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Scoot Show 110pm, Remembering Hokie Gajan

Apr 12, 2016|

On today’s show: we remember our beloved Hokie Gajan – who passed around midnight last night. Our former Tiger, Saints and WWL radio legend is survived by his wife, Judy...daughters Jennifer, Kristin, Megan & Alexis (Peanut), loving family and friends and Tiger fans and Who Dats across the Gulf South and America. This hours guest: Jerry Peters Marketing Manager, Southern Eagle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everything that we were scheduled to talk about today and wait. Everything that is going on in the world dissent kept up with our partners department here in debit of UAL and our website it ever WL dot com. And while there is much to talk about our focus this afternoon is remembering hokey gunshot. WW Ellison family. And I've worked at radio stations here are ever to radio stations around the country I've never worked in radio station that felt so much like a family. And that's because of our operations director guy Newman. She makes us feel like a family. She's. She's a great boss. She's. A tough boss which he needs to be tough boss. But she also has decide if her dad is. So friendly orient. In fact there is not a Mother's Day that goes spot. And I don't Sendai and Newman. Are happy Mother's Day wish. Because of that role she plays in my life. And that's the kind of person years. She makes his radio station all of us. A family. And so we've remember hokey guy shot. As we remember hokey. We also remember people that we've lost in our lives. We. Are reminded of how fragile life can be. We're reminded that we have to to live every day. Those of us at the station. Had a better idea what was going on with O'Keefe and perhaps you do it. And I got a text here it says so high school I was listening to Deke last night. And his party story before he signed off was very touching and Deke choked up you could hear tears coming. A lot of us in The Who detonation. We're driving with tears to. We knew how bad boys. But pokey didn't want sympathy pokey didn't want pity this was the way hokey wise. The way hokey was the very end is the way hokey was in life. And he was artist. And he's one of the most creative people I've ever met. I'd like to think that I'm creative. I bitter and a lot of greedy people who radio but I'll tell you hokey guy show was one of the most creative guys. I I've ever known. Our bumper music opera music is the music that we play in and out of breaks. Properties it is used on radio talk shows going in and out of the brakes. I you soap opera music to relate to whatever we're talking about. And today we're going to spend the pop culture calendar. And I've I've picked out some Popper music today throughout the show. It really does fit exactly what we're talking about. And if you would like to join us with a comment. If you would like to join us with a hokey story. And think of how many of you and this is just this is such a great tribute to somebody on the radio. Think about how many if you didn't know hokey. But yet she really did know. You felt like you knew him. Not everybody. Can do with it. And here's hokey a guy who wasn't trained in radio. And he master. He mastered the art. Of letting you know who he wants. And that seems like it might be an easy thing to do but it's not. You know we sit in a studio there's a microphone here and there are three monitors in front of me there's the phone they're they're blocking assisting in that there's things in here that. That job and did make it difficult to remember that you're just a real person there's things that would inspire you to not be real. Pokey guy Shawn was real I wrote a blog title to the honesty creativity pokey gush on you could read and share with others. It's a turning now on our website at WWL dot com. And here's our pretty general opinion poll this hour have you ever lost a loved one to cancer. Give a shipping of like going to our web site WWL dot com and so today we remember of pokey guy shot. If you don't run thank you get it turned out as a your game here and turn out good thanks radio network next. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mercedes-Benz superdome. They're not the same radio network. And what a unique voice he had boarding unique personality he had on the radio. A very early this morning for me was no difference I woke up about 3 o'clock in the morning which are due almost every every night. And when I wake up Oilers checked my phone. This morning to teen was broken by the text or from governor to you well that the bullet Topeka shot had passed away peacefully during the night. I didn't know hokey well. And I can't compare to some of those who had a personal relationship with Cokie I knew him. But I can tell you about what I knew of pokey. From my encounters with him what I knew about him as a person and as somebody who's in radio. Her great stories are I was wishing to Tommy this morning. And Hokies such son in law called him. What a great story what a touching touching story. And there are so many. And it's a tribute to who hokey. Pokey what is and who he still issues. In our hearts and minds. I believe the accolades of Hokies professional career. And the saints to the sports guys. Who knew him and worked with him very closely. But I'll share my memories of pokey guy shot. I remember the first time on Hokies told me that he used to listen to scoot in the morning owners claim the saints. I was so touched by. Rejoice a guy who was playing with the saints and I've had six players tell me that over the years. Bobby and others but when when hokey told me again I wish I'd never thought that I would be the kind of person that pokey would. Would would listen to. So it touched me when he said Cameron Burleson dispute the morning on his plane to the sites. That was touching to know that he was one of my listeners. During the offseason I've rarely saw hokey. During the saints' season I would often see him in the halls in the studio certificate to well. My brief encounters with pokey were always meaningful. Pokey was Smart. Cookie boys insightful. But often those qualities were hidden behind his down home demeanor and a slight cajun accent. And pokey had an amazing sense of humor. The commercials that he did for various clients. We're not always scripted and handed him. He wrote most of those commercials. He wrote those creative lies that he delivered. On the radio. Pokey was original. Campbell always stand out in my mind because of his great wit. In describing. How fast a player was hokey once said he's so fast he could he could go rabbit hunting with a hammer. That was hokey. He didn't pick up that line from somebody else. That was original. That was his innate. Sense of humor. That was hokey. If you would like to join us with comet are numbers 260. 1870. Area code 5042601870. Texas a 7870 astute in the afternoon and from home into white welcome to our show. It's not gone. Unknown British art you know art buckled and I love little. Are. Out there. Where it. I democratic and Lamar continues to grow. Yeah our character count on the genocide quantity and yeah chance that your little. It's probably been 100 K. It or not I know he was a big not preformed out on the game out of paying. I'm aren't just want to say man. I appreciate that what are you doing okay. Yes sir I'm good I'm I'm I'm I'm good. Are you take you to carry yourself you're out oratory to appreciate. This is Stanley. And this just kind of the way we are New Orleans I mean we're we're we're family. It's not just doesn't have a WL but we're family since has it that those who go to French Quarter fest injustice to me we would look at ourselves as. As family is one of the really endearing qualities. Of being in New Orleans. I'm skewed in the afternoon today we are remembering pokey guy shot if you wanna join us to come at this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601. A seventy. And a text is 87 DA sanity this is one of the I've been meaningful songs that I love from you to just listen to us some of these lyrics. As we head into this break and we'll be right back on WWL. Welcome back to our show I'm skewed in the afternoon and then today we are remembering a hokey guy John who passed away on. I'm very late show last night till I get the text very early this morning it woke up about 3 o'clock and went actually but I always wicca for the middle of the night. But you know had to have before going back to sleep I I've and I've worked on a blog four for hokey that I wrote for our website today. And I've said a prayer for hokey it is Stanley and for for those who will want will miss him. If you wanna join us with comet this afternoon if you've got to a hokey story hokey memory. If on if if Hokies life or his passing his sense touched you here's our number it's 2601. A seventy. Every coach Bible for 2601. A seventy at a text is 87870. From New Orleans Marc welcome to WWL. Basra school teacher and Kmart. On its own social first and so. Radio stations and TV stations and the war. Optional so much it is and on. Oh young children. And on its radio station due on. That's widget to reduce lecture you know some labor out to an album. To amend the terms here and reasons Rahman should close to. As Kim people about it medical. Sliding due in the regular. Search on the it may be local war as we people miles not explode. A lady de corners are based clinic in light. Difficulties popular tourist and the maturity and have a good day. Mark that was beautiful appreciate your listing got a text here that says says so. Says so did a rough few days for the region. Whose one true heart is is the saints and then that's true. Here's a tax on this doesn't really continue but the text or starts out where inflated self importance and arrogance is a trademark of many. And then there's hokey. And that is so true and and that's what struck me as I was writing this a blog of the 3:30 this morning. A that's what struck me about hokey. You know pokey was was as sensitive as he was tough but I remember one night when I was on the deed is do show it to midnight irritability well. Poking had just finished doing sports talk and Weaver got talking during the dues as he was leaving I was coming in as it hokey want to stay with me and join me for the top eight to date. Every night I opened the show with the top eight at eighty was the top 8 things a morning Jeter knows we started to show it would be some of the things that we be talking about that night. Tonight the hokey interactive with me on the topic to date was the ninety I've realized how quick how Smart. And how funny hokey really watched. He just had a great sense of humor and the guy was really sharp. Provoke elusive barrier WL. I didn't see I'm okay. This. When I first. Storm Allison hope you and it took about. Open it what Jim Anderson on the look and act opened in awards broadcast of that record my seats and put a I hope altered metabolism don't agree that the I'm willing to do one it would inject himself into that particular it would. I like Cuba receive telegraphed the topics you're uncertain emotional response it's a bit. Got to listen to him into wrecked bowl and sport shall we need to. That we were very intelligent compared knowledgeable. I didn't really. Miller assumed that issue but it seemingly put the saints and a critical role player. He introduced ought and so they replace. Ma and build system it's them spent two didn't. The so well in Louisiana and based in the country. It's a wonderful mayor who was so and so and respect are required goes. If you could sort out who was so emotional he does that he still a lot of people one way. Gary I don't and I appreciate the call I I don't think Cokie would be insulted if you said you know you're not a great broadcaster. And that's what ice it would mired about smoking guy should she wasn't a broadcaster. He was a person. He was a person on the radio. And he was real. And he was honest. Jimmy here on WW well. You're gonna miss you or you can. You know everyone's talking about. Hope you went to Brazil shoe missing vulnerable back a little bit. Before that. Actually is a little value to you but I was a freshman at service and high school in 1977. First round of the playoffs. It was a rain and it was a really ugly night. The field to be up early and what model. And they were playing baker high school. And they are running back that was just. Going up and down the field and just running all over the place against these chips and and that a lot of the so you guys. And that's the first time in over her pain. And of course follow. When I went to LSU well there of course rests his career but I just don't share that with that. You know that long ago was when he made an impression. On me when I was sixteen year old freshman in high school he was one tech football player back. In fact though. The players football players shall. Each day at the time after the game he says he was a part hitting running back that they ever played in war but it was it was opposite him back even at that you know he. Jimmy I love hearing that story a while when someone takes his back that far enough I haven't heard did any stories about hokey it to baker high school. Well you know sure that. Some Bozo the and sports. Arena Bobby in that group. Little no about challenges. You know exploits on the field as a high school player and of course he wouldn't have an opportunity arose you can Linda. Great ball player. Jimmy appreciate you sure and it's a story where this if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings about the passing of hokey guy shall we continue to remember hokey and our showed today in really on the stationed throughout the day. Here's our number. It's 260187. In a series code 5042601870. And our text is a city symphony and skewed in the afternoon more of your calls and more via text or are coming up but I'll continue to share. What I knew of of a hokey. It it doesn't compare to those who were in a Stanley those who had a personal relationship with him. But I I I have. I just have an insight into Hokies from seeing him at the station and working with him briefly a few times. We'll be right back after just a VW owners updates with Jim Hansen. Welcome back to our show we are continuing to remember the life the whipped the creativity. Pokey guy shot. And our Barbara music is a very fitting for four today is just kind of hard to go through and and look for songs that reflect on what we're talking about today because it's. Well in in many ways it's not a happy topic but in many ways it. It's part of life it it is part of life and and unfortunately some people leave us before Don they're supposed to. And again who were we to ask the question when are we supposed to go I mean that's not really for us I love this very very comforting text. It says pokey is in heaven. Telling buddy. But you know I've a feeling that buddy dealers. Was always there that Super Bowl. Jerry Peters is a marketing manager for southern eagle they did bud lite commercials it was hokey and Gerri welcome to the shale. Battle it or you don't I'm gonna tell me about your your feelings about hokey here it that was called samarra this morning in. Hoch is one goes out to just make extra effort and to make you smile and eight you to steal notable warm and which some believe it's just a great. Yeah he was do. In that way and that way and I I want the text and a guy just a moment ago where inflated self importance and arrogance are trademarks of many. You know that was deathly not to that was definitely not hokey. Definitely that Okie bulky. Always went the extra mile make you feel comfortable. I'll put so with the people around him. No we've been work we work for a yes he started when he is playing. No brought them up and actor. It was Stan Brock you brought to the promotions where. Things just. Regular you know courses of looking at them that yeah you know which is wonderful and he will be ministry additionally your people well people. Do commercials American culture now and that the image of him we have Cokie you know who's it would have in you column. And he didn't he didn't tactic lines from anybody else that was those were hoping users. Actually just. There's certain are smiling right now Alan you know that should not let it eat that's that's what we did most. Major happening out there about the jury your the last song. I policy. Actually keep it up and martyrdom. That. Figure shot but. It's got people or that that he came into you know he talked they're one of are not that open up. I can't I can't pin him down in awhile you. General put the put their word you know put your partners. When Jerry I appreciate you are ticking time to share your thoughts though about your relationship with no because John and and what I I what I know or not. Yeah every the benefits of that that part of him because he you know he wrote that stuff he was so creative and commercials that he that he wrote I think that this guy was which trained in. In and comedy he was trained in on marketing and in commercials but. He was just trained in being hokey. Directly here just beer hokey that's. A customer really using this stuff. Amanda just cared about people cared about it and enjoyed life. Jerry thanks for your thoughts. Richard Peterson marketing manager for a southern eagle they did commercials with hokey for. But like from Franklin Brian welcome to our show this afternoon. We don't look too good to be. The picture. And Fred Hickman from in sports. Damage Jack Buck and much did those caught on K in my country. Again and Angel got an ankle the result in god bless. And I appreciate that call if you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon. Your thoughts about hokey maybe you didn't know him but if you're like so many. You felt like you knew and again that is just such a special quality. If somebody has the quality to make you feel you know them when you've never met them. That's truly something that can be very magical and radio. And hokey was not a trained broadcaster. He wasn't trained in this business. But I has so much respect for him because he was just a person. Instead of a radio guy on the radio. He was a person on liberty. And here's our party general opinion polls this hour have you world lost a loved one to cancer. Only 8%. Say no. 92%. Say yes and I'm in a category. As well so as we remember of pokey guy show on today what's. Let's also remember how important it is for us to. To not only live life. But also think about the things that we think are so important. You know yesterday we were talking about road rage. The about the little things that we allow. To bother us. And when something like this happens. You know and again if it's hokey guy showed in this case somebody that so many people do. But every day somebody loses a lot of every day there's there's sadness but again and that's part of life would you give up it is going to be if you never wanna be said that you could ever have a relationship with anybody you could ever. Have a pet you could never have. A friend or are you could just never have a relationship with with anybody you'd have to be totally isolated as soon as an individual. When we love. We also set ourselves up to at some point possibly be. Disappointed. And we set ourselves up for being sent one day when that life I've comes to an end. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Every coach 5042601. And Saturday. Tex ever say 78 Saturday and I went back China to change the entire show for today it picks and opera music I thought it was appropriate for today. I'm scoots in the afternoon and we're coming right back on WA QL. This is the band Perry. If I die young. And hope you guys John pastor weighing. Far far. Too soon. Very early. Well actually late last night I found about it found out about it very early this morning. I'm screwed in the afternoon I'm I'm glad to winners it's it's a sad day but in the in the in the I guess in the tradition of a chance funerals of lettuce. Also. Celebrate this this sadness by celebrating a life. And and again hokey guy sure was one of those special people that even if you didn't know when you felt like you did know him. Let me get to a couple of these text here here's a Texas says I'm just an L issue in saints fan never met hokey my heart hurts like I've lost a family member. Here's a text quintessential Louisiana Renaissance man and other text says hokey guys John was hokey guy John and have sent. And another Texas listening to all these great stories about hokey we should all look at ways to make it. To become a better person. And I think that's also part of of a moment like this. Thinking about the things that we allow. To be a big deal in our lives. And even politics. As as significant as politics is in our lives. Think about the hate and bitterness. Between human beings. Often between friends and family members over politics. And yesterday we talked about road rage. Pick apart the little things that we allow to botrus. Talking about pokey guy Sean. Being taken from us too soon is as many others are Will Smith as well. We need to we need to live every day. And appreciate every day and not get so hung up on to the little things. DeVon your under the to do well. Banks are kind of click on I trying to say for our part on or Kiev earlier here on talk into the empty chair Greek army armed. Com landmark an arrest employer. And memories. Law at the age and I remember promising in all the time Kurt Sunday. And important on the ground actually Obama. Oh yeah and mr. Jim Henderson. Yes you know and I can tell you are inexperience I didn't know it until. Or in person out on them. In some error while on the new thing I mean I would. Have the art thing there. That. Is the thing I was out any minute of the Iowa and how little I am just from seeing flat out they don't. You know. Democrat I appreciate the call to ever have a good day and and and that was hokey that that was that this guy really did did touch it's. Hokey guy Shawn was. As sensitive as he was tough. He loved and cared about his family. I always admired how he never allowed fame and recognition. That he so deserved. To distract him from the really important things in life. I don't so many people in this business that allowed their fame even a little thing. To define them. But not hokey. Pokey seemed to consider his celebrity status totally unnecessary. And it's certainly never changed anything about him. And vet. I admired. If you want to share your feelings with us today where are remembering the life of hokey guy Sean paying tribute to him today our numbers 260170. Area code 5042601. A seventy. And our text number is a 78 Saturday and I love when pokey was say something like you know give me a little hokey love laughter. I'm scoots ever covered it right back. I don't interview well. Today are Demi WL we are remembering the life of hokey guy John what we had planned to talk about today can wait till there's a lot going on the world but right now on the world of WWL in the world of The Who dat nation as saints fans. It's on the passing of who gay guy Sean pastor weary on late last night. I've got some great text to get to like this when we the fans site in honor of hokey guy shut it Will Smith should all Wear black and gold this Friday. I'm gonna Wear my saints Jersey in honor of pokey and we'll. I won't miss Hokies calling the games once you hokey from a calmly year on WW well. A lot of really yeah you know Hokies. In the community. Orchestra with game it is out there and it marks. It is critical you don't. That is being and. Yeah and I feel they're like. You know there are no. Matter how okay folks there not you know they either don't or. Lay I believe that too and I I appreciate the call India hokey just had to say this Greenwood about it night. As I said Dyer I woke up by 3 o'clock often and and never sleep good tonight ten hours checked my phone or objective news sent when I wake up to 3 o'clock this morning I got the I ever the W if you were alerted communities are just before midnight. They're a hokey guy shot it passed away and you know yesterday we had a sense here inside the station did. That it would be sooner rather than later costs from Madison drill. Boy George WWL. Yeah extra point. Thing crossover mark mentioned the name and Alison Stewart soul. All ball. And while all changed. Recently. Ranked friends the ball or chipped it just issued. Well a cold in any adult. There on base hit it will probably be. Right nations should not think it's taking credit and let them your hokey and non. You know on seizures at that time and it wasn't nobody. Know what happened on book on you know it was. Lot of low point out the order didn't appreciate or start it. Got to get Turner's rich you appreciate the call we're gonna talk to Hokies oldest brother right after the news in the next half hour. I'm scoots on over WL.