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Think Tank 1110am, Remembering Hokie Gajan

Apr 12, 2016|

Former Saints player and WWL's Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan has passed away after a battle with cancer. This hours guest: Kristian Garic - WWL's Sports Director Todd Mennesses - WWL's Saints gameday spotter and co-host of First Take with Steve Korte

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Introducing. Start first tower and that thing to think. Saying well Lucy in the clouds of gathered just cylinder is Debra Bowen is a look at the wood road no looks like the sun is coming out. And it comes and goes along with the Barbara trying to do take some time for a little low key law. But those who have been heard the whole key guard John has died laughed at age 56. And one thing I can guarantee these tough guy would not born sad memories from news Tuesday. What can ruled sunshine and fraud and hoped for a a block of who can look. And you see a person or. It's too bad Jim Henderson had Dave Cohen our news for a for an in tears. Bill on the senate side. But the remote sort of just hysterical. New Hampshire. And I think what hokey garage. Brought to this stage and to the subsidies to this state to a friendly. Under unique degree of intelligence. In incredible love public and law black actors actors and anybody. That news and bad is the man who worked closely with the intrusion carry cards sideline reporter for W a BO Christian book on the show. Pago Mark Heller who. At the idiot that sounds brutal little Q let's they called it was gummery needs to once a while throw down the sidelines. For a saints sideline report with Bill Maher and I know you probably didn't like that when he first started doing a Christian. But I bet you're gonna miss the hell out of it. Alia. Originally when he says that house that. Coming to work as well note or worse a bit nova a bit of a mess up price of I had bomber pilots though when he first called the well is it. Offensive our resident here in you know I learned that hokey guys in and who's the king of and it means. And if you get a nickname from that guy you've arrived so I have worn as a badge of honor that was his way apace salute. An homage to Marines and he had a lot of respect for me he openly says how much he admired. Me for you know sort of military but I had and more so for his ability to play abilities broadcaster he in just his ability as a man. It genuine. Human being. You know you go and talk about his nickname. I have do idea is born of nine children. It is they whose siblings. I just demo chipper. PJ. How pro and all of boiled. Sound that in dilly. No wonder like nickname bad but if god is. From doing the hokey pokey at Lincoln two years old gas fell now split is lip on the pole. And the Doctor Who treated him. Nicknamed him hokey because he got injured doing the hokey pokey and obviously it's not I can't imagine who keep cold and. Heating oil rose who was among the many things there great about guys on this. You know it was always. If it was funny he said it was funny yet have very different that that you work and it was often the last I know that me and Robert and Jim. Got on saints game day or at his expense in a lot of times lose your group making jokes about him in and he would. Joke right back in he'd love that porch and he loved the kind of you know the unscripted covered his. Brighton written on each other and hokey. Had some moments where he provided plenty plenty plenty of laughter. For saints fans obviously on the radio with his Oki isms and also outside the boot during a dinner or what have you. Just hanging out you Robert and Jim it was as as blacks. Where you know I'm sure most people know by now that you weren't. Three being the producer to all of a sudden right in the middle of the sanctions broadcasts did he welcome your word. Open dorm rooms there in the initiation. Of led. It was extinct. Yeah he was into the Hokies action. You know he's very very welcoming very warm guy so in 2000 and in his 2006. Or seven before it to a seat casinos. Are remote broadcast and as a producer. They were at a karma Oden can't sit there and he's live in housing that period of computer. Front court they were doing next Italian. No one partial Hokies as well I'm gonna want immediate rate in one. And he didn't know meets matter it is the first day agnico he has solid immediately struck by proxy. And a city out actually a wooden how I called mr. guys that time. But I assets. I said sure I would you know wouldn't mind where I guess it Greta Carter it was written off the answer popcorn etc. A Molotov cordon. In a preacher as sleek design of the buybacks that comes back and yet have a popcorn has drink but he went out this truck and he got. So that messenger. Says he's got righted he's got a crisis so. In accusing visit Turkey which you we although Hokies always scheming something he's always got some sort of game. In the freezer or you know gore has designs on going to get some game whether it's money. And you know talk to his family over the weekend that was the way his Brothers and sisters were raised in that was the way to eight wherever they caught the eighth mentality. So he's very used that but. He brings in is denizens. You know when we check the allow. He is he an amazing ability I've always judge this. By what I would describe in great human beings is they make it seem like you the most important person. And Oki had that ability it didn't matter who you know if you didn't really he was going to talk to you to know you. And then over the course of time. You know as I. Start to come policy. Radio broadcast team. Alice my first game you know off madly. Understandably Alice quite nervous about that first broadcast. And after the game I saw both yes it hokey when he right and it. He was a veteran broadcaster that point he says well go in and out just I'm not messed up myself silent integrate. And it's typical of both he and and you know later on as we started you know doing the show the fans in the pro on Friday nights. It got to be customary where. I would get a phone call I can count on it almost every day every Friday at around 3 o'clock 315. Saint camp can be a little hectic at times over there with him on news comes out. And he would call me around 33 positive fifteen every Friday's day. Christian Ian he's an Obama away. And gates of monitoring them and eaten in occasionally I'd I'd take him up on and on the other occasion and I might say Nokia good but. He would inevitably show up with something for me. Food or drink because he paid attention to what I. Hadn't hit me in the past it was always something similar to that means that we took an interest in knowing what is that light and he would show up whether it's kind of showed you that go to reimburse them you know eight it was a Alitalia now you know Alina. You don't great. You will know whip Eric bring Britain to reduce said something I think unconsciously. Interests. You've said hokey hands. The ability. He's never go leave us think you'll always be whether it's no paths easier. Of the via. If you don't run thanks to get it turned down his family came here and turn on the thanks radio network next. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mercedes-Benz superdome. They're not the same radio network. Well we may not be hearing that anymore boom we will remember or keep guns drawn to and left side aged 56 where your celebrating. His life thinking about. Very quickly. But primarily we're we're selling braiding delight everybody upping it yeah the acting thing you Oki. But in do you worked with him and you've really got into them you just can't button eve how many talents this guy. A we did court are Newt rector intrusion Gary cruised the core saints' sideline reporter. After the people who were buried very closely with the OK they've begun to bury your. Using text someone just exodus of its navigate that it says I've never met hokey but last night. When my phone beeped with a WWL reports that he would just passed away. Found myself sitting in my recliner. Tears rolling down my. Weeping. My wife walked over me and asked what's wrong. And I told her hoped he would die. He said wire used Phillips sent you never met him. I glanced over at current holder. Them up or understand it affected me in the same way. Embodied the past and that's true that in two people who. You did meet hokey guys this listener did and every other listener did. Because the hokey guys John on the radio was the same guy we got to work waves. He was never put on never contrived nothing he ever said was calculated. War. Intended to elicit anything it was just him talked him and be an. Professionals that you're there's no Wilson it's what you see is what you got Oki there was no there was no facade of that is. These deals where you you know you take your leave it at that in most everybody try to take him because he's that. He his warmth his passion. His generosity Lowe was always very apparent tolerate it. Let lips own problems swords. I don't think people know. Wind wind I used to loosen the hokey before I got to knowing here. I would start you know kind of Bo will Rogers of country. You know great with praises and our good sense of humor and he's like me is blue collar guy I've for an. Down the by U near Baton Rouge were a group was maker but I'm I'm it's I'm I'm working here dope. And I heard one of his beer commercials. The Bud Light sport cornea then I heard the in. Business stints but it's pick and we're prepared disposal and I got jetBlue. Are brilliant and has said. Why does he didn't. The agency's civil rights surged great company. So would Steve syringe and our our producer. Slash or the producer. And kind of belligerent or walked out to ports deal with Oki. What what is agencies who were complete B subordinate units at. While all of his spots they're they're written way above everything you know all I've heard people talking about it. And he says gonna run some shock and about who writes the spot he says hokey dia. That's a whole key goes through an agency and works what things should hope. He gripes and and they've just told which sometimes. He wrote among the champions. Chris on an airplane yank our airports should get the sat next Nokia on the airplane and that's not that's true he would literally scratch down notes for his bug bites port report. On the airplane napkins. Yeah I never. An axiom brighten and look at pokey was a fantastic writers had a great plane. And it seemed you know secret I only got an action aft you know whatever you know after he whenever never thought it you know that started noticing that. After a couple of trips Kazaa now on those flight in those flights on news we're either wrap and talk about the game mark against the rest the way that David. He'd start right the last on a thirty minutes of the flight just in on a napkin and it would be really just. Maybe a couple of notes that wasn't even like complete sentence. Is just couple bullet points it's a gutsy right out the whole thing. And the first must sauce that I hope he wouldn't leave right and a paper menu now this'll this'll work on the right my butt like sports report you know so. It is in use fantastically creative but speaks to the contrary I mean he he's going to adapt and use whatever tools. Are available through at that time them to get the job done in and that's. That's weeded out fascinated and and the you know another story about Oki that I always found very entertaining. Was though this is a meat lover fish. It state that matters seafood. We lucky typically Kim and I. And Robert Carroll on Saturdays were hokey movements were on the road and we go to now. May the rest London that really matter we we've got a restaurant in. Typically we would find a Statehouse for hokey. You know through the times a year. In the event that we read stakeouts. He'd you know order the revive it be that that the big revise them in the biggest one they had a place. And he could either at all but he. He daughter. And but who is always entertaining to watch exchange between he and the server which is well ulcer in the services are you know earlier. If statement the side of asparagus outside of broccoli and how salary eats it now. I just want to me I just don't let it touch. Yeah. If you want the vegetables on the layup with the meat the meat LB. Sacrosanct itself right there honored on the plate with a no. Nothing fouling him. Yes and then. You know there was always a big smile on his face whenever I think at the table he is and he can always see it you know like there though he viewed as. Endangerment and and rob or go boy Hokies got to work it out port. Now analysts it is it was easy put it he literally with east and after a while you know he would decline I'm kind of a big green skylight Rockwell like it's there it's like salads after a while like oh it's. He ordered that now all take it give me your Sally give me your broccoli. Yeah I'll think that the that the ruling he would bring if anybody if you are ordering his sides for you know. He they like this is towards the the the last you know year. Ruckus come. I'm gonna Mets whose program to help meaning. I'll Wednesday he all of bogeyed the gym and Rupert who is hands of medial. And that's what we'll talk about it at that we've gotten comply in Nichols answered tip ago. At a bar some god who's doing the wrong thing. Okie I think his son in law. God complain about Skye and oh he's good I'd turned. And Henderson was wailing and somebody. It wasn't doing much good. So I spun and they're in good hands of mobile. Yeah America's interest you I. Yeah BMW of that story. You I was told that story is that Condo could tell that story a lot. Berkshire but it was its walk the you hear it and as I understand it is afterwards. Jim says who's next. I'd like well let's. It's a you know the funny moment I was far but I heard about and you know another thing a being obviously radio broadcasts. You know travel endeavors the other. They I got a kick out of was Jim Robert hokey always telling stories prior to. Meet getting on the aisle on the rocket teams in the lord's. People before. Or on broadcast team things that happen to them. You know 201995. And go back to easily startled stories and and we. There's all kinds of inside jokes that that we now have within within broadcast team that. If you're right in the car listen in you're not familiar with them you'll think we're not just because of the way for things. Are some of the jokes will make that are that are totally between us four and it's just we have inched it way of communicating in you know one of the things I always look forward to. They got a good news you're not mean. It's like wait till Athens news you want. Again he join Todd and announces she's come in and actually weather's. David Cornwell that's border. Think it about the death to let side of poking around fifty signatures oh but more importantly his light. Wanna participate won as the people that were report them loving you and gives call. To receive 0187. First and ten cents from 35 pitches to push nothing there. Reverses. It's V news. And so let alone on the shoulders of number twenty but. He's the only benefit to me. Look out of being tackled. Three yards behind. The fact it's going to be. What a terrific run right there. 25 yards for number 25 to the forty yard line of the eagles' first and 1038 seconds remaining birds. That's okay guard Joseph was once quoted as saying I have been accepted speed I'm march lower abdomen and where a finger at about hokey guards around one of polite who lived. You died legislative victories pictures oh. If viewed the if you miss Sid at 10 o'clock the interview would Jim Henderson if there's any. That could put together and have very quick loans and a trio there humor. Intelligence. The team drive. The goodness of Hokies. Go loosened to that inner I think he said. Com podcasts that WWL backed up Montana just Texas and its limited that is that I got to meet hokey once I was so thrilled I asked him for an autograph. He turned me and said you must be desperate. Because they want and his autograph that's so people. Todd and passes. Producers. Urged the directors. Like rise hurts. Right. You'd Richard and your owner Jones do anything in the Booth with her and him running for this broadcast welcome to the show member who's talked to lose about memories. Craig. Yeah I'd be it would go on vacation this week and it just kind of Elena got the news this morning and it was. Every one of the shock. Been. Exit Robert they'll that we Gary Coleman wasn't looking good and he thought Nokia a couple of more days. We didn't expect. You know be quit it out to Aaliyah I was thinking about. It's just. It's not going to be the same boot because hokey well. The lifeblood of that that Booth he always had something funny Tuesday. He put everybody eighties and the first time. When I started spotting. For Jim and broadcast team that was the year after the suitable. Expectations were real high. And course. Like I was a little nervous you know go there there race and you know Jim likes things a certain way you know Garland. He's very meticulous about what he wants and how does things and so forth and Jim had been an area. And Hokies turned decently. And not worry about. Actually want Super Bowl you just going to be that good this year to be so. No pressure at all and got literate they relax and hokey which is great the thing that. Always amazed the is that in the Booth. We as though you've been in the superdome you know they move the. The press box I mean we're we're literally on the at the top of the super. So I've got. Really high powered binoculars likened. Yeah I can reap the Jersey Maine and I can see what their flight and and huddled who's got the ball Politico there you know flight mortar attack oak. Cokie. I had binoculars Jim had binoculars. Poking it now. And Okie from whale out they're good faith. Well also got the ball well so total missed tackle also it and it was right every time and it was just that we were just amazed that. He could just feet from that far away and see the play in note was going on and you know you knew there was Maria. There was going to be flag or penalty as we're watching the game jima or watch it unfold as we get you know follow the ball follow the players who did what. OK get Eagles field so we're watching a great run like he does or Reggie Bush. Actually in the last couple years with the saint more than more so in the first couple that with the you know which you great run and also need your woke ago. News via penalty your flag because he thought the whole thing was churn out there was. You know that pokey was like early warning system. You can now during the play by play if something good or bad was about to happen because hokey. And that now that sense that football intelligence to know what was gonna unfold and have you heard them. You knew that guy standing in can't but if you heard it yes or the our news that you're about to hear something wonderful and. And I think the entire audience news that it wasn't just you know you guys with and side Dielman knowing him. They all heard it knew exactly what was both Warren commanders and so are they don't go away got to take a break. It viewed Jersey Shore and as soon perhaps a dog go Hokies guard John fifty signatures all parents to wave election like. We're thinking a little bit about his said the moves were so celebrating. An incredible life. And please don't be I don't know I guess they're all fine. We might. Right Mickey Mouse arrow on polls and yeah he's looking pretty good. I felt like. Okay good job. Title it started the three signatures whom they've corn or new drug drums set to. Talk about memories and one of the people weird but a bit overboard moved with the whom he odd man out. More memories on. Well you know couldn't listen to that I hope he was quick news you heard that call and what vehicles to point out something happened wrong in. He was also quick do you hurt me the cult that point Polk wanted to sell and also witty it's something one time where the states where I think it was a four on 423. Years something like that. And on their side of the fifty yard line. And they went four and oh yeah you know sit well. To me I wouldn't go for topic did you go but it is kind of silly move in and and you know I don't know why can't they do in this one and separates veteran. Well and the ball law and they make the first down and to the plea ends. As soon as Jim called black outs that's the bat colony. Is more important. Good they're not expecting. You know it was just that kind of poking is. It was genuine commitment that's the that's where it can use to describe in Garland. The guy you heard on the radio is the guy you met in person. Is that guy toward edition with this friend and his buddies and would argue that your bag for you mean he was just. That genuine and that kinda guy and he's he's really going to be. Books are cooked and texting estimates and it's only with their favorite hokey isms the things that Hokies at over the years that had them. There's always either reflecting laughing thank him a person says I love it when hokey would describe a play as he beat him like a rented mule. Am I like what hokey would say he not this not Butler out of it's a process I was like it was and how you would describe what a player was cut. They give a road map and an apple. You know was he so fast he go rabbit hunt with a tack him up where it totti that was that was from Michael Lewis Booth. Uses one for you and cruised from there and Todd and your man doesn't have a venture. What was. Trust we've all talked to your own network people from all over the country is seeing that with the best in the country. So I I think yeah I think Christian right I mean it was you know to be in the Booth and Christians yeah Christian is now on the field so so he's kind of see a lot of what happened out there that think. It's it was a day between him and Anderson. That each one knew who was leading in a while ago I mean it was just. It was incredible watch. When I got up there you know a year but years of broadcasting you you figure out. How it goes and those in the Poconos not one that talks. And they just haven't worked out to see. You know I got to work. Briefly where. The Baltimore Ravens broadcast group. Here for the Super Bowl spotter for the rape. And they did and they had been doing it for a while. They needed even have the same chemistry is human pokey. As or is it being that fluid moving back and forth you know one. One guy dominated the other guys to poke it in one didn't dominate the other days the equally cheered and pull story which you saw on the field. And I think that's what fans likely so much. One Beijing Ahmadabad day not a big field a little field. Cokie New Coke you would be most most of the pocket if Hokies didn't you know feel look the part Jindal talk. In a lot of times they would you know sometimes give you look at GM engine produce even below it would keep going north. He would stop and know right when the stuff oxygen could they go with the place it was just. Just watching it in action in person. Would that cues from anyone's. As it was made you remember a time when you meet. Two. He would my my my favorite thing was to make him laugh. Right before he went back on the year. So if you listened to a game your Oki come back Laphen that was because I just pulled open records that make you laugh just to polite and lose especially. Some of the game the last couple a couple of feet and you. Crude and we got about a minute final thoughts. Well I hate to say this now hokey it is a guy and I keep referring to him is not pat. There are birdies you guys that. Hoagies a guy that. I ate one of maybe three people in my life that fell culpable if I was really in the gem night it called let's say I need your help. And and ask why Iowa he'd Ali would say it's. I'll be right there. I'll be right. Lot of people say it was a man's man I'd say no he was one of what kind mansion ever beat you repeat it. Come right back the via. Big big big big big ego but we do that nobody stadium what week is it. It's by a week. How have really NFC leading saints had a break every and then hugging hung in Miami but again ten years. Aura we've been talking to Todd announces we have Dave both core and our new rector of pure. More. Checks concerning Hokies got. Yeah we get a couple more people sending us hokey isms one says my favorite thing I hear Hokies say was he squash democracy is. Conference. I love it when I heard Hokies then I'll never forget that he's run like sprayed wrote. He just had a way important things and you know we talked earlier Garland about folks exodus that they hope he's up there engineering the next Super Bowl like but he needed currently after his death. And the army working with a buddy. Says they please add my dad Terry roaming PA announcer for the saints for 44 seasons your list of guys who's up there engineering a Super Bowl for our beloved. Law still a lot of good people lately toddler announces thanked Q as always for all the help you always give those. Governor right barracks and it would stubborn audio.