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Think Tank 1210pm, Remembering Hokie Gajan

Apr 12, 2016|

Former Saints player and WWL's Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan has passed away after a battle with cancer. This hours guest: DePaul Smith - WWL's Saints Sales person Robert Carroll - WWL's Saints gameday Broadcast engineer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back Q do you judge joy and a crew armed rebel Hoch who today. Are you mirror have heard Brno hokey on and landslide fifty signatures old rounded. Them Lian Britain's. And bought via red how to build meaningful for Kansas City full of prunes staple of prisons there is used. Extraordinary individual would certainly. Talked for three seconds about with death probably more so robbery. Very in usual god took a lot of people knew hokey. Primarily as a football. And a lot of people. Didn't really understand how incredibly and collagen. On the IEC one. Portal lack could be going. So what we've been doing for the last two hour is still there and the people that door and kept in particular in this building. Where Bernard Cohen here are news rector and now we're drawn by a ball judgment. Go to build saying selves. Sales. And and DePaul when it went thank you for meat smoking was it here. Not yet here Wii's Stan Brock was where was going to coach Bradley football. And he suggested he was doing games announced for the for the the broadcast. And he suggested hokey Jim Penders. And I'd only heard pokey DC and back Tammy was a scout fourteen years. And so I went to low balances its pre Katrina when veterans and down nobody really knew what was going on and we just sat down we talked and we do hope Meehan hokey only chiefs just madam. And for the next four how worse we drove around in my car. Trying to convince hokey that he can do. BP because he really he. As as you said he was very Smart on he was intelligent but he but he is also self deprecating he really didn't he didn't know when getting into the and and he was a talker but he really wasn't a talker I mean I hope he was very brief exit. So we drove around literally for three hours in my car in which we're announcing ho Lee and the worst thing that he wanted to do in an in this is not a shot but he but he didn't wanna be controversial but legal part. His QB but he. And at this time we were right outside the Vietnam. For the saints facility or an airline. That's how well just what you like describe what we wore like describe a player. And he brought up and said. See it he said. Make it Renaldo Turnbull who was who played for the saint at that time he said making him stand up linebacker is like put lipstick on a pig in any getting hokey in health and termite. And I didn't know Hokies rate. And so he gets to haul it in it that's who he or it's that you can do business. In and he beat he became him just a fantastic broadcast year. Com and in her gym on this morning and the great thing about about hokey is is brevity. Is that he can come in just like that put the banks sitting there and then it's Jim do in and so that was that was the first time. And I talked to die and Newman our operations manager program director. About Hokies first interview for the job and there was probably after you minority driven around with them for hours and hours and tried to convince them. And his fear was. That he had lived eaten and breathed football his entire life from high school through college. With the saints. And unfortunately. Injury shortened career but. A man who was it a hero for the senate you know to this day if you look at all the running backs with 250 carries a more for the saints. He has the best average of any of but he he his concern was on it was football. And the answer was I'm telling you need to know there's. But it turned backing to a lot more than football he knew humor he knew human nature he knew how to communicate with people. And you sit in brevity estimate just Texas today it's 7870 says you knew exactly how hokey felt they make you feel just a few words and use the reference if someone wasn't very good he referred refer to them. Other about as useless as an eleven inch trap. It. Limbaugh ball. Would tell the stories can and repeatedly. Because. For the people that that don't played football don't do broadcasting. Through that have been here it is. A home. When tempers started hearing. Hokies commercials here. I had warm but you know apartment that would tree agencies. Is riding. In their and I heard spirit hurtful. And I heard do you. I think it was a lay and film arbor urged his bones and a couple of others. So what is the losing jobs and slash producer or an engine here. And it's have bought agencies you've worked and where. And he said what do you mean and possibly get better copy than anybody else including a huge. And in has said losing work commitments that his work on it and it said. You mean he goes to be agency Intel to money won't. He's just not there he bright but should know what I'm talking about who writes the copy. He says. And it's Obama but all the sound effects in the music city chooses. And he dictates of when he comes in here. And I'm talking that they even a couple of guys about this and up and down he broke the commercials on napkin. It's now know he thinks playing he didn't do that for everybody like river parish with there was an agency but they but they god who hokey once. And then allowed Hokies do all of the blood like sports Oki got Jansport. Those while written by him and you know early on I would attempt to write something and then he would write it now I'm like oak. You just go with an aim and he weighs like when I say in eight. He was in Nate. And he knew he knew how to connect any new and make it funny you know make it real and you don't panic. Our David I'd opt out lists you go it's the same thing I've told him a spine and and I never do it. That's OK in imply. A star football player. LSU and you introduced and I'll say ha. I'm a great football player from a few if funds over the saint introduced I'm actually. I'm a great storms and everything you've done in your life I'm to be read very eager to this quote them so everybody. Out. And you're a nice guy. In the war daughters. And your breed to gambling and reached its humor you're actually an extremely good writer. And your tremendous on the air it torturing cats at night don't. You do so than wrong. And he'll and and who could buy and capturing anything else that the guy I had in mind. You know what I relic in your make up something Joba for and that. You know what he was and he was the odd couple. Henderson was Anderson was with Felix Unger and hokey with the cup okay hokey literally on the team plane went and he got twisted time playing with him he'd Wear a tie. And Hokies sat right next to me and he took his jacket off it's sports coat and he crumpled up like like like like it. And he put it up and it's still. There and then he turns them races. DePaul you were taking jacket that's it until the part of a that is so so if anything hokey with the mess hokey with. Definitely I don't at all let that bring a little do you go to a regular break come right back to god column and you go to questions. We're talking about boarded the mood should extraordinary. Human being you've ever heard from. Or met or knew little bitter she knew Cokie go life. It's so great to see these fans having this much fun because nobody. Not just in the NFL nobody in the world deserves it more than they do you have to do right now faceoff and we all due respect to the fans. You and I haven't gone. That's first time people say that the. And we're pretty good about the yellow light and a little bit of the death of poking. Deadly as solid pit these pictures oh. I didn't two dollars and 22 minutes. When my producer drug called me this morning Toledo cute passed away. And she's ever scraping everything we set up everything has stood for last night and we're just gonna do three hours. And I assembly and the only thing about sports. And it La Tolkien. And we had a lot of contact but I'm bored within like through it's. And she said it will be BO OK. Two hours and 23 minutes later. I skidded on the show just on tact. And people calling again. And from these board what I understand now that maybe I didn't two hours and 23 minutes ago. The guy was just extra and there and it's not because these weren't your book ever. The that the intelligence. Humor. That gambling man I mean there's nothing you can point to and say he was a great guy except. You know the. He found out that he can he couldn't do it. And that's help catch Dewey school Lee and and later I'm not don't know Hokies subduing the voice but he leasing remained eligible. At. It's an updated it away on race. When when rappers broken brought. And one and and I'm scared. For two years ago. It was core. Even she in tunes some things. Going for. And talk and now. But it says it's different animal. And I'm. Like we talked about that so booked into the blue opinion and there thinking antsy to god it's been thankfully. Oh one's odd cents and people on top of all time arm and the rights. And seeing it in so. The way he you have him on this morning and and it was Jim Henderson. Arm Hokies in GM had a relationship before he became broadcaster. They we travel together like Jim's got stories of that. And and I think that. Pokey act hokey would acquiesce to win every was dealing with what you would know he would. He was hunter so we knew people and he knew he knew when timing he he he he knew things in neatly. It really GM and Robert Carroll were really the the great benefactors to Hokies on what on what he did from the broadcasting from from the play by play in the collar. Was these groups go pokey was you know what hokey now hoped he would tell you that I use good scout. Arm he will tell you that or god bless to meet in number one. I'd be remiss writing thing about will Smith and and his family and her cabinet and everybody liked that name and and my prayers are with this family. On and secondly hoped he would hate today. Pokey would hate that people are sitting there talking about him that day for all these hours because he was such a behind the scenes mania. I mean he was he ain't but one thing he like I would take a we knew with and we knew hokey. Don't do public speaking with him because he would not like to go one out and do and do the dialogue there. I'm but he was great one on one he be critical for spoils in those kind of things and just just just just that. Would he like he said a signal to would you think of that he was he was scouting with the Ricky Williams trade Akamai picker Ricky Williams straight. And on that with his team Texas with his area and he said that he fought diligently for us not to take Ricky Williams and annie's recent wise. I would never give up an entire draft class on a running back. What that would do which for a franchise quarterback like Peyton Manning if you're gonna do that. And there were others where where where foreign Dunbar you know other areas where he would he eat eat new football and he any new attic into at a talk about it. You Rhode close friend of it is due drew never. Suggest that he donated. One hand and Donald Trump. If that's. The folks who. Got to meet hokey. And shake his hand. This man. Has the most immense hands of any human being I've ever met he had the hands of the giants of of people attacking a city 7870. A person says I met hokey one simple handshake. My hands still hurts. And he did have an amazing grip but you remember when you were 45 we told you have to graphic at hand across the street. Every time I shook Hokies and that's how life fail because he had the most immense. Your paws of anybody and implement. Yeah he he is stand broccoli a bigger hands him the stance six foot six. And hope six point one hokey and I've got a picture hokey when he was playing in my office and when he sees hands on football and he seems is just cradling it. Armed with speaking about Stan Brock packages tell you one quick story about yesterday. Arm stand who brought Tokyo IS six foot six would would humongous mountain man. On yesterday. I went to the hospital and stands in the air and state stands Boehner and Robert Carroll who's been doing the broadcast now for 31 years Jim Anderson happen to be there and Hokies family. And standings literally. Loved hokey as as I do and I love a lot I love pokey is a man allotment of person laments a coworker. He's caressing his hand in just touching him like like like you offer key that was that was his guy and you see this these two mountain. Hunters football rugby players in hinges just caressing hand. So when are on the other side of the bed and and and I got close to Hokies Hokies ear and Hokies not really it doesn't seem like he's there right at this point. But they stole with a little did I know that fifteen years ago when Stan fortune in my life. That you become one of my best friends in the world and how much I love you how much respect you and never written letters stamina and and and told this before thank god. Com. But it death moment hokey basically comes a week. After I told how much a low moment how great guy he is and he says you haven't met me yet. And then he goes back and I just start laughing because literally. As as Kristen and start with saying his humor he eat. He. Still lit up a Roman made people smile even as he was. God what is that Villa and an aunt and literally when you say that that's sweet in its NetSuite wise and that's who the spirit Oki will always be. Pews and and in the opening to come in like. It hit me square in the face like a way it's gone it's done miserable duo of heat and humidity. All right blog but I can and we continue. All day talking about an extraordinary. Hokey guard. Have we're live like that researchers' own. And we spent two and a Al Gore's talk and and we've had everybody from. Jim Henderson Christian Garrett so many others have close friends in the storage pool. Any if anybody sat in loosened everything up to this point. I think. The guy they thought they knew that was certainly part of him. But if you listened to grows that just an extraordinary. Team. What are his close friends Robert Harold out of deal through and in doing broadcast engineer georgians now Robert welcome to the show. Harder on how are you. A sad day but. You know also. A little bit early exit Cokie I'm paying now and electoral. Sent a message queue happily Jennifer workers to lessen it to. Either party teaching saint Peter out of fish. The idea of what accuse add its ten day book it's been remarkable. His good friend Paul Bachmann shows we're there. At least at Hokies would hate to and I and I think you were all the was sitting around talking about it all day long would drive and you'd. You have Gordon Woods and finish for Obama chose to forget about it. But I think he would like a laugh. There all. Of that today. Win without question and you know opportunity story that Jim and Brian. And on top of told Christian about you know they've been going on our when our group and you know. Elementary at a just maybe relate some of the funny stories that we've we evidence that. The whole thing has been a funny story I mean that rivalry we have in this group it would like. You know as much as. As we've. Hated traveling you know we these countries back and he seven on commercial we came a band of Brothers company and we were just. You know. You're just naturally generated art they'll have a great dinner have a wonderful time and it was it you know. But it does the funniest thing that I relate to the list where this whole thing is. The food was no issue especially this you broke the immoral it is known that blue capital of the world and unfortunately for we have a target Burton knew that serve breakfast. And it has to be the worst breakfasts and or. Friday Saturday and so you would come and it's not they'll have to visit churches shall that's the nutrition practice that is the Buick and a hot topic kept on anything it alls that. And we would we go on the road in and someplace that'll take protect pensions say carving station out on the media you know and bananas Foster thank but it just can't top that I could act well. I had I don't know if you're aware that we have. Number of the people who have been on the show whom we took breaks from the game Robert Carroll didian nickname coach pokey apparently. Had a nickname for everybody a couple of Bergen and bring them relief for Robertson where rob and but you were called the mother here and Hokies said that you would get lost with the GP. Are up wrong Robert wrong way it was one was one and the bow at least some alacrity that Antonio. The radius or pro at some major issue or something happened whatever. You know the night forward leaving or. 111. Dialogue on. Before trip and found out that they meat plant reservation for everybody but me. I'm prevalent again in the airport on you know so. Yeah my nickname became after all the things. The black cat. Or as weak hokey about the dispatcher I was up on Earl. That's wrote on that as you do you know if you crossed their path some bad is gonna happen that it that it does. Well. Let me Julia a quick shore and ordered to lead hokey. I've been on TV for awhile one of the people that became very payments only Ron. Came along and you reporter. And where every coffee one day and he said all right tell the good guys in the bed god who brought aboard royal world for. And it's served well you can pick the good guys Al cure itself. You can find it. Bob when ever in the interview was over they don't pickup their little papers and go get their brand cheap car and take off but he stayed in the helped the engineers breakdown and carries so. And today I don't think you did the because Tora Nolan dot com. You're quoted as saying. Okay it would help me break down all of the equipment in the the moves. Able bodied individuals would have a hard time with. And I think you would probably had that most on their people wouldn't do. Now they're really wasn't and he was just. He I didn't ask him but he knew that you know we at a time misspoke on rodeo we yeah. In our dignity and that they were I actually I mean well we. Had to get down there and before rocket even say. Because you had to Sally your gear had to go with the saints when the saints left Mercury and ready ago. Rice had your radio and you know you just need to start on on remark wrong you know on cable and the repeatedly pummeled like when you approve or but he was like. Only get and the other thing he started and that's at the end game that it didn't have wanna get trashed yeah. UP CR was that the only area paper everywhere there's you know distressed debt load to navigator and Jim O'Keefe. At all on the floor. Cokie cleaned up the blue used to clean up the boot. I mean it was on the spot as well we've got they're. And just go with that economic somebody's life. If all right among her word Robert Carroll derivative deals and schemed in the broadcast engineer. Dave Gordon. And a password Roberts and Tim did that two hours and forty minutes. To come back tennis. I have been anything wrong let them a little via. I've run no this is built them goofy but sleep if you remove. If you don't I really don't care but. Does it seem like when the saints give up. Big play early in the game that that's when they step up their play both offensively and defensively and refocus is that. They get about the alive for the Hokies guard show and don't. David Cohen for Europe where they. And Barack talk and Robert Carroll doubled a built saints game day broadcast. Engineer of those who might not number. Hoagie at the peace picture rule on the land slide surrounded by Indian prisons. What is very close friend Robert Caroline we have and just come talk to us about memories. I eight Garland. I wanted to go back 01. Story that gentle about via the trip to Carolina when we view sneakers and shorts or. Volunteers next to me the flu. Part of the this is what led to the into the black cat naive I was so sick that day I actually a part in a different barrage of what my past sport that stadium. And I mean I just didn't hear and and the Carolina as well you know you've followed via well after the game I'm. Feeling a little more human and bill or art has been tote. Oh. I have in my has got to drive the entire broadcasting back to the airport you know exactly apartment. That they can have Gergen arrive to the detail place which forced Atwood from the airport this stadium. Yet the cargo back at them and we get to the airport our. And secondly CO license. And I realized at that moment that oust those stop to get my license and credit card from the opposite the whole place about leaping. I had to go back to go back and election and come back to the airport. So that pretty slow but the black cat that has yet to face Tolkien jam after all that and oh you get a pretty good read. Elliott and in which he had a picture is because it was ultimate defeat. That you know there are French or what Oki. The first. Years ago we were friends but it would collect Libyan embassy. We didn't talk much until he walked back in the door. The beginning actually. And but it was like. That's a month and it was just in just a body out of work but. And I am which are adult trial the other if they get mile closer we. Talking between it and my son he. Yeah I'll eat until. What you eat eat eat eat it all grand. Grand. And so he early I think it would love them current and while my. Along at about any time. Kia start ups and I have a wonderful picture. Of Patrick when he restore years old. Picture went pretty wired and hokey him. And patched weren't at that might need just you know that's out of that and got a picture on pat Patrick hokey. He has always. You know athletic talk quality rips him secretly. Last year. The got together as differently and so okay. You guys you'd a couple of dates acorn. We're going we're going on on you your kitty an island it lanes. And is that the strip club. It was just that the most wonderful thing. You know Patrick is talking about it. We dated march you your career to include the Dallas Cowboys and well and you know it's. Just certainly should chip there and fortunately. Or topic Nokia Patrick he was able to hospital tonight. And you know he he'd eat into account our Portland had a talent but he's. You know it's irrelevant what he relative. I among the most. Yeah hokey brought so much joy to so many people. And just by being himself but he was always giving always caring anything you had you can have anywhere he when he won take you with them for every one of the few people. That really got to hear. Every word hokey ever uttered during saint broadcast. And we we yet and and that's that's amazing when you think about it we've had people taxing a sedate them and meet them and their favorite hokey isms. As anyone are few that stand that few things that Hokies says that just made it just last year passed four or cry with laughter. Well he. Yet it never ever coupled along and says that it's it's if you ought to be you have a lot but. There was one earlier on. Your outlook on the ball like tiny wood Ruder. And we always a I'm. At the panic if they have did smell an ego that you re trouble at. All like why. I'm vital core action and our league good law. A lot of people. Are famous and hopefully it's of people who'll payment broadcast. What do you think made Hokies so special that we're doing in and tired ill and the competition the newspapers. The competition. On the radio stations. Or playing quote after quote on quote. Of pokey got a shot. It and so special. You know it's basically what you see what you get it didn't matter microphone on camera on or he was sitting down there. You've eaten crawfish would you while it was hokey. And there was no I don't I haven't met more genuine person and him. And Jim Anderson and Russian Olga we work well years there's just. Parliament and we're gonna miss him dearly but you'll live our hearts. Well maybe you may be due talkers alerts about how we ought to be doing this. Of Robert Carroll thank you so much we're coming right back. A bit of BO. Our Dave Gordon you've rector last thoughts. In it's been an honor and a pleasure to sit here and talk about how can I know he would have hated tennis as we've mentioned several times and I guess the one lasting memory of poking guys on the always have. Was sitting along his side we were on the beer wagon being pulled by the Clyde details. Through the streets of New Orleans and we had turned on the canal street during the saints' post Super Bowl win parade. And had to be a thousand people chanting Hokies now. The Hokies Hokies hold key and he was leading them in The Who would that chair cheer and I Saddam how you must feel so good to have so many people. Cheering for you and love you so much he says non it's not me. They're just excited the saints won the Super Bowl. Hokies guard John lived forever. Oh in the.