever setting it took it was a bit. Put on a student let's do it absolutely forced to he was just going to be OK okay mannerisms and and being hokey. I never heard him brag one time about his career the only thing he ever said in his own B Annapolis I never made a mental error. An Easter really tick him off. Latin players made the mental errors because that could LP controls sometimes you're gonna picture that swept in he would admit that he got his whipped occasionally. But he never made a mental error and that's something as a player you can't control. So that's the only thing ever said in his own behalf. And it was so top he's been in such pain for so long. Even before that that. Late in the season he he missed the game in Tampa because he had. Radiation and so Deuce McAllister filled in very admirably during that time when all he had to miss that game. But he came back for the Jacksonville Jaguars game which was the last saints home game we're just sit in the boot so grateful to have him back. And we hadn't gone and the area where dish shoot the breeze and something came up. Bada former player meeting I need surgery or whatever and just as an aside as said that Oki. You know how many surgeries have you had he said. 26. 26 surgeries and he didn't elaborate. And I didn't whine about it just matter of factly says 26. And the conversations. Come right cerebral lists Jim who anchors. This suit is probably gonna be buried wraps. But I think ago. 11 blue. If so when you hold you knew June may be solution to the short ones well. Tribal and didn't go Hokies had died. And they said did the court but other passengers. When they left and about a hokey to. I think that the describes hokey you know hero and we are talking about a guy. Hours after his death. And the way he lived created so nobody smile so much laughter. There's tears mixed in there but I I just think it's kind of extraordinary. You sit around talking about them and it's either. That's in the nation love club or old black pastor. Jim what do you think. You write a you're right on the money yesterday when I visited him and we're pretty much. Convinced it would be the last that would oversee and stand Barack. Who was so he's best friends. Had to take it in the I'll come through Omnia the red arrive from. From Oregon. And we are all gathered around Hokies that in people coming in and out to Paul Smith was their Robert Caro was there. His family was there are other players were there hunting buddies were there and there'd be a circle around pokey. And after. Q2 years we started telling hoped he stories. And believe me you never know. It's an hour right. World Doumit. And now hoped it would help. Stand Mattel Hokies stories that we all be laughing. And hope he could count to respond a little bit and stand with simply this economic columnist Ron did a message you wanna jump in here. What. But that's the end and haute he could he he knew he was hearing you just couldn't say anything. Usually gives a liar all of this one day and a I heard somebody of silicon and think who's told you this morning. He had four daughters undergo one on the one daughter's. So tell me you know Roosevelt and that bites. And a loser in law approved would mean there are often but I was m.'s commitment by each and just the things he was saying to do the way he responded. That's that you know. You were a key role though are shooting. You were hero with the saints. You or probably the most popular partners. And public IBO. There's something wrong with you and you're torturing cats and no I don't. And these did not know who is said. Always say government made a made for into view and. But. What keynote he openly called him out the alt Serb pocket. And I. He was living with five women hope he does. These are not Mikey he always had you know the red bought about something that he was never truly an aggravated the appears to see. Friday he called it without the altar bucket because he was caused dealing with something with our present wife in the art may divide that. And I know you're gonna have Robert Carolina later our longtime producer and engineer to. To tell old stories and OP I hope he won't take offense the fact that under the steel on his good. We we're in Carolina. Playing the Panthers and Robert Caro our engineer the whole broadcast depends on and was sick as a dog. He obviously had the flu he was sleeping under the council it apt. We had to wake him not to do the second half and he was really is sick puppies so we're buying on commercially. And we're in the in the in the terminal waiting it out of light and I mean Robert is just really really sick. And we got our assignments in I think it was Christian at the time it might have been his predecessor. We're we're saying look you know. So he's got to sit next to Robert in hokey immediately said I'll do it abilities that outlook to get the flu which the only way they'll leave me alone for five. That's a he didn't get the idiots that. I think probably that probably. Yeah you can and rerouted that it be that don't trouble for a week. In attempts of a Texas sedate 7870. Says my everything about hokey it was when he would grunt in the middle of him calling a play or start cheering. As Jim was calling a play you knew if it's something good or bad was happening before Jim said it by Hokies. On bridled reaction did that ever. When you first started did it ever bother you that you're calling plays and here's Hokies are moaning about summing normally things are starts. Hollering about something wonderfully thing. Well there are some broadcast team in the NFL I can pick one out and an uncle named for the color analyst just. Constantly talks over the play by play guy and you can't listen. To two people that wants. So the play by play guy it's currently being erupted in talked over by the color analyst and Hokies never did it to that extent but he was so into the game. The yet he would do that it is in and kind of punctuating the call. But it is it never it never bothered me in you know I think that was one of the good things if you listen to our broadcasts and direct and edit with a Archie and stand to. It's because they were such self effacing guys in so willing to make the broadcast work. But I really want to elaborate on the point I just treat children put my hand on their shoulder. And they were totally out. But pokey was so into the game and in so. So genuine and everything needed including at his play calls me I know sometimes he was getting. Getting taxed in calls and emails then I don't think Cokie ever really learned how to text until late this flight. But he would be getting these things where people will be upset that he wasn't more about all over. I mean here's a guy that. That played for the saints this scouted for the saints wired wired you more about all the wired so critical of the saints. It's only because he was so real I mean he was going to be real and everything he did. And he didn't care whether he takes certain people thought he was going to be hokey it is illegal in every situation. And packages regale you with a couple of other app examples of that. We did you do do you rolled this crazy business we got Greg pretty good news. Board but put call him back in the lead time. Thank you so much for the memories and you know hokey your one for the ages. Thank you girl who is blessing in my life to have known in my book and so much. I.