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4-12 4pm Bobby & Deke: remembering Hokie Gajan with Steve Korte

Apr 12, 2016|

Bobby & Deke take calls and talk with First Take co-host/former Saint Steve Korte remembering the life of the late Hokie Gajan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports are always occasion came Bobby bare I'm Deke Bellavia. Well yesterday were all on the program talking about a Saints great. That. Passed away over the weekend was futile week and we on him only in top program. And today sadly. We are doing the same thing. Is for Juan Ramon. Is one of our family members here derby Dario and one of the fan and am as all of you out there. You listen to there's radio station you know he is someone you do consider family. That being hokey guy John. Tonight on the program Tony must be some Hokies teammates. And guys he scouted played for the Saints. And people who vote hokey Steve court almost an offensive lineman who block the Hokies will be Willis. The great Deuce McAllister. Will be Willis on the program and I ended big. That was his favorite player of all time given that do seem to do. Almost bank Saints wide receiver and special teams ace for the black and gold and close friend of hope you guys John Rich Marty are gentlemen that was one Hokies best friends and close gases in town by Stan Brock. Will be would've been him Barbie. Down around a couple other guys pat swilling will be were nervous in game Klansman. And pokey was close to everybody. But you know we chief and CO PM dean and all those guys he just about long relationship but what a lot of lumpy. Well a poke it was a saint alive. What thing about it never left Louisiana baker high school L issue. The Saints organization. From playing. The scouting. The covering the Saints and the radio. The I don't know at times it's in cycles you know. I was just reflecting back to normal life that. You know a best friend died exactly. Excellent earlier are two over the eleven. And hope you passed away on April 11. And you know you start to reflect on things. I know ending bomb him is. Who's leading every day about. For a whole month. Every day. Indoors you might think most Bears are sort known. Ordinance. When dozens of meters and I you know. I go to this Hokies call. Every broadcast that second segment if they're saying oh he's Cole has it right he would always tell me. Before I don't. Don't act two more questions and you know he is definitely got out as well over Q did you know but. From time to get to a reporter we don't yet he had ended don't we overloaded and what you're trying to present in the basically you're safe and have who've who put an earthquake in. But the key is so blue collar he'd. The common to man favorite player. And brought it up earlier. I couldn't it went to saint Avant had trouble. Running the ball. And he go to that one alone. And I look at it can be an aren't. 31 in there and give it to do to do you know you'll find a way to get dampers down. You know he was such compassion individual and it was worse. Could remember. And why mom died Giorgio. On passed away pocono the first one to call. You know and I know she really appreciated it. You know he had saying. That only a few individuals. They have been around this are grow up that way. Ball and I think dole apple AG. Great grandfather. From north Louisiana he had things and heard Hokies it is thing thing and you start thinking about it in hokey. Hokies things. Just so common sense and so country at times do you like. Well. At running back he's syllable leg he couldn't catch up holes and you know she's darn envision it. A person bowling it's an owner did the whole time you can hold. Yeah our and you know Tom Donahoe tonight there was somebody he knew new China Q told me beeps it will Bolivia are we at a steakhouse the news that he is. In bills that we in Jackson and how do you existing code in. Could imagine. How he knows fees than that like you know does not know horns on me. Them of that rare and weird things so. It was unbelievable. That opportunities. We got distinguish them and grow it. And and turn to show on the talk about fishing stories you know we Glenn plays all. Who has ironically. Billy Bob my young Brothers follow the law of love going down fission. In acquiring Beasley and foolish on. Doing to TV shows things on the buy you mean. Pokey. Did it made unbelievable Turkey call. That. I mean wet OK he can do either he could do they hand or he could do the gobbling pain. What is now and then and they've cobbler sound if you hit and you come with a net com you come at a dollar our vice Versa. Mean it was unbelievable. You know him and I go back in 1976. Think that's an effort had a confrontation woodham. In high school playoffs you know we love right right it's always and a solid foods vs baker Buffalo an adult when he did play quarterback in is played free safety bogeyed the blow as the quarterback. We lost this thing in all in this. Cardinals that your in the quarterfinals and forget the that's when they had. Whoever got the most first downs in the media about burnout and it is third down and penetration yet that we we know where we're at 95 and ran round and in the beaten. But. I play baker early in the playoffs coach Ralph Perry. Don't care would be good is a tackle here every play. It was though there's no way we can move in winning party to think he would just run. Against the east deficit. In the mud and all in 182. Yards. So. And built in its original plan on there you know you don't have an accident death back in a time when a game lasted may be to allow us because both teams are running ads did that come up Fargo and they bought the idea may be Floyd -- deeply social wishbone days and I am playing free safety Deke creep I'm more yards and he's quick pitches. And I does the tackle. Every play. Because and it was though Hokies we can win games. A great strategy we gonna talk to. Steve court later. And I don't want to stores and brought you know Maryland and operas game does things. Well at them and we've we did Rosalie bulletin located. And you know I'm trying to. Join the crowd or join the team to be acceptable and you know I knew I had to get approval kind of called them the three musketeers done and Hoch in the you know that they were established in an old drive the world via drive across the causeway yeah. Back at four in their man that to Bobo price again and you never want any part of return because Utley tumors that last minute. You know size and it was don't if yes there was a lot of thought I was late but but yet it on the boards and yet they wanna get negative on there and you know at 915. It'd always be there today I'd be there five tonight yeah Bobby's got some stories we got some stories he's a great guy you have stories to his were 0260 point seven you can Texas and 870. 870 and again today were remembering remembering one alone. Hope you guys on WW. The four yard game but that's not goes back to about midfield because that would. One heck of a tackle right there must got decent. One of the many great you're here on a Sunday. He had to tune in listen immediate. Hope you guys not remembering I'm Bob Hope passed away late last night just before midnight. Our thoughts and prayers I was about to Judy's daughter's the oldest grandchildren Bobby sharing stories. I would hope he Bob via cocaine out. Go back several years before Bobby got back in New Orleans. Four time from the old three or four. Oh by training camps. And then of course by the guys here in in this renewable. But from then on loan every some. From but the second to last week in July to the first of September the Bob Hope with every day the first three years index and we lived together. In residency. Mean Hokies close with their full well I mean it's how many training can you readers today and you get together after practice like all day. In August Monica in a row price for all of you yet. At the Friday's yeah for a pound the fearsome frog legs and there things. Al polar come up there and we don't have a good time you know it would sign it hand in coats on rode him could have used a scout what you. So many great stories and course going up to Jackson. Went out and water Ross Barnett reservoir so. Mean these stories and obesity is a bisons there moments but the wanna hear yours to his will to 60170. And Duke and Texas states in the eighth inning about it Akron and wanna use of there we go one win of their they would send us they've been divvied Libya with some. Some food coupons in places him within the Paul Brown is. Barbecue place it was somewhere in north Jackson. And Hoch and I think one has some animals we in his when we get these marathon show it wasn't like you know it takes a lot of instruction which one do with. It would be like we welcome all attend a morning we will go to seven and ninety we never take a break meaning he would be like seven straight houses saint radio man Allen saint radio. And I would sit there that I had get a little break this on the but I pretty much managed you if you come here for three of while with Hoke knew coming of three of Wallace. So this week he financing from ES got these token we were basically just replayed. A sound of of the practice before and and you know in of interviews and Allison wondered if or. So I hope he comes back and hope he hated he easily can be bad now it was him and I'm on Brandon won its animals. And when I tell you they laid out the whole hall but he was press box. They had boxes of food. But the deal was with the with the coupons we had to get all that day Hogan came and it was season. He hit beards. Hey aprons and loopy things don't refrigerated and a dude at least over the barbecue he had solves the hit everything and that was just that type of stuff it would it was clear of the rest of you do when you beat to live with somebody. We always we always go somewhere about where it was when I was here. And ball when he closed in Tokyo on call LeBeau we almost lost some time. I don't know why he never had a commercial market values it and we always an out and I'll take that went into the brag to your. I know in pop eyes territory in a summary the move to tell you well and and to have went right by apprised that that is Jack Angels and a Kentucky yeah. They went on main street not being okay eight Kentucky fried chicken original recipe original three days. Nowadays engraved three weeks straight every day yeah he's meant a great and it is Bill Elliott Doug approaching that hole yet and we we did a two piece of the way back to the hotel. Well known that that was why things about hokey mode has been dug a frantic and when he served one down now here we couldn't get. Not put things keep the ball back in all not a big to show how popular. Hokey is. You know we made these Hokies to T shirts and refers to write diagnosing cancer at the end of the season in December. So. You know I had an actual one and so I'm driving come in the work and all the players yet today. And you know homeless guy out there in trying to slash water and you win in Washington and all that. And I said here. You put this on and league. You know it's not a game hundred dollar bill he put on that hole tee shirt and if you pass the Hulk and then. All of it and made a gap has yet on so. Oh right I'm sure you probably. Where it won't go for a few days nova about it I love Hokies at this program like sprayed Ruth used all in the game. Creighton Hoke thank you for the team that might come back onto to some phone calls. And some all. The gas who up Hokies shaped so many people and look a lot of people you can be your peers in that inning you'll learn things about life from them Hogan was one of those guys much more than football. And Hogan and all the next one of his close friend Steve call. Remembering Obama the late hope you guys John Bibby video news on his fourth 31 time the first news will go to Chris. Okay guys on. Make a Buffalo. LSU tiger. Boston great history wheeze and legend. He's one of personally late last night at the age of 56260. When hates him you can Texas at 870. 878 Dempster can't but Justin Justin thank you calling WW. Ha the story. That. Yeah. Well or they are in the world that they don't Alter the way. We were on the I was brag about it. Well it was the same old out one card that day. And he's don't worry about it and out for Ian batters. You know we gonna go again. Follow it received the call call on the they do that we we got on top yeah need to be out. You know it rarely animal in common we legal eagle. So little out there we you know with a lot of Jeremy and who out there we didn't get slaughtered the birds and argued I guess couldn't you know couldn't thank them enough for it but bite on our side is. And Barrett my belt the week prior you know. Bet he goes show you what kind of yeah that the and we did it. A lot of them they may have won. It in it up in Beijing and all we thought. You know wanting. And and and about life in general and you know really I don't know if like it was just. Yeah well you know adjusting. His love that outdoors the fishing hunting. Whether it was an unbelievable hunt on label fishing trip he just like to be outside. Of his relationship we've done did you captain and going way back I know. That he was kind of their ages being outside. You know. In his eating catch anything and he's a that was not the case. He's it'd be better better and he's sitting at a dance especially here you know judges being outside and enjoy and he said it aimerito misses the reason why Louisiana's called the sports is tired. And out of the odds were working your favorite that you have good successful on. And a great fishing trips. One of his teammates and great friends on just now move on WWO. A Saints game day sports crew Jumbo Steve court Jon just now Steve you ticks me last night and just a tough day good good ran great man Hogan Garza. All I can say what you go back a long time with Nokia. And play a lot of great stories about him and on the umps. Think we did get so yeah it was it was it was it was a day. Now Steve did you I'll come to the Saints that we are drafted the same here or was it one after the other you know our 8182 what what was that. Yeah out that he really hope that you won so that the ball well he was here couple years where I got here. Yeah sure. And as an I was talking about this early you can elaborate more when I think in 85. I can remember. I think in those kind of like my views as the three musketeers. It was you couldn't. Name Brockton Hokies in all lived in the indoors when you know drop that caused later were brackets for. Yeah every day every day sort of between Annika. You know. Sort of grab today and somebody grabbed and we sure as carpool cost each week in the skipped there a little across like you're it all. You'll get ten lob him and he's not on the fuel containers and Iran that I had a designated or whoever. I don't agree with hale on a case both. You had voted for miles and yet in the tournament. It up a lot of beer political model. Steelers. Beat and it was storm meticulous in his Ottawa. In paella once it well into his 06. Where. The goal of Toledo BN on Ali to rust than the Saints pre Cowboys in the industry people and both team. So we all go out there and it in the pot I don't know who put the guest this together but just to stay with the culmination of what to do from people. So it was about his birthday. And that it was a bunch different people there I think some got upset that you know they were there and and we were all day and maybe in thanks among the Pete was supposed to be there in the US and Stalin era of the moon on the board I'm sure. So just I'm due to birthday cake and along comes the game he does all of us. I mean we just innate eat now it. And I insane happens. And a bit coming into as it. Composite can be an as hole oh my problem you'll you'll on this and I thought. OK this may we help local rating. Spoke of NBC and T as the Hokies did. In the trees and gal that they would last night. I. I guess maybe it was about that used a lot of blood dignity you don't lose a lot about probably won't now. Your outlaws the Dallas and differences. You. Oh yeah. Any any any memories on the field. That come the motto we are active football called where you snapping the ball to Bobby in in in Hokies in the backfield but he. Anything comes to mind as follows a moment or game or anything in action. Now I wouldn't it's only part and so many things that we did. You know there's. If he and I are now training camp we had the best target training camp in let's give the that's what training camp with the war I mean it worked at what he thinks a lot of that tree care where I currently on the way to. And you know what it was to cut you know. Immediately by some of the stuff that we do it. You know walk to the differently this definitely. Is a real beach. You know we have we have so much on it that it was we made such a good time such a period. You know you shouldn't do that very very worst that you could possibly do. It. But at the end you code and street today the intrigue these two days when a break no goal line everyday and yet life period. Where that if that that was a terrible. Time period to be alignment. Are right back you know that I can hit the quarterback the crowd feed these guys it was unbelievable. Like cocaine the net and you have an offseason also. You know yet but rust upon the late rounds about it at the run them on so. You know on the third time yet to do different things get togethers the team remember all of is going to coming in high school and running state team. Oh yeah but yeah I think it still have a key negatives and there you go about your group but you are you know. Yeah that's at all knees and I was in better shape to built the runs the. Yeah I'd say hello audience that was and Oki was funny because we don't we like to do. We always efficiently of them special chapel so it and we just think there's a whole day. I mean a whole day it's what we do you ketchup they don't look forward to this day. So we get market that workers. And return double up and that way kinda allotment of Korea driveway and we go over there. I'm on the 8233 o'clock in the morning at a your content in any way we we we've in the future. By 36 o'clock in the morning till the oldest daughter in law over there. And literacy advocate then. It was just absolutely brutal when we go we take them like. It's this year who cut or Corcoran got ticket package I mean we beat those that. Bag there going to be out each other Q yeah any possible issues we. Stephen well unlike pitch and none of which ultimately and play as well not. Body to antlers like featured an aquarium. You know it that day it officially open it in the red fish it. Steve was there we did yeah a group with sports writers and there began this is a chronicle when Tribune. That. Ever pulled. He's on TV audience and I'm from Denver give baker no no no in the old all the is named an optimum line. And you know usually aren't you name in the book you know Woody Woody you would replace Woody Woody eight. He's deficient on the mound decades to get through trial. It's yes and and like. Is there. One drink a beer at a draw fish and pulled. It at that time we can. We had a puppy in. Pocket remembered but group stage in. In double digits and in a matter note time. At like 500 pounds Heatley. And am wells where Raanan. As I well Louisiana I was them. What's funny about that trip as I remember going down there and we told those guys that you know you have to start pretty good there before we get there. And it was about 4 o'clock in the morning it's hard drinking fear that because that is all they did well while I did great about it. Because it's the way it is out here and like I'll look at it and we actually got on the phone part of it was expected that. Well great. But it which you would at a couple of these guys were over here on the the ammo here. That's what you're c'mon that's with a cigarette now. I'm not included ideas you have all the with the sort of those justice. It might get a cat and advocate at one point. I think that kept the 26 titles at 26 read this they're publicly. 814 pounds so it was just an air ball. And that is ridiculous that a ball is in good times. Steve Caldwell is the real problem is we go Mason but does it tell you what he won't be I Deo I was saying it's anything goes by we won't won't won't say some these and remember some unknown. I'll look I think overall. It's like it that day you know. We're all better perhaps and hopefully our lives and their sort of the gift horse and just read the and like producing it used to be in there and it Serbian there are what's. Was yours special part in the end and that you guys secretive operation to me it is true friend. Well yeah movement and. The cool all right coming back. He's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia about he's with the season legacy. It would cut off the because I know Marco pulled it by that time. Yeah both leagues don't shows. And you know. It's hard to shut media and to get a word and I'm in a row and and I got a lot of information chock full of major is coming out and you think you got you know on our right in the hole. We tell me. Bob hey it's my third just speak. Damn it you don't carry a gimme. Ever wanted to like what you knew he had to reexamine that anyway no hard feelings and now what would you do we have around the B you know you've Graham though. Steve Cohen Jumbo was talking game soon. All right this is sports talk on WW. We have seen history made them. Extra points first two point one. FL history. Two points first step by noon. So much their man at saint Stephen's I don't mean they have little Maine to Spain and we mean like they were bay at bay it. Hope you guys down folks. Honoring our league Ray Brown hokey passing away late last night. With his battle with camp he's again hello folks sure love via text the hokey effect in this is my favorite quotes all's oh. And every year players and getting cut in or coach talks about. You know you hate. That fellow player when you're not going to be on the team you know. Get a real job where you might go to get out of netted team but. This guy basically a player who's been being Shell of the door. So to speak. Oh it was kind of blow and Colin and his Texas said I love that I still use it. Yeah oh yeah I had an idea that you gave you one meal and giving you we did directions. Roadmap. That we came leaving him to hand yeah no doubt about it we've gone back. Loosen Bobby Nicky Coco John key a lot of folks on DT. Take an odd time just a conversation. No rush honoring hokey guys on at sixteen and executive vice president. General manager of the New Orleans Saints sneaking in was with Jones on WW.