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Scoot Show 310pm, Remembering Hokie Gajan

Apr 12, 2016|

On today’s show: we remember our beloved Hokie Gajan – who passed around midnight last night. Our former Tiger, Saints and WWL radio legend is survived by his wife, Judy...daughters Jennifer, Kristin, Megan & Alexis (Peanut), loving family and friends and Tiger fans and Who Dats across the Gulf South and America. This hours guest: Robert Wilson - President of Wil-Serve Steve St. John - WWL Production

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show hey it's a it's a somber day poking guy John pastor wave late last night dive and I happen to wake up in the middle of the night like I usually do it it was 3 o'clock in the morning this morning. And I was checked my phone in and put the new song before going back to sleep and I've got the WTO text or to Tokyo pastor wave I'm just before admit I've got the alert just before midnight last night. And I said and by that I have some prayer and I've been started to work on a blog about hokey and I wrote about his creativity and his honesty. As for somebody in this business that's something that I really recognized and in hokey guy Sean he really was a very special person on and off the air. And at the blog is a turning on our website at WW real dot com but this is it's a solemn day. But it's also today we're we're where we're smiling when we think about Hokies life. Where were smiling and sometimes were actually laughing when we think about some of the things that the Hokies set. Those hokey essence those things like that guy was so fast he could go. Poking made this stuff this was from hokey. He didn't steal this from from anybody else this is some hokey himself and that's just how special it was. We were scheduled to giveaway Elton John tickets today but we're gonna double tomorrow when giveaway to pier tickets so on our show tomorrow afternoon from one to four. It's for the LT John concert October 5 with a Baton Rouge river center. Arenas so we'll be listening for the Elton John song of the day tomorrow will give away two pairs of tickets tomorrow afternoon. The bumper musica like every every show is so I've geared to what we're talking about. And I just I found some some really great opera music and I'm thinking about this this morning. And now planning this to talk about to hokey to date and going into our our first break its site Tim McGraw live like you were dying. And the message there is. Life is short no matter how long your life last its its short. And when things like this happen. Especially when somebody is taken from us too soon pokey was I guess 5056 years old I think. That's human. When that happens. We can't help but think about. The days that we wasted. The times that we wasted. Being aggravated over something insignificant. Yesterday talking about road rage. To think about all the little things that did bother us in that things that we allow to Alter our lives. We allow things to to bother us that really shouldn't bothers. If you're Arnold stay with this I will get to your calls I'm reading all of your taxes just phenomenal to expo I got a text your says. Angeles Mike was still on. What does she mean which she said don't do that. I got on the year I Angela Tucker headphones off and we were having conversation on before we went into that that segment. And jive it's not like I was doing anything wrong financially in the studio went to make sure that everybody everybody understands that. On Angela we saw it we Angeles a friend and you know she was talking be about something personal in my life. And it was about beating myself up over something and she said don't do that so that's what that refer to how we got a lot of people to what to talk to and right now. Will serve is the company that started the fund for hokey at his family. And they're Robert Wilson is the president of will serve Robert welcome to our show. Thank you to sleep. And I'd like to law. Let it will open up. Rather tranche as well. After doing some investigation. Found it. Don't you know probably. Radio station to do advertising now. They haven't ridden nick. Two. I was met with people that you were on board and I have to side. That the well. And which isn't true statement I don't from Mississippi but it does bitten each to Ella and I had a spokesperson. And I develop relationships with and it out and vote contributed to the success will serve. To the relatives were traditionally Arab land or return. To do so. As Chenault. Pokey little person. He who and talked about this family. Every chance that he was a part of this not fund raiser. It took a year ago. And we supported culture and Elop was. Tokyo we have a lot of stories you know over the years so on well matched by Allison deal. It was my commitment to do. Jewish and now after all of this. And I intend to continue. That and make their commitment so I'm sure he'll be looking down. Coach in all key always is so. We're really. They look fondly do we get stored on regions bank and I sort of won with that on me. Which has yet to reach. That go that we. I would like to. Every one. Hasn't. Made a contribution to change there's so goes in his family. Willingly. Yeah it you know hokey made con do you believe does the stress and the strain of all of this by his serve his family's not. You know he's he's really miss a lot of people they touched a lot collapsed in the short period Natalie. He. Let either very special person and I and our nation. I'm Robert tell me something about Hokies it make you smile today. So pokey was the first person. Learn which you couldn't step battled well in March. Without vision from Georgia. Commit them to the march whose panel. We want to truck stop stated that explains that bridge Molina. Went to a truck stops and they won. And that they didn't. Did not take too well without him somewhere Roland. While troops in the mother. And I tried them a little while back that finally. Alice. And I'm now almost one when all. Elegance so much rain but not so yes. You nailed it that much actually. You can't do it here. It is what just optics or. So which. We still laugh about two days but. That would let let the color and remember that one. Robert Wilson thank you thank you for being with us and Robert is a president of will serve and the had as it hokey is it as a spokesperson and Robert thanks for sure in the store service. And thanks for what you're doing for his family CC John is one of our had production guys here to be WL this you you may not know his name bird. You'll hear his side his voice and you know who he is a Steve does so many commercials here in the New Orleans area you hear his voice in the dome you hear his voice on television on radio everywhere. I Steve Tom what thoughts do you have about the life of poking guy John. Oh. I don't know where to begin I'd just began working with them maybe six years ago. In only during football season. Pokey and I both live on the North Shore and so. It was so much more convenient for you know just to come to my own studio. In. We basically worked on the spotlight sports report commercials. Back when they started. They were primarily written by the polls Smith who are sinks sales lead lead guy. And gradually overtime. They developed into something that pokey took more and more of the lead. He would come over to the studio and it would be sort of like again wait for him and he he would gamble and in the he would do if he's real down under guy he really. Troubled child. He would do I think on the first turn them at one of these children need introduce me to Pina. He. I think that's his youngest daughter. But he would come in in and sit there and we expect in the first fifteen minutes just you know shoot the breeze seat he. My favorite thing with him just get him to laugh. And and he lumped. I impacted. I don't know what pulled some audio yesterday in that at exactly looking for. I was looking for him. Just in a moment of laughter and unfortunately we didn't. Capture that many of them but I had a couple that I was able cola. You know you in working with him you saw that side of hokey that did any of us saw and that was somebody that. It never allowed it radio that never allowed. The the the eagle pass the eagle aspect of the business to two to effectively was at all. Although EP was nothing like that in fact I think they're probably a lot more in this business. That are like that where we tend to be. There's a segment of it that are very private people and it's it's so odd that we choose to pursue this kind of career. Yet people have a hard time out believing me when my telemann opera closest I am and that I'm I'm really I picked I do things that I tend to be a very quiet person and maybe that's one of the reasons I so admire that in. Cookie guy Shawn and in you as well can I can relate to that Steve appreciate you're sharing it with us. You're welcome guards DC John who is our. On one of army production guys here Ted WWL intercom and tonight he did a lot of work with with Nokia is a studio apartment. If you're on hold stay witness if you wanna share your feelings with this our numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601. A seventy. And our Tex is a 7870. Coming up in their sports talker Steve court terrible joining guys Deuce McAllister. Rich Maloney Stan Brock. Pat swilling. I'm Jim Henderson. I tonight's on double coverage with a Christian net ninety Bob Hebert. I assume is gonna a long list of people who are remembering pokey guy Shonn. I love this song by Tim McGraw and when life is taken from somebody too soon it reminds you that you got no live like we're going and he got to enjoy every day we'll be right back. Today and evidently well we've remembering the life of hope you guys John I'm stewed in the afternoon Glazer witness. Hold it guys John said there's some pretty creative things and I think but I admired most is his stuff was so regional. I mean it was like he was trained in comedy is like he was trained in marketing and advertising and radio he didn't even. He would know the brilliance that he had when it comes to these things come to these things because it was all so natural. And does so today we remember some of the things that that Nokia said it hit me square in the face like a way it's gone is done miserable duo of heat and humidity. That was OK guys John Hokies aren't polished style endeared him to fans everywhere. He says his. Character stood out with a voice. And style that in some ways to fight radio standards. And then that was his name. It's important to have a very marketable name a memorable name. And hokey guy John weighs a memorable name people didn't forget it especially if north not everybody knew how to spell it but everybody knew how to say it. I remember in in in particular. When when fans were hyped up at the beginning of last season. Pokey was one of the voices that held this honest assessment of the saints. And he insisted the saints were really not that good. And I wanted to believe they wore. I learned that the key was wrong and and it's so many of us just had such optimism from the year before going into last season there was a lot of optimism. And in hokey even from from Greenbrier. Was just so honest in saying the team is not that good. And once again pokey was right. His voice was honest and and that even went beyond his love for the saints. As sometimes people get so caught up in things that they they no longer look at them objectively. But I admire Hokies ability to be objective. And he never allowed his love for the saints to Alter his honest assessment of the team to the fans. And that's not easy to do and in radio or in life. It's not easy to be honest in life. You struggle with and I struggle with it pokey was honest and true and again is we talk about all of these things with with Cokie guy Sean today. You know. Let's remember that we should do a better job of recognizing the good in people while they're still alive. And pokey was logged in he knew that and I'm not saying that's not the case with hokey. But too often we've waited till somebody has has passed away allies. Before we. Really recognized before we verbalize all the things that I guess we sub consciously recognized about how great they war how meaningful they wore. Look at the qualities they were good in them. So. I didn't know that hokey would would want you to to look around your life. Your personal life at home at work. Relationships. Friendships. And really start to notice some of those qualities in people that make them so special. And would when you're around somebody every day. Is easy to take it for cramped. It's easy to to see somebody's faults. Over their qualities. And yet. This is something that we should do a better job of of recognizing. A people are still alive. Appreciate. That person those people in your life now. In a way that people appreciated LT. And in this thinks that we're saying about hokey look for those things in yourself. And and and looked to make yourself. Even better in those ways when it comes to honesty and sincerity. If you wanna join us with your feelings in your thoughts are numbers 2601. A seventy Jericho 50426018. Saturday. And a text is a 7070. We'll continue with the hokey love practiced every degree relatives update with Chris Miller. Good afternoon I'm scoots in the afternoon we are talking about OK guys on that were sent ever Levine and slipped away in our properties to today like every game reflects that what we're talking about. Here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll have you ever lost a loved one to cancer. Sadly. Only 8%. Said no. 92%. Said yes. Give a shipping of like order web site to be a hero to account. Here is that Texas says says screw you and Diddy making me cry. I don't wanna make you cry with of the music they were playing we're just several leading. Some some songs as we always do with our our proper music kind of relate to what we're we're talking about in their. There you the fact that there are so many songs. It touches. About somebody who has died. Somebody's leftist. Is just a reminder of of Powell. An important event this is in the lives of human beings. There are those are out there who who don't feel laugh they don't feel lost. But for the great majority of us who had the ability a capacity to feel love. We also have the ability to feel loss. As well. And while we feel this this'll loss you know hokey woods would want us to look at today like a jazz funeral. It's sad. But we're celebrating. A life. And Hokies. Hokies led a life to be celebrated. If you are joining us with your feelings are numbers 2601. A seventy. Eric coach 504260. Point eight Saturday Tex ever say 7870 and down here's a little more of the hokey guy shall we all agree to laugh. We got along and hopefully exciting night ahead. Down on the field Irma Thomas and Allen to Santa are preparing to give us their rendition of our National Anthem. Sidelines of the pack fans are still on their feet. Nobody has set down from the moment the saints. Were being introduced. Including me in last night in Miami android does just because side. Com we'll tell you what this is about as electric if you will ever find this super dome and I mean I've been in here for. A lot of great football game an amount they would something very special was taken place tonight. And that was a lucky guy John. I governor John delivers issued a statement saying that he's very saddened by hokey guy Jones passing and he and his wife Donna senator condolences to the family. It is keeping them in their prayers and here's another moment we're talking guy John. There's no way you can tell me that you don't have a lump in your throat right now he'd buy that it's a New Orleans Saints fans. You know you get the bands coming out there you get the fans in the stands he got beat the Emmy people are now on the field right now I mean this is. I am with say it's it's been spectacular. Atmosphere what we're going through right now and I tell you why. I just got goosebumps all over me this and you know how hard that is to do. An artist feels look at look well I'll tell what that joke processes. And that was OK guys show when the when there superdome reopened and of course you know this is a loss for Jim Henderson Jim Henderson will be on. I tonight on double coverage with T body there. And Kristian garic canopy tonight after 8 o'clock Jim Henderson is gonna talk to them. Just after the show begins at 8 o'clock from Metairie very welcome to our show this afternoon. A gay guys part I want to say here is I'm on pouncing animal vehicle and went alt a market gold should be subtlety guys aren't. Family. Yeah that's where the czar. I'll what are what are they wanted to bring doctor commitment oh are going. I can only go by our experience with him. In football it take grew L hue and and what that it would fainting and who's look at Korea. Howard deemed it was on Monday night. And everybody can get bulky about you know 00 light or. And he was you know not trying to pack and I'd school that you believe he'd be out. Or may yell at the press treatment even though it's how well he's got to eat eat a little bit as. And I'll remember. The year goes from him ski though now it was an out cowboy and Monday night. Penalty guys on the electric many. Updating your type now Ron are alike you and yet they can't. You really really. In. The inaudible and ten. And you know he and company and content on any entity being based on it all. And it is you know dates and European football player and all of a parent can probably you know. You know I'm talking about it but could negate you know I'll I'll. Get them. Let me. And once can be indeed you know. Do particularly well thought out there involving in the can tell. I'm accountancy in government you know and all of it and I am and manic it great. And usually commit. Yet he wishes he was a sensitive as he was tough. Community really. You in Egypt. There aren't your cup coming out about it. I just couldn't deal. Org Egypt is back from our that you and so I'm in January. Which is ultimately what you got. You know and he treated everybody wait to be treated. And in I'm wanted to contest goes on the foreign. Oil on my condolences to simply in this thank you down. Eric Berry I appreciate his service thoughts and a very Brinks ever really important thing and that is pokey guy Jean's heart. Pokey guy John had heart that. Yeah led to him being the player he wise and let him being the person he is you don't have to be the strongest. You don't have to be the fastest. One thing can make up for anything that you don't have physically. As it is your heart. Your desire. And nobody can take that away from. And some of the that the people who have the most. The most talent in terms of being physically blast. They don't have heart. Poking guy Shawn. Had a heart. I'm still in the afternoon and if we will be back as we continue to remember the life a pokey guy showing on WL. Life is unpredictable. And with the passing her funky guy Sean we are reminded of that and an and there are people who reminded of this every day out and got attention this is my niece died yesterday also. And the Texas and lost my mom to cancer when I restore she was only 35. You know as sun. And is as strong as life he has. It's also fragile. And many of us at the station I'm new. The situation with pokey. Their Hokies deaths came as a surprise it seemed quick to it to a lot of people. But many of us were aware of of how dire his situation lies and hokey just had a very rare. And aggressive foremost of cancer. We doctor's brother chipper earlier who it sounds as just like him. And he said they're pokey really really wasn't suffering that he suffered through much of his senate. Much of his life after playing football but that he really I didn't suffer with this that he was he was comfortable in the surrounded by the people who love him. And we continue to express our love for provoking gusher Mike here on Debbie if you well. Hello I wore it. All of oh. Yeah. I. Ain't been out there. It air. Out. Of the beaten. That. It. When they go. Who will chair. A bit here that you wanted to. But. Got partner at our. I don't. Our. Internet that they. Don't. Oh early part of it. They're. There. Thinking. Might appreciate your thoughts and to go until missing and are glad you shared the feelings that we have a doctor hook because John. We're gonna come back in ever been there with our last oversaw we're gonna come out of this this last break with a song gonna figures. Is really fitting for a rookie guy shot. I'm scooter in the afternoon a pleasure winners and we'll be right back on. WWL. Hate the thoughts of pokey guys don't be. And eternal flame you know hearts and minds and especially the hearts and minds of his family. And with this reminder that life in this world events let's let's noticed all the good things about each other. Let's notice all the good things about those closest to us. And and not wait to bring up all the great qualities of somebody. Once they passed away and down pokey was loved and appreciated for who he he wise in every day by those around him he had that kind of personality. You know one of the things that I admire most about hokey as I've talked about this throughout the show is just used his son his sense of honesty. He was Smart. And just had a very great win about it here's a Texas says there was a listen to him during one game. When he said talk about shooting yourself in the foot I think they just blow a leg off and I mean that was that was hokey. And I have to honestly I have I guess I have to honestly say that. That what I learned from my encounters with hokey as may be a better person I I don't think Cokie learned this much for me. As I learned from him and I'll never forget the day when I'm by first ready when I came back here and he was here. Anderson and I remember when I was playing Hussein is a member listening to scoot in the morning and I just thought there was such an honor excuse me that he was. He was one of my listeners. Pokey doesn't remind me of anybody else. Pokey guy Shawn wasn't a racial. God bless hokey rest in peace and I enjoy talking about you. Sports talk is coming up next at Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia their guests include. Steve court and Deuce McAllister rich Marty Stan Brock and the list goes on one thing John McDonough studio producer. And thank you will be back tomorrow. Bloody New Orleans.