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Think Tank 1235pm, Robert Carroll

Apr 12, 2016|

Former Saints player and WWL's Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan has passed away after a battle with cancer. Robert Carroll - WWL's Saints gameday Broadcast engineer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It hit me square in the face like a way it's gone it's done miserable duo of heat and humidity. All right book but I could and we continue. All day talking about an extraordinary. Hokey guard. Have we lived like Patrice pictures home. And we spend too now Al Gore's talk and and we've had everybody from. Jim Henderson Christian Garrett so many others of close friends in the storage pool. Saying if anybody sat in loosened everything up to this point. I think. The guy they thought they knew that was certainly part of him. But if you listened to grows that was just an extraordinary. In. Ordered his close friends Robert Harold out of gilts and in doing broadcast engineer Georgia's now Robert welcome to the show. Harder on Howard you. A sad day but. You know also. A little early exit Tokyo and he now and and little. Sent a message to happily Jennifer or Christian less that either party PG saint Peter out of fish. Did what accuse idiots and day book it's been remarkable. Is good for and ultimate shows we're there. And he's at Hokies would hate it and I and I think you were all absent brown talked about it all day long would thrive in these. He would have to go to the woods and finish for Obama chose to forget about it. But I think he would like a laugh. There all. Of that today. Went without question and you know opportunity story that Jim and Brian. And pot of told Christian about you know that they're going on our weather group and you know. Artistry of that or maybe early and funny stories that we've evidence that. The whole thing has been a funny story I mean that robbery we have in this group Illinois. You know as much as. He is week. Eight traveling yeah shall we he's gonna change it back due out with seven on commercial we came a band of Brothers. And we would just. You know. Just. Massively generated art they'll have a great dinner have a wonderful time and it was it you know. That does the funniest thing that I relate to see where would this whole thing is. The food was no issue especially the superhero with a oral it is known as the blue apple world and unfortunately for you at the target Burton news that serve breakfast. And it has to be. Worst records in the world. Friday Saturday and so you would come in and it's at that don't pass this situations that's the nutrition at breakfast that is you know and a hot topic kept on anything it alls that. And we wouldn't we go on the road in and someplace to a sector cannot and should they carving station out in the media you know. An analyst Austrian banks but it just can't top that a pack well. I had I don't know if you're aware that we have. Number of the people who have been on the show whom we took Briggs from the game and Robert Carroll didian nickname because hokey apparently. Had a nickname for everybody couple of Bergen and burn them relief for Robertson where Robin. But you were called the mother here and hold keys that you would get lost with the GP. Are up wrong Robert wrongly was no one was one and the bow at least some alacrity that Antonio. The radius or for a major issue stomp happen whatever. You know the night forward leaving. 111. Dialogue on before trip and found out that they've made plane reservation for everybody but me. I'm the one that nugget that the airport on you know so. Yeah my nickname became after all the things. The black cat. Or as we poking about that Ayala got a girl. That's really all. As you do you know if you crossed their paths some bad is gonna happen that's active as. Well. Look at Julia a quick shore and ordered to lead hokey. I've been on TV for awhile one of the people that became very payments a lead role on a Kmart is in you reporter. And where every coffee one day and each said all right tell the good guys in the bed god who brought aboard royal world for. And it's served well you can pick the good guys and our computers cell. You can find it. Bob when ever in the interview was over they don't pickup their little papers and go get their brand cheap car and take off they stay in the helped the engineers breakdown and carries so. And today I don't think you did the we could Tora Nolan dot com. You're quoted as saying hoped he would help me break down all of the equipment in the to have the moves. Able bodied individuals would have a hard time with. And I think you would probably had that most on their people wouldn't do. No there really wasn't and he was just. The I'd I didn't ask him but he knew that yeah we at a time spokesman rodeo we yeah. An hour two beginning. And that they were this actually mean what we ought to figure out there. And before rocketing Wednesday. Because you had to send all your gear had to go with the saints when the saints left or you're not ready to get. Right at your radio. And you know you just need to start on on remark wrong on you know on cable and he repeatedly pummeled like Tokyo reports the US like. Elegant and the other thing he started and that's is that the end game that it didn't have to get trashed him. You're teaching book that the other areas paper everywhere there's you know distressed at notre retainer and Jim hokey. At all on the on the floor. Cokie clean up the blue he used to clean up the boot. I mean it was all of the spot as well we've got the air and Indian they'll let you make somebody get life. All right a mob or word Robert Carroll lucrative deals and schemed in the broadcast engineer. Dave Gordon. In that's what Robert and Tim did that two hours and forty minutes. To come back can. I have been anything wrong let them a little via. I've run no this is don't sound goofy but sleep if you remove. If you don't I really don't care but. Does it seem like when the saints give up. Big play early in the game that that's when they step up their play both offensively and defensively and refocus is that. They get about the life of pokey guards show and don't and Dave Cohen news for a Europe where they. And world talk and Robert Carroll though but I built saints game day broadcast. Engineer of those who have might not hurt. Hoagie at the peace signature rule on died landslide. Surrounded by ten million prunes. What is very close friend Robert Caroline we have and just come talk to us about memories. It and David Garland. I wanted to go back 01 of the stories you told about the the trip to Carolina. Media and leaders the short store on. Volunteers next to me the slew. Part of the this led to the into the black cat and he out so sick that day I actually a part in a different mirage and what not pass sport that stadium. And I mean -- this Odyssey here I was inside and the Carolina as well you know you'll probably be. Well after the game on. Beyond a little more human and so far has been towed. So I hope. I have in my has got to drive the entire broadcast back to the airport you know exactly apartment. Did it have Gergen awry he uses that hopefully which forced and what he's airport and stadium. Cargo back at them. And we get to the airport or an hour ago that they reject yen. And secondly Q license. And I realized at that moment that outs post op we get a license and credit part from the opposite the whole place about leaping. Had the it'll Beckett can't go back the election and come back to the airport so that pretty much load up the black cat that. Yet the phase Tolkien jam after all that and let's get a pretty good read. Elliott and set in which he had a picture is because it was ultimate defeat. That you know there are French or what Oki. The first. Years ago I mean we were friends but it would like European embassies and we hadn't thought much soul he walked back in the door the beginning actually. And but it will light. That six month and it was just in just a body how to network we're. And I am which are adult trial and the other is they get mile closer we were talking between it and my son he yeah hope he until. What I eat eat eat he's at all grand. Grand. And so pretty early I think we would love them current and while my son came along at about any time. Kia Charlotte and I have a wonderful picture. Of Patrick when he restore years old. Picture what the map and hokey and the men patch where and at that might pennies you know this out of that and Oki got a picture on pat pat. Hokey. He has always. You know after I talk quality rips him secretly. Last year. The yet again this has differently and so okay. You guys. You're a couple of dates or. We're going we're going on on sugar tree island lanes. And it set the strip club. It was just. The most wonderful thing. You know pat but stop talking about it. We dated march you your career to include the now cowboys went well and it's. Just circulation chip there and fortunately. More popping pokey and Patrick he was they went to hospital the other night. And you know he he beat tech art Portland had the talent but he's. You know if he wrote a lot he really did it. At an anonymous. Yeah hokey brought so much joy to so many people. And just by being himself but he was always giving always caring anything you had you can have any where he when he won take you with them every one of the few people. That really get to here. Every word hokey ever uttered during and broadcast. And we we yet and and that's that's amazing when you think about it with that people texting us and eighth avenue eighth avenue that favorite hokey isms. As anyone are few that stand that few things that Hokies says that just made it does last year passed off for a cry with laughter. Well update you. Yet if ever there were couple. Says that it's it's if you're on the BU you have a lot but. There was one earlier on. Your outlook on ball and he will recruiter. And we all went. On I. At the panic if they have bids Melanie ego that you re trouble. Like why. I'm quite a little court action and loved to lead good law. A lot of people. Are famous hopefully it's of people who'll payment broadcast. I think made Hokies so special that we're doing in and tired to ill and the competition the newspapers the competition of reducing actions. Or playing quote after quote and quote. A pokey got a shot. What made him and so special. You know it's basically. What you see what you get it didn't matter at the microphone on camera along or he was sitting down there. You've eaten crawfish would you while he was okay. And they're written I haven't met important person than him. And Jim Henderson and Russian Olga we worked well years there's just. I program and we're gonna miss him dearly but you'll limit our parts. Well maybe you may be deep talkers alerts about how will be dual in this. Of Robert Carroll thank you so much we're coming right back. A bit of BO.