WWL>Topics>>4-12 5pm Bobby & Deke: remembering Hokie with Deuce McAllister and Hokie's daughter Kristin Gajan-Sell

4-12 5pm Bobby & Deke: remembering Hokie with Deuce McAllister and Hokie's daughter Kristin Gajan-Sell

Apr 12, 2016|

Bobby & Deke remember the late Hokie Gajan with Saints great Deuce McAllister and Hokie's daughter Kristin Gajan-Sell.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk along with Bobby bare on the Bolivia today. Is this a day and reflect on the life of a great man I Brahma. Hope you guys. From the days used to Buffalo is way past the media who tried to do Rio is one man stampede. From baker Louisiana. To become one of the hardest physical at that out toughest Tigers but Miller few. He was as hard as nails on the field pulling and is kind respectful and as a gentleman. Like it off the field. I'm 46 with the new program when he was number one and all Hawks he was assigned in May's parents proud he was a brother who gave his all. Our brand like no Obama at develop into in the wheezing and a legendary football player. Along loving husband devoted in cherished bottom from top to bottom at the beginning Ian. It was a damned timing. The five straight years in I lived together for a month and hand during training camp. And although it seemed like we were covering the Saints camp. I found myself the one in training. If you pay close attention to what he stated. We worked with scouted. And what he told his team who'd dread. Each April you're easily noticed that he is a scout game grades or at least a half dozen hall of famers and ten times as many. Pretty good football players. But the ball which was a part of his entire life was just a small fraction of the main and he really wars. You know I was fortunate blessed. And honored. To learn more about life. Being humble dedicated and determined. Which also related to me life lessons on how to be a great father and a good main. Yes although the masses knew him the what he did as a player and then NEC it's a one liners he produced without missing a beat. He was so much more than grateful Obama. He told you how he felt he neverland on anyone if you wanted an honest. Real in your face truthful opinion you always got it from here. A 56 years the world was a better place because of him and today the world laws. A one of a kind unique just flat out real good dude. Yesterday we all morning is sadness that he's gone but we think of is the ball team. Love in moments when he used to say things like he still fancy eagle rabbit hunt with a hammer. We know his first impression. Is impression with a lasting more and his panel thus when they were really in. From the fifteen hour road trips mean image him made the West Virginia. Embree imposition on warms and cricket. Wins all along cane pole. I do think god I had a lot of time to span were joking. There's no way one show one day a one week detail what he meant to all of but I guess then there were really. Is enough time to probably send off a man like him a man of faith family friends who would have Bobo. A man like he was come around often. A man like he was is that once in a lifetime. I never told him to his face eleven but today we do and I hope my actions. Our time together. And the things we did Biggio. He knew that we review. By being okay guys Iran. Well. Date. You know feel fortunate in that implies that housing with a talk Sunday night. And in religious seeing. The fight and he still died in them. Even though he's going downhill fast and and he still can reflect on. And really wanted to talk about. You know the great times are bitches we had fish in the NIR. Telling stories. And so he's still beat. And Anna Taylor he was one that truly. Loved his family. You know Judea and the girls often. And this one. This one picks from male trees. I didn't notice majesty of the young disposal was known as peanut. And and he said he heard Oki went to recently named their subpoena. Because he's had a awarded the collar Gooden. But against that name was taken. So in that in name peanuts so. That was in his is that they would I can remember peanut. Coming training camp and she's now Louisiana Lafayette that being Pina and in. Our member. It was almost like Hokies overs and she ran track oh peace. Because if she could play for Barcelona area where you know all opal all of Hokies dollars were very evident in successful track and field home which probably be always oh yeah the boys beat him buyback remember the first training camp Pino was. Who. What may be 656. Years old and in the MO all one has don't they poking. We all in a room and hopes to achieve almost the only scouts know what might laid down. Yeah yeah it was the baby in mean. In the wall cook and she was just. Little poking Hogan would when he couldn't Pino was Atlanta's heel print only the beginning of you know we had a nap in between right as we had two days about it yet we we used to go to room laid down and need to Ellis dol 2006 training camp what doggy dull. And I well I thought grant running around and we lose that way because this whole focus change Holcomb was was you know. He had all his family and all the time on the PP not a blanket they come to training camp. They call a day and stayed real goat to a who they get on a here's some BBC native fan but I'm I'm telling you. We wore when you're around somebody fault you know among. And a half probably put every year ending Boggan and hope you all day every day seven days a week. All of them in the you're with somebody is much as you do about your family and you become fan. And you really do well I remember I guess that was engine cars the engines. Bowl practices. And we do and show and say well you know got in the control and that got a subpoena at the Bosnia. About what. No go to Duke and Connecticut somebody else they get an analyst but he that he could put that paper he'd he'd damned showed you he he gave them he has got a game in Elizabeth dynamic tempo that would tell us that Deke and he gave him and I go. And wanted to Graham able to be staying with him and Judy all the somebody wanna wanted you to be bureau in the house and in between new moon from one place him on the it's a movie Amadeus Hokies cities have been garage and he goes out the garage and sit down and listen to radio and when he wasn't here he was listening to retrieve station. From Bob you know Jonas Tommy took go to David Tyree eat jokes but they're going to. And the he would he would be only you and add BC may get ready kimono issue an easy when I heard this morning and maybe Nike give your play by play he said that true. Well it was like. Golden oldies it you know whenever one went gather around the radio and listen to FDR speech are we Harrison before television what you thought I was he man whom you was that around a great memory and and analysts that are radio. While Hokies then that was part of that the team and he liked radio that much he views in this all the shows throughout the day. Polk is favored saint of all time would join us next to great Deuce McAllister and gonna get the calls folks are promised today would just a sit back and honoring. Hope you guys on on WW. First and goal Saints from the five handoff from the after smooth. Three yards. Join me. A lot of them. Game. That guy that would move with that I'll it was right Niemi looked like got the look like a big mushroom. It's going in the end zone and ended up all of my third and Colin White curtain he didn't get blue. And all of sudden if babysit. Okay guys on folks welcome back honoring our brother league great hope you guys on let's go to loosen in Metairie loosen thank you for calling. Take the ought. You put it beautifully it's abuse in our. Just dot. Hey doc doc got loose and ran a bear bear close Randall you guys on in those been a lot of time went. Yeah it is the stick just. Almost stopped me in my tracks it's more out of the hospital. I had a couple of cases due to surgery. And I hear this. I tell you. I'd be under turned around them and went home. And so my head on my little. Which you know are it was almost like armor reports he said oh and so promote and god knows it. The he wanted me that your approach. I'm an oblique. That's kind of person he was that's impressed he wasn't a lot of hunting and fishing together accorsi was. With you when you see in YouTube and all the wall in a lot of special times and I know the real close friendship with the. Then. Our arguments. Or when I saw him on the away outs. I was you know last week now doesn't matter of farmers. Are totally loose in that brought them some problems. Yeah some time so it but he would still be you know just just. You know you don't there was nobody that anybody. Mr. Ursula. And I knew he was the artwork you know. Until one story. We blew on who we Ian sportsman channel you know it but it didn't matter who and so is yet to see it is yeah. It and it went well. It had made a pretty good shot. Out of a burden of you know that's pretty good shot was. And the only problem is not though the slow. I. It all the guys out it's. It was a big shot but it. Would. You lose it was hope you. Want about our Okie. Curtail. That work on her or anybody. You would choose some eyes and Ohio. Which you know about our. He was always the first 10 calling the action and you play it clean up to camp on. It hit a I think that's just one thing he did without question he would mean what does keel birds or whatever he wasn't quite as the cleanup there's no doubt about got loose and ran doc thank you so much. And no hope in his and we certainly appreciate the story deuce McAlister joins us now deuce. OK man he was a big spaniel is there's no doubt about it. You know they were dispersant Lou is definitely huge and do you don't want some Campbell is. Although I'm and to be you know but 222 Hokies in the world and it's close hands. It always took situation I'll win when your battle who fired like Blanco will open cramp. They're all he would be able important. It shortage cheers we can be. You know deuce. And Alec and at Oakland them and tellem. While a lot of input Duce and their focus he'd be you know bitch about the running game them it that we not having success. It up today you know how many times I heard. Well you know we had we do we have those short yardage problem. If he would constantly say give it to do again and and how we joked that him and egged them on at say well Hokies. But what of his. And eleven well. Game it seemed. A lot of foreigners that I'll drag it before he's sought only leads. Well one or bring market though is spirit about him just to talk about. All. Oh proper or are quick start. Or are we. You know and that's what he saw him so there was in here where. It because you are allowed to look at his body and just how. Oracle he was. Happy to survive these words in my head that's a global view you know just go out and it. Oh that's what you just spent so physical. Football players on them now talk to choose and also worked it is for now. Oprah glories for media and just haven't stand. At the college Owens is so body. Felt that credit. And created per twenty. End up at induced you don't I was impressed with too because this takes a lot fed and LSU fan or LSU player how much he embraced Ole miss rebel Q. Not only that it has are they keep Indy he people. School. And it. Tell. You do well so that's. Our you don't. Old news. Oh I doubt art. You know I. Arc and restricted because. All. Of that that we're. Keep your head. And it went to. Yeah no doubt about it great deuce Macau's induced. They've honored to have you on a special day and I don't know you guys on I know we like was it called the world you missed on a bit. You sort of work awareness and we would all appreciate you stopping by and into Britain on some Yo-Yo members of Hogan would. You know like that there are you know until the family and you know as well it's close friends of what they're reader ball. But then to though that you feared it lol. Well who probably. Picture they. Guzman count seduce thank you so much at a time we appreciate bases are all right well in it was Kenneth Bacon and about it don't bug with wood used to be you know one of the until you told me. Policy was alliance claims. Hope you never played. At vaught Hemingway stadium nearly didn't get deeply both both times opened it when he pretty state they played in Jackson and when he pretty old news. They played deeply in debt and that that was next thing was beginning to show that passion. You know he cared about the team and never stated today. Have a negative play you frustrated he never hurt with the ball. Now. How do you yeah you've eaten it it was all positive right movie nude musical begin that is all yet. When I heard Hokies do the hand that. That and the details that if poking me is that noise right and mail polling is as bad putting it into the NA going good all right right and he could see like. Henderson would say well Brees jobs the ball and housing you pogo. Aaron is too low with only does that do to somebody did some. Real upon and shown up it was all right come back took more of your calls WWO news time. Is by 33 time person who's and we will go to Christmas. And that was a Monday Night Football loaded guys on a 62 yard scamper. For a score. 2601878. You can Texas at 87 eighths in the and remembering our good friend Obama in a memo lost sports team you WWL's all hokey guy John. Kristen guys on Seau joins us now one of the beautiful. Jude and it hokey guys iron went on in the Tama a long moment obviously a daughter that was like a father Christen. How they've I was we'll talk on on the a different circumstances I know I came as in imagine how difficult it is but I know you've been. On the forefront and didn't say thanking him praise and everybody put so much Logan young you all been received. Yet then he can Bobby distance. I mean he can't even begin trying to get a dramatic and game you know attack. Point for hours but. To be there with my pack you know the lack talent of his life that he. Oak room and upper hand. I'll never forget that you know and all the prayers I thought we could feel bad and my dad. And we would read camping of people today. And coming into the I mean. I'd room and we couldn't fit in more people don't and it is there a lot on hand and and it was enemy theory. Kristen. How how how has your mom how did you illnesses he's. You know my mom a lot stronger than people think. And Peko and okay you know it that. It could prompt that actually today go to the funeral home in Akron and that keep doing OK because. We know. And my dad did not want to sit around and cry Ian and morning upper hand and even though that's gonna happen we're going to be. But we wanna celebrate in him. Listing guys on Seau is a special game is so one Hokies dollars and Chris and I. You know we all grew up together and you know we what we look on on on the bed and where Pina was going on around the house. When you the only moved on to a new thing man of real interacting. Got married in. Can remember a Greinke it's all come up to Jackson and training camp or group off from a M but to all of now to the grand babies and just last spring. Onus on you came out wiwa. We were efficient for perch in eighth gaining medical examiner. That's what Cokie wasn't an act how to describe to people you know christened the rules or a comment that the process online does that well. As a mom and day in a mama's he would be here today does is the key is that. Would hope TD it was I don't even know obviously throwback he was very unique. We haven't Greinke has worked girls a ball as it was always waiting coming in we have in the game matter where was it training camp. In Jackson training camp he would have what open West Virginia mean to the Super Bowl LO team west of Miami a knee and he brought to all everywhere. Yes and you that they mean me and me and he loved it Green Bay. And he would. Mean like Kaymer doing it tweak it wanna take. C'mon keep my. For two week in. And love every second. These two would Chris that I think of all the if he did saints' radio in that program now and stated it had a hit I think you know move you. Pretty on the art form not in light rain. Key he'll and we know right now and we don't know that you know we got him. Christen I know now I always say nowadays with wood computing technology danced like guess books and different things is this some way you wanna may be mentioned with people can go and send a note in maybe say. A few words Hokies a website or anything like that what they can maybe sense of the norm may department at directs we get out over so many people go. We met with the funeral I think LB plate on line on the public and pitcher weary of people can only being a comic out at you. We had been looking at all and that Debbie Debbie L radio faith repaid all day I mean we read. And it means so much. You know it doesn't take away the heartbreak. But he also heartwarming. To see how many people lock and act and I am hearing or I didn't. Even know. Now I've learned so much I get there today. From working on FaceBook and you know turning honoree. Well Kristin you know he. He's proud Ollie Albanian you know you're you're the one that kind of you know if there was some sand and there was some report of Christa would be to want him in the duties alien to talk to Christen the product. You kind of comfortable about a haunting and it kind of with a person Adele that and always got to be very very difficult for you and we we appreciate their knees in every Byron appreciate to you comment on talk to. But thank you and you know. And I came on pit out. Yeah off how much we appreciate you and everything that aren't on our family and me and that support me. That. Mark and even comprehending that you ya know what I mean yeah. And eat it up and what what about. Who and tell people last year. He was one of the content. So is Kristen and you're right he pocono you can tell them audit all but you just can't understand it millions of people lose and they love him but the idea. Chris and thank you so much time and in game one when we get it will do you which is your Texas let us know about it did website of people going to miss his vocal. Yet at fairway and become act Abby and be. Our car makers the guys on Seau talk about. Hoga guys on and how we would also like to thank you Bobby a great folks at the world bowl. Maine it's repair conference and expo as. And today was a one of those days where we were expected to broadcast there are located in in life kind of throws you curve ball sometimes but. We will be there but tomorrow. And Bob and I'm going to be broadcasting from a 41 of Joseph Thornton for will be at the world both Maine it's repair conference expo. You've come out and say hello to his between four and five. That's when I was still be open to the public that the work boat made its repair a conference and expo at Demorrio committed to and we will be at hall be. And though those folks that put a lot of time and money to have a ties and their partnership with us at WW and we certainly on the we appreciate the understanding. Plus being a studio today and us having to me especially guessing called us a two on a hokey guys on and he's great life. A back to the phone to go down to him by you home for Bobby Bobby thank you for calling WW mail. They cannot call. Kind of our our country and Eric. Pocket or your parents. What. The but it or any additional. I. Graduated I. Haven't we are well. And art Powell in basketball not the week before the out picking up eke out. Our ballclub on a couple of iron went check out the game. And it looked like it was they would see you then now product out but the other thing. And man first for me you know 11 pick that ball player at oak not that there. You know oh yeah well. And we like an Albanian political got by air are we sure that you will go out. I am going on there in there and thank you and you know if. They'll recognize that it's not know him. Similar ilk it. Anabolic you know that from the island irrigated and. Conner. Called La opinion of people in and it's what you are saying. Let's put a year. You know a little are looking back at you going back to mid seventies I can't even. Recall. In and this guy this Texan. This is in 1986. You know I got the ball towards individual players and all that well tops had a team action photo call our. And out it was in 1986 I can remember. And we well in them. You know Workman WWL radio. And we're playing a pre season game. Against the San Diego Chargers and Steve court with the thinner honestly quarterback. And Al's handing off the ball on to hokey. And and I thought that that was kind of unique look and and that. I think is from 85 game with the cart came on 86. The pre season game. And he says why guide you in hokey to sign it and I surely wheelchairs that record and and I thought those a unique coincidence. That hokey and I in in. It's the world that theme team probable. He's the of the in Jackson. Bob in the had a had a bathroom down in the air one Cowles and goes in the first of these guys they don't I'm broken just. The anywhere as Hogan and it was going to be I'm gonna be proud of me we will we will old school we want close in this thing. And the one on a layup and hang drown mental holy ghost is in eagle take a band rush hour we Carmona who owns Jim. Okay put on a shirt and he boring Mendelson in his mansion and he he was that was okay does that play into Edison is here he's he's now McAfee censured what do Colorado wasn't easy yet it is a Chemical Bank. Any company CT some improved through views you and you with the Cologne is it's a ball ball boy. All owe a thank you for all days we had it was okay guys on this WW. All right let's go to big John on line for big John thank you for calling Debbie did you Rio. Yeah and gentlemen. Not just you know knowing the extent my ball to all. BO. Worked very closely pokey ops. You. The brought. And and I can tell. Like this then talked with you Bobby. And watch you got some work that you all very much well. And when you lose a guy like oh he dodged that's just you know that's that weapon for. And so you know obviously that would it was an out whereas the guys to beat yeah well. Or an operators and and Bobby's sets and open earlier about the cork. The or sites that. Oh it was that aren't everybody because what musical are. What the guys who. The spartans. Played it just happened it was our feet and on so what you in your living. When you watch the game on BB and twenty Gortat and he'd grown you quantity annual. Okay and and that and that's really what made here. You know at a set all commentary you know what other guys on radio. Or. I credit that they say oh the analytical than being. Arnie and nobody. General whatever the down there or all. Eat just eat it and say what everybody who dat nation. And you'd be compiling oh let's all hope he has a spot where you go out training camps world was a lot birdies that one side. Not on. Yeah it's back it might be made set. Those tree care so well even my eyebrows or their that it. And I mean I remember that like yesterday. And it. You know a lot of people saying today that. At so it's a sad world we let them and a lot of problems and obviously the Bulls met. Our issue is is what about it too but you know the thing I tell people that. We knew what he got liked what he got Russia and Eric's in the world and the example that except. You know the and it just all around good but the good. All. You world as a alias there executives. And that's what you guys. Like like Cokie got you out there. You know something we can take a great a great example for. And and so Oki right now he's out there he's probably beat saint Pete. Or problems. You know out by the dominant and the and the Communists on the white belts are on the east aren't. Our nose it was going to be OK it's almost in the nation we've lost somebody. Yeah well we remembered him the rest well belliard and hope that beat them Joba some sort. Are you did would be out back yeah it would. Well I thought we we get older guys some coming up soon we have to Hokies called and yeah the life thank you so much this is WW real.