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4-12 6pm Bobby & Deke: remembering Hokie with Mickey Loomis, Rich Mauti, Stan Brock, and Archie Manning

Apr 12, 2016|

Bobby & Deke talk about the legacy of the late Hokie Gajan with Saints GM Mickey Loomis and three of Hokie's former teammates: Rich Mauti, Stan Brock, and Archie Manning.

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And good evening and welcome to our number three of sports talk on the day to day where remembering one alone I broke luck hope you guys and passed away late last night. In New Orleans has battle with cancer coming up later in the hour. Off almost saying great ought to Manning will be with us and apparently it's jumpers now welcome in. Executive vice president and general manager of the New Orleans Saints. Mickey Loomis and Maine making yesterday at all US it may have Mickey is a corner and most of us aren't on decried. Two guys back to back Niki guys that wont wont longtime. Employees. Very dedicated and successful. And back to bag daisy is just tough when a black eagle fan I am. Well this successfully capture. Maybe step for the week as we've ever had and and mention sad news that then that's first for Serb it. Pay what you cannot help but remember hokey and get a laugh if he'll continue weekly cable news of organic they have great memories of him and look we we began your winter meetings and in this morning. You know we began I remember no Keyon and we had a few days of these stories and and then boiler until this morning from Jeff Ireland he he was talking about Okie and and just pretty emotional for him to. Because when I did know is that Jeff got his first job in the league with Kansas City Chiefs. Based upon recommendation hokey piece to the Chuck Cook. And so you know you never know who's gonna touch lives in in who has touched your life in into his. You know and it was kind of heartwarming to hear that bit hokey to you mean we've had just started on in his career it's home. Now make you what was your first experience I would hope Q was it through as a scouting department. Has given the background. Out of my first experiences when I was in Seattle. For the Saints and and many analysts mean this so you need at that you're. If you with another club in and let's face the Seahawks were in this I think division those days to clean them off and yet. I mean an end and the only game in Easter researched his background and then and has experience at LSU. So you know that that was my first experience is when it crosses neighmond and we played against the Saints a couple times. In those years. In the end the only guy in 2000 discount our step in and didn't do a great job that first year in and you know decided it he would accept any time we get video taken away people still be scouting staff. A home. But yet play years as a player I think it was five years and we did and correct me I think that would have been longer an adventure. Pretty significant knee injury. They at thirteen years is scout and hand. You know I don't know how long game that Dario on 161516. Grade. I mean that that's that's 34 years you know which which the Saints really as considering you dated desert. Do the trickiest part of him is well and a bit toward toward someone. That's the meant so much to an organization to this city. I don't make you look the city in this that you can't get more Louisiana and you know he'd have got left. Let baker high school an issue this thing. Yeah it looked bill Johnson and today was talking about. Oki is as a younger man as a player and and Kendall legendary I think in that area in and looked Kiki was you know bills I looked up to disguise it you know he's a legend you know as as it is. You know young players and the de Vigo excuse me with LSU and yeah you know it it was tough this morning talking about hokey pokey and yet it it was good to. Hum an emotional and the end. As I'm sure it is I know it is for you guys and managers say today for. Her first what you been in this girl's home. As well as his former team needs in in in tandem of pokey in the Saints it's. To step deal. You know making these day and I think. Calls and is probably a word that we all use it's not just because you know it's tumble with tall. College athletes a talk that when nickel and all the dealing with the media and you don't you got to be cautious now because a social media blitz. I do believe it don't matter what stamp was with the Saints stadium back to wait before you got there at the coach has it to now colts' Peyton. Hope it was one of those guy as the don't have to see past in Buena scrapbook. You knew he was one of those ones you can't worry about dig into no rumors on the go for another he would just come to Duke it out and then at the end they he was giving it away from me rumble on the all. Know that and he you know I think a couple things about Tokyo sticks with me is it. Is this man you know he had a lot of wisdom. At the end. Obviously he had a really colorful and unique ways to deliver the wisdom and yet if you paid attention to it just got beyond. Yes does that laughs. Jerusalem to Stokley would be would be saying come. The negative thing to. Even when he was critical of of me or fifteen more or any part of this thing it was never malicious. And it was pretty true in hand. And I noticed he is he just hand the club in the in the players that played. And and that the coaches that coached in it and. And that that cost and that that all comes from from a very hard which is you know you guys know this week and greet party again. Anyone this year as a unit. And you know. I'm not sure there's too many people that I've. Known for as long as he's known Hokies did I just never heard negative word about him ever. He's everyone's brain and in nine knows it. That you get a who worked with the money daily basis and his teammate completely. And it went in our building is gonna miss him a lot. And you go Mickey you know it was crazy he was at times GO Clinton that he was almost two brutally on. If it. And as I said I hope that's a little bit of pain as he gave me I don't. It Colonia. You know like he it's electorates. He would tell you love LSU football. Love LSU baseball. I'm not really a basketball Eagles settled acts meaningless and you how I don't know we him I don't know I hope the Hornets wind is his or her impacted all of hollers and LSU Cutler I hope they win. But I don't know much about it so its own act. We'll let you know this is still. We all appreciate debt and a lot of speed because you don't give it a lot sometimes you know. To we we and in the days with him and there's just a lot of wisdom and a lot of the things to be said. And I don't mean me and we're gonna miss him. I take into amateur and missing. Mickey Loomis Mickey always a pleasure again thank you so much in none of the week with a bracken Goebel will all opposed to a two. Yep this. And appreciate being looser team and it's about rookie Ian Kennedy has been a week and stuff we crawled. Look at it and not need this in the building we know it there hands. Are hurting for these two losses in and but you know use and because as well all the people that beat Helio and and get through it. But that keep these memories alive. No doubt about it executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints making them as Mickey thank you Sonoma. All right and you know is that the team wouldn't talk about. Oh local mall Bob and we would know more in. During training camp as we all all the imagery in. I Mickey's it I don't know people really on this news that depth. I hope because of the way hokey tall and the way he broke that down. Somebody might break it down anymore gain seats they. Are all credit here are all on. More highly educated breakdown of terms with oval but the way hokey broke down he made it real. In the east understand our promise you can look at black books. In NFL Brad books argument to the media and it's an inflammation directory about who you can contact with an organization in the people who coveted team. And you go back and look there are very few people. There are few people in the history of the National Football League in professional sports is being with one balkanization. Nearly forty years as a player. As a scout them broadcast. And in what copd at the sixth hall of fame people he scouted. The dozens and dozens and hundreds of more than one to be great football players. You don't get the type of knowledge to pokey guys on got not read. You get that type and now that I've been in it in being out that he knew the rules from the statement the Paul Bear Bryant almost go to he scouted me. He went all over the country he saw everybody he did it when it won a lot of traveling east game a certain amount of budget he turns receipts in. He'd travel although he's built a relation it would ham cooking are from him. Poking nu is much about football is anybody. He forgot more about football players and I rented a meeting of us will know. Well and and this sayings in the common since approach he had and is down to earth he was like Louisiana and jones' virgin. And you are games he's Yogi Berra yeah. You know Yogi Berra and and well you know I know he has had in yet yogi ism while smoking is the same thing same thing he was he was how he was an equity ratio Uga how we embrace Tolkien. In his approach him and really it makes it that they. When he came at all a down year he was he was as educated about the sport. And knew about things along as anybody you'll find it in no doubt about it he was off. He was up on the off ran Zambrano hokey Garza. It was. My own prep football round up for Friday night for Meena use a great man himself a teammate of hope you guys now almost saints' special team. And wide receiver rich Marty Jones has now reached. Obviously always a pleasure to speak we do wish it was on better terms but it daddy. You're not and close relationship with and a guy we truly low hooking guys now. You a Deke great to be with respect. Picking up in I'd do accurately be remembered more back there it's right about football stuff. All Mary's you but he CY. You yep that's right he used the used to give it a microphone. You could use government unit. What you know. Guys should just I just came home. He'll definitely pretty close to revert to what Rivers drove I don't doubt it took but patient or out. I test that you and I had a Bud Light throw you right now is considered day. Well rich being a teammate Hokies just fell a few stories makes good locker room stores in your association you know. The past few seasons we we do things in the by you. Myself a new and hokey now might be theories though but just elaborate all the years you lived in an archer. Hokies live them archer forever and just reflect on all those years started back when your teammate. Bad today Bobby hill he would like to it's it's the one shall get that little bit but ago. Ego and eighty and 82 in theory. Home he had Judy word it would have I'll leave port. All the time we have back that real important it would say that have poured it on camera. So we could have ordered that if we had a when it was that kind of put them. I'm trying to remember though it okay do you adjust to open but I nobody wins with you know hokey. From day one until people all the time he's. It personalities that retained its always been pokey. He's always there whether it is a thousand people was so low water order. And that he's setting the tone for the Okie. One of certainly I do. In that I traded yeah. You know Steve Bob Gardner for a squeeze these. Camp core. And there was a rule in training camp that he couldn't stand more than Huard that he's now that we can't go. You can mag in the cards that we will what you had the color talk rookie year. We had this court in the rambler replica out of 62 and convertible. When him and went and turn. The right hand. Passenger door I would like oh. No so we look and act of one of our great united keep in mind about. Is it will be. The right Dario that you had ten days before he got the first burial. And to a code by the RC. Driver and make this turn around they aren't group to get back into the straightaway yet. At a level drivers made left center and who's on the right is Cokie and he goes quiet man that so. The apprentice role and they aren't grow. Wouldn't cant go could relate to curt. It was a quarter and Lee two. Real them. So while out. I've world would go out there and is 00. Are both port culprit people. You'd walk. Lumbered through our record is what the. And it's at the blue only you know real it's that kind of one of those things we'll week. Laughed a little bit new crowd a little bit laugh a little bit but. This is this was a guy who taught us a lot made the world a better place. He did you know on it and go back then that on the buy that together. Medal less years and didn't comment. Everywhere. Comment. On the show about that. Different things in common thing that really is and does so at that line in the you know it put Vietnam he was in a lot of pain in. Situations that you would ever gone. I don't Amir are closest friends maybe just I never complained he'd never. Is he just went through it's a welcome problematic it is couples oh. You'd be compromise that was. I mean oak at the public about what is it true. And and you know art consultant. About the the fairly Judea and many times it's tough on the family you go to these things would oh look. Go so well that would that would realty Villa at old requested. Talking about going. He his name albeit it can be in the week yeah. Because it's just musical hero and he's in the new he's competitive Raymond the minister will always remember. No doubt about it rich Maloney reached. Always a pleasure good to talk to you my man who viewed the family doing well and you take your he's a broad. Yeah in fact at the right thing. Outright or each month. Get a W news Sammy 630 to ten offers news will go to Christmas. Timonen played UT on thank you are calling WWL. Decade. I'm just sorry but the law of your route. If you can pretty sure it. In just sit. No matter what else there were no the men prepare well that's for certain type of music. When really. I'll cut to west inning in close. Aid and saying is that that's not even a question yeah. Ol' country don't know all the Ollie narrow Tom way jawed volley music to hokey. Was cut into gear and ban users in college seen yet yet yeah that Allen's and that's why he did ride in it would bum Phillips right when bomb and training camp when have the pickers command Donny came on like eight BO like. So you know we'll call practice I got a cake on the tonight we watched film we go right at the pictures of commodore Travis trade whoever might be mean as usual be playing for the players and attain it. And what you believe disease. I don't remember. Those rumors where it is. She. Let. In this case lock him in it. But you know fire. On them. All. Don't yet know you do you don't know and you know you're correct Tebow does not mean you own zone man I don't know. The exact weight that aggressive -- the court probably you calling and pavement I know hokey. I don't all the whole NFL league his legs for an owner Woody can elect pressed into a tree trunk was in the conversation. Like top three. You know Tebow your final point im a man thanks so much for the call. Certainly there's a lot of people that are close to the hole in his man with Traylor did the top of the list dislike of broke up almost an offensive lineman grey and course color analyst. Put a New Orleans Saints in new who Tokyo followed up that great stamp Brack joins us now stand. Thank you so much all the time and difficult times everybody stands in a man did to see your brother. Like this it's is going to be difficult. Naturally our starters. Our night who has and it's not that he easy day. I'm glad again I'm glad that suffer more and owners. He's locked in Durham. And and the marshes there. He's not weapon and he's Fisher and have a great time. You know stamina offers came on a board with the thing and wanting to be except as a player I can remember. Almost trying to get. And striving again. Yeah or yours and Hokies approval. And I are and I could tell you is that. That I never seen on all the years I played the bond. That you'd hoped he had. And here it is cajun Louisiana the united smile man Marten and Oregon. Andy is similar a cup of bring in Cardinals. And Ike Taylor even DiLeo will form part distance wise. I knows mutual that yeah you know the best friends in this space that are. If another no question about you know it's a road interesting he has about that line coach when I was at University of Colorado is George Lou. And a coach lute. They got fired my junior year or so junior's and that he looked and cheese steak. And then actually in. Vote drive then from NC state they've got the LSU job right so though that table that's where. Well. What's killed and a plane accident. And now but they kept the staff injured so it sort George who bit on the staff or Hokies senior year. And that would get drafted to the saint. In 1981 coach who got it coach Wellemeyer are very close. As it is like then and here are our got there should do what my daughter's. I economy goes down right now. You're okay guys you know will be for the rest of your life never bako. And the first state gave through. That locker room like I can see your computer today and and and I entered his myself dormant so why do good loop from that date forward. We have been impressed. Ask for an that I got docked in good friend or according to bump the darkened. In my blood test for an engine. Yeah like a guy that. Almost close to him blood and he'd be in the foxhole way to and Ainge is the ankle. The memorable times driving back and forth on or. You know eleven America element causeway in thought it was the court about that memory owed me those trips in. Car pooled and there's that line continue to grow the problems early season. Yeah all the time period that we were together all so we are at least on yeah is Joseph worst urged that my children report at all Earl. We undated finished everyday job that we had not. Most of them not several by the talk in every single. Day job Hokies are Warriors are bigger urgent some work together. And we had other teammates were a struggle you know or the other but. And so. I missed Zimmerman better. Stand now of course obviously. What pokey BA in requisite confidence auto was GM and on T Diem and staying in. In him and poking Kyle Boller alliance and no wind. When we'll stay what went Hogan got in there. Did you see did you see him to have the success he did all all those great years John error in the first you Hokies there. This thing is whenever simply L game in the end you know he think this is suitable to race on a busy as a deserter. They get there agreement and there's. And you know. Obvious that now we've. And I hope he is the yanks paid we hear that now I. Know the okay. He. He gets all of Wednesday. And kept army albeit a good. Do you you do you watch a book game out you know what what look at our you know. That pocket so I just like you're not gonna aren't yet so cool it. It was like your lowest on the radio. You two guys talk about a game at a bar and it is like. It's so good. In eons ago at all about we're. Supposed. To it that and so interesting that the legendary doc. It gets both the smoke in right clear upper. Retirement property does. Stan Brock stand tough day for us all but thank you so much of that the fans there might appreciate just on him back givens among loving memories of your good buddy hokey. And get to government you know mica one. Saw me and other they would do it yeah. I would Devin is beginning to get out gambling or doing against stands out the whole week no doubt about it. What do drive but I would do. If Friday sounds good stamp Roxanne I saw it. Our boy like you say about the whose those guys will every day they would they would do and when they weren't practicing and they were efficient Hong sung. Well what I appreciate with Stan Brock has done to keep all players that have like an alumni reunion. Always planning that fishing trip in me. There are black eagle yet yeah yeah and and hokey really appreciate that and has continued to grow cities now for five years yet they can be used five down nets and that has put them on. And a blog which are missing and I haven't told you there but the guys you know what I'm. I think that we Kenneth Follett. That I'm in the miss as much dollars. And got a good excuse this year. All right I'm back Archie Manning joins us on WW. And one of the meeting great calls by law make great brother hokey guys John Paul was saying great NFL great. Archie Manning with a is now Arty thank you so much for the time in. Man no arts he's been hit off to a 48 hours a long man for the Saints in the some of their best ever and a guy you upon dove and certainly he thought the world do you hope you guys down. Well sure laws they. Is about hope is that one. Person and you know. Oh while this afternoon. Throughout the been involved in that environment some people that yeah Barakaat and a mere city but. Poking was. It's like most people call soccer talk with today. He was. He's kind. In the courteous. There's there's horrible one no no ego for pokey. Just traders. That friendship. The be it in get them block them older of course big point where pre. Kirkland and negated the course. Of the years. Now largely did you give any advise cutting you know and you pass in the tarts and to be a color commentator and the double and have a great relationship with Jim Henderson and the history you know would that I just elaborate on that back. Oh yeah. Talk little bit and it came to me a little bit more of where your radio and then you would do little more warning your own nah. Pre season football but. I you know my advice to hold your. You know your cushy you you played the game do you record a lawyer. You know Hokies so many years Roscoe. In who's out there you look at look at it talent. Cultural more football at practice and watching. You know Ohman and gain credentialed for the most it just refused you know just. You know get in there were injured time student there and so people achieve what you saw him and hope you'll slow them. It usually is there and I'll losers of 10. Oh as a I'm like some the other. Callers. Like to Cubans expressions. You're not allowed them a couple of interviews quickly or great crucial though curry brick. Course water injection the superior. Talked to. Pit early this morning and shared a couple of couple mockery stores with perk with local people are. Media he'd be here in a good sense of humor in good good conversation. All the local news good listener to you know lead and they never ever tried to dominate there's anything you'd just kind. Joined there and give his opinion in India out there kind of just put it Greg you upload then talk about you know world. And I cruzeiro. Oh Coke Coke you're just so he's a good Ole Ole and I see him grow in the cradle. Hoosiers. News in. Man and then. You know our RG when you look at. You know you Bagram obviously eleven legend here but also in Mississippi. What you look go Hokies background and normally when you playing. Professional football and do it for so long you very quickly in the same place in. I think I've been high schools elegy Tigers. You know and things and playing in discounting in the radio. Insinuated that it stayed that long one place where yeah out memories that mean it felt like he's definitely. That's a good point about it really is and it pretty well either a low strike that quote home. I guarantee they'll we will hope Peter would America to fall in that I need to like go well like golly all the people. Is. That in broke blog owner would joyous. Believe he would. Have been had it. Troutman earlier career Gregory did play in a. Well all our go to Miami. He teed told he'd tell me what time that was a big move from baker demand avail. But at. The US open or Gordon. This year. I heard so it will be inactive. So cup news congress about it actually Gregory court folk became an agreement in order cut grounder or yet. Can't they'll pick course. We're troubled by they started some also. Note which started. All legal war. Until the rookies and create an. In Hoch who was Clinton only me pool ball shoot it loses actually she's it was an election issues at Ole. Story can. Kind of big and they had this I guess we will probably like he's had big. Perp the purple Swedish you know elation. And you know here. Oh that background and quit on news Okie laws. And overdo it. But and a you go it is it is new action. And should should reach our mortgage. Broker. So I'll let. You do feel so our guys. On trees and well. Quality we knew issues. But when it came in the Porsche Durham and a homeowner and maybe you give me. Lace. It lays on the Croatian football you know it is. It took you to go against them and you believe it oh she's single. Oh. Well it via the news on and you know in they have to Somalia now. Culpable it was soaking in court well knows top guys pulled it's about hustled completion now. I mean I mean mark in the league success probably. Only. But hokey and hustle and play election but the problem at her his gut. And then watching name the next few years and Korea where. That they shall by. Bob Hope he got. A reporter. Manuel and planes and you're UConn. Aaron Ward got. Went 43 or four years little girl that. At fullback position and you know it would ball and you. Georgian I think that the Hokies took it back it hurt Opel. Yet again as a few highlights though one particular game I think is against Dallas. Where he was out running a deep with a back suited thought had an angle ornament yeah and and I realize or two and Athena highlight odd and relies. Pokey was that fans like you said I think. He got faster. As a pro. And I tell you what you look and in and you part of this record you look at the top three like average per carry in Saints history. I think they've broken down. Could have like 200 carries a more. And Hokies are noble one the things history and how average per carry. Probably go. Well news are numbered. Knowing Eric veterinarians shorter than them. Eagles. They're go go man accorsi there was quite assign him to bear one. Of course we gave it in. In later years learning who's who entered terrible injured curry was good outta the ball but who's really good football Wheeler. Archie Manning watching. Just those in him listen to the stories brings back a lot of great memories and are by appreciative of them in the plan that we appreciate you giving us some time. Public and he Bob ordered Greg and courier he just indoors. You know there's enters dollar Longo. Reduced all the Manning's number I heard from. I heard from more verbal hokey. I'm middle motion they're such co hokey low mumble is probably you know do it terribly well below. Talk about well quote yeah it was well goes oh. All the mental. They're great aren't currently in her in her in her prayers and well. Onto main oddity god bless you thank you so brokered. All right Roy. You know emotional and that there. You know parts. Would. A lot of times. In only known. Him he's done about it this is sports talk on VW.