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Scoot Show 210pm, Remembering Hokie Gajan

Apr 12, 2016|

On today’s show: we remember our beloved Hokie Gajan – who passed around midnight last night. Our former Tiger, Saints and WWL radio legend is survived by his wife, Judy...daughters Jennifer, Kristin, Megan & Alexis (Peanut), loving family and friends and Tiger fans and Who Dats across the Gulf South and America. This hours guest: Chipper Gajan - Hokie's oldest brother, second of 9 kids Eric Arrant - National director of sales & marketing- Rhino Shield Angela Hill - Former WWL radio host

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our show we're remembering the life of hokey guy Sean O'Keefe passed away a very late last night. Radio has a way of of instilling an individual's CO a false sense of importance in society. And I will always admire the way hokey guy Shawn was true to his personality in his convictions. In spite of the notoriety attempts to change so many people. I if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings about hokey guys John even if you didn't know him I'm sure you felt like Q you knew him. If there's something that you remember about hokey you wanna share that with those are numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601878. 7870. And wrote a blog when I woke up this morning a woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning. Before going back to sleep I started my blog about him hokey after missing the WL text or he would go passed away late last night. And I I guess the best way to sum up my blog about Hokies the honesty and creativity. A hokey guy shot and that's on our website at WW dot com a before I get to more you're taxed before we get to more of your calls. I once talked to chipper guy Sean Hokies oldest brother and I hear that chipper sounds just like Cokie so this might be a little freaky to all of us chipper welcome to our show. Yeah you do it chipper how how are you doing. If it's happened now you know. Well law project a few minutes in this town you know start thinking about it then it's they get to a. You know it was it was rather fast you know hokey says a tough guy Ford is as much as he could but he had a very very aggressive for a form of cancer. Yes he Beers and we were shocked. And this past weekend and the army column in and RC. East game that Saturday. And it rather make all the cities have a co op in or. So. Unbeknownst India obviously. The syllabus and know I'll be. There and and bouts Saturday we found that the cancer had really. Become really aggressive in and really techno. It was ought to go to Ayers so close we all packed there have been. But Columbia then. News really in bad shape and then Monday morning people. Most. But most sport really couldn't communicators who. Don't believe. You know he he like some people I didn't really wanna share this of this part of what he was dealing with in the end it was really mostly kept from the public code you know we have to station and some people I knew how close or how close this was in and yesterday was one of those days where we are. Kinda at a sensitive pursuing it was close your return us tell us what it was like with with Cokie is a little brother. Lol law or no uninstall it and be. A lull in the slot and then. Just it just thought you our own it'll all be all right slot open. Maybe Eddie he'd be back you know I. Am great. City did something that Kia that. A member one. I'm making money. To be able ago. I screen. Well we figured that we could. Heard that they. That copper was thirty you know he could shuffle some copper. You make some money so we started on Monday it was electric and Lamar and stripped the ball and put a mark in the bucket to trot you know belted down goes. And we've now but he loves what he Jan gasoline. And are ultra. Where he got. I don't know but. Armed. I love you in the big way to Baghdad now. I am pokey was so and weighs just. You know he was kind of misty views on the air so it doesn't surprise me to hear you say that is as your younger brother he was a machine via skin. Yeah Eddie. Not that old. He would not cut in coming out of they brought it to do and and really go low. We didn't do anything you don't want to come out alligator out next that damn I'll see what is. My opposite. He reached an epic. You'd alligator bit in shock because it was so cold out but he owed him in the boat. Well what'll gives them Mario this alligator. You're back now the outcome until it was drowned about it not a strategy gave a vote. I shut up. About it. But that. No. You know he just thought oh. Or so far the two stories that you've told us about Hokies a kid both involved Tokyo morning to make some money. Yeah it. Are. You going to be sorely. That I am you know awestruck but what if it. In that Greg is you know. Crispin Jim Courier bag and then and Alexis that he of course Judy. The other all that. Well really. They are well. Aren't you revive you just who did I I'm scooter we're continuing to talk about the life of folk you guys are we're talking to Hokies oldest brother. I chipper guy John who does sound very very similar to tell Oki. I'm. I can't imagine hokey ever being mad to did you ever see mad. Saudia. You get really but he built well and ma and outlook or older and so but they urged. We but mop up pepper. That they met in. Pat in Iraq. And are. Still got to vote where at all. But yeah it got pretty optical. Out. At that point now my ball up that are. Back the but shall. I heard a story this morning it was Hokies multi son in law marriage Hokies daughter are called into two socket Tommy Tucker this morning and he just told this great story about. You know I don't really think pokey really liked me and I you know like knowing hokey the way out I I do and it was a close friends but in my clients is with him I could sense that. You know this might not be the easiest person to please if you were dating his daughter. Yeah act of well. In the alternate shot. You'd out. You you don't get. Lecture there. You don't break Jack are the option yet. Like you shouldn't it was going to be attached so the that you cannot deal on the in her in the breaker. And branded to talk about the moment he realized that joke he really did a lot and they care about him. Right right that's right so yeah he's in port call grandchildren. Really. Slug didn't. You know lot of people at random Pat Tillman this morning that will be weeks opera and they'll actually you know eat eat eat and supper and let alone out here. You know problems physically and stuff like that actors buoyant day in ever truly blessed that ethic quake beat. It. You know he really subpar. Years not. Jittery day. Chipper hokey with such an exceptional person no warning is it about him as. As a father that you saw as it did you think everybody should be more like. Well all that's a great. Questions in because of great. Are. Which you know it was just that he was just is to have her this they yet. There was no pretense as Ernie thank you didn't make excuses currently in the bank then what jail he. You know that there could be so upbeat nature that they you know they didn't you step in it. Yes do your best yet built in that you can do it. You know you an obvious it is you can be eighty. You know we're not gonna make it he didn't get it in the impact he had two bit. And his daughter's. Well thank you rob. That you can vote was never that that. I'd say you you had to it was there were nine if you correct. In niceties. In what ways to Hokies stand out in that crowd. Well he wrote it. Naturally. He will be the site could be you know it's a quote but because it sparks and he had a great personality is never met in wondered if in fact he. He just. You know I get a little devious. Without being in Iraq as he would you know the and eat Egypt. Idiot idiot just break or some they took took took out that Obama but he probably. All of these from mom and dad has. He'd you know I'll bring it the didn't hype in you know it was just like it inimitable well. Elementary. That day. Chipper awarded hope you love most about life. Well while he'd just like you like people you know it. People. Of this steadily. Who. Many did in Mexico. The cheapest. In his love life he does and people were rounded. I am just you know like that it just enjoy it and on and more on his. Asian people. You know talking about this life thing that excluded. Even play and then you know and it up on it shouldn't stop. Thank you enjoy outcome Robert or the actual honored should. The players. Chipper thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings about hokey as soon as soon as your brother. And I know this is a difficult time for your time and we all feel your loss and again my part I deeply appreciate you starting Thomas. Good I appreciated that they also. Great. Job today we listen due out today at an order that would ball actions have a you know a big operation just you know spend a vote I am can pull. Yeah wood chipper it's all as sincere as hokey watts. I shiver you take care and our thoughts and and prayers are with. I if you wanna join us for your thoughts and comments this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy area code 504260187. Via text. Is it 7870. On you know we've we've we've. We always have a bumper music it relates to the show. And I I'm a went through after our realize it we've organized and in the station where it's really just paying tribute to hockey guy showed today empire attacked by opera music as we always do that relates to the show. So the proper music that I picks for today relates to the show today. And here's a song that I found that I thought you know there's something about this song by live Bryant it really made me think about hokey guy John. We'll be right back with mark you're comments. I didn't do well to disarm reminded me pokey. This is a song from all American rejects August sect called bully for relatively. Tighter sewing I went through in the region are our properties it for today at the opera music is the songs that. On talk radio go in and out of breaks in there we always try to make Arab opera music very meaningful and to John Whitaker sooty producers very cynical part of this. They were different team when it comes to this and if I didn't have John doing what he was doing the way he does it it wouldn't sound nearly as good as it as it's now decision on thank you is has always. We've got a great song coming up from I'd just a classic rock group. And I didn't realize how fitting your song lawyers for a day like today it's a song that you you all now. It as a matter what your AG as you know this classic this is an iconic classic rock song. But the words yes it's interesting how how songs mean different things it at different times. And quite often when I I talked to two performers I'll I'll ask them. You do many of the same songs over and over again every night and you do it year after year. And now quite often asked them what song right now. Has new meaning in your life. Most often they're cut wow. I have to think about that and then they they they they always have a song that maybe they signed a thousand times. But with what they're going to win their life it means more right now so this this really iconic rock song coming up on a coroner's Franca at today at 230. And then also in the next half hour a song from Better Than Ezra. Is there really fitting for today Robert you're under VW are good afternoon. Hey thanks that they can call it presented a very much. I. I don't know how well second Syria over that hump for me hope he was beloved Annie was that he was there. He was a consummate. All in one cover a guy like I don't know what you love them you scuttle like it was totally buddy do Argo. You know you don't notice but you can't help like you produced he's just that way saying. Yeah and you know with but he didn't necessarily agree with everything but he said or is the way he said it but he was so he wished he was a lot. And and Robert to me that's where I admire most about to pokey and I and I wrote about this and that the blog it's on our web site in and it was this. Disability that Hokies had to deal on the radio and be such a real person. I've somebody called earlier and said when I first heard Tokyo thought it was the worst broadcaster ever and I said you know I don't think pokey would be insulted by that because he never considered himself to be a broadcaster. He was just a person on the radio and not everybody has that ability to come through that microphone and be so personal to you and pokey had that talent. All he had to do that was probably a compliment to hokey to hear somebody say is that right. He was he was the consummate professional. But it was Hokies style. You couldn't help Lebanon. And from the days of relish you to days with saints and throughout the days of broadcast and they'll never be another team they'll be some great broadcasting the bill that would be one like those guys. He says profound impact on being an act or imagine how many of the peoples and are rebels blessed also a cancer survivor and recently lost a relative to look. Cancers so I can totally relate. Robert to carry yourself I appreciate the call. I even had a caller in the first hour of the show talking about how he received a east Jefferson high school. And I think he said it was EJ in 977 and it was a game between east Jefferson in baker high school. It's been baker high school had this running back who was just rolling over everybody. It was hokey guy shouldn't. If your hole stay with this if you would share your thoughts and feelings witness whether you knew him or just knew him from the radio. Our numbers 2601. A seventy Erykah at 5042601. A 78 7870. Every all of your text I've respond to a few but I can NW to a few more of these so on the year and coming up out of this news break. A classic rock song. The words have great great meaning. On the day we remember the life of hokey commercial that's coming up next. And here's our WWL news update with Chris Miller. Yeah. Dream on and it was interesting town. The lyrics of songs have a new meeting in your life based on what you're experiencing. And what you're going through we are remembering the life of -- guy John today and every WL I'm stewed in the afternoon I'm proud to be talking about just such an outstanding person. Glad your with this part of our audience. Here's a text that says my favorite memory of pokey was so well listening to a saints broadcast on a 70 AM years ago. He described Terry Brooks running around in the backfield as looking like a sprayed roach I left who have and amp. Our rest in peace hokey love you man. See that was a Hokies. Mean we all know what it looks like when you spray Roche and and that's Aaron Brooks would look like a sprayed Roche in the is in the backfield times. There's that there's there are times when every quarterback. Drew Brees everybody looks like dead in the back field. On the national director of sales and marketing for rhino shields and they had Nokia Serra their spokesperson. I Erick Erickson joins us on W material Eric welcome. Good he yeah you guys we're one of the dune the many who use hokey as a as a spokesperson and I mentioned earlier is that and I did even in a house in Oki BB wanna go get right or shield it kind of financial something in my apartment it to capitalists like deposits rhino she'll displays of the inside. On so your OK with that Eric I did tell us a bit and tell us about ten year relationship with cookie. You know with Google word art to me. And that we would like this year since your Kindle is all extremely. After Wright issue is such an important part of our union. He's going to be missed. On that you know I knew. About fifteen years and they don't expect an internship it was O. On the other guy. Did really no hope you grow up and remembered Egypt or bat in his nature sounds funny. How could have been anything but then people I owe money myself. Armament or on that it uses in a year I'm blue collar. I never on the liberty. And he never acted like one. In the water and they gain and she didn't neutered. Well laws that. Apple about. Your. Outdoor runner shielding Oki decline. You know our youngsters in a lot of people that that the you really as trying to shield like tribute. He is key if you. You know the tree was. A regular. Why you love that he would always tell people about shield it they haven't. I got called over the years. From people saying you know we article cookie about climate field that would come on in in you are out we want to vote you who had good stuff. You know I'll I lie I love the phrase Tokyo offering and just it was the way he Saturday report it wasn't just the worst and as a way he says some hokey love and he was just Erica and I know you if you agree with me he was just. For those of us certain you are you doing a lot better than I did but for those of us who who knew him. Time and had got personal contact within he was exactly the way he was on the air in person. No doubt that it uses real and genuine effort. As I've ever met. And I mean that sincerely. Because Horry. A couple of years ago we are on the commercial. With Tokyo credit Al. Over the river by now in our vision that. We've got to get a really good shot and hope he played in the dark green it is. It in and he does it say okay what. Here. But our producers he has an associate at Auckland cinematic I've for all the Turkey beat jail. I remember you made in well and now appear on the league is about race. There was a lot of action from her about ten movie year note that we're wrong. Hope you at all the court. I remember. I there in that easily able war of the boat dropped it would be. That you wouldn't be interred Shia. That that is that you get if you want more. Well on issues that she would have been on the other applicable. When he told that you know. I assure you Michael Reagan but you can that argument that the dispute out there. That the blue collar ingenuity. Just a good person and you mean. He rubbed against. Era Erica appreciate me where this America's sent national on national director sales and marketing for Reiner shields and they had Oki is a spokesperson did a great job for them Erica appreciate demons. Well well the more more. Into it every year while we take. Asian trip. Let's trying to shift overnight trip and I'll with Okie with. On the on ridership on March and the winner that we collect from partnership. Through to promote it we ordered this light side. Aoki in that Humana Oki the big it would view on cyclical argument now in light camera. And they composed of about twenty minutes. Which in India and law while reasonable for the current company. To get credit politically they call and say you know reading can be. The only problem is an epic about these printing company may hoped he'd. Sixty few inches. As opposed to sixty. Two got the cookies and I think to be sure that the next day. About half the book that we are we talking at the pokey was really that small. And hit it eight record they got humans trying to get back of the office. The report that it would pitcher he feared the ball later she's looking at the urgency at my goodness. Others printing. Boat shop in the background on military chop cookies and handle being able kids. It now and that's about all Hokies in thought that while it is a pretty well. So he's got the tree trot. And that's wanted to think about that story is not never really been noted commitment to your city. Look at every shouldn't mean it was a Yahoo!. And so genuine. That's is such a great story that I book what was Hokies response to the diminish or hokey cut out. He's there. We look good in light of that here. Did you guys. You know that we picked this trip last year. Down grandma got everything planned out. Our dinner the color of the eatery that I needed everybody. There's game which is that we call up hokey I in this position well look at. Well you know those who would want to pick for dinner at that it it. That we don't worry about it and got a whole replies and and going to be on the that you're here I'm sure enough we look on. They're in Tokyo and paper and the canoe Google fingers at that picture that. And it was the others and so what you are delivered street. Like the change you know we went out. But the Asian trip the next day you that you want and want to wish all on. Quote in there literally put debate on the hoax scores. Just so humble but that Torrey one. Program or whether the a good idea at all report. Basketball shoes on Latin own future to make sure it'll say that rod you'll. So I specifically remember this of people. Back over the posted critical. In Italy at. Shark over the old with a smile that. But exactly the head. Shark on the a heated dole. But it but I'll dominant that it a glimpse into. In the that we would look so much as such an important part of our. The whole lot that mr. but he. And thank you so much here for sharing your personal insight into hokey and for sharing stories with us. If you're Arnold say witness also Angela hill's gonna join me here in the studio in just a few minutes. And we continue this afternoon and you're doing it all day today on the VW will be aware family this radio station is a family it's a it's part of a big corporation. But we're family. And we lost a family member. We'll continue to talk about the life of hokey nation and we'll be back on WL. Is now. Better faster. Sold his home closer and it's if it's the mood of our show today if rumors are part of our corporate musical for to show. We're talking about the life of hope you guys John angelenos joins us in our our studio. And we get together on Friday that was a very happy occasion this is there's a syndication but thank you for for coming in syndication by. Yet in talking about the life of hokey you know you'd. You can't help but smile. And I think you've just said it and I've not been listening in incredible stories incredible moments in people's lives. Surrounded by hokey and and I said gee I don't have a story for saying but I know that when I came to the radio station little over two years ago. He like so many in this building just embraced and was so kind and can I do to help in kind of embody true he wants. So modest so. Thoughtful. I think in the elevator man saying I'm known to inject two gentlemen in my life and one of the most recognize. Those that say volumes. This has taught me and activated and does describe Droid does describe pokey and they were shoving it you know you and I have known a lot of people in this business Angela and and there's there's something about this business that that brings out a a site of some people. That makes them feel like they are more important than they've really yard they're more important to society in the world and they really. More Hokies never allowed that podium he never allow that to happen to him when he was a football player. And a star and beloved at that and then. Joining the saints organization I'm sure the saint people would. Clearly say this guy was just a regular wonderful guy. Who gave it a 150%. Regardless of what he did what he played football worked in football was in radio. It was it was the wonderful combination I think that's the word of of his genuineness. He's very funny yes very funny very funny you know my husband and I were at a wedding and in this is some years ago forms ready but. He. His wife attended and they ended up sitting next as the whole evening. And his wife is stunning could be one of his sport gorgeous daughter. And as my husband and I walked past it you know something you can see. His face that he endorsed. And if they've been married a long time but that is such a rare and wonder never said anything wasn't gone god who do it was just how we. Only gosh that society didn't know poking. We're talking about the life of hokey guy Sean I'm stewed in the afternoon Angela Hillis joined just in you stay if you ministers. Are you journal stay with us we will get to your calls if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings are numbers 26 cell. 170 very good final four to 60170. Text numbers they said the ace every hang on we will be back. Undergone. And. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Talking about the life of hope you guys show on scoot into hills and joining me for a few minutes in the studio came in here to a cut some commercials so. If you're on hold stay with this I just be patient under your calls on spenders just those little time we have left in this hour. With Angela. What memory stands out junior in your mind about hokey whether it's on television or heard the saints or just hear the radio station. Will the mall I think that's it the first row I was a huge Cokie fan. Before I got to work with him and then willing to work with him I realized he is exactly how. When I thought it was going to be. You know just Hui does and I think that's the thread of every putt he just was himself. And yet his self himself was wonderful. And you are to hear the same on and off fears relevant you know pokey did have just a real special on. Quality about him in this things that we say about him are things that we should all try to find in ourselves to collect more like that. That's right he just was a genuine guy loved his girls loved his wife loved his team loved his job loved life loved life. Actually out for X thank you. I'm still in the afternoon if you're on hold hang on we will be coming back with a more Europe comets ever to blog about hokey and the first senior came to my mind when I heard about him not passing away where's the honesty and creativity of hokey guy Charlotte right about Ted and applaud. On our website at WW real dot can't hang on we will be right back. A debit have you well.